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The Fiery Priest: Episodes 1-4 Summary and 5-6 Recap

The Fiery Priest Episode 1-6 Summary and Recap
The Fiery Priest, via SBS

Y’all, I laugh so hard through this show! It is the perfect show to get over The Last Empress or any other show you might be trying to get over. The dialogue, facial expressions, and situational humor is so crisp that I just want to bite into it. We plan on live recapping the latest episode today. But before that, we want to post our summary and quickcaps for the first several episodes

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The Fiery Priest: Episodes 1-4 Summary

Kim Hae-il is a priest with PTSD from being in the Special Forces for anti terrorism. But he made trouble in his section and was sent to a church with a father like priest. But gangsters killed the father like priest because he was against what they do and accused the priest of sexually harassing female church members.

The gangster is Hwang Cheol-bum. He is part of a big gangster cartel that involves prosecutors and politicians. Kim Hae-il wants to investigate the truth of the death of the old priest, so he goes to the police station to request an investigation. But the police told him a bunch of nonsense and would not investigate it.

Park Kyung-sun is the prosecutor for the priest case. She goes along with all the corrupt things that the prosecutors do, however, she is angry at what the gangsters did to the priest because she is a member of the church. So it looks like she is turning against her prosecutors and will try to find the truth.

Koo Dang-young is a detective that follows the orders of corrupt police officers, but he has his doubts. His conscience tells him that he should not.

In the end of the first episode, Kim Hae-il goes to the police station and punches Koo Dae-young because he is the one that took orders from the other police to not follow up on the investigation. 

Fiery Priest Episodes 5 and 6 Recap
The Fiery Priest, via SBS

The Fiery Priest: Episode 5-6 Recap



We open with a recap of what happened in the first several episodes. Someone called Bishop Lee Young-jae out and drove him somewhere. He ended up getting murdered so aeil wants to have this investigated.

Haeil goes to the police office and immediately starts smiling and then punches the first guy to talk and approach him right in the face. Blood explodes everywhere from his nose and he falls comically to the floor. Ballerinas start to dance around as he sits up. then he passes out again.

The police officers wonder what is going on CHief Nam comes out and wonders why Haeil is back again. Then he sees that Daeyoung is passed out. Haeil tells the CHief that he needs to make up a better story than just harassing women.

Mon Senior: The Honor from the Vatican for an old priest.

Haeil says that Bishop Lee got the Mon Senior honor from the Pope! The chief says, whatever that is, he committed a crime and should be punished. But Haeil thinks that the chief got money from someone. The Chief tells all his people to put Haeil in jail for spreading rumors. They start to fight in a hilarious way with several people holdig them off the ground.

Then Daeyoung wakes up again, salutes, and passes out again. He asks the doctor for a stronger antibacterial so he can breath through his nose. The fight starts again and the two men are pulled a part as they try to air kick one another.


Kyung-sun finds out that there wasa  fight at the police department regarding the Bishop. She wonders what is going on.

In a Catholic orphanage, the thug Boss, Hwang Cheol-bum, starts to look around and tells them that he plans on redeveloping the land. he tells the kids that he will develop it well! But the kids don’t like him. He gives the nun money to buy them pizza.

Cut to Daeyoung after getting treatment for his nose. His nose is so huge and red right now. Seungah is with him looking annoyed. He starts to talk about the Bishop, she asks if what they said really happened? Maybe we need to reinvestigate. if this is not true then I will quit. Daeyoung tells her that she has to work for 30 years and then quit.

In the police station, Prosecutor Park shows up. The men bow to her. But she starts to yell at him about cutting his nose hair that is super long. She is so grossed out. He pushes his nose hair way back in. She gives him a once over and then asks for the pastor priest.

She find the pastor priest in jail and tells him that she is there to send him to the real jail. They banter back and forth about a priest going to jail and how it is always cold and no priest has been sent to jail yet and all those things. She asks if he is really doing this with Gods mercy or if this is his temperment. 

She opens the door and tells him to come out se they can talk.

