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The Crowned Clown: Episode 4 Live Recap

Kyu and Hasun need to get on the same page if this ruse is going to work. Kyu still wants the King to come back and be King, but I kind of have a feeling that that is not going to happen anytime soon (if at all?). Hasun has one thing on his mind, which is to ruin Yikeum and most likely Chisoo as well which Kyu would be all for if he didn’t look so contemptuously at Hasun all the time. Though I also think protecting the queen is creeping to the top of Hasun’s list.

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hasun and Sowoon walk back to their areas of the palace. But they are walking along a bridge on the river and he is walking in front of her. It looks like they want to walk beside each other but don’t.

But then, she trips on a rock so he quickly turns around to see if she is okay. She says that she is fine. He turns back around to walk in front of her and starts to casually kick all the little rocks out of the way. She smiles.

She gets back to her place, her court lady was surprised that she was not in her room and was worried. She tells her that she will serve her warm baekhwa tea. The Queen keeps sitting in her seat and looking ahead. But she tells the courtlady that she does not think she has to drink it today, she had warm energy.

In his chambers, Hasun looks at the secret passage and then sees Lee Kyu and Jo standing there. He screams and stumbles away. They both just stand there and asks where he went. He says that he went to the restroom. Kyu is all like, restroom? Hasun says he doesn’t have to cal people to go to the bathroom. But they look at him like he shuold so he says that he will call people for a portapotty.

Kyu asks if he is already comfortable with the palace? A little dog does not know how scary the Tiger is. Don’t be relaxed, some people already think that you are a little strange. Like with not killing your father in law or the hunting dog. Hasun tells him that he is the one that was relaxed first, not me.

He looks stern and goes to grab something. The drums starts to pound. Kyu opens what Hasun gave him and Hasun says that someone tried to kill him with that arrow head. Where you going to tell me that I was a live target? I came back read to die, but I do not want to die for nothing. If you lie to me again, I will not stand it anymore.

Kyu – Okay, whenever we need to use you as a lure, I will tell you. Are you happy if I tell you that today is the day you can die?

HS – It is better than tricking me.

Kyu angrily walks out, Jo looks at Hasun as Hasun watches him.

Kyu meets with Mooyoung who says that it is his fault. He was chasing JinPyung. I will get punishment and be responsible. Kyu tells him he can do that later, first you need to find out who tried to murder him. Mooyoung says that he was attacked by an arrow when he was following Jinpyung. I think Jinpyung is behind it. Kyu says that they need evidence, not suspicion, they need to findo ut where that arrow came from. Secretly.

In the palace, Hasun tries to read something and asks Jo a request.

HS – Can you teach me how to read?

Jo – What?

HS – While hunting, I survived with my clown skills, but it does not work in the palace. I need a weapon to protect me. I think learning how to read is the only way to protect me.

Jo – I never taught anyone how to read or right. Why don’t you ask Lee Kyu?

HS – I don’t have to ask him, I don’t want to read all these things, just one by one slowly. I am good at memorizing things. I learned Korean from a storyteller.

Jo – Okay.

HS – Thank you!

Cut to a lot of books in Hasuns room. Jo brought them all, piles and piles of books. He says that the King read them all. Morning, evening, and overnight. You have to study that much as the King. Hasun is taken aback, he just wants to learn how to read. Jo tells him that they do not have enough time to learn everything, I will translate it all to Korean and you can learn it that way.

he picks up a poetry book and starts to translate it. hasun thinks they should do it slowly, one by one. But Jo just happily says a poem and smiles.

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Later on, Hasun continues studying. Kyu walks to the outside door and listens in. Jo tells him that he will bring him tea. He goes outside so Kyu asks Jo what he is doing. Jo tells him that Hasun wants to learn how to read. I can stop him. But Kyu says it is fine. 

Jo asks if the King is coming back? Kyu tells him that his job is not to think about the King coming back, it is to watch Hasun, that is your job.

