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The Crowned Clown: Episode 5 Recap

The Crowned Clown Live Recap Episode 5 Korean Drama

I definitely would not want to live in this time, good Lord. I can’t believe how lives are just chopped left and right! Assassins are definitely the highest paid employees of this era.

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Lee Kyu takes Hasun to the edge of the cliff.

LK – I told you I would tell you in advance, today is the day you die.

He grabs Hasun and swings over to the cliffs ledge. Hasun pleads for his life. Kyu pulls out a knife and stabs Hasun in the chest right were Lee Hun has his scar.

LK – The clown, Hasun, is dead. Now you are King of this country.

They walk back with Kyu basically carrying Hasun who is bleeding out and passing out on the walk. The mood is serious and the music is deep as we see Hasun look up from his barely there walk at Kyu. The sun blinds him a bit so he has to close his eyes.


Hasun is laid on his bed. Jo asks what happened. Hasun is passed out so Kyu tells him that he needs clean clothing and a sewing kit. Jo runs out right away to get all of these things.

Flashback to the monk and Kyu at the monks place. The King has a low pulse. He asks if the King has been like this before? Kyu says he has been like this before but never injured himself like this. He only hasn’t been able to sleep.

Monk – Don’t worry about the ear, it is better than it looks because it didn’t hit anything important.

Kyu walks out aggressively

Monk – I haven’t seen you like this since the old master died

Kyu – DO you remember what I was like when I said I would get a government position? You were angry and asked me what I would do in that corrupt government. It was the long way around. It is a good time. I am going to make the world that the old master and all our members wanted to make

Monk – Why now?

Kyu – Because it is the time. Because I cannot delay it anymore. maybe this is my only chance.

In th epresent, Kyu sits by Hasun’s bedside. Hasun coughs himself awake so Kyu feeds him. Hasun asks if he is alive or dead. Kyu tells him not to exaggerate, it is not a big wound at all. Hasun is all like, exaggerate? You almost killed me.

Kyu – You won’t die since you are talking like that

Hasun – So now what? Am I the King as you said? Where is the King?

Kyu – Far away. I do not know if he will come back. He mayb come back like thunder, or he may sneak in like the morning sun. Until that point, you shuold keep your Kings position, don’t run away, and don’t die.

Hasun – You said not to run away or die, so why did you stab me?!

Kyu – I stabbed you in the same place that the King has a wound on his body. You have to bee the real emperor. Then you will survive and I will survive. Keep that in mind.

Kyu leaves.

Outside, Jo tells the doctor that the King does not want diagnosis, just bring good medicine. Moo-young is there as well and wonders what is going on.

MY – The King is ill, so why don’t you let the doctor in?

Jo – I am not blocking it, the King does not want it.

MY – The King?

Kyu – Don’t make nouse about it, people will think something happened to the King.

MY – Did something happened?

Kyu – If it did, you shouldnt’ be hasty like this.

MY – I am sorry

Kyu – We have a lot of rumors because of the Queen, so the King is taking a break to correct that. Dont’ think of unnecessary things.

MY – Okay, master.

Cut to Kim, she asks if the King really does not want to see her? Jo tells her yes, he really does not want to see her. If that changes, then I will tell you. She leaves, upset.

Chisoo also comes to see the King. Jo tells him sorry, today he does not want to see anyone. Shisoo mentions that he has a cold but does not want the doctor to see him, why. Is he awake? Does he really have a cold? I will see him in person and ask him.

Then the Queen comes right at that moment. Jo greets her.

SW – I just heard that the King was having a hard time because of us, you know that.

Jo – Yes Queen

CS – I am just…

SW – I know, you worry about the King. Well, I will tell the King about your loyalty, please leave today.

Shisoo tells her that he will be back and leaves politely with his men. Then the Queen goes inside.



She bows to Hasun and presents him with something.

HS – Don’t worry about me, it is just a little cold.

She opens up a small container that has liquid medicine in it.

SW – This is medicine for your health. if you drink it, you will feel better.

Hasun is sweating and ill looking. But when he looks at her he remembers her smile as she looked at him from a distance. He whispered for her not to smile like that at him.

In the present, SW asks if he is okay. Then it is announced that Daebi is there to see him. Hasun asks if the Queen is okay, she tells him not to worry about him. She movies to the side as Daebi comes in. Daebi seems overly concerned about Hasun and frets over him like she loves him. She says he is so hot, it is not just a cold. Your safety is like the saety of the country. Then she tells the Queen that she needs to care about his health!

