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The Crowned Clown: Episode 9 Recap

The crowned clown episode 9 live recap

The show that let me wanting in that closing scene of the last episode is back! That ending scene was so well done y’all and then they just ending with a black screen and credits. I mean what! I was stunned that an hour had already passed AND they left me with that high of an ending. It wasn’t even a cliffhanger and yet I felt like I was dangling by my fingertips! It will be hard to eclipse that, though I am so hoping that they will try.

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Sowoon waits in the library and looks at a piece of cloth that she might have for the King. he comes in and immediately says that she understood what he said, did you wait for a long time? I wanted to come earlier but I had a lot of meetings. She tells him that she had fun waiting for him. He walks a bit and says that she can give it to him now. The present you prepared.

She asks how he knows and then hands over the cloth. He unwraps it and sees another embroidered cloth inside. He asks if she made it herself. She says yes, this holds your writing brush. you are good at writing so I thought it would be useful to you. if it i snot good for pens then you can put something else inside.

he flips it over, there is something embroidered on the back.

SW – if we separate for a thousand years, our love will not change. This is my heart.

He puts it to the side and looks at her.

HS – I have something to tell you. I ate one month supply of medicine. Sometimes I look at your bedroom for a long time as if I look at the moon and the stars. In the backyard or the library, I want to go there many times a day.

that is what she said to him on that evening she thought he was sleeping. She covers her mouth.

HS – I won’t avoid it anymore, I won’t run away anymore. I want to just look at your and only think about you. I love you, my heart is almost bursting, but it is okay for my heart to burst. I love you that much.

They look deeply and longingly at each other for a moment and then they walk outside side by side. he tries to hold back his smile. they hands slightly touch which makes them both jittery. He holds her hand and asks why it is so cold. He holds onto it and says that it will be warm soon. She tells him that it is already warm and they interlock their fingers.

HS – I think the compass you gave me is broken. It always points to your bedroom automatically.

he smiles playfully.

Later on, Sowoon smiles with Aeyoung as she prepares for bed. Aeyoung asks her what happened. Sowoon says it was nothing, it is just…she sits. Aeyoung asks if it was about the King? Before, when you saw the King, it made me super nervous, but now you are smiling like this. It was so strange. The maid that serves the King says that he looks reborn.

Aeyoung starts laughing and says that his poop smell is different also. Sowoon says that they will be punished if they talk about those things. Aeyoung apologizes but Sowoon was joking so they both smile and laugh.

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Meanwhile, YiKyeom asks Chisoo if he shuold really go to that island? What if I die with a local disease? Who will continue the family name? Chisoo is thinking about the man who said that he saw a clown that looked exactly like the King. he is not listening to his son. Chisootells him that it was the Kings order so he should go, but don’t take the ship, stay in the harbor. he will find a way.

Elsewhere, Jinpyung practices archers on the palace. But he might not be focused because he is not hitting the busleye. Chisoo comes up to him and asks if he should tell him hot to shoot the bullseye, You shouldn’t shoot on a windy day like this, but if you have to, then you should make the target bigger.

Jinpyung holds his bow and arrow up to Chisoo. How dare the hunting dog that is abandoned by the King bark next to me?

Chisoo says that he is a hunting dog so he just follows orders, that is why he is abandoned like this. he chuckles. JP asks what he wants, he will take it as his last will. Chisoo says that he will make Jinpyng the king. The enemy of his enemy is his allie. He gave his best to the King, but he is abandoned. So I thought about who hates him as much as I do, you are the only one I can think of.

JP says his father and brother were almost killed by CHisoo, so how can he trust him? JP says he will give him the reason for the coup. he will make a target for him. Jin[yung holds his arrow back to the target and tells him that he should make a big target. He hits the bullseye.

In the palace, Mooyoung delivers a letter to the Kings throne. it might be his resignation letter. He bows to the throne and then leaves.

In the temple, Lee Kyu puts the Kings name on a pedestal and prays. he kneels in front of the pedestal after bowing. the monk says that he did not imagine that he would do this much, can you handle it?

Flashback to Kyu thinking about Hasun in the palace. He said that sometimes you have to give everything for one thing. Kyu repeats that, sometimes you have to give 10 or 100 things for one thing. The monk asks how he can help. Kyu says there is no way, it is his sin so he is responsible for it. he tells the monk that he will be back on the 49th day.

