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The Joker Dominates Korean Box Office

Joaquin Pheonix in The Joker dominates Korean box office
Joaquin Pheonix in The Joker dominates Korean box office

There is no more controversial movie out right now than The Joker. I have not seen it yet, but I have heard good things, especially because it is described as if holding a funhouse mirror to our current society that makes it uncomfortable to look at at times.

Well, this movie has hit a cultural impact in Korea with many Korean people sympathizing with The Joker and actually thinking that society is basically driving them to be in the situation that the Joker finds himself in in the film. If it wasn’t for drinking after work, many people think that they could easily slip into insanity. I mean, people actually said that. What a depressing and yet captivating take on a movie that only recently opened! Just like your society you say? You sympathize?

I must see this movie. For one, I love Joaquin Pheonix. He is exceptional in his craft. For two, the opening weekend made $93.5 million domestic dollars. I mean, that is a bonafide success story when right before airing everyone was talking about boycotting it due to its take on mental health issues and violence. Um, have they watched Batman movies before? That is the Jokers modus operandi.

Outside of America, Korea has the next highest box office for The Joker. In Korea, The Joker garnered 1 million viewers in the first 3 days and 2.2 million viewers in the first 5 days, it is currently owning the box office and will possibly only clime as Wednesday is Hangeul Day, a holiday in Korea.

I have heard that this movie is smart, well paced, very well acted, and overall a tour de force that shines a spotlight on society that many people don’t want to light. This is especially powerful because it is an art house comic book film that shattered the record for opening weekend numbers becoming the 4th biggest R rated opening weekend movie of all time (Deadpool 1 & 2 and It Chapter 1 are ahead of it).

We plan on watching this mostly due to all the controversy as well as the Korean box office for it and of course for all the acclaim that people who have seen it are showering on it. Has anyone seen it yet? Tell us, did you like it?

Joaquin Pheonix in The Joker dominates Korean box office
Joaquin Pheonix in The Joker dominates Korean box office
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