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The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 2 Recap – Part 1

The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 2 Recap - Part 1

Alright, let’s see if this episode lives up to how much I liked the first episode. I was pretty gripped in the opening episode from the evil guy trying to take over the Kingdom. Not as gripped by the 2019 plot, but hopefully that picks up today.

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Lee Gon walks slowly towards Tae-eul but with determination. She leans back as he stands right in front of her. The music blares. He looks at her name tag and sees that it is the same. She is the same person.

TE – What are you doing right now?

Gon – I meet you, finally, Detective Jung Tae-eul (but he speaks Kingly)

He pulls her in for a big hug in the middle of this huge courtyard. She pushes him away and asks if he is crazy? Who are you?

He says he was greeting her, and that he was just happy to see you.

Gon – The parallel universe really exists. You are still an inspector for the last 25 years.

She looks at her ID, it has the same birthday and everything.

TE – How do you know my rank?

Gon – I saw it for a long time. Even if you won’t believe me.

TE – What the f? I am giving you a second notice, sir, show me your ID.

Gon – Sorry, I have no ID.

TE – Why not?

Gon – I am me, so I am me.

TE – *smirks* Wow.

Gon – You won’t believe this also. I gave you my greeting and you look like you are confused. So I will explain what is going on here. I am the emperor of The Kingdom of Korea and am following a suspicious person. I jumped through a thundering wall of dimensions and I came here. I was a little confused. But after thinking about it, I think it is a parallel world.

TE – Um, okay, parallel world?

Gon – Let me confirm it slowly because that already makes a big difference.

he looks around at a billboard with Yuna and says that the Queen must be an Empress here, not an Emperor. He is looking at a billboard of Yuna that everyone calls Queen Yuna.

Tae-eul tells him that of course they say Queen Yuna, all the citizens of Korea adore her. He tells her to take him to their empress. And give my Maximus who is 7th grade ranking good food.

TE – How can I take you to see Queen Yuna? You need to buy a ticket.

Gon – I think our conversation is going a bit wrong, right?

TE – Now you sound normal. You make me angry.

She steps to him angrily but a lot of citizens are taking photos of the horse. So she backs off.

TE – So, mister, you are from a parallel world and are the emperor of the Kingdom of Korea and on your way here it was thundering and your horse is a 7th degree government officer. That is what you are saying?

Gon – It looks like your head is stuck in a parallel world. Are you an Arts major? (you don’t know science).

TE – You half crazy guy!

Gon – Is that your personality? 

TE – Yes, I have been like this for 30 years. *ties her hair up*

Gon – I didn’t expect this. I only had this lingering imagination. It is fresh.

TE – Okay, you introduced yourself enough, now I will introduce myself. 

She gets right in front of his face.

TE – You did not show me your ID and you broke traffic laws and you touched a police officer. You can get your lawyer and all that stuff. if you move, it will hurt more.

She moves to his back to tie up his hands. He tries to say he is the emperor of Korea, but she doesn’t listen and puts him in handcuffs. She takes him to the police station for further interrogation at her desk.


They sit in front of her desk and people continue to take photos of his horse outside.

TE – Let me ask you your name again.

Gon – I told you, even if you know my name, you can’t call my name. My name is the name you cannot say.

TE – She says that she will call him Kim Gae-tong (Like Kim Dog-poop but it can also be like John Doe, it is a negative version of John Doe)

Gon – Gae-tong? What about Hong Gil-dong or Ah Mugae (all versions of John Doe in Korea). I am especially not Kim.

TE – Put everything you have here. If you do not do it voluntarily then I will search you.

He starts to take off his watch and other items to put them on her desk. She checks his ID and sees a talisman inside. He is amazed that it is there also.

Gon – My head maid worries about our Kingdom, that is what that is.

TE – Okay.

She takes out some money that has his face on it. All hundred dollar bills.

Gon – You don’t have 100 bills here?

TE – Did you play monopoly? Did you buy a lot of land?

Gon – Are you using banmal from now on?

They argue back and forth about using banmal. He says he is older than her. So he is Oppa by age. She says she is an only child.

TE – This looks like real money. I am taking it. It could be used for fraud.

She gives it to another co and asks when they will get the results. She says in 2 hours. Though she looks smitten with Gon.

Tae-eul pulls out something else. Gon asks what it is. She tells him that he is not cooperating with the investigation so she is going to take his finger print.

he tells her that even though it is her, you cannot touch my body without permission. She just grabs his hand and twists it around to take a finger print.

TE – DOn’t think that you are forcing me too easily. I am trained with a lot of different sports. IF you don’t believe me then I hope I will have a chance to prove it. I know rowing, horse riding, taekwondo, and boxing. She ignores it all and he grimaces again.


