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The Crowned Clown: Episode 8 Recap

The Crowned Clown Korean Drama recap 8

The ending of that last episode made me feel so alive. How can they put so much triumph in one moment, goodness! That stare Hasun gave Moo-young with all his grit and determination to get out of that hole will stay with me. I need to catch this kids other dramas, y’all. I heard Circle was good, so I need to hop on that.

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Moo-young walk to the pit with his torch and peers inside. He doesn’t see anyone there. He moves the torch back and forth, then a hand reaches out and grabs his arm. It is Hasun, he is pulling on Moo-young and using him to claw his way out of the pit. Moo-young pulls out his sword to keep himself from falling in. He digs the sword into the ground as leverage which better allows Hasun to quickly pull himself above ground. They both fall. But then there is a scramble to the sword. Hasun gets to it first.

HS – Why did you come back! Did you want to see if I was dead!

MY – Just kill me

Hasun throws the sword into the pit.

HS – I don’t want to kill you so I can survive.

MY – I need to bring your head to the King.

He grabs Hasun.

MY – Just go away.

HS – Where I have to go is already decided, I am going to go back to the palace.

MY – Are you throwing away your chance to survive

HS – I have something more important than my own life, I can’t leave without it

He grabs his compass that fell on the ground and holds it firmly in hand. Moo-young watches him.


Kyu remembers the King telling him not to betray him again, if he does it then he will kill all the people he treasures. Kyu opens the letter that the King gave him.

Letter – I know the sin of the Queen, I need to kick her out. As soon as I do it, I will give her poison, so prepare it.

Cut to Hun laying on the Queen and removing her clothes without care. She holds his hand to stop him. He leans in to kiss her, but she turns her head away. So he lightly moves her chin back to him and starts to kiss her again. But he gets a headache and falls to the side. His head is ringing. The Queen rolls over to his side to see if he is okay, but he just struggles to stand and stumbles out. He holds his head and yells for them to leave back to his place! JUST LEAVE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!

Everyone hustles to do as he wants.

Aeyoung comes in and quickly asks if she is okay. Sowoon wonders why the King was so cold.

The King somehow gets to his room, but his head is pounding, he can’t think straight and falls to the floor as he yells for Kim and Jo to both leave. Kyu comes in and tells them both that he will take care of him.

Cut to Hun sleeping. Kyu is watching him and kneeling.

Kyu – Your highness, after I decided to serve you with everything, it has been awhile. I did my best to keep my promise we made and be loyal to you. I had to decide, but I was hesitant. This was my last chance that disappeared as nothing. I am ready to be humiliated.

He stands and goes to the candle with the letter of the Kings order; he burns it with tears in his eyes.

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Kyu gos outside where Jo asks him how the King is. He tells him that he passed out. Jo thinks they should call the doctor, Kyu tells him that he should not. If the doctor comes then he will know that the King is a drug addict, if anyone knows that then the Palace will be in chaos and Daebi will take over the politics. They wonder where Mooyoung is, the King gave him a secret order. Maybe he left to honor that order.

Kyu tells Jo not to let anyone in until he comes back. Kyu walks all the way to a palace library that is locked. He goes inside and sees several important looking items. One is a golden turtle.

Letter – The Kings order, no one goes into Daebi’s quarters. When morning comes, come and see me at the backdoor

He calls for the person outside to come inside and give this letter to Jongsaeng (the monk).

He then gives another order to a palace guard which is the order for no one to go in or out o Daebi’s place. Also guard the doors of the royal family and politicians. This is a secret so do not make it too noisy.

The guards all run out to do that. The servants wonder what is going on as the doors are closed to several homes in the palace.

Inside, Daebi writes at her desk. her maid runs in.

Maid – Daebi, the Royal guards are guarding the doors and no one can go in or out

DB – This late? Why?!

Maid – The King ordered it to lock you in.

Daebi freaks out quietly.

Meanwhile, Mooyoung goes back to the palace. Hasun is hiding nearby. Moo-young finds out that the Palace is locked down, he goes inside. He finds out that the King passed out and that Kyu made all these orders without the King. But what will happen when he wakes up?

Kyu – The first priority is to get treatment for him

MY – His birthday is soon, if he is not here then people will know

Jo – We have to get the fake one, you know

Kyu – Hasun is dead

Jo – What?
MY – he is not dead

Kyu – You said he is dead

Jo – is he dead or alive? What is the truth?

Kyu – Where is he now!

Hasun is lead in with Mooyoung. Jo is so happy to see him and still calls him your highness. He starts cryng and telling him that he is so glad he is okay. Mooyoung stands by. Hasun then goes into the palace and sees the King sleeping. He also sees Kyu standing over him so he walks to the side to talk to him.