SW apologizes and says that she will try her best to serve him. 

SW – So, from now on, I will try my best to serve him. Whatever harms his body, I will not let it happen. And using me to give him a headache, I will not let it happen anymore. So don’t worry Daebi.

The drum beat kicks in softly as Daebi looks at Sowoon. Hasun also looks at Sowoon as if happy with that statement.

Daebi leaves looking stern. Kim talks to her.

Kim – How sad are you now that court-lady jang became like that. If you are okay with me, then you can call me when you feel lonely. 

Daebi looks at her and then walks away with her many servants trailing her.

inside, Sowoon helps Hasun drink the medicine and tells him that it seems like his fever is higher than before. hasun says that he was angry when Daebi was talking to her and covering up her own wrong doings. But I did not have a chance to say anything and was relieved that you said everything.

Sowoon says that she wanted to say more, but she had to suppress herself because he was in front of her. But after what you told me, after all my things that could not be digested, went away. I am relieved. I thought you did not welcome me because you did not look happy.

Sowoon tells him that he has sat up too long, please lay down. He lays back in his bed and she covers him. he is a bit awkward and tells her that he will take a nap. She smiles at him and says that she will stay there until he sleeps. he looks at her softly and then closes his eyes. but he opens them again and she looks at him questioningly. Then he cloes them again.

SW – DO you have any orders for me?

HS – No, I am tired, I think I will fall to sleep soon.

SW – Than I will read you a book.

She hops up to read a book for him. She picks one of his up and sees that there is hangul and Chinese characters there. She asks why there is both. He tell sher that he wants to learn it, he heard that their citizens use it. Sowoon is touched and embarrassed because she told him that he should be closer to the citizens. He tells her not to be embarrassed, what you told me, helped me.

She smiles and asks what line he would like her to read. he mutters that she can read what where she opened the book. So she starts reading from there.

Jinpyung also comes by to meet the King. Kyu tells him that the Queen is inside. JinPyung thinks that he should take him hunting again when he is all recovered, we need to catch that deer that we missed. Kyu mentions that you never know, next time he might want to catch a predator (like a wolf or hyena dog). Jinpyung smiles and says he looks forward to it. Then he leaves.

Kyu turns to Jo

Kyu – Today, stop everyone from coming in. Use the Queen as an excuse.

Jo – Yes.

Kyu leaves. Jo thinks back to when Hasun was looking at the Queen from his vantage point on the balcony. He thinks, it should be….



Meanwhile, the queen keeps reading the poetry. Hasun is still awake and looking at her.

HS – You read a sad poem, so brightly.

SW – I am sorry, it reminded me of the past I forgot.

Hasun sits up.

HS – Past?

SW – Did you forget? When you were a prince, when I first married you and could not sleep at night, you caught crickets for me. 

HS – Did I?

SW – You told me, if I hear the sound of crickets, then I can sleep better. That day I found out, the only thing you are scared of are bugs. I was so surprised and also very happy.

Hasun looks sad.

SW – Your highness…whats the matter

HS – I am sorry, maybe I will fall to sleep when I am alone

SW – I am sorry, i will leave. Have a good rest.

She bows and heads out.

HS – I was stabbed in my heart, because my heart hurts so much.

She steps outside, but takes one more look to the Kings area.

Aeyoung – would you like to go to your place?

SW – No, lead me to the doctor

She happily walks away.

Elsewhere, Chisoo and Kim talk about how no one can go in but the Queen. Kim says that Daebi also got to see him. But what can we do, the King wants to keep the Queen. This is her idea, the King did not say this. Chisoo tells her that he does not care about her idea, so Kim apologizes.

CS – His heart changes so many times a day, so recover your position. Then I will decide whether to keep holding your hand or not. Okay?

He leaves importantly, she looks on angrily.

At the doctors, Sowoon happily makes medicine for the King as her servants look on. they want to make it for her, but she wants to fan the fire and make the medicine herself, so they reluctantly let her.

Elsewhere, Lee Kyu happily sits with Chisoo over tea

CS – Did you think about what I said?

Kyu – You mean your offer to go back to the time we had the same goal?

CS – Hey, Kyu, to properly serve the King, you should hold this hand and that hand. So we shouldn’t’ fight like this. you were right.

Kyu – If you give away one thing, then I will consider it. 

