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The Crowned Clown: Episode 6 Recap

I hope that super smart math wizard is still alive so they can get all those eeevil politicians for their corruption, but it looks like he probably isn’t. I am still holding out hope!

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The Queen tells Hasun that she cannot hide it anymore, she cannot hide the reason her heart trembles so much. it is because I started to love you. But Hasun is sleeping (or pretending to). She kisses him and his eyes open. 

She looks at him pretty surprised that he is awake and looking at her. She is so surprised that her little kiss is caught that she hops up and is ready to apologize with all her effort.

But then Hasun starts hiccuping. He can’t stop hiccuping.

HS – I’m *hiccup* okay *hiccup*

Cut to Hasun sitting at the front of his bed and hiccuping. The Queen is sitting next to him and Jo is trying to help him get rid of his hiccup. He can hold his breath or pull his throat or roll into a ball on his back and hold his breath.

HS – Eunuch Jo *hiccup* I am okay *hiccup* 

So-woon tells him that he should call the doctor because it has been an hour. She is worried that he is hiccuping because of her. He tells her it is not over and over again. She decides to go back to her room. he hiccups as he watches her leave and stops as soon as she is out of eyesight. Jo is so happy and tells him that he will prepare him to sleep.

HS – After time passes, there are more lies.

Sowoon walks back to her room smiling and contemplative. Aeyoung asks if she is okay.  The queen tells her that she just wants to walk slowly away from the King. Today, the moon and stars are so bright. Aeyoung looks up and says that it is so cloudy today.

Meanwhile, something underhanded is going on in the city. An assassin gets paid by a noble. The noble is Yikyeom and is very happy with what he did. But then he runs into his father and has to apologize for doing this. But he thought that Hogeol should disappear so they can stop Lee Kyu. Shisoo asks him if he checked the body! how can you pay money and not check the body! he slaps him to the ground.

CS – Hey, Yikyeom, when you start a job, you have to see it to the end. That way there are no secrets.


Hasun starts to pace outside with all his poeple watching him. He thinks about the moment the Queen kissed him and said that she is starting to like him. He frets and puts his hands over his face. Jo is all like, you Highness….is there a problem? Hasun thinks about the kiss and jumps.

HS – How dare you!

Jo – I am sorry, it is just that you didn’t sleep well~

HS – No, this is not for you….I was thinking about something else.

hasun turns to look at the palace pond. he sees his reflection.

HS – Eunuch Jo, do me and the King look that similar?

Jo – When I first saw you, I was surprised. But after you got stabbed I sometimes think that the real King came back.

HS – Mistaken…

hasun kneels next to the pool as he looks at his reflection.

HS – You are right, it is not me, it is the King.

he touches his face and pulls his cheeks a little. Everyone watches him. He grabs a pebble and throws it into the water, rippling his image. Then he walks off. Jo approaches him and tells him that he is actually walking to the King. Hasun wonders how he walked all the way there.

But then he sees that the Queen is coming. he does not know what to do, he can’t hide, she already saw him. So he tries to stand strong. The Queen tells him that she wanted to see him. He says that he wanted to go to the library office but he was thinking about something so he got lost.

SW – you look skinny, did you hiccup all night?

He starts to zone out and think that she said she started to love him. But he finally says that his hiccups stopped quickly.

SW – I am not smart, your hiccups reminded me of something. i will make you the ginger tea you liked when you were a prince. Then you will not suffer from hiccups anymore because it is good for digestion.

HS – Yes, please do that…okay, I am busy.

He walks away awkwardly.

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Cut to Yi-kyeom checking on all the dead bodies in the city. He covers his mouth as the smell overwhelms him and sees that Hogeol is actually dead. he smiles and leaves.

Scene change to Chisoo at a politician meeting with his people. There are three others there. They are talking about the documents and the Financial Minister and how the FM is responsible. Another guy thinks that hogul will help, but Chisoo says that that won’t be a problem, don’t worry.

In the palace, Jo asks Hasun if they have heard anything from Hogul yet? Then he sees the Queen outside his room. Kim tells her that the King is not in his bedroom so she gives her something to give to him.

Kim presents it to him later. It is the ginger tea. He tells her that she can leave. Then he tells Jo that he cannot eat Ginger.

HS – When I was 7 I followed a performance and ate dried ginger with sugar and almost died. It was so spicy. Sometimes I feel that it is not mine.

Jo – Well, if it does not fit your body type, then you shouldnt’ try it from the begining. It might create trouble. I will take it out.

