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The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 14 Live Recap – Part 1

The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 14 Live Recap - Part 1

Alright, the show ended in a crazy cliffhanger last week and only gave is one episode. So now here is the episode that we should have gotten last week! Hopefully we will get some answers and figure out just how Lee Gon can time travel. Does it have to do with running along that corridor that he passes through?

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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Shorthand Character Chart: The King the Eternal Monarch Character Chart

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!



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Shin-jae opens the door to the room in the nursing home. He walks inside, it is dark and there are several beds with curtains around them. He gets a phone call before looking inside any of the curtains. Then he opens one of them when he talks to Tae-eul on the phone.

She says that she found Seo-ryung’s doppelgänger. Shin-jae drops his phone when he looks at the person in the bed. Things go blurry. He looks around at kids pictures and thinks of his past waking up in the hospital.

In the bed is Shin-jae.

In the Kingdom of Corea, the King’s portrait is finished. Nam looks at it and wonders if he is really traveling to that harsh past.


Gon is unable to move on the floor. Luna walks up to him and starts to go through his jacket. He says she won’t find his whip, she is wasting her time. She tells him that he has to give her one or the other, either your life to Rim or the whip to me.

But then the door dings so she runs away. It is Jo Young who walks in and sees Gon unable to move on the ground. Gon tells him to go after her, but Young is more concerned with Protecting Gon. Gon tells him where the whip is so Young runs off to get it.

Young calls Tae-eul and tells her that Gon has been poisoned. Tae-eul says she is out of town, be sure to follow what the doctor says! Then she calls a doctor and tells them that someone has been poisoned, but he can’t go to the hospital, please help me.

The person she called is the captains wife, she comes and they take Gon to a room to be treated.

In the nursing home, Shin-jae rings the emergency bell, a nurse comes in who he knows and says that she thought he looked familiar. is this your family member? Shin-jae asks her how she is here?

The woman says she didn’t know but maybe my dead husband had a good friend. They paid for the debt and gave me a job here. he asks her if there are any other family members? She says no. Actually, I heard that if someone comes then I have to pick up the phone.

Meanwhile, Gon runs to where Young is guarding Gon’s door. The the captains doctor-wife comes out and tells them that it is poison, but Eun-seob made a good decision so he will survive. He will wake up soon so don’t worry. But who is that person who can’t go to the hospital? Why doesn’t he have any ID?

Tae-eul says she is sorry but she will have to explain it to her later. She asks if it is secret to her captain as well? Tae-eul says it is, sorry. So the captains wife tells her okay, this is my friends hospital so he can stay until the weekend, no more than that. She heads off.

Young tells Tae-eul that the person who tried to poison the Emperor has the same face as you, there is no guarantee that you are not that person. So he tells her that she cannot go inside. Tae-eul waits outside in the hallway.

She calls Eun-seob who is chilling with the face mask while at home. He wakes with a start surrounded by kids things. She tells him to go to her place and take his siblings with them. Stick with my father and call me if you see me.

Eun-seob asks why he would need to call her if he sees her, is it what I think it is? She says yes and she relies on him for this.

Young goes into the hallway, but Tae-eul is gone.

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Rim runs to the bamboo forest and wonders how he time traveled to that time and stop my path?


Gon finally wakes up. Young is worried about him and tells him that he did a good job. He asks him if Tae-ul came? Where you harsh to her?

Young tells him to go back to their world, I have no way to protect you in this world. Gon asks, what did you want to tell me while drinking? Young tells him he forgot about it since he was like this.

Gon chuckles a bit and sits up, he tells him he thinks he did not forget, if you have to think more then lets here it after you come back. Young tells him to rest a bit more. Gon tells him to tell Tae-eul that I am sorry that I am leaving without telling her. You protect her until I come back.

Young tells him no but then Gon tells him, the person who saved me was me and I think it was today. I started to hear the pipe sound that I heard on the night of the coup. 

Gon goes to the gate in the bamboo forest. He looks at it for a long time.

Rim is also at the gate and is looking at it. But they don’t see each other. 

The portal slowly waters itself into view. Gon walks slowly towards it with his whip. 

Rim walks slowly towards it with his umbrella.

They both enter at the same time.

They path looks different. Gon has red balloons in his path and Rim has photographs in his path. They continue walking towards each other, but they do not meet or even see each other.

But they might feel it when they pass each other. They have an internal dialogue.

Gon – It’s Lee Rim

Rim – Oh, my nephew

They both take off running, the reflection is of the other person as if they are carrying each others shadow.

Boy god – Do you know that if two pipes meet in this space then it creates an access for time?

A plant starts to grow in the ground.

Boy – The pipe that finally becomes one takes the time of the person to the time where they want to save themselves the most.

The boy is talking to Song Jung-hye ajumma. She asks him where they went. The boy says the Emperor and the rebel went to the same place. The night of the coup.

She asks why.

The boy explains that the King wants to save the world from the rebel.


Boy – The king wants to save two worlds and the rebel wants to save his dumb self that failed the coup.

Lee Rim goes to the past and walks into the room where his younger self is. So he was taken to this night of the coup.

Rim – You were suffering under the King and the father. I am here to save you. More precisely, I am here to save my stupid self.

young Rim – Who are you? Why do you have my face?

Rim – Don’t you realize? I am you from 2020.

yRim – Ah, you are from 2020? I should be 70.

Rim – You already know the answer. In retrospect, I noticed, and that is the reason for this coup.

yRim sees the umbrella.

yRim – that’s it, the secret of the pipe is true. It was true that an alternative world exists.