HS – Is he dead?

Kyu – No, but we don’t know when he will wake up

HS – Why did you call me back?

Kyu – Why did you come back? Because you knew you would die?

HS – Becausae I saw it when the King ordered you to kill me. You were hesitating.

Flashback to Kyu having to pretend like he was trying to kill Hasun. 

HS – You never know the feeling of being betrayed by the one I trusted. So I am used to getting cold and hungry. But the last few days I thought it was so difficult that I would rather die. I was trapped in that dark hole and listening to wild animals that want to eat my eyes out. With the cold wind I decided I was not going to die like this.

Kyu – I wanted you to come back alive. You wont trust me because I sent you to dangerous places only. So I will listen to whatever you request. Do you want me to let you go or not? Tell me. What do you really want?

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HS – I want to have power so I can protect people who are more precious than my own life. I want to be the real King.

Kyu – The King is not the position where you can abuse power. It is the position where you kill poeple and eat them. There is no loyalty or ties, you cut everything, it is an animal like place. You do it to protect the Kings position and the country. You have to give up your own heart, that is the Kings position, do you really want to do it?

HS – Yes, sir.

Kyu – Carve this moment in your heart, whatever happens, I will not leave you, I will protect you.

The music is intense as we see oo-young waiting outside for the monk. The King is passed out inside a crate. The monk comes. Kyu tells him to please protect him, keep him safe and I will be there. The monk says that he will keep him safe. Moo-young tells Kyu that he will guard the King. Kyu tells him, if he wants to then he can do it.

In the Palace, Hasun gets his wounds dressed by Jo. Jo thinks the doctor should dress his wound but Hasun says that if he dies with that little cut then that is his fate. No matter what he does then he will die, don’t worry. Jo tells him that he is happy he is joking now, it relieves his heart. 

Kyu comes back in so Jo excuses himself. Kyu tells him that the King cancelled everything they had worked for by seeing Chisoon. We cannot take it back because the King spoke publically, the people Chisoo wants will be placed as planned.

Cut to Chisoo’s house where everyone is celebrating. They are all so happy that they kept their positions. But then a man comes in with a box and presents it to Chisoo. It looks suspicious. So a servant closes Chisoo’s door so he can take it privately.

It is a monocular so Chisoo can see things closely from far away. But actually, the real thing is under it. It is a letter that Chisoo opens. it is a real estate document . The man asks if he thinks things will be like before? Chisoo asks sternly if he does not trust him? The man says that he does, he heard the son will be the Governor. he will do his best to meet the Kings expectations.


Jo presents the King with his breakfast. Hasun asks him what happened in the palace while he was gone. He needs to know so he won’t make a mistake. Jo tells him that last night the real King and the Queen were supposed to sleep together, but the King was sick and came out, so the Queen should be very disappointed.

Cut to Sowoon thinking about her night with the King. He told her that he did not give her everything, so erase all the joy and happiness that you think I gave you. She thinks about this while her breakfast is being prepared.

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She starts to breathe hard and tells Aeyoung that she does not feel good, she needs fresh air. She heads outside but then the King is announced. hasun walks right up to her.

SW – Your highness

HS – Queen, follow me.

he turns and walks away around the corner so they will be alone. She walks behind him. They he quickly turns around and hugs her.

HS – I missed you.

She sinks into his hug.

HS – All night last night, I only thought about you. I survived while thinking about that.

SW – your highness

He takes her hand, we see that he has a lot of cuts on them.

SW – your higness, what happened to your hand?

HS – Oh, well, I practiced fighting with Jang in the morning, I told him to go a little easy.

SW – I feel like you are a different person than last night, that is why I am happy

HS – I was afraid I would not see your smile again, I was so scared. 

SW – Me too, last night was so long, as if it was forever. But you came to see me, I will never forget it until the day I die. 

HS – I will visit you often, until you say that you are sick and tired of it.

They hold hands and continue looking at one another.

Elsewhere in the palace, Woonsim and Hogeol are let out. Kyu tells them that it was a mistake to arrest you two. HG is all like, WHAT, why didn’t you tell us that before! I WAS SO SCARED. Kyu smiles. Woonsim asks if he is okay. Kyu says he is, but he wants to meet their old members and realize their old masters dream.

Jinpyung goes to Daebi’s place but the gate is closed and no one is allowed inside. They tell him that the King ordered to keep Daebi on lock. This situation is a big deal around teh palace. Jinpyung asks Chisoo what is going on. CHisoo is all like, this is the Kings order, if you are worried about her then tell the King. he walks away with all his people following behind.

