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The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 5 Recap – Part 1

Alright, I’m interested to see what happens now that the tables are turned and Tae-eul is in Le Gon’s world! My guess is that she will be a bit more humble, or maybe she will lean in to her sarcastic nature? I don’t know, but I like The Kingdom of Korea a lot so I’m happy whenever we are there.


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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Kang Shin-jae sits in his car at night and looks at his phone. A hyung-nim texts him and says he is bored. 

Cut to the cafe that Myung Na-ra owns, Lee Gon has come back and has given her a diamond to pay her back for her kindness. She cannot believe it. But she was thinking in alone in her cafe. So she stands up when Shin-jae comes in.

Shin-jae asks about the horse so she says that the horse is gone. I put a note on the door because everyone keeps asking me about it. they also talk about how Tae-eul is gone as well. Maybe she left with the horse guy.

Shin-jae wonders where she could be.


Nam talks to someone on the phone and tells them that the emperor came back with a woman, so they need to come back in to the palace secretly. 

Cut to the bamboo forest. Tae-eul and Gon are still on the horse. He has just run through the gate. he tells her that he is the Emperor of Korea. She says – you have a name. You are standing like that right here. I can’t avoid execution anymore….

He laughs and tells her that based on her behavior, that is possible. The guards all look at them and wonder what is up. Jo Youong walks up and asys that he will take them to the palace. But Gon says they need to take care of Maximus first, he had a long journey.

He giddyups and rides his horse back to the stables with his guards. He holds on to Tae-eul and she looks around stunned.

Cut to a bright sky. The sky is pink and purple and there is lightning. She asks if this is a 4th dimension? He says this is somewhere you cannot explain in science. They look at a balloon. it is staying still in the air. He says that means there is no light or air or time in this space. She asks, if this is not science then what is this? Magic? It looks like they are in the inbetween world. he tells her that time goes by differently. Ten days here is like one hour outside. I checked it.

She asks, time stops s how can you check it? he says he calculates the Euler number. He does not know how big or deep it is, but he will run to the end and tell her everything, but today we are going to my world. Ah, so that is why Maximus is tired.


Maximus is tired but fine. he is eating and the veterinarian is checking on him and letting Gon know how he is. Tae-eul is at a loss for words. The veterinarian goes about his job. Gon is happy and tells Tae-eul that everything is true that I said, see.

Tae-eul says she is scared if it is true and scared if it is not true. Jo Young tells her to speak properly to the King. She points at him and says that his face is in her world. She is about to take Young’s gun and asks if it is real. Young stops her and holds her wrist.

Gon says that she can handle guns so let her have it. Then she will believe it. Young asks what she believes? Gon says that they crossed between zero and one.

So Young gives her his gun. She looks at it and thinks that this is nonsense. Is this a real P-30? Can I check one thing? I don’t mean it. She points the gun at Gon and everyone quickly hops in front of Gon and points their guns at her.

Gon tells them, see, she knows how to handle it. Young tells her that this is the last limit he will give her since she is the emperors guest. She asks, so this country is all true? Gon tells her it is all true. This gun and this world and me. Don’t try and check it by pulling the trigger, because he will not move at all. Now release the gun unless you want to die.

She lowers it and all the guards lower it too. But then Young notices that she is the same picture from the ID card. Gon says yes, she is the detective.


They all take fancy boats along the ocean to get to the palace. There are at least 4 or 5 boats riding Gon to the palace. Gon tells Tae-eul that this is his welcome for her.

They get to the palace, He tells her this is his office and his study so think of this as your house. But then he sees nam and stops in his tracks. She tells him that he really wants to see me in my coffin. Gon tells Tae-eul that this is the important woman who knows where the buttons on my coat are from.

Tae-eul bows and says it is nice to see her.

Nam tells Gon to put everything in the box. Gon tells Tae-eul that this is the procedure for everyone to pass the security check. Form the Prime Minister to the lowerst ranking maid. Tae-eul does it. She puts her ID in the box as well along with her handcuffs and chap stick and other things.

But Tae-eul asks if she can get it back because she will be in trouble if she loses it again. nam tells her that she will pass the body pat down since she is the emperors guest. But she wants to talk to Gon privately.

Gon asks, right now? Nam tells him it is better for her to do it later if you brought your guest during the day following proper manners and everything. Five people in the stables and at least twelve maids in the palace wonder what is happening.

Gon says, okay okay, I will talk to you. He tells Young not to stay there either. COmeo ut and leave Tae-eul alone. That is the emperors order. He tells Tae-eul not to worry and just stay here. I will skip her lesson. 

