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The Crowned Clown: Episode 3 Live Recap

The Crowned Clown Recap

Loved loved loved the first two episodes of this drama. They were intense to a level I did not expect. Though I love the intensity, I’m not sure if I can hang with this level, people were just dying left and right. The Kthree’s Marisa did say that the tone in the movie version did slightly changed once the Clown is King. So, that’s something for my nerves to look forward to.

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Brief recap of the last episode where the ish hit the fan.

VO – That low class guys destiny is already decided. Getting stabbed instead of me or getting poisoned instead of me.

VO – How much is that price for that dog?

VO – My sister is not a dog!

Cut to Hasun back in the palace talking to Lee Kyu. He tells him that he is back to learn how to completely crush and kill. Teach me the way.

Ku starts laughing and then pulls out a sword and holds it to Hasun’s throat.

Kyu – Bulls**t, I will kill you know and leave no future regrets.

Hasun is nervous, and shaking, but he says that Kyu can’t kill him, at least for the kings sake, right? Kyu asks him what he really wants?

HS – Getting stabbed, poisoned, or shredded, I don’t care. I will die as a perfect shadow of the King as you wish. If you promise me one thing.

Kyu – You want to kill someone with the King’s power? Who is that person you want to kill with you life on the line.

HS – The First Prime Ministers son, Shin Yi-kyeom. *Tears* My sister Dal-rae was raped by that less than an animal guy. I want to make him regret that he was ever born. I am going to make him as me to save his life while he is in pain by shredding his body. So decide now. Are you going to kill me now or are you going to ask me to die for the King!

Later on that morning, Hasun walks out. He is greeted by is huge amount of followers and also Jo, the eunuch. He tells Eunich that it is him. Then he walks off. Kyu tells Jo to let the King stay in his bed all day today, if anyone asks, say it is the Kings order. Jo hurries off to Hasun’s side.

Kyu then talks to Moo-young.

MY – Master, I have somthhing to tell you about the poisoned maid.

Kyu – Is there evidence?

Cut to the image of a hanging maid in another part of the palace.But then we see that Kim tells Chisoo that the King skipped breakfast and went to his quarters. Chisoo asks what the cause of death is for that maid? Kim says that the roommate of the poisoned maid killed herself overnight. She thinks that she put poison in the Kings late night snack. CHisoo thinks they quieted her. Do you think Daebi did it? Someone with a grudge could have done it. But I think heneeds you more in this kind of situation, why did he refuse you?

Kim thinks, actually, he wasn’t looking for the drug in the last few days. CHisoo thinks that is why he let his father in law live, because of that. Don’t let him work too hard. Don’t forget, your job is to make him feel comfortable. he walks off.

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In the city, Lee Kyu walks around the market and someone follows him. Kyu goes to a house and is still followed by these three people. He goes inside, the three people are outside. It seems like he knows that he is being followed.

Kyu talks to Gisaeng, Woon Sim. He tells her that he heard Hasun’s sister left the Gisaeng jip. WS asks why he is interested in her. They left as if running away in the middle of the night. Of course I do not know where they are. Why are you hear in the middle of the day? What if a dirty rumor spread.

Kyu – You are avoiding the answer, you know where they are.

WS – Someone told me that I would survive to pretend like I don’t know if I know and pretend like I know if I dont know.

Kyu – Did I tell you that?

WS – Another old master who died told me that. Why are you surprised? You also survived in this way. You know something that you pretend you don’t know.

WS – If your tongue was a sword, then I am already dead.

he leaves.

In the palace, Hasun sits flipping a coing. He thinks about Woonsim. Flashback to their last conversation.

HS – Why are you helpign me?

WS – I am in the same shoes as you, I cannot pretend like Ii don’t know it anymore. If Lee kyu knows about it then he will be angry, so lets sneak Kabsoo and Dalrae away somewhere.

HS – Okay.

In the night, Woonsim walks around the village secretly and helps Dalrae and Kabsoo escapre. Dalrae is sleeping on Kabsoo’s back. Hasun looks at her one last time and cries at the situation they are in. Kabsoo says this is driving him crazy. Do you really have to go? I want to kill that yangban guy, but how would you feel? It is something that drives you crazy. Low class people like us, how can we survive fighting against a yangban?

HS – If we succeed than we survive, if we fail then we die. You told me, if a clown discriminates where they play then their life is already over. You told me that.

KS – Yeah, yeah….

HS – I will come back alive, don’t worry.

KS – Okay, you should. Our human life is resilient.

WS – Go back, before they figure it out.

