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The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 15 Live Recap – Part 1

The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 15 Live Recap - Part 1

I was so confused at the end of the episode yesterday. So let’s see if things make more sense today. I have low hopes.

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Gon looks at Tae-eul in the statue courtyard. She tells him that if she does not do this then she will regret it.

She walks up and hugs him.

VO – There are no coincidences in fate. It comes finally but when people recognize the meaning, it is always too late.

Meanwhile, Tae-eul is bleeding out in the alley. Her father calls her. She answers. He tells hr that after she called him he beat all of them up, where are you? Why do you sound like that? Hey, the police came, let’s hang up.

She passes out. But then some people are walking by and see her. 


Shin-jae asks someone on the phone if his mother met Lee Ji-hoon’s mom? He is talking to Jo Young. Young tells him hat if they follow his mother then they will be able to follow where she and Jung-hye ate dinner and then where Jung-hye goes from there.

Shin-jae asks why he is following his mother?

Jo Young wants to know if he is going to help him?

The phone rings again, Jo Young picks it up.


Then we cut to Rim who is talking to Shin-jae. He tells him that it is nice to see him again. Shin-jae remembers meeting Rim when he was a kid. He told him that he would help him find his mother.

Shin-jae asks why he looks the same? Rim tells him that is why he thought he has a lot of time. In retrospect, it was my first crack because my tiny little nephew became a big man and tried to threaten me.

Shin-jae tells him, I don’t care about your sad family life, why did you call me?

Rim breaks something over Shin-jae’s head. Shin-jae falls to the ground. 

Rim – I changed your life, you should pay me back for my gratitude.

He throws a photo on the ground. it is of his two mothers.

Rim – A mom who was tricked her entire life and the mom who tricked her entire life. Both of your mom’s lives are in your hands.

Shin-jae tells him to cut to the chase, what do you want from me?

Rim – You are the one who is far from him but close to him also. It is easy. Bring me Lee Gon’s whip, whatever it takes. It is best if you kill him and then bring it to me.

SJ – Can you ask for anything more normal? I am not a good son.

Rim – You should be

Rim walks away and steps on the photos as he does. Shin-jae remembers his mother telling him to die with her. She tried to throw him off the bridge and apologized for it. That is when Rim showed up. he tells her all the details about her family which stops her from throwing her kid off the bridge.

She tells him it is not tomorrow yet. He tells her that she is going to throw her life away anyway, why not throw it away for me? I can give both of you a new life. You can work for the palace and your son will have a rich father.

She asks who he is, you are crazy, how can you do this? But then she recognizes him as the Prince who is dead. He tells her to just nod in front of her fortune. 

She looks at her son then looks at Rim and nods.


Nari is giving someone a palm reading, this person has a gash on their hand. Nari tells him this is strange, your wound touches your line of fate which made it become fate.

This man is Rim. He asks, what fate? She tells him this is for fun so I will let you know. The fate of a rebel if it is a long time ago. Rim asks if it will be successful? She tells him, that is the problem, your fate is to be executed. You know, back in the days.

Rim thinks back to telling himself that he failed and then cutting his selfs throat. In the present, he tells her that that fate is already gone. I executed my own fate. Of course, it was dumb. I should have trusted myself and killed the prince first.

Nari asks, what?

Then Eun-seob comes in singing Nari’s name. He asks her why she is holding anotehr mans hand? Nari tells him that she joined the fortune telling club, do you want me to read yours?

So he happily goes up for his palm to be read. He tells Rim that he looks familiar. But he does not know where he saw him. However then he remembers seeing him in the Kingdom of Korea and quickly tells Nari to get behind him.

Rim – Hello Jo Eun-seob. Can you tell my nephew – I don’t know where he is hiding – but I want to see him on his mothers memorial day. Because I am going to attend mass. If he does not show up over there then I will see his friend Nari again.

Rim walks away, Eun-seob keeps protecting Nari. Nari asks who that guy is? Eun-seob tells her not to go anywhere, I need to call Tae-eul.

But ten he sees Tae-eul/Luna and tells her that Lee Rim came by. She asks, who is that? Then Shin-jae comes walking up. She asks him, hyung-nim, why are you here? Shin-jae tells her that he heard she was injured.

