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The Fiery Priest: Episodes 7-8 Recap

Korean Drama recap The Fiery Priest 7 and 8
Korean Drama The Fiery Priest, via SBS

The first several episodes of The Fiery Priest were a wild ride into strange yet poignant land were hilarity and heart live in cohabitation. I don’t understand how it works, but it works so well and I am here for it.

This episode was much more of the lovely same which the strangest things happening that make absolutely no sense and yet all the sense in the world.

The Fiery Priest: Episodes 7-8 Recap



Haeil goes up the escalator and approaches the door where Jang-ryong and his gang are. He keeps Haeil from coming in and asks him how he wants him to hit him. Do you know abot Capoeira? You should not attack while I’m transforming.

He starts doing a whole bunch of capoiera moves and is really good. But then Haeil kicks him which sends him flying. He tells his guys that it is time to send Haeil to H*ll (as he is ont he floor).

But then Hoon-shik shows up and tells the other gangsters to just shut up, today is to important for that. He ends up letting Haeil in. Hoon-sik and Jang-ryong argue a bit outside about letting Haeil in. HS thinks they do not need a news article about hitting a priest on the day of the award ceremony.

Inside, all the bad guys sit together at a table. haeil goes right to the front to talk to everyone. Seungah and Daeyoung as so startled that he went all the awy to the stage. haeil tells everyone that they can pray for this award that Hwang has recieved. He starts to pray for the award, but says that he see a big Satan energy in the room.

he leaves, the cashier tells him that he is a part-timer there actually. Haeil takes a drink from hima nd then sprinkles water on all the bad guys. While doing it he tells God to protect them from all this evil. 

The music kicks in in the background. Haeil says it is good music for them. Sukgoo tells the musicians to stop playing. Dongjae (mayor) says that she heard about him a lot. he is the priest that is making a lot of trouble. He asks who she is so she introduces herself. He says that if she is friends with Hwang then she isnt’ a good person. He stars to laugh. Then he addresses Hwang and says that it was him, wasn’t it, you killed the Bishop and threw him from the cliff.

Hwang and the district mayor say it is all nonsense. haeil asks why he wanted to take over the church welfare center and orphanage, then? Hwang says that he wanted to do a good job, what is wrong with that. haeil asks if he even knows what a good dead is?

They keep arguing. Haeil says he is not there to do anything but give him a blessing and eat lunch. Sukgoo tells him that he is there to cause trouble and tells Seungah and Daeyoung to take him out! They are about to but say that they have no reason to remove him. 

Another bad guy says that today is a good day, how come you are messing this up? haeil spits his food out and asks, is it a good day? I want to see how long you will have this good day. he stands up. Hwang tells him that he awnts to destroy him but he has no way to do it, that is why he is under a lot of stress, that is why you came here. But nothing changes, the priest will not come back to life. 

Haeil tells him not to talk about the priest. Hwang says haeil is the one that brought it up, if you want to mess with me then I will be ready.

haeil walks out and the same music kicks in on repeat.

The two cops walk out with Haeil. Daeyoung asks wh he came there again? You only have one more chance before you are arrested. Haeil asks if he worries about him. DY says he worries about his own job. Seungah tells them to stop arguing, it makes her nervous.

In the prosecutors office, Kyungsung tells one of her employees to close the case up. But he says that from his eperience, this is not good. It is like how if you didnt’ wipe after pooping and pulled your pants up.

She says that this is as if she is eating aluminum paper around the kimbap, I am mad, just close it! Then she complains about all the stress she is under.



Elsewhere, Hwang breaks his award for a business man and angrily says that he can’t kill that guy. Hoonsuk says that he can do it. But Hwang tells him to shut up. DO you want to show off about it! Hoonsuk apologizes for showing off. Hwang thinks he should have killed him from the begining. Be sure to background check that priest. Everything! He kicks the paperwork and tells Hoonsuk to leave.

Meanwhile, Haeil is at a vending machine to get coffee. But it broke so he has to hit it a few times. He remembers Hwang telling him that he might want to screw him over, but he can’t do anything but talk about it.

Haeil has a huge temper tantrum on the vending machine so Marcus has to hold him back. Later on, he dresses all his cuts from haeil punching the machine and tells him that he has to stay calm. But Haeil says that he can’t let the Bishop die twice. Covering this all up is as if he died twice. Marcus tells him that he is doing his best.

haeil wants to push even stronger. Marcus tells him not to fight alone he and the nuns are on his side as well. Then nun Inkyung comes in and says that they have a visitor. IT is the head priest from earlier, he says that the arch Bishop tried his best to help them. He hopes there is no misunderstanding, the arch bishop considered it for a long time. haeil is sarcastic about his consideration for that and asks why this Priest is there. 

