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The Great Seducer Live Recap Episodes 31 and 32 Final

Live Recap for the Korean Drama The Great Seducer / Tempted, episode 31 and 32
That last episodes ending was just crazy sauce with sprinkles on top. Why is KY’s father suddenly showing up and angrily forcing KY to get the marriage back on? Why did KY think it was a good idea to call SJ’s brother to come reign terror on a girl and her boyfriend when HJ already told her mother how violent he was? Why was SJ’s brother so psycho? And how can a super bloody half conscious person walk through a diamond level hotel and not be stopped by anyone?!? I guess we will find out today. (Haha, just kidding! We won’t.)

Whatever the case, thank you for recapping this amazingly WTF show with us! It’s been a lot of fun despite the storyline (or maybe because of the storyline?). ^_^

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Eun Tae-hee – TH | Kwon Si-hyun – SH | Choi Suzy – SZ | Lee Se-ju – SJ | Ko Kyung-ju – KJ | Lee Ki-young – KY | Park Hae-jung – HJ | Seol Young-won – YW | Kwon Suk-woo – SW | Myung Mi-ri – MR | Jung Na-yoon – NY | Oh Se-ri – SR | Cho Gun Gun-sook

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SH punches the living S out of KY until he is pulled off by SJ’s brother. SJ’s brother has SH’s hands tied behind his back so he can’t move. KY yells at SH, he is the one that played first, someone like him shouldn’t love TH, how angry will TH be? Should I ask her?

He moves to grab the phone.

Cut to TH. She is outside and picks up the phone. KY talks to her like everything is fine. TH says HJ called her, KY says everything is fine, he sent her home nicely. SH yells not to listen to him. KY says he is giving SH a lesson, what should he do, he will do anything she wants him to.

TH tells oppa that this is bad news, he will be in troble, don’t do anything, she will take care of it, it is none of your business. KY keeps talking about how he can handle it. Th wants him to stop. KY hangs up and steps on SH’s leg. SH hollers in pain.

TH puts the phone down in consternation and then runs to catch a taxi. She gets one right away.

Cut back to the clubhouse. SH is super bloody. SJ’s brother wants to go home. TH shows up right away. SH is all tied up with his arm behind his back. TH tells KY that this is too much, it is a crime. KY says this isn’t a crime. TH asks if they hit him with the golf club. They say it was just a threat becaues he didn’t listen to them. Th rolls her eyes and goes to see SH who is super bloody.

SH tellt Th to call the cops? He stands up to kind of hug her possibly, maybe to release his hands. but then he gets hit away by KY or SJ. A fight breaks out as SH and the other two fight. KY goes absolutely crazy and picks up the golf club and starts swinging it wildly at SH, but SH dodges it masterfully. TH tries to cover SH so SH tries to protect her. KY hits SH hard in the head and he falls to the ground. The other guys ran away.

SH and the boyfriend go to the hospital. SH goes to surgery. TH is with him, but she is left outside the surgery doors.

Everything hits her at one moment and she starts crying alone in the hallway.
KY’s father calls him and asks him what he did with JK? There lawfirm is all shaken now! KY says he is going there right now.

Cut to KY at SZ’s house. She wants to know why he is there. She wants him to shut up and leave. He starts talking about how she is pretty so she shoul talk pretty or she will be in trouble like this. He shows her a picture of SH when he got beaten up. SZ is shocked. SZ wants to know what he did to those kids. KY says it is all because of her, it is her brain, she did everything beause she was angry at him? SZ says she will kill him. KY is all like, sure, that is the best revenge. If you want to keep SJ and SH safe then don’t do anything. That is why I came there. He leaves.

HJ is at home, her mother tells her to give her the cell phone. She can’t leave and no TV. Her brother yells that she should be home her entire life. GS yells at her son, if you mistreat your sister then you will be in trouble! Then she tells HJ that she won’t marry her to the lawfirm person, it was her mistake. GS leaves and HJ starts crying.

SZ paces her home as she tries calling her friends, but they aren’t picking up. Finally SJ calls her. She runs to the hospital and sees SH in bed, unconscious. TH is there as well. SZ wants to know what happened. She looks from SJ to TH and then back to SH. The scene is too much for her, so she starts crying. SJ takes her out of the room slowly.

Cut to SZ and SJ at home. SZ takes her medicine while SJ watches her. She lays in her bed and SJ tells her to sleep tight. He will be there tomorrow. He tells her that he will be back and they can go see SH again tomorrow. She agrees. SJ leaves, but SZ doesnt sleep. She sits back up and crazy music starts playing. She takes more pills. Then she takes even more. She grabs the water to wash them all down. It’s done.