Eun-seob asks, why are you injured? Luna tells them that it is nothing and holds her side, let’s go. Shin-jae says that he heard she was stabbed on the left side.

She tries to get away but Shin-jae holds her. Then Tae-eul comes hobbling up. It looks like she was just released from the hospital. She punches Luna in the face and tells her to shut up. 



They take Luna to an abandoned building. She is sitting in a chair. She tells Jo Young to not look at her like that, we are from the same place. 

He tells her that he would have already shot her. Who asked you to poison the King, Lee Rim?

Shin-jae comes out and tells them that she has morphine that is only prescribed to end stage cancer patients. Luna says, yes, I will die soon, so don’t be too happy.

TE – Can you two excuse us for a little bit. I will talk to her.

JY – Call me if something happens.

They both leave.

TE – So, because you have cancer you came here to kill me? What do you want? A liver? Kidney? is that why you stabbed me and didn’t injure my internal organ?

Luna – That is true, you really don’t have insecurity in your eyes.

TE – You called abogi right? Why didn’t you stab me so that I would die?

Luna thinks back to eating with Tae-eul’s father at their home.

Luna – Just in case your abonim is sad.

TE – What did you say to my aboji? I heard you where in my place when I wasn’t there.

Luna – Food, work, and money. All of your things.

TE – I really feel like I am in front of a mirror. Talk about yourself.

Luna – You are an emotional b*

They both move their arms to touch their hair in the exact mirror image way and pause.


Suddenly we see Lee Gon running into the police station while everything is paused. Then it unpauses and Rose and the other cop jump up startled to see Lee Gon there. He asks where Detective Jung is. He has finally come to 2020, where is she? I am Lee Gon.

Cut to the nurse from the hospital yelling at Tae-eul for leaving. She tells her that she was waiting for someone. But then she looks over her shoulder and says, he came.

She starts to cry and we see Lee Gon running up to her. She tries to walk to him as well. He pulls her into a big warm hug.

Gon – Have you been okay? You waited for me?

TE – I missed you. I missed you.

Gon – I am sorry to make you wait. I am really sorry.

They keep hugging and crying.

Cut to Te-eul back in bed. Lee Gon is sitting with her. 

TE – Don’t go.

Gon – I am not going.

TE – Tomorrow

Gon – I won’t

Gon – Lay down, I saw that the nurse was angry at you so you should rest.

He lightly pushes her to lay back in bed. She tells him that he is leaving while she is sleeping. He tells her he is not going to, do you want proof?

He gets in bed with her and they look at each other. She asks him, you are in the same clothes? He tells her that he wanted to change, but i had no money to buy clothes. 

She tells him he is a poor man. Then she says she was happy to see him at 5 and 27. 

He tells her I was so happy when you hugged me when we first saw you. I thought you would ask me for ID.

TE – Do you remember everything that happened between us? Not like the first time when I half believed you were the emperor of Korea.

We see her reading books in the library about parallel universe things.

TE – I understood parallel universe quicker and went to your world quicker. I still bought the flower seeds and planted them.

We see all their memories together.

TE – I decided to love my fate earlier. But what was supposed to happen, happened and ironically the tragedy came earlier also.

Gon – Fate didn’t change. Can we really not change fate? 

TE – Fate shouldn’t be that slack, we should get there after moving forward. We are just not there yet.

She smiles, he tells her to sleep and lightly touches her face. He also pats her on the back until she falls asleep.




Gon calls Jo Young and Shin-jae to come meet him. They come running.

This Shinjae remembers him from the payphone when he called across the street from the chicken place 4 years ago.

JY – Was it really you at the rowing competition?

Gon – I have come back to 2020, you guys look old.

SJ – Now you go back to the past also?

JY – I am glad you are okay. I found Song Jung-hae. Shin-jae helped me.

Gon – Good job, thank you for helping.

SJ – If you are thankful then just pay me back for your meal and car ride. 

Gon – What do you want?

SJ – Your life

Gon – You should have met Lee Rim. He should have threatened you with both Mom’s, did he ask you to kill me.

SJ – Can you die for me? In your world?

Gon – It is difficult to kill the emperor. But it is easy to kill a person with no ID.

SJ – I am doing it in your place because I want you to have a lot of people visit during your funeral. Call me when you leave.