The Priest says that they can’t just leave the main position of the church open, so now Marcus is the main priest. Marcus is surprised and asks how he can be that person? He does not know anything. What about Haeil? Haeil is in a different district so he can’t be it. 

Later, Inkyung congratulates Marcus. She tells him that he can do it. Marcus is still worried thought. haeil thinks it is good, then he can leave late without worrying about anything. Inkyung thinks it is good, then Haeil can go back to his district. But Marcus says that Haeil should stay. Just stay until the end of the month to lead a service. Inkyung is hanging on his every word, she really does not want Haeil to do the service because she knows that Haeils service is bad (he i sknown to curse and things). But Haeil says he will do the service.

Elsewhere, The chief prosecutor, Kang, tells prosecutor Park that Haeil caused a lot of trouble at the celebration today. She apologizes for letting him out of jail. he tells her to put him in jail if any little thing happens, so she says that she will.

But shen she leaves, she air punches and kicks an imaginary person as if it is Haeil and complains about how he does not listen.

 In the convenience store, the clerk, Yohan, and the Thai man, SS, sit to eat food that is past the expiration date. SS tells him that he went to the church in the morning because he missed Bishop Lee. He feels like he is still there when he goes there, his face and his voice and his snacks. Yohan starts to sob and says that it makes him remember the Priest as well. He is an angel like guy, SS thinks he is like a bright star in the sky. Maybe he is like that one over there. He points to the sky.

Yohan says that is actually the brightest star to the sky and closest to the North Pole. SS is all like, I know that is not his star, just feel my emotions! Yohan says he majored in that, so he is just saying the truth. They both think that even though he is gone, they should still keep their weekend. 

Haeil hears them all talking.

Yohan starts to talk about how he has a super hearing ability. he runs off to a distance and tells SS to say something. SS starts saying something but Yohan hears none of it, lol. 

Haeil leaves and goes to Bishop Lee’s room. He still pictures Bishop Lee there and gets chocked up as he watches it. he stays there until morning. Marcus comes to talk to him about Mass. He says that he is ready if people don’t come anymore. The amount of church members isn’t the most important thing. Haeil says they will give Mass even if one person is there. They can go to Mass and trust the church and correct all the wrong things.



But no one comes. They all wait outside for anyone to come. Inkyung thinks that she did not expect it to be like this. But then Yohan and SS run up. Haeil tells Yohan to wipe his mouth of bread crumbs before coming in. The doctor comes in next. Two ther people are hesitant to come in. Haeil tells them that if they are going to be like this then they can just go leave and watch TV.

They tell him that they can’t decide. He tells them that what they are doing now makes Bishop Lee look bad. If you believe all those rumors then don’t come in, you are not qualified to trust God’s word! Inkyung tries to hold Haeil’s mouth back, and tells the woman that he is just sensitive now. But the ladies leave. Inkyung wants to yell at him. 

The prosecutor also is outside, she is hesitant to come in but thinks that she doesn’t know about any other church. So she sneaks in but Haeil sees her and quietly fumes.

Afterward, he tells Kyung-sun that he told her not to come. She tells him that she is the one that decided not to come or not. But he says that he told her she is not qualified as a follower. They argue about wanting healing. He tells her to go to a jimjilbang restaurant if she wants healing. She tells him that if he makes anymore trouble he will be out. You should do these things moderately. 

he asks if she heard about what happened with Hwang’s ceremony? I might be making trouble now, but soon we will be tied and I will move ahead. She tells him that she did not send haeil to jail as a last respect to the bishop. But her belief is running out. So you should know what is going on.

They keep arguing about that. She tells him to go see the pope, go to the blue house, whatever. He tells her that she shold not talk about the Pope, even as a joke! She yells, Pope! Pope! Pope! Help me! Then she runs away.

Elsewhere, the gangsters give SS a hard time as he is about to make a delivery. They want him to say a tongue twister and give him a hard time when he doesn’t say it the way they want him to. Inside, the district mayor, DJ, and Hwang eat and talk about the priest giving them a hard time. She tells him that he should find another religion to take care of it.

he ends up finding a cult. This cult is pretty crazy and has magic acts as well as strobe lights in the church. The main pastor person starts to talk about all the bad things the Bishop did in the church. Those poeple talk bad about our religion as a cult, but they do all the bad things. We don’t care about Buddha or Jesus. Or realization is the most important thing. It will give us everything. The route of everything is me. They all praise him.

he starts to say prediction and says that someone did not turn off the iron becaue they were in a hurry. A woman stand up and says, it was me! Wow! So the pastor says he will not give electricity all afternoon!




