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The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 5 Recap – Part 2

The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 5 Recap - Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for The King the Eternal Monarch!

Click here for part 1


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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Captain Park Moon-sik shops with his wife. They talk about the murder case. She might also be a police officer. So they start to reenact the case as they shop. People walking around think they are weird.

She is also sarcastic about how her husband has to go out drinking and gives him a hard time. She squeezes his bottom. he says he can push the cart! Then runs after her.

Meanwhile, Shin-jae is at home eating. He gets a text from the captain saying that he is having a drink with him now. But he is actually drinking with loneliness. So it looks like Shin-jae was his excuse to drink by himself.

Shin-jae also sees that his text message to Tae-eul was not checked.


Gon checks on Te-eul in the morning and gives her their royal guard uniform. You can change and come out to be with me in my schedule all day. No one should know about it.

She tells him that if that is the plan then he needs to be more careful, then pulls her curtain away to show Nam standing there. Of course Nam is so upset and tells him that they need to come back and not take any pictures together! She huffs off.


Gon goes to a sports event. Tae-eul is all dressed like a very important security person by his side. He shoots the basket and makes it. She smiles.

He goes to a math conference and gives a speech about loving math and how everyone should walk 30 minutes a day away from their lab. They all laugh. he tells them to have a good time  with their family too, science majors can do it. Whatever problems you are working on, I hope your answers are beautiful. Everyone cheers. He looks at Gon.

While walking away. Lee Gon asks if he was cool? All the security people hear this and all answer, YES! I always thought that! You are!

Gon tells Young to do what he told him to do. So Young pulls Tae-eul to the side and gives her her clothing. She asks what this is? He speaks in banmal and tells her that if she stays in the palace she will be trapped int he study all day. So we snuck you out. You can wander around the city. That is what our Emperor said.

He still has his schedule so you need to go alone. She looks at their things and thanks him and says that these are all her type. Please tell him that. By the way. Do you have money? I fed your boss a lot of yam yam chicken.


Gon takes a private airplane somewhere. His secretary is with him. he searches google, it is all about him. But Seo-ryung is also part of the search. So he starts to laugh. He sees that she might have gone to Seoul? Another search is on Emperor Lee Ho and the Prince Lee Rim. This makes Gon look concerned.

Cut to Lee Rim asking a pregnant woman if she needs help. She is walking up a lot of steps up a huge hill. She says that she does not need help. he tells her to accept it, did you check the picture.

They go to a private area. She throws photos at him on a table and asks if he sent this? Did you photo shop my face here? You are a crazy conman. You picked the wrong person, I do not even have enough money to buy poison to kill myself.

Lee Rim says her birthday, she asks how he knows it. He tells her that she is the granddaughter of a big company. You married a chaebols son when you went to New York to study. Four months later, your first child was born. That is your life if you want it. You can have it. You have never picked the wrong side.

She looks at the photos again.

He tells her that the person int he photos are her. It is you in another dimension. You live in hell here. He throws some more photos at her. They are all on her life in this world. She asks how he took photos of all this?

He tells her that there was a useless lock and a useless window and useless light and the court cannot even prevent anything. Why don’t you give your daughter a new life?

She asks how he knows she is having a girl? Are you a conman or whatever? I am calling the police. She calls them, they ask what they can help her with. He sits quietly and waits. She hangs up.

Who are you? He says he is here to rescue her life. She asks how? How can I have all of that? He tells her to kill her other self. Then you can change your pitiful life.

She asks, if I say no, what are you going to do? I saw your face. So does that mean I will be the one who dies? He says he does not know, no one refused his offer. it is okay, if you become the first exception that will be interesting to me as well.

He starts to leave, she grabs him and falls to the floor begging and asks who she should call. He drops a phone on the floor, she scrambles for it. He tells her that he is the one who will call her.



The Prime Minister is in her office. A man tells her that they rescued a shipping boat. She asks if he is sure? This is the same as last spring so the Japanese navy might step in. He tells her that might happen because it is a sensitive time. We can rescue them but we should also pressure Japan and ask them why they are fishing in their territory. He says okay and leaves.

She stands ad looks at a photo accepting her appointment as Prime Minister. It is with Lee Gon. We see a flashback of her accepting her appointment in a very official ceremony. She asks what kind of prime minister he wants her to be for him. He says he hopes that she becomes a prime minister that reports on paper and not face to face. She laughs.

In the present, she remembers him telling her that he cannot be sunshine for her. We will see what history says while I was away.


