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The Great Seducer Live Recap Episodes 29 and 30

Live Recap for the Korean Drama The Great Seducer / Tempted, episode 29 and 30
It’s finale week! I want to give everyone a pat on the back for making it this far because it feels like a lot of people have dropped this show and I don’t blame them. I am at a loss for how the writer/director are going to pull a final two days out of all this mess they have gotten themselves into, but I’m rooting for them. It feels like they need at least one more week of episodes to straighten it all out, right? Alls I know is that Si-hyun will be shedding some tears.

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Eun Tae-hee – TH | Kwon Si-hyun – SH | Choi Suzy – SZ | Lee Se-ju – SJ | Ko Kyung-ju – KJ | Lee Ki-young – KY | Park Hae-jung – HJ | Seol Young-won – YW | Kwon Suk-woo – SW | Myung Mi-ri – MR | Jung Na-yoon – NY | Oh Se-ri – SR | Cho Gun Gun-sook

Airing Time: April 30th, 22:00 Seoul
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SJ tells TH that they played with her. She asked why they did that. He says there is the wrong question, there was no reason, it is because you were the first love KY. We found were you went to school and cancelled your dorm. But SH didn’t stop. He helped you move into his place, I don’t know what happened, but he kept it secret from us and liked you and missed you and protected you.

TH asks if he is doing that to her beause SH liked her. SJ doesn’t care if he likes her or not, he doens’t want to break them up. It isn’t like SH is seducing TH, you wonder why I am telling you everything. TH tells him to stop, she doesn’t want to hear it. SJ tells Th that the three of them were all in this together, but they are all done because of her. She is the only way he can punish SH. TH calls them trash. SJ says they don’t care.

Th tells him that he complains about having a hard time but not a lot of people live like them. Did he enjoy this revenge to KY? SJ says he is sad, he thought Th would be a little moved. that is why their relationships failed. The great Eun Tae-hee should be moved by love. Are you going to still like SH and forgive him now that you know everything?

TH leaves angrily. SJ watches the edited video. he picks up an image of the three of them in better times. But he drops it and it cracks into several pieces.

TH gets to the first floor, she is overwhelmed and can’t walk. She crumbles to the floor so the security guard comes to help her back up. SH calls. But the security guard picks up and tells him that she doesnt’ feel good. SH asks him where she is and runs to be with her.

TH is like a zombie as she stands to her feet. SH gets to the hotel just as TH stumbles out. He asks her if she is okay and why she is there. Th pulls her hands away and tells him that he knows shy she is there. She saw it, their place and how they played with her, she saw everything. SH apologizes. Th tells him that this is what he wanted to tell her. He wants to explain. She tells him this is how he checked on me and asks KJ about me and the dorm was also your plan, our trip was also your plan, how did you know who my mother was? What was the order? How did you do this to me? You guys…you should be having so much fun. Why aren’t you talking? You don’t have any plans? What will you tell me know? You won’t regret it? You made a hole to run away from the begining? You and SZ, after hearing that you loved each other, I trusted your heart. You were mocking me in front of your friends. I endured that because we liked each other. It was difficult to understand you, but I loved you so I was okay with it. I trusted you, is that the reason I deserve this?

SH says he was truthful.

TH says, if he had any truth then he should have broken up with her when she told him too. Even if he thought she was stupid. He should have stopped there. This is the SH that I never knew and never loved.

SH cries and tries to hold her hand. He tells her that he tried to love her so much and he knew it never should have happened. But he loved her so much so he forgot about his guilty feelings. Just one more day, one more day, I wanted to be the one that loved you.

TH says, okay. It wasn’t in your plan that you would love me. in your plan you only wanted me to suffer, that was only in your plan. it is not, I am done with regretting. Dont’ you know? The one I am going to hate forever is you. I want you to suffer. Don’t forget this, otherwise I am going to hate myself for accepting you. Dont’ come in front of me anymore.

TH walks off and SH crumbles.
SH goes upstairs to the clubhouse and imagines TH witnessing everything. He sees her walking out dejected. SJ is sitting there and gets up as he sees SH come in. He walks over to him.

SH – Did you have to do this?

SH walks closer to SJ until they are only a few feet away.

SH – I told you I am going to tell her everything. Did you have to take my last chance like this?

SH punches SJ hard. SJ falls to the ground. SH hops on top of him, but he holds his punch back and punches the already broken picture next to SJ’s head. he slupms over and cries. SJ sits up and look over at his friend. Then he stands and leaves. SH is left alone with all his feels.

