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The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 16 Live Recap – Part 2

The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 16 Live Recap - Part 2

This is part 2 for our live recap of The King: Eternal Monarch!

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!



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Tae-eul talks to the captains wife in forensics. The wife tells her, this is not you.

TE – What?

Wife – The one that calls my husband out.

TE – It is me~.

Wife – Leave.

(this is the scene that happened with Shin-jae)

Tae-eul leaves. The Wife checks her credit card statements and mutters something about how the person who calls her husband out might be going to school next year.

Elsewhere, we see her husband walking up an alley. It is snowing. He steps into a house and sees three ladies people looking at him of various ages from young to old. Ah, he might have stepped into his own home.  

Cut to him sitting outside with one of the women which is his wife. He tells her that if the sow continues to accumulate, it will collapse the roof. Snow can be really heavy for a 16 year old.

Wife – Is this your loneliness?

Captain – Yes, I was lonely. Do you know Song-min’s hubae?

Wife – Yes.

Captain – He is halmoni and dongsang. His halmoni is very sick and he does not have money for the hospital so he robbed the safe where he works. But he asked me before he was arrested to buy some bread for his brother and remove the snow from the roof. So I started to come here and ended up like this. 

(Ah, so this is not his house) 

They keep talking about this situation.

Captain – I did not expect you to come here.

Wife – Ah, let’s go. You are here to remove the snow.

Captain – Lets hold hands, do you want to build a snowman?

he follows her around the corner.


Tae-eul walks up a snowy street and sees Lee Ji-hoon walking up the street by her. He looks exactly like Gon and is wearing a military uniform so he is super sexy but he does not know who she is. He walks right by her. She thinks about Gon.

Gon – if the door is closed, I will open the door to the entire world and I will come and see you.

She tries to hold back her tears, but they burst out.

TE – You said you were coming! 

She falls to the feet and cries.

In the Kingdom of Korea, Gon rides his horse through the in-between world with pink lightning blasting as he rides along the beach.

He goes to Tae-eul, in another universe. This Tae-eul is in the Navy. She asks him who he is? He says he is looking for someone but she is not in this world. This worlds Tae-eul says okay and walks off.

Then we see that he comes to her house in another world. In this world, Tae-eul is part of the special forces and asks him what he wants. She is pretty tough.  He looks at her and says that she is still protecting people in this world.

He goes to another world and Tae-eul is a movie star. She steps out of her car giggling and crying at her trophy that she just won. All her managers and assistants are trying to keep her from falling over drunk. She sees Gon and asks if he is in her fan club? I can accept your flowers, but no pictures please.

he is holding flowers and tells her that they are not for her. She asks, I cannot believe it, why aren’t they for me? I won the Baeksang award *starts to cry*

He goes to another world and Tae-eul is a police woman. He walks up to her with expectation. But she does not know who she is. Plus, her mother is with her in this world. The mother asks who this person is? Are you here for my Hyo-jin? Who are you looking for?

He tells her, in this world, you are with your mother, that is good. She looks at him curiously.


Tae-eul is on her way home when Nari calls her and tells her not to be surprised but maybe your father bought a horse. A guy showed up with a horse to your place. A white horse. Maybe he came here to sell it to you? But he does not look like a normal guy.

Te-eul tells her that they should hang up and then puts her car siren on and zooms up the road all the way to her home.

Sure enough, the horse is there right along with  Gon who is standing in his special suit. She slowly walks up to him.

Gon – You exist in every universe. Still you don’t know me? Do you….why are you crying? You look happy everywhere so that was at least comforting for me…..perhaps….you….why do you look like you know me? Why do I feel like you remember everything.

He grabs her nametag and looks at it in shock. Then he looks at her.

Gon – You… is it really you….

TE – You finally came back….

He pulls her into a big hug

Gon – I finally see you. Detective Jung Tae-eul. 

They both look at each other all teary eyed.

TE – Why did you com back so late? I waited for you for a long time. I waited for you everyday.

We cut to a flashback.

VO – After killing the Rebel, I had to bring Young back. 

So he went back to save Young’s life. We see that Jo Young is still alive now. He is reading something in the Palace library.

VO – And I had to find a way to you.

We see him riding the horse through the beach in-between world

VO – I had to open the doors of every universe, that is why I was late. Even if I opened it, I thought you might not remember me.

TE – But, you still found me.

Gon – I still wanted to see you. If you forgot about me then I wanted to remind you. I am the emperor of the Kingdom of Corea and I have the name that must not be spoken, Lee Gon. But, how do you remember me even though two worlds went differently.

TE – Just forget about it, a lot of things happened to me. For now, like this –

She pulls his face into a big kiss and then gives him a big hug.

He lightly touches her face and then presents her with the flowers.

Gon – Do you still hate flowers?

TE – I like them, especially these flowers.

Gon – I did not tell you this yet, I love you. I love you so much.

TE – So it is ended like this? I love you too. I love you so much.

They hug and laugh and hug and smile.


Gon walks to his office and asks Young how his twin is? Young tells him that it is killing him raising kids alone at this age. Why did my parents get married again?

Gon asks what their name is? Yong says it is not their name but their nicknames are Eun-bi and Ga-bi (Eun-seob’s siblings nicknames). Gon asks if he misses them? Young says he is okay. Eun-seob wont know me anyway.

He hands Gon all the things he asked him to research. it is about Kang Hyun-min (Shin-jae). He is a policeman in the Kingdom of Korea.

Elsewhere, Luna walks to the bookstore and walks past he bookstore in that same CCTV image that we saw in 2020. Shin-jae calls her name and she says Hyung-nim.

He is walking down the steps towards her and tells her that he told her not to call his name. Sunbae is calling you so you should come quickly (their name looks opposite here). 

She tells him that today is her off day. It is my birthday. He says he knows. She asks really? How did you know? He tells her that he was forced to know it. He pulls out parking tickets that she gets. Her name is Koo Seo-Kyung (so it looks like Koo Seo-ryung’s mother adopted her).

she complains and says that criminals are not only at parking lots, they should be int he streets and everywhere. So you called me just to give me these parking tickets?

He says no, I will buy you a gift. She looks happy but tries not to show it. However she tells him that he cannot cancel it, I am going to go pick my present! She runs off to get something.

Shin-jae gets a call and answers as violence team #3 leader. The camera scrolls in on the Haesong Book store where Luna ran into. Then the camera goes inside and we see that the calendar says it is May 27, 2022.


In this world, Seo-ryung is in jail. Luna is visiting her and Seo-ryung asks if she ate? Luna says yes. Seo-ryung asks if she slept? Luna says yes. She had a good nights sleep. Seo-ryung is pretty annoyed and tells Luna that she is the one that is supposed to be asking her these things! My meal, my sleep, my appeal!

Luna asks, do you think a police woman in the Kindom of Corea has that much time? if you wanted to eat well and sleep well and everything then you should not have taken peoples money as a senator.

Seo-ryung yells, YA! Luna asks, what? Seo-ryung tells her, the law was wrong, I should be exempt from this as a senator. That is why I should be the Prime Minister. she bites her lip.

The police guard is the person that used to be her Secretary Kim. He tells her to be quiet. She rolls her eyes and tells Luna to take care of their mother well if she has time to come here.

