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The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 10 Live Recap – Part 1

The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 10 Live Recap - Part 1

Y’all, reading comments about this show are equally if not more fun than actually watching it. People are hilarious. Though this show is still cool for me so we are continuing with it even when droves of people are dropping it left and right. So if you are still sticking with it, then come hand out with uuuuuusss!

For today’s episode, they need to explain what in the world happened at the ending. How did Lee Rim get through all the guards at that gate? Is there something going on that we don’t know about? Answer: yes.

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Shin-jae is eating at a ddukboki street stand and thinking about eating with Tae-eul a ddukbogi bar in high school.

He tells his psychiatrist it felt like a long long dream. It was the first time in his life seeing that big of a house with a gate and a couch and filled with his mothers smell. 

He says it can be just a dream. What is the reason you think it was not a dream? He says it is because it looks like someone who came from another world. Do I sound delusional? 

She tells him it is not about his nightmare, what about the pretty dream you had? 

Then we see Shin-jae and Tae-eul together, she suddenly showed up next to him on the street near the ddukboki place. He asked her why she was here on her vacation. he asked her why she is here when it is not a vacation day. She asks why he did not pick up the phone, I waited for you so many days.

He tells her that she has so much time to waste. He asks the ddukboki person how much his food costs. Tae-eul asks if he would like to hear the science fiction she was telling him about.

He says next time. Then she tells him that a person is still alive. It is a person from one of their cases, Lee Sang-do. She tells him that he has two cellphones and the roommate has two cell phones as well. There is another world where people have two faces. I went there.

She continues and says there is crime going on between these two worlds. We cannot report it. You are the only one that can help me.

He tells her, that is not science fiction, it is illusion. There are no two worlds. Wake up. He walks away.


Gon stands suddenly from his chair and looks at Lee Rim in the video. he thinks that this makes no sense. Does he spend time in there? It is 10 days until the new moon. Only five hours. Another think I missed is the place I know how often he comes.

He takes off to the in-between place with his horse and is galloping through it. No Ok-nam reads a poem.

VO – I will wait at sunset at the door. The shadow where the early morning bird cries. The world becomes white or quiet.

Tae-eul walks to the bamboo forest. It is dark out. She looks at it for a moment, but then turns to leave. But then the balloon floats out and she hears galloping.

VO – Since the bright morning, looking at the traveler passing by.

Tae-eul is shocked.

VO – Is it you, is it you?

She starts to cry and says, you came, you just came? He gets off his horse and runs to her, she runs to him, they embrace in the middle.

Gon – You were waiting here?

TE – *sobbine* You came.

Gon – Not completely came. I missed you so much. I just wanted to hear your voice becasue I was dying without seeing you.

TE – My voice?

Gon – I wanted to just call you from a phone booth

He shows her coins that he has to call her. She smiles and they hug again.


The head secretary is talking to Nam about where the King is. She is a bit worried because the Emperor needs to make the new Years speech. It is important! Nam tells her not to worry, just do what we did last year. He will be back by New Years. The secretary frets because New Years is two days away.

But then Gon comes into the room and they both stand. He asks if he is back at the right time? If New Years day is tomorrow or after tomorrow, then I am right.

They tell him it is the day after tomorrow so he sighs and says that he made it. He mutters that he lost track of counting time. The head secretary wonders what is going on, did you have some kind of affair?

Gon says it is more like smuggling someone in. See you tomorrow.



Young hands Tae-eul a note in the chicken place. He says he is going to drink and leave. She apologizes for having him spend New Year away from home. He asks about her, she says not to make Eun-bi angry, you will not win. 

Young says he is worried that she follows him around too much (his little sister). Tae-eul tells him happy new year. He says the same and heads out.

She stays and drinks some more.


Young is at home and has to withstand wearing colorful outfits for New Years. His mother is putting it on him. His little sister comes in and looks at him. Then she says, umma, he is not my brother! The mother is all like, huh? How is he not your brother?

The sister says to look at him closely! Something that does not exist exists! Then the little brother comes in with a gun so Young has to run and grab it from him quickly. He tells the mom that it was a souvenir for discharging from the army.

The mother does not believe the daughter and tells everyone to get ready, properly. Young sighs and wonders how the power of a 7 year old can be so powerful in the Republic of Korea.


