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The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 11 Live Recap – Part 2

The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 11 Live Recap - Part 2

This is part 2 for our recap for The King: Eternal Monarch!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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Shorthand Character Chart: The King the Eternal Monarch Character Chart

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Tae-eul teaches Jang-mi how to write a report on the computer. He tries his hardest and is typing away. Though he is writing about getting misted in the perfume store.

Then Shin-jae comes in looking all cut up and destroyed. Jang-mi runs to him and asks who did this! I will make sure they do not exist in this world. Shin-jae just sighs. Tae-eul also wants to call the hospital for him. 

But Shin-jae tells them to do all that later, we need finger prints on this cell phone now. So Jang-mi takes care of the finger prints and Tae-eul takes Shin-jae to the hospital.


Cut to them leaving the hospital. SJ tells Tae-eul not to tell his mother or Jang-mi or anyone. She asks what he is talking about? Jang-mi already knows this. And what does it mean that this phone came to you? Shin-jae tells her that he think it should be the guy that brought me here, Lee Rim. 

He said someone will call me from that phone. Why do you think he is approaching me? Will someone really call me from that phone?

Tae-eul tells him to just bring the prettiest person with him and they can talk face to face. We can catch them all at the same time. Shin-jae asks where they are going, what are they chasing? She says she does not know, that is why I am going there. If we walk enough, then we will get there.

Shin-jae asks, who said that? She tells him Alice in Wonderland. He says she is lying, is it because I haven’t read that yet?

She pulls him away and he mutters how his arm hurts.


Gon is in his study working. The head nurse comes in and says that they cannot contact her at all. She is not coming out of her place and is getting all the reports on paper. Should I send someone there?

Gon tells her that she does not have to. She is doing the same thing I did to her. It seems as if she also wanted to go somewhere. She has a destination, so let’s wait.

Gon keeps looking at security footage paperwork in his office and starts to mutter about the footage. Rim went to a low land bookstore. He wonders what it means, why did he go to all those places? The guard says he will check right away.

Gon stands up suddenly. He remember the prince saying that fate is something that you move with everything that you have. Gon mutters that he knew that I was going to check the security footage.

He grabs his coat and heads out. He tells the guard to collect several armed guards and follow him.

They go to the catacombs or some plae like that and talk to their two prisoners. Gon asks them if they know about the bookstore? The person who speaks first will leave. The person who keeps quiet will die. One man says that he does not know anything, he has never been to a bookstore.

The other man says that he cannot kill him. You have to interrogate me. The guard holds a gun to his head. Gon tells him that he does not want to know anything from him now. The man tells him to pull the trigger then, if you can kill me then kill me.

Gon says that is why he is going to kill him. The other man says he wants to go back. But Gon tells him it is too late, you are already dead in your world. You should know this better than anyone else because you did it yourself. You are going to pay for the sin of disturbing two worlds here, alive.

The man is pulled away. He begs for the emperor not to kill him. The other man is still on his knees and yells that the King cannot execute people under their law. Gon tells him that he must have forgotten, what the emperor says is the law. Listen to me, guards, execute the rebel, that is the Emperors order.

The guards gag the prisoner then we cut to the news.

The news says that the palace captured the rebel Kim Gu-han and executed him. Midnight tonight is the time for the execution.

Everyone in the large city center courtyard watches the news. It looks like the princes son is there also? Or maybe another man .He signs the book for the Princes memorial.



Meanwhile, Tae-eul thinks about walking with Gon and talking about cooking and wearing his uniform while cooking and how wearing his uniform is supposed to be an honorable thing. He told her that is true. You an wear it while proposing though. 

She tells him he did not do it properly. He says he did not, not do it properly. He was just in a hurry. That was the best thing I did in this world. She tells him that is not a proposal, you just told me to be the empress.

He asks what her answer is. Are you going to do it? Then he pulls her into a sudden big hug.

She tells him she will kill him. But stays in the hug. He asks if she is going to do it? She asks, what if I say no? Is today the last day for us?

He asks if she is refusing? She tells him, not today. I thought about it. I decided just to live for today. That is how we should be.

He tells her that people usually promise eternity in this kind of situation. But we will just live for today? She says yes, no tomorrow. That is why I hope that today is long. That is why I hold your hand. Because I only live for today.

Gon asks, we only live for today and only hold hands? Do you know what that means to do that? She says that he just left her alone when they were with him in his palace. He says she should hold him, I was considering you. Then he gets faux angry and starts to walk away. he tells her he will not consider her next time.

