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The Fiery Priest: Episodes 13-14 Live Recap

The Fiery Priest Recap 13 and 14
The Fiery Priest, via SBS

This drama hits all my tickle spots. Hopefully they can finish airing safely and responsibly so that we can continue to enjoy it and that all the fruits of their labor are actualized into a finished product. (For those who don’t know, the lead actor injured his rib and wrist while filming various action scenes). Surprisingly, the lead actor, Kim Namgil, is back to work!

My guess is that they will write this into the storyline somehow, so he might be walking around with a cast and a belabored gait as he tries to catch his breath ever few steps? I would imagine that a rib injury would make it pretty hard to do much else.

Publishing this one extra early today, the recap starts at 9:00am CST!

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Shorthand Character Chart: The Fiery Priest

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Hwang is in the parking lot with Hae-il and Koo Daeyoung. They talk about getting hit and how they want to punch each other now. Hwang thinks this is so funny. Koo thinks the priest shouldn’t do this. Haeil pushes him away.

Hwang and Haeil start to get ready to fight. Koo reluctantly tells them to start. They exchange swings and land one each which causes them to fall back.

Hwang – Hey priest, did you use your fists for a living?

Haeul – I am not a gangster like you.

They start to get ready to fight again, but then they hear a lot of noise with people coming out and walking around. So Koo stops the fight and they decide that they can start this fight again at some point.

Outside, Koo asks Haeil if he fought at school before? your fight looks like it has a history to it. Haeil says he just punched him. Koo tells him that Hwang used to be a boxer, I heard that he never lost a fight before. Does this have anything to do with the police?

Haeil stops and turns around then runs back. Koo is all like, why are you going back!

Meanwhile, Moon is trying to remoe cellulite with his “elightened” finger from a person when Haeil steps in. The lady leaves and Moon asks if Haeil is there for enlightenment? Haeil tells him that all cults are the same. A woman yells that they are not cults, but she is pulled away by Koo.

Moon – How dare you say that to a religious leader?

Haeil – i am not polite to cults.

He tells them that they are like satan or cults and he does not care how they look, they have an aura of cult and satan. They get into a hand holding fight that Haeil wins. Haeil warns him.

HI – Don’t think about taking the welfare center and don’t think about doing your cult stuff.

Haeil walks away. Koo has an imagination of the cult woman being the Queen in Snow White that makes them want to eat an apple. The cult leader dramatically screams that he will give them the lightning of enlightenment!

Outside, Haeil asks Koo if he is angry at him. Koo is but says, how dare I, how can I be angry at you? Haeil tells him that his eyes look like he is upset. Koo says that it is just the way he looks, teachers always got upset at me because of my eyes. And I am just doing all of this for you! You don’t listen to me so what can I do! He walks away, annoyed. Haeil yells for him to come back.

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Park Kyung-sun talks to Seo Seung-ah about who the informer is. But Seungah wll not tell her. Sun’s manager clears his throat and shows Sun his cell phone which makes Sun tell Seungah to leave.

In the police department, Koo asks Seungah why she was called to talk to the prosecutor? Are you hiding anything from me? She says no. He tells her not to because if something happens then I can’t help. 

Back at the prosecutors office, Sun and her people eat and try to figure out who sent the information, it was the priest? He is the one that called her? How did he know that information? Only the NIS knows these kinds of things. Perhaps he has a hacker follower? Sun thinks that they should hide this info. They should not tell her boss. If they catch the hacker and the priest together then they might have some information that you should not reveal. You know, the people in high officials with women and all that you know. If that happens then we are all screwed up. Her team tells her that she is great, they felt bad about it also. They keep eating.

Elsewhere, Haeil arrives back to the church and is met by Marcus and Inkyung. He tells them about how the cult has a relationship with Hwang Cheol bum. Marcus can’t believe that Hwang went to their church every weekend but is a follower of the church? They want to increase their followers that much!? But Haeil tells them that it is not about the amount of followers.

Cut to the thugs, Hwang has ice on his chin as his thug guys wonder who hit them. They think that no one can hit him unless they are a highly trained human weapon. Then delivery comes in with SS. SS hurries to drop off the food when he sees Jang-rong there and then takes off. He is able to make it outside and onto his scooter but he is caught by Jongrong.

Jongrong tells him that he shoudnt’ think that he doesn’t notice him. He has eyes on the back of his head. hen he tells him a toungue twister. But this time SS is able to say the toungue twister perfectly! He takes off and is on a high as he drives up the street on his scooter. He says that tongue twister again but is all wrong the second time, however, he is already away.