Outside, she shows him his warrant. He tells her to change the toner of the printer to make it clearer. She tears it all up so he asks what she is doing. She tells him that she rescued him. She rescues lost souls and she rescues criminals, that is good right? 

Haeil asks, so, you want me to keep everything quiet? She says yes, he is great at summarizing everything in one sentence. But he says that he will make a bigger mess if she lets him out. Will you be responsible for it? She mentions that his life will be more in trouble. But he says nothing will change no matter what he does, so tell me the truth, why Lee Young-joon?

She says it is because he commited a crime. Haeil gets serious and tells her that he is the one that listened to her sins and removed it, so why can you feel nothing? She explains that she is a prosecutor, when you are a criminal then you are done. Leave. he tells her that he will have the autopsy done first, then it will prove everything.

He walks away, she starts to speak rapidly and tells him that he should not make any more trouble or I will give you no mercy! But he is long gone. She looks around and wonders why he did not listen when she talked.



Cut to Park talking to Daeyoung (with his big red nose) and Myung-soo about what is going on. She asks if the investigation report is correct. Myung-soo says yes. But she asks Daeyoung since he is the investigator. he says yes. She asks if he has the female victim and the accountant for the church? He is all like, well, yes. She asks if she should trust this evidence and close the case?

He is all like, um….

She explodes and tells him that they are suppossed to follow the plan and not be stupid! If youa re this timid then I am the one in trouble! It is not like that song ♫Naya Na, Naya na♫ (me, me, me). he apologizes. She is frustrated and asks why they are making her so mad. Hey you, big nose, dont’ be stupid. We need to take care of one thing.

Cut to the hospital. Haeil is not being allowed to see the Bishops body. There is an order that someone might try to manipulate the body so no one should see it. he can give the body on the day of the funeral. Haeil thinks this is absolute nonsense. Another priest is with him and starts arguing, but Haeil says it is whatever, we are taking this body.

Meanwhile, Daeyoung and Seungah are guarding the body. She does not understand why they have to keep the body. Daeyoung wonders why the prosecutor released Haeil. SHe thinks there was no reason to keep him in jail. He says that they have a reason! Look at my nose!

Then Haeil comes in in slow motion and walks up the hall. Daeyoung calls a code red and then tries to stop Haeil. They have tasers. But he has to turn it on first. So he turns it on and then holds it to Haeil. Seungah tells Haeil that this will get them more in trouble if he does this.

Several men run up and asks what the code red is? Daegil tells them that this is like an American drama, just understand it. This priest wants to steal the body! haeil takes a step and moves another guard in his way and pushes him out. Daegil tell them that this is why this is a code red! he punches poeple and makes their nose red!

It is a stand off. Daeyoung says that he will shoot the taser! The priest is all like, do you think you can knock me out with this!

He fires it on accident and then haeil gets electrocuted and the other priest also gets electrocuted so the both are electrocuted and falls comically to the ground.


So now the thugs start to talk about the situation. The Boss is playing golf and finds out that Prosecutor Park released Haeil. He wonders why. He answers a call from Congressman WonMoo and says that he will visit him this evening. They hang up and the Boss complains about everyone talking to him.

In the hospital, the two priests wake up with a start after being tased. Haeil thinks that this guy said he would fire after3, but he fired after 2. tsk tsk. Haeil wants to go somewhere but the other priest, Priest Marcus, tells him that he might be tased again.

They end up going to a main Catholic person who tells them that this situation has gotten pretty big. They need permission from the great Bishop to help them get the body. Haeil says that this is not just the case, it is all fake. He was murdered. The father priest says that they need evidence, they can’t just argue his innocence or they will be criticized by the media and all the people. 

Haeil says that he is already very careful! But this priest says that they have decided to trust the police report since it is difficult to find the truth now that Priest Lee has died. Haeil explodes and asks how they can do that here! He sacrificed his entire life serving the people! Pastror Marcus has to pull Haeil away.

Marcus and Haeil drive away, upset. Marcus says that the priests just want to be safe since this is a sensitive issue. he killed himself after all, that is the biggest crime. haeil says that he knows he is not that kind of person!