Tae-eul and her team sit outside the police department on the steps. They all complain about it because they have to do it on New Years day. Rose says that he likes it because of the morning sun. He feels like it is definitely the violent crimes team.

They keep complaining and talking. Then they see Shin-jae coming walking up. Shin-jae greets them and says he is back. The Captain is all like, yeah, you had a good vacation, okay lets get back to work. He tells Tae-eul to tell him about the cell phone, he is ready to hear it now.


Gon gives his New years speech inside an official building in Corea. He talks about the “+” symbol and how it can be for adding for some people, for others it is for a cure and for someone it is braveness against facing fate. 2020 is the year of the strong white rat. The rat is the first animal in he zodiac. It is also the god of direction and time. I will support all he citizens steps in 2020. Happy New Year.

Eun-seob claps happily and says he is so cool even all the way from here!


Elsewhere, the Prime Minister asks Nam what the Emperors Ideal woman is. Nam tells her that she needs context. She says it seems like the emperor is busy. Nam says that the Prime Minister should also be busy. 

Nam thinks she only has one year. Seo-ryung says one year is enough. She got married and divorced in one year. If you help me then that would be enough. What will soften or break his heart.

Nam says that people often ask what will make his heart beat, but you are asking me what will break his heart? That is a violent kind of love. Have you seen our emperor smiling in front of you at least once? That is the reason I will not help you.

Cut to the Prime Minister telling Gon that this was a good speech. They are wlking thorugh this official building. She asks if he supports her and her direction? He says he hopes that she knows her directions.

Hs phone rungs so Eun-seob asks if he should take it? Gon tells him to lower his voie and asys it is Jo Young. Everyone looks at them strangely. So Gon has to tell everyone that he likes it when Young lowers his voice nd picks up the phone.

So Eun-seob picks up the phone and says, it is Jo Young. They both go to the police department. The officers there are surprised to see the King and stand quickly.


Luna feeds a cat outside and thanks it for its name. Then she says that cats name is in the records. She tells it not to get chased or caught and live a long long time.

Cut to the police department. The chief tells Gon that this person is Luna, she was in jail and is out now. It is an early release. The reason is because she has a terminal life. Gon says that if it is possible, I would like to see her. And if possible, please report everything directly to me. Also, I need information about this person.

It looks like that is the restaurant person. That person is a rebel and died in Corea. So Gon realizes that they are stealing peoples lives.



Seo-ryung writes “Do what you think is right, right away” on a lantern and then sends it flying in the air along with dozens of others. Gon sees them going up and whispers, Happy New Year Jung Tae-eul.

Then the time stops. He says, finally, and takes off walking. He rides his horse to the entrance. They did not see anyone pass for 17 days. Gon wonders what he missed. He thinks that Lee Rim should also have guards on the other side, are our gates different? This was a wasted effort.

One of the guards apologizes. Gon asks if we have a shortcut to the beach? The guard tells hi that they have a hidden route. So Gon tells all the guards to go to Haeundae, let’s all leave right now.


Seung-ah is in the palace communications room talking to Gon about uploading what he prepared. So she is set to upload it to the official SNS.

The SNS is that the Emperor is going to Haeundae. 

All the people gather around and look at him riding in on his horse. Gon looks for Lee Rim. But he passes him unseen. Then he turns his horse around and walks it up to Lee Rim.

Lee Rim also turns around. They both stare at each other.

Gon – Rebel. Lee Rim!

Gon – Do you remember my voice?

Rim – I remember.

Flashback to their phone conversation.

Rim – Yes, my nephew, it is me.

Gon – You are really alive.

Rim – Yes, I was waiting for your phone call. After I lost my chance in that world. I waited my entire life in the other world.

Gon – Just wait a little more. I will find you.

Rim – You sound like an Emperor for the first time. Come find me, nephew, you said a live person is dead, so why don’t you make a dead person, alive. I am looking forward to the confusion.

In Haeundae, Rim looks at Gon and Gon looks at Rim. Then all the palace officers show up and surround Gon. 

Pandemonium happens pretty quickly, guns are pulled, hostages are taken. A gun is fired, Eun-seob runs in front of Gon to save him from it, he gets shot. Several people get cut. Rim gets away.

Gon tells his palace guards to get all the people out of here (what? You told them to be there) and tells him to stop them from posting it on social media or the news or anywhere.


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