In the church, Haeil tries to explain all the people who are involved in taking over the welfare center and kids center with all their dirty money from the foundation and the cult. Marcus understands, they launder the money in the foundation so they can use it? How can they do this obvious bad thing that no one knows about?

Haeil claps and says that is it, the foundation has all the head people like the prosecutor chief and police chief and district mayor on their side covering everything up. They are all involved. 

Inkyung curses and then covers her mouth in shock at what she said.

Meanwhile, the district mayor and the chief prosecutor talk over a meal. They need someone that can take care of all these problems they have now. Someone smarter than Hwang and can do things legally. Chief Kang thinks that is a good idea. hen Sun comes in and sits. The district mayor is interested in her and says that she heard good things about her.

They start to talk about the hacker that Seungah probably used to get the information. They curse at how IT strong Korea is and then Sun says that she will catch the hacker. She gets up to leave politely but then complains about how they called her at meal time but then did not invite her to eat even though that sushi looked so good.

Inside, the disctrict mayor says that she likes Sun, should we invite her to our group? Kang says that she is good, but I need to train her a bit more.

Sun goes to the convenience store and asks Yohan if he really reads these space books. He says he is an astrophysics mayor but it is difficult to get a job. he then starts to talk about how the universe is a big universe and humans are a small universe, he is studying these things every day as he works. She asks what kind of star she is. He says that she is a anteras (some type of star?). He says it is a lot bigger than the sun and hitter and fiery.

She asks if this means that he thinks she has a bad temper? He says no, it is because youa re passionate, you have something that you want to erupt from your chest. She is upset about it and leave. He sulks and thinks that he should have told her that she is the moon.

While leaving, she runs into Haeil and starts to talk to him about the witnesses. they start to argue over the investigation. She tells him that he looks like he will solve it all, but he always reveals his cards and fails. He asks what he failed at so much? She says that he did it today, what if the Poper checks your progress? What will you tell him? He takes out his foot and tells her not to talk about the priest. She says that she just wants to give him advice.

She says Kodabi and leaves. Haeil asks the cashier what that means. Yoan tells him that it is like a sweet potatoe that is hard to swallow and is so stuffy. Haeil leaves.

Sun gets home still complaining about Haeil and how she tries to help him out. But then she sees the Bishop and says that she is giving him a break, but she will not give him breaks all the time even though you are smiling like that.

Haeil is at home looking at all the news clips of the evil people on his bed and thinks that it has all failed. But then he starts to put the newspaper articles of all the main people on his wall and starts connecting them together with a string. He asks God for just one hint, just give me one.

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Elsewhere, Koo is getting drunk at a small cafe. SS comes in and gives him some fried mandu. he also sits at the table with him. They talk about their jackets for a moment and then SS says that he heard that Koo is a cool person. Yohan told him. SS wants to protect cool people like Koo. Koo basically tells him to leave him along.

Then at home, he falls asleep and dreams of Haeil in Hell with dragons flying around. Haeil tells him that he will be born in the same life again and again and again. We see a film reel of Koo’s life. He wakes up and rolls over. Haeil rolls over as well and whispers in his ear that it is never ending, hahahaha. Then Koo wakes up again, but for real this time. He wonders if there is anywhere he can get a good nights sleep.

Cut to him sleeping in the church. Haeil finds him after praying and almost jumps out of his body. Koo says he likes to come here once or twice a year. Haeil tells him that this is not a vacation spot! Then he walks off but Koo asks if he ate yet?

Cue Koo eating with Marcus, Inkyung, and Haeil. Koo is so happy to eat and says this food is just as good as temple food, he is actually really good at eating. He even eats all of Haeil’s eggs and sausage which makes Haeil yell at him to EAT ONLY ONE.

In the prosecutors office, Sun sees that she is being sent to Kangwangdo (very far away on the east coast). She meets with her boss who says that he could not help it because their boss decided it. She says that she made a mistake, but is that warranted? You said that you can protect me from little trouble. He says that this case was not little trouble, it was a hurricane. Just go there and take it as a vacation. She leaves. He smiles and then gets a text message that says that today is savings day.

The camera shows a huge huge huge stack of money in a warehouse.


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Sun paces and takes to herself about what she will do in that countryside location? Her manager tries to say something but she just tells him to give her a box so she can start packing.

Elsewhere, Haeil and Koo are at a cafe getting Americano’s. Koo asks him where they are going today. Do you have a plan? You have no plan right. You did enough, no one will yell at you if you give up.

Haeil turns on the Chingoo (friends movie) voice and tells Koo that it is starting now, you have to help me. They head out.