HS – Why don’t you drink it? If you take it away then it is a waste of the Queens effort.

In the Queen’s room, Aeyoung tells her that she might have stood too longn in front of the Kings room. You took in too much cold air. I can stand there from now on. Sowoon thanks her for her consideration but she likes to do it. Aeyoung asks her if she wants to drink the baekhwa tea (that poisoned tea). Sowoon says yes.

The camera focuses on this tea and an early bell sound starts to play as Sowoon drinks it.

The next morning, The politicians meet outside as they prepare to go inside for their morning meeting. But Kyu is not around. Chisoo says that it is big trouble that he knows more bad things about Lee Kyu to tell to the King. They all go inside.

Hasun does not want to go to the meeting if Lee Kyu is not there. Jo tells him that he has to go so Hasun hesitantly says that they can go. In the politician meeting, the politician says that there are no problems with the document. So you need to ask the financial minister. They all argue back and forth about whether this is a good idea or not to punish the Financial Minister. Of course Chisoo thinks the Financial Minister should be punished. The other side does not want this done.

HS – I am….

VO – Your highness….the secretary of State is here.

Kyu walks in like a boss.

Kyu – Your highness, I am sorry to come late. I was looking for the evidence in the document for corruption.

CS – Corruption? It should not be there. You should punish him for being late and punish the financial minister.

Kyu – you should listen to this from the one that really found the evidence. Let him in.

Hogul comes in looking super scared! he kneels in front of Hasun holding several files or something.

CS is upset that a slave was let in. You should make this slave leave this higher office and Kyu should be punished. 

Kyu – He is a government slave, but he found out the evidence for corruption. He has credentials to tell you.

HG – your highness, I compared the documents and found the evidence of the people raising the price of rice for the exchange of what is offered. They got the money.

A minister tells him not to lie, how do you know the offerings have a price? they do not have a price.

HG – You are right, it was not easy, but I converted all the values of the offering to the King into rice and compared the price of the rice. 

Minister – that is nonsense, you cannot do that alone.

HG – This is everything that I wrote down comparing the documents and the corruption.

Hogul holds up his findings. Kyu looks satisfyingly at Hasun. Jo brings the documents to hasun. hasun looks at Kyu as he pretends to read it over and gets a signal.

HS – You are right!

Minister – Even though the financial minsiter is right, his sin of holding the document has not gone away. So before you look at the bribery, you should look at the Financial Ministers sin first.

CS – it is only his excuse. You should ask the Internal Ministers sin.

So Chisoo changed sides all of a sudden. Kyu smiles. His people look at each other.

HS – You are right, I will ask for all the sins.

HG – I have a request. Last night, someone tried to murder me!

in a flashback we see that the dagger did not actually hit him. Then Jang Wooyoung hopped out of the back and fought off the assassins. Kyu comes up and asks who the person is that asked to Kill Hogul. The assassin says that it was the First Prime Ministers son.

Mooyoung is about to kill him, but Kyu tells him not to and to just go and tell him what I tell you to tell him.

HG – Please ask for the responsibility of the person who tried to kill me.

HS – Who is that person?

HG – The first prime ministers son

CS – youa re lying

HG – The one who tried to kill me is in jail (the assassin)

HS – Arrest Shin Yi-kyeom!

Mooyoung goes out to arrest him.

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The room empties. hasun asks Kyu what kind of judgement they get for attempted murder?

Kyu – Death. But YiKyeom is the son of out medal of honor. They will make a lot of excuses. First the Prime Minister and his people will make a lot of excuses to get him out.

HS – So I cant ask for his sin? If we can’t execute him, then we have to at least hit him.

Kyu – I have a way to humiliate him and set a good example.

HS – What is that?

Cut to Yi-kyeom being dragged in front of all the politicians outside. Hasun comes out and stands at his outdoor throne. YiKyeom bows.

HS – Raise your head. Attempted murder is a big crime. But your father is a First Degree medal of honor winner and Hogul did not die, so I will forgive you. But, I need to make an example for our citizens. So I will let the father punish his own son. Chisoo, you step out and hit him 100 times on his calf!

Everyone looks around and whispers to each other. Chisoo slowly steps out. But another guy says that the First Degree medal of honor should not do this. Please take your order back.

CS is on his knees as well now.

CS – Can you just follow the law (and kill him?). 

Kyu – How come you refuse the mercy of our King?

HS – Execute it!

