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The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 10 Live Recap – Part 2

The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 10 Live Recap - Part 2

This is part 2 for our recap for The King: Eternal Monarch!

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Shorthand Character Chart: The King the Eternal Monarch Character Chart

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Secretary Kim tells Seo-ryung that there was a gun fight. The Emperor is fine, but Captain Jo Young got shot. She asks, what about the real time search for the rebel Lee Rim, is that true?

Kim says that they have witnesses but they do not have evidence. The People think it is just a rumor. The Prime Minister thinks about what her mother said about a man who looked just like Lee Rim.

She wonders what is going on and tells her secretary to get whatever photos and videos are available. Call the palace as well. He hurries off to do that. Seo-ryung thinks that the Emperor is on the honest side.

Cut to The elder prince, he is having a coffee and starts to hear about everyone talking about the rebel Lee Rim. Two guards come in and tells the Prince that they have higher security right now. the Prince asks them what is going on.


Eun-seob is okay because he was wearing a bullet proof vest. So the bullet did not pierce the skin. But he still has damage to the tendons and muscle from the impact.

The doctor also says that head maid No is calling him every five minutes to see if he is okay. Gom says he is okay, do not worry. the doctor leaves.

So Eun-seob and Gon are left alone. ES tells him, if you are that worried, can you just feed me then? Gon asksk if he was really okay? You could have died, that was a real gun. ES asks what he could do, Yong told me to protect you with everything I have. He is protecting my siblings as well. So, am I really the best swordsman in the world?

Gon thanks him for protecting him.

Meanwhile, Lee Rim walks very cooly up a street to a closed terminal. he steps inside and walks up the tunnel. His right hand man runs to him to see if he is okay. he tells him that the entire country is shocked. The police and guards are after you.

Lee Rim says they will follow a 70 year old man, or a person who died 24 years ago? My nephew has now learned how important the things you saw are. The right hand man says that he should be careful, the old prince came by. He did not recognize me, he just randomly stopped by.

They keep walking, Lee Rim tells him that coincidence like that are actually fate. Don’t worry, good deeds doesn’t mean that you aren’t incompetent, their fate has no power. I am looking forward to the next meeting.


Young is checking an address on an alley. Then he hears a woman walking by who talks about a woman named Ji-hoon who used to be their maid. She did not recognize her at all. She mutters that you never know what will happen to people, maybe she is doing well, good for her.

it looks like this woman talking is Shin-jae’s mom. She keeps talking about Ji-hoon and how it is nice that her life is going well. They keep talking about that and how her kid was the same age are his kid Shin-jae. She used to pack similar clothing for him. But that is all in the past. 

Young takes a quick look at her and remembers her from the palace.


Young waits for Shin-jae at the hotel. Shin-jae comes there with Tae-eul. Tae-eul says that she came because she has to explain this science fiction and needs them both. So she starts to set up shop to explain everything and work it all out with them.

She turns one of the windows into a white board and draws a gate on the window and puts photos of each person up on it depending on if they are from Corea or Korea. They talk about how they have two phones and how some of them are hoping between worlds.

Shin-jae and Yong complain about which worlds law these people would be under. Young also tells Shin-jae that their world law applies to him as well. Tae-eul asks what they are talking about. They don’t tell her.

They both head out for coffee. She asks if they have something that she does not know about?


Nam finally sees Gon and is relieved to know that he is fine. he tells her that he and Captain Jo are both fine. He also says that he saw the Rebel Lee Rim, but he let him go. He was just like he was 25 years ago. He was not old at all.

She can’t believe that. So he says that it is hard to make her believe it so that is why he let him go. So you need to just wish for my good luck as a fighter. I will win.

He goes to his official office. The head secretary is there and tells him that the Prime Minister is on the phone. Gon tells her that he is okay. We can talk later. She says that she got the report that he was okay. I also think that you will be sad, so I will get to the point. People are talking about the conspiracy growing with the rebel Lee Rim. Is it really Lee Rim, or is it one of Lee Rim’s people?

