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The Great Seducer Live Recap Episodes 25 and 26

Live Recap for the Korean Drama The Great Seducer / Tempted, episode 25 and 26
At the end of the last episode, we had another break up for our main duo. This time it was Tae-hee doing the breaking up, because they play Round Robin with it. If we are counting, then I think this is the third or fourth break up? Does anyone know? All the secrets are out so there isn’t any other thing, that I can think of, that can keep our couple apart. But first, they need to get back together again. I’m predicting that will happen soon, like the end of today’s episode. Hopefully they prove me wrong though. I want Tae-hee to make him sweat a little bit more than the last time.

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Eun Tae-hee – TH | Kwon Si-hyun – SH | Choi Suzy – SZ | Lee Se-ju – SJ | Ko Kyung-ju – KJ | Lee Ki-young – KY | Park Hae-jung – HJ | Seol Young-won – YW | Kwon Suk-woo – SW | Myung Mi-ri – MR | Jung Na-yoon – NY | Oh Se-ri – SR | Cho Gun Gun-sook

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VO – I am the only one that makes you sad. You come to me and give me this big joy, but I am someone that finally makes you cry. Eventually I will make you cry the most.

TH breaks up with Si-hyun.

SH – That is why I couldn’t hold you and decided to wait for you.

SH tears up as he watches TH walk away. Then he turns and walks away himself.

TH goes to her apartment and finds the tiny airplane. She packs up all her things and reads the note in the hallway.

Note: I will wait for you.

SH watches TH walking out from his Door TV. He touches the TV and bows his head as she looks at his door and leaves. Later he thinks back to her hearing his voice on the bench outside. He sits on that bench and says that he is also going crazy. He can hear her voice continuously. He lays on the bench and says, I miss you Eun Tae-hee.

TH sleeps with KJ. She asks her, you didnt’ sleep again? TH says she didn’t. KJ tells her that they should go to school, at least it is good that they are going to school together. SH came by, but hopefully he doenst’ wait for them. KJ thinks he wants to see her that much, you also want to see him right? TH says it is his mind, he controls it.
SZ says her car had a car accident, Umma doesn’t want her to drive it. She says she will destroy the car. SZ is on her mothers side now and asks her if it looks strange now that I am on your side?

Si-hyun sits at the bus stop and has visions of TH sitting there as well. He looks through his drawing book and thinks back to making TH cry all the time. He tells her sorry. Later, he goes to the coffee shop and thinks about all their happy moments together there with TH waving at him as she worked and smiling at him.

TH walks out with KJ and sees her mother. KJ says her mother called her a lot, leave your cell phone on, I will call you later. Umma asks her daughter why she turned off her cell phone. She was worried about her, what happened? Are you mad at me? TH asks her if she remembered their conversation before, she said she didnt’ have a boyfriend, she just worked, but she has someone now, you can tell me, it isnt’ surprising now. I turned off the phone on purpose so i wouldn’t get your phone call.

Umma tells TH that she can be mad at her, but what happened? TH tells her that she is always having a hard time becaues of her. Appa and her wouldn’t have a hard time if it wasn’t for her. The guy she couldnt’ forget, and gave her and appa a hard time, well that is my boyfriends father, so why can’t you just leave and stop blocking my life.

TH leaves in a fury and says that she won’t see her anymore. HJ calls her at that moment. TH fixes her face and smiles as she talks to her. HJ wants her to come over.

Cut to HJ’s house. KY is there along with the brother and the mother. TH comes in and sees KY oppa. Umma asks if KY knows TH. KY says yes, she is his professors daughter. This makes the Umma extra happy, she looks at TH and says she is elite. They start to talk about KY getting hit in the bar. HJ says he was the one that instigated the fight and he got hit. KY says SZ made her bad.

HJ and TH go to her room and talk about boyfriends. TH tells her that KY is not a good man. HJ says she will go to college and get married to her boyfriend. HJ starts to talk about SH and shows TH a photo on her phone. She says SH likes her a lot. TH shakes it off and says they sued too…let’s study.

KY tells TH that HJ became strange after playing with SZ. TH thinks it is none of her business. KY wants to sue SH. TH is all like, this is none of my business, do what you want. Bye-bye. KY wonders why she is also acting like this with him.

Appa is upset at one son that doesn’t fight and the other son that only fights. He asks one of the mother-in-laws to take care of everything with her families lawfirm. Appa wants SJ to close his shop. SJ won’t. Appa tells SJ to give him back his secret room then (his clubhouse). But SJ says his mother gave it to him. He will do everything himself, if you touch that place then I won’t just sit by and let it happen.
KY’s family was going to sue SH, but it was taken care of. Grandmother wants SH to live with them. SH thanks Grandmother for loving him and being kind to him. But he wants to tell her something…I am not fathers real son, he told me when I graduated. Maybe he didn’t tell you, I am sorry, I am having a hard time. I had to confess this to you. Grandmother tells him not to tell it to anyone until she says something about it. He agrees and leaves.