SH stands and walks over to the computer, he throws it over and then sits on the cough and wails.

Meanwhile, TH is still walking outside. She gets to the bus stop and rolls her eyes. Then seh checks her phone, the majority of missed calls are from SH with one call from appa and one call from KJ. TH crouches at the bus stop and sobs.

SZ is at home in bed, she isn’t answering her phone. HJ’s boyrfriend tells HJ that she should go home. It looks like he was trying to call SZ for HJ. HJ doesn’t want to go home though (perhaps she will be in trouble?). he tells her to stand, let’s take you home.

TH gets to her mothers place in the countryside. Her mother is shocked to see her in that state.

SH stops crying at his clubhouse and looks around. he goes to the bathroom and washes the blood off of his hand. Then he looks in the mirror, but it looks like he can’t stand to see himself.

He goes to the hospital and visits his father. All the doctors are telling his father about his surgery so SH doesn’t go inside. MR takes him to the cafe and tells him that the surgery will take all day, don’t worry too much. They have all the best doctors and they will do their best. MR apologizes to SH for all that she did wrong. She knows she will be apologizing to him for a long time. he understands and asks her to please take care of his appa first.

SW is wheeled to the surgery suite.
SH is his fathers guardian for this surgery.

TH gets up. Her mother talks to her. TH tells her that her father is in Seoul, but when he leaves, she will leave as well. YW wonders about school. TH doesn’t want to tell her, ever since she came to Korea, only bad things happened. The car accident, arguments, everything. She thought everything would be okay, she would go to the university she wanted to go to, but now she wants to just get out of everything.

SZ wakes up. SJ asks her shy she slept so late, this isn’t like her. She asks him if he ate breakfast and he comments that she is worrying about him, that makes him happy. They eat. SZ asks who hit him, she is concerned. SJ tells her that he told TH everything. Sh knows. SZ says she will tell SH that it was her plan. SH and her can’t go back but at least they will be family. But she won’t be able to stand it if he and SH aren’t friends either. She gets a call.

HJ goes to the clubhouse with her boyfriend. SJ is letting HJ stay there since she ran away from home. HJ and the bartender as happy to be there and say they will clean everything up. Meanwhile, HJ’s mother is so distraught. KY comes in and asks her what they should do. He is in trouble also, he can’t say that HJ left home, the family helps each other even though they fight. But they will be family soon so can he take care of it? KY calls his secretary and cancels the meeting of the families today. KY tells GS that she will be able to find HJ quickly, Korea is small.

MR gets a call from the senator, the drug is still stuck but it is under consideration. Several VIP’s will be there by 8 am. Please take care of them. MR says okay and bows her head. SZ comes in. MR tells her that SH is in the patients room. SZ goes to the room and sees SH laying in bed. He is sleeping so SZ walks up to him and sits on the bed quietly. He slowly wakes up.

SZ – why do you also do this? Ajusshi is in surgery, it will take all day, mom told me. You should just sit. The parking lot that day, I am sorry.
SH – nothing you should be sorry about, I deserve it. Why shouldn’t you just kick me, then I would at least thank you without knowing anything.
SZ – I told SJ to tell TH, you know SJ does everything for me. I asked him to do it, to hurt her. So don’t hold a grudge with SJ.
SH – when I think about what we did, we were all monsters right? I am part of it so I shouldn’t tell you this.
SZ – How did we become like this?
SH – We shouldnt’ see each other anymore. If we see each other, then we should ignore each other.

SH sits up and gets out of bed.

TH sits at her mothers place and looks at all her mothers ceramics. They are all gorgeous. Her mother is outside thinking. A car driver up. It is her appa, he gets out and goes to greet YW with a smile. He asks if TH is okay. YW says she doenst’ tell her in any detail, he is sorry to call. Appa asks about YW, is she okay? He tells her to go inside and please take care of TH. He happily tells her not to worry.

Cut to TH getting into Appa’s car and buckling up. They both look at YW and then appa drives off. As they drive down the road, Appa tries to make conversation. He says the weather looks nice, because of her he could see her mother. TH says she wants to go back to Germany with him. He tells her that she has good choices, she can take a break from school. She wants to know if he will ask her why. He says he won’t because it might hurt her to tell him. He just wonders, did you make up your mind for a good reason? If not, then you can change your choice again.