Rim – Now you believe me, so I will give you a fast answer. Kill the prince first. if the past dies, then the future will disappear. The prince is the one stopping this coup

yRim – Are you talking about that 8 year old boy that sleeps while listening to nursery songs?

Rim – I thought the same and I had only half the pipe. So just do as I say. Kill the crown prince and bring me the complete pipe. If I have it that means that you have it.

yRim – So that means you failed. You are still dumb even though you are old. No, you said, if I were you then you said the sword would be here.

yRim pulls out a sword and slices the neck of Rim! Rim falls back on the ground and clutches his neck.

yRim – I will start the coup and I will make this pipe complete, not you.

Rim bleeds out on the floor. yRim gets the pipe but it disappears in his hands. He grows upset and starts chopping Lee Rim, blood splatters on him. he throws the sword to the ground.

We cut to the Boy and Song Jung-hye again.

Boy – The rebel didn’t even save himself. Instead, he made his self of now.

JH – you are saying that as if you saw it. But who are you, do you live here?

Boy – I won the danger and I defeat the enemy. And I want to save myself and became one.

JH – Your story is interesting, so what happened to the emperor?

Boy – He is following his destiny. Do you think he will be back safely without getting lost? Half of the pipe does not have much power.

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There is a shot and the glass breaks in the trophy room. Gon comes in shooting and takes out all the people in the room, just as he did before. All the same things happen where he shoots the right hand man in the shoulder and Rim gets away.

But Rim stops, he needs to find the pipe. His right hand man tells him that they need to go right now. The radio starts to talk about how there is an emergency right now in the palace. The right hand man says they will not be able to leave the palace if they don’t leave now.

Gon keeps shooting at the men in the room. Rim and his men leave.

Gon walks around and looks at his father who is dead on the ground. He kneels beside him and closes his eyes. Then he looks at his young self and checks his pulse. The boy grabs the ID unconsciously and it falls to the ground.

Gon walks out but sees Nam so he stops. She asks, who are you? Are you part of the rebels? Gon asks, did you meet me before?

Gon – It will be difficult for you to believe, but I am your emperor.

Nam – What are you talking about? How dare you!

He removes his mask.

Gon – I owe you a lot in my life. As you said, I am moving forward to my destiny. So please let me go.

He walks past her and then takes off running. She is confused but doe snot call anyone to chase after him.

While running out, Gon sees some blood on the floor and stops. Then he pulls out his gun to three palace officers who have drawn their guns on him.

Gon – you do not have time to waste here with me. The rebels are [names all the names]. If you are from [a certain building in the palace] then the rebels should run away through that back door.

The man ask who he is. Gon disarms one of them and holds the gun to his head. He tells the other to put their guns down. Then he knocks them all out with the butt of the gun.

Then he runs off and sees a kid trying to open a gate. it is his uncle as a young man. Gon asks, hyung-nim? The man asks who he is, are you a lost rebel then you do not have to do this.

Gon – Lee Soon-won, it was you who sneaked out Lee Rim. Because of you, Lee Rim could run away and went to the republic of Korea.

The kid asks, who are you? Gon shoots him in the leg, he falls and screams.


Tae-eul checks on Gon and sees that he is not in his room. She gets a call. It is Young telling her that the emperor left. He said that he was sorry he could not say goodbye. He wanted me to say goodbye for him.

She kneels on the ground and starts to cry.


Part 2 is coming up!


The two winners have been announced on our giveaway with Hello Drama and Meeniful! Go to the giveaway page to see if you won!!!!

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  1. BLG
    June 5, 2020 / 9:38 am

    It’s nerve wracking waiting for Episode 14 to drop in Netflix, so thanks so much for this recap! Seems like an exciting episode 😊

    • V
      June 5, 2020 / 10:56 am

      You’re welcome BLG! After you watch it, come back and explain what happened to me becuase I am so confuuuuuuuused!

      • Wahab
        June 5, 2020 / 11:31 am

        Me too! I am confused and need more explanation. I hope audiences may able to lay out practical theories to explain what is happening!

      • BLG
        June 5, 2020 / 12:00 pm

        It was an exciting episode, interspersed with poignant moments when Tae-ul realised that Gon had been trying all this while to meet her again in the present. By travelling back in time, Gon had somehow caused events to unravel differently, hence, Tae-ul started to remember “new” memories of Gon and events that have already happened are now taking place differently from what we have previously seen. (NB: This is just my own simplistic understanding of the episode based on time slip tropes.)

        • Harini
          June 5, 2020 / 1:46 pm

          Yeah, thats what is happening. Its like he is causing a new timeline, but what happens when old lee gon and new lee gon meet? I m excited to see that happen.
          Will they kill each other like lee lim did? Or may be old one dies out/Withers out like the old lee lim’s flute? Which one is going to end up with ta eul?
          Who is the mystery little boy? How does he know so much? What is he trying to do? What is his role?
          I’m super excited to wait for next week. Can they not release all episodes this week?

          • BLG
            June 5, 2020 / 10:05 pm

            Hi Harini! The little boy is the flute, i.e., the physical manifestation of the flute, as the boy said that he wants to become whole again. Episode 15 is dropping on Netflix late tonight, so hopefully some of our questions will be answered. Can hardly wait…😊

  2. Harini
    June 5, 2020 / 1:40 pm

    Time travelling is like what the..
    But sure, those are sweet surprises.
    Love both. And this Kseries.
    As it always happens, waiting for lee gon to save ta eul in ep.15.
    Tomorrow, please come soon..

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