Meanwhile, Hwang boxes in a ring and thinks about being hit by Haeil. He takes it out on his sparring partner. After he knocks him to the floor, Hwang leaves and wonders if Haeil could be a trained weapon. He tells his people to get a background check on the Priest.

Hwang – The person who kills the cow and the person who eats it are different.

Haeil and Koo go to a small lobby area to talk about the case. Haeil brings up all the head bad people. Koo tells him to watch his mouth about them. Haeil tells him that he will feed him, at least one meal a day at the church for one month. Koo asks if he thinks he is a beggar!

But then we cut to Koo explaining everything he knows about The disctrict mayor to Haeil as Haeil sits at a table to listen. They are in the police station conference room so Seungah comes in. Koo asks if she heard it all? She says that she heard it all and recorded it too, she smiles. Then she sits and starts to explain all that she knows as well. the mayor and the gangster have dongsang relationship.

Hwang was orphaned and was a famous gangster since he was 20, he was #2 gangster in another province and came to this one 7 years ago. He made a lot of money doing various things and now has a trading company. He can take care of the Russians with that. 

The next person is Chief Inspector Sukgoo. He is the decendent from a noble traitor family that was pro Japan. Haeil doens’ want to hear it, he is just Japanese.

Next is the congressman, Wonmooo. He is ex military that only protests at the political party. His specialty is intermittent fasting (kind of making fun of people who say they wont eat while protesting and then eat a few hours later). He has so many allegtions against him but is not guilty.

Sukgoo comes into the room suddenly, Koo looks at him as a Japanese guy so he tells him Konichiwa! And salutes. But then the other two look at him and smile so Koo apologizes and says that it is nothing! 

Int he prosecutors office, Sun tries to move al her stuff out. One of her hubaes comes to her and chides her about the drug case and how she needs to be careful. She super curses him out and then grabs her desk name board to hit him with. He runs away and she runs after him.

In the church, Koo sits at eats at the little table while Kunkyung and Marcus talk about the latest decision by the government about the welfare center. Marcus wonders if they should talk to the pope, Haeil thinks they shouldn’t talk to the pope about that. Then another nun comes in crying about something. There is no hope about a certain child who is sick with no hope. 

Flashback to the children getting sick and throwing up from the food that they were eating. Eunji was the worst one. The other kids woke up a few days later but she had a weak immune system anyway and did not wake up. They need to treat her with better treatment but they don’t have any medicine so the hospital told them to leave. 

Haeil remembers Bishops files about the bad food. the nun says that the food company did not take responsibility for it, they sued them and told the media, but it did not work at all. Koo asks what the name of the company is. They tell him, it seems like he knows that company so Haeil tells him to say what kind of place they are. Koo reluctantly says that the CEO of the food company is the nephew of the cult leader.

Inkyung yells a curse at Koo and then apologizes again.

Haeil goes to see the child in the hospital. the nurse says that sometimes she wakes up and has eye contact, but just for a little bit. the doctor says that she is so critical that a little cold an kill her. Haeil says that she cannot come home, can you just treat her? The doctor says that they need better medicine, but they do not have the money. Haeil says that they will pay for it, just make sure that they do not get sick.

He leaves and yells in frustration about how someone needs to be responsible for this child, how can they just do this. No matter about the other things, I cannot forgive them when it comes to kids. that old man was trying to save them all alone. Koo asks if he is talking about the Bishop? Haeil asks him who else he thinks he would be talking about.

they go to the city office to tell them about the child in critical condition and how they need to make the company responsible for this. The city office official does not care at all and says that she didn’t die. Haeil yells at him and tells him to tell him one more time! What did you just say! The man grows afraid instantly. Haeil tells him, if something happens to her then I will find you first! Then he sees an award for good food supply from that company that is on the wall. Haeil grabs it and destroys it.

The man asks him what he is doing! We are just following the rules! Haeil tells him they have to keep their principles as human being first! He stomps all over the award and then leaves while cursing them all out.

But when he goes outside, he gets a sign from Heaven. he sees the 1 sign a lot. He asks the Heavens, do you want me to arrest them one by one or do you want me to just get one of them? Your message is  not clear. Or maybe my trust is not strong? he reaches to the Heavens.

Koo asks him what he is doing? Haeil tells him that it is Gods message, lets take care of that food supply place first. Listen to me, the owner of the food  ompanies uncle is the cult leader. Hwang and the cult leader have a relationship. the district mayor and Hwang have one and then the distric mayor and congresman Park. I just need to catch one and they all will fall. You understand right? Now, lets go get that food company.

Koo does not feel good about this (he says it feels like he ate a sweet potato).