Inside, Hasun reads so much that he falls asleep and wakes up as he hits the ground. Then he starts laughing ad reads the book again. In the book it has the Chinese Character and the Korean character next to it. He lays back and starts reciteing the poem

Hasun – When I left before, there were a lot of trees blossoming, thinking about going back, snow, and rain, it is slowly coming back. I am thurstly and hungry. My heart is hurting. No one knows.

He closes his eyes and dreams of Dalrae in a field looking down at him and smiling. He smiles up at her and sees all the clown in the troupe practicing. Kabsoo comes over after practicing and tells him that it is so difficult. Hasun stands up and asks his uncle if it is that tired? You are old already. They keep playing around. Dalrae says it is Hasun’s fault that Kabsoo is so old, he is like this because he raised us. Theylaugh and chase each other through the field and play instruments happily.

Hasun blinks himself awake and a tear falls as he lays on the ground. He starts sniffing away his tears. But then Jo says, youg highness…..your highness what happened? Hasun wipes his tears away and sits up. He asks if he can have a favor?

Cut to Kabsoo trying to cheer up Dalrae with a silly story and performance. She is watching him but she is still quiet. Kabsoo tells her that she should recover before Hasun comes back. The monk comes in, it is the same monk as before. Kabsoo is instantly scared of him. Kabsoo tells her that it is okay and then talks to the Monk.  He thanks the monk for staying there and for the food. 

SO it looks like the King is in this same monk house as Hasun’s family. 

Elsewhere, Jo goes to the Gisaeng house and tries to get a letter handed over to Woonsim. But then he sees Kyu and has to hide his face. 

Kyu goes inside and sees Woonsim writing a letter. he asks her why she writes this same letter with the same response, just stop. WS asks him where that brave man is that the master liked. He tells her that in life, when you get closer, you suffer, when you are away, you feel sad. That is life. 

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Sun Hwadong stands outside as she waits to see the Queen. She has all her servants with her. The queen says that she will let her in, so Hwadang happily goes inside. Tea is poured for them. 

The Quen opens a gift. it looks like the Queen is sittng with all the wives of the King? One of them made a gift for the Queen that is a something that i sewn. The Queen tells her that she is ver skilled and would like to be taught how to do it. The woman is so happy and says that she can do it anytime. Hwadang speaks little of the gift, but the Queen speaks highly of it.

The Queen tells them to drink the tea. they start to drink the tea, Hwadang says that she feels sick and then throws up. They tell someone to call the doctor. 

Hasunn finds out that SunHwadang passed out but now one else. HS thinks SunHwadang looked so healthy, why is she passing out? They walk to the doctors area, the Queen is waiting outside. She tells him that the first Prime Minister is there. Chisoo comes out and tells them that they can come in.

They all go inside and see Sunhwadang laying in her bed. She sees them and sits up. Hasun tells her not to sit up and asks what is wrong. The doctor says that it is poison. HD says that she had a fever for the last several days, she did not know why, but now she knows. Her symptoms got worse after drinking tea with the Queen.

The Queen says that she will give them the tea pot and cup to investigate. But Sunhwadang says that it is too late. the Queen asks what she meas. HD tells her courtlady to show it to the King. One of them hands something over to Jo who hands it over to Hasun. It is a voodoo doll with needles all inside it. Sunhwadang says that someone is trying to kill her, someone put this in my bedroom.

One of the maid tells them that it was full moon day a few days ago, someone burried it there a night. hasun asks who did it? They say that it was COurt lady Park. Park gasps. The Queen asks if it was really her? Park bows and says that is is a wrong accusation, trust my honesty.

Sunhwadang begs the King to find out who tried to kill her and to make that person pay for what they did. Hasun looks caught.

Hasun talks this over with Kyu who tells him to ignore it. Hasun does  not want to ignore it. Kyu asks, what if she is being honest? What if Sunhwadang is the victim. In the palace, all the woman fight with their background. It can be dangerous for the King so our King usually did not favor anyone and waited for them to solve the problem.