Meanwhile, Chisoo looks at a drawing of the Kings face and smiles. Cut to a lot of posters going up saying that this face is pretending to be the King, he has the same face of the King. Kyu sees this in the palace and hears all the people talking about rumors that yurchens are coming. the man talking thinks that this face is the clowns face. Kyu takes the poster off and walks away angrily.

Dalrae and Kabsoo walk around as well. Dalrae reads it and says that it says the CLown with this face is pretending to be the King. My brother is the King? Kabsoo covers her mouth quickly but the damage is done, everyone heard her. they ask her if she knows the King, Kabsoo says that they don’t , of course not. they hurry off.

Mooyoung walks to the same poster and sees Kabsoo and Dalrae, but he does not recognize them. he also sees the poster.

By this time, Kyu gets to the palace and tells the guards that he saw this poster, please remove all of them. the guards all hurry off to do just that. Kyu hurries to the Gisaengs house. Woonsim asks if he saw that poster? What happened? Kyu asks where Hasun’s sister is. Woonsim says that she was in the temple, but she disappeared and they do not know where she is. Kyu hurries off again.

In the palace, hasun is prepared to meet all the politicians on the throne. He asks Jo were Lee Kyu is, Jo tells him that he is not there yet. hasun reluctantly sits on the throne.

One of the politicians says that he brought something with him becuase it was posted everywhere in the city, please have a look at it. He walks up and hands over the poster to Jo that says there is an imposter as the King. Hasun quietly freaks out for a moment but is able to keep it together.

Politicians – the post says that a clown that looks like you is pretending to be you. But there is also a rumor spreading that you look like a clown. There are many other rumors that their will be a big war.  Please order for us to capture all of the clows so we can calm the public.

Hasun – Why do you want me to arrest all the clowns to calm the public?

Politician – It is written on the post, if they arrest all the clowns then people will not talk about it anymore because they are all scared and it will be a good warning to the person that put the post. 

Hasun – Are you kidding, I will not grant this the clowns do not have any sins

Politician – But they also spread this rumor so this is urgent, please grant this.

Everyone – Please grant this


Everyone looks at Kyu who just came in.

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Kyu apologizes for being late and says that he took care of this post problem. then he asks if he can tell him one thing hasun tells him to do it.

Kyu turns to the politicians and says that the reason their city is in big trouble only with one post is becuase they do not have their trust. that is why we should all ask for our own sins in front of the King and the people. But you don’t regret things and want to blame the innocent citizens. He turns to the King and says that he is sorry to him and embarrassed for the citizens. Whoever put that post up is a person who wants to have a coup, you have to find out who they are and remove the route to this rebel act.

Hasun – You are right, poeple should not be in fear and confusion over this, so find out who is behind it.

Everyone says they will.

Afterward, hasun asks Kyu if this person is someone who knows about him? Kyu says that if they knew then they wouldn’t’ have just put that flyer up. Hasun asks about Dalrae, if she sees it then she will worry. He says that he will. they also talk about controlling the court ladies, especially Kim. Kyu tells Hasun that he will have to be especially careful from now on.

Then a guard calls in that Chisoo wants to see him. Kyu goes out to see Chisoo who says he is worried about the King. he wants to help him with the situation today, swhy are you blocking me? Kyu tells him that he was fired already, they will take care of the politics from here on out.

CS – I heard that you were like the King, you yelled at everyone. The best way is to arrest the Clowns but you stopped them and blamed all the politicians. the King said yes to everything that you said. What are you trying to do cutting all the information from the King? Kyu tells him that is what Chisoo did. Dont worry, I am not like you. he alks off.

Chisoo goes to see courtlady Kim, she says that she has not seen him in awhile. He chuckles and says that he was fired so there was no way to see her. he understands her, everyone talks about the post, why aren’t you surprised? She says that there is nothing to be surprised about. Strange things happen a lot while serving the King.

CS asks if anything happened while serving him? She says that a strange wound in his ear dissapeared overnight. CS asks if she is sure? he is curious, can you check on him? She tells him that is nonsense, if he knows about it then he will kill me. How can I do that?

CS – If they know about Son Hwa Dang, you will be executed anyway.

Kim – You asked me to do it.