The man who gave Chisoo the real estate documents shows up to the palace and situates himself among the politicians in the throne room.

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hasun looks around at the men that are the new appointments. The politicians ask for him to take his will back, these people should be punished, not given more power. People wil complain a lot when corrupted people are appointed. Please reconsider. Chisoo starts talking and says that is all stupid things to say, the more these mayoral appointments are delayed, the more the citizens will suffer.

HS -Okay, I understand what you want. Secretary of State Shin Yi-kyeom, step forward.

Hasun stands up and walks to stand in front of Yi-kyeom.

HS – I was focused on how good you were, of course I have to use a talent like you in a good way. I am canceling your appointment and sending you somewhere else (an tiny place).

YK – But that island is a tiny stone island, am I demoted? I thought I would be promoted.

HS – I heard there isa  hot springs there. As you all know, I like ot springs. You find it yourself and find the best place to dig. i want to feel different water than onyang.

he gives him his order. Yikeom takes it and leaves looking confused.

The next persons come up. Kyu calls all their names.

HS – Wow, you had the most corruption after the investigation, you should be an example, but now youa re more corrupt? No promotion for you.

He rips it in half.

Then he starts to talk to another one

HS – you have corruption and you slept with your secretaries wife? poeple complained about it, but you want to get promoted?

he rips it and goes to the next

HS – You had corruption and snuck out rice and to cover it up you added even more corruption. So you want to cover up your corruption with more corruption, no promotion!

He wrikles them all up and throws them away.

HS – You are all arrested until I give a proper sentence!

The guards come in and drag the men out who are all bowing and begging for forgiveness.

CS – We were about to promote them, but you talked about their sins and arrested them. You should not do this.

HS – What can’t I do?

CS _ You came to my house and gave your word. Come to the palace and serve you.

HS – I told you that because I trusted your loyalty, but you betrayed my trust.

The one man that is still there is the one that gave the realestate documents to Chisoo.

Kyu – he is appointed as a mayor without taking a higher exam. So we need to ask CHisoo what he did because he recommended someone that is not qualified.

HS – He is our medal of honor so I cannot ask for his sins, but this is serious so he is fired as First Prime Minister.

Everyone looks around.

CS – Youg Highness, is this really your will?

HS – Yes.

Hasun stands and looks at them all. The man on the ground looks up and remembers this King as a Clown. he was the noble guy who said this low class Clown is so handsome. he wonders about it.

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After the meeting, Kyu speaks to Chiso. he calls him First Prime Minister, but then he tells him that he is just Uncle in Law now. Chisoo tells him that he is happy that he still has his First Medal of Honor, tell the King that I will not forget this. Kyu tells him that he will.

His son throws his order in front of Kyu and tells him that he will regret humiliating their family.

Kyu picks up the order.

Kyu – You attempted to murder the Secretary o State, can you still say that?

YK – When did I try to kill you? Do you have evidence?

Kyu – Two days is enough to find evidence and a witness, do you want me to do that? If you refuse your appointment, I will ask for your sins.

Yikyeom takes the order and quickly walks away with his tail between his legs.

Kyu then goes to talk to hasun. Hasun says that he wants to make them clean poop for their entire life when he thinks about what they did to his sister. he misses his sister and wants to see her. Kyu says that he will find a way to find them. But tomorrow is the Kings birthday, you need to learn from Eunuch jo, don’t make any mistakes.

Hasun would rather cancel the birthday since he doesn’t even know it is his birthday and he feels weird. Kyu says people prepare for months, so they cant cancel it. Maybe he could give all the food to the citizens. it would be cool for all the people in the city to be full on the Kings birthday, right? Kyu looks at him appreciatively and says that he will talk to the Cultural minister and decide.

In the city, Hogeol walks around trying to find the prices of all the products. One merchant couple tries to sweet talk him with food, but Hogeol is not affected. he says that he will count to ten. He wants to see al their hidden products. He starts to count and the merchants run off to get them.

Hogeol sits and waits. Kabsoo and Dalrae come up and asks him if he is the owner. HG mutters that he wishes he were. Kabsoo asks if Hogeol knows who made this certain knife. It is the Kings knife. HG tells them that this has a dragon on it, that is only for the King. Were did you find this precious thing. Kabsoo is about to explain it but then Dalrae grabs the knife and runs off. kabsoo follows. Hogeol is about to but then the merchants come out and asks if he counted to 10 yet. He said he was at 118.

In the palace, Jinpyung talks to Kyu about what is gong on with Daebi. He knows that Kyu should know. Kyu tells him not to worry about Daebi, he gave an order to remove Daebi again for his birthday, goodbye.