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A man yells at everyone at this food company while people cook in a dirty area and he also smokes. this food issue is all because the food is not cooked in a clean environment. Haeil shows up and tells this man to put out his cigarret. The man does not listen, so Haeil throws food onto his face. He does this several times with water as ewll. the man tries to yell and fight Haeil, but Haeil just grabs his wrists. he yells in pain.

the man asks who they are! Who are you! Then a huge guy in the background comes up. he looks like 7 fet tall and super heavy. But Haeil still beats him up and throws him out of the door. This huge dude is passed out in a bunch of trash. Haeil goes back inside and makes the manager hold several things in an awkward way as he tells him that he will give him another chance because he is a priest and not the cops. You must be responsible for what you did, I will give you 2 days.

Yohan actually works at this place and overhears everything. Haeil tells the manager that he will white water raft on the death river (Thymes?) if he does not listen to him.

they leave and Yohan runs after them. They are all like, you work here too? You work everywhere there is trouble. Yohan asks them why they fought? they tell him that this company makes bad food. He has actually worked there since yesterday, so he actually does not know anything. He works here from 9 to 6. They tell him to fill them in on things.


At night, the thugs all stand outside as they welcome all the high officials of the district into a building for a meeting. It looks like this is the money building that houses all their bad money. they are all so happy to go inside the safe to get their money and they all have to put their finger print on the door at the exact same time.

Their eyes all grow bright as they see the money and tlk about how this is the best day every. they also roll in Hwangs little side amount of money. The district mayor thanks Hwang for this month. it is 150 million dollars for them to divide. 

Hwang tells Jangryong to pack up his money but Jangryong accidentally falls on the ground with all the money. Hwang is annoyed but then gets a call and goes to meet with VK, Moon, and the nephew of the food company while in Russian town. VK thinks he should take care of Haeil and finally send him to the Lord. He starts to pretend like he is stabbing him. Hwang looks at him for a moment but then tells him to shut up. He thinks that they can’t kill him, they might be in more trouble. Moon thinks that they knows a way that they can take care of him. Since the problem started with religion, maybe religion should take care of it.

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Inkyung brings a huge pile of eggs to the table. Haeil asks what this is about, she says it is because he argued with the policeman about the eggs, so I made a lot for you. She is happy to have made them all, though Haeil says he might hurt himself eating all of this. Then haeil asks where this policeman is and why they want to feed him. Inkyung thinks they should help him, if their priest was still alive, he would have told us, even if we hate that person, we should at least give him a nice warm meal. Marcus asks if that is why he let the professor in? Haeil says he didn’t think about it that much.

Inkyung gets a call and immediately is upset as she asks why the cult keeps coming!

Elsewhere, Sun is all pakced up and arrives at the countryside. On the sign of the bulding it says, Park Kyung-sun, our daughter, has returned. She tsks about how country they are and then goes inside.

Meanwhile, Koo shows up for his morning meal, but finds out that Haeil is not there, he is at the orphanage. Koo quickly runs off to the orphanage with a heavy feelings.


The cult leader and ajumma are singing with the kids, it looks like fun but we later find out that the ajumma hit them if they were not singing along. Haeil shows up and tells them all toleave. Moon thinks that Haeil should follow the law, bad laws are still the law.  Haeil starts to follow him around. The ajumma woman records it all.

Haeil telsl Moon to leave while Moon keeps talking about making the kids a lamb of their religion. Haeil is about to lose his mind. he pics up a bat. The nuns tells him to stop. Moon walks up to the bat and pushes it so that it hits him. Then he yells that the priest is hitting people!

Haeil is really about to swing it at the Priest and pulls the bat back, but Koo cmes running in right then and gets hit by the bat.

Haeil is so shocked, are you okay?

Koo – I am okay, but who is that guy?

he sees the grimm reaper coming to him and then falls onto of Moon who is on the floor.

Fade Out

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I wonder what will happen with prosecutor Park out in her hometown countryside. It looks like her chief is using that to bring her to the dark side. I love how they are starting to use Yohan! He is a pretty funny character so I look forward to seeing more of him in all their interactions together.


Sun – It is not good, but it is quiet, that is the most improtant thing.

Sun – Ugh, so dirty

Caption – The prosecutor who lost power

Koo – that critical moment! I showed the power of wisdom and carefullness! WOOHAHAHA

IK – I think you shuold go back to the hospital

Caption – The policeman who helps?

Haeil – Lets work together

Yohan – I feel like a movie star in a gangster movie

Haeil – You go to work to the food company?

Caption – Finally, they work together

SS – Are you really 60 kilograms?

Yohan – Yes I am!

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