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The Fiery Priest: Episodes 11-12 Live Recap

Recap: The Fiery Priest Episodes 11 and 12
The Fiery Priest, via SBS

This show continues to be fun and exciting, however, we heard that the lead actor injured/fractured his wrist on one stunt and then also fractured his rib on another! Filming has halted for the time being so that he can get treated. Hopefully everything goes well for him and everyone else on set. I love all the action scenes, but I want y’all to stay safe out there!

Recap starts at 9:30am CST!

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Shorthand Character Chart: The Fiery Priest

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Recap Countdown: Recap starts at 9:30am CST!


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Seungah fights the thugs in the Korean France like village. But one of them gets the best of her and is about to hit her again when Haeil comes charging up with a flying kick.

Haeil – If you hit women, then you will go to hell.

He helps Seunga up and checks to see if she is okay. Then they fight off the thugs again and Haeil tells the two witnesses that they need to go back to Korea (sarcastically). 

Meanwhile, the thugs in the city are counting money in their secret hideout with Boss Hwang yelling at them about not sneaking any money out! He hits the thug with the long hair (jang-ryong) and tells him that he always has to do this.

Then he gets a call about the priest and the witnesses, he tells the person on the phone to do whatever it takes and just stop him!

Int he police department, Koo tells his boss that he is doing everything to stop Haeil from doing anything! I am sure about it! Thank you sir! The boss tells him that he will be in line for a promotion. But then the boss gets a phone call about the situationa nd throws a super big temper tantrum. Koo leaves in a hurry and is amazed that Haeil has caused this much trouble.

he calls Seungah who tells him that they arrested the witnesses that lied. We will be back in one hour. She hangs up and Koo runs off.

Saeungah tells them that they are probably working with the Russians. the witnesses says that they are witnesses, not criminals! Haeil tells them that the accountant has a big gambling debt and the woman has a huge credit card debt, they can’t pay it off anymore because they will not be paid anymore, so what are you going to do? They both roll their eyes.

In the police department, Koo is pacing around as he is nervous while waiting for Haeil and Seungah to get back. SOmeone tells him to just go poop already! Koo is all like, I already did! Then he keeps pacing.

In the car, Haeil gets a call from the church he asks Seungah if she can stop there. He heads inside and gets a document that says that they do not take care of the orphanage or welfare center anymore. I will give you one month. Marcus, Inkyung and haeil try to ask this man what is going on. The man says that he heard that they have a lot less followers and donations after that incident. But the two think that they cannot just cut them off like this. What about the people in the orphanage and the welfare center?

The man says that this is not their business. Marcus tells him that they cannot do this! Haeil rips the document in half and says that they are still going to take care of the welfare center.  Inkyung grabs the paper as well and tries her hardest to rip it as well.

Haeil starts to walk out so Inkyung says that she will go also! 

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Meanwhile, Seungha keeps driving the witnesses to the police department. But she is stopped by gangsters who break her windows. She hops out and starts to fight with them. Another gangster tries to get the witnesses out. Saeungah keeps fighting and tries to stop them but they hit her in the stomach with a pole and escape with the witnesses.

Elsewhere, Inkyung walks with Haeil but it seems like she hasn’t walked this much in her life in awhile or maybe she is just having a hard time keeping up with Haeil, so she is huffing and puffing a lot as they meet with the district mayor of that part of the city. She tells them that the church messed up a lot of things in their district. She is only trying to right them. She is not following the Vatican law as well. She is following the Korean law.

Inkyung tells her that she needs to think about the welfare center, they should watch out for it. But the district mayor says that she will not give the welfare center to the church that has this big sexual harrasment accusation. Inkyung bursts out at her and yells that this does not make sense! We are going to follow the vatican law! Haeil is suprised nd tells her to drink some tea to calm down a bit.

The disctirct mayor says that Hwangs company is not part of the list. SO Inkyung asks who is doing it? Tell me! The district mayor says this is secret. So inkyung asks for a hint. But the mayor says that this is not a quiz show. They keep arguing back and forth about quiz shows and things like that. 

Haeil tells Inkyung that they shold leave for today. But Inkyung wants to know the answer! He asks if she is okay? She says that she is okay! And she stays to argue. Haeil leaves. The mayor thinks that is so convenient, he just said what he wants and leaves. Where are your manners! She tells Inkyung that she can leave too. But Inkung smile and says no, we should talk some more today.

At the police station, Koo sees that the car is towed into the department so he asks Seungah what happened and where the witnesses are. She is in no mood to talk and just goes inside.

Inside, the head of the police talks to the head of the prosecutors about being happy that the witnesses are found.

