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The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 6 Live Recap – Part 1

The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 6 Live Recap - Part 1

Alright, we continue this show in The Kingdom of Korea which is my favorite Kingdom to live in right now. Hopefully we get some more bonding time with Tae-eul and Gon and for her to let her guard down a little bit. Just a tiny bit.

Of course, I would love for Lee Rim to come back into the picture. The more of this show I watch, the more I realize that he is the character I am most interested in.


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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




The Prime Ministers secretary tells her that the imperial helicopter had an emergency landing. he says that this usually happens when the girlfriend misses the last bus. You know, they come to Seoul and couldn’t get back to Busan. But the Emperor should not have a girlfriend so what is going on?

Cut to the front of the hotel. The Prime Minister walks to Gon and Tae-eul. While she is walking. Tae-eul asks Gon if he has a meeting with her right now? He says no, he is only there to pick Tae-eul up. he tells her that no one will know that she is there.

She says not to worry, she won’t behave suspiciously. He tells her it is already awkward.

The Prime Minister gets there and tells him that this is all unexpected. The time, location, and person are all unexpected. He says he is in trouble because of that. This is private but I should have known that you would have gotten the report. I was not considerate enough that you would not go home.

She says she is working for the country, there is no overtime. And you are my country. She introduces herself to Tae-eul nicely and says that she is the Prime Minister of Korea. Tae-eul shakes her hand and says that she is her fan.

Seung-ah says that she is happy that such a young pretty person is her fan. She asks her name. Tae-eul tells her that she is a traveler, it is her first time in the Kingdom of Korea, everything is like a fairytale, but she will leave soon. The Prime Minister says that she speaks Korean well.

Tae-eul tells her that she is a literature major. Gon chuckles and tells them that they can stop here. I do not have much time. She tells him that he can leave first, you have a long trip.

So they say their goodbyes and Tae-eul goes inside with Gon. The Prime Minister looks at them going in and sees him put his arm around Tae-eul to escort her in like they are dating. She starts to steam and walks off.


Everyone sits quietly on the airplane on the ride back to Busan. The older woman secretary is there sitting quietly as well and remembers that Gon might be in love with this person because he said he had a prettier person. Gon reads her mind and says that she is the person.

Gon asks Te-eul what she is looking at. She says that the moon is all the same, is it…later, later. He holds her hand. The lady secretary’s eyes are so big. He tells her to write on his hand. So she writes – do you have the legend that a rabbit lives on the moon? He writes back – no, there is no rabbit, literature major, and the moon is the closest planet to the Earth. The surface of the moon is covered by material….

She sighs.


She goes back to her office fuming. She mutters, I am smiling because of you but you smile in that kind of moment. She takes her alcohol to the head in one go.


They go inside the palace kitchen which looks amazingly expensive. he tells her that all the important people know about her. But lets eat now, you only ate a sandwich and nothing else all day so I am returning your favor of half-and-half.

He puts on his chefs apron and starts to make steak and chopping vegetables and making rice. She looks mesmerized watching him. But she says that he did not give her money on purpose, you knew y’all did different currency here. He jokes that they did not have diamond buttons, that is why I sent Young.

She tells him that she used $100, give it to him for me. She also tells him that she wandered around here and there today. You should have been lonely in my world.

He asks, where you lonely here?

I was actually a bit desperate because I could not prove myself, thank you for picking me up.

Come this way.

She walks behind the kitchen. He head bumps her and says he wants to pat her but his hands are dirty. 

She tells him that this does not look like the first time.

He asks, dating? Did you not find that in the search?

They start to talk about cooking, she tells him that he is pretty good. How did you learn?

The head maid, Nam, taught me because the only food I an eat without someone tasting it is my own food. You read about Lee Rim, my uncle?

She tells him sincerely, you grew up well. 

He turns to her and says that she knows all my history now. This scar is proof of the greed that killed my father and tried to strangle me. I grew up with my second uncle and the head maid. I had his worry and the head maids care. That is why head maid No is not kind to you. Don’t be too sad about it.

She nods.

He says that with this kind of story you should hug me or embrace me or something.

She tells him that she needs her ID so that she can go. But he tells her that he is not going to let her go. You should stay here. With my order, you cannot go.



At the police station dorm, Rose stands at alert when Chin-jae comes in to the dorm room. Shin-jae asks what he is doing here? Rose tells him that he heard on the news that they would have a super cold night coming so I want you to come to my place.

He also tells him that his mother bought this blanket from a pyramid scheme, but she is not part of the pyramid scheme. It is a nice warm product, it is not guilty. he rubs it on his face.

Shin-jae tells him that it seems like he is apologizing to him. He tells him that the lavender smells good, do you put those things out when you sleep? Rose says yes I actually grew up in a nice place.

But Shin-jae cuts him off and tells him to go away so Rose says yes sir and quickly heads out. He leaves all the things there.

Shin-jae smiles, then thinks about a memory of being beaten up by a lot of kids. Tae-eul calls the cops on them. But of course they try to beat her up so she kicks one of them to the ground with taekwondo. The ring leader laughs and tells her that he knows her house. She throws her bag to the ground and tells him that she knows what he looks like. Don’t try to run away, I have a black belt and 2 versus 6 is self defense. I am not giving a break to men.

Later on we see all the parents getting their kids from the police station. Shin-jae is still inside the police station. He starts to head out. Tae-eul asks where he is going, especially with no shoes on. Then she gives him slippers and tells him to come to the taekwondo place and start as a white belt. She tells him all the principles of taekwondo.

