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The Great Seducer Live Recap Episodes 23 and 24

Live Recap for the Korean Drama The Great Seducer / Tempted, episode 23 and 24
I am literally watching this show to see what happens because there is no possible way I can guess my way through it. The preview is my only hint, which spells misfortune for everyone and most pressingly for Suk-woo who has an accident while driving due to his failing eyesight. My question is, what was he doing driving with failing eyesight?

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Eun Tae-hee – TH | Kwon Si-hyun – SH | Choi Suzy – SZ | Lee Se-ju – SJ | Ko Kyung-ju – KJ | Lee Ki-young – KY | Park Hae-jung – HJ | Seol Young-won – YW | Kwon Suk-woo – SW | Myung Mi-ri – MR | Jung Na-yoon – NY | Oh Se-ri – SR | Cho Gun Gun-sook

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SHWhat is this? Eun tae-hee will complain that it is noisy while sleeping
TH – Are you afraid of the thunder?
SH – No
TH – you can pick me up from school with an umbrella
SH – What do you want to do right now?
TH – Right now?
SH – Do you want to see me and talk?

TH goes to SH’s room with both of them laughing as she carried her pillow to his place. SZ sees this from the elevator. She is destroyed at the sight. She goes back down to SJ who is holding an umbrella, but she is too stunned to talk to him and just looks off at nothing.

Meanwhile SZ and TH are happily talking in bed together. They joke about their dreams being realized as the rain falls outside. SH watches TH sleeping, but she isn’t sleeping and asks him why he isn’t sleep. He says that he wants to tell her a lot, she tells him it is that he thinks a lot and to not worry about the future. When he goes out to run…don’t worry about things in advance. You look like you worry about unneccessary things. They keep talking and she jokes that she is his noona since she is 3 months older. They talk about him meeting the woman his appa is seeing and how they should just sleep.

She falls asleep and he tucks her in. then he goes to his desk and checks his drawings. He flips to an empty page

Note: I would like to confess a long a difficult confession to you.
SZ tells SJ that she will not block their wedding anymore, she will just let her mother do what she wants to do. SJ wants to drive, but SZ says she will. But she looks like she is not able to drive as she reves the engine but the car goes nowhere.

TH lets herself into SH’s apartment and rolls him out of bed. She tells him that they should work out as she hits him on the back. they go out running, but she rides a bycicle while he runs next to her. It’s so unfair! But she keeps riding it and he keeps running.

Then he drops her off at school and opens her door for her. TH says it is nice that he drops her off at school. Can he walks her to her class? He wants to see her classmates. While walking, SH sees the flower petals falling and tries to catch one, but then he hides what he is doing when TH turns around.

They keep walking, but TH wants to stop for a moment as she looks at a foreign exchange program on the bulletin board. SH tells her she would have to go outside the country, don’t leave. A guy comes up to TH and tells her that is a competition, let’s do it together. But TH says that she told him that she didnt’ want to do it. I told you not to put your hand on my shoulder. Don’t talk about it anymore.

SH watches all this and smiles. TH says that she is only kind to him.

They walk and run into SZ. TH removes her hand from SH’s, but SH grabs her hand again and tells her not to retract it. SZ walks by without saying anything. TH wants to know why he didn’t say hi. SH says that they will see each other soon, his halmoni called for all of them to meet.
Before the meeting, SW texts YW, he wants to meet with her. She says fine, one last time.

At the meeting, everyone sits and eats. Halmoni is very pleased to see SH and says that she picked this place for him. Did he eat miyukguk for his birthday? I told you to come to halmoni’s house. They start to talk a lot about eating together with family and how it is important. MR mentions that her and the VP had dinner together. Then she mentions that SZ and SH are close. Grandmother wants to talk to SZ though. She tells her that she should study abroad. The conversation grows awkward and Halmoni tells the kids to leave. SZ puts her phone on record and leaves it on her seat.

SH and SZ go somewhere and talk about how this situation is bad. Halmoni doesn’t like MR and SH is the same, but she is always on his side. SH tells her that they shouldn’t fight.