She stops him and gets faux angry herself and says there is no next time, there is only today. She sighs about how much she has to teach him and starts to walk away. 

He yells for her to wait up and says that there is no next time, I know you can hear me.

Then we go back to the present where Tae-eul is still standing in the courtyard. She sees a Seo-ryung look a like walk by. This Seo-ryung looks like a graduate student. She wears glasses.

Tae-eul catches up to her and asks to see her ID. She mentions she is a police officer. This Seo-ryung tells her that she should show her badge first, right? She looks Tae-eul up and down.

Tae-eul shows her badge so Seo-ryung quickly gets her ID. She tells her this is the first time this had happened to her. Her name is Koo Euna. Tae-eul asks her date of birth so Euna says it.

Euna asks if she did anything wrong? Tae-eul says no, I confirmed your ID< you can be excused. She gives her ID back.

Euna says that made her a bit nervous but then walks away. She goes to a shoe store and buys some shoes. Then she asks the shop lady to throw the other shoes away. So now she is walking in stilettos.

Tae-eul is secretly following her. But her father calls so she heads out to meet him at the grocery store.


Cut to Yuna with dyed black hair. She is in a room looking at photos of Tae-eul. It looks like she is already getting trained to be Tae-eul and has already followed Tae-eul around and saw her with her appa at the grocery store.

Yoona takes off her wig, it looks like she has long hair in real life. She starts to cut it to look like Tae-eul.


Meanwhile, Tae-eul works out kicking a bag at the taekwondo gym. She falls on the floor, exhausted, and sees the flowers in the windowsill, they still have not sprouted/bloomed.

She goes to the fridge and drinks some water. But then she starts to get dizzy. She pulls out her phone to call someone, but collapses on the ground. However, she still reaches for her phone.



Nari goes to her cafe. Seo-ryung or the Seo-ryung look a like comes in. it looks like Seo-ryung though. Then Young comes in and looks at Seo-ryung. Seo-ryung also looks at him as if she knows him.

Gon starts to recite pi in his studio. He gets to 3481 seconds. he thinks he missed the beginning. The second time it was 121 seconds, the third time it was 841 seconds. Then 961 seconds. Then 2209 seconds and now.

He starts to calculate on his chalk board and finds out that the stopping time increases the square root. At this rate, one full day can stop. Eventually, Jung Tae-eul and my world will have a moment where time stops eternally.

The guard comes up to him and says they found the bookstore. This person is the owner. He hands over the photo. Gon remembers him from the night Lee Rim tried to take over the palace.


Gon gathers guards and says that they are going to attack the bookstore. The head guard asks, are we going to arrest them? Gon says they will kill them all.

At the bookstore, the radio only plays the same song over and over again. The henchman is at the bookstore listening to it and happily looking at all his money. Then bullets start to shoot up the bookstore.

He scrambles and hides, then he tries to grab all the money and run, but he gets shot. All the other men try to run out, but they get shot as well.


Elsewhere, Rim is being driven around by the right hand man. It looks like Lee Rim knew that this was going to happen. He says that the other guy has been used enough.

In Corea, the henchman dies looking at his money. Gon walks around the bookstore and walks right to the henchman. He asks the guards to check to see if he has a bullet wound on his right shoulder. He does not.

In Korea, Tae-eul wakes up in a warehouse. She is gagged and bound. But she counts all the people, there are 8 car keys. She also sees the little yoyo boy looking at her through a crack in the door. But she might have passed out again.

In Corea, Gon puts things together and says that people with the same face are stealing people with the same faces life. He tells his guard that they need to all arm themselves at the palace and in the military.

He starts to walk away and tells Tae-eul that she needs to survive a bit more. I will find you. Just stand there.


The yoyo boy takes the tape off of Tae-euls mouth. She asks why a little boy is here, just run away. He says he won the danger and defeated the enemy. She asks, what? Then she tells him that he is here also.

He says he is one. I went there. He cuts off her bindings and gives her the knife.

Boy – I am keeping the balance. There are too many enemies.

TE – Who are you? Who are you?

He looks at the door. Several men come in, she tells him to run away and covers him. Then she starts to fight the men off and shoots them in the leg. The boy disappears.

She runs out of the warehouse and hops in a car. She takes off. Several of the men chase after her, but they have to hop in their own cars.

She keeps driving, and tries to find her way to Seoul, but she is in the Kingdom of Korea. She starts to quietly freak out, what? I am in the Kingdom?