CS – Whats that?

Kyu – leave your position, then I will hold your hand and make the King the best King in history. And I will make you the best loyal liege to the King.

CS – *chuckles*

Kyu – Is it that funny?

CS – *smiling* I always wiped my hands with blood until he became the king. People all said that I am worse than an animal. This blood thirsty demon. The hunting dog that does anything. The more I have, the worse the names got. I was confident in myself. For the King, I can undergo anything, that is my loyalty to the King. But, what did you do? When I was standing in blood, you did not get any blood on yourself. you were clean and hiding behind your father in law. When the father in law talked about me in front of the King, you did not do anything. But now you are talking about the best loyalty every. I have to laugh. *chuckles* 

Kyu – That is why You are looking for power and torturing people without the King knowing. Is that your loyally to the King, where you will sacrifice everything? For you, giving all your loyalty means not being loyal to the King, but like a maggot eating the people. Dust and greediness, the more it accumulates, the similarity between them gets dirtier and smells bad. Even though you wear silk clothing and decorate your room with all the good things, you cant hide the smell. if you have any loyalty to the King, don’t taint the Kings rule with your greediness. You should leave your post. I am giving you this last chance because we had the same goal before.

Kyu drinks one more gulp of his tea and walks out. The music climaxes as he leaves and walks into the courtyard to the Gisaeng house. Woonsim asks him if anything happened? He says yes, he has a lot, you know, this and that. She says it does not seem like a good thing. He tell sher that she is mistaken, now I am super happy that I can see things better. I shuold have already done it. Do you have any contact from our members? 

WS – Why do you ask me that?

Kyu – Even though it is late, I realize that I have a lingering attachment (or regret).

WS – Are you….!

Kyu – Call out members, now, it is time to have a meeting.


Hasun drinks the medicine that Sowoon brought. She tells him that she waited a week to see him this bright (healthy). he tells her that she does not have to make it anymore. But she smiles and says that she will make him medicine for the next ten days, so dont’ refuse it.

They end up walking around outside. She tells him that he should go to his office after resting a bit longer. But he says that she does not have to worry and smiles.

SW – Yoru honor, I have a request. Your mothers memorial is coming. For the memorial ceremony, people don’t have enough rice. Please, can you find a way to make the rice to help them?

HS – Of course! It is for the citizens, so no problem. 



Meanwhile, Chisoo tells hasun that he is sorry, he cannot take his order to find more rice for the people. Kyu glares at him. Hasun asks why it is difficult.

CS – We never paid for the rice. We used another department for it, but this year we are building a building so it should be difficult. 

HS – You can delay making the building and give rice to the people.

CS – Of course, God will know your heart to your mother. and your caring heart for the citizens, but it is also important to raise your dignity and recover from the war. 

HS – So now you are saying that you cant find any way?

CS – To me, serving you and serving the citizens are the same. It just has priority. I think serving you is more important. if you want to use the rice, then you shuold increase the tax.

HS – Okay, I will think about it, please leave.

All the while, Kyu was looking at Chisoo in a measured way. Chisoo leaves. hasun comes storming to talk to Kyu and says that their citizens are starving, how can they make a building first. If he saying words or poop?

Kyu – A lot of money we collect in the palace is controled byt he First Prime Minister. He has an excuse to make a building, he will not give that up.

HS – What should we do?

Kyu – As the tax minister to come in

Cut to the tax/financial (Lee Han-jong, HJ) minister meeting in the office. 

HS – The first Prime Minister told me to ask you about saving rice for the people by increasing taxes, what do you think?

HJ – You shouldn’t, because to give them rice and collect more money is the same thing.

HS – Yes, I agree. So I do not want to increase tax to give them rice.

HJ – We have the rice from  our regional offices. But it is not used at all because of corruption from the governors. 

HS – SO there is no way to prepare the rice?

HJ – Well, there is a way.

HS – What is the way?

HJ- We investigate the corruption.

Hasun remembers Gaehwan telling him that she came to the palace because her father could not pay his tribute. 

HS – I heard someone sold their own kid because they could not make the tribute payments. When I was paying on the street — here…..I heard a lot of people had their tribute refused so they had to sell it to buy rice.

Kyu – That is because thugs and merchants have deals with goverment officers to buy it at cheaper prices.

HS – If they do that, then we can just accept it as rice from the beginign. *a lightbulb goes off in his head*

HJ – Your honor, do you think we should change the law again to accept rice as tribute?

