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The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 13 Live Recap – Part 1

The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 13 Live Recap - Part 1

We are back from that big cliffhanger last week! What will happen at the beginning of this episode? Plus, are we full steam ahead on this plot unfolding at rapid pace now? I’ll all for it. Lets get this drama started!

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!



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Nam is sitting with Tae-eul and softly asks her, what happened to the war? The war that happened in June 1950.

Tae-eul looks at her stunned. She asks how she knows about it. Nam tells her that what she guesses is the reason. One quiet morning a thunderous canon sound….hell was opened. With that war, I lost my parents and siblings and I was out of my mind.

One guy showed up and asked me if I wanted to go to a place without war. I left my hometown with only this book. I did not even know it was the last moment.

The book is the poetry book. 

Nam continues and says it was our emperors grandfather. After that, what happened to your history?

Tae-eul explains that after the war, three years later, the war was over and the North and South are separated so you cannot go to your hometown from Seoul. I am sorry to tell you a sad story.

Nam says no, I am okay that you told me. I had a lot of sad days. Now I know. That is still part of my fate. Just as you came here as my guest.

Cut to Lee Gon sitting at his desk with Seo-ryung standing in front of it. He tells her that they should talk about things first. Everything in the media was true. She is the person I love and have supported.

Seo-ryung hangs her head a moment and tells him, you are always honest, even in this moment. She is an ex criminal. 

He asks, are you lying to the people in the world? I do not need your support Prime Minister.

She tells him no, I like to be next to you because that is where I can see you the best. But you said that is not for me. What should I do? Should I be against you so that I can see you better?

He stands and tells her, just stop. Do not cross the line any more.

She cuts him of and says, I walked from the bottom of the world to its highest point. But you were born in the highest. You can only be moved with love. So what can my heart be beating? Not loyalty or innocence?

But then thunder strikes and they both have pain in their bodies. They both keel over in pain and look at each other. She straightens up and says, maybe I am not recovered. Excuse me. She walks out.

He calls someone and asks them to call the National Laboratory to see if the autopsy report came in.

Elsewhere in the palace, Tae-eul walks away from Nam’s room thinking about what she said to her. Nam told her to please take care of the emperor. Tae-eul thinks about this and then sees the prime minister walking up the hallway to her, holding her neck softly. 

But the prime minister straightens up when she sees her. They walk up to each other and greet each other again.

Tae-eul says that they met at Gwanghamoon (the republic of Korea), I saw her buying shoes. the prime minister starts to laugh and says that she saw her in front of the hotel and this is the first time someone has mistaken me in the Kingdom of Korea. 

SR – you should know that I am the Prime Minister if you live in the Kingdom of Korea. You also had a big proposal.

TE – What did you do after you met me? Did you buy shoes?

SR – Hey, go away. You can’t stop me.

TE – You are the one stopping yourself. You feel heavy, that is guilt.

The Prime Minister takes a deep breath and then walks closer to Tae-eul.

PM – Do you wonder what I did after meeting you. I didn’t just buy shoes. I am talking about the day I saw you at the building.

She laughs and then starts to walk away. But then thunder strikes again and her neck lights up in lighting veins. But she handles it better this time and keeps walking away.

Tae-eul runs to Lee Gon. he is getting off the phone and tells her that he is sorry, she can go to bed first. The National Lab found a body mark on the rebel. I need to check it now.

She asks if he knows that Seo-ryung also has one? He asks, did you also see it? Tae-eul says yes, I saw her int he hallway. Koo Seo-young also crossed the gate. I saw her in Korea and I just confirmed it.

Gon thinks, that must be why she stopped my from going to the gate to get to Lee Rim. Tae-eul tells him that she knows that I know, do you think that is okay? When all the criminals cards are gone, they become reckless.

Gon says, if they are reckless, then I will welcome it. if i become reckless then no one can beat me. i will handle it. I want to go with you but -.

She tells him that she knows, she should not be on the surface. He tells her that he will try hard and will be back sometime in the morning at the latest. He will be with Eun-seob.

He pats her on the shoulder and walks out.

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He goes to the National forensics lab and sees the scientist. She is the same woman as in the republic of Korea. She tells him that there is a scar mark like he was burned. She shows him images on the dead body and tells him that she saw this before.

She gives him a record of other cases and tells him that no one believed her. I worked here for 11 years and saw the same mark on three different bodies. Only on rainy days like today. But the strange thing is, all three of them had the same crime of killing their family members.

Gon thinks to himself that family is the one that will notice who they are first, after they kill their doppelgängers. He asks her if there are similar cases. I have something I am looking to find out.


A man tries to poison Eun-seob’s IV, but Eun-seob is awake and asks him what that is, vitamins? Then he pulls a gun quickly on him like he is Young. Flashback to Eun-seob talking to the guard who is guarding him saying that the Emperor is coming.

So Eun-seob starts to look around the room and actually accidentally finds a recording device. So he starts to sing loudly around the room while holding the recording device and says, YES I AM DISCHARGING TOMORROW, I WILL HAVE A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP.

Cut back to the present, so it really is Eun-seob handling the gun well. He tells the man that 100 people who shine Korea are not 100 people (that was the song that he was singing).

The man tries to leave and is stopped right away by half a dozen guards at the door. Gon is also there waiting. 

The man is dragged away and Gon goes inside and thanks Eun-seob for doing a good job. Eun-seob playfully says that the Kingdom of Korea can not be saved without him. So when can I leave with Tae-eul?

Gon tells him tomorrow evening. But then lighting strikes away and Gon grimaces. Eun-seob does not really notice and gives him a big hug. Gon asks him if he didn’t have pain just now?