HS – I don’t know what you are talking about

Kyu – Dont’ you remember the two was to survive?

HS – Yes, crush and completely kill or completely ignore.

Kyu – You have to completely ignore, that is it.

Cut to Courtlady Kim looks suspicious as the Queens things are raided. But Courtlady Kim looks suspiciously happy as she does this. The people looking through Parks things find dolls and poison. Kim tells them to arrest her.

They take Park and start torturing her by burning her skin with rods. park begs them and tells them that she did not have anything to do with it. The Queen waits to see what might happen. Aeyoung runs in and tells the King that Park is not confessing. The Queen says that she will go see the King. 

Meanwhile, Hasun talks to Jo about all that is happening. If Park does not confess, then that means that the Queen gave the order. Everyone will think of it in that way.

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Outside, the Queen looks at the Kings quarters. She thinks about what has transpired and then thinks that they should go back. She turns with all her servants and heads back to her side of the Palace. Aeyoung thinks that she should continue on, but she keeps walking back. Later on, she waits on the bridge and tries to make an acorn go into the bowl in the middle of the lake. 

Hasun tells her that she won’t be able to do it if she throws it like that, a tokebi wont come. he tells her that he followed her becuase she came to his palce and left. I thought you would have to say something. She tells him that she had something to say, but she was afraid that he would not trust her. he tells her that he trusts her, he did not suspect her from the begining.

SW – I am more afraid now that you said that. I feel like you trust my honesty but you won’t be on my side.

HS – Queen…

SW – Dont’ say anything anymore, now, just, it is enough that you say you trust me.

HS – Just wait a little bit, I will find out a way to save you.

In Chisoo’s chambers, KIm tells him that she was impressed with him in this case. He tells her that you can do anything with money. Flashback to Kim getting the poison from a doctor. The doctor told her that someone should only take it 3 times a day, after that it will be critical to life. Kim gives him the money.

Then we cut to Kim’s servants. One of them gives a maid jewelry to look the other way as they give her the voodoo dolls to hide in courtlady Parks room. She then gives the other servant the poison and tells her that it should be served three times a day. This servant bows and runs off.

In the present, Kim smiles and tells Chisoo that it really worked that she had real poison. CHisoo mentions that she is greedy but she is also naive. If we told her the truth then they would figure it out right away.

Kim – I thought you would take Sonhwadang as the new Queen.

CS – I have a lot of pretty nieces. You have another job. Take care of Park.

Kim – Why?

CS – A cold bloody Queen that does not care about her people is the best reason to fire her.

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Elsewhere, Kyu talks with Moo-young and asks him where the arrow head came from. MY says that he serched everywhere to metal smiths and everyone but it did not belong to any of them. Kyu thought that it would not be easy. he thinks that this is the third assassination attempt on the King. Search around, if you find anything suspicious, then tell me.

Meanwhile, Daebi talks to Jinpyung about their plans. She tells him that he should not come back empty handed like on the Hunting exibition. He agrees.

Then her maid comes in and asks what they should do. Daebi says that they should execute the plan.

In the cover of night, a woman goes into the area where Park is being held. Park is almost passed out on the ground, but she sees this woman come in. The woman is Daebi’s maid. Teh maid sits park up and gives her something to eat. Park thanks her and eats the rice. She tells her to please say good things to Daebi, I won’t say anything about what Daebi did to the Queen, so don’t worry.

But then Park starts to spit up blood.

Maid – You did a good job, think of it as Daebi’s mercy, just die peacefully.

Park – How can you do this to me?

She collapses on the ground again and asks how she can do this to her. She struggles against her wrist ties as she asks how she can do that to her.

Scee change to hasun thinking that he cannot let things go like this. He goes outside to Parks area and sees that the lock is broken. He hurries inside and sees Park on the ground, dead. Jo and a guard see this as well. Actually a lot of perople see this.