YiKyeom stands on a step and pulls his robe up to recieve all the hits from Chisoo. Chisoo starts to hit him with thin bamboo strips. It looks like it hurts a lot. he starts to bleed well before they get to 20 licks and he still has more than 80 to go.

Hasun looks like it is hard to sit and watch this, but he does it with a straight face.

Afterward, the Internal Ministers asks what will happen to him. Chisoo just leaves. Yi-kyeom is carried away in shame.

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Meanwhile, Hasun meets with Hogul who congratulates him for doing all of this overnight. But, what is that smell? Flashback to Hogul laying with all the bodies and trying not to throwup.

Hasun pulls his hand back and tells him that he was so brave. Hogul says that he was not that brave from the begining. But I stopped the secretary of state with this plan. if the officer did not come, then I would not have done it. Moo-young says that he followed Lee Kyu’s order. Lee Kyu says that he asked him to do it just in case.

Hasun is happy with them all.

HS – I want to release you from slavery and give you a position. What position do you want?

HG – ….can I have a low position (like an accountant)

Hasun grants it. Another Minister tells him that he can ask for a higher position. But they also think that if the Kign gives him a higher position then people will talk about it a lot. But in the position he asked for, it is still very important. He does not have to meet with people and h can do a lot of work. He can also train new accountants so we can implement the new rice law quickly.

HG – *shocked* What? Are you starting that rice law? Are you really collecting tazes on people with land?

He looks deeply at Hasun. Hasun pretends like he is thinking and looks at Kyu as he slowly turns around.

HS – Yes, that is my life long wish.

HG – I will do my best to teach the accountants!

Hasun leaves and sees that Queen standing outside looking at the pond. She walks to him and bows.

SW – My King, I was waiting for you after hearing that you found the way to get the rice for the citizens. I don’t know how to thank you.

HS – I am the one that is thankful. Because of you, it feels like it is my first time to be King

SW – First time, you are so modest.

HS – I am just saying that. *awkward*

Later on, Chisoo bows in front of the King and tells him that this is very painful for him. Hasun asks what the pain is. Chisoo says that a lot of people tried to influence the politics against him. But you trusted me and gave me power, however I did not meet expectations. I do not know how to repay you. if you chose to execute him, then I would feel better. Because of this government slave, me and my son are humiliated. I am worried that people will not respect the palace because of that.  I am undergoing this, but who will trust you and do goverment work. Please, for your dignity and for our empire, please correct what happened today.

HS – First Prime Minister, I have a question

CS – yes your honor, tell me

HS – From your mouth you always say that you are loyal. But why do you ignore the citizens suffering? how can’t you hear about our citizens suffering and cying. You said “only one government slave”? So the thing you really want to protect, my dignity and the empire, is nothing compared to his life! Even though it is small and harms out citizens, I promised the gods that I will nto let anything happen.

CS – But your highness~


he leaves looking ashamed and we cut to him sitting at home or his room or somewhre looking very p*ssed.

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Dalrae sits outside thinking. The Monk tells Kabsoo that he will leave to get smething. Kabsoo smiles at him and then tells Dalrae that she shuold come with him as he harvests wood. He would rather she be in his pocket everywhere he goes. So they go harvest wood. But Dalrae just looks at the hidden lonesom house at the bottom of the mountain hill. She makes an excuse that she has to pee. She also cannot talk anymore.

But she does not have to pee, she goes to that little building and hears a lot of noises like grunts and the like. Then she looks through the peep hole and sees the King struggling with something.

Int he city, some beggar children stab Kyu. Someone put them up to it and tells him that he should have a nice trip to h*ll. Kyu looks like he is about to bleed out, but then Hogeol comes to his rescue and pulls him to the Gisaeng house. Woonsim tells them that this is a big issue, the man closest to the King got stabbed. Kyu tells them that they cannot tell anyone, no one should know that he got stabbed. Call Jong-saeng (the monk). 

In the palace, Jo tells hasun that Kyu asked for a vacation. It is time for him to takea vacation anyway.

At the Gisaeng house, Woonsim and the monk dress Kyu’s wounds as he sweats and sleeps. Woonsim looks after him all night and cares for him.

In the palace the next day, Sowoon sits as Aeyoung starts to put make up on her. But she says that she does not look good. Aeyoung tries to help her stand up, but Aeyoung cannot stand. She mutters that she has to see the King but then passes out.

hasun goes to her bedside right away. he sits with her until she blinks her eyes awake. She sits up right away when she sees him and apologizes. he tells her that she shouldn’t talk or say too much, just rest.