TH says she saw him smile at umma, how can he do that? Appa says he isn’t sure, maybe it is because he can’t hide his heart. His heart is like a muscle that is hard to move. He has this memory of loving someone, so he can only move that way. He will leave it there until his love dissapears. If it doens’t, what can he do?

KY gets a call, someone found where HJ is. It is somewhere in Seoul but JS group owns the building. KY asks for the address. Cut to GS yelling at someone to find her daughter. it has been several days! Flashaback of HJ railing at her mother about KY hitting her and her brother, he is a bad guy! GS looks at KY and yells at him to stop touching her son!

He says they were just playing, why are you angry. GS tells him that he will break this marriage formally. He says he will tell everything about HJ. She tells him to tell everyone. He is the same as his family, they treat others badly. Breaking the marriage is better than divorcing. He says his family won’t just sit around.

SZ apologizes to TH about the parking lot thing. TH says she isn’t her friend so it didn’t hurt her at all, but it did hurt SH since you were friends. But you are not friends anymore. I don’t know if you will hear it or not but I know everything. As you planned, you played me. Because of that plan, what your mother did, on the surface and SH became like that You played with me so I can tell you this much. I just wanted to see how you would feel apologizing to me because of your mother. From who you were toying with. I dont want to use your weakness and give you a hard time, like you would.

SZ says she is leaving, she will dissapear from SH’s life as you wish. I will live well, i don’t know if you will.
Th walks away and gets to school. KJ runs up to her and asks her if she hit SZ. TH laughs. Then TH gets a call from GS. GS is frantic, did TH get a call from HJ? HJ is not coming back home. It is because you are KJ’s friend, so I trust you. Whenever my daughter calls you, let me know. TH calls HJ, but her phone is off. TH wonders where she is.

Cut to SH at home. He wonders where all of TH’s stuff is going. It is all going to YW’s place. Then SH gets a call from his fathers company.

KY’s father is quietly telling him that he worked hard to put him in this position. SY Food is greater than MJ Hospital, right? Apologize to HJ and her family and marry her. You need their money.

SZ meets with MR at the hospital. SJ is coming as well. But someone knocks on the door, it seems like there is an urgent matter. MR talks to the woman alone. The senator is under investigation for bribery, so if she has anything, she needs to remove it all.

News: Senator has business with JK Groups new drug bribery case.

Several people run un to seize documents from MR. They run right past SZ. SZ goes upstairs to talk to her mother about it. What is wrong? MR says she didn’t do anything wrong, she will take care of it, just go home. But SZ is angry, this is JK’s problem!

SJ runs into the building. SZ slowly tells him, umma…Si-hyun….all I love has disappeared. SJ apologizes. She wonders why he is sorry, why are you always sorry to me? You are the only one working hard among us. What TH said about suffering for a long time became real. SJ tells her not to think about those things. SZ tells him, whatever happens, don’t be sorry to me. It is sad to hear sorry from you.

KY shows up at a building an calls HJ’s brother. Brother tells him that they shouldnt’ call each other. KY tells him that he found HJ, come to this address, see you soon.

Cut to the brother at the hotel with KY and someone else. KY tells him not to be nervous and just take her home. Someone brought golf clubs. This person calls someone and asks what he is doing at Mom’s gallery, just call before I burn everything.

HJ and the bartender are happily in the clubhouse. They are eating a ncie dinner. But there is a knock in the door. The bartender go to the door and is hit hard on the head with a gold club. the three men go inside. The guy with the golf club might have been SJ’s brother??? SJ gets a call and drives off somewhere.

The brother is very concerned about the bartender, he says he is hurt and is bleeding a lot. The bartender is unconscious on the floor. KY calls him stupid. But then KY sees all the documents on the floor about TH. He wonders what this place is for. he goe close to HJ and looks at the bartender. HJ yells at him and tells him not to home to him. The bartender asks him if he knew HJ first or SH, SJ, and SZ first? Th ebartender says he knew SH, SJ, and SZ first.

KY says this was all a plan to ruin you. HJ yells at him. The bartender is almost dead on the ground. SJ comes in. HJ pleads, Oppa! SJ looks annoyed to see them all. KY tells him that he needs to listen to him. SJ goes up to him but the other guy hits him on the back hard with the golf club. it was really hard, SJ falls to the ground.
SH gets a call and leaves the hospital. He runs to the clubhouse. The bartender really looks almost dead. SH tells KY and his goons to leave. KY tells HJ that they have all he evidence, they will tell her parents that they did it all togehter. So don’t tell the cops.