Luna leans forward and tells her that being nice to their mother is self service, dont you know. You should take care of her after getting out. Seo-ryung yells to change the lawyer to a more expensive one so I can get out! 

Secretary Kim guard tells her to be quiet. Seo-ryung asks if they can change her guard? that guard makes me so mad somehow. Luna looks at her and then says, okay, this meeting is over, fighting!


Tae-eul relaxes behind her desk with gloves on and talks to the new rookie. She says that the national laboratory called her and told her that he left his cell phone over there. This rookie is not rose. 

She starts to sigh about the rookie and wants to know if he can do important work like this? She hops up and he asks if she has a case for him?

She walks over to some boxes and gives him instructions for recycling. So he starts to work on it and asks her where she goes every weekend? She asks why he wonders about it? She helps him with the recycling. He says that the team leader told him to find it out.

Tae-eul mutters that the team leader should just enjoy his solitude and tells the rookie that she is traveling. She leaves.


nam helps Gon get ready and asks him where he is going? He tells her, wherever I am going, you should say that I am in my study. He gives her a hug. She sighs. He says he will come back with all the buttons this time. She secretly puts a talisman in his pocket and tells him, even if you use them, use them from the outside to the inside. Do not just open your coat up and get a cold.

He takes the talisman out and tells her that her skill is getting better. She says, leave it there! At least I can have a better night sleep if you have it! No returns. (she is so adorable). He tells her okay, no returns.

They both run and meet at the red gate in the bamboo forest. He extends his hand through the gate and she giggles and takes it. He pulls her inside.

VO – (Gon) Maybe Tae-eul’s threats worked, because we are doing a lot of things we did not do before.

They start to walk through all the different places and times.

VO – We have know how, first we need to find the year of the place we travel to. Then we know we will not face ourselves in that universe. 

The find out the year by looking at the public phone. It is circle dial and not buttons so Tae-eul thinks they are before 1981 right here. Let’s go, we are safe. They happily walk together.

On another trip, they look at the phone booth, Gon says it is early 90’s, we are kind of safe. Let’s go.

They drink the coffee they love and look at the phone booth again. Tae-ul thinks this one is kind of confusing. What year is it? She checks a newspaper and Gon drinks the coffee and says it still has a clean taste.

Then a man suddenly falls to the ground in a bow and yells, YOUG HIGHNESS. Gon tells him that he can go, the man runs off. So Gon tells Tae-eul that the man recognizes him. Tae-eul says that they should leave, you are here and you are a violent emperor!

She shows him the newspaper. He is all like, what? She tells him that this is a different parallel universe, this Lee Gon did not grow up well. Gon tells her, maybe Head maid Nam or Jong-in was not there or he did not have someone’s ID so he grew up very scared. 

She nods and says, let’s go. A place with the same face is dangerous. He hides his face and walks off with the newspaper in front of it. She guides him.

VO – (Gon) it is not ordinary traveling.

They get to a new world, this world looks safe. She says, it looks like the millennium so it is 2000, it is kind of safe. People talked about the end of the world and stuff. Gon thinks that they are around Daehan University. Come this way, there is someone who wants to see the woman who argues that the world is flat. She smiles and they walk off.

They go to a coffee shop where the elder Prince is writing on a cafe table. Gon and Tae-eul are sitting at another table. Gon is looking at him. Tae-eul asks, who wants to see me by the way?

The man accidentally drops his pen and it rolls to Tae-eul. So she gives it back to him. He thanks her and tells her to have a good day. She goes back to her seat.

Gon looks at the elder prince walk away. He looks good in this world. 

TE – Is he the one who wanted to see me?

Gon – Yes. He just saw you. My uncle who raised me. 

TE – But, there is no woman that argues that the world is flat. Because my earth is round.

Gon – Is it because of me?

TE – No, it is because of gravity. That is why the apple falls. 

Gon – And?

TE – And we have tides

Gon – And?

TE – And I love you.

Gon – So startling….why am I so surprised with this each time? Me too.

TE – By the way, I want to go to Joseon or the end of 1900

Gon – Why?

Cut to them in the in-between place with all their picnic food that can last for days and days and days.

TE – I sneak peaked it, it is the Joseon Dynasty

Gon – Why do you really want to go to Joseon?

TE – When I see my great grandfather, I will tell him to buy land in Akujung. 

They prepared all the Joseon Dynasty things they will need, like outfits and money.

TE – Why do you have these leaves?

Gon – Because we never know where we are going to be. It is a rare chance so we should get ready. (like they will go to cave man world)

She throws it away, he puts it back and says they should get ready for it. She bickers with him about it.


They go to a new time. Little Shin-jae is there in his taekwondo gear. he accidentally loses his baseball. it rolls and hits Gon in the foot. Gon throws it back to him. Shin-jae thanks him and goes back.

But then he stops and asks Gon where he is going? It is 1994. Suddenly there is a car accident behind him. Shin-jae looks back and says, I need to run home and call the police!

Gon looks startled. Tae-eul walks up to Gon and says she got the ticket. She did not see what happened. She asks Gon what happened.

Gon – Why did the door open to this time of the day? I just realized it.

Cut to Gon walking up the street in another time. Shin-jae is a super duper chairman of a company. It is 2022 Republic of Korea. Shin-jae looks at Gon walking up the street and looks as if he recognizes him.

Then we see Seun-seob at his company showing photos to his colleagues. He is in a suit and looks like he has a pretty good job. But then he notices someone looking at him. He slowly starts to walk to him.

ES – Excuse me, do you know me?

Gon – How are you doing?

ES – Ah, do you work here? Which department?

Gon – Do you have a drivers license?

ES – Yes, I have one. Why am I the only one answering? Um, who are you?

The camera scrolls to Eun-seon’s ID. He works for the NIS (lolololol, but also good for him!). 

Gon – You are cool. it is nice to see you again because you are always the best swordsman in the world. 

ES – What? The best swordsman?

Then Nari calls him so he happily answers her as yobo which means that they are married. He says he ate and asks how about her? Are you on a diet? You have no weight to lose. He keeps chatting to her happily with his huge Busan accent.

Gon walks away happily.


Gon and Tae-eul go to the red gate in the bamboo forest again. But he says to wait. She asks why?

Gon – The flashlight are used by the Royal guard. We came to the kingdom of Korea in the same era. Ah…I just came out. Young is looking for me.

All the guards run up to the two of them. She hides in his coat. Gon tells Young to step back because this woman is surprised. We will take a detour so that no one can see us.

Te-eul peeks out from behind the coat. and then goes back inside. (this is the same situation that happened in the past).

They make their way back to the palace and start to huff and puff about what they must do now? Is maid No going to come in?

Yes, Nam comes in right then. Tae-eul hides behind the laser face mask and stands it next to Gon.

Gon – Your talisman worked. This is the one I only use but I put it on her so you know what kind of relationship we have.

Nam – *Sighs* Maybe next year we will have the Royal wedding. Drink, drink.

She smiles and walks out.

Tae-eul and Gon let out a huge breath. Tae-eul asks, so you use this thing alone? He tells her, of course, but you can use it.

She starts to clean her finger prints off and says that she can’t have finger prints since Luna is around now. It is a fashionable thing to do in my world. By the way, what about the CCTV, it should have my footage.