Inside, Daebi wonders why he is going to release him this quickly. JP says that he thinks they just wanted to humiliate her. Dont’ let it happen anymore.

DB – if the King wants me to be threatene, then I should at least pretend that I am.

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At Chisoo’s house, the unqualified noble comes and says that he said there would be no problems! I gave you my land! Give me back my land! The son yells for them to make him quiet. The guards start to beat him.

The man says he knows a secret thing about the King, I can tell you! You will be sorry if you don’t hear it!

Chisoo comes out. They go inside and the man says that he invited Clowns to his house and one of them looked just like the King! It is true! Chisoo does not believe him. But the man says it is true, I bet my head on it.

Chisoo starts to think about how the King has been behaving lately. It did not seem like him at all.


Meanwhile, Kyu meets with the old members in the woods again. He wants to give them the old masters plan. They thought it was all burnt. Woonsim says that when the old master was executed, Kyu went to the jail and saved the book. I also misunderstood him just like you guys. I promise that this will be a stepping stone to our dream land.

A woman says that she learned how to read in order to read that document. Kyu tells them that this is still possible, you don’t have to forgive me, you can hate me. I will be the nutrient to make the world flourish in our dream. The ajumma says that it is the same to be tricked once or twice, okay, lets just be tricked one more time. Do a good jjob this time.

Kyu has tears in his eyes and thanks them all. Later on he remembers telling Hasun that he needs to put this moment in his heart, whatever happens, he will protect him.


Daebi prays at the temple and is then helped up by her maid.  It looks like they are the only two there? She goes outside and outside there are dozens of scholars standing at the base of the temple. They all bowed to her and asked her how much she suffered. They think their countries future is dark because the King is not honoring his parents. 

Daebi tells them that the kids sin is the parents sin. It is my fault that I could not stop him, I will not let it happen again. Will you stand with me?

They all tell her that they will follow her.

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In the palace, Kim dresses Hasun for the day, he hides his hands from her, but she sees his ear and notices that it is not bloody anymore. She leaves and wonders how a big wound like that can dissapear over night.

Meanwhile, Hun wakes up in a cave. Mooyoung is next to him. Hun wants to know why he is there and where the CLowns head is. Mooyoung tells him that they had to bring him there to hid his mental disease and that he did not honor his order. Hun stumbles around and grabs his sword, he tells Mooyoung that he did not honor his order so he has to die. You should be happy to die by your King.

He tries to hold the sword up to kill Mooyoung who is waiting to be killed. But he is shaking something awful and can’t do it. Kyu comes in and tries to talk some sense into him. He tells him that today is his birthday, he should not put blood on his hands. Hun agrees and says that it is his birthday so he shouldn’t. Arrest him and then bring me my birthday meal, lets eat together.

Kyu tells Moo-young to go back to the palace first, he will watch the King. Moo-young is sad to see the King like this, he starts crying.

In the palace, Hasun meets with Sowoon who prepared a birthday meal for him. She says that she had help, but she made the miyukguk all by herself. he tastes it and tells her that it tastes good. She is very happy to hear it.

But then Jo calls that his other wives would like to say hello. Sowoon tells him that it is his birthday greeting, so he should let them in. The other wives come in. Sunhwadang gives him a gold turtle in the same box that chisoo received. 

HS – When i see this it reminds me of that song, “turtle, turlte, give me your head or I will barbecue you.”

The other wives try not to laugh.

Hasun mentions that this gift is worthless since it cannot be eaten, maybe we should sell it and give things to our citizens. he tells them that they don’t have to give him anything, you don’t have to give and you don’t have to recieve. Today I am going to the library to read. As always I will read a book int he library. Please don’t bother me anyone.

HS – The library, at a certain time, I will read. *he looks at the Queen*

Inthe cave, Hun sits with Kyu to eat his birthday meal. He says that today is his birthday, but today is also the day someone died. 

Hun – My mother. I heard that she died without even eating seawead soup. I heard I killed the Kings favorite wife. I heard I grew up eating miyukguk instad of milk, because the King didn’t give me a nanny. I wanted to call him aboji, but the former King never allowed me to call him father. What happened to the Queen? Did you already give her the poison?

Kyu – Your highness, your soup is getting cold, please eat it.

he nods and shivers.

Hun – Okay, I an give her the poison in the palace.

He tries to eat but his hand shakes too much. Kyu helps him put the spoon in his hands.

Hun – When I come back this time, I will kill all of the poeple against me! I should b-bring the b-blood! Then they will l-listen!

Kyu – Your highness, before you come back, lets stop by the ocean, I will give you your birthday drink.