Gon sighs, he asks her if she started to ride horses yet? The horses leash should stay between the horse and the rider. it should not be taken by someone else. What happened today is not only about the empire or my personal thing, it is terrorism. 

As written in the history books, rebel Lee Rim was killed after the coup. I found the rest of them after 25 years and chased them out. So I am telling you, Prime Minister, do not pull the leash and do not use honesty as a weapon. I hope that you only think about the people. he hangs up and tells his head secretary that he is ready for the public briefing. He asks her if what he told her is enough.

The head secretary goes out and briefs the public and all the press. the press wants to know about lee Rim, is he still around. The head secretary says their answer is the same as 25 years ago. He does not exist anymore. The King found the rest of the rebels. 

Another question is why the rebels showed up now? The secretary tells them that as the speaker of the palace, she does not care about what the rebels think. They will follow them and punish them.



Tae-eul talks to the roommate about the two phones that she has. The roommate says that she does not know what she is talking about. Tae-eul pulls out the phone and says this is yours isn’t it? The roommate looks nervous.

Tae-eul says that this phone has something that no one should hear, but your roommate heard it, so that is why you killed her, isn’t that right? Who gave you this phone?

She still says that she does not know. 

Meanwhile, the driver henchman drives around. He is in front of the prison and sees Shin-jae and Tae-eul walking out. He puts his car in reverse and hurries off. Shin-jae notices him. Tae-eul does not. She asks him if he is listening to her?

Shin-jae thinks about the car that was following him earlier. He says this car looks familiar to him. He gos off and looks on the computer for the car, but he cannot remember the license plate number. But the captain remembers it. 

So they are able to try and get some information on it. The results will come in soon. The Captain tells him to work with Jang-mi (Rose) and the Captain heads out to go off to meet someone. The other officer runs off and asks him who he is meeting, the captain says loneliness. The officer pesters him out.


Several cars drive into a private residence. This is the residence of the elder Prince. Several men sit ont he ground, they are all politicians and they are all complaining about the Prime Minister. The Prince is reluctantly listening to them.

They all think they have rebels because of the Prime Minister and they worry about the Kings safety and all that. They think the real terrorism is what happened to the senator (his scandal). They think this is a good chance for the elder Prince to say something about worrying about this situation.


Then a person runs in and tells him that the Emperor is here. Gon comes walking in. The Prince and he go off to talk. The Prince tells him not to misunderstand. Gon says he does not and asks about the Princes kids.

The Prince says he finished his residence and is doing well. Gon asks, do you think I will do well also? He tells him that Lee Rim is still alive so he is going to leave to go outside the palace. When I meet him, I might not be in the Kingdom of Korea. So you need to be in the palace and be safe.

The Prince tells him not to chase Lee Rim by himself, you should not. Gon tells him that he knows what he is worrying about. Do not worry, I will protect myself, you should also protect yourself, that is the Kings order. Gon says he will.


Shin-jae gets word of the car. it was filled as missing. Tae-eul tells him to sit and eat. She asks if he thinks the first time he followed them was the BBQ place? Why do you think they came to the jail? Shin-jae asks for her to tell him about the world she went to. The science fiction world.

Tae-eul tells him that she went only for one day. it was the Kingdom of Korea. The train goes all the way to Pyongnam. The capitaol is Busan and they have an emperor who is loved by the citizens. I went to the police station. The uniform and cars are all different, but it was nice to see our team leader and sunbae there. They were still police in that world. And I went to see you hyungnim. But I did not see you. You were not at the police station or in your hometown. Did you become a chaebol? Maybe you lived in another country. Good for you.

He says, it is because I was here. She asks, huh? He tells her that they should eat. We have to go somewhere together.

They go to the cemetery and looks at little Lee Gon’s memorial place. He tells her that he knows what she is chasing. Tae-eul starts to explain who this kid is. Shin-jae says he knows who he is. That is why I came here, because I know the reason you did not see me int he other world.

