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The Great Seducer Live Recap Episodes 27 and 28

Live Recap for the Korean Drama The Great Seducer / Tempted, episode 27 and 28
Well, I will tell you what, I did not see that car of doom coming. I think Suzy won’t run them over, but if she does then color me surprised.

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Eun Tae-hee – TH | Kwon Si-hyun – SH | Choi Suzy – SZ | Lee Se-ju – SJ | Ko Kyung-ju – KJ | Lee Ki-young – KY | Park Hae-jung – HJ | Seol Young-won – YW | Kwon Suk-woo – SW | Myung Mi-ri – MR | Jung Na-yoon – NY | Oh Se-ri – SR | Cho Gun Gun-sook

Airing Time: April 24th, 22:00 Seoul
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Makjang music plays as Suzi hops in her car and revs her engine to hit TH and SH, but she screeches it to a halt. TH and SH turn around to look at her. SH lets out a deep breath as he realizes what SZ was about to do. TH tells SH that she is the one that will be the most surprised, let’s go.

SZ is left surprised at her actions and cries in the car.

TH and SH ride in SH’s car. He asks her if she is okay. She asks him to stop the car for little bit. TH gets out of the car and walks to the side of the road. She cries from the frustration of it all. SH gets out of the car as well, but he doesn’t go to TH’s side.

Meanwhile, SJ cleans up the clubhouse. He calls SZ and asks her to come over, he can’t do it all alone. But he hears her crying and asks what is wrong. She says she is really all done. He tells her that he will be there, don’t leave. SZ pulls over and cries as her car is at the side of the road.

TH goes to her friend KJ’s house and says that she wants to tell someone what happened. KJ yells, how can they do this to you! TH wonders how she can say it, SH is hurt because of SZ. KJ wants her to make them hurt, she got hurt, she should just cry on SH. TH doesn’t want to do that though. She thinks SH wouldn’t have known any of this is SH never met her, what should I do? They both hug and cry. TH asks KJ when will things become better? When will it be nothing? If I know when, then I can endure, but I don’t know when, so that is why I can’t stand it.

SJ gets to SZ’s car and tells her to open the door. He asks her what happened. He wants to go home. He asks her if she wants to go to the hospital. But SZ doesn’t’ want anything, she doesn’t want to go home, she doesn’t want to see Mom, she doesn’t want anything, she just wants to disappear from the world. SJ takes her back to their clubhouse. She tells him that he was right, SH is gone, they can’t go back anymore. She asks SJ if he will also let her go. He won’t.

Later on, SZ wakes up SJ asks her if she can’t sleep. She wonders if it will be lonely if it is only the two of them. Flashback to SH and SZ’s almost kiss in high school. He saw it, but he left before seeing that they didn’t actually kiss. SJ says that sometimes they were lonely even though they were all together. He will at least make her less lonely than the moment they were lonely when the three of them were together. She thanks him.

Across town, SH is looking at college brochures for 2018. But he thinks that nothing is easy. He starts playing the recording of MR and GS that SZ recorded. He listens to it intently. This also gives him a flashback with his secretary. It basically is that greed will cause trouble. SH calls MR and asks her if he can see her at the hospital. She is on break so he says he will go to her place.

They meet at MR’s house. SH asks if SZ went to school. MR asks why he wants to see him. He says he will jsut ask her straight, why did you lie to me, the hit and run, you told me it was my mom. You told Mom to go see YW, I was right. You told my mom to go there. I thought you were a good person, I tried to accept you becaues of my father and you knew my mother well and told her to go there, but it had another intention, why did you do that? Did you want my mother and father to get divorced?

MR says that she knew that his father was going to see YW and she told his mother that because she was concerned. She shouldn’t have done that and she is sorry. But her mother shouldnt’ have gone there, she worried about her and she followed her. SH says that is when she hit TH, she should stop here if she has any concious, he won’t tell SZ or appa, SZ will have a hard time. But SZ overheard the entire thing and hides.

She thinks back to TH and her converstation. TH told her, if she knew the truth then she wouldn’t tell it to her like that. SZ falls to the floor and cries, but she covers her mouth with her hands so no one will hear it. Her mother takes several drugs. SZ goes intot he room with her mother and asks her if she is going to work, do you still feel bad? MR asks her daughter if she slept outside? SZ says she went to the opera and practiced, take a break, rest. SZ leaves.
SH sees a birth certificate with his grandmother, it says that he is 98% true that SH is his son. She doesn’t know why SH heard that. SH thinks, perhaps his mother did it to hurt appa. Grandmother wants SH to go to the US with her. He says okay, but he needs to wrap up some things first. he wants to settle things. Grandmother says okay. SH leaves and goes outside. He asks his mother what he should do first. College? He gets a silent response and smiles.

