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The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 11 Live Recap – Part 1

And we are back with Kingdom! Hopefully the doppleganger story line starts to take full effect of the narrative drive today. I won’t complain if Lee Rim is on my screen more, doing all his dastardly deeds.

Also, we are going live on this show now! So expect the posts to drop a lot earlier!


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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





A person drives a motorcycle up a dark street. It is Luna. She is being tailed by one of the detectives. The detective puts his alarm on and continues following her but then a dump truck hits the police car. 

She looks at it and is about to leave again, but then a car hits Luna! She goes tumbling to the ground and probably goes unconscious as well.

Then she wakes up with a cover over her eyes. Lee Rim walks up to her. She asks who he is, it sounds like you are bad guys. Lee Rim tells her that he rescued her from the police. Then he takes off her eye cover and says they are on the same side. 

He heard that she is famous underground and can do anything. That you have no house and live a low class life. You do not know your parents and live like trash, but to die also? Don’t you think your life is too harsh? Do you think you will have a chance for an organ transplantation.

She mutters something and says that he crossed the line, she usually grabs at the weakness not the pain. You are a thug, I am not going to be on your side. He chuckles and tells her that he has luck with people.

She manages to sit up. He drops Tae-euls ID on the ground. She asks what this is? Did you photoshoot my face to talk about BS? 

He explains, this is you in a different world. A different life than your life. But she is healthy and loved by her parents. He drops another photo that shows Tae-eul as a child with her parents. She looks at it and starts to think of what Seo-ryung asked her, you are not the same person, so are you a twin?

Lee Rim tells her that he is giving her this option. She mutters that this is good, everything is here and I am hurt.


A radio program talks about how the elder prince was found dead in his house and no one knows what happened. The police reported that the emperor will undergo all proper investigations for the case.

Lee Rim walks around the city while all the mourning is going on. White flowers are everywhere.


Cut to the Buddhist temple where all the palace and senators are mourning for the elder Prince. Gon is there and remembers all his happy memories with his Uncle from childhood up until the last time they met.

Seo-ryung is there at the funeral and looks at Gon. But for some reason she chuckles slightly. Secretary Kim tells her that she just smiled. She asks, did It?

After that, we go to Seo-ryung’s office or house where she mutters that seeing Lee Gon in despair was not bad. Her other secretary comes in and tells her that the KU Group’s head secretary came by two hours ago. He wanted me to deliver this to you.

Seo-ryung tells her to leave it there and allow her to rest a moment. So the secretary leaves it on her coffee table. But Seo-ryung immediately opens it as soon as the secretary leaves. On a note her ex-husband tells SR that his secretary team is good right? 

He shows the photos of Lee Rim as a young man still. She gasps. She also remembers her mother telling her that a person came by that looks exactly like Lee Rim when he was alive. Like he had a son.

Seo-Ryung wonders if her mother was right and then looks at the newspaper that is from Korea and wonders what is happening.



The roommate that killed her friend talks on the phone and says that she sent the 2G phone to herself because if it is refused twice then the post office will keep it. Now it should be delivered. Will you let me out?

The person on the line says yes, of course. The camera cuts to security footage of the prison on a dozen tv screens or more.

VO – When you are dead, you are automatically out


Tae-eul is in a beauty place looking lost (PPL). The people inside think she might be trying to steal something. But Tae-eul is actually on a stake out. She sees Jung-mi outside putting a woman in their van.

The lady inside asks her if they are abducting a person? Tae-eul says no, they are arresting someone and shows her badge. She also tells her that the product is moisturizing.


Nam is laying on a palette with an IV. She thinks about a memory with the elder Prince where she gave him clothing for New years day. He jokes about the King and how Nam has to keep him in line. She says it isn’t like that and starts to talk about the Prime Minister and how she is a foxy woman and not that pretty when you look at her closely. The Prince jokes that he knows.

Nam cries on her bed as she remembers him.


Gon is cooking in the kitchen and listening to the palace doctor talk about Nam. She is not sick, she is just in mourning and is sad. So he doesn’t have to worry. He also says a professor will come to the palace as soon as the funeral is over.

Gon doesn’t really respond so the doctor bows and lets himself out. Gon starts to cry and braces himself against the kitchen counter. Then he falls to the ground and cries against the counter. A soft song plays.


The song keeps playing in Korea. Tae-eul looks at the doll that Gon got for her and thinks about him showing up out of nowhere and telling her that he loves her. He kissed her, but then he disappeared.

TE – I knew that he was from a different world, he was from a different time. Maybe it should be a day that he decided a lot of things.

A petal from her bouquet falls on the ground.

In the present, she wonders, was I dumped like that? Nonsense. Noway, when he comes…

She goes to a coffee place and buys two coffees. Then she sits quietly and drinks them. Her CSI friend calls her and asks if she heard it? The roommate  commiteed suicide in jail.

Tae-eul is surprised, suicide?

Shin-jae shows up right then. The CSO person says that the power was out that day so there was no CCTV footage. Did you do anything harsh to her? I heard you came by. You know that it is rare for people to commit suicide in jail. Just be careful, you might have an investigation against you.