SJ – Do you know why I became a police officer? One day when someone asked me who I was? I wanted to have a gun in my hand.

TE – What are you talking about? Who are you, hyungnim?

SJ – We shared a name with an unknown named guy

TE – What? That guy without an identity told you his name?

SJ – No, I called him the name I remembered. Lee Gon. It was right. He was here, next to you. The reason you did nto find me in that world was because – me, Kang Shin-jae,  I don’t know who I am yet.

TE – *wipes tears* You were here hyungnim? 

SJ – Do you think that was right? Can you welcome me?

She hugs him and squeezes him tightly. He sheds a lonely tear.



Seo-ryung meets with her ex-husband again to chat. He asks how she knew? You asked me to find the rest of the remainder of the rebels, but the rebel is still actually alive. Lee Rim, its a hot topic.

SR – Watch your mouth.

Ex – You are careful, so it must be real

SR – All the video footage is gone. Can you find it? Do you think your secretary team is that good?

Ex – What are you going to do? Catch the rebel or bcome the rebel

SR – Just tell me if you can or not.

Ex – Can I leave early if I do? How about the begining of spring?

SR – In our countries history, there is no early release in February. Unless it is an execution order. What about General Lee’s birthday? 

Ex – April is too far. What about the day the frogs wake up in March?

SR – You just stay here. *gets up to leave*

Ex – Okay, I will find it and enjoy it myself *starts singing frog song*

SR – Okay, frog day. So when?

Ex – I will call you. I will torture my secretary team about it. *he stands and walks away singing the frog song*


The Prince goes to his study. But he hears something and looks at his desk. Lee Rim turns around, he is covered in blood. it is splattered all over his clothes and face. 

The Prince says, you! How come you look the same! Lee Rim tells him, you shouldn’t be so surprised, you knew that I did not die. You have known this the longest.

The Prince calls outside and asks if anyone is out there? Lee Rim says, I killed them all. Don’t be surprised, I am here to get what belongs to me. He holds his ring.

The Prince tells him to put it down, that is the emperors ring that we should not have! Lee Rim says he is the oldest son! My mother was not the first wife so that is why I am not King now. He puts the ring on his finger. The Prince tells him no! We should not want it!

Lee Rim stands and asks, we? Then he holds the Prince by the neck and pushes him agains the wall. He says that they cannot be we. The person who can kill you at anytime, can that be we?

Lee Rim keeps holding his neck and says that he is going to strangle his nephew like this and take his pipe. I will be the one with the complete pipe. I do not know how many worlds I can open with it. To do that, my nephew needs to be in despair and broken. I hope my nephew loses someone again. You, hyung-nim.

He kills him, the Prince sinks to the ground. Lee Rim kneels next to him.

Rim – Do not be too sad. You expected this right? You are a smart man. He walks out.


The little boy who is a mustery, is reading King Arthur. It is raining and Lee Rim walks right by him. Lee Rim’s face is glowing where the blood is.

Rim – Why aren’t you surprised?

Boy – Because I am curious. I dont’ like blood. Did you fight someone?

Rim – I am fighting now them now. It is a long way. What are you reading?

Boy – King Arthur. The story where the boy with Royal blood pulled the sword out of the stone and became the King.

Rim – Only royal blood becomes the king? That is a bad story. It is not Royal blood, but the person that can use the swod well shoul dpull it out.

Boy – What if a bad person pulls it out? Not a just person?

Rim – Being “just” does not make the sword. What the sword makes is justice

Boy – In your world, things are changed a lot. Be careful, I wonder how the story ends.

The boy keeps reading.


Tae-eul brings Young a lot of side dishes to eat just in case he hasn’t had any in a while. He sits with her and asks if she can look at this item. it is a cell phone. He asys he can’t search anything.