In the morning, Kim tells the Queen that court lady Park died overnight. Kim asks if it was torture? If it is torture that ws banned by law, then you will not get away with it. Kim says she would not dare do that, it is not clear but it seems like someone poisoned her to keep her from saying anything.

The queen drops something in shock.

Hasun tells kyu that someone did this to blame the Queen. Kyu tells him that is his idea but the people will think that the Queen did it to quiet COurt lady Park. Mooyoung comes in and says that courtlady Park was poisoned by the same poison that killed the girl in front of you. Hasun asks if he is sure, he says that he is.

Hasun and Kyu sit and talk with Hasun in an elevated position. Kyu thinks that Daebi is hiding something, there is a way to commit crimes and fly away. SOmeone will take advantage of this.

Cut to Chisoo asking Kim if she did not kill Park? Then is it the Queen? Kim says that she does not think so, it seems like hse did not expect it at all. CHisoo says, really? Well, things are getting more interesting.

Chisoo goes to his politician people and tells them that it is time for them to step up. His son is included

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At the throne, the politicians tells Hasun that it is the Queen, he should kick her out. All the politicians think that they should kick the Queen out, it would endanger his power. One side is saying all of this, this is the side that is on Chisoo’s side.

the Queen walks to the throne and hears everyone begging the King to kick the Queen out. She stops, but remembers that Hasun said that he would protect her.

In Sunhwadangs quarters, Chisoo tells her that they are going to ask to kick the Queen out. HD is so happy and giddy that she hops up and runs out to prepare. Yikyeom wonders how she can be that happy as he watches her run out. Chisoo starts to tell YK that they need the Kings confirmation so he needs to make all the scholars ready. YK agrees.

In the Queens chambers, Aeyoung cries in front of her as they sit. The Queen tells her not to cry. AY asys that she will ask the other maids how the King feels. The Queen tells her not to do it. As soon as the sun come sup, go to courtlady parks house. She died as a sinner, but she worked for me for many many years. I heard that she has an old mother living alone, please give her our condolences. Aeyoung wonders how she can be this good of a person when she is blamed for everything.

Int he morning, Aeyoung goes to courtlady Parks house and talks to a halmoni. The Halmoni asks if she is coming from Daebi? Ah, she sent a different person today. Aeyoung is all like…say what? The old lady says that they sent a different person today. Aeyoung plays along as the old woman tells her that she will take it out.

Aeyoung gets whatever that is and runs all the way back to the palace to give it to the Queen. It is a letter and a drawing. AY says that she gave them the money that the Queen gave her. Then the Queen opens the letter/painting and reads it. She is alarmed.

In the letter is a super voodoo talisman to kill the Queen. The Queen gave it directly to the King and tells him that he should read the letter himself. Hasun takes the letter, he is scared that he won’t be able to read it, but it is in hangul so he can raed it.

Hasun – Daebi, as you ordered, I put the super oodoo dolls around the Queens room…

VO – ….it even has the curse from the shaman. it is a good shaman. You should pay more for this.

Flashback of Park burying the shaman dolls around the Queens room.

Hasun – So where Park put the voodoo dolls was not with Sunhwadong but was to you?

SW – Yes.

Hasan – Maybe this can lift your accusation.

SW – King, for sunhwadang, we have a witness so it will not be enough. It does not work with me, but it may be of use to you. That is why I brought it to you. DOn’t worry about what you told me, use it for yourself.

HS -No, lifting you accussation is more important, trust me.

Hasun goes to find the secretary of state. Kyu has to act lower than Hasun now that everyone is around. Hasun gives him a letter to read. The drums start to pick up.

Kyu reads it with all the drums playing, he is actually pretty happy about it. Hasun asks him how he likes it? Kyu says it is a good chance, they can fire Daebi with this, the King will be happy.

HS is all like, what? What are you talking about? I want to save the Queen.

Kyu tells him that their priority is the safety of the King becuse you never know if they will harm him, so we should kick Daebi out first.

