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The Crowned Clown: Episode 7 Recap

The Crowned Clown Recap 7

The king is back! Everyone needs to run for cover. Our poor blossoming love birds are about to have an extra hard time of it.

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The crazy King stumbles ino the city and around the market. He looks like a hot mess waiting to explode. Dalrae runs after him, she falls to the ground and tries to call his name. She is finally able to do it. She calls Brother over and over again. He turns around, but he does not see her, he sees The Queen and Hasun. Or maybe not? It looks like they might not have seen each other. Everyone continues on their own way.

Moo-young is still running around looking for The King. Dalrae is still running off looking for her brother who she thinks is this crazy man stumbling around. He can barely see straight let alone think straight, but he makes it to the gates of the palace.

Flashback to Dalrae breaking into The Kings room and unraveling his bindings. He tells her to look behind the closet. She runs to look behind the closet and finds a knife. She is able to set him free with that. Then she hugs him. He is all like, um, too much. So he pushes her a way lightly and asks for water. He is pretty normal looking so far. But when she leaves to find water, his eyes change. He is not there when seh returns.

Int he city, Kabsoo looks around for Dalrae with the Monk. She hides for a moment but then seh comes out. He is so overcome with joy to find her and also upset that she ran away. However, he realizes that seh can talk and is so happy. Dalrae tries to tell him that her brother was there, they need to find him! He tells her that they need to go to the monk. But Dalrae says that the monk had her brother tied up. Kab soo is all like, really? Are  you sure? She nods.

Elsewhere, Hasun protects Sowoon from getting hit by a cart by pulling her close to him. She smiles when he asks if she is okay. They keep walking. She asks if he is hungry so they go to eat guk bap (beef pork intestine soup). The Queen is all like, what is this? He is all like, heart…intestines….sorry, maybe you won’t be able to eat it.

But she starts eating it and takes a long chew. She likes it, it is chewy and delicious. She says she has never had delicious food like this forever. Hasun tells her that he is so happy so likes it. Then he starts gobbling it up. She asks if he has eaten it before? He thinks and says that he had it a few times while being undercover. It is difficult to pretend that he likes it. The Queen tells him that she feels like a normal woman eating on this street.

he asks her what house she would like to live in on this street. She points to the smallest one. He asks her why seh would like the smallest one. She says that if the house is that small then they would see each other no matter where they turn their head. And it is at the end of the street, so she will have long walks with her husband to get there. Hasun smiles.

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They stay there all day and into the night. The market is lit up with lanterns as they walk around happily but kind of awkwardly.

SW – I liked walking up the street when I was little

HS – As a little girl?

SW – I really liked it, because I could smell the liveliness, I liked the energy and would inhale it fully. The fish smell and making wine smell and peoples sweat smell

HS – Do I smell like sweat?

SW – No, you smell warm.

She smiles at him in the market and they stare at each other smiling. Then she turns to continue walking on. She spots compasses and goes to the shop to look at them. She wants to give Hasun a present. he says that he doesn’t need a present, he didn’t do anything. She says he did a lot to be happy. Since you were lost in the palace….but she has to pertend like they are talking about a house because the man selling the items is all like, whaaaaaaat? Palace? 

The shop man smiles and says that he gets lost in his house? He is the worst navigator in Korea. He gives her a compass that he says is the prettiest. She asks how much. He says 3. Hasun asks if he thinks he is stupid? It should be 2. He starts to haggle and then says that they are leaving. The shop man stops and says that 2 is good. Sowoon smiles.

Hasun walks away looking so happy at his compass. The queen tells him that she did not know he would be good at haggling. He says he pretending like he knew what he was doing. She tells him that it looked like he did it many times. He tells her he will cherish the compass. She says that she is giving it to him so that he will be able to find her. She will wait at the end of the street for him many times.

But then Mooyoung and Aeyoung run up to them looking all kinds of worried. hasun and Sowoon are pulled out of their happy times and brought back to reality.


LETTER – the reason I am sending this letter is not to ask for forgiveness, it is my request for you all not to lose this opportunity.

Lee Kyu was writing a letter to the members that he wants to rejoin him. The monk comes in and tells him that the King is missing. The monk says that he knows he is the King, he just pretending he didn’t know so that he could save him. Kyu stands and says that if he does not show up in the morning then take Woon-sim and Hogeol and leave.