Meanwhile, MR meets with the secretary that also loves her. He says their company will herlp her. MR is concerned about the kids. He is concerned about her. He says he can take her home. The VP is okay as well.

Back to SZ, she is still awake, she groggily sits up and sees SH will flowers at her bedside. She smiles and takes them from him. They are pretty. SH disappears. She starts to look for something and gets up. She grabs a vase for water and fills it at the sink. She smiles, but then she drops it on accident and it shatters on the floor. She tries to pick up the pieces, but she cuts her hand.

Her mother comes in at that time. She finds her daughter on the floor passed out. She runs and grabs her body and cries.

The doctor tells everyone that SH has a swollen brain due to the impact. The pressure isn’t coming down so they have to wait. He asks where the other family members are. It is only TH in the room and it looks like SH’s other family members or the secretary haven’t shown up yet? TH looks at the photo of them in happier times. She asks him to wake up, he said he doesn’t want to see her anymore. She wished all the bad things happened to him. She wanted him to suffer, don’t be okay.

SZ is also int he hospital. SJ comes p to her and sits at her bed. This isn’t a big wound, there is no nerve problem so she can recover and play the cello. SJ cries over her bed, he is seriously sobbing. SZ is asleep and her hand is heavily bandaged.
Appa meets TH outside the hospital. He is sad that she is at the hospital all the time, but he is also concerned about her friend. TH asks him to wait about going to Germany for a while. He tells her that she can move slowly. She thanks him and says that she didn’t know she wouldn’t have control over her heart like this.

Back in SZ’s room. SJ gives SZ flowers that he lays on her bed. He tells her that they need to recover quickly as he caresses her hair. He tells her, bye-bye SZ queen.

TH is sleeping at SH’s bed. SJ comes goes into SH’s room, but he just looks from the door and then leaves. He lets out a big sigh in the hallway, gives the door one last look, and walks away.

NY meets with other moms and talks about how KY is crazy. His families company is gone because he messed with JK group, JS Group, and SY food group. They talk about how HJ is a good person and will study hard, the breakup is a good thing. GS is happy with NY now since she said those things.

meanwhile, KJ talks to TH. KJ doesn’t want her to avoid them, they should avoid her! TH thinks she just wants to take a little break and going to Germany. Then they joke about something.

TH walks through SH’s house and remembers happier moments of her and SH playing, cooking, laughing, happily arguing, sleeping and everything. She walks to each area of the house and remembers happy times in each area. She starts collecting all the photos that are in his home and puts them in her suitcase. Then she sees SH’s sketch book. Inside it says, my hidden happiness to TH. TH thinks it is hers and puts it in her suitcase.

SW is awake and can see. He apologizes to his mother, but she thinks he should think about his recovery only and not think about the company. He says he hasn’t seen SH in awhile. Umma tells him to visit him when he gets up. SH just said not to hate his mother, he worried about you and didn’t tell you.

Flashback. You have to give me this much but you are not sad, you look like you are the winner, but what kind of woman is she, I want to see her once. It is just because it is our last (divorcing) so I want to say eveyrthing I couldnt’ say. We lvied together for 15 years. For you, she is like that. If I have someone that I never forget, will you wonder who that is? SH’s appa says yes. SH’s mom says, thank you for that. Then she gives him her divorcing present. It is the paperwork that says SH is not his real son. She tells him that he should be okay with it. When she is all cured then she will live with SH.

So Grandmother told this to SW, she said that his wife told him SH is not the real son to hurt him. But SH is his real son.

TH walks into SH’s room and sees SW crying over the bed. She leaves

TH is at SH’s bed.

TH – SH, I went to your place and brought your own pillow. Do you remember I went to your place with my pillow when it was raining? I smelled your smell when I went to your place and haven’t been there in a long time. It was good to see all your drawings and those things. I am telling you this, you should listen to me and help me when I am working on my school projects. You should tell me to just go out and walk around.

TH holds SH’s hand.

TH – Like that night, I will be next to you forever, so wake up with me tomorrow. Tomorrow, when we see the Spring outside, you have to talk also, okay?

Th looks throw the photo album and then looks at SH. She touches the images on each page and then closes it. Then she pulls out his sketch book.

TH – You made it for me right? Can I read it? I was really sorry that I read your paper airplane. I thought, because of that, I would break up with you. I had a hard time before. I am reading it.