Kyu gives him a nod

HS – Yes.

HJ- I am so relieved after hearing this. Well, we have a lot of hurdles to climb to start the law, because we only collect tributes from whoever has land. So a lot of officers will refuse it.

Kyu – There reason is because the law of accepting rice as tribute will increase the price of rice and give a hard time to citizens. That is there reason to block it.

HJ – So, we have to convert everything based on the regions as to what they give with the rice, but we do not have people with that much math skills.

HS – So there is no way?

HJ – We have one guy that has super math skills.

HS – Who is that?

HJ – Joo Hogeul.

Hj leaves with Kyu and they talk friendly to each other using banmal. Kyu says that he did not know that HJ remembered the name. HJ says that he never forgot that kid after he was introduced to him. how can I forget his calculation ability. If we have that guy, then we can find out who is making all this corruption. With that, we can cut out all the money coming into the First Prime Ministers. Kyu thinks the FIrst Prime Minister will block it if he knows about it. HJ wonders if Kyu can even find Joo Hogeol? Kyu says that they sent out the letters, so they should be able to find them soon. HJ says that he will check out the documents in the regional office.

Cut to Kyu gambling in a shady looking bar with three other people. One guy says that he won, but Kyu says that he won. He was calculating it. He points to each one and says what their sticks were. 9-9 is what the guy who won said he has, so HG says he calculated it all. One guy has 3-6, one guy has 4-8, and the liar guy does not have 9-9, he has 9-7. So lets see.

The bad guy says that if it is 9-9 then he will cut his wrist. hogul says that if it is 9-7, he will cut his throat. The bad guy looks at another guy who shakes his head. The bad guy laughs and says that this is B.S, how can you memorize 40 cards? HG says that they can put 80 cards together and he will remember it all.

He looks at the mans hand and sees that he has 9-7, HG has 9-8 so he won and starts to take all the money. But the three guys stand, they are all bad and want to take the money back. HG cowers, but is then rescued by Kyu. HG tries to run away, but Kyu stops him and tells him that he is the same, he instigates fights even though he cannot fight.

HG tells Kyu (he calls him hyungnim) that he is the same as well. Kyu says, how come you don’t visit me once, even though you hate me. HG says that he wanted to visit him so many times to get money after he heard he worked for the government. But I heard you don’t have any money saved, not even money to inherit, so I gave up. They banter about whether HG became a robber or something and HG says there isn’t something that low class people can’t do.

Kyu tells him that they have a way to realize their dreams and the world that they want to make. Do you want to make that happen? HG laughs and says that there is no way in Joseon, you will be killed by rebels like our old master and the rest of them. So dont’ follow me, I don’t want to see blood. he runs off.



Cut to a man asking Chisoo for a job in the government office. He offers him a bribe. Chisoo tells him that he knows his loyalty and accepts the bribe. The man smiles happily and leaves. Outside is a long line of other men who might be waiting to bribe him as well.

Elsewhere, Woonsim talks to Kyu about how she had contact from their members, what do you want to do. Cut to them walking through a bamboo forest in the middle of the day. She wonders if it is okay to meet them in daylight. What if people accuse them of having rebel acts. Kyu tells her that they are doing the right thing, so they don’t have to hide in darkness, don’t worry, I won’t let it happen again.

They get to the meeting place in the bamboo forest. The people meeting them are many and they are angry. One woman says that she is angry at Woonsim, why are you lying to us with this person that betrayed us. Lets go.

Kyu kneels to them and tells them to wait. He is there to ask them for forgiveness for not doing anything when everyone died. A man tells him to make them all come back, then I will forgive you. Don’t contact me anymore. The man and the woman are the first ones to walk off, everyone else follows.

WS – Master….

Kyu – I did not expect to be forgiven so easily.

WS – It is because they miss our group so much.

Kyu – Don’t worry, I won’t give up.

That night, Jo transcribes a lot of books into hangul as Hasun sits next to him and reads it. But he huffs and says that he took the Kings work too easily. I thought I would just read a few things. There are so many letters. When can I read everything? Jo is all like, yeah, that is what I’m talking about, when Can I translate everything into Korean?

HS – You work so hard because of me, you can take a break

Jo – No, I should be here for you

HS – I learned poetry so I can read a few things. i will read things so you can take a 4 hour break. It is the Kings order.

Jo – Okay, I will take your order.