She tells him that she gave it to the emperor and asks if the wifi works? Young says that once she sees it, she will know. She opens it and sees that all the search words are


what search

want to know





right now



(It basically says, Do you want to know what I have searched, the emperor never leaves a trace. Right now, work or day to day.) Then the King starts voicing over.

VO – Now, work or day-to-day life, while I stayed in your world it was always blue because of Inspector Jung Tae-eul.

Tae-eul asks, so you survived without erasing it? She erases it and then tells Young that he can search now. He says, I thought you would keep it. She says that she memorized it, because I should not have too much evidence. There should not be a trace of someone from the other world in this world.

He says, do you know that you are the only person that can erase what the Emperor wrote without permission. Can you do that?

She asks what?

He tells her, after we catch Rebel Lee Rim, can you live in two different worlds and hop back and forth between them? The Emperor is the emperor of the country, he should meet someone who will become the empress. Can you be the empress of the Kingdom of Korea and leave everything behind? Can you keep two different world a secret forever?

She thinks about this.



Gon is in his palace thinking about Tae-eul. he holds his hands in his face as he thinks about her. But then the head secretary comes in and kneels with tears in her eyes. He stands and asks what happened? She sobs, the old Prince….but she can’t finish it.


They have the funeral for the old Prince. Gon gets off of the Kings airplane and sadly walks down the steps. The head secretary helps Nam walks down the steps of the airplane. Gon is saluted by all the official people and the military.

Nam passes out. The head secretary holds her. Gon stoically looks on. Sadness is all around.


Tae-eul waters her plants from the other world and tells them, the sun was good this afternoon. It was good. Just in case you worked hard today, I expected you might sprout and was in a hurry to come home.

She looks out the window to the courtyard of the complex.

Her eyes settle on Gon who is looking at her just outside the gate. He is wearing his official prince attire.

She runs out of her house to be with him. She stops at the entrance to the gate. He walks up to her and stops a few feet away. They look at each other.

Gon – You, how have you been?

TE – this time, you are late.

Gon – I came from far away. *looks at flowers he is holding* Actually, II realized that I never even gave you any flowers. So I crossed the universe.

She takes a step towards him, but then steps back. He takes two steps closer to her and puts the flowers in her hand.

Gon – But, I have to go back right now.

TE – *grips his arm* Go back?

Gon – Yes, I did not even tell you this – I love you, so much.

He leans in and kisses her. She holds back tears. He also lets one single tear fall. She holds his hand that is on her face.

Then she opens her eyes. Her tear is still falling. Huh, maybe it never happened?

VO – In one moment, you will start to think that I disappeared in front of your eyes. Even so, do not worry too much. I just stopped time.

He has disappeared in front of her somehow. she still has the flowers. She starts to cry. She is a really good cryer. She falls to the ground and cries and grips the flowers.


Aw, I liked this goodbye. The world building does leave me scratching my head though. How can he just disappear like that? I thought someone had to go through the gate for that to happen. So maybe Lee Rim went through the gate and it was just perfect timing? I am going to go with that for now. 

Can I just say how much I love how evil Lee Rim is. And this might just be because the actor is pulling it off so well. But I just love him. His presence on the screen is aces for me.

Meanwhile, Tae-eul has had some kind of lobotomy. I do not understand her character at all. I do like this softer more vulnerable starry eyed crying Tae-eul more than the other version from the opening episodes, though. If she was like this the entire time, then I might be more into this love story.

A “need rescuing” character might annoy me in the begining, but in this kind of story, it feels okay. Plus, if she was the kind of character who did not have a backbone and ended up getting one through the course of this show, and does not need rescuing in the end (maybe she becomes the rescuer!) then that is a heroine to root for.


English Translation

TE – Lee Gon, it is me, Jung tae-eul?

TE – I am going to the South. I will be there soon, because I am always going there.