Monk – Dont go to the palace, the King will Kill you

Kyu – Do you want me to run away again?

Monk – Back then you were following our old masters order to save the rest of our members

Kyu – SOmeone put his life in danger because he trusts me, If I don’t go back then he will die, I won’t let that happen


Hasun gets back to the palace looking happy. JO is the first one to greet him, but Jo looks so worried that he is making me worried. Hasun does not catch on. He starts walking in and then sees Lee Hun sitting in his spot reading his books. 

Lee Hun – How were you, you low class clown? Did you even forget your manners?

Hasun bows immediately. But The King soccer kicks him in the face and then proceeds to kick him over and over again on the ground. The body guard goes in and is shocked to see the two of them together.

Lee Hun – This low class clown became your Highness?

he pulls his sword to kill Moo-young. But Hasun grabs the King by the leg and tells him that he doesn’t know anything. Then he stands up to protect Mooyoung from the King. he tells him that Mooyoung is not guitly, I am the guilty one. Moo-young kneels and tells him that he should kill him (Moo-young) since he did not recognize him. The King thows the sword on the ground and tells Moo-young to bring Kyu to him.

Hasun is standing there scared out of his mind. 

Lee Hun – When I saw the diary I saw that the Queen went home for he sickness, did you let her do that? She should come to me to let me know that she is back. Because a Clown is in the Kings spot, the righteous Queen also forgets her manners. BRING HER TO ME!

Jo runs off to get the Queen.

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The queen is happy to know that the King wants to see her again already.

Meanwhile, Moo-young tells the guards to take Kyu. He tells Kyu that this is the real Kings orders. Kyu is escorted inside.

Inside the Kings quarters, The Queen tells The King that she wanted to tell him that she feels good. She says that she is good with his mercy. Have you been healthy? He says he was okay. Hasun is hiding behind the wall.

SW – your Highness, are you getting cold because you had cold air on the street?

Hun – Are you okay after your sick leave?

SW – i am sper healthy. It ime I spent with you was better medicine than going on sick leave?

Hun – What did I do? Why are you so happy?

SW – Walking with you and talking to you and looking at the same places as you. Ever since I came tot he palace, I have not had that kind of relaxing time……your highness what happened?

Hun – I am a little tired.

SW – Do you want me to call a doctor?

Hun – No, you can go back

SW – Okay, I will take my leave.

She bows herself out of the room.

He is left fuming. 

Hasun is stress crying behind the wall.

The Queen leaves looking pretty confused. Jo addresses her.

Jo – What is bothering you, my Queen?

SW – Nothing, if something happens to the King, then let me know.

Jo – Yes, I will.

She leaves with all her servants following. Then Kyu shows up. Jo looks immediately worried.

Inside, Hasun stands in front of the King again as the King walks around with a sword and asks him why the Queen changed so much since he was gone. Hasun bows ad tells him that nothing happened, believe me.

Lee Hun – She said you walked on the street and spending time with you was better than any other medicine and she liked everything. She went out frist for her sick leave. And you went undercover and planned to meet, isn’t that right!

HS – No, it isn’t like that

LH – Should I askt he Queen if this is true or not?

he puts the sword to his throat.

LH – How can I punsh you, you less than a bug person, killing you in not enough. Your family members and whoever knows about you, I will kill them all and pay for their sins.

But then Jo calls that the secretary of state is there. The King tells him to let him in. Kyu comes in and sees the sword to Hasun’s throat.

Lee Hun looks at him and smiles.

LH – It looks like you have seen a ghost.

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Kyu – Your highness, you came back.

Lee hun puts the sword to his throat.

LH – You trapped me there as a sinner and then had fun with this clown.

Kyu tells him that he did not trap him there, he wanted to help him clear his mind. He thought he needed to reconsider the rice law, he wanted to do that before so he thought this was the right time for the rice law, that is why he did that. Hun wants to know why he did that important thing without him and with this fake? people will think you have bad intentions if this is not a rebel act.

Kyu – You are suspicious of me, whatever I say, it will not matter, if you do not trust me, then kill me.