Tae-eul walks around Busan eating a wrap. She sees a trolly and stares at it for awhile. Then she stares at the statue of General Lee (which should be in Seoul).  She continues to walk around amazed at everything. She looks at a huge picture of Emperor Gon and remembers kissing him. So she tries to shake that thought away from her head and accidentally backs into someone. She apologizes.

She also sees that the GDP is #4 in the world. She asks someone about that. The woman says that Korea supplies rare earth material to everyone in the world. Tae-eul asks what rare earth material? The woman says there is a lot of rare earth in the North and in the sea. Tae-eul asks, that is all the Kingdom of Korea?

She says no, the mountain belongs to the palace so actually the Emperor owns it. He is super rich. She is shocked and remembers him pulling off one of his buttons that is a diamond. She remembers looking down on him and mutters, you really don’t have a middle ground (while looking at his photo).

She goes to the train station and sees that there is a train to North Korea also. She buys a ticket to Seoul. But as she is walking around, some gangsters see her and think that she is noona. Let’s catch her. 

But Young approaches them and asks what her name is. They say her name is Luna, we have been looking for her, she took our Hyung-nim’s money. My hyung-nim is still in jail because of her. Young tells them that she is his guest. Do not make me repeat that.


Tae-eul goes to Seoul. Things look very different there than they do in her Seoul. She sees the Prime Minister walking around. She is someone that everyone loves. The caption on the screen shows that the Prime Minister is in the top of the search engines.

Cut to the pregnant woman who was in the photos. She is talking to a lot of other rich woman. Then they say that Seo-ryung is coming. So the Prime Minister come and one of the other women leaves annoyed. the rich pregnant woman tells the Prime Minister that the lady left because she lost her appetite. 

But another woman says that the senator with the scandal is her relative. The pregnant woman tells the Prime Minister that whoever apposes her, something happens. The rumor is that you are the only beneficiary of the senator becoming like that. You know that means you are the one that committed the crime, right?

The Prime Minister says that the person with trouble stands on the opposite side of me. She then starts to talk to another woman about her husband if if he wants to be on her line? Thse ladies are pretty b*tchy. The pregnant woman is sarcastic and asys that the Prime ministers story of selling fish and becoming the Prime Minister is old now. It is better to be the empress who has no 5 year term. But I don’t know if the emperor likes older women?

Seo-ryung asks if she would like to check it? One of the things I want to do in my term is investigate tax invasion on your husbands company. What if I only do that, like a crazy woman? Won’t you stand up? I do not think our conversation is good for your daughter. Then she tells the baby, emo is sorry. Then stares at the mother once again.



Tae-eul sees her captain and one of her colleagues outside the police station. She asks them if they recognize her? They say no. So she asks about Rose and Kang Shin-jae and another person. They say that they do not know who they are but they sound like good people. DO you need anything? Are you police?

Tae-eul says no, I think I found the wrong place. Enjoy your meal. They leave and start to chat again. She watches them. But they wonder how she knows that they are going out to eat. They look at her again. She smiles and bows. They both think that is strange but head out.

She takes a cab somewhere. The trolley comes up the street. She mutters that if he did not become a police officer then that means that his family was never bankrupt. Ah, Kingdom of Korea Kang Shin-jae, you are cool.

The trolley passes by, Shin-jae is on the other side of it. He crosses the street at the same time that she crosses the street. it seems like they don’t see each other. He keeps walking up the steps and goes to a house.

He stares at the house. then he goes to a convenience store and buys something. The shrink comes up to him and says that she sees him often. You are still eating sweets I see. He says that he does not eat it often. He also tells her that he used to live here. Do you have a meeting or something?

She says that she is going to drink from now on. So they drink beer outside together He tells her that as a shrink she should not rely on alcohol. She says she does not rely on it, she just drinks a lot. Do sweets work for you?

He says he likes sweets, they are nice to eat. She asks what his job is. I wanted to ask when you came for the next appointment. He says he is a policeman. She says she was really wrong, I thought you were a gangster. 

They keep talking. She asks how long he lived there. He says his parents went bankrupt when he was in middle school. He comes here sometimes. it makes him a bit jealous. She asks what makes him come here, do you still have that nightmare?

He tells her not to be a doctor, especially while drinking. So she says they can just drink. They clink cans and drink.

Okay, it appears that they switched to the Republic Of Korea when they crossed the street. 

But then we go back to the Kingdom of Korea. Tae-eul asks a woman if she know a person called Ong Bon-hee? The woman says no, she lived there for the last thirty years. Do they live here? Tae-eul says no and keeps walking on. 