Sketch book – My biggest joy, TH. I don’t know how to start, I have to confess to you what I did wrong to you. I will have a long confession to you. I thought about what to say, Istarted to draw your face. I wanted to avoid my confession, so that is how I started. I am apologizzing to you in this picture. I should have told you how much I love you smiling. How happy I was. I should have told you that many many times. When I see you smiling, I forget about my crime. I was afraid of you figuring it out. You were the first person smiling like htat. When I go back, I shouldnt’ lie or fake or make you cry. I shouldnt’ do that anymore. I would have approached you truthfully only. To have any right to like you and remember you, I want to draw you like this today. The biggest punishment is not remembering you. The saddest punishment is remembering that you hate me. When that time comes, hopefully I can remember your smile even though you are not forgiving me, I can think about you in the future. That is what I want. – From SH.

TH – SH, this is not me. This is the one that liked you. The reason I could smile like this is because you were like me. Because I was smiling at you. You should wake up, then I could smile again.
SZ walks the street at night. She wonders where SJ is. She remembers back to SJ doting on her. She thinks that whenever she wanted to see him, he would just pick her up. Are you okay wherever you are? Wherever you are, are you alone? You are alone but we are together.

TH goes to the hospital with KJ. She has a boquete of flowers. They overhear doctors talking about SH, Perhaps he is awake. TH asks KJ to go into the room for her. Sh does and then she comes back out and tells TH that SH is awake. They hug. Th is overcome with emotion as KJ hugs her.

Inside the room, the doctors check SH. They tell him to call them if they need anything. They all leave and SH is left looking at all the home items that TH brought in. He sees the photo album on his side table and he says, TH -…..

But then he touches his head before he could get her full name out.

TH sits with KJ in the waiting room. She doesnt’ want to see him now, she will see him later, when they are better. She thanks KJ for crying with her and understanding her. Th walks out of the hospital and gives the door one look back. But then she looks resolutely ahead.

TH – Bye-bye my first love.

KJ goes to SH’s room and tells him that TH was next to him for a long long time. SH looks at the flowers and starts crying.

TH and her father are at the bustop. Her mother is there as well, but she isn’t standing with them. Her appa tells TH to go talk to her. TH talks to her mom and accepts her apology. She knows that her heart is not under her control, but she won’t be swayed for a long time like her mother was (she says it nicely though). Her mother tells her that she is a lot coller than her. TH lets her know that she is not leaving to Germany because of her. They say their goodbyes.

Meanwhile, SH walks around the hospital outdoor area and looks at TH’s picture book as he sits on a bench. He flips through all the photos and then looks at the sky. He closes his eyes as the camera pans upward to TH’s airplane flying away.

SZ has a birthday party for SH, but she blows out the candle all by herself.

SJ also has a birthday party for SH all by himself and wonders if SH is okay.

Elsewhere, TH is sleeping on the job when someone yells that she is the youngest, she shouldn’t work to hard, go home! TH smiles as she realizes she fell asleep again. She talks to her sunbae about construction things. Th complains about becoming an architect. They both walk off. TH keeps talking about work, the sunbae tells her she is a workaholic and to go away.

Cut to the Secretary that loves MR and MR. They meet. He was promoted so she tells him congratulations and he can do it, he has good ability. MR says SZ will take a bit longer to graduate. Even though she is paying for her scene/issue she is still happy now because she knows what is important for her. He stands and says he is happy to see her. let him know when she wants to go back to work, their chairman will like it.

Then we go to TH’s studio. She jokes with her friend about making money for TH’s marriage someday and how her daughter has her own job now. Ther is a flower delivery for her.

Back with TH, she is still working hard about an owner. The owner asked her in an email if it is good to see the stars in that house. Why is he contacting her late at night? He is a lazy guy that watches stars at night and doesnt’ do anything during the day. Subnae tells her to go to that site. But TH doesnt’ want to.

TH gets a phone call and says yes, my supporter. It is her mother. Her mother thanks her for the flowers, it was her right? But TH doesn’t know about them. Then TH gets flower as well. They joke that this is probably from her soulmate house owner. Th smells them and then looks at the calender. She marked SH’s birthday on it.

Meanwhile, SZ is at school with her cello. Her pencil is flat and doesn’t work, she thinks back to SH always sharpening her pencil. That makes her smile, but then she gets a flower delivery with Chinese writing? She smiles.

TH sends an email to her house owner. She tells him all about the house. You can have an exhibition on the first floor and a tiny concert hall..…What is your star? Why don’t you sleep at night? (but she thinks that is too friendly and doesnt type it). Later on, she blows out some candles for SH’s birthday and says her same wish that she says all the time.