They walk back to the church and are immediately met by a small group of reporters who asks them a lot of questions about the case and the news that is all around. They also ask them about the money and if that was used for this inappropriate relationship? Did you say anything to the victim? What about the church goers? Is the church trying to cover it up?

haeil tells them all to stop and leave. But they try to stop him so he burst at them and gets caught in a hilarious exorcism looking pose with his eyes rolled back. 

Park Kyung Soon awtches this and is so happy because he made fun of her getting caught in a similar pose. She asks for more sugar for her drink and thinks that her photo looked better in the captured image.

Meanwhile, hael thinks that these people have gone too far! A nun runs in and asks if they heard about the orphanage? They had heard a little about it but were distracted by the TV news. Haeil starts to curse a lot about everything. One of the nurses politely asks him to not curse so much. This is nun Inkyung (the nice mom from Encounter). haeil keeps cursing under his breath at Cheol bum lying to the kids. 

Inkyung would like for him to stop cursing. he yell, so should I say that he did a holy job or something? Inkyung is sad and taken aback. Marcus asks if he should tell him what Pastor Lee told them? Hwang’s people made trouble in church, I told you that they were looking down on Priest Lee. Haeil asks for the truth, tell me, I won’t get angry.

Inkyung and Marcus start to tell him. Actually when you came, Pastor Lee tells them not to let Hwang and Michael (haeil) fight. Also, dont’ tell him that they want to take over the orphanage, if he knows then he will make big trouble.

haeil explodes and asks why they are telling him this just now? You should have told me that this morning! you had so many chances to tell me! he scares all the nuns and preists. InKyung starts fretting about has this is big trouble in her nun life.



In a restaurant, Kyungsun meets with her boss Kang Seoktae about the case. He apologizes for giving her this troublesome work. She says that she is okay, she will do what he wants. She asks why they released the younger priest. She says it is just in case they have trouble with the church. They continue talking about the case. It seems as if she is hesitant about something. he tells he, if she finishes this up nicely then she will get a big prize. The head prosecutor likes you now, your future is all promised.

Cut to Haeil calling someone. He tells them that he is Kim Haeil and asks them how they were.

Meanwhile, Congressman Park wonmoo, Chief Nam Sukgoo, Chief prosecutor Kang Seoktae, and Boss Hwang Cheolbum all talk in a sauna. They tell Hwang to take over the orphanage and well fair group. There should be no problem right? They think that things went sideways, but it is all working out. Hwang is the only one still wearing all his clothing and kowtowing to the other three.

he leaves and gets in a car with the disctrict mayor, Jung Dong-ja who tells him that he did a good job listening to them. Hwang is pretty pissed that he has to listen to those men at all. They are all living off of him so how dare they say that they will give him permission. I promise you, Dong-jae, I will kill them all when the time comes. She tells him thats fine. he asks for a citizen prize, he needs a title to remove and build another welfare center.

Elsewhere, Haeil meets with a man at the river. it looks like this man might be a doctor or someone that works in a morgue or something like that. these guys are old friends so haeil says that he is a priest now, his name is Michael. His friend laughs and asks if he will be a monk next year? haeil’s temper comes out as he yells that this is true. how can’t you trust what a priest says?

the friend wonders if this is really true? Agent Haeil that killed several men with only a knife, you became a pastor? haiel says that he became a priest! Then they decide to go somewhere and drink. he friends is all like, why did you become a pastor? haeil tells him he is a priest! Priests and pastors are the same.

They sneak into the morgue where Priest Lee is and the autopsy doctor inspects him. he thinks that getting hit in the head is the reason why he died. the injury to the body is because of the cliff. But this head injury looks likke the main thing. Look at these blood marks behind his head. there is one line, this happens when glass goes into the skin. he says a lot of medical things. haeil asks if this is enough to get a warrant? The friend says yes, but these other people are messing everything up so this is probably not a little corruption.

Outside, Seunghah wonders why the doctor did not come out after 10 minutes.