TE – With this….find me….*her hand is all bloody*

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  1. Jane M
    May 16, 2020 / 3:19 pm

    Oh – this episode broke me into little pieces, so my comment might be somewhat incoherent. We know at least one of our beloved characters will not make it to the end of this show, and when Eun Seob was shot I burst into tears. I had completely forgotten about the bulletproof vest and thought he was dead. It took me most of the rest of the episode to calm down. And the scene between Tae Eul and Shin Jae that ended with Shin Jae asking her if she could welcome him? That was brilliant. Even in translated English subtitles, it was brilliant. I am going to have to learn Korean to watch this in the writer’s actual words. Anyway, lots of hints of the darkness to come. Now I don’t want this show to end. Oh – and in the legend of King Arthur, Morgan Le Fey seduces Merlin the wizard in order to gain his powers, and she is then largely the person who destroys Camelot. Could the Prime Minister be the Morgan Le Fey of this story? Heading off to watch these 2 episodes over again. Heck, it’s raining here and I’m practicing social distancing so maybe I’ll watch the whole series over from the beginning!

    • No Longer a K-Drama Newbie
      May 16, 2020 / 5:45 pm

      I too panicked when i saw EunSob on the floor, i noticed it in the trailer yesterday and called my sister immediately to panic. I don’t want any of our faves to die. It just never occured to me that it was even possible to lose one of them. i didnt know how Lee gon would explain it to Tae Eul if he had really died.

      I was expecting the heartbreaking parts to occur in episode 12 – because that where things generally happen in dramaland but this was 2 episodes earlier and i was caught completely off guard by the death scare.

      The Prime Minister is greedy and i fear she will take a deal from Lee Rim to become queen if she is offered it.

  2. No Longer a K-Drama Newbie
    May 16, 2020 / 5:36 pm

    I did not expect this episode to be as heavy as it was by the end.

    I have so many thoughts but I’ll just say that Lee Min-Ho truly has the gravitas for this role.
    Everything about him in the this weeks episodes carried so much weight, his voice, movement and expressions.
    I felt all his anger, angusih, loneliness and pain – My heart breaks for Lee Gon, he is so lonely and i want him to be comforted but he doesnt even have Jo Young by his side.

    Next week looks like it will be painful too.
    I guess I need to strap in and stock up on tissues.

  3. Victoria
    May 16, 2020 / 7:54 pm

    Why does it feel like The Eul was the shooter in EP 1. From the preview, it seems she travelled to the past or something.

  4. Clara Chan
    May 16, 2020 / 11:07 pm

    I wonder if the parallel worlds was a result of that special item being split into 2 at the very beginning and then somehow the world’s merge back to one so they can be together. I agree too that it would have been if Tae Eul’s character wasn’t so snarky at the beginning. I feel like the love story was added in to try to create a romance but the original story was probably just the parallel worlds. They development of their feelings isn’t very well written. Leemin and goeun are doing the best they can, just that the script doesn’t make for a good, believable love story

  5. Anonymous
    May 17, 2020 / 1:47 am

    Waahhh so much hugging, kissing, missing and loving in these 2 episodes alone!! I love Gon and Tae-Eul, all scenes were beautiful and I’m rooting for them to be together, but I agree… the script was so abrupt for their love story that it’s not convincing how their feelings were developed… from 0 to 1 (no pun intended hehe). It went from “I’m so annoyed with you, leave me alone you delusional unidentified guy” to “Hey come down in 10 minutes I’ll drop by your hotel and Oh, I love you” *drove off… to *waiting at night alone randomly deep inside the bamboo forest, crying heavily that she’s missing him. They rarely spend time together. Tae-Eul was out working and busy doing stake-out, only met him for a short time when he was in Korea, most of the time she wasn’t nice to him… how come he really deeply is in love with her? Did he fall in love with her since seeing her foto in the ID? If so, I think it’s strange how a little boy (5-7 years old?) growing up staring at a grown up foto of Tae-Eul and determined to make her his Queen? Shouldn’t his expectation be meeting a grandma Lieutenant Tae-Eul 25 years later lol but instead when he meets a not-aged Tae-Eul he told her he loves her. Aw’ight, I’ll stop… I should not be too logical, it’s a Korean drama… it’s supposed to be dreamy 🙂 🙂