He tells her that he will empty the control room.


So they both go to the security room where all the camera footage is. Tae-eul thinks they have super security in this palace and looks at the screen that shows all the cameras around the palace. 

Tae-eul notices Jo Young reprimanding an officer. Gon wonders what he is saying to him. He asks Tae-eul if she can read lips since she is a police officer.

Tae-eul reads it a bit – Lee Gon…son of b…

But then she stops translating and sys that she gets angry when her boss gives her work when she is about to go home. Gon asks, so what did he say? Is he angry? Young is supposed to be on my side since he was four. Did he say that?

The camera cuts to something way different that Jo Young said which is that they have a lot of engineering majors in the royal guard but they still do enie meenee minee moe when picking where to go. 

Gon thinks that Young would not say that, he does not have secrets from me.

But then Tae-eul sees Young talking to Seung-ah for a moment then walking way in the video and says that he does have a secret from you. see. I like Jo Young.

He tells her, next up is a melo. Then he dips her and starts to kiss her. They kiss for a long time.

VO – Like that, we watched movies with only the two of us.

They go back to her world and time.

TE – I don’t want to go. Bye!

Gon – *holds her hand* You are just going to say bye?

TE – I am late, I have to run. See you on the weekend.

Gon – Why on the weekend? It is a National holiday since Wednesday.

TE – In your world, not in my world. Why is it a holiday?

Gon – It is the birthday of the emperor.

TE – Bye.

Gon – Byebye

TE – See you Lee Gon

Gon – See you Tae-eul.

VO – Not in front of each others house. But at the gate. And we live our day to day life.

cut to Tae-eul chasing criminals and they all stop and take a breather at the same time.

TE – I respect people who try hard to change the future, but it is better for you to get caught here if you want to walk to the police station with your own two feet.

The gangsters tell her, f-you. Hey, dude in the back, just climb the wall first.

But that guy in the back is Rose. he still looks like a gangster but he is a police officer. He introducs himself as Jang Michael and beats them all up.

The other officers call him Jang-mi and tells him to be gentle, we have to carry him now.

Jang-mi is a sunbae now since two years have passed.


At an official event, Gon announces that his head secretary, Secretary Mo, has now become the Prime Minister. She tells him that she will be the best support for him. Flash lights go off all around. She says she will report to him via paper.

he tells her to come to her face-to-face for a report every week. She asks, in this era? How about half and half? She smiles.

A little boy comes up to her and asks, what are you doing umma? He is so tiny. She tells them that she had to bring her son with her since there is no baby sitter. The little boy asks who this ajusshi is?

Gon kneels and tells the little boy that he is the emperor of Korea and his name is Lee Gon.

The camera scrolls to Lee Gon’s painting that is in the trophy room and we also see the sword in the room and his red clothing set up in a room. 


Tae-eul and Gon finally get a chance to go to Mr. Sunshine time Joseon Dynasty which is the end of the Joseon Dynasty in Korea. They walk up the streets hand in hand happily.

TE – Whatever door opens in front of us.

GOn – Even if sad moments come

TE – I hope we will be together forever

Both – I will not get tired of our love

Gon – Like that, we decided to love the fate that chose us.

The camera scrolls to their hands which they are holding. Then it shows the future of two withered hands that are still holding hands.

But it cuts back to the present and we see them happily walking up the street.

Gon – Just today….today….forever.



Okay, it was a happy ending which is all you can really ask for in a Romance so I’m good with that! Plus, all the bad guys got their comeuppance and all the good guys got their happily ever after. I mean, it looks like every single good guy got a happy ending. I love that!

I also count Luna as a good guy since she didn’t technically do anything bad in the show even though she was a gangster. She was a wayward soul, y’all! Seo-ryung’s mom took her in and made her a policie officer who has a crush on Shin-jae, so yes that works for me.

The time travel aspect left some loose ends for because there are so many things that are strange. (For instance, time does not exist in the in-between world so the pipe should not disappear until they leave that space because technically Gon has not done anything yet so they can go to a time when before he does something, but anyway.) So I will ignore the time travel things and just focus on the happily ever after of all the main leads. But what do you think?

Rant our Rave to your hearts content in the comments! There are passions on both sides so if you have a rant you can always put RANT above your comment and if you have a rave then you can put RAVE above your comment just to distinguish them out so you can find your people. Not needed of course, but if you want to give a disclaimer then go ahead!

Also, if you are in the medium place (for all The Good Place watchers out there) go ahead and tag it as MEDIUM PLACE (which means you liked some things and didn’t like somethings so it is overall okay).

Catch y’all on the next drama!

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The King the Eternal Monarch Finale Recap and Group Photos

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  1. Cat
    June 12, 2020 / 11:26 am

    Again, thank you so much 🙂

    • V
      June 12, 2020 / 11:32 am

      Happy to, Cat! And it ended well which is all I really hope for in Kdrama romances, lol!

  2. Harini
    June 12, 2020 / 12:19 pm

    Wont they get married? I was hoping that ending. But this one is super happy too.

  3. Pratiksha Patil
    June 12, 2020 / 12:57 pm

    How did Lee Gon form a time axis to go back in the time (1994 year of the Coup) when Lee Rim was with Tae Eul outside in Korea??

    • V
      June 12, 2020 / 2:53 pm

      My guess is that one the pipes crossed, it gave both pipe holders the ability to travel back and forth in time. But only to the time that they wanted to go to the most.

      • Pratiksha Patil
        June 12, 2020 / 3:19 pm

        I figured: With half of the flute the bearer can only travel on one axis at one time. So if they are travelling from Corea to Korea they travel on the space axis and won’t be able to travel in time. However, when Lee gon travels from Corea 2020 to Corea 1994 (episode 16th) he only travels on the time axis and therefore cannot travel on space axis.
        In episode 14th, he travels from Corea 1994 to Korea 1994 (space axis) and can no longer travel on the time axis. Therefore, has to spend 4 months inside the gate to travel to 2020.

        Does it make any sense????
        I am so gonna miss this drama and the post brainstorming sessions…

        • V
          June 13, 2020 / 6:17 pm

          This makes sense to me!

      • Linlin
        June 13, 2020 / 6:19 am

        No, both LR and LG had to both be there again. Which is why Shih Jae kept LR for 48 hours in the prison. They have agreed that in 48 hours at exactly the same time, LG will go though his gate while Shin Jae will escort LR to LR’s gate. But of course because TE begged SJ to give her the flute, so TE is the one escorting LR instead

        • V
          June 13, 2020 / 6:19 pm

          Ah, got it! This makes sense why she had to go through the gate then. Because I wondered why she just didn’t stay on the “Korea” side of the gate.

    • Linlin
      June 13, 2020 / 6:14 am

      Were they outside? I thought they were waiting inside the in-between world? Both LR and LG were in the in-between worlds with their half-flute. LG travelled to the night of the treason while LR and TE waited inside the in-between world.