The friend and Haeil are able to sneak out, though they see that the body the doctor has wears shoes. But instead of looking too far into this, they just decide to get get soemthing to eat. So Daeyoung leaves to eat something but then accidentally sees Haeil get off of the rolling bed. He thinks he needs to report this. 

But he talked to loudly so Haeil finds him and tells him to be quieter and mentions that this person that was with him was an autopsy doctor. then he tells Daeyoung that he can report all of this and be sent to hell. He is a priest so he can send him there. 

DY – Do you know what Hell is like? It is not like a burning fire. You will be born just as you are now and you will live the same life, And it will continue forever and ever and ever. You know that I am not joking.

the doctor friend taps him on the shoulder so they leave. But Haeil tells him that he should think abotu it. Daeyoung thinks that he doesn’t really like his life right now. That would be the worst hell ever!

He drinks himself stupid at a local convenience store. The cashier, Yohan, comes out to talk to him but Daeyoung tells him to leave. But then DY asks him if he knows what hell is like? You went to that church right? The cashier says the exact same thing that Haeil says. Daeyoung throws his food at him. The cashier is all like, but I am explaining this to you easily. But Daeyoung is to upset and throws dried ramen at him until the cashier runs away. then Daeyoung falls to sleep.

haeil lays down to sleep as well and dreams about his PTSD. They were supposed to blow up a room and were told that there were no kids inside. But actually at the last minute he saw that there were a lot of kids inside. So that is his trauma. So he retires from special forces. His NIS commander tells him that all his record at the NIS will be erased and he will become Kim Haeil who always led a normal life.

Haeil ends up going to the church and sees a pam from Thailand praying. He starts to talk to him. His name is Ssongsak (SS). (He is wearing a woman Universities ROTC jacket). SS tells Haeil that he is there to see Priest Lee who is like an angel to him. He came to Korea with only $5 and no where to sleep. Priest Lee fed him and gave him a place to sleep. He also connected me to a delivery place in a Chinese restaurant.

They keep talking haeil finds out that this man has a huge family with a lot of siblings so he has to work. Haeil asks his name so he tells him. His last name is very long though so Haeil has a hard time pronouncing it so he asks him something else. He also tells him to let him know if any thugs harass him. SS asks if Haeil can punish the people who are lying at Priest Lee. Haeil says that he will.

haeil walks away and thinks about Priest Lee talking about how they need to change who they are in their position where they are at right now. That is it. Other bad people might change the world, but they will change where they are right now.

Someone calls prosecutor Park Kyungsun. She wakes up and has to go ssomewhere super early in the morning. it looks like she is going to meet with Haeil. She sees him and wonders why he standing there looking so handsome. Then she walks up to him and wonders what he wants to talk about so early in the morning?

he starts to say a few Bible verses and tells her that for righteousness and peace, can you reinvestigate everything? The truth is not far away, it is close by. I will give you a chance to reveal the truth for your good future. She tells him not to do this sleazy thing. he says it is not a trick, it is about serving God.

She explodes and pretty much says it is too early for all this! i have three cases today! I want to sleep! She leaves.



In the morning, Seungah thinks she is the first one at work so she starts rapping that no one is there. Then someone texts her. it is Haeil. He says that she helped him once, can you help me another time? She thinks about it.

Haeil is at him sending the text and also getting attacked by a bee. He pulls out something to spray on it and then sees his text response.

he runs out and runs into a man in the street. He is looking for this man who is the accountant. He wants to know if it is true that Bishop Lee took that money? Look at me straight and tell me. The accountant says that it is true. But haeil says that it is wrong, Biship only owned a pair of shoes. So how did he sneak the money out? The accountant does not really have an answer, he says that he asked him to sneak it out on the weekend and did not know where he spent it, but he is stuttering.

Haeil tells him that he is lying but he should at least lie well. Who told you to do this? He forces the accountant against the wall and asks who make him do this? the accountant says he followed his conscience and he does not know anything else and he is also Catholic. haeil lets him run off to his house.