Tae-eul thanks her and hangs up. Then she tells Shin-jae that they killed the roommate to cut the trail. Lets go. SJ asks, where? Even if we go there, it is not our jurisdiction so we can’t investigate.

Tae-eul says they need to find Song Jung-hye first. We can go to the columbarium. Shin-jae asks who Song Jung-hye is? Tae-eul explains she is the mother of the kid whose burial place you went to.


They go to the columbarium and speak with a person who says that the boy does not have a guardian. The money for 5 year care come sin cash. TE says she did not think of this. Can I get the CCTV? Shin-jae sys they need the one in the parking lot, not the cemetery.

The ma walks away. TE says that he needs the CCTV for the cemetery also. You don’t know what she looks like. But he says that he knows what she looks like and remembers his flashback when he saw Song Jung-hye. He also asks who Lee Rim is. Tae-eul explains he is the person who brought you to this world.



The little boy is playing with a yo yo that lights up turquoise. Luna comes up to him. He tells her it is here. But she says she is not here for that. You can protect yours with that. You know where my car is, so you can have everything in it. But, can you give a meal to the cat Luna as well?

The boy asks if she is going to steal something? Luna asks if he thinks God exists? The boy nods. Luna says that she will get punished. She asks why the yoyo has a red string? He looks at it and says he connected it.

She asks where he learned how to say things like that and tells him to tie it again, it may break. He says okay, bye. She walks away. The camera zooms in on the red yoyo line tied around his finger.


A man says that the Prince died abandoning his own kid and always talking about the palace the palace, always the palace. He tries to put on his coat but throws it on the ground and talks about the royal family clothes and furniture. Then he asks Gon if he saw the report? A righteous and minimal life. Okay, he was righteous, but why did you put that he was minimalistic? You used him, an almost 80 year old man, to the end. My father is abandoned. He grabs a box and carries it out.

Flashback to the son talking to the elder Prince on the phone and how he wants to see him. But the elder Prince said that he cannot come into Korea at all. The son says that his father should not do this. Everything is inherited to the eldest, I am the #2 after you. Are you going to let Gon get all the money? His father says even if I die, you cannot come near.

In the present, the son asks, can I use this house as is? I am wrapping up my LA house. I will wrap up the hospital as soon as I come back. I should take care of the doctor of the palace and the foundation. You should announce everything at the same time.

Gon is quiet, but then speaks. 

Gon – Hyung-nim

Man – yes, King

Gon – You cannot come to the Kingdom.

Man – Emperor

Gon – Also, you will not be the next heir. The #2 in the Korea palace is your son.


Gon – You should leave after 49 days of the funeral. I will keep your dignity as a royal family member.

Man – HEY YOU…

Gon – is anyone outside?

Lots of men run inside.

Gon – Report everything to me about this son, until the end of he funeral. As soon as the 49 days ends, he should leave the country.

Gon walks out angrily, the man yells after and tries to follow him but the guards hold him back.


Gon goes to his courtyard that he likes to stare at. One of the guards says that the autopsy is done. Gon asks what the report is. A man says that the cause of death is strangling. He also found something that was in the body. It seems that someone forcefully put it inside the Prince after the death. The guards were all killed as well. The doctor bows and leaves.

Gon grips this thing (a ring?) in his hands and says that Lee Rim does not even plan on hiding or being hidden. He finally wants me to stand on my fathers and uncles blood. Lee Rim.

He throws the ring. But time stops again. So he grabs it in mid air and walks off. Everyone is stopped in the palace. Then they suddenly hop back to life. All the palace people are surprised to see him there.

The guard catches up to him. Gon tells him that he is going to leave the palace a little bit. You will not be able to contact me. Publicly, I will be in my study.

The head secretary comes and tells him that he has to see this. From today, this kind of news is spreading. Gon starts to finger through the computer. The woman says that this is all coming out at one time. The news is all about the empire hiding Gon’s secret trips. 

Gon thinks that Prime Minister Koo is pulling the leash to trap me. He asks the head secretary to call the prime minister, so she calls her right now. But the Prime Minister is on sick leave.

Gon tells them to find her and have her contact me. He heads out and tells the guard that he wants all the security footage of the Prime Minister.


Shin-jae throws the henchman driver on the ground in the alley and asks why he is following him. The henchman breaks a bottle and cuts Shin-jae. Shin-jae throws his wallet to him and says that he has his wallet and you also have something sharp that you cut me with and I am bleeding. So I am officially working now.

Shin-jae jump kicks the henchman. The henchman pulls out a knife and starts to fight Shin-jae with it. He is able to back Shin-jae into the wall. But he thinks that he shouldn’t kill him. Shin-jae punches him and drops him to the ground. He steps on the knife hand and asks who asked him not to kill me?

The henchman says there is someone like that who is always near you. He holds yo a cell phone and tells him if he lets him go then this will ring. If you catch me then it will not ring, ever.

Shin-jae asks, who pays that bill? The man chuckles and tells him that he can’t catch him anyway. Then a car shows up and picks the henchman up and they drive away. Shin-jae sees that the license plate is the same.

The man leaves the 2G phone


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