Jo happily stands up and pleasantly walks out. Hasun looks at the stack of things he has to read.

Outside, the Queen and fdAeyoung see Jo leaving. The Queen tells her that she can wait there and give her the medicine, I will be back. She takes the medicine and then goes into the library. Hasun is reading.

HS – How come you came back so early?

The Queen smiles and walks around to him.

HS – Can you read this….

But then he bumps into her as he turns the corner to the bookshelf and has to catch her to keep her from falling. They have a moment. But then he releases her and says taht he thought she was Jo, where you surprised. She says yes.

HS – Why are you here?

SW – It is time for your medicine, I went to your room and heard you were here, did I bother you?

HS – No! I was going to go to my bedroom when Jo came back.

She walks back to the medicine but sees that it is cold now. She apologizes and says that she can make another one. He tells her no! that is okay! The effect of the medicine should be the same! Then he drinks all the medicine at once.

The Queen smiles and looks around, she almost sees the hangul transcription, but walk away. Hasun covers it up with the original one. They keep walking around the library.

SW – It is my first time here, there are more books than I can imagine.

HS – I did not know that you liked books so much. You can come in whenever you want. 

SW – Thank you for your mercy.

HS – What is you favorite book?

SW – I like Do Yung Myum the poet. The birds fly high in the sky, the fish swim in the deep sea. I like those natural and nothing special things.

HS – If you like those not so special things, then maybe your life in the palace is not that good.

SW – Sorry, I think about those things. Sometimes I imagine living somewhere else besides the palace. But not now, now I can not imagine living somewhere else.

She looks at him deeply and nervously and approaches him.

SW – Your Highness….



Outside, Aeyoung sees that Jo is back. She stops him. Jo is all like, huh? You are the Queens maid? How come you are here? AY thinks quickly and says that the King wanted tea, but we son’t know what to prepare. Jo says that he will take care fo it and goes inside.

The Queen and King are looking very closely at each other in an intimate moment. But then it is broken when Jo announces himself. Hasun runs out and tells him that he told him to take a break, how come you came back. Jo says that he was alone there so how can he take a break?

he also greets the Queen. The Queen smiles and then excuses herself. Hasun tells her goodbye and watches her leave, longingly. Jo looks at them both, knowingly and questioningly.

The Queen goes back to her room and thinks about the King saving her from falling and holding her hand and looking deeply at him. Aeyoung smiles and asks if she is thinking about the King, her face is so red. Sowoon wonders if it is that noticeable? AY says that Jo is slow on all things except serving the King. Sowoon is all like, yeah, I don’t know if I should punish him or praise him.

Elsewhere, Daebi meets Kim in her chambers.

DB – How dare you come, I did not call you.

Kim – Why did you let me in and not kick me out?

DB throws a book on the floor.

DB – I heard about you a lot.

Kim – it should all be useless rumors, what did you hear?

Daebi stands up and walks to her.

DB – I heard this from the past King. He told me that he never saw someone like you that can scratch at what people need. He was so sad to send you to the prince. If he knows that you turned on the current King as soon as the old King died, he will have a grudge in hell.

Kim – Daebi…

DB – DOn’t worry, I am just telling you this because of your ability. So do what you are good at. I will evaluate how well you can scratch my itch.

She goes back and sits. Kim looks worried.

Far away, Dalrae and Kabsoo harvest food in the forest.

KS – Get chestnuts, not acorns. They are too small. but, whatever, whatever….just get chestnuts, not acorns.

Dalrae keeps harvesting chestnuts and acorns, but then she spills hers and has to go gather them up again. That is when she sees the monk walking to another hidden room.  She is curious about it so she walks there. But the room is locked. Sh elooks through a little hole and sees someone that looks like her brother.

But she turns around startled as Kabsoo comes to her frantically and tells her that she shouldnt’ be over there, I told you to stick to me, why dont you listen?! He pulls her away in a fatherly way.



Meanwhile, HG is gambling again. he wins again. So the people there ask him how a low class guy is so good at playing this nobles game? HG says that his father was great at it, he played it with him since he was tiny. The nobles tell him not to lie. HG says that it is a truth that sounds like a lie. But then this gambling party gets interupted by the police. They ask for HG and say that they have a report that he cut someones wrist for gambling debt. Take him out.

They pull him out and put him in jail. Kyu goes to see him in jail.

HG – Hyung-nim, how can you use your power like this? Can you arrest an innocent citizen?

