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The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 3 Recap – Part 1

Okay, the first episode had me absolutely hooked. But the second episode screeched on the breaks and left me a bit bored. So hopefully this episode brings the excitement of episode 1. I beg you show, because I want to love you!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Jung Tae-wul walks down several steps outside but stops and sends a text message to someone. Then she heads back.

In a cafe, Eun-seob eats chicken with Shin-jae. ES complains about Tae-wul being late. But Chin-jae gets her text saying that she is busy and to eat with Eun-seob. He asks for a soju and tells Eun-seob. Eun-seob can’t beleive that she is not coming to eat chicken and beer.

Tae-eul is actually talking to Lee Gon right now. He tells hr that he has accepted her as his empress, she is the reason he is trapped in this world. She asks, empress? So that means I am cool now? You have turned 360 in only a few days?

He asks, are you talking about angles? 360 means I am back in the same point. She grumbles, so 180 then. Do you mean what you said? He says yes, it is 100% truthful. I do not know more truthful things than that.

She jokes that she has recieved everything then and is sarcastic to him. 

He smiles casually and tells her that he likes the number zero the most among all the numbers. usually people use zero as nothing, but actually it has all the power in the world, whatevr numbers are multiplied, it becomes zero. Money is evaluated by not the first number, but all the zeros.  There are two ways to get out of a root. Either with a square or a zero with has extreme power. So you don’t care about me even though I met you which means I am powerless here. But I am okay because you are a lot cooler than I expected and are the root that I am trapped in. This is my answer to your question that asks if I am truthful. Did that prove it?

She asks, if he is going to keep mumbling about all that number nonsense?

He says she is not a literature major, she is a bear like person (dumb person). 

She asks, what? Bear? Woah, so now that I have points you are personally attacking me? So the emperor can marry a bear?

He calmly tells her that the parliament and royal family will oppose it.

She tells him, okay! Lets go! Lets go to this parallel world so I can tell them that I am the mother of the country! Lets go! Where do we go!


He walks with her to the Bamboo forest She is still sarcastic ad asks if the address to go to his world is not here? Don’t be embarrassed, you can recite the spell. he says he is looking for the door but he cannot open it with empty hands.

She tells him that they should have brought some food or something, and mutters that she will kill him. 

He says it might be difficult to believe, but there should be two pillars over there. She asks if he is talking about the stone posts at the temple? He says yes. the posts that are between gods and human worlds. You will hear the pipe sound and there will be thunder and lightening and a big post will show up. But today, it looks like the door is not allowed.

She sighs angrily and asks if he has so much time? Are you bored? 

He sys he had to check it at least once and was happy that seh wanted to come here. 

She wonders what she did wrong in a past life to come here and talk to this crazy guy. She tells him to listen to her, you will have your DNA result done tomorrow. Hoepfully we will find your family. But if we do not, this is all that I can help you. Do not call Eun-seob anymore.

Lee Gon asks if Eun-seob agreed with that? She says that he belongs to the country so he does not have free will.  He says that people from two different worlds have the same DNA so if you find a DNA match it does not mean that they are my real family members.

She is at a loss for words and tries to ask if that means they are not his family.

He says that his parents died early on. My first job as emperor was ironically for the previous emperors National funeral. I was 8. 

She stares at him, considerately.

It was an old story, lets go back.

She turns and walks ahead of him.

He ends up walking in front of her and puts his jacket on her. She looks at him. He asks, what is your hyung-nim’s name, even though you are an only child.

She asks what his name is, you don’t even know your own name so why are you asking his name. He says that he didn’t tell her that he did not know his name, it is just that you cannot say my name.

She tries to smile and asks if he is Kim So-hwul (a famous poet). He asks who that is. She tells him that he has no plot holes. I won’t say the last thing in my mind so don’t get involved with my business. She starts walking ahead again. 

ES asks if that hyung-nim person is your life? Hey. He walks after her.




Meanwhile, Shin-jae walks to Tae-eul’s apartment and waits. He remembers her giving him taekwondo lessons back when they were teenagers. She speaks with authority. 

He asks if she really has a blackbelt? She tells him not to speak to her in banmal and throws him to the ground. They she starts to give him the lesson again. It is a lesson on falling. He says he is good at falling. She tells him that he has to fall many time, I will teach you how to fall without getting hurt.