It is dark now so she heads back to the bus station to go back to Busan. However, she does not have enough money. So she tries to ask if there is another way that she can pay. 

Cut to her talking to someone on a phone and saying this is not a joke. I know the emperor, really. I am not joking, I just need to talk to him for one minute. But of course they won’t let her.


On the airplane the pilot tells Gon that a crazy woman called their official phone and looked for him. He asks what her name was. The pilot says she is Princess Diana, we followed her, she is in Seoul. 

He sighs and says to turn the helicopter around and got o Seoul and check where captain Jo is right now.

Meanwhile, Tae-eul keeps walking around Seoul. Jo Young suddenly appears next to her which makes her jump. She asks what he is doing here! He tells her it is the emperors order, you have to stay alive until you are executed.

She asks if they really have execution here. Young says not actually. It has not happened in 100 years, but it could be revived. What is your identity? She asks if he is following her around? he tells her to follow him.

They go to a hotel. A lot of guards run out and line up. Then Gon walks out in slow motion. He walks briskly to her.

Gon – Where you looking for me?

TE – Yes,

Gon – 17 times?

TE – Yes

Gon – I told you to hang out in Busan, why are you so far away. Did you find Ang Bon-hee?

TE – How did you know? How long did he follow me around? Why didn’t you just give me more money?

Gon – Who is that person you are looking for in this world?

TE – My mom. If this is a parallel world, Nari and Eun-seob are still here, even if I am not here, my mom can be alive. I know she would be a different person. Hopefully she is not sick in this world. I only have a memory other when I was 5. I just wanted to see her from a distance, that is why.

Gon – You should have told me.

TE – I was just curious, but she was not there. I had fun anyway.

Gon – Is that why you searched KTX? I wondered what that was.

TE – KTX? *she looks at Young*

Gon – it wasn’t him, it was just the search history. You had a lot of questions.  Why did you search marriage proposal to Gon?

TE – Why did you search it?

Gon – Oh, yeah, you searched Goo Seo-Ryung also. 

TE – She is a young Prime Minister, is anything wrong with that.

Gon – We see each other every Friday.

A car drives up.

Young – Yes, Prime Minister Koo, she heard that your helicopter had an emergency landing, so that is why she came.

Seo-ryung gets out of her car and walks up to him looking like the Kingpin in Spiderman.

SR – This is an unexpected time, unexpected location, and I see you with an unexpected person, Emperor.

Gon – That is true. That is why I feels a bit awkward now.

SR – it is nice to meet you, I am prime minister Koo Seu-ryung.

She extends her hand. The camera spins around the three of them. Tae-eul looks like she might know her?


Okay, I am along for this ride. I really like the Kingdom of Korea and love anything to do with Lee Rim. I am not invested in the love story of Lee Gon and Tae-eul yet, but I like the actors so hopefully they can pull me to their side.

I will say that there are a bit too many epic moments that don’t really carry emotional weight, like this ending scene where Gon walks out to meet with Tae-eul. I get why it would be a big moment, but it just didn’t feel like one to me, even with the dramatic slow motion.

But I want to feel all the emotions, so hopefully they can pair emotional weight with slow motion epic scenes to really pull me in.


[I don’t have the link 😩]

English Translation

TE – This is my first time in The Kingdom of Korea, so everything is like a fairytale.

Gon – I am on a date now.

SR – Did you check the facts?

Gon – Did you catch a woman named Luna?

Thug – S-s-she is luna?

TE – Hyung-nim do you trust me?

SJ – I trust you

Gon – I feel like everything that should happen is happening.

News – Japan has suspicious behavior.

Gon – I will teach them a lesson

Rim – A typhoon is coming.

Gon – He should be the beginning of everything.

JY – It is a war.

Gon – We will be the end.

General – Give us your order. We will destroy them.

Gon – Fire a warning shot.


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  1. 토비
    May 1, 2020 / 3:59 pm

    I’m also in for anything that has Lee Rim. I’m starting to think that he’s pulling people from Tae-Eul’s world to Lee Gon’s to form an army of loyalists that will shake that world. It’s just a suspicion and I can’t wait for what comes out of it. I also wanted to find out why Lee Gon didn’t try to find his own family in Tae-eul’s world. Could it be that he was trying to avoid that deliberately?