LH – Tell me something, convince me!

he moves to cut Kyu, but Kyu does not move.

LH – Are you really not?

Kyu – I am not

LH – Okay, you are not the one to betray me. You would rather die for me. So he is the problem. He was wearing the Kings robes and sitting in my seat and thinks he is the King! Isn’t that right?! Kill him.

He gives the sword to Kyu. 

LH – Kill him, then I will believe your loyalty.

Kyu – He is just a clown, a marrionette I put here to replace you. If you kill him then you will not be able to catch the people that want to kill you.

LH – Why haven’t you caught them?

Kyu – I have my suspiciouns, but we need to keep him alive to find them

Lh – It’s funny, when I tried to kill you you idn’t say anything, but when I tried to kill him, you say so much. Do you want to kill me with this sword?

Kyu – How dare I think of something like that You have so many guards.

Outside we see all the guards lined up behind Jo. It is intense.


Kyu grabs the sword and starts swinging it at Lee hun, he cuts his arms something serious. Then he swings it again. Hun tells him to stop, he doens’t want this low class blood to stain his room. Then he tells Mooyoung to come in and take the clown to the mountain and feed him to the tigers. Let him suffer from cold and fear as he slowly dies.

Moo-yung takes Hasun away out the back door.

Hun – Lets properly enjoy our reunion. Call Chi-soo.

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Several Palace guards go to Chi-soo’s house with the Kings orders. Yi-kyeom brings it in and unrolls it to reveal a Kings order. 

YK – Father, the King gave us this.

CS – Take it away

YK – You are not going to go in?

CS – I mde him worry, so how can I answer him right away?

YK – But father…

Letter – Your Highness, I am sick and cannot take your order. I am sorry, I will visit you after I get better. Please forgive my manners.

Hun listens to this.

Hun – How dare he think of measuring me. Is this because of that rice law?

Jo – Do you want me to call him again?

Hun – no, leave him alone. I am tired, call court lady Kim.

Court lady Kim comes in and starts dressing Hun, but she notices his ear is bleeding. He grabs her arm and tells her how dare she. She apologizes and continues with her work. He sits when she is done.

Hun – When is the date I sleep with the Queen?

Kim – Next month

Hun – Tell her to make it tomorrow

Kim – Yes, your highness

Meanwhile, Jo is very worried about taking hasun to the mountains and is still calling him highness. He thinks he weill not survive the night in this tempersture. Kyu tells him to be very careful, he should not do that in front of the real King.

In the mountains, Hasun tells Mooyoung that he is sorry he could not reveal himself to Moo-young. He is still using banmal as the King to a servant. Moo-young is pissed and tells him that he does not care, he is also taking orders. He throws Hasun into the huge circular hole that was dug for him. Looks at hasuns body most likely knocked out on the floor and then leaves.

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Moo-young goes back to the palace. Kyu asks him where Hasun is. MY asks if that is the clowns name? Kyu tells him that he understands how he feels, the reason he did not tell him is because of the Kings order. Hasun did this because of the Kings order. His only sin is taking the Kings order. MY asks if that is so? The King knows how you think? He scoffs and walks away.

Kyu – Jo told me that because of Hasun you survived.

MY – You should correct how you say, I was going to be killed because of him

Kyu  – that s what you want to believe, but we know what kind of person he is and how he was when he replaced the King, do you really think he should die? Where is he?

MY – Wy do you want to find him? Do you really want to betray the King? It’s too late

Kyu – It is too late, is he really dead? Are you sure?

MY – Yes, I am sure.

he walks off. Kyu looks shocked and saddened. Kyu also walks away and looks at the Kings quarters.

He thinks back to Hun killing everyone and asking to find a way to protect himself, he needs to find away. He already went crazy. Big flashback to the King acting the way he does and what led him to going crazy and then Hasun taking over and doing a much better job in the palace than Hun and being more merciful and justice minded. Kyu thinks about all of this.

In the mountains, Hasun wakes up at the bottom of the pit. He still has this compass with him. He looks at his compass and then looks at the moon.

In her chambers, The Queen looks at the three acorns that hasun gave her. She holds them in her hand and thinks abotu Hasun as she also looks outside.

In the Kings chambers, he indulges in his opium.