In the present, Shin-jae stands and walks to the white horse. The horse neighs at him a bit so Shin-jae tells him that he should not be prejudice, I might look like this but I am not a bad guy. I know you are a handsome guy. he keeps talking to the horse playfully. 

To his left is the saddle. Chin-jae looks at the emblem on it and then opens his notebook that has the same mark on it. It looks like he might connect a crime with this mark.


Head maid Nam interviews Seung-ah in the palace. She says that from her resume it looks like her family members are in Canada. How are they doing? Are they wealthy?

Seung-ah says that they never had any money problems. The halmoni says okay, you won’t do anything stupid due to money. Do you have a lot o friends?

She says that she just came back from Canada so she only knows one of her elementary friends.

Nam says that her mouth should be heavier. The reason I hired you.

She asks, am I hired? All of a sudden?

Nam tells her it is not all of a sudden. You appled for 4 years and I have looked at you for 4 years. I followed you online and looked at your posts and things. I also read your novel online. You created something that did not exist before so I want to give you important work. Do you know photoshop? You are hired in public relations. Please do as you always do, write a good heartmoving story with heartmoving hashtags, please. She smiles.


The Prime minister rides in the back of her car reading something on her computer and mutters that this old woman tries hard. She puts her computer down and looks out the window.

We see a flashback of her talking to Lee Gon at the stables. She thanked him for the pay decrease or increase or something like that and says that she is going to use his honest nature as her weapon. He told her that he heard that both houses refused the pay increase. So I am the joker for your fight. She asked him if he knew who he was? You are always the King (in Pocker), I will provide a nice fight so look forward to it. He says he will, as usual.

In the car, she mutters that he said he would look at what I did but he jsut left home? Her driver and secreatary ask what? She asks the secretary about the meeting today. He says that all thsoe people left but they all came back. She mutters that they are all working hard when she threatens them.


All the parliament of one party are together. One of the congressman is angry that they are opposing their pay increase. He is upset that she is opposing it. Another woman congressman argues that she is only doing this for her popularity. Another man tells the Prime Minister that she does not deserve to be where she is. We fixed your image and we put you there, now you add more cosmetics.

The Prime Minister asks, so if this is the position that you can add makeup and good clothes, then why don’t you do it and sit here? She hist her hands on the desk and stands. Then she tells them about the tax disparity with the people and can show the people that our party is for the citizens. Do you know why our party rating is super low? If you know the reason then explain it to the person next to you. One more thing, I am the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Korea. I am not the leader of the party.

She leaves assuredly. The man nods smugly and looks at another man with all white hair. That man throws a peanut or something in his mouth and walks out.


In the police station, Captain Park Moon-sik tells another officer not to tell detective Kang about his mother who might have gotten in trouble for gambling and alcohol again. It appears that they both worry about him.

Inside the common area, the they all talk about all the work they have been doing. One of them wonders when they will get theoir rookie? Captain Park says he is coming, he is coming.

Suddenly the door opens up and a man comes in handcuffed to another man. One man looks like a cop and the other man looks like a thug. he even has a leapord button up shirt on. But it ends up that this man with the leopard shirt is the new rookie.

They handcuffed him though, lol. But he stands and introduces himself and says that he really wanted to share handcuffs with a criminal. He seems really nice and earnest. He tells them that his name is Jang Michael. But you can call me Jangmi (Rose). My friends call me jangmi. 

They ask for his email, he tells them it is Rose93. They all look at him. he apologizes and says R-O-S -. But they tell him that they are not surprised because he is speaking good English, but Rose? Another cop tells him to continue.

He yells, it is ROSE93@UNICORN . NET! I WILL DO MY BEST! 

The captain tells him that he has so much passion and dedication but that is kind of too much so just follow your sunbaes around and copy somethings. Rose tells them that he will do it!

He rides with Tae-eul and Shin-jae to a garbage area because they are looking for a murder weapon. So they all darn long pink rubber gloves and go to the trash place. It takes all day, but Rose finds it! It even has blood on it.