We open back at this cult church where the spiritual leader person is praying over a woman to make her face small and all sorts of things. Then Hwang comes in and asks if he can make his face smaller.

Cut to them sitting in an office to talk. Hwang tells him that he is a conman in the countryside, I helped you make a living. So you take care of the welfare center and I will do everything in the background.

Elsewhere, District Mayor DJ talks about corruption in a food supply to the chief policeofficer, congressman, and chief prosecutor. A nun is making a big deal about it so she wants them to take care of it.

The gangsters start to distribute cash and also look at Haeil’s background. Hwang thinks that he should have had a rough life, but his background check shows that he had a normal life. Went to college, graduated, and became a preist? They all wonder.

Kyung-sun also looks up Haeil’s background, but she wonders why his resume photo is so handsome. His life is simplet than expected, he should have something.

Meanwhile, haeil looks at Bishop Lee’s rosary beads and he starts to pack his things up. But then he finds a secret storage under the table. He pull sit out and sees photos and a notebook that talks all about the corruption in that district. It has to do with foodsupply corruption with the disctrict mayor, the congressman, and the police. He has been keeping all these corruption reports and kept all his complaints about the food. It is bad and rotten and all sorts of things. He also has photos of little kids and a diary.

Haeil starts to read the diary. He also reads through all the paperwork.

VO – I have too many things to fight. Few poeple give a lot of people pain.

Flashback to Bishop Lee complaining to the city center about a girl in critical condition from eating those bad snacks.

VO – Adults greed might take one little life. The city cannot do anything, they say it is a district matter. The do not accept their sin. They do not listen to the weak and use their power to ignore.

Bishop Lee tries to meet all the people in power but they ignore him.

VO – They ignore the truth and give their own judgement. I will be against your will just one time. I will reveal their sin, not forgive them. I do not know how much life I have. You are the one that know is, But as long as I have strength, I will fight them.

haeil tells all of this to Inkyung and Marcus. He thinks he complained too much because he could not do it once or twice. How sad would he be looking at me. Inkyung says, yes, he would be so sad because of you….sorry, sorry. 

Haeil says Bishop Lee was fighting alone, but now I will do it. Marcus and Inkyung say that they will help him. But they have no way. He thinks back to Kyungsun telling him to go to the Pope. he shakes his head as he thinks about it as if that might be too much to go to the Pope. Marcus and Inkyung as him about it, but he does not tell them.

But later, he uses an app to translate Korean to Italian. Marcus comes in and wonders if he is really sending a letter to the Pope? Inkyung says that they have a branch from the Vatican and an arch Bishop, he can’t just ignore the propersteps!

He tells them all to leave. Leave, leave, leave.

Then he continues with his app translation, slowly but surely. he writes about how Gabriel died after being blamed for all the sins of the world. He has fun writing it and puts it into the international mail and prays over it before mailing.

HI – I usually dont’ listen to you asking for my prayers, but if you listen to my prayers this time then I will fulfill my duties as priest.

A mosquito starts to bother him.

HI – I will never be angry and will live peacefully.

The mosquito keeps bothering him.

He has to stop and hit it then gets up and starts trying to kill this mosquito all around the room and finally gets it.



In the city, Daeyoung tells Seungah to wait somewhere as he goes inside. She asks him if he is going to get bribery money? He says that she doesn’t know but he is the only clean cop in their department.

he goes inside. But then there is a robber who runs up the street. Seungah follows the robber. Though she was warned not to go to a certain area of the city.

Daeyoung comes back out and is told that Seungahh went to the Russian area to catch a robber. He runs off to find her.

In a Russian bar, Hwang eats with Gangster Vladimir Kozayev (VK). Hwang tells him that the polcie dont mess with them here because he gives them a break. The Russina is a Russian Korea and pretends like he does not know Korean well, but he knows the slang term Ding dang with is to sneak money out.

They hear Seungah outside arresting someone so they go outside to see what is going on. She caught the robber but she has to tell all these Russian gangsters that she came there to arrest this guy. However, she also tells these gangsters that she can kill them all too, so dont’ stop me. She breaks a bottle and holds it to them.

Daeyoung runs up to them and tells the gangsters not to think about her, she doesn’t know how things go here. he pulls her away. She is angry at him though. he tells her that they have their own rules, we give them a break here. She thinks that this is not another country! But he tells her to be careful of herself, you need to be alive to be a policeman.