Kyu – I am using my power like this to keep you from wasting your talent with gambling.

Kyu tells him to take him out of this jail and pay for the money that he lost when arrested. Kyu says that he is not the one that is paying for him. Kyu leans in and wonders, if it isn’t you, then who is it?

Cut to HG standing in front of the King. Jo and Kyu remind him of his manners.

HS – I heard that you can do calculations that ten people cannot do.

HG – that is a rumor, I never bet on 10 or 20 people

HS – DOn’t you want to use your talent for the palace?

HG – I used to think about it a little bit, but now…I don’t want to do it, I hate it.

HS – I heard you like gambling, would you like to have a game with me? The loser has to listen to whatever the winner wants.

HG – Don’t try to hard, I never lost a bet

The drum beat kicks in as the game gets started.

Hogeol has 7-7. Hasun says that he thinks he won, he shows him 9-9. 

They play again. HG has 3-3, Hasun has 4-4. He won again.

In another game, HG gets 9-9, but the King gets 10-10.

HG tells him that it shouldnt’ be like this. Hasun asks him if he is following him? HG says that he will. Hasun tells him that he wants his talent, but he does not want to force him. If you want to do it, then come back. You can leave now.

HG is so shocked and walks away a bit wobbly. he passes several scholars in the palace, one of them is Yi-kyeom. YK is offended that this government slave did not bow to him while passing. A couple other ones think that he saw him before.

Inside, Kyu and Jo asks Hasun how he won every time. Hasun wiggles his clothing and several cards fall out. They look at him shocked, he tells them that he told them that he never loses…..but what if he does not come back? Kyu tells him not to worry.

Kyu looks at Hasuns wrist, but Hasan tells him that he will not understand even if I explain it to you. I am a natural. he walks away confidently.

Elsewhere, Chisoo asks his people if they saw the previous financial Ministers slave mom son? The man says yes, he looked familiar to him.Then he thought about it and the rebel house that was broken. It was that guys son. Chisoo asks if he is sure. The other guy says that they are sure. he remembered him also. His mother was a slave but his father bragged about him because he had super math abilities.

They think that the palace wants to find out about corruption using him. Chisoo tells them that it is time for the Interior minister to step up.



Cut to men in blue running into a room and pulling men in red away, they confiscate all the documents.

Later on in the throne room, one of the politicians tells the King that they have a delay because they have not appointed offices in the finances because the financial ministry is holding documents and are not giving it to the interior minister. That is why they did this. Please understand.

They start to argue over who has authority over the documents. The interior minister should not have taken the documents. I think they want to cover up the previous governors corruption. One guy asks what he is talking about! You should have done your job well. Tel the King what the problem is!

It is a tense scene. Chisoo tells Hasun that he has to ask the internal investigation team who is responsible for it.

Later on, Hasun asks Kyu what will happen if they do the investigation? Kyu says that if nothing is wrong with the documents, they will ask to punish the Financial Minister. If he is fired, then it will be hard to start the rice law. Hasun wonders if there is any other way to block them? Kyu says that they need to find the other evidence. He will see HG tonight and make a decision.

HG goes to the meting spot and complains that Kyu is so late. he heads out. But then he sees Kyu and starts complaining to him. However Kyu sees shadows and yells to HG. Assassins are in the trees and throw a dagger that hits HG in his body, he falls to the ground.

In the palace, The Queen sees Hsun sleeping in the library. She lightly touches his face. His arm falls, he is deeply sleeping. So she sits next to him and puts his arm back. Then she waits. He slowly wakes up and sees her in front of him.

Sowoon – I boiled so much, maybe one month worth of medicine. As I see stars or the moon, I also look at your office. I don’t even remember how many times I went to the library and the backyard. Maybe I needed an excuse. I can’t hide it anymore – the reason my heart is trembling like this.

She looks at him.

SW – I have started to love you. Finally I have become like that.

Hasun pretends that he is still sleeping. She leans in to kiss him. She gives him a soft kiss on his lips. His eyes blink open.

Fade Out



I cannot believe that Hogyeol is going to die this quickly?! Really


HS – Is she mistaken? it is not me, but the King.

VO – You said he is the government slave? 

Kyu – How can you do this?

DB – Can I see the King’s son from you?

HS – I see her and have marks on my heart also.

Jo – Why are you hesitating?

HS – If this is really a dream, whatever I do wont’ be a crime

Lee Hyun – How dare you!

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