He walks off. Gon asks where Son Jung-hye is.

Cut to them both looking at the house where Lee Rim and Song Jung-hye live. Gon tells Jo Young that he has to watch Lee Rim and find out how he goes to the forest. Do not miss him. 

JY – Jo Eun-seob called me, he saw Lee Rim. Lee Rim talked about your mothers memorial service. Song Jung-hae goes to a nearby church in ten minutes. Of course she has a guard with her.

Gon – I think you picked the wrong time.

he looks up the street and sees Song Jung-hye walking with her guard towards them. She stops when she is just past them and turns back to look at Gon. She is about to walk across the street but the guard stops her. She tells him not to touch her, if I scream like a crazy woman here then the situation will get bigger.

She walks up to Gon.

JH – It is you, Lee Rim’s nephew. You have the same face as my Ji-hoon. If Ji-hoon is alive he would grow up like you. But he died because of you, my Ji-hoon. You will die because of me also. I heard that is the reason Lee Rim did not kill me.

The guard pulls out a knife. Jo Young disarms him and calls Detective Kang for help.

Gon – Soon my mothers memorial service will happen. Lee Rim will take you to the other side for that day. if you go there, you can’t come back. I will help you.

JH – Are you going to come and help me? Two days before the memorial service. I know the date.

Gon – About your son…

JH – Don’t avoid that it was because of you. And don’t die because of me. I am not your umma.

She walks away.

Gon and Jo Young walk away as well. Jo Young tells Gon that he will pick him up, when are you leaving?


Gon blowdries Tae-eul’s hair. She hands him her hair-tie. 

We see them both happily hanging out around the hospital together.

VO – Young, just until today when she can wash her own face.

Tae-eul tells Gon that she wants to be injured all the time so they can be together. He is upset and tells her not to say that. She tells him to put her hair-tie back in, my beauty is all because of my hair. He kneels and plays in her hair, she kisses him.

They go to the chapel and he asks her what she prayed for. She says she didn’t she threatened him. We did not do anything wrong, so stop torturing us. To us, do we have Gods blessing? She smiles and puts her hand out for him to hold it.

Later on, he sits next to a random kid who helps him get delivery food right now. he tells him about this cap. The food is delivered and they eat it in her room. he tells her it is from a convenience store, did you know it can be delivered, it was easy. She says that she saw a little boy yelling at him. Ah, there is a lot of meat here. Gon says the little boy did not explain it to me well. Lets eat.

Tae-eul asks, what should I do? I can’t lift the spoon. Ahhh.

She opens her mouth for him to feed her. he laughs and feeds her some then asks if it tastes good. She says it tastes good and mentions that she likes this day to day life. After eating this, let’s break out of the hospital.

He yells to the nurse and she cover his mouth. He tells her to enjoy the food and not think about leaving.

Later that night, he sleeps leaning over her hospital bed from his chair. She is awake in bed. They both open their eyes and look at each other.

VO – Young, just for today, this is my last greeting.

JY – Yes, emperor. Today, I am meeting those kids.

His little sister looks at him and motions that she has her eyes on him.


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  1. BLG
    June 6, 2020 / 10:30 am

    Thanks for the recap! Episode 14 was exciting and yes, somewhat complicated, but I didn’t find it that particularly confusing. Having gone back in time, Gon’s actions have created a ripple effect from that point forward, causing events to unfold differently from what we had seen in earlier episodes. For example, Tae-ul embraced Gon at their first meeting, instead of interrogating Gon (because that Tae-ul already remembers Gon from her “new” memories).

  2. Anonymous
    June 6, 2020 / 10:32 am

    Waiting for Part 2

  3. Anonymous
    June 6, 2020 / 12:06 pm

    How is lee lim alive in the present when he was killed?

  4. Anonymous
    June 6, 2020 / 9:46 pm

    It is Luna , who embraces Gon and not Tae. Isn’t it?

    • WPB
      June 8, 2020 / 4:35 pm

      You meant at the Statue Courtyard? That’s my thought exactly. From the words she said and the looks in her eyes I keep thinking that’s Luna (also, if the timing is right, TE is hurt and in the hospital when this happened). But then, how would Luna know to get to the courtyard and meet Gon there at that very moment? I am confused.

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