Meanwhile, the Russian mobster tells Hwang that he will send them somewhere where no one will find them. He will send them to Russia. In one hour they will be in the middle of the sea. Hwang says that he said the same thing about France. VK says he wonders how he was found himself. Hwang wants to hit him with something, but tells him to just go back, the priest will be around. VK asks if the priest is troublesome? VK thinks about it but Hwang just yells at him to leave already! Leave!

The hitman, Hoonsuk, asks Hwang if the priest knew about it? Hwang thinks that the priest should not know that much. Then he takes a call and thinks that this is another time to be yelled at.

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Hwang meets with all he bad guys. The situation is tense because they think Hwang is the one that caused this much trouble. The disctirc mayor tries to say that this is not his problem. But the prosecutor clearly does not like Hwang and thinks that he is beneath him. He pokes him in the forehead and holds his chin. Then he asks him if he is mad about that? hwang tries to smile and says that he is not. He gives the district mayor a look. She tells him to go with it so Hwang says it is all his fault, he will do better next time.

They continue to tell him to do a proper job. Don’t be fancy, just do a good job similar to your roots. Hwang looks like he really wants to lay into him, but he says, I understand.

Int he police department, Seungah gets all her guns and everything to fight the thugs. they all tell her that she shouldn’t do that. She tells them that they can’t just do this to the police! I will arrest them all in one hour! I saw them all in the Russian district! They tell her that the witnesses are not criminals, they are witnesses. 

Seungah asks who’s side they are all on? She wants to get them first! Then Haeil comes in to everyones grumbles.

Haeil – who?

The police all leave Koo alone due to being afraid of Haeil. They all stutter up excuses to leave.

Haeil still tries to find out what happened. Seungah has to tell him. Cut to Haeil walking in front of Koo who tells him to stay back! They are walkingo outside and Haeil clearly wants to hit Koo. Koo tries to pull out his metal stick, but Haeil takes it from him and works it better than him.

Haeil tells Koo that the Korean police where carrying criminals and the Russian gangsters took them, but the police do not want to move on that at all? Does that make sense? Koo still stutters that they have to hear about what is going on. Haeil moves to hit him in anger and throws the rod then walks off in a rage.

He goes back to Seungah to see if she is okay since he did not ask her that before. She says that she is okay. He says that he will be thankful to her. She asks how he figured out where the witnesses were? He says he will tell her later. he starts to leave. Koo says he can’t leave like this. Haeil reminds him that he is following the Popes orders.

Seungah also leaves and asks Koo if he is going with them or not? Koo decides to hop in (after stopping the car from leaving).

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Meanwhile, Prosecutor Park Kyungsun leaves for the day through the front door instead of the backdoor. She does this on purpose and is immediately surrounded by reporters. 

KS – If the criminal commits suicide, are they not guilty? Does that mean that the law is wrong?

She tells them that the responsibility for this case is a different matter (she is talking about he Idol case). She gets in her car and is driven off.


haeil and Seungah show up to the Russian bar. the Russian gangsters want to beat them up right away, VK stops them. VK asks why a priest is in the church? Haeil basically says criminals are everywhere. Seungah asks why tey sneak out the witnesses? Koo tells her that she should be polite because he is older than her. His mouth quivers. 

They start to talk about where the witnesses are and where he snuck them to. VK feigns ignorance.

Haeil – As you always do, you shipped them out

The thugs all look at VK

VK – Not in the ship

Thugs look at Haeil.

Haeil – They are already in the ship

Thugs look at VK

VK – Don’t look at me! You are mistaken.

Seungah – It is the sea, should I search the nearest harbors>

Koo – That stupid guy.

Cut to the nearest harbor where the thugs take the witnesses out and put them in a huge storage container.

In a car, Seungah asks what they should do. Haeil says that it is difficult to catch the Russian smugglers so we should give up. Koo says yeah, lets give up. Also, how do you know everything Priest? Haeil says it is not a National secret, I just know. 

Daeyoung also asks Seungahh how she knew who they were. She says she knew from her secret informer, she cannot tell him. Koo thinks this is suspicious. Haeil asks her to stop over to the side, he can go back alone.

She drops him off and they say goodbye. Haeil tells Seungah that she did a good job and doesn’t’ tell Koo anything. Koo is all like, hey, what about me? Haeil closes the door on him.

He walks up the street and sees Prosecutor Park trying to catch a stuffed animal in a toy machine. he tells her that she is not good at catching things. She tells him to not make trouble on this night. Haeil says that people think that the chance given by people is the only chance. But you cannot fulfill your soul by the chances given by people. The only way you can live as a human is to catch the chance given by God. But you are missing this chance continually. If you are having rouble making a living, why don’t you hold onto that chance?