  4. D.S
    June 12, 2020 / 3:18 pm

    I am so disappointed in the script and directing of this movie.I believe if not for lee min ho,d film would have flopped here in d oversea too.The film is just too fictional

    • Gretchen
      June 12, 2020 / 5:11 pm

      But it is fiction! And a romance. Maybe it’s just not your cup of tea. 🙃

      • June 13, 2020 / 8:01 pm

        The drama took way too long to unfold. The pace and storyline picked up around episode 11. I was rooting for this series to be good b/c I’m a huge LMH fan. He’s a talented actor. Even Faith, the least interesting of the LMH’s dramas, with it’s cheesy villain characters and set design, was more interesting than Eternal Monarch. I’ve been reading a lot of fan complaints about the writing, I have to admit most of the criticism is warranted and should be directed at Kim Eun-Sook. The story was weak and sloppy, a definite let down.

        LMH is a charming actor, they neutered him. He embodied a regal and wise emperor, but the character was bland. Most importantly, the chemistry never materialized with Jung Tae-eul

        Kim Go-run has a limited emotional range. The crying scenes were all to familiar, it was like watching Ji Eun-tank all over again but in a less interesting drama.

    • V
      June 13, 2020 / 6:19 pm

      The actors definitely pulled their weight. They deserve their paychecks.

  5. Patty
    June 12, 2020 / 3:54 pm

    I found it helpful to rewatch episode 1 before I watched the episode 16 finale

    • V
      June 13, 2020 / 6:20 pm

      I did this too Patty! It was actually really helpful.

  6. Gretchen
    June 12, 2020 / 5:18 pm

    I thought the many TaeEuls bit was overdone. But I guess the opening of many doors had to be shown. I like that their relationship post treason night was shown. I had wondered how the it would play out since it seemed clear throughout that she would not leave Korea.

    • GodaiRonin
      June 13, 2020 / 2:36 am

      I loved those scenes! It was hilarious seeing all of these different version of her. I can only imaging how many others they came up with that didn’t make the final cut.

      • V
        June 13, 2020 / 6:22 pm

        Did you catch any refrences to any other dramas in that scene? I feel like she had a reference to Descendents of the Sun (military one) and My Love from Another Star (actress one) in there, but I bet there were others!

        • Linlin
          June 14, 2020 / 12:17 am

          Hahaah! I didn’t even realise that!

    • V
      June 13, 2020 / 6:21 pm

      I thought it was adorable, but I also thought it went on for a bit too long.

  7. Tolu
    June 12, 2020 / 5:29 pm

    Even though the show ticks all the boxes of happy endings, I still feel somewhat dissatisfied. Maybe it’s the fact that we didn’t see them get married in any of the worlds or have any permanent place that they both reside in or the fact that Kings are supposed to have heirs which we didnt see or have any indicators of there being any from Lee Gon and Tae Ul. I’m happy that they found each other again but I expected to see more from having them back together. I guess I’m just a greedy kdrama fan 😊

    • V
      June 13, 2020 / 6:24 pm

      Yep, I can see this being a disappointment since it is hard to see how they will have a life. But it kind of seems, to me, that he (in a made up future) gave the throne to the elder princes granddaughter just like he wanted to in the other timeline???? That is one possible scenario.

  8. Anonymous
    June 12, 2020 / 6:50 pm

    RANT: I saw many comments everywhere about “Oh why aren’t they married? I want to see their wedding ceremony. I want to see the cheesy scene: say I do and you may kiss the bride. And, Where are their kids? I want to see they glowing flawless faces feeding getting up every night and changing their babies‘ nappies, or they run around playing with their little kids on the beauuuutiful green lush picnic spot overlooking a stunning mountain with some ice at the tip, preferably 5 kids, all at the roughly same ages, so cute.. so the oldest must be boy and super handsome already at the age of 5 (oh you know what? Let’s use the same little Gon actor for it too! So we can sleep at night thinking the future King will look exactly like Gon!), next 2 are twin girls, and 2 more with 1 boy looking like (again) LMH and 1 girl looking like KGE” …….. I also saw fan clubs photoshop LMH and KGE with a baby or toddler… Guys! Stop it!

    To be happy together does not have to be married and have kids. The fact that they’re back together and they found each other, they already found their happiness.

    • V
      June 13, 2020 / 6:26 pm

      OMG, your rant is the best thing 😂. I am also in the camp of just being together makes them happy and that that is a nice ending.

  9. Molly
    June 12, 2020 / 7:20 pm

    It was a bit confusing on Jo Yeong’s part. I thought he remember Eun Sop? (Naming of the twins part) But why didn’t he remember Jeong Tae Eul when Lee Gon and JTE got caught in the forest?

    Or since they were in the same era, why didn’t they show LG and JTE leaving that era to go back to the present time. Haha. It was a bit confusing!

    And what about Lady Noh? I mean she wouldnt be affected since she was transferred to the Kingdom before the treason. Why wasn’t there a background about her past.

    • Ruth
      June 12, 2020 / 9:08 pm

      He does remember tae eul! that’s why tae eul peeked from lee gon’s coat and waved while she covered her face with the led mask with lady noh because lady noh doesn’t know her.

      As for lady noh, yes she still knows about the manpasikjeok but i think she doesn’t know that lee gon knows the power of it as she doesn’t know what lee gon and tae eul are doing during weekends (travelling). Also, she didn’t meet the present lee gon (wearing black) in ep 16 unlike what happened originally before that episode that’s why she has no idea that lee gon knows the power of manpasikjeok. About her past tho, maybe they didn’t see her past as something important to show.

    • Linlin
      June 13, 2020 / 4:16 am

      My take is a bit different on that. Jo Young in 2020 and after 2020 will remember the events but in that forest scene, that Jo Young was before he found out about the 2 worlds. So he didn’t even recognise Tae Eul yet. But Jo Young after that 2020 will remember. Confusing? You have to look at that timeline.

    • V
      June 13, 2020 / 6:28 pm

      There were a few things that were glossed over. To me, it seems like the writer kept the memories that she wanted to keep and erased the memories that she wanted to erase and didn’t really have a chance to sort it out (ie ran out of time to make sense of it). But I also have not gone into deep analysis of this show so I’m not sure.

  10. dano
    June 12, 2020 / 7:42 pm

    I loved this show! Yes there were lots of holes—not surprising for such an extreme fantasy. What I loved is that I connected with so many of the characters and really cared about their fate!

    What I found a bit confusing and frustrating about the finale is that Tae Eul, Lee Gon and Jo Yeong all remembered the past, but none of the others did. Does anyone know why that would happen?

    I too hoped for a wedding, but how can I be disappointed with such a Jane Austen style ending.

    • Saebum
      June 12, 2020 / 10:20 pm

      I was also trying to rationalize why they were the only three and hoping that Eun Seop also remembered since he traveled back and forth… I thought maybe that was what set them apart but we see Eun Seop doesn’t remember which is sad! But oh well. Maybe the boy with the yo-yo thought it was only important for them 3 to remember (since he’s the one who made them remember in the first place)

      • Mina
        June 13, 2020 / 4:31 am

        Since Tae Eul is “in between the worlds” when Lee Gon executed Lee Rim, she’s not affected of what transpired after that. If Jo Eunsop came with her, I believe JE will also remember LG and JY as well.

        As we all know, time does not affect that place when they cross to other worlds.

        • V
          June 13, 2020 / 6:30 pm

          The in-between worlds thing makes sense with Tae-eul.

      • V
        June 13, 2020 / 6:31 pm

        Oh my gosh, “the boy with the yoyo didn’t want it to happen” is my answer to everything now!