He sees the secretary and asks where his appa is. He is on vacation because he is sick, he will have a full health check up.

Grandmother calls Doctor Kim, she has to ask him something.

MR talks to her doctor about a quick surgery, that is the best that they can do. She says, okay. He asks if she is okay. SW comes in at that time and sees his chart. They go to an empty patients room to talk about it. MR says it isn’t easy, but it is curable after a good surgery. SW thinks they should take care of their marriage first. MR says that nothing changed, she will do her thing, if you are sorry to her at all, then focus on your treatment. Change your clothing, we have to have more tests, you should rest also.

Tae-hee tries to do some work. She calls the scholarship office and asks if there were any drop outs from the dormitory. The person says there was, she can come in next month. He will uese her old application and she can come in two weeks. TH thinks she will come in person so another mistake doesnt happen like last time. She will visit today.

A couple comes into the cafe at that moment and makes TH think about her kiss with SH. TH changes her background photo on her phone.
SH visits his father. His father decides to take a nap, it is the first time in a long time. SH decides to leave and runs into MR. MR tells him that his father can be cured, don’t worry about it.

TH meets with the scholarship office and finds out that she really called them before. She says she didn’t. He thinks maybe someone did it as a joke, but she thinks it shouldn’t be the case.

Th and SH run into each other in the building. it is awkward. SH asks her why she came to the building, she says it is for her dorm. He asks her where she stays now but seh just wants to make an excuse and leave. He asks her if he can talk to her a little bit. She agrees since she has to talk about moving out.

They sit at the cafe. SH tells her that he came there with his mother a lot, when the weather was nice they looked outside, when it rained, they liked the reain. He remembered when someone came to his hospital room, he was having a hard time, he knew that his mother was the hit and run person. (This is when he was crying in his hospital room and TH showed up).

TH asks, is that why you were crying? How did you know it that day? SH says his mothers car didn’t ahve any record of an accident. He asked the police and the police confirmed it. He aslo asked MR about it and she said that it was his mother, they just hoped the girl was okay. But he apologizes for making her think of all those bad things. She says its fine because time passed. She xcuses herself and tells him to take care of his appa.

But then TH thinks of something and doesnt’ leave. She sits on the couch instead and thinks back to what SH said. “We wish that girl is okay” TH thinks that MR shouldn’t know who SH’s mother hit, maybe she was at the site? TH calls her Emo and asks her about it. Emo tells her that TH asked her if Ajumma was okay and went to the hospital. Your mother thought you didnt’ reconize your own mothers face. But don’t think about that accident, people will tramatic car accidents feel bad when they remember things.

Emo gets off the phone and tells YW to give TH some time.


SJ walks through his clubhouse and says it is an empty nest. He thinks back to happier times when he first introduced his friends to the place.

He covered their eyes as they walked in and welcomed them to his vacation home. They were in high school when he introduced them to it. SZ and SH loved it. There is one rule, no one comes here, whatever happens, they will come there and they will spend their 60th birthday party there. SJ says that his mother gave it to him just in case his father kicked him out of the house. No studying there either.

SJ looks sad as he thinks about al those memories and sighs.

SZ practices her cello and looks at her phone’s voicemail. She listens to the recording she made earlier. Grandmother says that MR needs to be careful of her daughter, they do not accept people spreading rumors. SZ thinks the Grandmother is too much, her mother is doing everything for their family and yet they think she talks too much?

SZ calls SH and asks him what she would do for his Halmoni to like her. SZ isn’t in a good mood to talk. SZ says she also isn’t in a good mood to talk, but she recorded it. She isnt’ my Grandmother, but she is your real grandmother. SZ wants to be treated like a human in JK Group, she changed her plan. SZ tells him to listen to the recording. She sends it as a voicemail recording.

SH is still at the hospital.

TH is also still there. She is about to leave but sees a person have a heart attack. This triggers her memory. MR comes up and starts to check over the patient. TH thinks back to someone checking over her as she laid on the side of the road, but then that person took off.

TH look at MR, shocked. MR asks her what is going on, why is she there. TH grabs her arm and says that she saw her in the countryside, why didn’t she come back? MR takes TH to a private room and says that she doens’t know what she is talking about. Th wants to know why MR was so surprised when she grabbed her. She had a car accident two years ago, she thinks the accuser isn’t the accuser. She tried to save someone that day and got into a car accident.

Flashback to SH’s Umma driving and hitting something suddenly. This surprises her and her heart starts palpitating. Someone calls the woman. TH walks up on this scene and sees the woman slumped over the steering wheel. She rolls the window down. The woman says she thinks she had an accident. TH checks the car and doesnt’ see any signs of an accident. TH tells her to wait and she will call 911 to bring people there. But the woman holds TH’s arm. TH takes off her jacket and puts it on the women.