Lee Rim is told that everyone in the bookstore was killed. He is at a shipyard. A man runs up to him and kneels. He tells him that she ran away, we are following her. But Rim pulls out a knife and executes him. He tells them to catch her! She will run to the palace. Lee Gon will even want her dead body. Bring her to me even if she is alive or dead!

Cut to Tae-eul. She is still driving, but her car stopped. It is out of gas and it is dark out. She hops out with the gun and takes off running. She only has 3 or 4 bullets left.

But then she hears a car driving up. She aims her gun at it and shoots out the tire. Then she takes off running again. The streets are empty.

She collapses on the sidewalk, the gun is in her hand. Her hand is all bloody. She looks around and sees a payphone. She calls a number if anyone wants to say hi to the emperor.

She tells this number that it is Tae-eul, you will not believe me but I am in the Kingdom of Korea. Someone is chasing me. I am on my way to the palace. I am on my ~. But then the recording stops. She starts to sob.

A huge truck drives right towards her and rams into the payphone. She hops out of the way. A man gets out to pull her up, but she is able to fight him off by pretending like she was knocked out.

She starts to walk off with the gun still in her hand. Then she stands in the middle of the road and holds her gun out. Dozens and dozens of men run to capture her. But then they all stop because lots of helicopters are in the sky. And lots of police cars drive up. SWAT drives up as well. 

Then the King rides up with a battalion of men on horseback. He is riding up on his white horse.

She starts to cry. Lee Gon pulls out his sword and starts to fight all the baddies along with his Royal battalion.

No one fires a gun? It looks like they are all sword fighting in the street. The SWAT is standing by as the King fights all these people. The bad guys only have wood and small knives, no big weapons.

Lee Gon fights his way all the way to Tae-eul who is still standing there. He is covered in other peoples blood now.

She starts to walk towards him. He starts to walk towards her with his guards walking behind him. 

He runs and embraces her.

Fade Out


This ending was not as epic as I think they wanted it to be. First off, the SWAT team and cops and Royal guards all show up to fight the baddies, but they fight with swords????? Why wouldn’t they have guns? They have all had guns up to this point. Tae-eul even has a gun in her hand so why don’t they have guns. Suddenly they all just have sticks and little knives and no one in the SWAT wants to protect the King?

I can understand riding up on a horse because it looks cool and maybe it is practical with chasing people through courtyards os something. But I cannot overlook the sword fight when we just saw all the bad guys with guns in the warehouse! Plus, they make such a big deal that Corea has guns (which is unlike Korea which does not have guns). But a sword fight, okay…

Despite that, I did like how this episode was faster paced and, for the most part, stuck to the plot. Though I was a bit confused in some parts because it felt like they cut right in the middle of a scene so I had some catchup to do in order to figure out what was going on. Like when Shin-jae was fighting the right hand man/henchman person. All of a sudden he was just fighting him.

I was a bit intrigued by Seo-ryung being in Korea! Or was it her lookalike that was in Korea? They left that so hazy. But I feel that the big giveaway was that the lookalike wanted to wear high heel stiletto shoes, which Seo-ryung also loves to do. So it could be Seo-ryung or maybe the lookalike has the same personality and likes?

I am happy that they did not have that much PPL this episode because they really dont know how to make it fit in to each episode. But that can be part of the fun, like it was with Crash Landing on You. However in this show it just feels like a big money grab.

Okay, that is me venting. I am still in this show until the end because it has a pull that is keeping me going! I like the overall story and I want to see what happens. There is also that moment where we found out that time can stop for almost an eternity. Which would not affect anyone except Lee Rim and Gon since they are the only two who are not stopped by the time. So they technically would spend an eternity with only the two of them walking around a frozen world until everyone unfreezes again.

Wow, that could be a cool show premise in itself. 

Alright, see you all tomorrow! I expect it will be the same as today, lots of action and some romantic scenes thrown in in the Palace. And probably lots of chicken, coffee, purses, and makeup as well.


[No link 😩. The preview does look intense though. Everyone is upset.]

English Translation

Gon – The woman I love

Rim – Why do I have this disturbance!

JH – Kill me!

Gon – We have things we want equally.

Woman – What is your real name?

JY – Dejavu?

Nari – I just saw me

ES – Nari ya!

SR – Why do you mistake someone?

Woman – If that is taken, then the gate closes?

Gon – If the gate closes…

JY – …I think it is fate

GOn – I will open all the doors in the universe.