TH is interested in the exchange program and wants to research it. She asks the exchange program about it. Then she texts SH

TH : tell me your SAT and grades
SH : I didn’t take the SAT, don’t be surprised…
TH : No, I should give you private tutoring also

Halmoni wants MR to take care of SZ’s manners. She wants to give her some advice, they cannot accept people with rumors, I know what you told my daughter in law when she died, I know that you said that because of your greed, maybe you didnt’ intend it, but you need to watch your mouth. Halmoni leaves.

SZ and SH come back in. MR tells SZ that she will leave. SZ is pretty concerned about her mother and wants to know what SH’s Halmoni could have said to her. Your father is so great to let her take care of everything. SZ implies that SW and YW dating with affect TH and SH dating. But SH doesn’t understand why. (Maybe he doesn’t know that YW is TH’s mother?). They start to talk about their friendship. SH tells her that things change quickly when it isn’t true. SZ asks, you and me, who wasn’t true?
MR goes to the bathroom and has a flashback. She tells SH’s mother that YW and SW where famous. They openly loved each other. MR talks to the mother about all this. She told the mom that SW went to see YW.

TH and KJ run into SJ at school. They talk about SH’s birthday party and how thye used to have it all the time. But they didn’t do it this year because of his girlfriend, so they are next in line, they actually fought because SH said he doens’t need them anymore.

SW drives up to YW’s place, but his eyes are affecting him. he gets there fine though. Inside, YW is standoffish and tells him that his son came. He didn’t do anything wrong, but I was so embarrassed and regretted everything. Why did you buy my work? Because you pitied me? Where you happy? Did you feel good helping me? We hurt our kids enough, I heard your wife died trying to see me. So how can you see me?

SW says that he just wanted to see her one last time and save it in his eyes. YW says they should be remembered as sinners, that is their punishment. SW slowly walks out and shuffles to the car.

He drives away but his eyes are affecting him. Then we hear a loud noise. The car crashed into a post and SW is unconcious. Cut to the hospital. YW has to call the guardian of SW. She looks at her phone.

SH gets a call from his father and thinks before answering it. But he answers and hears that YW is on the other side of the phone. We don’t hear his conversation though. Th goes up to him and surprises him, seh tells him to tell her when he comes. He pretends like nothing is wrong and says that his father is a little sick, so he has to leave. They smile and hug.
SJ and SZ talk outside and the car. there is no problem with the car, but the bumper was changed. SJ wants her to ask her mother about it, she will be angry if she finds out she is driving the car.

YW watches over SW at the hospital, but she hides from him. Then SH comes. They talk in a corner. YW says that she didn’t know who to contact, she knew that he would be angry. He tells her that he isn’t hurting more than his mother. She apologizes again and says that maybe he visited her because of his disease. She diesnt’ know how much he is hurting, but maybe both of them are getting punished. Her daughter got her punishment; when her mother went there to see her, her mother had a car accident, it was a hit and run so we don’t know who hit her. I will live the rest of my life feeling sorry to you and to my daughter.

SH calls TH. She picks up happily.

SH – Nothing happened to you?
TH – what? Nothing. how is your dad?
SH – He is okay, i will call you when I go to Seoul.

He calls SZ.

SZ is about to meet TH, she sees the phone call from SH, but she isn’t picking up.

SZ – you started it, i will be the one to stop it.

SH – she left, she said not to contact her anymore
SW – Okay, can you give me a ride.

TH – why do you wnat to see me.
SZ – It’s just, in front of the school, I should have apologized for almost hitting you.

They talk about SH and Th getting dumped. SZ says she wouldn’t have wanted to see him if she got dumped like that. Then she asks Th is she knows about SH’s family issues. TH doesnt’ know what seh is taking about. She will know more in the future. SZ says she is so confident to think that they will be together in the future.