    I also noticed that she couldn’t find Sin Jae in Corea. Could it be his family had something similar to that pregnant woman’s case with Lee Rim in the picture? Could that be why he can remember that royal logo and keeps having nightmares? And many things are suspicious about PM Koo, I get chilly vibes when I see her. I don’t know why. I really enjoyed this episode even though I’m yet to vibe with Tae-Eul and Lee Gon’s love story. Thanks V for the recap

  2. No Longer A Kdrama Newbie
    May 1, 2020 / 6:37 pm

    I totally agree. I’m on board too!
    After the slump in episode 3, I feel like this drama has settled its pace & we can now move on into the actual story (fingers crossed).

    Gon and Young hold so much stage presence, they own this show – can’t take my eyes of these actors.
    I’m not currently a fan of the Romance but that’s not the same as hating it – I just don’t really care for it. Like most people are saying, the chemistry seems absent and things are moving too fast.

    I enjoyed the back and forth banter this week

    I don’t yet like it when LR is on screen – I tune out a little, his actions seem to be shrouded in so much mystery – I simply don’t want to pay attention. From this episode it seems he’s replacing people in the Kingdom of Corea with people from the Republic of Korea, probably to gain a following/influence but I don’t care.

    The Prime minister is a strange character isn’t she? So upfront it’s unbelievable. What are her motives? She must be able to see that being so forward/forceful isn’t working on Gon, is she trying to woo him to love or does she eventually want to blackmail her way into the palace as queen?

    Im looking forward to tomorrow’s episode.

    Thanks for getting this review/recap up so quickly!

  3. Rose
    May 1, 2020 / 7:05 pm

    Thanks for the preview translation! Its been a while since i read your recaps here V! Many thanks! 😘

  4. McKlem
    May 1, 2020 / 9:26 pm

    My feelings on the opposite. I really like Tae-Eul and liked watching her walk around the Kingdom of Corea, often on the verge of tears. I could feel her emotions. Lee Gon is OK, but he seems really young. I’m semi-interested in their relationship.

    Lee Rim gives me the creeps, but I guess there’s no conflict if he’s not in it. This parallel universe stuff has me really confused, but we will see where it goes.

  5. SPDud
    May 2, 2020 / 1:26 am

    The relationship between King and Lady Detective is too forced IMO. I mean he gets in a kiss and she just lets him do it? No more Miss Tough Detective? (although I guess it would be bad to slam the King in his own palace for kissing her….).

    However they are playing that parallel world thing for all it’s worth and it’s a joy to behold. All of the little quirks and unique differences of the Kingdom must have been such a wonderful challenge for the show’s art production team, and it came out so beautifully from the street cars to little things such as beer cans. And no more horrid commie North Korea either!

    Of course Tae-Eul tries to find her mom! Wouldn’t anyone? Have to believe they’re laying foundation for something big in later episodes with that.

    Also, there’s a lot more crossover between the Kingdom and the Republic than we’re initially lead to believe, I’m pretty sure.

    Last scene in EP 5. Seriously? Lame.

  6. Miandey
    May 2, 2020 / 4:27 am

    I feel terribly alone in liking the drama.
    But i do. It´s no goblin, mind you. But i am entertained 🙂

    • V
      May 2, 2020 / 5:08 pm

      Don’t feel alone! Come here and love it!

  7. Mag
    May 2, 2020 / 5:13 am

    I have finally fallen for this drama, it was difficult at first i wouldnt lie, but my admiration for the casts kept me watching and i am glad i did.

    I must say i like where the drama is heading, i just hope that it dosn’t have a sad ending.
    Crtics stop complaining about every damn thing and give the drama a chance.

  8. smurfett820
    May 2, 2020 / 7:16 am

    I couldn’t sleep last night cuz I could not figure out the workings of the gate. He’s in Busan, but he appears in Seoul each time? The bamboo forest is in Busan? Or is it in Seoul? The editing really needs some work so it’s not so confusing

    • 토비
      May 2, 2020 / 3:31 pm

      I think you’re mixing it up. I think the gate in Corea is in Busan (the bamboo forest of his kingdom is in Busan since that’s their monarchical capital) and the gate in Korea is in Seoul since that’s their capital. That’s my guess, I don’t think the editing is conflicting

      • V
        May 2, 2020 / 5:07 pm

        I have no clue as well. But I do think it is something based on where the capital is like 토비 said. Or maybe where the statue of King Sejong is? I noticed that they make it a point to show that statue in basically every episode.

        • Smurfett820
          May 8, 2020 / 8:39 am

          I think it’s confusing because the editing made it seem like you’re just crossing a gate in the same forest.

          But really crossing the gate puts you in two different locations. Plus future scenes show that there’s a piece of long road between the two gates. In which case it’s more acceptable that you go in from one location and show up in another location that’s hours apart.

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