Hasun looks at his sister one last time and holds her bruised hand. Kabsoo tells him to be careful. Hasun takes off running as Kabsoo continues to whisper to be careful.

In the present, Jo asks why he came back after running away? Why not dissapear?

HS – I came back to return what I recieved. 

Jo – What are you talking about

HS – When do you think Lee Kyu will come back

JO – He said you won’t meet anyone today, so it might take a full day, at least.

In the city, Kyu leaves the geisha jip and the three follow. But it was a ruse, Kyu leaves after them in different clothing? Not sure. Then he goes to see the real King.

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The King is still happily in his opiod sanctuary.

King – How dare that low class guy give me a condition. *chuckles* and you said yes?

Kyu – Your Highness, we don’t know how and when people will try and kill you. He volunteered to die for you. To kill the root of whomever wants to harm you, we need that guy, right?

King – He is the guy that goes against my order of killing my father in law and sent him to the island. How are you sure of his thinking…or are you thinking of a coup?

Kyu – Of course not your highness.

King – *shaking* People will hear it outside.

Kyu – You don’t have to worry about the monk here.

King – I don’t worry about him….Yool….Yool is back. I think he is alive, he pretending he was dead. *looking crazy*

Lee Hun starts to look around for his drugs as he shakes and shivers and stutters his way into a corner. He looks bad. Kyu looks at him with serious concern…..your highness….

The monk locks the door and goes outside to tell Kyu that he removed his pipe so Lee Hun went out to find his drugs. The monk brought him back passed out on the street. He says that he hears something.

Kyu – You used to be the royal doctor, so you should find a way to cure him.

Monk – Who is he?

Kyu – He is the one that helped you run away before. Whatever it takes, you have to cure him.


Meanwhile, Queen Sowoon waits with her entourage outside the Kings room. Jo comes out and tells her that she should go back today. SW asks if he does not want to see her also? Her head maid asks for Jo to ask one more time. The Queen came all the way here. But SW tells courtlady Park that it is okay. She then asks Jo to please take care of the King.

In Dae-bi’s room, she sits with her maid who is apologizing. Daebi calmly tells her that the reason the King did not eat his late night snack is not her fault.

DB – We have a long way to go, so be ready. Did you prepare it?

The maid gives her a container with dried flowers inside. 

Daebi looks at it and nods.

In the Kings quarters, Kyu visits and asks him if he snuck away his sister? Hasun told him that he knows he would keep her as a hostage, so of course I should not keep her there. Did the King say yes? What should I do now?

Kyu – We have to find out who wants to kill the King.

HS – Yeah, I also want to find out who killed Gaewan, so who should we catch first?

Kyu – After eating breakfast, you should visit DB first. She is the second wife of the previous King and the elder of the Royal family. Also, she has power to appoint the next King in line when you die.

Hasun slowly walks to Daebi’s quarters.

VO – You can do anything to make her upset. it is okay, whatever you do just make her upset.

The King is announced as he walks through The queens gates. he sees Sowoon standing outside the building. He stops to talk to her but this provides a bit of a changed situation as Sowoon tells her courtlady that they can enter together. So Hasun and Sowoon sit in front of Daebi together.

Daebi tells them that they look good. It has beena  few days since she has seen him. He thanks her for thinking of him. Daebi then has her courtlady provide tea for them both. Hasun is hesitant to drink it.

DB – Why don’t you drink it? Are you worried that I poisoned it.

HS – I feel better now that you have told me that. Should I ask for a tasting?

DB – It seems like you are very surprised that the kitchen woman died. You are this serious, it was only a joke. Queen, what should I do?

SW – I will try it first.

She goes to grab it, but Hasun takes it and throws it.

DB – How dare you!

HS – We don’t know! It could have poison so how can I offer it to the Queen first!

DB – Your highness, do you really suspect me!

HS – If it isn’t you, then tell me.

DB – Not respecting your parents is worse than a rebel act in this country! I did not make an issue of your problems only to behave properly as a mother. You don’t understand me, that is okay, but I can’t stand that you think I tried to murder you. you tell me Queen, am I wrong?

SW – Of course you can be angry, this misunderstanding is understandable, it is all my fault. Ask me what is wrong and dont think about what the King did.

DB – You are so cunning, you tried to worry about me but actually you don’t want me to ask what is wrong with the King?

SW – i am sorry if you think that way.

DB – Sorry and excuses, is that all you can say? You say the same things over and over again. I can’t stand what you say anymore. Tell me what you really think, do you even see me as your mother!


DB – What did you just say?!

HS – I told you to stop!

WS – Your Highness, you shouldn’t.