In the palace, the head maid No OkNam sits with the elder prince, Lee Jjong-in. They talk about how Gon is missing again. It appears that he is always missing. So Lee Jong-in asks where he went this time? To see some snow? 

She says no, his winter clothes are all here. I can’t even guess. Captain Jo said that he might disappear through the bamboo forest. He chuckles at that. But maid Nam is still worried. She says he should not laugh. You should tell him strictly. Don’t ask him if he had fun.

Elder Jon-in asks what he can do. We used urgent stomach trouble or change of season skin trouble already. She says that hey might be able to use last years method. He can be studying math again. His math addiction could have come again so all he wants to do is study.

Elder says they will probably have a lot of science and math applicants. The head nurse is more worried and hopes that Captain Jo fins something soon.




Jo Young looks through the bamboo forest and finds the last known location of Gon. He says that this bamboo forest is the only plae but the footage is gone from this location.  That means that he disappeared from this spot.

Some other guards says that they will check CCT again (he uses a North Korea accent so North and South might be united in this Korea). Gon tells them that they might have missed something or he missed something that they also missed. He gives them an order to keep looking and to give him a call if they find anything.

But then he tells them that the emperor actually said that he was looking for a rabbit right? They agree.


Young meets with two prisoners who all say that they did not know that the emperor was there. They just wanted to catch the B* that took their money. She does not have an ID or a house or anything so we have to catch her when we see her.

The police man tells Young that they investigated it. What they say and what happened is similar. Young asks if they found the woman that they were following. The officer says no, not yet, she is infamous in our district for robbery and violence. We don’t even know her face or name. Actually, we got the information we have from them.

Young asks the men what her name is. They jump and say Luna! The officer tells Young that they will call him as soon as they catch her.


Gon is standing in jail right next to Tae-euls desk. he keeps talking to Tae-eul and tells her that he needs a chair. She keeps ignoring him.

TE – I never seat on the bare floor. I know you can hear me.

Man – Is he the guy?

A man walks in though we don’t see who it is. Gon looks like he recognizes him. The man stops. It is Jo Young, but this dimensions version of Jo Young. His name is Jo Eun-seob here and he is a social service worker (people go there instead of the army if they cannot go to the army due to health)

Gon – Young…

ES – What the f? 

Eun-seob walks away from him and to Tae-eun’s desk. Tae-eul tells him that he is not a prince, he is an emperor and he cannot sit on the bare floor. Eun-seob looks back in amazement.

Gon – See, she can hear everything. Young, I did not expect for you to follow me.

ES – Wow, I’m scared. This is the report from the boss. *takes a ensam snack* 🎵This is for what I did.🎵

he walks away which makes Gon think that he is not his Young. ES asks him, Young, who is Young? I am Jo Eun-seob. Tae-eul tells him not to answer him.  Eun-seob pleasantly tells her that when people say something you have to return it. I saw a big horse, it was really cool. Are you the owner? Wow, he is like that cartoon character riding the white horse, I really like that cartoon. Did you see it?

Tae-eul mutters something. Then En-seob sees the expensive watch and can’t believe it. Gon tells him that he should know this. That watch is the only one int he world. It was made to celebrate my horse winning. It can catch 100th of a second.

Eun-seob tells him that he is really the thing that people call a fabulous mouth (sweet talker). Gon says that he has a horse. Eun-seob mocks him about the horse with words that rhyme with horse. Gon tells Eun-seob that it is 7pm so he should go home.

GOn tells them that he did not want to say this, but you should put a handkerchief or something on the floor, I never sit on the floor. TE mutters that she said not to talk to him. Eun-seob runs off.

Then she gets a message from the records woman who says that this guy does not have any finger print record at all. It is the first time she has seen this for someone over 30. Maybe it is rare, but maybe he got lost before he got finger printed? You can get his DNA and ask him. The money looks really real as well. Goodbye.

Gon mutters that she has taken on the wrong case. She looks back and wonders what his identity is.

Cut to her trying to get his mouth swabbed to get some DNA. He does not do it and asks if she didn’t get anything from his finger print? That is it right. That means that I don’t exist in this world. So both worlds are not exactly the same.

Tae-eul asks if he is really just going to keep saying nonsense? Just open your mouth.

Gon – Just as I am not here, you are not in my world. I have been looking for you for a long time. But I didn’t have any trace of you, only your picture and your birthdate.

TE – Why do you have my picture? Who are you? You told me that as soon as you saw me you said ‘I finally see you’ why do you finally see me?