Hasun wants to protect the Queen, don’t you care? He understands that you have to get one and give one, but sometimes you have to give 10, 100, only for 1. It does not matter if you wear these silk clothing and enjoy the power, the head is all filled with ideas worse than a beast. You can’t think of anything human like.

Kyu looks like he took that to heart.

Kyu – I don’t know why I am listening to you, the King will decide it. I will bring the King here, so get ready for it.

Hasun is out of breath with worry as he waits and thinks about telling the Queen that the need to take care of her problem first. He accidentally hits the huge stack of books by his head, they fall. He sees one of them that stands out and reads it. Then he rushes to his desk and sits with the book.

It looks like he is about to try and make a deal with Daebi? He starts to copy the characters he needs in order to create a letter to give to Daebi.

He then takes off toward Daebi’s quarters veyr late at night. The maid has to yell that the King is coming!

he goes inside, Daebi immediately tells him that he is so rude. he gives her the letter and tells her to open it. It is the talisman. 

HS – COurtlady Park spent so much energy to make it that she left the letter requesting more money.

Daebi looks shocked and looks at the letter. It looks like he gave her the letter that he wrote.

HS – I will not tell you one more time, but tell me who killed courtlady Park, if you do that then I won’t make an issue about what you did. If not then I will tell all the ministers and I will ask the first Prime Minister to make you step down.

DB – King…you do so much to save the Queen. Just tell everyone, I am not afraid of anything.

She throws the letter back.

HS – Even if I find more evidence in court-lady Jang’s room? I will give you 4 hours, after that, I cannot help you.

He leaves. Daebi throws something in rage.

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Kyu visits the real King and asks him if he is sober now? The King is sitting in the room, but his ear is all bloody. He stabbed himself in his ear.

Kyu – What happened?

King – Yool is whispering things in my ear.

He passes out with the sharp rod in his hand that he used to stab himself in the ear.

Kyu – Your Highness, why are you diong this? What should I do? WHAT SHOULD I DO!

He starts crying next to the King.

In the palace, Daebi talks to jang, her maid, about the first time Daebi came to the palace. She tells her that she was alone, but she was not alone because Jang was with her.

DB – Luckily I got the Prince, but I could not enjoy that too much. I lost my father and my son was also killed. Without you, how could I survive that time? I could not even think.

jang – I lived with your mercy, I am happy to die.

She bows to Daebi.

DB – The day I shred the King and get my revenge, I will have your funeral.

jang – Daebi, please stay strong until you get your revenge.

In the morning, Jang goes to Hasun and confesses what she did. Kim overears this. All the politicians walk around the palace, but then Chisoo is given a letter only for him. He opens it and reads it. It looks serious. 

YiKyeom asks what happened. CHisoo says that he put a fire in a rabbit hole, but it looks like we will get a fox also. Ha, ha. He keeps walking on.

In Hasun’s throne room, Jo tells him that Kyu said he would visit him after breakfast, he is not sure why he is so late. But then it is announced that the First Prime Minister has come. Hasun tells them to let him in.

The Prime Minister comes in bowing respectfully.

CS – Your Highness, Daebi showed everywhere that she does notdeserve to be the Mother of the palace, this is a big crime that you cannot cover up as the son. So, please grant me permission to kick Daebi out. it you worry about scholars resistance, then I will do everything for you. Please use this opportunity to solve all the old grudges.

Hasun steps down off his throne and walks to Chisoo, he asks if he wants him to kick out the innocent Queen and kick out Daebi also? What you really want is to make me the worst person in the world! Chisoo kneels and says that is not true!

CS – You already know that the last Japanese Invasion, I was protecting you and had a permanent knee injury for you. How can you downplay my loyalty for you. Lee Kyu was in the middle ~.

HS – SHUT UP. COurtlady Jang’s crime was revelaed. It has nothing to do with Daebi! It is clear with Jang’s confession that the Queen has nothing to do with this. So I will not raise an issue with it. So just leave! That is my order!

Chisoo stands up looking bewildered and leaves.