    I’m also loving Lee Min Ho’s acting in these 2 episodes! His facial expression, eye gaze and voice carry the weight as a King. I can feel his anger, heartbreak, pain, despair, loneliness… So sad when his uncle died 🙁 The Secretary who delivered the news was good too…. I was teary just to watch how she couldn’t continue her sentence…. 🙁

    Eun-Seob, yessss!!! He’s the man of his word! He was told to protect the Kind with his life and he did…. wahhh loyalty and courage right there. I love all of his clumsiness in Corea where the King has to cover up for him, hahaha Hahaha the scene between Jo Yeong and his little sister cracks me up! So so cute 🙂 I always forgot that Eun-Seob and Yeong is the same person!!

    So my question around why Lee Rim waited for 25 years before making a move is sorta answered partly… because he lived “near the edge”, when Gon told Tae-Eul said one day there could be 2 months outside, so he hid there prolly for “only” a few months, but in our time it’s been 25 years.

    Interesting how Gon’s King’s Speech said white rat is the god of direction and time……… I read elsewhere that Rat year tends to bring disaster and turbulence (2008 Financial Crisis was Rat year!) and this year because it’s Rat year, we are all now living like a rat…. in lockdown!

    • V
      May 17, 2020 / 12:52 pm

      I love Eun-seob and Young. The actor playing them is doing an amazing job because I have actually started seeing them as two completely different people!

  6. Jane M
    May 18, 2020 / 9:26 am

    Do you think Chairman Chae, the prime minister’s ex-husband, is working for Lee Rim? She threatens him regarding a tunnel project being fishy – could that be the tunnel Lee Rim is seen entering?

  7. JAnne
    May 19, 2020 / 1:57 am

    The old lady Noh in the Kingdom of Corea is Tae Eul. (I’m probably wrong) Tae Eul chased after Lee Gon after the kiss. But when she got through the portal she timed traveled instead and ended up in the past. Lee Gon wasn’t born yet. If you notice the gun she was holding in the preview, it was an old school revolver. When she was calling the palace she can’t get through because Lee Gon did not exist yet.

    The book Lee Gon took from the Republic of Korea was written by Tae Eul-lady Noh. The person who “stole” Tae Eul’s ID is the old lady herself. There was a little piece in episode 10 when lady Noh was reading from the book. It sounded like a narration of Tae Eul always waiting for Lee Gon by the Gate. Also when the prime minister asked lady Noh what type of women the king was into, lady Noh asked the prime minister if the king has ever cried in front of her. For some reason, this serves as a tiny clue towards the end of episode 10 when Lee Gon kisses Tae-Eul and tears fell from his eyes (tears fell from both their eyes). This may also serve as a farewell after defeating Lee Lim and when Lee Gon comes out of that “time void space”, it is all too late-Tae Eul has aged significantly.

    No matter how much he tried to go back in the past to try and change the future he will always have the same end result-young king and aged Tae-Eul. Hence, Lee Gon puts the two halves flute, plays a tune and every being is placed in the correct universe and everything is placed in the correct sequence of time. Lee Gon will serve as the King of Corea and Tae Eul will stay as a Detective in the Republic of Korea and who knows, maybe instead of Shin Jae-Tae Eul’s partner in crime- is Lee Gon’s Doppler ganger. I feel like the series will still end in a happy note.

    The Lee Gon that showed up in Tae-eul’s front yard is the Lee Gon from the future. He had spent so much time in that “odd in between space”, until he finally realized that it was all too late. The ending in episode 10 may be their last farewell. It may be the time, Lee Gon ends their long distance relationship. He timed traveled back in the past to let her know his deepest love for her.
    The flowers Lee Gon gave Tae Eul was the flowers she planted in that time void space.