SH sneaks into TH’s college and follows her to class. He watches her sit at her desk from a distance. She gives a presentation to the class about the train station. SH walks into the classroom and sits down, TH notices him and stops for a moment. But she starts back up right away. SH watches the presentation and thinks back to the time they spent at the train station. The presentation ends, everyone claps, SH leaves. TH goes and sits back at her desk. SH wrote “come back home” on her desk.

Afterward, TH eats alone. SH sits next to her and says that the food at school tastes so good! But don’t you miss my home cooked meal? Pasta? Ramen? Eggs? She asks how his father is. He says he has a date for the surgery. She hopes he gets better. But that is all she has to say and leaves. SH follows her. He goes to the library and puts his jacket on her. He asks her if she is cold? These are warm clothes from home, this school is great, i can get in with my public ID.

TH ignores him and he keeps following her around. TH tries to get a book from the shelf, but she is too short so SH gets it. She asks him why he is doing this. he keeps following her around. She looks annoyed and confronts him> How long will he follow her? How long is he going to do this? Tell me what you need? (partly flashback). TH and SH talk. SH tells TH to go home. She says it is none of his business. But he says that her not going home is because of him, she should go home and he won’t bother her anymore. SZ watches all of this. SH leaves.
SH talks to his secretary about college abroad. He also thanks him for all of his help.

SZ meets with HJ and her boyfriend. She gives her all of her cello things, just in case. HJ wants to know where they meet, they meet often. SZ says they used to have a place to meet that was better than home. HJ asks if she can invite them, she will keep it a secret. KY comes up to them and asks them why they are there. HJ is all like, why are you here? The boyfriend comes back with their things and SZ takes it from him. KY talks smugly to them about how HJ should go with him and not a bartender. HJ starts cursing a lot at him and hits him because HJ mocked the bartender and said he wasn’t in SZ’s class level.

The three leave and talk about how KY is a bad guy. The bartender says he saw him fighting. HJ asks SZ to go home and tell her mother that the bartender is SZ’s boyfriend and not HJ’s boyfriend, just in case KY tells her mother.

Cut to TH talking on the phone. She is talking to her appa and just arrived at her apartment door. Appa is about to leave Germany so he told her that he will see her later. SH watches her from his door camera and is thankful that she is back. Split screen of them both happy to be home or happy that TH is home. They lay on their beds looking at each other in split screen.

SZ sits in hr bed ad thinks back to SH telling her mom that she hit TH and he won’t tell SZ because she will be hurt by that knowledge. SZ exhales and checks her phone. It is a message from SJ checking on her. Can she sleep? If she can’t then drink cognac(?). He left several messages. SZ says okay and puts her phone down. She buries her head in her knees.

Cut to SZ taking some of her mothers drugs and walking back to her bedroom.

SH thinks for a moment and then leaves his room. The hallway is empty, so he continues to the hospital. His father wants to know if he has something to tell him. SH says Umma really hated being in the hospital, he understands why, he is coming there for him, if he doens’t like it then he won’t come. He tells him that he will go out of the country after he finishes his surgery, he will find out something that he wants to do and that he can do. Appa says that he should think hard and leave no excuse. He couldn’t do work and love.

Cut to HJ texting her boyfriend as she sits at home with KY and her brother. She says she is in a adult makjang drama. KY tells the brother to stop playing games. He takes away the brothers game and says that he is alwats playing games, that is why he is fat and violent. The brother says he will be his brother in law and this is his house. KY says, Jashik, you should get hit today. He starts flicking his brother. HJ comes up to him and hits him upside the head. She tells him not to touch her family! Then she pushes him and puts him in a headlock and tells her brother to hit him. KY breaks free and says that he will train her when they are married. She tells him to do it now. They get into a hair pulling fight and Umma comes in at that moment.

Umma says she will tell his parents what happened today. KY tells her that HJ has a boyfriend, he doens’t have to get engaged, but she should protect HJ. Umma says that HJ doesnt’ date anyone but he just says he told her not to let her hang out with SZ.

Appa is in the country and walks around with Tae-hee. They walk around the school. He says that it changed a lot since he taught there. Appa wants to see her boyfriend, the guy in her video talk. She says they broke up already. He wants to know why, they don’t hate each other so what is the problem. She says it just didn’t work out. he tells her that they like each other so they should see each other, that is rare that both people like each other. it might not last forever but the time and emotions are important. Appa says he trusts his love of her mother, don’t look down on one sided love, her mother didn’t love him but she let him love her in whatever way he wanted. His love was big enough.
Later, TH walks around thinking about what her father told her. If you have someone you love, then just love and be loved. Don’t regret it because of us. TH starts to think about all her lovely moments with SH and SH also thinks about these moments. Theya re both walking in the rain with umbrellas. He says, Eun Tae-hee….