DB – SO what if I don’t stop? Are you going to Kill your mother!

Hasun throws the table, everyone quiets.

SW – Lets go queen!


She looks at them leaving and then sighs.

Hasun and the Queen walk out with him leading her by her hand. But then she pulls her hand away when they stop. He looks startled by it.

SW – Your highness, why couldn’t you just stand it?

HS – I was so angry and couldn’t stand it because she was obviously giving you a hard time

SW – So, you did this for me?

HS – Yes

SW – Then I will tell you clearly, if you really care about me, never do that anymore

HS – SO I shouldn’t do anything even if you undergo a worse thing?

SW – This is the best excuse for people who want to talk bad about you. If anyone knows about it, we will have a lot of letters requesting that you serve your mother better. I don’t want you to suffer from those things. Why don’t you just not come anymore and send someone else. I will serve her for you. Please excuse me.

She leaves, all her servants follow her. Hasun watches her go and hangs his head

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Later, he kneels in front of Kyu.

Kyu – Why are you coming back as if you lost everything?

HS – Maybe I spent all of my energy at Daebi’s place

Kyu – What did she do?

HS – As you said, I pretended like I suspected her for the poison. She was so angry. I threw the table and left.

Kyu – Good job.

HS – Did I really do  good job? the queen was worried about it being a good excuse to harm the King

Kyu – I will take care of that, you just do whatever I ask you, okay?

Jinpyung and Dae-bi tlk about this in Daebi’s quarters

JP – WHy did you make this matter worse?

DB – If you did a good job from the begining, I shouldnt’ have had to do anything. The King is suspecting me. Is there any other way?

JP – DOn’t worry, I will do something in our hunting trip.

DB – Hunting? Do you think the King will come with all the danger?

JP – To show that he is still strong, he should come.

In the Kings Quarters, Jo asks why he did not eat. Does he suspect poison? Hasun says that he is not expecting that, it is just that this good food reminds him of his sister Dalrae and the girl that died, so he can’t eat it. Would you like to try one? Jo says he can’t eat it when he says that. Hasun tells him that he will try it first. he takes a bite so then Jo takes a bit.

Jo – It tastes good.

HS – Gaewon….she died for the King, we should take care of her family.

Jo – Don’t worry about it, the Queen already ordered to tell the family and to take care of the family.

HS – the Queen?

Jo – She is the best for those things. Even though the King does not visit her much, people still don’t look down on her because of that.

HS – So, that kind of person hates me now?

Jo – You can’t help it, it is all because you look like the King.

Jo keeps eating the snack.

HS – I shouldn’t have let you eat it, I should have eaten everything.

He starts to eat another one. 

Int he Queens quarters, her court lady Park tells her that she should sleep easier with that tea she is drinking. It looks like it is the same tea that Daebi had her person bring to her. One of the other maids picks up the box, but a drawer falls out. Three balls rolls around. It looks like it is the acorns that the King gave her.

Aeyoung smiles and tells her that maybe when they aired out her room a squirrel came in and put them there, okay, I will throw them away. But Hasun stops her with her foot and tells her that it is hers, give it to me please. Aeyoung smiles and says that she should have done it. You care about him so much, why were you so cold to him? He opposed Daebi because of her.

SW – I was afraid to be disappointed again. I am barely surviving, I cannot collapse again.

In the Kings’ chambers, Kim dresses him and tells him that the first prime minister wants to see him in person. What should I do? Jo shakes his head no, but HaSun tells her to let him in.

Kim lets Chisoo in and closes the door. Jo looks a bit nervous at this situation as Chisoo bows his respects. Cut to Jo running with a lantern across the palace.

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In the room, Hasun asks why he is coming so late. Chisoo says that he wanted to tell him an urgent matter about his father in law. The position for the Military Prime Minister (Like the Secretary of Defense) if empty now. It was yoru father in laws position. We don’t know when we will have a danger to the country, you should appoint someone quickly.

HS – DO you have anyone in mind?

CS – Whoever is best for the country should have it.

HS – I will think about it

CS – I also request to replace all the people your father in law appointed.

HS – So, you want me to fire everyone and put new people?

CS – Because a lot of people think our rule and the power of the empire is weak because you did not kill your father in law. You should be strong and be a good example. I already wrote who to put on a list, you should sign it.

Chisoo delivers a list to Hasun. Hasun looks at it, but does not have any idea how to read it. But then Jo announces that the Secretary of State wants to come in. He comes in and Hasun has him look at the list.

Kyu – You cannot do this without a discussion with the Ministry!