CS – Do you have any evidence that I did? I have a lot that you did it.

Kim – Are you threatening me?

CS – We should just work together. Do you want to do it now? Think about it. I will remember what you will do.

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Elsewhere, Kyu finds Moo-young’s resignation letter.

Letter – I could not fulfill my duty of protecting the King, so I am asking for a resignation.

Kyu puts the letter down and welcomes two ministers. he tells them that he wanted to discus something with them. They need to do their urgent things. They ask if he is talking about the rice law. Kyu says yes, it is that thing and also the land survey. they need to expand the farming land. the two men look at each other and nod.

then a guard comes in and gives urgent news from the Royal police. One of the painters that draws the King was found dead. Cut to the dead painter. there is no evidence and no witness so it looks like he was killed.

In his bedroom, Hasun looks at a long letter that Hogeol gives him. It is about taxes. He starts to explain it all to him. it looks a bit overwhelming. Jo comes in and says that he has a message from Daebi, she would like to have a snack with him. She invited you and the Queen at the same time.

Hasun puts the scroll away and says he has to leave. Hogeol is all like, um, but I’m not done explaining it all.

Cut to Daebi’s room. Daebi pours them both tea. it is very quiet, no one talks. But Sowoon does look at hasun and then he looks at Sowoon. The tea is given to both of them. Daebi drinks (or pretends to drink) hers and then looks at Sowoon to see if she will drink her portion.

She does.

Daebi tells Hasun that he is handsome, it is amazing that there is another face like him. He says it is amazing that she likes the way he looks. Daebi says that she worries for the citizens. They might be scared. Sowoon says that the people are swayed by rumors because their life is hard. But the palace people should be different. We need to be a good example to our people. As a head of internal affairs, I will make a good solution. Will you help me?

Daebi says that she will, of course, but you need to be careful with one thing. if the King has a son during this difficult time. Don’t you think he is having a hard time because you did not fulfill your duty? hasun says that it is not her fault. Daebi asks if he is saying that it is his fault?

HS – I want to tell you that the gods give children. If youa re worried about it, then should I adopt Jinpyung as my son. Is that what you want?

DB _ Well, you misunderstand what I talk about

HS – Did I? Well adopting JinPYung is not a good idea, he is hatable looking and is always stiff so he won’t be fun.

Hasun eats a bit of the snack food pleasantly. Daebi looks like she just got schooled.

Afterward, Sowoon asks if Hasun is really okay? She heard that his office has been noisy because of that post. If she was there she would have taken his hand and taken him away, just like he rescued her on the street. he takes her hand and asks, like this? SoWoon is a bit embarrassed. he smiles and tells her, lets go.

Jin-pyung sees them happily walking away. He is suspicious. he meets with Daebi who says that this was a good idea for whover did it. She wants to find that person. JP says that he is happy that she is happy so she asks if he did it? if so then he needs to say quickly so she will not worry that much. 

DB – The King will not be able to take care of it unless he can hold the rumor and put it away. Unless the Queen gets pregnant.

But they think it will never happen. they think the King and Queen have a good relationship but Daebi says that she guarantees it. he took her life son away from her so he will never enjoy his wife being pregnant.

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Meanwhile, Hasun and Sowoon sit in the library. But he only wants to look at her. She tires not to only look at him. But she can’t because he is straight up staring at her so she smiles and tells him that he should go to his office. He says he should. She tells him to stand up. he tells her that she has to wait there a little bit, she is doing a very important job. He is getting energy from her, then he can work.

She tells him to call her anytime, then she will be his helper. He smiles and continues gazing at her happily. She smiles in return.

But later that night, several sinister looking people gather at a spot in the town. Chisoo and Jinpyung talk privately. Chisoo has a lot of money with him and tells Jinpyung that he can gather a lot of officers on the boarder with this money. Chisoo will gather the politicians. JP mentions that no one will listen to him since he is fired. Chisoo says that he needs to get back. they will have a general from China come and I am the only one that can take care of him, so the King should call me.

At the same time, Kyu tells Hasun that the painter that painted the King has died. Someone killed him. Hasun thinks that means they cannot find who is behind this. Kyu says he has a few suspicions, but they need evidence. Jo asks to as Officer Jung to investigate. Kyu says that Mooyoung quit and left. Jo is shocked and apologizes to the King, if he knew this in advance then he could have stopped him. Hasun tells him it is not his fault, don’t blame yourself.