Cut to all the polticians walking away.

Minister1 – People won’t talk about the Queen anymore, so do you know why the King did not ask for the guiltiness of Daebi?

Minister 2 – You know, he does not want to talk about getting rid of his own mother. Isn’t that true Prime Minister?

The Prime Mnister walks away, upset. He is not limping anymore now that he is angry?

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Jo gives Daebi a letter. She reads it. Then she burns it in front of him. It looks like it was the original letter that the Grandmother wrote.


Hasun gets a moment alone and loks at the river. Then he turns around and sees the Queen also looking at the river. They are both under pergola style buildings. The Queen sees him and smiles at him.

SW – Your Highness, what wish did you have?

HS – You smiling big and bright, that is my wish.

He smiles at her as well.

HS – DOn’t smile like that…don’t smile…

He sadly turns around, she keeps looking at him pleasantly.

Hasun goes back to his study and starts practicing writing. Jo stands with him. 

HS – Eunuch Jo, come and read this.

Jo walks up and reads it. (OMG, this is hilarious).

Letter – Eunuch Jo, thank you.

Hasun starts to chuckle. 

Jo – Your Highness, now is not the time for this.

HS – But isn’t this fun, I did it to make you smile.

Jo – Your Highness

HS – Good performance survives, bad performance dies. I will die once. Don’t worry too much.

Kyu is still with the King, the King is sleeping. As the camera scrolls over him, we see that he has an old stab wound on his chest. Kyu turns to leave.

Cut to Kyu showing up in the palace with Jo and Hasun. He tells him to take off his King’s clothing and change to normal clothing. they head out, but Kyu tells Jo, if you don’t want to die, wait here.

Jo looks worried, but he waits.

Kyu then walks ahead as he leads Hasun outside. They keep walking and walking and walking. Hasun asks why they are going up and up and up. They keep walking. Hasun asks if the King is on the top of the mountain? They keep walking until they reach the edge of a cliff. Kyu stands overlooking the valley.

Hasun nervously walks forward but doe snot go all the way to te edge. he is sweating as he watches Kyu and waits for what he will do.

Kyu – I told you I will tell you in advance, today is the day you die.

he grabs him and pulls him to the cliffs edge. Then he dangles him to the edge and stabs him in the same spot as the King. That knife goes in pretty deep!

Kyu – The Clown Hasun died, now you are King of this country.

The drum beats kick in. 

Fade Out

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Love it. Kyu is finally fully on board with Hasun as the King, which makes me think that Hasun will stay the King and might need to be trained in Kingly ways for real for real. However, he also needs to get back to his family, so that might be the next goal.


Kyu – We took a big detour, but we came here.

SW – There is no other way to hide the reason my heart is this soleda

Kyu – I want to make the world were the old master and our members wished for

HS – Why didn’t you receive rice from the beginning?

VO – We know of a guy with super math ability

Kyu – Will you be with me?

HS – Maybe, I took the Kings job too easily.

Kyu – Step down from your first Prime Minister position

VO – He told me to tell you, have a nice trip to hell.

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  1. bwv232
    January 15, 2019 / 10:49 am

    PD be taking the notion of ‘cliff-hanger’ literally.

    Thanks for the re-cap.

    • V
      January 15, 2019 / 10:50 am

      OMG 😂🤣

  2. Julia
    January 15, 2019 / 10:57 pm

    Kept me on the edge of my seat. I cannot wait for the next episodes.

  3. Rose
    January 16, 2019 / 12:50 pm

    I finally watched this episode (after 24hrs of waiting for the sub 😄)…..by stabbing the fake clown, does that mean he gave-up on having the real emperor come back to his thrown? Coz i know he stabbed him so they have the same wound (w/c that part i dont understand, they could have just cut his chest to creat the same wound, no need to stab him….jeez! 😂)

    And im impressed with the music and sound and score of this drama, it really pierce to your soul (especially when that drum music starts at the background….. GOOSEBUMPS!!) 😁

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