        • Rose
          June 13, 2020 / 6:42 pm

          Capt remembered everything i think bcoz when things are resetting, LeeGon has Capt Jo with him traveling back to present Corea through the portal (inbetween), so just like TE, Capt was inside there too. Remember LeeGon went back to get Capt and immediately took him back.

    • 토비
      June 13, 2020 / 2:43 am

      Well, based on how the story turned out, I expected that they will be the only 3 to remember. Remember that it was only Lee Gon, Jo Yeong, Jeong Tae Eul and Lee Rim who were in the time axis on the night of the treason where the fate of everyone was changed. If Lee Rim was alive, I’m sure he’d also remember. Lee Gon didn’t know JTE was in the time space thingy on the night of the treason who he was sure she won’t remember him. That’s why he was surprised she remembered him. That’s what I think

      • Anonymous
        June 13, 2020 / 4:43 am

        Yes, that’s the exact explanation for that.

        • V
          June 13, 2020 / 6:36 pm

          Love this explanation.

  11. No Longer a K-Drama Newbie
    June 12, 2020 / 8:10 pm

    We made it! Thank you so much for the recaps V, you did a fantastic job.

    Im just gonna lay my thoughts out in no particular order, just random overall thoughts and feelings.

    MEDIUM PLACE – I am one of the people who loves this drama but I must admit that this episode was underwhelming for me. I just wish the drama didnt skip a week, the lack of continuity affected the momentum. I do love that our couple got a happy ending and more importantly, Young did not die – I cant begin to tell you how important this was to me &&&& he and SeunAh are sneaking handholding in the palace which gives me all the feels.

    I give up on trying to figure out how or why the time travel works, im just glad that it does.

    So it turns out that Luna as a character was inconsequential. Think about it, wipe her out of the drama and nothing too significant changes, takaway everything she did and the story would probably remain the same. I think the writer gave TaeEul a doppleganger because it would be too difficult to explain why she didnt have one.

    Glad ShinJae got a resolution from his Korean mum. That was nice.
    I still dont get the team captain’s snow story – i just dont see why/how it was relevant.

    One thing i have changed my mind on is the editing. I didn’t like the flashback nature of the episodes in the begining since i thought they interupted the story telling but i really regret that now. Upon rewatching the entire drama – please dont ask how i found the time to do this – i see that the editing style added a bit of charm to the storytelling. It made it more interesting becasue it sometimes gave added context.

    I enjoyed this drama a lot. The story is original and the writing clever; sometimes too clever and too bloated but no one is perfect. There were some dud/filler episodes but the rewatch value of this story is 100% (my personal opinion) I can see myself returning to this story again and again.

    I’m glad to see both Kim Go Eun and Lee Min Ho back on my screen. Their talent (especially GoEun) was such a gift to behold. I hope they come back soon. I had missed both of them so much in dramaland.

    I am also grateful for an AMAZING OST. The sound track of this drama is gorgeous and I added most of the songs to my Kdrama playlist.

    Thanks again V! and thanks dramamilk for giving us a safe, non-toxic place to come and share our thoughts on this (divisive) drama. You guys on here have been the best!

    • got hooked by a king and a detective
      June 13, 2020 / 4:06 am

      I agree with you. This is a drama that you will re-watch from the start. I was actually in ep 12 when I thought of re-watching the drama to thread the scenes that were shown in flashbacks and that is when I was able to understand and appreciate the story. It was a bit confusing though at the start if you expect a straightforward story. In my case, straightforward dramas are the types I don’t really re-watch as I find them already predictable. Unlike this one, I tend to find something new to discover upon re-watching the episodes. And LMH KGE tandem actually grew on me as the episodes come and now I’m rooting for them. At the start, I thought they were not compatible just like what others thought, but further into the drama (and a bit of influence from the BTS that I’ve watched), they actually look good together. I find their acting on point with the characters they’re playing and the adult kind of love they convey. KGE was hilarious in the scene where she is an actress who won the Grand Prize and the beach scene with the leaves was also funny. Also, I’m hoping for another project with the two of them but of a different genre.

      • No Longer a K-Drama Newbie
        June 13, 2020 / 5:38 pm

        hahah i totally agree. Their chemisty was a little off in the first few episodes but upon rewatching it, i realised that this is a love story that grows forwards and backwards at the same time (mind blowing right, definitely a kdrama first for me)

        Lee Gon being so open/eager to loving TaeEul, and TaeEul deciding to choose to love him without waiting for feelings to catch up or for the logistics to work out was spot on for who the two people are.

        It was starling the first time we watched it becasue it all felt like too much too soon & for no good reason, but after getting to know them throughout the drama, it makes perfect sense that this is how they would behave, an unconventional love story indeed. It one of my favourites now.

    • V
      June 13, 2020 / 6:40 pm

      Oh my gosh the captains snow story! I completely forgot about that. Yes, while I was watching it I was thinking, why is this in this show? LOL. I agree with everything you said. This premise was awesome, the writer had so many great ideas. I think they all just didn’t come together as planned and maybe it is because she had to keep it to 16 episodes and only one hour for each episode. I think her previous dramas where on cable where she could go way over the time allotted.

      So happy to have you here No Longer a Kdrama Newbie! (Also, I love your user name) 😘

  12. Saebum
    June 12, 2020 / 10:17 pm

    In love with the drama and how it played out!!

    Yes there were holes but nothing to fall through, just to trip on. One thing that isn’t quite clicking for me or that I wish they explained better was Shin Jae in year 2022. The scene right before Gon meets Eun Seop. If that is technically Tae Eul’s world in 2022, that means that the real Shin Jae got better?? Or was he never sick after the world changed? Maybe his life really isn’t that important to the story as a whole since the “Shin Jae” we came to love was from the KOC anyway (love that him and Luna ended up being BFFs, it gives a little bit of hope for a happy ending for those two). It just made it a little confusing for me I think because I was trying to figure out if that world Gon visited Eun Seop in 2022 was actually that world or a whole different parallel universe where they had the same names, since we see the real Shin Jae was magically healthy (and looks amazing as a CEO).

    Small questions but over all, full heart with this show and will love to rewatch it, over and over.

    • Saebum
      June 12, 2020 / 10:27 pm

      Ah… just realized that Gon saw Shin Jae healthy and coming from the karate studio in 1994 meaning that he didn’t end up being sick his whole life and then shown to be really successful in 2022, and recognizes him in 2022 because he remembered he threw him the ball that one time in 1994. Got it, ^.^

      • Tolu
        June 13, 2020 / 1:04 am

        I think an accident was avoided when little Shin Jae paused to have a conversation with Lee Gon after getting the ball. The car that hit the wall would have hit him instead. So he didn’t end up in a coma in the hospital and was able to grow up and meet Luna as we saw in another scene. I think that was the importance of the ball scene with Lee Gon

        • Linlin
          June 14, 2020 / 12:30 am

          Yes you are right. Shin Jae in ROK did not go into a coma because he met LG when he was young. However I think you got confused. The one who met Luna is not Shin Jae but his doppelgänger in KOC. Both of them are in KOC as detectives. Shin Jae in ROK grew up to be a successful business man as we saw him coming out of the car.