Meanwhile, a man is outside Chisoo’s house and says that he has to tell him about the poster. He knows that clown on that post. The man goes inside and says that what he is telling him is worth 10 slver coins. Chisoo shows him the coins so the man ups it to 12. Chisoo says that he ill give him whatever he wants, just tell him. The man says that this is the guy that was the two con guy, did you forget him? it was with your son.

CHisoo thinks back and remembers the clown telling him that his sister was not a dog. Chisoo asks how he can say that that guy is the clown. the man says that they have the same face, twins shoulnt’ even look that similar. Woon sim should know where she is because his sister played at the Gisaeng jip. Woonsim is Lee Kyu’s favorite.

Chisoo thinks that Lee Kyu and the Clown are related, okay, I should give you a big prize. he gives him the money, but his right hand man stabs him. Chisoo tells him that he should be the only one that knows about what he said. The man dies. Chisoo tells his butler that he wants to see Woonsim.

the butler goes to get Woonsim, but she tells him that she will not go, he needs to follow the proper steps. The head Gisaeng says that Woonsim goes to the palace and plays, so you cannot just take her ina nd out. The butler is about to fight to drag her out, the head gisaeng tells them to stop them! A fight is about to break out, but Woonsim says that she will go there. She heads out.

Kyu gets a message and reads it in alarm, it looks like it is about Woonsim.

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Woonsim meets with Chisoo, he asks her if she knows the CLown Hasun. She says yes, he performed in the Gisaeng jip. CS says that he heard that she knows where he is. Woonshim says that she is not sure why he thinks that, but she does not know where he is. She gets up to leave. Chisoo tells his butler to take her away and torture her until she tells the truth, if she does not then take her out and kill her.

the butler takes the order and slaps Woonsim, but then Kyu shows up and tells the Butler, if you dont’ want to die then let her go. He tells Woonsim that bodyguards are waiting for her outside, leave. Woonsim starts to walk outside, Kyu laughs and says that he called her because she is his favorite and then you came. Kyu asks Chisoo how he can be so much like a thug? Chisoo says he is a bit greedy now. he hates Kyu because he pretends to be so clean.

Kyu asks if he called him to talk about this? CS says that he heard that the clown performed at the gisaeng jip that you stayed at. Did you see him? 

Kyu says that clowns are performers with masks, that is just a rumor that someone made up after reading the post. CS asks, what if he found the same guy? Kyu asks if he is saying that he is the one that put the post? CS laughs and says he is so angry, maybe he hit a nerve.

CS tells him that he needs to be careful, if he guesses like that then he can lose his wrist. he storms out.

Woonsim is waiting for him with the guards. he asks why she is still there. She says that she wanted to wait for him, he asks if she is okay. She says that she is okay. She tells tells him that CS asked about Hasun, someone must have told him that Hasun looks similar to that guy in the post. She does not feel good about it. What is going one?

Kyu says that CS fells wrongly fired due to him and is using Woonsim as a trap. She thinks that he should not have come. He says that he had to come and then tells his guards to take her safely to her place.

Then he feels Mooyoung and tells him that he wondered who sent him the letter, it was you. I thought you went back home, but you are still in Seoul. MY says that he wanted to go home, but after seeing this post, he had to stay. He still asks himself why he is there. He was survelancing Jinpyung but Chisoo bothered him more. Kyu tells him that he guessed right.

In the palace, Jo tells Kim that she should not go to the palace, the King ordered it. She says that she wants to hear it from the King. But Jo says that she has to leave now! He takes what she brought and takes it into the Kings room.

Hasun tells Jo that he works hard for him, he is okay. Please take a break. Jo says that he will follow his order. he leaves. But he tells the enuch guarding the door that he needs to stay alert. the enuch bows and says yes, but then he gets a tea pot from Kim that has some kind of powder inside that she dumps into the tea. he then takes it inside.

he gives Hasun the tea and then bows himself out.

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Hasun drinks the tea and then promptly passes out. Kim comes in quietly and sees that he drank the entire bowl. She leans over him and starts to undo his sleeping wear so that she can look at his chest. She opens his chest and sees the scar wound. But shen she touches it, hasun wakes up and grabs her wrist. he thows her arm away and asks what she is doing.