But she is able to get a stuffed animal and cheers. She tells him that he was drunk yesterday, so how can he do this now? he says that he was not angry/drunk yesterday. She thanks him for his sermon, gives him the stuffed animal, and then leaves.


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Prosecutor Park buys chocolates from the convenience store. It is two plus one so if she gets another one then it is free. She tells him to just charge it. Yohan hurries and charges it. He asks her to tell him in banmal. She says no, you are 27, you are not a little kid. he says she lives in the same building and are a regular customer, you can do it. But she asserts that she is not going to tell him banmal! And grabs her chocolate to leave.

SS comes in soon after to hang out and eat food. he brought his own food to share. But he poured the sauce over the fried pork so Yohan is all like, YOU SHOULDN’T POUR IT OVER. (Whether you should pour or dip fried pork in sauce is a big thing in Korea). SS tells him to just eat and enjoy.

Haeil gets back to the church with his teddy bear. Marcus and Inkyung wonder about that but then think that things are going so wrong with all these land of Satan people in their district. If the Bishop were still alive he would be so sad to see us like this. Haeil hears that and thinks.

Kyungsun gets home and sees her investigation on the news. it gives her a headache so she turns the news off. She looks at her photo with the Bishop on her side table and thinks about him. We are sent into a memory where he asks her if she is having a hard time recently? I saw you on TV. You shuold not live like the daughter of a God, you should like like God because your job is similar to Gods. He starts chuckling happily.

Kyung-sin looks at the photo and thinks.

KS – God? I am really different than God, very different.

At the church, Haeil smokes outside. Marcus comes up and asks if he has any more? Haeil says that it was the last one, sorry about that. Marcus says that the Bishop kept him from smoking. But now he really wants to smoke. 

They walk about the Bishop a little and then Haeil asks if it is tiring to be with him. Marcus is not tired to be with him. he says that Bishop Lee taught him, the begining of love and forgiveness is to see the person as they are. Haeil says he will follow the Bishops will. Marcus smiles and says that this is his will. They both smile.

Elsewhere, Koo sits with his former partner in a car, it looks like this is a flashback. The partner says that he bought the cross necklace, our job is dangerous so we should wear it, just put it on. Cut to the partner rushed into the hospital. He looks very injured and probably wont make it. Koo sees the cross necklace in his hands. He takes the necklace from him. 

Koo drives to see his partner at the ash resting place. He asks if it is difficult to be on the bottom floor (of the room). He tells him that he will move him to the top floor, just wait a little bit.

Koo – As you said, I am not dying, I am healthy. My body is good, but everything else is uncomfortable. What can I do? If I want to live with your will, then I cannot help it. Youngchul, don’t worry about your wife or Sojoon, be happy and comfortable. 

He sniffs a bit and then pulls a message out of his pocket. This looks alarming.

Cut to Prosecutor Park showing up to work. She sees all the reporters and takes a deep breath. So she calls her manager and asks how she can take the back door.

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Koo meets with Hwang in Hwangs office. They think that Seungah should not know about things like this. He should take care of his person well. Koo says that this is not about taking care of his trainee, every officer has their own way of doing things.

They keep talking about Seugah going to the Russian club. Jang-ryong thinks that it is embarrassing for Koo not to know anything. He can find out from her. Hoon-suk tells Jang-ryong to let thier boss keep talking. But Hwang thinks that might be a good idea. He thows a letter to Koo and says that today is a memorial day for that guy right? His kid is in primary school? Send this to them.

Koo does not take it and leaves. Hwang smiles and thinks that Koo still has hid pride. Koo starts to head out but it looks like the secretary might have a crush on him, she smiles bashfully. He kind of smiles back.

In the prosecutors office, the boss want to give Parks case to someone else. Another man comes in. he gives the case to this man. The boss then says that Haeil is like a mosquito that you cant kill. Park says she will take care of it. She will find out the informer. Park starts to head out as she looks annoyingly at her boss and this other guy.

When she leaves she fights the door like she did before and curses like a sailor.

Elsewhere, Seungah calls Haeil and tells him that he should come there. Then she tells all her colleagues that they need to catch these people. The team leader asks if they have evidence that they got money? She says that they need to use the international police!

The Boss comes in and starts to argue with Seungah about facts and witnesses and all those things. haeil is there as well. She talks about how they need to protect the witnesses and all that. Haeil starts to laugh uncontrollably.

