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The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 4 Recap – Part 1

Okay, we are back to cover this show! I still have high hopes now that all the backstory and record keeping has been done with. We all know what is going on so now we can focus on the main story! Yesterday’s episode bored me to tears so hopefully this episode picks up the pace a little bit.

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Lee Rim stands on the rocks at the coast and overlooks the sea. He is standing with his right hand man. They are looking at the palace across the water. Then time stops for a moment just as a huge wave crashes against the rocks. 


Nari prepares a coffee for Eun-seob in her coffee shop. He drops it accidentally.

At the same time Jo Young drops his drink in the Kingdom of Korea. He is alerted that there was an intruder but it is the emperor.

back in the Republic of Korea, Tae-eul walks back to her house looking stunned. She is thinking about Lee Gon telling her that he is going back to his world. But it was not that he did not know how to go back, it is that he didn’t want to go back.

She thinks about everything he said to her about the parallel world. At her desk she looks at a case she is working on and mutters that evidence proves things. But she keeps thinking about Lee Gon.

She remembers them walking through the bamboo forest with him. He told her about his past and she told him about how when she was young she didn’t watch Snow White or The Little Mermaid. She liked watching police stories. he asked if he was a natural talent? She said no, it was a rerun. She watched it a lot and it made her want to be an officer.

He says that is a dangerous job. She tells him that everyone can’t be brave so she decided to be brave. He stops walking and tells her that she is cool. She told him that they talked enough about her, what kind of King are you? Young and handsome and rich?

He said he was a mathematician and athlete and sword fighter. No one asks me anything so I pretend like I am okay. 

At her desk, she keeps muttering that evidence proves things.


The Prime Minister shows up unexpected to the palace. Nam is annoyed with that. The secretary says that they tried to buy time but they could not. Nam wants to know why she came. 

Seo-ryung comes up the hallway herself and tells Nam that she is here to report to the emperor. Nam tells her that so long as it is not a National Emergency then you can report it on paper. How dare you be like this? Should we raise the door of the palace or should I teach you the rules?

Seo asks why she doesn’t step back? He is gone right? This is a national emergency. You cannot pass it like this or hide like this. I should have gone directly to his bedroom.

Nam tells hr not to cross the line, you are just a 5 year elected official. Seo tells her to tell the King that she will wait for him in his office. Please step aside. Nam tells hr that she never steps aside in this palace. 

The Prime Minister says that she has more power than her. She pushes her to the side and goes into his office. She is shocked to see him and Young in there. Nam is also shocked, lol.

Gon tells the Prime Minister that he said he thought he told everyone that he would get a paper report only. Nam composes herself and says that she told her that but she forced herself in. Gon tells Nam that she can rest now. Nam leaves, fuming at the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister, Gon, and Young chat. They speak clipped to each other. They talk about something so she says that she does not know math so she always puts zero or one as the answer. He tells her that he thought the answer was zero.

he stands and tells her that he wants to tell her one thing, he does not want to hurt her but what he says will be harsh. All of my moments are history for the Kingdom of Korea. I hope that the history is honorable because I am the Emperor of this country. But do you think that is possible only by personality? So I cannot be sunshine for you. Let’s see how my rule is in the history books. if you do not have any questions, then I will see you next week.

She bows and leaves.

Nam comes in looking very angry. She asks Captain Jo to leave for awhile. Gon tells him to stay there, our countries future depends on it. Nam tells Gon to come here! He tells her to come to him. She says okay, don’t move, you want to see this old woman die!

She angrily walks to him, he hugs her right away and says she misses him. She hits him several times and releases all her anger and worry on him. Should she have a 3 days funeral or a 5 days funeral? He tries to make the situation light. But Nam says that the Prime Minister might have spies and things have been posted on the internet.

She sees his jacket and picks it up in alarm and asks him where all the buttons are? He tells her that he had to use it for currency. She can’t believe it, you did that? With this expensive jewelry? He pats her on the back and escorts her out lovingly with the jacket.

Young looks at him so Gon comments on it and complains to nam about it. But Nam is fretting on the jacket and how Gon ruined it. Yong tells all his people that the security threat is back to normal again.

A guard tells the elder Prince that the security level is back to normal. The old man is in his garden and says that is good that he is out of his study now.

In Gon’s room, Nam inspects his pockets and finds a little stuffy toy and a barbecue coupon in his jacket. She wonders what these thing  are. Then she sees the poetry book and wonders what it is. She flips open the book.




Tae-eul goes to her captains desk. He immediately tells her no, no, no! She says she has the entire story she starts to recount what she knows about the guy who went to the gambling site. She explains everything she knows about the case in detail. He did not log into the gambling site online even though he had free money from the site there.

Shin-jae says they can indict him for gambling first. I know that some people have a gambling addiction. So they both explain their thoughts to the captain. The captain says that they have two weeks. If they do not find it then you will be kicked out. Okay! Now go help with a robbery request!

They both hustle out.


Gon walks around the palace and asks Nam if she took all the things out of the jacket without buttons. He wants them put in his study. But he wants the book to be put in his bedroom.

He is in a room where tailors are working on his clothing around him. Nam tells him that a military alumni friend’s father died so you should go meet him. Show your strengths and that you are healthy. Gon says that is good that I am not late.

Nam reminds him that when he leaves he needs to tell them. She also tell shim to endure wearing a tie for a little bit.


He goes to the military funeral which is in a catholic church. Gon gives his condolences at the funeral. This man is the captain of a battleship. The man thanks him for his thanks and coments on how he saw that he won the rowing competition and mentions that he worried about him when he stayed in his study. You are always welcome back to our battleship as head of the military.