CS – If you don’t accept my request, then I only have one way. You should kill the rebel, Yoo Hojoon, your father in law. Your highness, this is all for you. Please.

He bows deeper.

Cut to Chisoo leaving, all the servants stand at attention as he walks out.

Inside, Ha-sin kneels in front of Kyu as they talk about it.

HS – I don’t know about this, the first Prime Minister is doing all the works that the King should do. is this normal?

Kyu – If you don’t listen to his request, he will ask you to kill your father in law. You must give one to recieve one.

HS – But if the King says no, then that is it right?

Kyu – Our politics are something that keep the King from doing what he wants.

HS – So the politics let the First Prime Minister do what he wants to do?

Kyu walks out, but it looks like he was affected by what was said.

Fast forward to three new people receiving their new positions in front of all the politicians and cabinet people.

Minister1 – He got rid of his father in law and finally put all his people in the military department

Minister2 – He should be insecure because the father in law is still alive

Outside, Hasun and Kyu watch as the appointed people pay their last respects to the King and then leave following Chisoo. Hasun sighs and turns to leave. But then his Jinpyung comes to see him. 

Jinpyung – I want to ask you if we should delay the hunting event or not. You look healthy.

Kyu – You don’t have to worry about his health

Jinpyung – SO I should continue it as planned?

HS – Okay.

JP – Thank you.

Hasun smiles but Kyu and Jo look nervous. Later on, they talk about this.

Jo – We should not do it, your Highness is very good with a bow and arrow. They will figure it out.

Kyu – To show that the King is strong, he has to be there.

But in the background we see hasun yawning and stretching.

HS – So the thing is that I should go tot he hunting event and no one should figure anything out, right?


Hasun sighs and pulls a bow and arrow out to strike the target. He lets it fly and strikes the target in the forehead. Jo and Kyu are all like, what the?

Then hasun shoots some more and hits the nose and the eyes of the target. Kyu, Jo, and Mooyoung are amazed. Hasun asks how he looks. Mooyoung tells him that he is better than most archers. DO you practice secretly?

hasun – Well….um….with Jo sometimes.

Jo – Yes! You did! Only with me!

HS – Okay, I am done so you guys should practice.

He walks away with Jo and Kyu. Jo asks him when he became so good at archery? Flashback to Hasun practicing archery in the village. It looks like it is a carnival event. He hits all the targets to the amazement of the crowd. And he wins a lot of coins for his reward.

In the present, Hasun seriously tells them that he is a natural. Then he casually walks away and breathes in the air.

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While hasun is looking at flowers, Kyu and Jo talk.

Jo – DO you think he can go to the hunting event, he will be a target for someone that wants to kill the King.

Kyu – He knows that he will be in danger.

Jo – Do you really have to do this?

Kyu – I was waiting for the right moment and the right way. DO you know the result? It made CHisoo’s power stronger. Everything is for the King, so don’t think of anything else.

In the near distance, Hasun had made a floer crown and put it on. Jo sighs as he looks at him.

later on, he walks back with Jo and all his servants.

Jo – Your highness, why don’t you tell them that you have muscle pain or something? You are sick so it is better not to go to the hunting event.

HS – Are you worried about me dying? *smiles*

Jo – Did you know that?

HS – *seriously* I did not know! I just knew from looking at our response. *his head falls* thank you for worrying about me.

Jo – DOn’t worry about me, my worry does not matter

Hasun smiles and continues walking, but then he sees the Queen standing over the bridge looking stoically at the water. He stares at her for a long time and looks like he has a bit or resolve back.

HS – Jo, I have a request for you, can you do it for me?


Hasun shows up at the hunting event, a lot ofpeople came. Shin Yikyeom is there as well. Kyu tells Hasun not to think of anything stupid, Hasun tells him that he is not thinking about anything.

he walks forward and is greeted by Chisoo who tells him that his son is there to serve him because chisoo’s knee hurts. Jinpyung tells him that he brought hunting dogs because his kids are still young. The hunting dog are pulled out and look crazy ferocious.

Hasun looks at them, terrified. They are all barking at him as if they want to kill him. Jinyung tells him that the King is the one who gave him the dogs, maybe they already forgot about your smell.

Hasun tries to smile and chuckle and reprimands the dogs playfully then holds out his hands to pet them. they keep barking at him, but then they fall to the ground and are happily pet by Hasun. 

Later on while walking, Kyu asks Hasun how he quieted the dog. 

HS – I used to hangout with Hunters

Kyu – Tiget hunters?

HS – yes, when you go out for tiger hunting, hunting dogs don’t matter, because as soon as they smell a tiger they just back away and pee.

Kyu – So what did you do?