    Lady Noh is the Future Tae-Eul And Luna is the “exhausted-looking everywhere for Lee Gon” Tae Eul.
    Tae Eul and Lee Gon had never met in the present, it was either in the future or past. If I’m right that lady Noh is Tae Eul, then the only time they have or will ever meet in the present is in the palace. The little red envelopes that Lady Noh keeps placing in Lee Gon’s clothing serves as reminder of Tae-Eul.

    And remember when Lee Gon cooked for Tae-Eul and he said, he cooked that meal for one and only one person and didn’t want to tell her. It was her whom he cooked that meal for. Perhaps Lee Gon already knew or had already ran that episode in their life once twice or many times before. Which make sense because when he went to war Lee Gon was so eager to get the war over with and was so determined that they will win.
    Did you also notice towards the end of the episode when all of a sudden there were sooooo many red balloons. I think Lee Gon kept going back and kept changing the past in hopes for a different future. The balloons represents the number of times Lee Gon had gone back to try to fix and solve “it”.

    Some may say that the love development between the two doesn’t make sense and someone may ask, “the development of their love” doesn’t make sense. How can their feeling develop so fast or how can they miss each other so much when it seemed like they did even spend enough time together to develop that kind of deep emotional love. Maybe they did!! Each time he goes back and try to fix the past, he falls more deeply in love with her and the longing and yearning becomes greater. Hence the scene at the end of episode 10.

    If you also watch the end of episode 1, when they finally meet. The way Lee Gon looked at her feels like, that was not the first time he met her. When he said, I finally met you. Maybe he meant, “with many times that I have traveled back in time, I finally got the time right! I finally met the Tae-Eul in the right year-2019!”

    • Jane M
      May 19, 2020 / 8:42 am

      I love this, although it will be so bittersweet if it is true! I wondered, too, if the number of red balloons might indicate the number of times Lee Gon had entered the in between space. I remember the heart-breaking separations of the lovers in Goblin, which was also written by this author, were. She specializes in dramatic relationships. Bravo for this well-reasoned interpretation!

    • V
      May 23, 2020 / 12:20 pm

      Okay, this theory sounds pretty cool!

  8. Jswright
    May 19, 2020 / 9:48 pm

    I’ll go with Lee Gon from the future meets Tae-eul of 2020 maybe she dies in 2020 and he comes to see her before she dies and does everything he didn’t do and say before she dies. She’s distraught because he’s coming back later than before and she’s feeling like this is the last time.

    The voice in ep 11 preview sounds like Luna. By now she’s died her hair and maybe she is going to die which if timed right the cop Tae-eul/Luna will live
    Remember Lee Gon wants to meet her, and she’s supposedly dying

    • V
      May 23, 2020 / 12:17 pm

      I think you might be right!

  9. May 25, 2020 / 6:19 am

    do you guys happen to know what the poem that was recited on this episode while lee gon crossed worlds?

    • V
      May 25, 2020 / 2:05 pm

      OH, no sure about that. Does anyone else know?

  10. Tk
    June 1, 2020 / 11:16 pm

    Honestly I am surviving just because of the fact that its lee min ho and at this point of time I am only excited about lee rim final destination and joyoung/eunsob and shin jae.. I have never been soo out of it watching a drama that kept me falling asleep and soo confuse almost for the entire series now. Especially JTE is so confusing.. Might as well delete all the romance thing, it might be a better story because it feels so out of place and sometimes out of nowhere she is crying and all. I am all about fantasy/romance/super melo story but merlin’s beard.. this to me is just ridiculous i cant even feel in what universe suddenly this JTE loveeee him to death.

    I just want to quickly finish this thing as I have alrd started and the actors did their best. I wanted to rewatch as I normally like rewatching drama with my fav actors/character but to think i have to go through this drama again nope.. I will pass. I will just watch other lee min ho drama and hopefully he get a deserving drama next time because he is great. Such a pity the script is just so messy.

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