Hun – Yes! Lets enjoy.

he starts to eat his soup. Afterwards, the two go to the ocean.

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Hun – I always wondered what is on the other side of the sea. The book you brought back from China when you went there as an ambassador talked about all the wonderful things across the Ocean. One day i am going to go to the country on the other side of the OCean and import all those advanced weapons. I will make this country stronger than the Japanese or Chinese. You will see. Why don’t you say anything?

Kyu – The strong country you want is what I want, you know that.

Hun – Yes, the country you and I want, I will make it for you. Just wait a little bit. You told me you would give me my birthday drink. Give it to me.

Kyu gives him his cup and pours him his birthday drink.

Hun – I wish you were my father.

Kyu hesitates to pour the drink, then continues. Hun drinks it and looks out at the sea.

Hun – Let’s go back to the palace.

he turns to walk back, but his head starts to hurt.

Hun – What is happening to me again?

He stops and falls to the sand and spits up blood. Then he looks up at Kyu.

Hun – The clown didn’t die. he is alive. *chuckles* I was afraid this would happen. That is why I wanted to kneel you in front of me and hold you. But why are you betraying me. WHY ARE YOU ABANDONING ME!

Kyu – I am not abandoning you. I choose this country and our people and the new future.

Hun – Do you think I will die like this? It will never happen. As soon as I go back, the clown and Queen and you and officer jang, all of you, I will kill and shred you and burn you all and make you regret that you betrayed me, you will die with regret *spits up blood*

Kyu – You should save your words, then it will be less painful

Hun – Yool, was Yool in pain like me?

The man sitting with little prince Yool on the day he died, was Kyu.

Hun – I saw you sacrifice him for me. I thought I finally had my own person. You said you could die for me. 

Kyu – When I said I could die for you, I wasn’t lying.

Hun – that is funny, you wanted to die, but you survived. I wanted to live, but I die.

he crawls closer to him.

Hun – No, I want to live….I want to live….

Kyu – The strong country you want. This is the only way we can bring that world to use as soon as possible.

Hun – Do you think it is possible without me?

Kyu – DOn’t worry, I will definitely make it happen by putting everything I have.

Hun keels over and falls to the side.

Hun – I am afraid, I am so afraid……when I am in Hell, it does not matter if I am the King or not.

Kyu – I will be with you until the end.

Hun keeps belabored breathing until he stops abruptly. Kyu’s eyes are filled with tears. He stands and cries over Hun. And he pays his last respects to him on the beach with a very deep bow.

Fade Out

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THIS IS THE BEST SHOW! WOW, This is how you do a remake. Yeo Jin-goo is amazing. His King death scene on the beach with Kyu was so beautiful. I love it so much. I want it in my life in every drama I watch, but I know that cannot happen. This show is great, y’all. How is this show so great?!


Kyu – There is no way you can help me. It is my sin, so I am responsible for it.

JP – Well, the hunting dog is abandoned by the king and is barking in front of me.

CS – i am here to make you a King JinPyung

HS – Lets go

Kyu – I am going to set a mouse trap

CS – A guy like the secretary of the state is not a match to me

Kyu – Can you do it?

HS – I am not a Clown if I discriminate where I play

HS – You really want to be killed by me?

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  1. Jammmm
    January 29, 2019 / 11:16 am

    Omg! V, I love love this show. He is one AMAZING actor! So impressed with his acting skills. I couldn’t wait to read your recap this morning since I saw an interview with Kyu and he said this episode is reason why he took/given this part! I was hoping for real King to die, in the movie, king comes back and clown dies or so I’ve heard and I thought that was going to happen but since he died, it is going to be so interesting! Half way through!!! Just wow!!!

    • V
      January 29, 2019 / 12:39 pm

      It is so interesting! I can’t believe they killed the real King! I mean, whaaaaaat?! His death scene was so gooooooood.

  2. Julia
    January 29, 2019 / 11:43 am

    I cannot wait to watch. Thanks for recap. I took a break from work to read. Yeo jingoo’s acting is 👍

    • V
      January 29, 2019 / 12:41 pm

      How is this young man filled with so much talent! We translated an interview with him last year and he also seems so normal as well. Almost like a home body? He even said he didn’t want to be in a romantic comedy because he never dated anyone before and wouldn’t know how to kiss them. But his sunbaes wants to take him out for drinks every now and again to get him out of the house now that he is older.

  3. WPB
    January 30, 2019 / 7:48 am

    A chapter is closed and other stories that have been slowly developing in the background will come to surface. I can’t wait to see how they will turn out. I know I won’t be disappointed. No wonder Korean drama is so popular around the world.
    I wonder if I can watch the original movie this story was based on.

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