She lays back in bed and falls right to sleep.

hasun asks the doctor why she passed out. Th doctor says that there might be many reasons. Perhaps she should go back to her parents house to rest.

he leaves.

Jo – Your honor, this is for the Queen, why are you hesitating?

HS – yes it is, but should I decide this? Lee Kyu is not here.

Jo – If he was here then he would decide the same. it is a good chance for you and the Queen

HS – Okay.

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But then we find out that the doctor is bribed by Daebi. Daebi asks how the Queen is and tells him that he did a good job. The doctor says that her blood is not circulating so she is very weak.

DB – Can she get pregnant?

Doctor – I cannot say for sure, but if this continues, it will be difficult.

DB – Okay, step out.

Cut to an outside area where a lot of assassins are gathered in front of a stone house. Jinpyung is among them. He asks if they got the promise that they will do anything? The assassin says yes. JP tells the two men cowering that whoever gets the knife will be the one that lives.

The two men struggle to get the knife and kill the other one. One of them survives and says he won! PY tells him that he did a good job, but kill him anyway. JP mutters that he should have done it before.

The next day in the palace, Daebi meets with Aeyoung who looks so sick and weak. She pours her the bad tea again.

DB – You love the King so much, don’t worry about the palace, just rest well.

HS – To serve the King, i will be healthy and come back

DB – Drink, drink, the tea will get cold.

Daebi looks at hasun drinking the tea, but she does not drink it.

Later on, we see the Queen leaving the palace in her carriage to go home. Hasun watches her leave. he turns to leave. But then he sees her walking behind them. Sowoon bows to him in his lofty vantage point and smiles, then walks out.

Hasun runs to the front gate and sees her get into her carriage and head out. She pens her little window to look for him, but does not see him. he watches her leaving.

Meanwhile, Kyu is looking a bit better and asks Mooyoung who the guards for the Queen are. Mooyoung says that he sent the best guards besides the guards for the King, do not worry. Kyu tells him that he did a good job. Mooyoung tells him that he needs to findo ut who tried to kill him and ask for their sins.  But Kyu thinks that if someone wanted to kill him, they would not have sent these beggar kids, they want to make a huge issue. So from now on, don’t tell the King about it.

In the palace, hasun sits in the library trying to read, but imagines the Queen sitting there reading and smiling at him. So he walks closer to her seat. But she is not there.

The Quen is at her home outside the palace. it is a house by the river. She smiles and looks out over the waters. She thinks about him and he thinks about her.

VO – Is this acorns?

HS – There is a legend where if you bite an acorn the dokebi will be super suprised and listen to whatever you ask


SW – I am here to be with you, to cry together and smile together, I will do everything with you


SW – your honor, what was your wish?

HS – I want to see you smile brightly, that is my wish

In the present, Hosun whispers, if you are in my eyes then you are in my heart also. In her outside the palace home, Aeyoung wraps a warmer blanket around Sowoon as she stares at the Moon. She asks if she would like to go inside. But Aeyoung tells her that they should go back. it has only been 3 days though. Sowoon thinks that she feels so much better and the doctor says that she is so much better now. She thinks she will be fully healed when she goes to the palace. I am happy thinking about going back.

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In the palace, Hasun asks when Kyu will come back. Jo says that he took 5 days off, so he will spend 5 days. hasun asks what about Dalrae? jo tries to say, well, the letter, I couldn’t deliver it.

Hasun – Why? Why didn’t you tell me?

Jo – Well, the gisaeng jip you wanted me to send it to, Lee Kyu lives there.

HS – He does?

Jo – Yes, I think it will be difficult for awhile

HS – I will go there by myself

Jo – Your highness, you should give up

HS – I should know my sisters whearabouts as a brother. i will be back if she is okay.

Jo – You shouldn’t 

HS – I will go there by mself, dont’ worry, i will be back very quickly.

Jo – No, you shouldn’t!

Hasun heads out in simple clothing. Mooyoung sees him out and about and asks him what he is doing. Did you come here alone? hasun is startled and says that he came out alone. MY asks if he came to see Lee Kyu? HS mentions no, he just wanted to see all the people enjoying their holidays. MY tells him that he will serve him.

They walk off together.