Te-ul tells Gon that he deserves to be punished. But she says it in banmal so everyone is all like GAAAASP! So she quickly changes it to jongdaemal and asks if that is okay like this? Gon happily tells Nam that she now believes that I am the emperor.

Nam sighs and mutters, my heart. Then they all leave.

Tae-eul looks around this fabulous room and falls to the ground in shock. She cannot believe it.



In another office, Gon sits at his desk while his secretary tells him about all that has happened. he asks if he has that much to do? the secretary tells him that she thinks someone hates him in the palace and tells him a super busy schedule that he has. he is very busy. 

He tells her that he will do all of those things but I will also have my own schedule. She slyly asks what that means….~. But he just says that he will have dinner in his study alone.

Cut to Seung-ah walking up the hallway. Nam told her to take care of the guest and make sure that she does not leave the room.

tae-eul is still in the study, she is walking around Gon’s desk. She sees his family photos and remembers him telling her that his first official duty was to carry out the previous emperors funeral.

Then Seung-ah comes in so tae-eul looks at her and thinks that this is definitely confirmation of a parallel world. She says her name, Myung Nari. But Seung-ah asks, who is Nari? I am Myung Seung-ah, I work in public relations.

Tae-eul says that she knows this is not true but I want to make sure. Don’t you have a building that you rented to a taekwondo school? Seung-ah asks if she would like some tea? It is good for sleeping well.

Tae-eul thinks that she speaks similar to Nari. You have a similar personality. Can I use the laptop? Seung-ah says no, that is the emperors, you need permission. Tae-eul takes that and asks if it is 2019? Seung-ah says yes.

She asks if the Emperor was born in 87? Seung-ah says of course. Tae-eul asks if this is the cultural capital of the country? Do you have 63 of the 63 story building? Seung-ah says that they only have one in Seoul.

Tae-eul curses. Seung-ah asks, did you curse to me? Tae-eul asks, is it better to say that I did it to you? Then she asks if there is anything else she can drink besides tea? Do you have Soju?

Elsewhere, Gon talks to Young about where he went. He says he went to a parallel universe.

Back in the study, Seung-ah stays with tae-eul and tae-eul keeps walking aorund. Seung-ah says that she will earch on her phone for her. Tell me what you want and I will look around for it. 

Tae-eul asks her to find out about Lee Gon. Seung-ah thinks she is crazy! How can you say the emperors name! You don’t know the 63 building and you don’t know the emperors age, did you live in a foreign country? You really dont’ know about your home country.

Tae-eul tells her that this is not my home country. the earth is still flat, you know, I can’t explain. I just snuck into this country. Seung-ah thinks, wow, daebak.

Young comes in and asks Seung-ah to excuse them for a moment. Seung-ah walks out and whispers to Young that she snuck into the country. Then she leaves.

Tae-eul is happy to see Young and tells him that she knows someone just like him. He wants her to take the cup. She says she knows what he wants and goes and gets some ink on her finger from the desk and then puts it on the glass. he is pretty surprised. She tells him that go ask his boss, he will explain things better.

He asks if she is from that Republic of Korea place where the capital is Seoul? She asks how he knows? He asks, who are you? What did you do to my emperor? What is up with his strange shoulder injury. Did you do that? She asks, does he have a strange shoulder injury? I don’t know, we do not have that kind of relationship. Also, you should not use banmal. You were born in 91, I am one year older than you.

Seung-ah knocks on the door and asks for Young to come out. Gon is standing there with a cart of food and tells them that he said to empty the hallway. he also tells young that he knows he has a lot of questions. I will send you a link about quantum theory. But right now can you open the door? The food is getting cold.

Seung-ah asks, did you prepare alcohol? Your guest is looking for some. Gon asks Young to find out where the alcohol fridge is in the palace.

Young and Seung-ah walks away looking stunned. Seung-ah asks, when did the emperor see me? He says that he saw me before and it is nice to see me again. But this is the first time that I have sseen him. Young asks if she noticed anything strange about her. 

She tells him not to ask her, I only report to the head maid. He tells her that she is good at her work, okay. She tells him that she has to waste this rare opportunity because she has to go to the head maid. Goodbye. She sadly walks off.



Tae-eul take a glug of her beer and then asks if she is trapped in this room? He says no, he is keeping her here because he brought her here without a plan. it is unprecedented so everyone is confused. She asks why he is so calm?

He tells her it is because he always imagined that she would be in his palace like this. He sees her red finger and asks what deal she made? She sarcastically tells him to promote Seung-ah because she is patriotic. Also, can I have your cell phone.