Cut to SJ at a restaraunt in Japan. It looks like he owns it. SJ tells the lady to leave today, he is not in a good mood. The lady says that she can listen to his cello, but he says it is too windy, on a day like today he wants to drink some congac. SJ starts to play a recording of a cello. The woman says that the workers owner is thinking about his first love. The worker says it is too cheesy.

The cafe closes, but SZ comes in. SJ stands up, startled. She hugs him right away. She says that she thinks SH told her where he was. SJ tells her, welcome SZ. They smile and hug.

TH visits a building and goes inside. Perhaps this is the builing that she made? She happily walks inside smiling and thinking about how nice the sun and airflow is. She walks to a painting and stairs at it. it is of a cherry blossom tree and a woman standing by it. Then she sees another one of the train station they went to. There is another one of the lane they walked up as well. A lot of memories come back to TH.

TH is startled and runs upstairs. She looks abck for a moment, and then continues upward. She gets to the balcony and sees a man looking over the edge. He slowly turns around, it is SH.

SH walks up to her.

SH – It is nice to see you again, TH
TH – Hey, SH, I knew it was you. Of course it is.
SH – Of course it is me.
TH – You should just come early
SH – Whatever I say, it won’t hurt, I grew up a lot, I matured more?

TH jumps into his arms.

SH – It is nice to see you, TH.

He pulls her back so he can look into her face and they smile.

Fade Out

Yes, that is how the last episode ended. It has been a weird ride along with this show. But at least everybody had some kind of ending.

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  1. N30
    May 1, 2018 / 7:54 am

    Hi V ..Hey O …Today I am impatient … Are we going to get more craziness or any closures ??
    Guessing from storyline so far , I think we are in for more weird craziness..
    Waiting for your updates

    • V
      May 1, 2018 / 7:58 am

      I think so, I feel like that is the only thing we can count on 🙂

  2. raaiin
    May 1, 2018 / 10:01 am

    I have always been a fan of plot twists, but oh well this drama changed everything. This drama became so unpredictable that even good visuals (Woo Do Hwan and his jawline) could not make me watch the full episodes. Thank you for the recap though <3
    Ps: I do wonder how did you manage to watch the whole drama ;v

  3. N30
    May 1, 2018 / 11:30 am

    Disappointed …. Although I didn’t have any great expectations, still disappointed. This episode was just tieying loose ends nothing special. It was like even the writer and pd wanted to wrap up the show and go home.
    But this show was ki d of weird addiction, now I will have to search for something else.
    Thanks V and O for sticking with this show till the end and I k ow it was such a big task.
    Great work.

  4. Firefly
    May 1, 2018 / 1:13 pm

    Thanks V and O for sticking to this show…most people including me gave up early and your recaps and youtube kept me updated…….I am just happy my babies Soo Ji and Se Joo ended up reconciling again. I never cared for Tae Hee and started disliking Shi Hyun after the first few episodes. The Great Seducer turned out to be the most bland cry baby on planet earth and Woo Do Hwan, I plan on re-watching Save Me or Mad Dog to convince myself back that this guy can act well in 2 out of 3 cases. Mad respect for Moon Ga Young and Kim Min Jae for being the highlight for me and keeping the fire power alive in this boring, sloppily written piece of confusing mess. Joy, no words…first time watching her and neither cared for her character nor her very, very obviously green acting skills. Don’t hate her but I like her as a part of RV more than her in dramas. Anyway, Looking forward to Come and Give me a Hug and Lawless Lawyer recaps. Thank you once again.

  5. TeinaK
    May 1, 2018 / 2:18 pm


    This was some whack ass drama.

  6. okiejune
    May 1, 2018 / 4:59 pm

    Thanks for live recapping this – I probably won’t finish this drama, but really appreciate being able to check out your page and find out what was happening!

  7. V
    May 1, 2018 / 7:27 pm

    Yep to everyone.

  8. PakalanaPikake
    May 1, 2018 / 10:29 pm

    Thanks for your recap, V. My head is still spinning from that 5-year time jump with about 15 minutes left on the clock. I guess the moral of the story is that time heals all wounds — or in the case of Lee Ki-young, wounds all heels. 😉

    • V
      May 2, 2018 / 7:39 pm

      I really think the writer should have just gone out with a bang and killed everyone off.

  9. BananaOnana
    May 2, 2018 / 1:02 pm

    can someone translate me the letter that Soo Ji got? i really hope they can add more Soo Ji, Se Joo, dan Si Hyun friendships scene.

    • V
      May 2, 2018 / 7:44 pm

      Is it a super long letter? If it is short, and you have the link, then we can try.

      • ry
        May 19, 2018 / 3:43 am

        i believe it’s just an address (where soo ji can find se ju)

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