          • Tolu
            June 14, 2020 / 4:11 am

            Oh that’s true. I got them mixed up, thanks

      • V
        June 13, 2020 / 6:42 pm

        Yes! I was just about to write that! he had a happily ever after as well. That is one really great thing about this ending.

    • Fifi
      June 13, 2020 / 3:47 am

      There’s one scene in the last Episode where lee Gon meets shin jar (Roc) – at the bus stop and picks up his baseball. They had a brief exchange and in that moment a car accident happens. Had shin jae not had that conversation with Lee gon would have been involved in that accident and become the vegetable that he was depicted initially. Hope that anwwea your question how (roc) shin jae.grew up and become the success

    • LinLin
      June 13, 2020 / 4:01 am

      Hi hi! ROK’s Shin Jae as a child met with Lee Gon and talked to LG when LG picked up the ball. Hence he did not meet with the accident and did not go into a coma. And the next scene was ROK 2022 when he grew up and was a businessman coming out of the car.

    • TZ
      June 16, 2020 / 7:02 pm

      Shin Jae no tiene el accidente que lo dejó en coma porque Lee Gom (en uno de sus viajes de fin de semana) lo retiene con la pelota de beisbol… Así entonces su vida sigue como debió haber sido

  13. retnaro
    June 12, 2020 / 11:55 pm

    Lots of questions in my mind, one of which, if the little Lee Gon was saved and still alive, so, there were two Lee Gons: the adult and the kid? But.. how.. Or is it the same like Tae Eul when she just woke up 16 years later in the bamboo forest but she has her current/revised memories plus her past memories too? So in that world only 1 Tae Eul exist?Hmmmm..

    • Linlin
      June 13, 2020 / 4:08 am

      Hi Hi! I figured the rule of this time travel thing is once the time traveller arrives at the timeline he comes from, he merges and becomes only 1. So there are no 2 Lee Gons, because when the time traveller Lee Gon went back to 2020 in episode 14 or 15, he becomes the 1 Lee Gon LG1=LG2 but with new memories

      • retnaro
        June 13, 2020 / 9:44 pm

        Thank you!!

    • got hooked by a king and a detective
      June 13, 2020 / 4:17 am

      There is only 1 Lee Gon in KOC and 1 Tae Eul in ROK. Only the memories from when they were young up to when they returned to the present time got revised but their memories with each other remained as what the yoyo kid decided. And apart from them, Yeong retained his memories as well as he was with Lee Gon in the past. When Tae Eul woke up, she just returned to the present ROK with just a week that passed.

      • retnaro
        June 13, 2020 / 9:52 pm

        Thank you for the explanation. So only Lee Gon, Tae Eul and Yeong whose memories and bodies are merged. Why only them, because they were the ones who travelled at the defining night when treason happened.

    • V
      June 13, 2020 / 6:45 pm

      From what I understand, there is 1 Lee Gon in Corea (the King) and 1 Lee Gon in Korea (the little boy that grew up to be a man). But the Lee Gon in Korea actually has a different name and is a different person entirely.

      • retnaro
        June 13, 2020 / 10:47 pm

        Thank you for the wonderful recap, V. Yes, Lee Gon in Korea (Lee Ji Hun). It’s also interesting to see the Yoyo Boy as a deity that loves to experience himself in the form of school bully (so Sin Jae met Tae Eul), the kid who dropped Tae Eul’s ID so she needed to make the one with her hair tied up (the one Lee Gon fell in love with), and the Corea Army team (who rowed with Lee Gon and was in the funeral ceremony in ep 4). It’s another great story from Kim Eun Sook writer nim.
        Oh, another thing. Why Lee Gon put palace card in Luna’s black rabbit sweater? So she could go into the palace to do what?

        • Cat
          June 14, 2020 / 9:10 am

          “Oh, another thing. Why Lee Gon put palace card in Luna’s black rabbit sweater? So she could go into the palace to do what?”

          In the first Ep, Lee Gon went to the forest bamboo because he saw her at the stable. So, he found the door… because he followed her. That’s why he said to his guards to tell Yeong, he’s going to find if she’s a rabbit or a clock…

          • retnaro
            June 15, 2020 / 3:21 am

            Right! Thanks so much Cat!

          • V
            June 15, 2020 / 10:32 am

            Oh, I forgot about that one. Hmm, I wonder if he put it there so that she could get away from him when he chased her (or when his past self chased her). I don’t know about that one actually.

            • V
              June 15, 2020 / 10:33 am

              Oh, just re-read Cat’s answer!

  14. Dokkebi
    June 13, 2020 / 12:05 am

    I loved the drama and the OST and all the actors. The cheeky bits between LMH and KGE really made me laugh, especially the leaf part 🤭🤭 and the part where Jo yeong and (I forgot her name) have a secret romance going on and KGEs comments on it 😂. Tbh I was kinda hoping that the yo-yo boy would just completely restore the balance and make then all forget each other (haha I’m a sucker for sad endings, please dont kill me for saying this). Cos if baby Lee Gon never got the ID or half the Sikjeok then he should never have met Tae-Eul and so he shouldn’t remember her. I also kinda wish instead of seeing so many of the supporting characters lives, they had just focused mostly on the main story and like in the Goblin, made the Yoyo boy or deity more of an active roll.
    This drama had its ups and downs but the storyline really entertained me and I’m sad that it’s ended…
    If any of you guys can help me understand these Qs please do:
    1. So if Lee Rim went back in time and got killed by his past self, how did he still exist in the future? Cos that should have been a loop.
    2. Koo Seo Ryung, she’s from Corea right? But why did she kill her Korean counterpart? This always confuses me
    3 Is prince Buyeong still dead in 2022? From the way Lee Gon talks about it, it does sound like he passed away.
    4 . Jo yeong has twin siblings? How did they manage to change that part of the past???
    Thank you V for all your hard work!! Dramamilk is my favourite place to come to if I need to catch up on a show or make sense of it or just read everyones comments/posts and smile. Sending you lots of love ♡♡

    • Tolu
      June 13, 2020 / 12:58 am

      I can only attempt question 2 which is the fact that most of the people Lee Rim got on his side were asked to kill their doppelganger in the other world. Maybe it’s to gain his trust or maybe it’s to ensure that their other self does not become Lee Gon’s ally.

    • Anonymous
      June 13, 2020 / 1:20 am

      This is for your first question Remember in epi 14 his future self went to past to warn him about lee gon but his past self foolishly killed future lee rim.
      As for second they didn’t show who killed seo ryung counterpart. I bet she didn’t kill her it was lee rim’s work. The prime minister might have asked him to do it so that he can not replace her with that counter part. The prime minister is so smart. She already know what was next step when she first time met lee rim.

      As for third he did die otherwise why would lee gon ask taeul to meet prince bueong in 2000era.
      As for 4th didn’t you watch the 16th episode?
      He asked why his parents got back together and had twins? Remember when he met eunseop he said his parents were divorsed.