HJ and her brother take her boyfriend out and sit him on the ground? he is super bloody. The brother runs off to get a taxi? I don’t know. HJ tells her boyfriend that she will get help. She calls TH and fills her in on everything. They got out but SH and SJ are still inside. They said her and TH are victims.

Upstairs, KY points to the chart and asks him what they did. Sh asks KY waht he wants. SH says he did it all so just tell him. KY says he has something to repay him, if he sways then he will kill that guy. SH tells him to do whatever. KY punches SH several times but SH keeps coming back. KY calls someone. The other guy starts punching SH and KY films it? I think this other guy is a chaebol son. SH jsut keeps taking the punches and doesnt’ fight back. The chaebol son stops.

KY pushes the chaebol son away because he stopped punching. KY kneels in front of SH and asks him about TH. SH says this has nothing to do with TH, dont talk about her. TH calls right at that moment. KY wonder if he should take it? SH punches KY and starts punching him over and over again. But then the other guy is about to hit SH with a golf club? A chair? SJ yells at SH to watch out. he avoids it. Then he is about to punch KY again.

Fade Out

This show is complete nonsense.

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  1. Cresha
    April 30, 2018 / 9:52 am

    “This show is complete nonsense”

    😂😂😂I just couldn’t help but crack up at that. And here I was thinking they’d do something worthwhile since this week is the finale

    • V
      April 30, 2018 / 10:08 am

      I usually try not to comment negatively about a show, but I just can’t help it with this show. Poor SH cries his eyes out in every episode and random characters became main conflict instigators in this episode. I’m looking at you KY’s appa and SJ’s brother

      I got you covered on the double post 😉

      • Cresha
        April 30, 2018 / 11:31 am


  2. Flin
    April 30, 2018 / 10:26 am

    You’re so right! Whatta nonsense!

  3. TeinaK
    April 30, 2018 / 2:31 pm

    “This show is complete nonsense” HAHAHA

    That made me laugh so much! Honestly im kinda lost at the moment haha

  4. Tania N
    April 30, 2018 / 8:26 pm

    I tried really hard not to throw my laptop in the air while reading this. Took a lot out of me to control the urge. I can just feel you giving up on this plot when you said ‘I dont know’.. whiiichhhh happens to be my state of mind throughout this show.
    Thanks for the update and the chuckles 🙂

    • V
      April 30, 2018 / 10:08 pm

      Lol! The ending was so confusing with all that stuff happening at one time, like, the bartender boyfriend is in on the “seducing” and also possibly dying from a severe brain injury by SJ’s psycho brother that KY is best friends with? Also, how did HJ, the boyfriend, and the brother sneak out? Didn’t people notice this super bloody guy walking through a posh hotel? I mean the security guard ran to TH’s side as soon as she got off the elevator but a man dripping with blood can make it all the way to the street.

  5. nellebean
    May 1, 2018 / 12:39 am

    *This show is complete nonsense.* I literally laughed out loud. I love how you don’t even attempt to explain or dissect or discuss. It’s nonsense. End of paragraph.

    I’m more of a marathoner who loves spoilers, so admittedly, I haven’t watched the last few weeks, but I was curious about the finale. I thought maybe I was having trouble following along because I’d missed things due to reading recaps only, but no, the show doesn’t make sense, like intentionally.

  6. N30
    May 1, 2018 / 3:06 am

    Well I am one of those who dropped this show since 2 weeks …though I am regular with the recaps … Your recaps are more entertaining than the actual drama… And WHAT is this totally weird introduction at last…. Are they planning spin off …
    Now I am curious . What’s goin to happen next …
    Thanks for still sticking to it and updating us .

  7. PakalanaPikake
    May 1, 2018 / 9:56 pm

    Thanks for continuing to recap, V. It’s so reassuring to learn that the plot went non-linear a long time ago, and that it’s not merely a case of my faulty comprehension, although there’s some of that, even with recaps and subtitles.

    I suggested over on DramaBeans two alternate titles: THE GREAT MISNOMER and THE BIG TEASE. I’m not sure what the synopsis promised, but it seems the plot was lost in an avalanche of makjang.

    Has lawyer Lee Ki-young always been a homicidal maniac underneath his buttoned-down exterior? His father treats him really badly, so maybe he finally snapped. And we already know that Se-joo’s father is a horrible piece of work who has one of his older sons beat the stuffing out of the youngest brother on a regular basis.

    • V
      May 2, 2018 / 7:38 pm

      “An avalanche of makjang” LOL! Yes, I think that is exactly what happened.

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