He tells her that he was enduring it, that is why he let them hit him. So she tells him that he can start as a yellow belt, but no higher. Put it on.

He still has those same Adidas slippers (or similar Adidas slippers) but these slippers say “Violence Team” on them instead of “Taekwondo Gym”.


The Prime Minister gets a serious call and then tells someone to gather the National Security committee and cancel all the schedule tomorrow.

Elsewhere, Young thinks about Luna, the trouble maker that looks just like Tae-eul. But then someone calls his name so Young gives him her finger print. They both get the same buzz at the same time for the NSC emergency. They all head out quickly.



Gon tells Tae-eul to enjoy the soup he made. If she enjoys it then he will get her ID for her. She starts to eat it. He tells her that this is from his signature menu. Everyone who tries this is impressed. She mutters, yeah, it looks like it.

He tells her that she has to ask him who that person is. I told you that to make you jealous. She tells him that she can’t win anyway. Whoever that person is belongs to this world.

She eats a big spoonful. He sits back and pulls out her ID and slides it across the table to her. But he is hesitant to let go. She grabs it.

Gon – I have carried this around for years. I was worried that if I showed this to you that you would want to go back. But, what if you go further than your world. You can check.

She looks at it and says that it is the Navy jacket. This is my ID. This makes no sense. This is mine but it was here for the last 25 years? he tells her that someone left it here, but my memory is fading away. I don’t know if I will recognize them. But I feel like he will show himself in front of me. He could have been the beginning of all of this, or the end of all of this.

This is seemingly a difficult problem but it should have an easy solution. You are the answer that I have been looking for. I will prove it. Whoever that person is and whatever dimension they belong to, you won so don’t blame yourself like that.

Young comes in and tells him that the Prime Minister summoned the NSC. Gon looks serious and says that he wanted to send her away early in the morning, but I might not be able to say goodbye.

She tells him not to worry about her, NSC is the National Security Council, did something happeN?

News – Japan imminent invasion, the Prime Minister has summoned the NSC.

Everyone in Busan looks worried. We cut to several war ships in the sea. the Korean navy tells them to stop sailing in Korean territory.

Back to Gon, he says that Japan thinks that Korea is invading first. What about the Chinese fishing boat, did you rescue them? Young says they are still rescuing them, but the weather is bd there. Gon tells him to keep at it and he also tells the Nam to give the belongings back to his guest, he will explain it all to her. they both head out.

Nam goes to the drawer and gets Tae-eul’s belongings. But she recognizes something and calls someone. She asks if anyone came to her room last night? The person says they do not have footage because they stopped CCTV footage last night. Did anything happen? Nam says he will call her later. The problem is that Tae-euls’ ID is gone.


The Prime Minister is at the head of a long important Crisis table at the military. All he important people in the military are there and they are talking strategy and battle ships and missiles. Seo-ryung is very capable listening to all of them talk about all the weapons and things.

One person says that it is not the first time doing this so we should just solve this diplomatically. Are you going to have a war every time this happens?

Seo-ryung says that this is not the first time, we did not do anything so that is why this keeps happening. it is the third time this year. the first two times you told me to solve it diplomatically, now they have a bigger battle ship. What do you think will happen the 4th time? A man says that they will see when the 4th time comes. War is not easy. We should wait.

Seo-ryung says they are not waiting! Did we order food? She is angry. They get another report that does not look good. Seo-ryung tells them that whoever wants to wait can become Prime Minister and wait. Prepare the military for war.

They say that they need the emperors permission (this is what actually happened 100 years in Korea and Japan took over). 

Cut to Gon in the palace. Seo-ryung is on the intercom talking to Gon. Young is also in the room. He asks her if the decision is political? We should not have any political decisions here. She tells him that this is only for the life of our citizens and territory. He tells her, if that is your answer then I have a different approach. I will do as my ancestors did.

If each country is honest with each other, then we will have a war. If Japan is honest then we should be honest also. Let’s give them a lesson. Japan cannot come to our country even one millimeter.

Gon puts on his military clothing. Nam tells him, with apologies, that one item was taken from the palace. The guests ID is gone. I tried to secure it but it was not enough. I can find out who did it.

Gon tells her, it sounds strange, but I feel like the thing that should happen is happening. The thing that started 25 years ago. She asks, what are you saying without any context.

He says he will tell her the details after he comes back. Please wish me luck in war, because your other talisman really worked. She tells him to always keep that talisman with him, actually, that talisman is used for your safety.

Tae-eul comes in so Gon asks to be left alone with her. They leave. He gives her her old ID and says maybe it was meant to be given to you like this. You won’t be in trouble?

She takes it and asks, are you in the navy? He tells her he is a retired captain. I don’t know if you will believe it or not, but I am the head of the military in the Kingdom of Korea. She says she believes him. I heard that you were about to have war with Japan and that is actually what is going on in the Kingdom of Korea. 

He says that the Emperor wears the military uniform when it is the most glorious. It means that I am going to win. I will return gloriously and visit you soon.

She asks, you will come to see me?

He asks, will you wait for me?

She tells him that she will see him, Lee Gon. He tells her that his name is a name that no one can say, but actually it is a name for you to say. They both look at each other and we return to the Republic of Korea.

She stands in the courtyard of King Seojong, it is night. she pulls out her phone and sends a text to Shin-jae. She tells him that she went somewhere. He tells her that Jang-mi won pool (that was his question in his text). 

She puts away her phone and looks at the courtyard.


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