ES tells him that he is still in his 20s, he doesn’t have pain. Gon thinks that Eun-seob and Tae-eul don’t have this mark, but I have it. Why? Is it only for people who kill the doppleganger? 


Seo-ryung looks at her neck while in her office. Everything looks fine. Her secretary starts to talk to her about her schedule. She asks if she can have a hospital appointment to look at her skin, but then she thinks this might be a mental thing.

He asks, did you go to the hospital while you were on vacation? Are you really not going to tell me what you did while you were on vacation?

Seo-ryung tells him that she cares about him more than she thought. If you know it then you will get hurt so don’t ask me. She starts to think.

Then we see a woman slowly walks into the bookstore. It is Seo-ryung. She walks up to a sitting Lee Rim who appears to be waiting for her.

SR – You look too much like the same to be the son of the rebel Lee Rim from the history books. Who are you? *throws newspaper on table* Did you send me this?

Rim – My followers at least respect me. They bowed to me and were afraid of me.

SR – So you are the one, not a secret son?

Rim – You have a lot of questions, the answer will be easy.

SR – you should be 70, how can you explain your appearance? Trump is the American president? And what about this? Who is this woman that looks just like me?

Rim – What should I answer first? *starts to walk around * As you see, I am not dead. That woman is you in another world. Fingerprint, age, birthday, are all the same. There is a parallel world that is the Republic of Korea.

SR – Are you threatening me? If my answer is wrong then she will replace me?

Rim – *laughs* I saw thousands of people, but you are the first who I don’t have to teach the next step. What will you do? Will you draw your own answer?

SR – *laughs* Men in the Royal family always make me laugh. You should prove yourself first. take me there. The Republic of Korea.

She comes out of her thoughts in her office and thinks about what she told Gon about how he is the one who made her decide where she will go with those shoes.

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Gon talks to his head secretary and asks, my head guest left? The head secretary sys yes, she asked me for a strong bodyguard so I put her with the intern. They have equipment also.

Cut to Tae-eul riding with the intern who actually happens to be Jang-mi’s doppleganger. She tells him that he actually looks like someone she knows named Jangmi. He asks how she knows his nickname. She asks, is your name Jang Michael? he says no, my name is Jang Miluk (Miluk is the reborn of Buddha).

She says, okay, so you are still like a god. She chuckles and tells him that it is still nice to see him. She says that she wants to go to this place near a salt factory or bread factory or something around there.

he says there are no factories in that location.

She tells him that she smelled something sweet like cotton candy. he says that if she smelled cotton candy then she smelled the right place. There are a lot of trees there that have that sweet smell.

She thinks that is definitely the place, let’s go.

Cut back to Gon, he asks his secretary why she didn’t go with him if she wanted to go somewhere. The secretary says that Gon is too busy to go with her. He tells his secretary, first things first. 

So she asks, when are you going to get married? Everyone is talking about the empress so we need to say it publicly at least once. Should we postpone it or push it.

He tells her that they need to postpone it first. I did not get the answer for my proposal yet. The most urgent task is to stop Koo Seo-ryung’s power. You need to go to the jail and tells her e husband to get ready to see me and pick his ex wife or his company before he sees me. Also tells him there will be no second trip.

Gon asks where maid No is as well, I have not seen her in awhile. But then Nam walks in so she says she is here.

he jokes with her but Nam looks pretty worse for wear and tells him that she caught the thief. She also had to get a new chicken. Gon asks, was it a poisoning attempt?

Cut to Nam feeding the chicken and they died right away. Nam says that park was the thief. She also went to the bookstore and burned something after she left the bookstore.

Nam shows him the burned picture and says that blood came out of her mouth at the site. Gon mutters that she is the one I did not even repay the meal yet. How is her condition? is she okay?

nam says that she woke up. She wants to see you one on one.

He goes to see her. She bows to him. He asks why she wants to see him now? You lied to me for that long. She tells him that he saw her with her song Shin-jae. it was the last picture that I received. I got the poison with the picture.

Flashback to Rim telling her that she did not fulfill her duty so this is the last picture you will receive.

The woman tells Gon that is why she gambled and took the poison herself. If I die then I will just pay for my sin. if I survived then I wanted to talk to you alone like this.

She kneels and tells him that she is sorry. I want to ask you for my son. He is innocent, please take care of my son. Gon takes a deep breath.


The pregnant woman is getting a spa massage and remembering all the details about the doppelgänger. She has to remember her husband and what she likes and all those things. The masseuse tells her that she thinks her baby is the most blessed baby ever in the kingdom. When the baby is born, umma is the heir and appa is the chairman. he woman mutters, I know.

Then she continues trying to remember everything she has to remember.

The other woman (the former rich one) wakes up in the poor woman’s house. She wonders what is going on and why she is there. Why am I like this? What is going on?

She looks around at the house that is a mess and very poor. She wonders, what is going on?

Elsewhere, Luna is looking at Tae-euls place when Tae-euls father comes up and starts to chat with her as to whether she was undercover today. Why are you wearing these clothes? Are you going in or out? Let’s eat together. An ajumma gave me this dwenjang.

Luna looks so different from tae-eul so while they were about to eat her appa asks why she is looking at  her like that? Don’t complain, I have good side dishes here.

Luna asks, abogi, am I a good daughter? Appa says yes, you are a good daughter once a month when you get your salary. Then he sings, only one week left! Just eat and put the dishes on the sink. I am leaving. He heads out

She stars to look through Tae-euls room and closet. Then lays down on the bed and stares at stars on the ceiling. she mutters, my twin has a good life. then curses.


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