He gives her his cellphone and asks what she wants to search. She asks for his password. He says he does not have one because no one sees the Emperors cell phone. She pockets it.

He takes the top off the food platter and tells her to eat first. She tells him to eat it first. He asks, huh? She says she is not joking. I am in Alice in wonderland. In the book, Alice became big and small eating strange things. What if I am poisoned or something.

He says she does not have to worry, I will keep my promise and execute you. She tells him that comforts her and starts to eat the food.

She asks if he made it? He asks if it is tasty? She tells him it is not tasty so he sighs and tells her that he has not done this for years, but today I will curse. In my world if I say HEY then people come.

Suddenly Nam comes in right away which startles them both Gon asks, where you really waiting outside? Nam tells him that she does not have that much time. She tells Tae-eul that she prepared a room so she will take her to the farthest room possible from Gon’s room.

Tae-eul eats another bite of food quickly and Gon tells her to have a good night. He also tells nam to have a good night as well. She wants to curse him.

Nam takes Tae-eul to her room and makes it clear that it is very very rare for an outsider to stay in the Palace. You must not tell anyone. You need to keep it all quiet. Tae-eul says that they do not have to worry, I am a gongwon also.

Nam says yes, she knows. You are a detective. Tae-eul asks, how do people know about me here? Nam tells her that it is strange. The emperor has had a strange name tag since he was young. Police woman Jung Tae-eul did not exist in the Kingdom of Korea and we do not have a rank called Detective. I thought that someone made it for fun. 

But that non existing person shows up like this. Everything is nonsense, but I am sure of one thing. The thing that we cannot explain only brings confusion to the world. It will harm the emperor. So, while you are in the palace, please do not contact anyone except our emperor, captain Jo Young, and me. And do not be curious about our world and do not stay. This world includes the emperor. She leaves.

Tae-eul sits on the bed quietly. Then she opens the door to the hallway and sees a man standing guard by her room. So she goes back to the bed and sits on the floor.

But the other door bursts open which makes her hop. It is Gon. He tells her that he is still the smartest person.

She asks, did you use a secret passage? he asks, why are you sitting on the floor? You have a bed and a couch. She tells him that cold wind is coming inside. So he sits next to her.

TE – Why are you here?

Gon – I do not want to leave you alone and scared. Trust me, I am pretty normal here

TE – You are pretty normal here, so why are you sneaking in through the window and not the proper door?

Gon – You should know one thing, that is the shortcut, this palace is really big

TE – You said you cannot sit on the floor

Gon – Well after sitting, it is not that bad. It is king of romantic with the wind from outside

TE – When are you going to show me my ID?

Gon – Tomorrow

TE – Why tomorrow? Does it not exist?

Gon – if I show it to you then I think you will want to go back to your world

TE – What is that?

Gon – What?

TE – The little stuffed toy on my car key, it looks super cheap.

We see a flashback of her having the little bear toy and Gon going about getting the little toy. He had to go to a carnival like store shop to try and win it. Anyone can hit it if they went to the army. Ten dollars for ten bullets. Gon tells him that he only needs seven. But he does not win it so he has to purchase some more.

Gon – You should know this, nothing I own is cheap.

TE – How much did you spend? That is the thing that anyone can hit if they went to the army.

Gon – you should be quiet, someone is outside and we have a lot of CCTVs.

He tells her to wave her hand, twelve people are watching. She asks, really! She tries to stand up.

Gon – Do you believe everything I say? That is a lie.

TE – Is it really CCTV or not?

Gon – It is not, I was just teasing you. Do you want me to prove it?

he rests his head on her shoulder. She tells him to move it away from her.

TE – This is very uncomfortable, not like how it looks.

Gon – It is comfortable.

TE – Let me ask you a question, just say yes or no.

Gon – Ask me.

TE – You never dated anyone?

Gon – That’s surprising, of course I did.

TE – Can I guess when you did?

Gon – Guess.

TE – Now.

They both look at each other.

Gon – Should I be like this?

He leans in and kisses her softly.

Gon – Say what I just proved. That I have not dated anyone or that I am dating now.

She is stunned and keeps looking at him.


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  1. Shenell Hibbert
    May 2, 2020 / 11:53 am


    I’m desperately searching for the tea set (time stamp 18:05) in episode and the matching plates (6:50) and pot (18:13) is episode six. If you can identify the brand I would be forever grateful. Thank you!

    • V
      May 2, 2020 / 5:11 pm

      Oh, this is a good question! Does anyone know????

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