She falls to the ground in a bow and says that it is not like that. i was collecting the dishes but you weren’t breathing too well.

he picks up a dish and breaks it on the wall then walks in front of her and asks if she really wants to be killed. He remembers Kyu telling him that he needs a mouse trap. Whoever put the post wants to confirm that you are real. They will want to check you. You need to use this chance and check who is behind it. Can you do it? hasun says he can do it as a clown.

In the present, Hasun told Kim that he told her not to come into his bedroom, how dare she drug him and check his wound. He tells her to shut up when she starts to talk and says that she should have someone behind her, who is it! Did I have a snake like woman next to me this whole time! She apologizes and asks for forgiveness. he says that she told him that she deserves to die but also asks for forgiveness. he calls for Jo.

Jo comes in with several guards. Hasun yells for them to take her out. So the guards drag her out with her telling him to trust her! She meets with Kyu next and asks him how she can survive. Kyu tells her that the King thinks that Chisoo is behind the post. If you can go to him and get his word that he put the post up, I will ask the King to save your life.

She goes to Chisoo’s house and is let in. She tells him that she saw the wound on the chest, she saw it with her own two eyes.

Kim – So, you should have put the post up after asking me first.

Chisoo sits.

CS – How did you know that I did it?

Kim – When you asked me to check his wound, I already noticed it. Did you do that to the Kings painter also?

CS – To keep him quiet, it could not be helped.

Kim – I did my job, do not forget this moment. I need to go back.

She gets up to leave, he tells her to wait.

CS – You should check another thing. Come in please.

A man comes in. It is the eunuch. CS asks why she did not tell him that the King figured it out, did Kyu ask for my confession? I trusted you, I am disappointed.

Kim bows in front of Chisoo. then a woman head out with her head covered, it is not Kim, it is a fake. Mooyoung checks her and finds out that it is not Kim.

Kyu tells Hasun that court lady Kim went to Chisoo’s house and disappeared. The Eunuch also left the palace and disappeared. he might be Chisoo’s mole. Hasun thinks they can’t ask what they did then. Kyu says that they can’t unless Kim comes back. But she should have said that you have the wound so he should not suspect you. Hasun thinks that CHisoo was fired from his position but is still inter fearing like this. Kyu says that his power comes from his money, now he will but his money flow.

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In the throne room, hasun tells the ministers that he wll make a department and expedite the rice law. He asks them what they think. the financial department says that they are ready to follow his order. the other minister says he can as well. But then one says that they already have one failure before. Perhaps they should not do it.

hasun says that people with 10 acres will get 10 rice bags. One acre is one rice bag. What is the problem? You are worried about the landlord, why aren’t you worried about the citizen? Whoever owns more should pay more tax. There is no exception for the Royal family as well.

they tell hasun that he wants to collect taxes that they were previously given from the previous King? that has never happened. Hasun tells them that what comes from the Kings mouth cannot be taken back. We see a flashback of that same thing. So he tells them that this is the new law.

In the palace somewhere, Sowoon tells her people in internal affairs that she wants to help the King collect taxes on the land. So she will reduce her meals, please consider it.

Later on, Hasun and Eunuch Jo eat dates together while working (which is normally not allowed). Hasun asks Jo why this failed last time. Jo says it is because all the Ministers and government workers have a lot of land. CHisoo has the most land, so of course it will fail. hasun realizes that is why they resist so much. He needs to make sure that this law passes. Jo tells him that he heard that the Queen is reducing her side dishes. He says that he should reduce his also. No more snacks! Please order it. He covers his snacks.

Jo removes it and says that he should just eat this much, it is not much. Hasun nods and smiles. Then he asks Jo to read something for him, it is from the weather minister. 

letter – Last night there was a thick cloud that covered the sky, we could not see any stars. the horizon was all cloudy. We could not read the sky. Please suggest to [the King] that he should not do that much.

Hasun asks if this is something like snow? Jo sys that they shouldn’t know that, even in the weather department. But my knee hurts this much so it might snow tonight. hasun asks if he is sure. Jo tells him to trust his knee and pats it.