At the same time, Sowoon is headed back to the palace. She is in her carrier and ehars that there is a lot of noise outside. She opens her window and asks what is going on. Aeyoung says that there is a festival. They happily talk about going to a mountain for a picnic. Do you remember? Wosoon says yes, she drank a flower drink for the first time and got drunk. AY smiles and says that they were fun times. She wonders if they can spen time around, they never know when they will be let out again. Just a little bit? Sowoon agrees and tells them to stop the carriage.

Hasun is walking on a bridge with Mooyoung. MY wants him to go back to the palace since he does not have any guards. But Hasun says that it is all fine. He sees people writing wishes on a kite and flying them and thinks that they can do it too. But MY says he has no wishes. Hasun tells him that he shouldn’t be like that, tell your wish to me. MY says that it is not a wish, but he wanted to do one thing….like my brother who died to protect you from the war, and was loyal to you….

HS – You want to give your loyalty to me and die? That is a good and admirable thing. But for me, dying for me…I want you to live for what you want.

MY is taken aback by this. Hasun smiles and turns to look at street performers on the bridge. But he sees the Queen walking with them. he thinks it might be an illusion again. But the queen also sees him and smiles.

The street performers keep walking and performing and playing their instruments as Hasun and Sowoon walk closer to each other on the bridge. She asks if it is really him. He says yes and then mentions that she should take time off. But she smiles and tells him that 3 days is enough for her, she is glad to be back. Did you come back to look at the citizens?

HS – yes, I heard about the full moon festival and wanted to come out like this. But maybe we should go back to the palce.

he starts to walk off, but Sowoon stops him and asks if they can spend a little bit more time here. She cannot be the bird flying high in the sky or the fish swimming in the water. I don’t know when i will be out again. So can I?

hasun smiles and says yes.

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But something sinister is brewing. In the mountains, we see that th emonk goes to the little house, the door is open, the King is gone. Kabsoo is also calling for Dalrae and asks the monk, frantically, if he has seen her. The monk thinks he knows where she is. Lets go to the city.

They head off.

In the city, The King and Queen look at a performance, but the performance goes all kinds of wrong because it is mocking the Queen in the palace. Hasun also thinks about the performance when he was mocking the Queen. He looks at Sowoon. She looks amazingly sad.

The performance people say that the Queen is so jealous, that is why the gods do not have mercy on us.

A man tries to steal money from them, but the bodyguard Mooyoung catches it and send that man on his way. But time has slowed down, the Queen has to brace herself on Hasuns arm as she tries not to faint again. Hasun quickly pulls her away. Mooyoung comes back and asks where the King is. Aeyoung is all like what? They were just here!

Hasun runs away with the Queen until they are far enough away. he tell sher that he did not want her to stand there. he is sorry. She tells him that it is okay, I am okay, I am happy to be with you alone like this. It is like a dream.

HS – If this is really a dream, whatever I do is not a crime right?

SW – Your highness?

HS – *holds her hand* Lets go.

They happily hurry off.

But then we see The King, Lee Hun stumbling around the villae. Dalrae s following him, but it looks like she got injured somehow? She tries to call his name, but she can’t. However her voice comes back and she yells b-brother…..Brother….BROTHER.

Lee Hyun turns around in his opiod state. Hasun also turns around to see who is calling brother. The two look a likes look at each other. Lee Hun sees Hasun holding his woman’s hand and looks like he is about to Kill everyone in the area.

Fade Out

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Wow, this actor is amazing. The look on his face at the end when he was Lee Hun is so different than when he is playing Hasun. And my goodness, we all know the problems that are about to happen with Lee Hun back in the palace, amirite? Everyone should just take their vacations now.


Monk – He disappeared

Lee Hun – Did you forget your manners already?

LK – Someone put his life on the line trusting me, If I don’t go there, then he will get killed by Lee Hun

LH – Take him to the mountains and feed him to the tigers

LH – Ask one of the courtladies to set a date to sleep with the Queen.

SW – Even if you are lost, come back to me. I will wait for you at the end of your journey

HS – Where I want to go is already decided, I want to go back to the palace

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  1. tsutsuloo
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    Thank you for your live cap, @V. This show is crazy good. So good, it’s killing me. I’m dead.

    • V
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      I love it, too!

  2. WPB
    January 22, 2019 / 9:06 pm

    I went through this live recap since I couldn’t wait for all the English sub title on Viki. OMG! Another breathtaking episode. And what an ending it was. Now we have wait another week to see what happens. My biggest question is what the Queen do now, after seeing what she saw.

    • V
      January 24, 2019 / 10:40 am

      These episodes are sooo goood!

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