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  1. Jane M
    May 22, 2020 / 12:34 pm

    I think the ending was epic! And – I can suspend disbelief enough to not question why they didn’t use guns in order to deliver that ending.

    I’m 99.9% positive that is the Prime Minister in the Republic of Korea. Is she the 2nd queen in this chess game?

    The game has to be weighted in favor of our heroes if the little boy (Fate?) has joined sides with them to even the balance.

    I was with this series from the beginning and this episode made me so glad I was. I do think this writer will wrap everything up as locally as possible in a fantasy.

    • V
      May 22, 2020 / 4:11 pm

      I think I just wanted it to be even bigger. That is my expectations talking, I need to tell them to stay at home while I watch this show.

      I love how this little boy is some kind of god or something! I didn’t expect that in the beginning and love that this is what he is turning out to be.

      So I guess for The Prime Minister to be in Korea, she would have needed to meet with Lee Rim?

  2. Marmele
    May 22, 2020 / 12:51 pm

    Yoyo Boy is indeed the Dragon or another higher entity.
    He restores Balance.
    I dont think shooting would have helped because bullets riochet and
    then you hit the wrong people.

    I dont even see the product placement all the time, i dont care for it,
    i am too interested following the story ( english isnt my native language )

    I enjoy this very much but somehow i believe there wont be a happy ending for
    these two. And how did the prime minister woman change worlds without the broken rod?
    Ahh cant wait for tomorrow 🙂

  3. lynching
    May 22, 2020 / 1:11 pm

    I cant get over the part where Tae eul felt helpess looking the running men towards her and when she started to sob out of joy when she saw lee gon coming. I really like her especially in cheese in a trap and goblin.

  4. Anonymous
    May 22, 2020 / 1:56 pm

    Who is next in line for the throne since Prince Geum was strangled. Le Gon states the name when in conversation with prince Geum’s son from Los Angeles.

    • Jane M
      May 22, 2020 / 2:55 pm

      It’s his sister, who is in the US. Her double in the ROK is Shin Jae’s psychiatrist

      • Jane M
        May 22, 2020 / 2:57 pm

        The threads of fate are becoming ever more tangled, which is probably why the child with the yo-yo was warned to re-thread it before the red yarn breaks

        • V
          May 22, 2020 / 4:14 pm

          Yes, I think there was a metaphor in there somewhere. Red lines are also significant somehow though I forgot how. I think it was used in Hotel de Luna as well?

          • Jane M
            May 22, 2020 / 6:54 pm

            They represent the bonds of destiny or fate. In Hotel de Luna, they were used to connect the bride and groom together in the episode where one had died before the wedding

            • V
              May 23, 2020 / 10:31 am

              Ah, got it! 😘

      • V
        May 22, 2020 / 4:13 pm

        Ah, I did not know this!

    • V
      May 22, 2020 / 4:13 pm

      It seems like the elder Prince was next in line for the throne. But then it went to his son. However it looks like Lee Gon does not like the son, so he made the son’s son (i.e. the elder princes Grandson) next in line. At least that is how I read it.

      • Jane M
        May 22, 2020 / 7:01 pm

        He made the daughter the next in line. She would be the sister of the obnoxious man cleaning up Prince Buyeong’s possessions. Lee Gon and Prince Buyeong had a short conversation about her in a recent episode.

        • scout
          May 22, 2020 / 10:18 pm

          It is the granddaughter—daughter of the greedy son, and NOT the double of the psychiatrist.

          • V
            May 23, 2020 / 10:32 am

            There are so many people to keep up with.

  5. Anonymous
    May 22, 2020 / 7:03 pm

    I agree with your thoughts on the fight scene. Even if cops and swat didn’t want to use guns, not sure why none of the gangsters didn’t. I would have preferred also if Lee gon didn’t say things like beheading people and instead just said what king says is law, like he did in this episode. Seems also like big jump from prime minister not knowing anything about Lee rim to somehow being on board with him and his plans to enter a parallel world all in one episode…? Not sure how much time has passed. I would have liked better if the flow of storyline was a bit more fluid.. what’s happening with his bodyguard in republic of Korea..We haven’t seen leegon get any more shoulder scar or pains…hope they explain it all and why it hadn’t been a problem for past 6 episodes..

    • Anonymous
      May 22, 2020 / 7:31 pm

      I think he experiences the shoulder pain any time thunder or lightening strucks. More like a connection to those who wields the flute. Same thing with his uncle.