Then Haeil meets with the woman that accused Priest Bishop. Haeil would like her to explain what happened. She says that he wanted to pray together and hold her hands and pray. While praying, he touched my thigh so I ran away. But she looks like she might be lying. Haeil says that this room has huge windows, anyone can see in. She tells him that he pulled the blinds. 

But actually, this room has no windows. So it was a trap questions. Haeil asks, even though he is old, he is 90kg so it should be hard to pushh him. She says that you can have power in an emergency. But it looks like Priest Bishop is not 90kg, he is a tiny guy so it looks like she has never seen the Priest before.

Cut to Hwang talking with one of his hit men, Hoon-suk about what Haeil is doing. They need to stop Haeil from meeting all these people otherwise they will keep doing it. Then he tells someone at the counter of the bar, VK, that he has a job for him.

Later on (or the next day) haeil plays the recording for Prosecutor Park Kyung-sun. But Kyungsun does not want to dig deeper into anything, she has an excuse for everything. Haeil wants her to investigate the accountant, it is strange that he quit. She thinks quitting or not quitting is up to him. Then she tells him that recording does not work, what if they are threatened? You also used violence against the polcie and tried to take his body. Who will trust you?

He thinks she must be super angry with him since she is not calling him old man anymore. She tells him that no matter what he tries, it does not mean anything. Nothing changes, can’t you understand that?

The manager comes in and tells them to watch the TV. So they start to watch the TV. The priest association accepts what Priest Bishop is accused of and says that they will make sure that it is not done again. Kyungsun tells him that he is done since his side gave up already.

haeil leaves in a trance. he goes back to the church. Nun In Kyung and Priest Marcus are so upset and concerned. They want to know what they should do. haeil says that they should bury him first. But they can’t do his funeral at the church and he won’t be buried in a Priest cematary. That is the order. Nun Injyung is so sad at the situation, how can they do this to their saint like Priest! She starts crying. Haeil says that they need to find a place to bury him first.



They have th funeral for him. Haeil carries his picture. A lot of members of the CHurch show up. At the same time, Thug Hwang is given an award as a good citizen of the city.

Haeil walks to the side as Priest Bishop is being buried and thinks back to his PTSD trauma. He also has a flashback of getting beaten up by thugs at a restaurant. He gets accidentally stabbed by a broken bottle when he falls on the floor which makes him bleed pretty seriously.

But he does not go t othe hospital, he walks up a snowy alley and collapses. He is covered in snow when a man comes upon him. This man is The Priest. He carries him to the hospital and makes sure that he gets the treatment he needs.

When Haeil wakes up, the Bishop asks him if he can see him now? He asks if he can share his pain with him? That is his hobby.  

Then we see that the Bishop brought Haeil to the church and cooked for him. Haeil is still recovering from his wounds. Cut to haeil studying to be a priest at the church and then getting his blessing to be a priest. The Bishop is so happy to witness this and to also be there to pray over him as a new priest.

In the funeral, Haeil tells the Bishop to just wait a little bit, he will make sure that he is taken to the place he should be buried. Detectives Daeyoung and Seungah are ther watching.

Later on, the detectives start to leave. They have to go to Hwangs award ceremony. Seungah wonders why they have to go. He says they have a buffet.

Haeil and the other church people ride back together and hear that Hwang is getting an award for being a good citizen. haeil asks Marcus to stop the car. Haeil gets out so they ask him where he is going. He says they can go hom, he will stop somewhere. They wonder if he is going to do something? he tells them thta he will be back soon.

Cue Haeil’s slow motion walk to the award ceremony.

He meets the thugs on the outside of the ceremony who ask him why he is there. Haeil says that he is there to congratulate their boss. he tries to walk past, but jang-ryong stops him and asks how he would like him to hit him. he takes off his shoes and starts to do Capaoira. (This is so ridiculous and he is actually really good at it!).

He starts to do the capoiera and flies all into the air, but then Haeil roundhouses Jang-rok who goes flying.

Fade Out


The next quickcap is coming up! I think episodes 7-8 were even funnier than the first, if you can believe that.


The Fiery Priest Kdrama Character Chart
The Fiery Priest Character Chart
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