TH – Then I ran and someone hit me. You know as a doctor, people usually forget what kind of car hit them. But now I felt a similar feeling at the school when I saw SZ’s car. And what you just did to the patient. Why didn’t you come back to me? It was you! The hit and run! You said you were busy and you would come back right away, you told me to wait, but i was scared and hurt and there weren’t any cars. I tried to go back just in case someone didn’t find me, it was so scary. I trusted what you said, it was scary but you told me you would come back.

MR stands and looks around.

MR – No, you are mistaken, I never whent there.

TH – You should have come back to me, because of that, I couldnt’ walk or go to school to get treatment

MR- Back then, I couldn’t help. I went to rescue the same person after that person died, I forgot. When I came back later, you weren’t there.

TH – No that is all an excuse, that patient is SH’s mom? So you also lied to me! You said SH’s mother was the hit and run, how can you do that to me? Didn’t you think about how SH felt

MR – I went there to save his mother, she had a heart condition but seh went out without consultation, it was an emergeny. The reason I told that to SH, I dont think you would understand, but I thought that was the best way to tell SH. I had a secret reason i couldnt’ tell him why she went there.

TH – We all know that SH’s mother went there to see my mother.

TH tells her that all the things hse says are nonsense. Just accept what you did wrong. MR repeats that they tried to save the same person. What do you want, I can pay you whatever. Th jsut wants her to accept what seh did.

TH knows that she won’t get prosecuted and will get out of it, but if you apologie to me, then at least I will feel better. Just apologize and it will releave SH from his guiltiness and I won’t call the police.

TH leaves.
Flashback. MR drives to find SH’s mother. She talks with the secretary about looking for her. He asks her why she told her that. MR says she didn’t know she would actually go there. But then she hits TH. She gets off the phone.

MR gets out of the car and sees what she hit. She sees TH fall to the floor. She checks her over and apologizes for hiting her, she didn’t see her. She asks her if she can move. Is your neck or legs hurt? MR sits TH up and checks her leg. Her leg is messed up. TH asks her if they can call for help, there is a patient over there that is sick, I was about to call someone. MR apologizes and asks TH to wait a little bit, she will be right back.

MR takes off and leaves TH on the side of the road. She gets to SH’s Umma. Umma is still alive, but her window is closed now and she is breathing hard.

MR beats her chest as she thinks about this. SZ comes into the hospital and sees TH leaving. Then she sees her mother in this pitiful state. She asks her mother why whe is crying, is it beause Ajusshi is sick? It is Eun Tae-hee right? That was Th right? Calm down Umma, it will be okay.

TH walks likea zombie through the hospital and sits in the aiting room. She softly cries as she thinks about waking up in the hospital with her mother next to her. Then she starts to sob. But she composes herself and calls someone. SH walks around the corner and picks up his phone.

TH – SH…I need to tell you something. Can you come where we met.
SH – I will be there right away.

Meanwhile, SZ calls someone as well. She calls TH. TH doesn’t pick up. SZ calls SH. But it goes to voicemail.

Th meets with SH. She tells her that she doenst’ know where to start, but the hit and run, I know who that person is. It is not your mother.

SH – what are you talking about?


SH starts to cry.

TH – She will tell you the truth soon.

SH – Are you okey?

TH – Me?

SH – Are you okay?

TH – I was wondering if I should tell you it was MR or not. She hit me to rescue your mtoher.

SH – I don’t care, i just wonder if you are okay. Let’s correct it now. We can do it together, you can report it and get an apology. I don’t want to continue this, you were having a hard time.

TH – My mother started everything, if I knew it in advanve then it would be better

SH – nothing is your fault

TH – I know it isn’t my fault, but it makes me mad that our hard life

SH – we couldnt’ do anything with the adult stuff, but we can take care of the future

Th – if it was your mother in the hit and run, I am okay, I became okay. But, you look like you became an adult all of a sudden.

SH – Hey, Eun Tae-hee told me that I look mature.

Sh wants to hold her hand, but he is hesitant. They both look out the window. Then they walk downt he steps.

TH – Bye-bye
SH – Okay….Tae-hee, can you wait a little bit, after i see my father, i will give you a ride
TH – I can go myself
SH – Can’t you just let me do it today?
TH – Okay, take your time.

TH leaves to the parking garage and sees SZ. SZ walks to her and tells her that she met her mother, why is her mother crying so much, tell me what you told her. SZ grabs TH byt the arm.

SH storms out and grabs TH’s arm from SZ. He tells SZ to just stop. Why are you holding her, you have no business with her. SH tells TH, lets go. But SZ calls him back. SH tells SZ to just leave him alone. They shouldn’t talk now. When he warns her, just leave and don’t get involved in there relationship. SZ tells him that he shouldn’t do that to her.

TH and SH leave. SZ gets in her car and drives off in a rage. She pushes the accelerator to run over TH and SH

Fade Out

Sorry for the delay in posting the last part, it was all important information to the flashback car accident.

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