In her quarters, Aeyoung gets a book from the King as a present. Aeyoung thinks that the King does not know the heart of a woman since he sent a book as a gift. She thinks that this is good, but it is one book of two, were is the other one? Aeyoung says that she will bring in her tea. Sowoon fkips through the book and sees a hidden letter.

Letter – if you want to see book 2, then come to the library at night.

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In Chisoo’s place, he burns something. it might be Kim’s clothing but it is not clear. He tells his servant to find Hasun and his sister Dalrae. Follow people who are around Woonsim and you will see something.

In the palace, Sowoon goes to the library and looks around. She decides to bide her time reading a book, maybe it is the book he told her to find. Inside one of the books is a note.

Note – Read Maengja’s true heart (he is a Chinese philosopher)

She finds that book, there is another note

Note – Something is on your face

She sees another note

Note – Beauty is on your face

She smiles and takes all the note up. then she imagines him writing all the cute notes and hiding them in the books.

She finds another note.

Note – If I die only, then I am happy to have known you

She goes to another bookshelf and finds another letter

Note – I want to see you. I see you over and over again, but I keep wanting to see you.

She keeps looking around at different books and finds another note.

Note: Come to the highest place in the palace, I will wait for you.

She runs out and goes to the highest place in the palace which is a building that is up on a hill. She runs all the way to the top and right into his arms for a big hug. they share this hug for a moment as they both sink into it.

HS – Why did you run like this? What if you tripped?

SHe looks at him and shows him all the letters.

SW – With this many presents, i could not just walk here.

HS – I am sorry, these kind of things are the only things I can do for you

SW – How can you say that? I have the most precious thing in the world, I have your heart.

It starts to lightly snow. Hasun looks up and Sowoon looks up. they both stare at the snow for a moment.

SW – Your highness, it is snowing.

HS – I heard that it might snow today, it turned out to be true.

SW – Did you know that it would snow?

HS – I wanted to see the first snow with you.

Light music plays as she tires to catch a snow flake.

HS – Do you like it so much?

SW – Yes, look at this, it is white and transparent, almost like a star.

They look at each other, his face grows longing as he approaches her and lightly kisses her. She did not expect it and stands there stunned for a moment, but then she closes her eyes.

While kissing, we hear a voice over.

VO – I cannot avoid it anymore….I love you….I love you so much …..my heart is bursting…..I love you so much that I am okay if my heart busrts…..I love you

Fade Out

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The love builds so sweetly and yet the tension builds right along with it! He should definitely not be kissing the Queen y’all! I don’t know how he can avoid it, but he is a commoner, and not only that, but a clown, so you know that Kyu is not all about that.

Now I think it is actually a good thing that Dalrae and Kabsoo did not go back to the Temple. At first I thought they were dumb. Why not tell the monk about their thoughts? But seeing how people are so trickery in this society/era of Kings and power, I can definitely see why they decided to just keep to themselves.

So, does anyone think that the King is actually a twin and the mother died during complications during childbirth? I feel like that might be something that could be going on. Of course it could just be a big fluke and Hasun might not be related to the King at all. But if he is really related then that could close up a few stickler things that would keep people from following him as king such as the bloodline which is probably the most powerful thing stopping him. 

Or he could not be the King and rule for a long time, but then not have any kids (Do to Daebi and her tea) so the throne has to go to another person in the line of succession?

So many thoughts, y’all.



HS – If the gods will is for low class people not to do anything, then I will not follow it. I will fight against it!

Kyu – When did it start? You can be the real king but you are forever fake in front of the Queen.

VO –  found the temple that the CLown’s sister stayed at

JP – What are you going to do now?

SW – Noone follow me.

CS – Who’s memorial is here?

CS – You can fake anyone else but me.

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      It looks like they will have a special episode where they will talk about behind the scenes tidbits on all the popular scenes today. Regular episodes will start again next week 😉

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  2. Denise Taylor
    February 6, 2019 / 11:16 pm

    am all caught up and ready for ep.10 – just love love love this drama!

    • V
      February 7, 2019 / 6:06 am

      This drama really pulls you in when you start watching!

      • Den
        February 7, 2019 / 3:31 pm

        it sure does. not to mention beautiful scenery and stunning costuming. and the bad guys – boy oh boy have they got the right actors in those roles. casting spot on across the board

        • V
          February 8, 2019 / 5:22 pm

          The casting is so good!

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