So it is a successful garbage day. They all say that the need to take it to CSI. Shin-jae tells them to wrap up and give sit to forensics. Tae-wul thinks that the three of them should wrap up together! The rookie doesn’t know anything so I should do all the work? Shin-jae says yes, that is a good custom. Tae-eul yells, are you getting bribe money! The rookie tells her that their jokes are his style. She says it is not a joke. Do you only take your salary?

The rookie steps back a little bit. Tae-eul yells at Shin-jae to come back and take him, he is too gullible.



Chin-jae goes to meet with a gangster in a club. he looks like he does not want to be there. The gangster say that he looked into his background. You were almost a chaebol but your family got bankrupt in middle school and now you have to pay back debt for the rest of your life. I am better than you now.

Shin-jae asks what he is better about? Do you own your house? The gangster asks, I really want to know, why do you live honestly? He says that he does not live honestly. Someone I know just told me to live my life on the edge. The gangster says he is impressed. He tells him that he does not make much money right, before you come out, just tell me.

Shin-jae hits him. Another gangster argues with him. They tell him to calm down. Shin-jae pushes the gangsters head into the table and says he will catch him and get promoted.

Then he walks away eating a popsicle and thinks about learning taekwondo. In this flashback, he is now the coach for a lot of little kids. The little kids are all running around like little kids. They are like 5 years old. So he yells at them to listen to their master! They start to cry. He yells, why are you crying! So clearly he is not good with kids.

Later on, he talks with Do-in. Do-in tells him to quit being a master. The kids are afraid of you and don’t come back at all. Shin-jae says that little kids don’t know how to endure things. He says that if he gets kicked out then he will be a gangster. The father is casually checking the computer. He tells Shin-jae not to be a person who leads people to the right way, be a person who stands on the edge of the right way.

Shin-jae sees a police exam book on Do-in’s desk.


In the present, Rose walks to Tae-eul’s desk and says that he turned in the murder weapon. He was so nervous. She sucks on and ginseng stick and tells him that the national forensics team called me, you left your cell phone.

He checks his jacket and realizes that he did leave it. She asks him if he thinks he can do this work? I am giving you the most important job as a rookie of this team. He asks if it is a case? Sh tells him all the things he needs to do with organizing receipts and money. He accepts and gets to work right away at the desk next to her.

her phone rings. it’s Lee Gon. He is happy that she did not go home yet. 

TE – How did you get my phone number, Kim Gae-tong?

Gon – Eun-seob. *we see post-its with Tae-eul’s phone number but he says it is a secret*

TE – Hey, Rose, bring Eun-seob in here.

Cut to Gon shopping for groceries with Eun-seob. he sees a bruise on Eun-seob’s wrist but doesn’t mention it. Eun-seob tells him not to talk to him, he loads up the grocery cart (all PPL ads). 

ES – I don’t want to talk to you anymore. What did you say, she put me in handcuffs.

Gon – Well only one thing, Eun-seob

ES – I told you it was a secret, your mouth is so cheap.

Gon – I told you that nothing I have is cheap. As an apology, I will appoint you as the captain of my guard. You are the best swords man in the world, that is an honorable thing.

ES – you are crazy.

Gon – You should come to my world. If you go there then you are executed.

Eun-seob says something sarcastic and pushes the grocery cart away. Gon mutters that he misses Nam and Young.


Nam has a headache as she sits with her PR team to talk about Gon. People think he is sick since he is not in the public at all. They are reporting their suspicions.

Nam says that he will not come out of his study. We are not even allowed to go in or out, my heart is burning. Seung-ah says that she has an idea. We can involve something else. Where is Jo-young?

Cut to Seung-ah waiting to meet with Jo-young. Young comes in which makes her immediately happy, she tries to hide it. He asks what she is doing here. She tells him she is working so give me your phone. You heard from the head maid that you have to cooperate with what I am doing.

He sighs and gives her his phone. She looks though it and asks if he posts on SNS? He says no. She says that she knew he did not do it, but just in case you have a secret account. I will look through your photo album. Maybe you switched your phone with your father.

He says it is my phone. She says she knows, I was mocking you. Then she finds a photo of him and Young in military outfits and says that she ill use this one.

They post the article. Everyone on the street sees it and says that Jo-young is super cool. So, it is a success. 


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