They all wonder about this laugh, what does he mean about this laugh? Haeil asks them which channel shows the witness protection? He laughs again and then says they have no meaning. Koo protect the water filter as Haeil walks by. He wonders why he is that nice today.

But then he runs to the hall and sees that Haeil is braking the sign of the police woman. He tells him that it is new from yesterday. I will bring a punching machine for you to use! then he starts to whine that haeil is not normal! whaaaaa, he broke it again whaaaaa.


Cut to the religious people showing up at the orphanage. He goes inside and says that the kids need to have enlightenment. The kids are all singing with a nun when the cult leader and his assistant come in.

The kids wonder where their nun will go? they also says that they don’t want this other lady because she looks like a bad person. The cult leader says that kids like treats, here you go. They start to pass out toys and things. 

The nuns tell them to leave, they should not be doing these things (singing inappropriate songs and stuff) so they drag them out.

Meanwhile, Koo follows Haeil everywhere. 

Montage of Haeil walking and Koo following him.

Haeil is finally able to lose him in a church building, but then Koo finds him again. he tells him that he has to follow him until sundown. Haeil tells him that he can’t come inside you devil! He starts to sprinkle Holy water on him.

But then another nun runs up to them and says everything that the cult leader said. They wonder what they should do. Koo starts to say something and gets yelled at by Inkyung. He is shocked and thinks that everyone is angry at this church. Inkyung says that this cult is super fake and only makes poeple go bankrupt.

Haeil thinks that they need to see if these people are valid and how dangerous it could be. Inkyung is against it. Koo says that it is a strange religion but it is not a bad place. Haeil just wonders who let him in.

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Meanwhile, prosecutor park calls seungah to her office to find out how she knew the witnesses where there. Seungah says that she has an informer. She does not want to tell her. Park tells her to tell her, now.

Elsewhere, the cult leader meets with Hwang in the cult leaders office (Moon is the cult leader). Hwang tells Moon that they will need some people to take care of the foundation when they make it. Moon smiles and tells him not to worry. Then he says that it is time to pray. Hwang wonders if he should watch how the cult leader sells his drugs.

We go directly to the church service. Moon starts talking about how there are so many sick people there, your enlightenment will purify your blood. Haeil walks in with Koo just as they are praying over someones leg. It is for a man to walk without his cane. The man throws his cane to the floor and starts walking.

Koo says that he feels good now all of a sudden, really good. He starts to move his leg. Haeil just rolls his eyes and says that this is a cult. Koo tells him not to say this about someone elses religion. Then they both see Hwang in the background smiling.

But someone sees the priest in the back and says that he came! He abandoned his own God and came to us! They all swarm him. haeil has to walk off.

they go to the garage and see Hwang getting into hsi car so Haeil throws a piece of dduk at him. Koo is holding the dduk so he is shocked at how Hwang will respond.

Haeil asks if they can do that hitting thing right now? Hwang thinks that is funny. Then he asks why he is doing this to him, I want to hear the reason. Koo says that Haeil is not all the way there in his mind.

Koo wants to know about hwang and this cult, he is not backing down one bit. So he asks Hwang if he wants to leave the garage so they wont be under CCTV? it might be embarrassing to get hit.

Hwang says he is not embarrassed at all, and takes off his jacket. But he says he does not want to hit a priest. 

Haeil takes off his white priest mark and says he will not be hurt. 

So they both start to get into their fighting stances and then Koo signals for them to fight.

They both fight and hit each other at a similar time. Koo is amazed.

Haeil smiles.

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As mentioned at the top, hopefully everyone takes this week of recovery to rest! I love all the action scenes but the actors and everyone should have at least several hours of rest before hand. 

Who thinks these witnesses might be in a bit of danger? It did not look good when they were put into a storage container!


KS – You are testing my patience

SA – It’s my secret informer


Caption – The turnaround of the fight

Koo – No one will support you

HI- What are you talking about? It starts now (in a Busan accent)

Caption – If we know the enemy and ourselves

HI – I will tell you one more time. These are the bad guys that all work together.

IK – *super cursing about these bad guys*

Caption – 100% win streak?

KS – Well, you said you would remove all the bad guys in the world. You always show your cards and fail.

HI – Huh, Fail? Big fail? How much did I fail? When and how? 

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  1. Rose
    March 2, 2019 / 5:00 pm

    At last! Im caught-up! How could they end it with that? Now i have to wait 1 week for the continuation of their fight, its like im watching a live anime….i love it! 😁

    Thanks V!

    • V
      March 4, 2019 / 8:40 am

      I am really looking forward to Friday! So glad that you are caught up! I love reading about your thoughts on dramas ☺️.

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