And we curlce back to Hasun in the bottom of the pit. He starts to cry as he thinks about his situation and curls into a ball.


The monk tells Woonsim that he does not know what is going on, but Dalrae disapeared, Kabsoo is looking for her. he was suposed to come back. Hogeol comes in and talks to them about what is happened. The situation looks severe because Kyu has not come back yet either.

In the pit, Hasun is able to take his ropes off from his wrists, but has a hard time climbing out of the pit, especially since his arm is cut. He tries once and falls. Then he thinks back to Hasunt elling him that the Clown is dead, you are the King now. He gathers his strength and is able to slowly climb out of the pit. But then wild dogs  or wolves hop on him so he falls all the way back inside. He tries to hid from them under an overhang. Morning comes.

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In the morning, Chisoo is told that the King wanted a certain journal and went to his office. He was a little strange. He does not seem angry or anything, but he asked the same thing over and over again. I also saw Lee Kyu dragged to the palace. Yi-kyeom is all like what? he came back? Chisoo asks if he is sure. The man says yes. Then he stands to leave.

His son asks him if he should go to the palace. Chisoo says that not answering is the best thing right now.

In the mountains, Hasun survived the night, he is still holding his compass.

VO – Sometimes when you get lost or take a detour, come to me, I will wait at the end of the street.

Hasun – Queen, maybe I am lost again.

It looks like Hasun was able to make a little fire in the pit that got him through the night. He slowly approaches the wall again and starts to climb out, but he falls to the bottom.


Court lady Kim gives the Queen her message that she is to sleep with the King tonight. Her head maid tells her.

In the Kings chambers, Hun is still looking for who is trying to kill him. Kyu says that his suspicion is Daebi. That is all that hun needs to know, he walks to see Daebi and stands in front of her like he is about to take her out right there. She smiles at him to welcome him. He smiles back.

They sit for tea and treats, but he stares at the tea instead of drinking it. He tells her to be more careful if she wants to live to an old age. He will not go through the proper steps and will just kick her out. Shea sks if he is threatening her? His mother? He says that seh is not his mother.

DB – How do you pretend like I don’t understand

Hun crashes everything away.

Hun – WHAT I WANT TO SAY. Is that all this Confuscious Bull-s doens’t matter. Okay?

He stands to walk out. But then Jipyung asks him why he did that to Daebi? Hun tells him that he knows why he visits Daebi so much. Do you want to be executed like your older brother and your father? He smiles in that crazy way and then walks out. Daebi sips her tea.

Jinpyung sits and says that someone must have told him something.

DB – Didn’t you guess, he was only focusing on politics to prepare to screw us up. 

JP = What will you do now?

DB – He is not happy now, so I need to visit the temple

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While awlking back, Kyu tells Hun that pressuring without a plan will cause a backfire. Hun says he likes his better, he can use that as an excuse to kick Daebi out and kill the entire Royal family. Did Chisoo not come still?

Kyu – No, I think he will not come if you call him again.

Hun – Really? Well then…

Cut to The King showing up at Chisoo’s house. Chisoo runs out to bow to him and asks how he can come to his house.

Hun – You did not come so I had to come.

CS – I used sickness as an excuse because I could not come in front of you. I did not have the face to see you, but you came all the awy here. How can i repay for your mercy.

Hun – If you really think I gave you mercy, then come to the palace. 

CS – Does that mean that you still trust me?

Hun – Yes

CS – If I go back again, I will continue appointing people as planned, can I continue doing that?

Kyu – Your highness, we should discuss it.

Hun – Do what you want First Prime Minister

CS – Can I pause the rice law?

Hun – Of course, do what you want to do

Kyu – No, King…

Hun – SHUT UP. Don’t say no in front of me anymore. If you oppose what I want to do, even though it is you, I will not give you any more breaks. My will is first before discussions. I will always trust you (Chisoo).

CS – Thank you for your mercy!

Back int he palace, Kyu asks the King why he is overturning things they lawfully and properly prepared using politics. It will give an excuse to people who did not agree with the decision.

Hun tells him not to worry, that is why he has CS, to execute all those people that oppose him. Kyu asks him to take back his order, please. If you promote poeple without asking for their sins of corruption, then no one will trust you and our palace. People will raise their voice.