She answers him, what?

He looks up and sees her infront of him. It looks like he called her there but he says that it is a miracle. He asks her if she can just play with him one more day. Just one day. She asks him if he is going somewhere. She says okay. He is surprised, really? She tells him that she will see him tomorrow.

SZ is at home looking at her mother sleeping. She wakes up. SZ asks why she is sleeping so long. MR says it is just because. SZ asks her if she should study abroad, she just wants to play cello for a few years. MR says she has to work and mentions that SH is also going out of the country so she can stay. This is news to SZ. But SZ says this has nothing to do with SH. MR tells her that they can think about it.

SH looks at his memory book TH made for him, then he leaves. He meets TH to go on their date. They walk around like they are still dating. They go to the aquarium and he gives her a flower halo. He tells her that they should take a photo together. He sets up the camera, but TH is suspicious, is he going somewhere? They take a lot of pictures in the aquarium.

Afterward, they eat at a nice restaraunt. SH rented the entire place to be with TH. But it was a joke, he said that this place only gets one table a day. He searched for it on the internet so they can have a wonderful time at dinner.

VO – I think of you in the morning, that you are close to me. One day, when I wake up, you will be far away. One day I will think that I lied to you. If that comes, hopefully I will smile and wish for it everyday.
SJ packs up the clubhouse and thinks that they did a lot of work, seducing women. He looks at their file on Eun Tae-hee. Cut to SJ calling SZ. He asks her if she would like to walk around Seoul, he wants to see her and he won’t make her tired. SZ smiles as she looks at the phone while at home.

SJ takes SZ to a bar lounge. She tells him that she thought they would never change, she didnt’ know where it started or why it became like this. If she told him she liked him or didnt’ question him then nothing would have changed. SJ says it isn’t her fault, they just changed. SZ tells SJ that, if she didn’t have him, she’s not sure what would happen to her, she is glad that he is there. SH will go study abroad, her mtoher told her, she will also study abroad as well. SJ doesn’t want it to happen, he doens’t want them to leave him. He says they were all bad guys, but it wasnt’ to this level where they should all break up. He tells her that he will correct everything and she should stay there.

HJ’s umma asks her if she has a boyfriend. HJ tells her umma that she wants to be happy, she won’t be happy married to KY. Her brother yells at her and HJ says he is a fool, how can he let KY just hit him. KY hits them both, he is not a good guy. But Umma says he is a law firm guy! Umma storms out and the brother follows her. HJ goes to her room and packs her things. She leaves a not telling her brother that she will kill him if he starved her turtle.

They leave the restaraunt but it is raing. She tells him that he can take off the flower. they talk about flowers being all gone and how they will blossom again. then he asks her if they will go back to normal again tomorrow (not dating). Th says she needs one more day. He tells her that he can give her many many days. When she is ready to listen to him then ring his bell.

He goes home and draws/looks at a drawing.

VO – I don’t know how to start it, but I need to confess to you what I did wrong to you.
SJ comes over to SH’s home. He tells him that he closed their clubhouse. He wants to know if he is coming back to SZ. When SZ talked about SH, she was alive. But sometimes when she talked about you, she was sad. You should like SZ, when SZ hates you then you should talk to TH. SH says he left their place, he should take care of SZ. SJ basically says he tries to, but he can’t. he is the only one protecting the three of them, just go back to SZ. SH apologizes and says that he can’t, sorry. SJ says that he is sorry too.

SJ leaves in a huff. He gets in his car and stares out the window.

TH sits at her desk and puts the flower halo on her head. She gets a phone call from an unknown number. She answers it and it is SJ. He wants to talk to her about SH, he is there, can she come down?


SJ says they fought and he wants her to help them get back together.

TH goes down, he says it is nice to see her again. Th says she wants to hear everything from SH. SJ says that SH lied to her. She wants to hear it from SH. SJ keeps talking and says that she can listen to SH’s lies or she can see their evidence. Upstairs, SH wonders if TH is sleeping.

SJ takes TH to the secret clubhouse and asks her if she wants to come in. She says no. He asks, really? He goes to the door and opens it, then he looks back at TH. She walks inside. Th looks around, SJ says this is their secret place, their broken nest. He tells her to have a seat.

TH sits.

SJ puts the bulletin board in front of her and shows her that this is how she came into their lives. She wonders what it is. He plays her the video that they made of SJ and SH talking about how this is the big plan and how TH is a good girl and all the bad things they said about her. Like how he should give her a lot of coincidences so that she will think it is fate because she wants to believe those things. SH says he won’t like her, she is not his style. SZ will hate this, why do you still meet Th? Do you have a secret?

This video is edited to show all the times they talked about TH.

TH thinks back to SH running into her on the bus.

Fade Out

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