She asks if this is a warzone or something? You are the ones that they should be afraid of. You tol dme that if they want to fight you then they would have to arrange your funeral first. But if you tell me one more time then I will hit you first. She walks away.

He goes off and drinks by himself at Yohans bar. He drunkenly says that Seungah does not know anything. Yohan comes up to him so Daeyoung asks him why he tries to sit in front of him everytime he drinks. Yohan tells him that he just wondered because he looked so cool. He had a lot of questions for him. Then Yohan walks away. Daeyoung wonders if Yohan is making fun of him.

Cut to a montage of Haeil looking for a letter from the pope. He waits and waits and checks his mail over and over again. But no letter.  Marcus thinks, maybe it wasn’t delivered, maybe we should find anotehr way. Heil thinks that he used the translator well.


The vatican got the letter and it was delivered to the Pope. The Poper starts to read it and starts to right a letter to the president of Korea. He says that he got a letter from Gabriel (the Korean President is Catholic). He says that he would like for them to reinvestigate his friend Gabriel. Not only for the dignity of Gabriel, but for the dignity of all Catholics. The Korean president orders someone to pay special attention to this case.

A call comes down to the Chief Prosecutor about this ordeal. prosecutor Kyung sun thinks this is so daebak. Did he actually follow what I said and contact the Pope directly? When did he become so global? Is this really the pope. Is my tarot correct? If I make any mistake then I am dead? Maybe I screwed up globally if something is wrong.

In the church, Marcus and Haeil yell in happiness at the Pope on the wall. Inkyung puts the letter next to her heart. She thinks this is all good news, but how are they going to revive their church? Putting the church back to normal is an important mission as well. But she apologizes to God about being angry and walks away.

Marcus and Haeil think they should focus on the church, but they also yell in happiness at the Pope once more for writing them a letter and calling the president.



All the bad guys meet up to discuss this. They all fret about it and think that priest is causing trouble everywhere! But Sukgoo has a plan, he will pick the best person to investigate it which is actually the worst and most inept guy on the squad. 

Cut to Daeyoung looking at himself in the mirror in the bathroom. One of the guys in the stall opens the door while pooping and tells him to meet the chief. He does, so the chief tells him that he should be in this investigation. But you should destroy the investigation. You know this shouldn’t’ go well. If anything happens then we will all be out. So just disturb the investigation without the priest noticing and tell me what he does, okay? If you wrap this up well then I will promote you. It is an order from high high up there, the president, it is a big chance for you, okay?

Daeyoung leaves and tries not to slam the door (he closes it quietly) and starts to air kick the door. He thinks he should have visited his Grandfathers tomb last time, ah, all the bad things are happening to me!

In the Russian bar, Hwang talks to VK about how strong the Pope is. Hwang says to tell the woman and the accountant to hide somewhere. then he wonders why it is so messed up all across the country.

Later on we see the woman and accountant driven away by two thugs. It looks like these are two Russian thugs.

In the police department, Haeil shows up and asks who the investigator is? Daeyoung raises his hand. Haeil is all like, wait, the best guy is supposed to take over this case. Seungah says that she will help him. Haeil asks for a different guy than Daeyoung. 

Daeyoung takes offense and says that he is the hidden ace. Haeil tells him to jest eat his snacks in the office.

Daeyoung tells him that he makes him mad! So they have a walk and stare off. 

DY – What if I solve the case?

HI – What, you solve the case? I will buy lamb stew

DY – Hey, that is not enough.

Pointing dramatically

DY – I will buy you beef!

HI – Okay, call!

Points dramatically

Their fingers touch like they are in E.T

The team leader says that they can start the investigation.

So Haeil and Daeyoung walk out together in slow motion. He puts on his super cool glasses and Daeyoung puts on his super nerd glasses and they keep walking out.

Fade Out



Love this show so much, it is the perfect replacement for The Last Empress. We will live recap the next two episodes today!


DY – You shouldn’t get angry or throw a temper while investigating

HI – Okay


DY – hey, you shouldnt’ make trouble like this. I can’t help you.

Caption – Is this working together or disturbing the work?

HI – hey, goosae young inspector. Even the neighborhood CCTV is not like this! 

DY – I am going to send this bill to the church!

ST – Find out a way to destroy this priest in one shot.

KS – He has the Pope behind him so I can’t just arrest him with nothing

Caption – Stop the priest

KS – Hey, do you have any good ideas?

KS – Hey, priest, you shouldn’t get drunk like this

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