      My view though

    • V
      May 23, 2020 / 10:31 am

      This exactly. Why didn’t the gangsters have guns when they just showed them all with guns at the warehouse????? I may need to rewatch that scene, but I think that is how tae-eul got her gun in the first place so they should have had plenty of them.

  6. Carolyn C
    May 22, 2020 / 7:47 pm

    Lee Gon/Lee Min Ho with his sword is all Faith vibes, as Choi Young the expert swordsman & Goryeo warrior.

  7. Daniel
    May 22, 2020 / 7:49 pm

    Correction at Cafe:
    Lee Gon was reciting Euler’s Number, not Pi

    • V
      May 23, 2020 / 10:29 am

      Ah, okay. That you for the correction!

  8. Dokkebi
    May 22, 2020 / 9:33 pm

    I thought the fight sequence at the end was pretty cool. But the use of swords and sticks instead of guns left me a bit confused.
    I can understand the gangsters using sticks because when we saw Lee Rim yelling at them to go find Tae-Eul they were at a construction site or building a boat? So maybe they didn’t have guns on hand at that time. But I don’t know about the royal guards. Lee Gon had no problem shooting dead all the traitors followers in the book store, so why fight with swords and a cavalry unit at the end? I also wish we’d seen more of Woo Do Hwan.
    Other than that I loved episode 11, it was probably one of my favorite episodes yet 🙂

    • elaine
      May 23, 2020 / 4:28 pm

      The main reason I’m still watching the show is because of Woo Do Hwan and they had him in this episode for all of 5 seconds!!! 😭

      • V
        May 23, 2020 / 4:53 pm

        I am really enjoying Woo Do Hwan in this drama. He is pulling off the dual roles really well. But yes, why is he barely in the last two episodes????

        Hopefully he will be in some more episodes moving towards the finale. How many episodes is this drama anyway? Only 16???? I need to check.

      • Ragz
        May 24, 2020 / 4:20 am

        Woo Do Hwan is awesome. He should have been given more scenes. His acting skills are excellent.
        Kim Kyung-nam is also acting very well. Neither jumping out of his boundary nor underplaying. Such actors are rare.
        I wish these two actors get more and better opportunities.

        • Elaine
          May 24, 2020 / 1:55 pm

          Agreed! Kim Kyung Nam has been great as Shin-Jae. He’a having a bit of a bromance with Jo Yeong too! ☺️ Add in Jangmi and I would be all in for a spin-off with those three! Well and Eun-sup too!!

  9. Smurfett820
    May 22, 2020 / 9:58 pm

    The ending scene was epic and while I was fine with the swords my only complaint is that they led that scene with all these guns showing. Here the viewer is being led to think it’ll be an epic shootout. So when the swords showed up, it broke all the momentum, suspense and intensity . It took me out of the story for a few seconds. Then I just found the scene funny. That was sad cuz overall everything was shot well and paced well. Sigh

    • V
      May 23, 2020 / 10:28 am

      This is how I felt exactly. I was all like, wait, what????

  10. Shen
    May 23, 2020 / 4:39 am

    I liked the idea of horses and swords. Both have been very central to the defense of South Korea and I suppose the fictional kingdom for a long time. I think they had the rest of the calvary on standby with guns and the armored trucks as a perimeter buffer but also LG wanted to do closeup combat as it’d be safer? Without bullets spraying around and unnecessary collateral? Also, he’d be up close with the henchmen of the Kingdom’s traitors. It’s very personal and even more so with TE right in the middle of it all.

    It was a good episode. My only gripe would be the 1.5 seconds of WDH we got. And don’t get me started on the trailer for tonight’s epi I CANNOT

  11. C.C
    May 23, 2020 / 10:24 am

    The logic gaps in the end scene is just beyond stupid omg. Agree with you about the sword fight. But beyond that, how can the whole freaking army be mobilised in the time it takes for her to make the call till she stumbles to the middle of the road (okay a truck just tried to run you into a pancake but sure, stand in the middle of the road still)? Let’s assume planes can fly and cars can speed, but how are the horses going to gallop from the stables over? Omg, I know you want things to look epic but there is only so much one can suspend belief for. This episode started okay enough but the ending is nothing short of godawful.

    • V
      May 23, 2020 / 10:35 am

      I did not even think about the horses galloping all the way from the stables, lol. Of course, they secured a huge transport for the horses and loaded them all up and then drove them really close to the point of interest and then unloaded them all and hopped on and charged into battle? 😂😂😂😂

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