Gon goes back to his car brigade right outside which is some serious security. In the car, Gon has a flashback about when he got his neck injury. He loosens his tie aggressively. Young tells the driver to focus on driving.


Tae-eul and Shin-jae go work on the robbery case at a local convenience store. They look at the CCTV with an employee talking to them about the lady in the CCTV and how that lady always smokes cigarettes at this time of the day and is super drunk. I knew this would happen at some time, she is lucky that I am not a bad person.

They ask her how long she has worked here. The girl asks if they suspect her? i have only been here for a month. They tell her to give them the person’s contact who worked here before her. Tae-eul finds a used site that sells the red purse that was stolen.

So they pretend like they are going to meet the person to buy the purse. They meet her outside at a public place. Tae-eul is the one pretending to buy it. But she tells her that she is arrested. Where were you from 4-5pm?

She gets arrested by another undercover officer and takes her away.

Young is also there, but he is only watching in support and eating an iceream popsicle. A girl goes up to him who knows him and starts to ask how he has been doing. he says he is fine. She asks how his nightmares have been, better?

he thinks about Tae-eul being close to him and says that he has good dreams recently. She is surprised that it recovered that fast and asks if he still eats a lot of sweets? he says it is better than the drugs. She tells him it shouldn’t be like that and to come by if the sweets don’t work. She walks off.

Tae-eul hops up to him and asks, who is that! I have never seen you talk to a woman before! He changes the subject and asks if the horse is still at her house and if that guy went home. She says he left, I don’t know where he went.


Gon is still riding in the car. Young tells him to give him his cell phone so he can put a GPS recorder on it. Gon isn’t too happy about it and wants t be called Emperor, but there are so many people with that name Emperor so Gon is annoyed.


The prime minister goes to an important meeting where a man is talking to a room full of politicians about Japan. But his presentation is all about how they cannot do it. She asks, did you seriously create a presentation to tell us how we can’t do something. You need to find an answer as to which country will help us.

She goes to her fabulous pastel “Carrie from Sex and the City” office to rest. Her secretary comes running in and shows a video that she has to watch. he plays it for her. She reluctantly takes off her eye covers to watch it.

In the video a man is talking about how Japan is our friend. She does not know any politics and she has plastic surgery on her nose. SR looks at her secretary and asks, does my nose look like it had work done? She sighs and tells her secretary that she won’t kill him, but she will make him want to kill himself. She sends her secretary a file of that man having an affair in bed and says to give this to a reporter and says it is an exclusive.

he asks how she got this picture? She tells Secretary Kim that he has worked with her for a year and a half, but you are shocked at this kind of picture. What is wrong with my Secretary Kim (lol)? Do you really want to be a politician? He says that he will do it right away.

But then she asks the old man with white hair where he got those pictures. She pours herself a coffee. He tells her that she should drink her coffee outside with a handsome man. But he doesn’t answer.

Cut to the Prime Minister talking to the elder Prince. He is sitting and reading. She tells him that it is nice to see him again. She is relieved to see him. She knows that the emperor was missing but he is casually writing in his journal, which means that he knew. 

The elder prince says that the King does this several times a year when he is into math. But Seo Ryung says that whenever he is in his study, that means that he is missing. Each time it happens, the security level goes up. I just wonder that. She leans in and says that this elder prince cannot do anything in politics and can only be a scholar. You kids kids should not stay in Korea. Do you like to live like that? People envy the royal family, but don’t you think it is unfair?

He says that he never felt that way. She asks really? He says that she was born as a normal citizen and loved for her honesty. The war of social status is never gone and should not be gone. She tells him he is talking about dangerous things. he says yes. Our conversation is not light. So what do you want to say? This conversation is good for making rumors.

She says yes, that is why. She looks to the side for a moment. Then she pulls out her phone and shows it to him. She shows an article about the senator and says that he is out do to an affair. Do you think anyone will think that you are behind me if we are face to face like this? I hope so.




In Prince Lee Jong-in’s office, we see him open candied fruit from a decorated box. It is a gift from Lee Gon. He sits with him to chat. Lee Gon says that this time he went far far away. it was the funnest trip ever. They joke about how the King should fulfill his duty, Gon says that is only in historical dramas. They both laugh.

Then Gon looks at a photo that he likes. Gon says he is holding on to Prince Jong-in with one hand and the other hand he holds head nurse Nam. You even had to leave you kids, don’t you hate me? My fathers step brother killed my father and your kids are all outside of Korea because of me. Forever. So I wonder, is my fathers cousin is on my side or not?

The Prince says that is nonsense. Should I kill my own kid to show my loyalty? As a parent I cannot. But I blocked their future forever. What rumor made you come here. No rumor can shake me. Gon tells him, it wasn’t his question. His quest is, do you hide anything from me? I trust you and I like you, please do not hide anything from me. Here is the problem that I worked on for a long time. I cannot prove it so I am leaving it here.

he slides a pamphlet over to him and leaves.

The prince looks at it. It is Lee Rim’s autopsy report. He sighs heavily.

When Gon leaves, he asks Young if he thinks the library is in the same spot? Young asks, library?


Gon goes to the same library that he and Tae-eul talked in. Lee Tae-eul might also be i this library right now as well. She is reading about parallel universes. 

He sits thinking about her and she sits thinking about him. It is as if they are both sitting on opposite sides of the same table and are looking at each other.


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    But in terms of the ID badge, Sae-jin gives Tae-eul her ID badge back and it has the date November 11 the same date Lee Gon referenced when he discussed her badge when he met her.

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