Gon – I think you will not survive. You tell me You, you, but if you say that then you are executed.

TE – *smiles* Are you a spy? Are you trying to just bomb our police station? Is that the thing? that is why you want my identity?

Gon – You are not that important.

TE – *hits desk angrily* Hey, did you follow me around and check my background?

Gon – I was curious, you look better in person.

She looks at him for a moment.

Gon – That kid is captain of the royal guard in my world. Cases like you and me do not exist.

TE – So even though you are dying now, you are still talking about parallel worlds. What is your evidence?

Gon – You see the evidence right in front of you. I came from another world.

TE – Why do you open your eyes like that?

Gon – How should I open my eyes.

TE – You shouldn’t leave any reason for misunderstanding. You look like a small time robber. Is there no other evidence?

Gon – For your understanding, I will explain it easier. So listen to me. Einsteins quantum physics….well, not other things but I am confident with my eyes, my eyes are deep.

TE – What about that Quantum thing by Dr Einstein? How was this foster child Dr. Einstein (she makes a joke with yangja which means foster child but it also means Quantum). 

Gon – Einstein’s quantum physics is linked to parallel worlds theory as light vibrates. A particle vibrates and our universe vibrates. A particle can exist in multiple locations so our universe can exist in multiple locations.

She looks so confused.

Gon – I didn’t help at all. Well, light isi vibration and particles are -.

She quickly puts the DNA swab in his mouth and thanks him for his cooperation.




The Prime Minister leaves a meeting complaining that they are all stupid. I thought I would meet nice men when I became Prime Minister. her secretary tells her that she is the one that formed this cabinet. She says that is what she is talking about. I picked them carefully and chopped my own foot.

She tells one of the men who came out and is looking at her that she is done for the day, see you tomorrow. This man has a head of white hair and watches her leave.

The Prime Minister and her secretary rest in her place and check the media and press. The secretary says that the emperors schedule is empty for a week and the security alert is higher. She says that the emperor must have run away again.

The secretary thinks he might have a woman. Seo-young says that if he has a woman, it should be me. I am making all the citizens believe it, he should not have a woman. is she young, pretty? He says it is a high possibility. She tells him to leave and sips her alcohol in peace while checking her press images of the stable meeting she had with the King. She also reads all the comments that say that they support them.

She also thinks that her left side is really better and her lipstick is probably too much.


Tae-eul tells Gon that she is letting him go because she is a nice police officer. You are lucky. Gon say that she has to let him go 48 hours later anyway since she has no reason to keep her here.

She says that he got to leave a little earlier. Then she asks where she can contact him when she gets the DNA results (she is speaking in banmal for some reason). He speaks as an emperor and  gives her his contact. It says Royal Infinity Hotel.

he also tells her that guy gave it to him. Eun-seob who is your high school hubae and your father runs a taekwondo studio.  She tells him that this is a 5 star hotel, it is expensive. Do you have any money?

he says he does not have money, but he can make money. He takes off a button on his jacket and says it is diamond. She doesn’t believe it and says that if that is a Diamond then I am Princess Diana.

But we but to a diamond studio. The man looking at the diamond says it is the most perfect diamond he has ever seen in his career. Where did you get it? Gon says he will ask his head maid later because she takes care of those things. How much money? 

The mans ays it is an expensive thing, but we don’t have any guarantee and it could be a bit dangerous. Gon coughs and shows her badge so he doesn’t talk about illegal things. Gon tells her to reveal her other identity as Princess Diana.

They both leave and walk up the Han river in the park. He tells her that her eyes are noisy. She asks if he stole that diamond. He asks her if anyone ever brings a police officer with them to sell a stolen diamond?

She says that the maid person might have stolen it. He says he will ask her but she is not that kind of person. he looks at a building and asks what it is, Princess Diana.

She says it is 63 Building. Why? Do you not have it in your world?

Gon – We have 63 of them in Haeundae, do you only  have one here?

TE – Yes, only one. Take a cab to get to the hotel.

She starts to walk by him.

Gon – Are you leaving?

TE – What?

Gon – Don’t leave. It took me 25 years to see you. I wish for today to be long and long.

TE – Go away, my day is already so long because of Kim Gae-tong.

Her phone buzzes, it is someones wife so she answers. The person is Lee Sang-so’s wife and looks important so she says that she will be there right away, she runs off. it looks like this involves the police case she is working on.


Tae-eul talks to the wife about how her husband has been missing for three weeks so why didn’t you call the police? Her partner is there with her. The woman says that this is not the first time he left home after an argument, I thought he went off gambling somewhere and it was just longer this time.