    • Linlin
      June 13, 2020 / 5:30 am

      1. Even though LR2020 is killed, LR 1994 grew to become LR2020. He remembered he killed his 2020LR and so he decided not to go back to 1994. And hence he’s alive in 2020.
      2. PM Koo – it is not explained who killed the counterpart but my take is that PM Koo did so that LR cannot use her counterpart to replace her in Corea. She’s smart and knows LR’s moves.
      3. Yes it looks like Prince Buyeong is dead which I find it strange too because he shouldn’t be cos LR won’t be around to kill him. Maybe he just died of old age or someone else killed him. Somewhere in the show they did say, some things change while some things remain the same eg. LR’s doppelgänger’s brother was supposed to be killed by LR after he crossed to ROK but he was still dead even LR didn’t cross over (remember the wife laughing in the kitchen). Another scene was that the girl still ended up killing her roommate. So some things changes, some don’t.
      4. Somehow his parents just decided not to divorce ?

      • Smurfett820
        June 13, 2020 / 6:36 am

        The Prince didn’t die probably but there’s no way he could have brought her to see him. How would he have explained it? The only people who know about the flute’s powers are JY, LG, TE, and Lady Noh. If he introduced her there would be a lot of questions like when he’s going to get married etc etc.

        So the only way for him is to show TE to another universes prince.

    • SL
      June 13, 2020 / 8:05 am

      from my understanding (might be wrong)

      1. I guess when the Lee Rim went back to the past, he was killed by ‘himself’. We also got to know from Tae Eul that the future didn’t change much, those things that are meant to happen did happened though some might happen ahead of time (e.g. her accepting what Lee Gon said about parallel world, going to Kingdom of Corea etc..)

      2. I think she already knew that Lee Rim is going to make use of the doppelgänger in Republic of Korea if she didn’t stand on his side. The doppelganger willl be used as a threat to replace her in Kingdom of Corea. So she had to kill her off (or get her killed).

      3. I think Prince Buyeong still died, might not be killed by Lee Rim though (my guess cause it was not showed anywhere). Certain things that are bound to happen will happen (just like in Republic of Korea, the room mate still killed her friend / room mate, despite this time round she was not asked by Lee Rim).

      4. Jo Yeong’s past has changed after Lee Gon changed the history after killing Lee Rim, just like how the history of the many people living in Kingdom of Corea changed. His parents got back together and had a twin, hence, Jo Yeong now has a twin siblings.

      HTH.. 🙂

    • V
      June 13, 2020 / 6:52 pm

      You’re welcome! So happy that you come here and share all your thoughts! I actually don’t know the answers to most of them, lol, becuase time travel super messes with my mind. But I’ll try and answer!

      1. It looks like Lee Rim got killed in the future in the same way that he killed himself in the past, so that completed the loop? Not too sure about this though. But come on, how DUMB can Lee Rim be to kill himself????
      2. I dont think this was ever really explained? Though I have a feeling that she did not kill her Korea self? Perhaps Lee Rim just had someone do it?
      3. It does seem like he passed away. Possible on the same day that he died in the other timeline? Or he could be alive? Perhaps Lee Rim wanted Tae-eul to meet the Prince but could not let her meet the real prince because no one should know about Tae-eul so he let her meet the closest doppelganger that resembled him?
      4. Yes, lawd, they gave him twin siblings in the future, lol. I think his parents remarried or something 😂

  15. Ragz
    June 13, 2020 / 2:04 am

    I enjoyed the drama overall, but I am kinda dissatisfied with ep 16.

    1. In 1994, there were two Lee Gons. One was the boy and other one was the one from the future. After killing Lee Rim, how did these two guys became one? Or there are still two Lee Gons? This question applies for Jo Young as well. Btw… there was one more Lee Gon little boy when they went back on time in Ep 14. What happened to him?

    2. Sin-Je… it is a wonderful and complex character created by the writer. but such a character is wasted and used as a side-kick.

    3. Lee Gon – Tae-eul married life…. somehow the new trend in Kdrama is climax with handing love relationship. Whether it is Crash Landing On You or The King… they just end the drama with hanging relationship. Or is this what they want to propose to young koreans? No marriage. Just like everyday life.
    I am sure many of you might have liked this ending, but I didn’t like.

    There are few things I am very happy about ep 16.

    1. Luna’s life changed by fish shop ajjumma. It was a lovely scene.

    2. Sin-je escaping the accident and becoming very successful in business.

    3. PM Koo ending up in jail. I really liked that part.

    • Smurfett820
      June 13, 2020 / 6:37 am

      The Prince didn’t die probably but there’s no way he could have brought her to see him. How would he have explained it? The only people who know about the flute’s powers are JY, LG, TE, and Lady Noh. If he introduced her there would be a lot of questions like when he’s going to get married etc etc.

      So the only way for him is to show TE to another universes prince.

    • Ar
      June 13, 2020 / 11:52 am

      But isn’t king supposed to have a queen n heirs n stuff? How’s he gonna introduce tae ul when everyone knows Luna? A twin? Will she leave korea n stay in corea as a queen? Won’t her father ask her to get married in korea? Or will she stay single n meet Lee gon only on weekends?

      • Ragz
        June 14, 2020 / 10:46 am

        Correct. Instead of showing so many tae-ul, they could have made the marriage story line.

    • V
      June 13, 2020 / 6:56 pm

      Yeeees, I thought Sin-Je was waisted tooooooo. I loved his character though. I also think you have spotted a new trend. It is definitely a happy ever after without marriage trend happening right now. We’ll have to see if that is the case for the Kdrama romances coming up.

  16. GodaiRonin
    June 13, 2020 / 2:38 am

    I very much liked this. Whatever fuzzy parts of the drama that were hard to follow or disappointing, they freaking nailed the ending!

  17. 토비
    June 13, 2020 / 3:48 am

    Finally, this drama has ended. I was expecting a happy ending because that was the least we deserved as the bizarre rollercoaster rides this drama has had to take us on. Apart from the happy ending, I didn’t really like the way this episode spanned out. I was expecting it though, because from episode 3 and 4, I knew that there is no way this drama will end well without tons and tons of loopholes. As a writer, I know it’s very difficult to pull of such complicated storylines with complicated characters that have doppelgangers. The time travel thing too is very difficult to pull off. But I’m able to appreciate this drama despite the annoying mistakes that were made like the scar on Lee Gon’s shoulder being on the left instead of the right and him still using the half manpansijeok to time travel instead of a whole one after everything has been set in place.
    And, there’s really no strand of reality in this drama sincerely 😂😂😂. Like Crash Landing On You’s ending could be possible byt this type of ending is not possible for a King. There will always be bad guys and someone will always try to steal power from one who wields power. Are you saying the politics that have to do with leading a kingdom can be rubbished by travelling every weekend consistently without opponents finding out by always buying into the ‘The King is in his study’ line??? That’s one out of many loopholes

    And I saw somewhere when the drama started that it was to be 20 or 24 episodes, maybe that’s why I felt so many things we’re left out in the process of trying to rush things. I might be wrong though

    Well, overall they tried really hard to pull off a great story and I must commend them for their hard work, it’s not easy. Congratulations to the weekend couple on their happy ending

    Ps: I’m not being a hater at all. I love the actors, the cinematography, OSTs and many more things in this drama. I just feel it had the potential to be much better. Thanks V for all the recaps and opportunity to rant😀

    • got hooked by a king and a detective
      June 13, 2020 / 4:22 am

      oooohhhhh.. How I wish they extended it to 20 episodes. Explained more in details some of the backstories and more screen time moments of the Lee Gon and Tae Eul.