TH sighs and says that she knows she likes SH, she thinks she hates TH, but she loves SH. SH told her that her and SJ were really important to him and he can’t even explain how important you are to him. I was envious of you because of that. When he left me to hang out with y’all, I was sad and envious. But he told me that I was important to him, so I believed him and felt good. I just accepted his love and I also love him in my own way.

SZ asks her if she thinks her love is the most important thing in the world?

TH says that she is just different with SH, they share a lot of pain and everything. She doesnt’ want to steal SH from her, she just wants to build her life with him. She doesnt’ have to accept SZ’s feelings, they are her feelings, so don’t tell me what you feel.

TH gets up to leave. But SZ tells her that SH’s father is meeting another woman. Did SH tell you that? She says that he did. SZ stands up.

SZ – That woman, is your mother. Seol Young-won.

SZ – … your mom knows that the VP is getting married again. SH’s mother, 2 years ago, she died because of an accident to go and see your mother. Whatever you do, love or not, I won’t be in your business, but you shouldn’t bother our family issues. Because of your mom, my mom is suffering. My mother is honest.

SZ leaves, TH is left stunned still standing in place.

Sh says he will drive him to MR’s hospital. But SH wants to go to the company. he is tired. SH says that he heard he is good at hiding. SH wants to know if SW is mad that he visited her(?). SW says it is all his fault.

TH thinks back to SH telling her that he met who his father is meeting. TH said that she wants to give her a hard time. But now she thinks that she shouldn’t have said that. Her phone rings and she turns it off while thinking about the accident from 2 years ago. YW told her daughter that she won’t see anyone and she will just go back to Icheon.

TH looks at the painting SH painted on the building and cries. She says she is sorry SH.

SH drops off his father at the company. His father looks back at him, then goes inside. he calls TH, but her phone is off. He wonders why he can’t contact her. He texts her instead.

SH: I am in Seoul, why did you turn off your phone, when you check it, call me rigth away.

he goes to the coffee shop, the employee tells him that she just left. SH runs to his car, but TH was right next to him and he didnt’ see her. She lets him drive away.
SZ listens to the recording and scoffs. SH comes in and asks her if she knows everything. SZ says that she knew everything. SH wants to know how she can do this to her. he yells at her and tries to control his anger. SZ is stoic. She says that she told him many times to break up with her, but you didn’t care about us at all. SH wants to know, did you tell TH that….yay, why do you do this? This is you and my problem, why do you involve TH?

SZ – Do you think I was cruel to her? SH, get real. youa re the bad guy to her more than me. You started it, you wanted to get married to me before our parents, you wanted to know who YW was. I just wanted to protect my mother, that is why I told TH. I didn’t tell her about our game. I told her that she can bother our friendship but she shouldn’t bother our brother-sister ship.

SH – Friendship? Between us there is no more friendship

SZ – Bye bye Si-hyun.

SH leaves and goes to TH’s door. He asks her if she is inside and if he can talk to her. She doesn’t answer the door, so he lets himself in. But she isn’t inside either. TH is outside and goes to a meeting with her architect people. It looksl ike this is a study room. Her friends greet her. She says that she wanted to study overnight. They say they are about to go eat, but she tells them that she already ate, she will stay.

Meanwhile SH is looking for her.

TH calls KJ. She asks where Th is and why her phone was off. SH called her a lot of find her. Did you fight? TH tells her, when SH calls, just tell him that you don’t know where I am, I need to think. KJ wants to know what happened. TH says she just wants to think a little bit, that is why she is turning off her phone. She will call her at school.

TH – SH, sorry…but it is difficult to see you right now.

SJ catches a falling flower petal and blows it. He tells SZ, if you don’t want to go home, then go to my place. But she doenst’ want to. SJ says that they should wrap up their clubhouse. SZ wants to keep it. But SJ says that SH is gone so they can’t go back. She says she knows that, she made it that way. SJ tells her to stop ignoring him and to just be with him, he will do anything she wants, he will show up when she needs him and dissapear when she doenst’ want him, he has done it until now and he will do it even better later. But SZ tells him that they should just stay as friends. SJ says that SH is her friend also.