Tae-eul asks if she knows of anyone with a grudge? The woman says that she thinks that anyone can kill him. He borrowed money from everyone. He had two cell phones and called all sorts of people. 

Kang Shin-jae sees half a dozen of crowbars there somewhere.


Meanwhile at home, ES folds clothes. it looks like kids clothes. he turns on Netflix to watch some TV while doing it and mutters about how kids grow up fast. then he gets a collect call from someone.

Gon – Eun-seob it is me. As soon as you pick up the phone I need to tell you something.

But Eun-seob does not pay to continue talking, he just hangs up.

However, then we see Eun-seob showing up with a lot of shopping bags with Gon. Gon tells him that it took 13 times to convince him. Eun-seob mutters that hotel suits are awesome. My why didi you bring me here?

Gon tells him that he wants to catch up with him. ES says he has nothing to catch up with him about. 

Gon – Everything you have in your left hand is all yours.

ES – Should I sit here! *runs to couch with all his bags* Where should we start?

Gon – I want to see your photos when you were a kid.

He gives it to them and sees that he has the same father as in the other reality.

Gon – It is a parallel universe.

Tae-eul texts Eun-seob and basically tells him to pick up his phone are I will kill you! You better answer me! You are dead! 

She sent like 10 text messages all with the same type of message. Gon hands the phone back to Eun-seob and tells him it is a death note (murder notice). Eun-seob sees it and quickly tries to respond.

The problem is that Gon dropped off Maximus at Tae-eul’s house because she has a small yard. So Tae-eul is looking at this horse right now and that is the reason she sent all those text messages.

Seung-ah, is there with her wondering what this is all about. Tae-el sees a sticky note that is from Gon. The note says to take care of his horse.

Seung-ah thinks this is not a normal kind of horse. her appa does a play on words with the word horse and is amazed to see this horse. Tae-eul says it is a 7th grade officer horse. Though she says it sarcastically.

They keep making comments about this horse and how the owner should be rich. The entire neighborhood looks like they are coming to have a look at this horse. Her appa orders chicken and it gets delivered. Tae-eul  yells, Kim Gae-tong!


She goes to the hotel and asks if Gon checked in today. Tough she describes him instead of saying his name. The woman behind the counter says they cannot reveal their guest information. Tae-eul writes a not that says she is going to sell this expensive horse and tells the lady to take it to the room.

She waits in the lobby. Gon sees her writing there and comes up to her. He says it took 9 minutes and 40 seconds for the manager to come up there and for him to come down.

She tells him to sit. She asks what he is going to do with his horse? He says if she is okay – but he says he is not okay, that is why I am here. he tells her that he is not going to stay long, his horse just need 4 square meters in her yard to eat. She says that is her entire yard. She asks when he is going back.

he says he has not decided yet. She tells him that he needs to decide first. He says he will decide that last. I like to be with you like this. Sh stares at him for a moment and asks, you bought clothes?

he says they picked Eun-seob’s clothes and he told me to try some. I needed clothes to change in to so I tried it on. It fits so well.

TE – I wasn’t asking you, I was despising you. *ties up her hair* Okay, I will keep the horse until we get the DNA results.

Gon – Why are you tying your hair? Don’t tie your hair.

TE – Focus. I am keeping your horse. You need to keep yourself out of trouble unless you want to know how much this horse is sold for.

She angrily stands and leaves. He mutters that she is so scary.


The forensics person talks about the dead person in the trunk and how he died. it was around 3 weeks before. They tell her that he left home 3 weeks about. The murder is a head injury. It is a heavy murder weapon. He asks if it can be a crow bar and shows her the images.

The forensics person says yes and jokes that the people in Congress use it a lot. He was hit by this and took it and hit the other person and then died. That could happen. Kang Shin-jae says that they should find the other weapon.

So they go through the trash all morning to look for the weapon.

TE gets a call from Gon asking to have a type of military stew. She hangs up. he calls again and says he is in front of a palace. They are having that show The Last Emperor, what happened to Queen Yoona. She hangs up. He calls again and says that he found something interested. A bakery bakes his breakfast bread. The strange thing is that everyone is trying it. She hangs up again.

He thanks the bakery woman for the chance to use her phone. She says he can use it whenever. He says it could be dangerous, she might be tying up her hair. Then he asks her to pack up some of the bread.


Lee Rim is painting the temple with the colors he made. The monk says that this man has a good car and a good secretary so why are you doing this here? Lee Rim tells him that this temple is 300 years old. Putting color over that history is the same as putting his own history there. The monk says, ah, your pain is very deep. He bows to him and leaves.

Lee Rim dips his paintbrush in the red paint.


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