    • Linlin
      June 13, 2020 / 5:58 am

      Haha… I didn’t realise about the scar on the left and right shoulder.. maybe he has scars on both shoulders.

      On the flute, when was it inconsistent? I don’t remember him traveling across time using half a flute.
      – Twice he travelled back to 1994 with LR there too.
      – in episode 14, after 2020 LR was killed by 1994LR, he only has half a flute so he could only travel across space but not time. He turn up at 1994 ROK. He was not travelling across time, but just waiting inside the in-between world where 4 months in there equals 26 years outside
      – after 1994 LR is killed in episode 16, he has been using the whole flute to travel

      • 토비
        July 6, 2020 / 3:25 pm

        If you watched the earlier episodes, he was stabbed by Lee Rim as a child on his left shoulder but the scar shows on Adult Lee Gon on the right.

        And for the Manpasijeok, I’m talking about the final ending when everything is set bsck to normal, the Manpasijeok is whole now but he was still yime travelling to see JTE with his half Manpasijeok that’s hidden in his whip, which shouldn’t exist.

    • Tolu
      June 13, 2020 / 6:05 am

      Oh, thought I was the only one that peeped the error of where the scar was located 😀. It was inflicted on the young LG’s neck on the left and yet it appears on adult LG’s neck on the right. One minor detail they also missed out on was that Nari (owner of the Alley tea shop) cut her hair at one point but later scenes of her had her hair still looking long. Did you peep that too? Someone wasn’t paying enough attention to details in their production team

      • Linlin
        June 13, 2020 / 6:07 am

        She didn’t cut her hair. She was wearing a wig to see if she looks nice with short hair but then decided to still go with Long hairs 🙂

        • Tolu
          June 13, 2020 / 1:43 pm

          Oh I see, didn’t know it was supposed to be a wig.

    • V
      June 13, 2020 / 7:16 pm

      Rants are NEEDED and oftentimes THERAPEUTIC while watching Kdramas. 😂

      So much of what you said is so true, too! This show had a lot going on and they definitely has an interesting story to tell. But it was pretty disapointing when they got the scar on his neck wrong in episode 1 and did not even bother to address that. I would have loved some kind of explanation or at least for them to move the scar to the proper side in later episodes?

  18. Linlin
    June 13, 2020 / 5:19 am

    Hi Ragz, I can only guess.
    1. After killing LR, LG and JY went back to their own timeline. The rule of the time travel is once they go back to their original timeline, they become 1. So there’s only 1 LG, but with both old and new memories. Same happened in episode 14. The young LG that grew up and the LG in 2020 are the same LG.

  19. Time Travel
    June 13, 2020 / 5:33 am

    When they explained about time travel (back to the past) with one whole manpasikjeok, it was sorta making sense. But, once the manpasikjeok was back in half, how did Gon travel from 1994 back to 2020? What was the 4 months he was talking about? I thought with half manpasikjeok he could only travel ‘sideways’ to and from Korea on the same year.

    Changing history and people’s memories along the way when he got to different years in the past, e.g. 2016, again, is still sorta making sense to me, almost like the movie “Butterfly Effect“ (Ashton Kutcher). But, I have a question… How come Gon didn’t recognise Tae-Eul when he arrived in Seoul with Maximus and she went to hug him first???! He grew up the same, having the scar, whip and Tae-Eul’s ID, no?

    Also, I don’t understand how he went to different ‘universe’ where Tae-Eul has the same faces but grew up differently and has different jobs. Did they mean there are many same replica ‘worlds’ out there in the galaxy, not just Korea (ours) and Corea (Gon’s)?

    That Gon in previous episode who came one night to give Tae-Eul blue flowers, and told her he really really loves her, and suddenly disappeared… who is that? Gon from the different future who still trying to fix this manpasikjeok situation?

    • Linlin
      June 13, 2020 / 5:47 am

      1. With half a flute, LG can only travel back to 1994 if LR is also with the other half of the flute in the in-between world.
      In episode 13/14, LG in black jacket managed to go back because LR was also there. In episode 16, he managed to go back to 1994 again in his grand suit because TE was escorting LR into the in- between world too.

      2. With half the flute, he cannot travel across time. That’s why he could only go back to 1994. So he decided to stay inside the in-between world and wait for time to pass. 4 months in the in-between world is 26 years outside

      3. Young LG grew up with half the flute and the id…. he recognises TE from the photo badge but is just surprised why she would hug him

      4. Yes those scenes were to depict that there are not just 2 worlds but many other worlds.

      5. This one I’m not sure. My take is that that was a LG from the future who travelled to visit her because the worlds have stopped (because LR wasn’t stopped). But since now they stop LR from crossing the world, they have changed history.

    • V
      June 13, 2020 / 7:20 pm

      Your last question is the one that I am the most like ?????? That one makes so little sense after watching the entire drama. It would have been nice if they just made it to where he went to see her after the Princes death and was wearing the clothing then.

  20. Epi 1 and 15
    June 13, 2020 / 8:53 am

    I rewatched Episode 1 and found similarity in this following scenes:

    The scene of Lee Rim with bloodied shirt being handcuffed and interrogated in the police room (with Tae-Eul and Shin-Jae) happened in Episode 1 – at the time both TE and SJ didn’t know him…. especially, well, how come SJ in later episode remember/ recognise him, but not in Episode 1?) and this scene happened again in Episode 15… but this time it’s different.

    • Cat
      June 14, 2020 / 9:29 am

      Actually, this scene in Ep1 is from Ep15. It’s part of the interrogation of LR in Ep15.
      It’s not the real start of the drama, more an introduction.
      Lee Gon is wearing his “costume” and not the black one and has the Four Tiger sword.

      The drama really starts after that intro, the night of the treason.

  21. dano
    June 13, 2020 / 1:18 pm

    I think these were serious break-out performances by Woo Do Hwan (Jo Eun Sub / Jo Young) and Kim Kyung Nam (Kang Shin Jae). They both drew my attention every time they were on screen. In fact, Woo Do Hwan reminded me of when Seo Kang Joon stole the show from the actual lead in Cheese in the Trap. I’d not seen either of these guys before so if anyone has any recommendations from their previous work I’d love to receive them.

    • V
      June 13, 2020 / 7:23 pm

      YAAAAAS, those two actors did amazingly well in this show! You can watch Come and Hug Me for a lovely taste of Kim Kyung-nam (that show is a melo but it is a great melo) and you can get your fill of Woo Do Hwan in My Country, Tempted (aka The Great Seducer), and Save Me!

    • dee
      June 15, 2020 / 2:34 am

      Mad Dog is a must watch if you loved Woo Do Hwan’s acting in this!!

  22. Dee
    June 15, 2020 / 2:37 am

    Was there a meaning behind that snow/winter scene with the Chief and his wife? And is the yo-yo boy some kind of diety?

    • Smurfett820
      June 15, 2020 / 8:12 am

      I think it was a comment on how our lives can be changed by the good deeds of other people. For example, Prince Buyong saving SJ in ep 16. Ep the y was all about choices and fate. How they’re intertwined. Luna got saved by the good will of PMs mom and that changed her trajectory.

      • V
        June 15, 2020 / 10:34 am

        This is a nice message. Actually, I might have to relook at the Captains scenes to see if this is his message in the entire drama all along.

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