Hun – Yes, you are right, your decisions are all right, but that is not my will. The Clown wanted it. How can I just let that happen even though it is right?

Kyu – If you do this then I cannot help anymore.

He kneels.

Kyu – I am quitting, please accept my resignation

Hun – No, I won’t

Kyu stands and leaves

Hun – DO WHAT YOU WANT. You will be back anyway.

Woonsim and Hogeol are arrested at the Gisaeng house. Moo-young is in charge. Woonsim asks if the secretary of state is doing this? You cannot arrest innocent people. Moo-young takes them away.

A person runs to Kyu and gives him a message from the Royal police. Kyu reads it in alarm and then runs to the palace jail. he finds out that his people are going to be executed tomorrow. Hogeol is worried. Woonsim tells him not to worry about them. Kyu tells them to wait a moment and heads off.

Meanwhile, the queen gets ready for her night with the King. her servants make sure she looks very beautiful and fresh for her night.

The King is sitting in his darkened room when Kyu comes in. He kneels. The King smiles.

Hun – Don’t betray me anymore. If you betray me, I will kill all those people you care about. Everything you want to do will be cancelled, okay?

Kyu – I understand, your highness.

Hun throws a note to him.

Hun – Do what is written here.

Then he leaves. Kyu closes his eyes for a moment. The King is carried away in his portable throne to the Queens chambers. But before going inside, he calls for Moo-young to double check that the Clown is dead and to bring his head back to him as evidence.

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Hun goes inside and is greeted pleasantly by Sowoon. It looks like he does not know how to respond. So he walks past her and sits at the head of the small table. He starts to pour his drink, but she lightly touches his hand and says she will pour it for him. He lets her and then quickly drinks it.

SW – Your highness, did anything happen in the office?

HS _ What about you? What happened for you?

SW – excuse me?

HS – Your where cold as ice, what happened to you? I have a woman that wants to comfort me with warmth, should I be happy? I dont’ know.

SW – I know I didn’t serve you properly, but I want to fulfil my duty as the Queen. If you accept my heart then I will be very very happy.

Hun – What is happiness, what is joy?

SW – Your highness?

He pushes her onto the bed and holds her wrists so she can’t move

Hun – I did not give anything to you yet. So erase all of that joy and happiness.

SW – But your highness

Hun – I am telling you, who is your husband.

He starts to undress her. Her eyes are alarmed, she holds his hand to stop him. They stare at each other.

Mooyoung gets to the spot in the mountain and looks for Hasun with a torch. It looks like he does not see him. But then a hand reaches up and grabs Moo-young. The drum beat kicks in. Hasun pulls Mooyoung close to him as he uses him to climb out. The torch  highlights both their faces. Hasun in sheer determination to escape from the pit and Moo-young is shock that he is still alive.

Fade Out

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WOW. So now the question is, will Moo-young help him and go against the Kings orders? It looked like Moo-young started to regret his decision to throw Hasun into the pit to his death and not tell Kyu where he was. But only just. He wasn’t super upset about it or anything. I can’t wait until tomorrow to find out how Hasun gets away and saves the Queen!


Kyu – Please proceed with it without making any noise

Jo – I am so happy

SW – I don’t know why I am doing this

Man – One of the Clowns looks just like the King

JY – What are you going to do?

King – What are you looking at? Do you want me to kill you?

HS – I want to be the real King

Kyu – If you want my apology, then I will apologize to you. If you want me to let you go then I will let you go. Tell me.

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    Wow!!! This episode seems so suspenseful. I’m so worried the queen will have her heart broken now that the king is back. Thanks so much for the quick recap 😀

    • V
      January 28, 2019 / 10:55 am

      This episode was so good! And the cliffhanger at the end might give us a redeeming arc for one character! I love it!

  2. tsutsuloo
    January 28, 2019 / 11:25 pm

    Thank you, @V!

    This show is just about perfect. Thank goodness for your recap because the episode is yet 60% recapped—and it’s almost midnight Central Time.

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      *NOT yet 60%, I meant to say.

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        Hopefully subbers hop on this show! it is so hard to wait for subs!

    • V
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      I wish they were up faster! But thank the drama subbing Queens for the subbers who are working hard at getting the subs up!

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