SZ stands and catches a petal also. She tells SJ that SH isn’t happy. She broke them up, but she isn’t happy. TH told her that she is not angry, she is sad because SH doesnt’ love her. She looks sad.

SJ stands up and holds SZ’s arm. She sinks her head into his chest and they stand like that amidst the falling petals.
SJ goes to TH’s house, but SH is there. He tells him to come out.

KY is drinking with his friends, one of them is going to the military. SH and SJ are at this same bar. SH knows that SJ is mad at him becasue he yelled at SZ. SJ says they should close their clubhouse. he and SZ went to his house, that is how they saw him and TH. SZ was crying, but she still wanted to see you, but she saw you and TH. Because you love TH, I became a little brave and confessed to SZ, but she told me that she wants to be friends with me only. SH says you know that SZ is like that. SJ thinks it is because she is desperate, he is the last one.

SJ also knew everything. SH tells him that he should have told him. But SJ says that he warned him a lot. SH wonders what he should do, it drives him crazy, it is all his fault. He wanted to apologize to TH, but SZ screwed it up. SJ tells him not to blame SZ, she just wants to make everything work. SH thinks SZ isn’t the SZ he remembers. But SJ asks him how he can say that, SZ did a lot for you. Don’t come in front of SZ again, if you do it then I will kill you.

KY notices them and goes up to him. He asks them why two best friends are fighting. SH tells him to just leave. But KY stays and talks annoyingly. He asks why they fought, becsue of SZ? He knew their couldn’t be a friendship between men and women. SH punches him and tells him not to talk about SZ. KY falls to the ground and SH towers over him.

HJ’s brother goes to the hospital to get an evaluation for being sick and unable to go to the military.

SW also finds out that he has a tumor in his brain. This tumor touches his optic fiber so it affects his vision. He calls MR and tells her that he needs her help as a doctor. He will tell her in detail when he sees her.

TH brushes her teeth at school, she didn’t go home.

While at school, she calls her appa and puts on a happy face. She says they have gorgeous plum blossoms at school, she wanted to show him. He says he will be at Korea next week. TH thinks she should stay with him. He says that would be great, but what about your dorm? She basically says it’s fine. then she tells him that she is by the prettiest tree. But he asks who that guy is behind her. Are you showing me your boyfriend?

SH is standing behind her. They talk. he tells her that he didn’t know how to tell her yesterday, but he found out yesterday that YW is your mother.

TH tells her that they don’t need to say difficult things to each other, the most important thing is how they suffered because of them. She is sorry, if she didn’t show up, then they would be okay.

SH says that it isn’t her fault. But she thinks that it is very difficult to see him now.

SH – look at me, I have to tell you a lot more, I have a lot to apologize to you for, please don’t’ turn your back on me like this.
TH – SH, now, we shouldn’t’ see each other.
SH – No…if I don’t have you….please
TH – Because it is difficult for me if I see you…I feel like a sinner….thank you.

She kisses him and they hold hand, but she slowly lets go of his hands and she walks away.

Fade Out

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  1. Anna
    April 17, 2018 / 9:08 am

    O God! In one episode they are lovey dovey and in other they are breaking up.. and still we have 4eps left..don’t know what’s in store for us.*deep thinking*

  2. Sashaa
    April 17, 2018 / 10:17 am

    LOL. I too was shocked that he was driving when going blind. What the hell is he thinking??

    So they broke up again is it. *rolling eyes* Yet to catch up.

    Looks like the adults haven’t resolved all their issues yet, so not fair to expect these teenagers to make any sense.

    • V
      April 17, 2018 / 10:52 am

      They broke up AGAIN. So next week we will have one teary reunion at the end of the first episode and happy lovey times until the end of the second episode where they will break up again.

  3. N30
    April 18, 2018 / 12:22 am

    I read it on some online chats … This drama should b named The Great Breakups …. And immediate make ups … Seriously …

    • V
      April 18, 2018 / 9:15 am

      That is so funny! You just made me laugh so hard.

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