HS – Tiger leather *he shows the leather under is clothes* I heard we were going out hunting, so I put it there just in case.

Kyu – But where did you get it?

Hasun – It was in my beadroom

Cut to Jo looking at the tiger in the bedroom. It looks like the balls of the tiger were cut. Jo looks at it and thinks, this is strange, there were there this morning….

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Back at the hunt, Hasun says he is going one way and asks who is going with him? YiKyeom says he will serve him. Jinpyung says he is going the other way. They all march off in their two directions as Hasun leads.

Everyone starts running and yelling like manly men until Hasun tells them to stop and be quiet, so they all stop yelling and start walking in search of an animal. Hasun is at a high area and Jinpyung is at a lower area. then a dear is seen. 

The dogs are released and the chase begins.

Kyu tells Mooyoung to go after Jinpyung. Mooyoung takes off running to find Jinpyung. But then it looks like Jinpyung is about to shoot Moo-young? He is! He fires his arrow and hits Moo-young somewhere in his upper body. I don’t know where, but Moo-young falls backward. Jinpyung takes off running.

Cut to Yukyeom in the woods alone. the deer is not around though it looks like he was looking for it. Hasun is also not around. Yikyeom asks for his Highness and stars walking aorund in search. Then a fast ninja type woosh is scene and heard. Yikyeom turns quickly. But all is well as he keeps looking for the King.

however, Hasun is hiding behind a tree and pull sout his boy and arrow to aim it at YiKyeom. While he pull shis arrow back, he thinks about his sister. But someone else is pulling his arrow on the King, it is JinPyung! 

Moo-young fires his arrow and hits YiKyeom between his legs. Jinpyung fires his arrow and is about to hit hasun, but Hasun walks away right at the moment it hits the tree where his head was. He looks back and sees it. But then he runs to Yikyeom and pretends like he cares.

Kyu pulls Hasun to the side when they have a quiet moment and tells him that he could have killed him with his skills, why didn’t you? Hasun tells him that he wanted to, but at the last moment he thought he should not, he would be covering up his dirty crimes. He cannot stop at killing him only. 

HS – I have to kill all the people who try to cover him up and give him power. I thought about it. Then I did not want to kill him anymore.

Mooyoung runs up to them and addresses The King. Hasun asks where he went to? Mooyoung apologizes, it looks like he was not struck by the arrow? Maybe he blocked it somehow. They all leave.

In the palace, Sowoon meets Jo. Jo tells Sowoon that the King orders her to stop giving a morning greeting to Daebi. Sowoon is shocked, he really said that?

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Everyone thanks the King for the event today, then the Queen is announced. But a dog gets loose and runs to attack. She is almost right at the King when the Dogs attack. So he pulls her away and puts his arm up to block the dogs bit. The dog bites him instead. It is a tense moment as the dog bites the Kings arm for a long time. The music kicks in which makes it even more alarming.

But the dog finally releases itself. The King asks he Queen if she is okay, the Queen asks he King the same. He says he is, but hsi arm clearly hurts. 

Jinpyung is about to kill the dog, but Hasun tells him not to. You shuld not kill someone for one mistake! If you kill everyone for one mistake, then no one will survive! Chisoo says that the King is right, you also survived by the Kings mercy right? Hasun tells him that this is his order, sheath your sword. Jinpyung honors his order and puts his sword away.

Sowoon looks concerned and walks to the King to walk him away. CHisoo and Kyu both look on as he walks away.

Later, the doctor fixes Hasun’s arm and tells him that the Tiger skin saved his arm from breaking. But just in case, don’t use your arm. Hasun smiles and chuckles then excuses them all. 

COurt lady Kim comes in to wash his hands. HaSun is nervous around her as she lightly washes his hand. He starts to say that his arm hurts and tells her to stop. She apologizes. Then the Queen is announced to see him. He tells them to let her in.

She comes in and kneels in front of Hasun. Kim tries to cover the Kings arm back up, Hasun retracts it. Then courtlady Aeyoung pushes Kim out of the way and tells Hasun that she was so surprised about his arm, they came right away. The doctor said it could have been a big injury.

Hasun looks at the Queen and says that he should not have said that. Please leave. Aeyoung looks at Kim and says that he told her to leave. She tells Aeyoung that he told her to leav as well. Aeyoung is all like, really? So Kim pulls her away which leaves Hasun with Sowoon alone.

Hasun tells her that she should have been very surprised, why did you come there? 

SW – I went there to ask why you stopped me from visiting Daebi?

HS – Oh.

SW – Why did you do that?

HS – Going there or not going there will give her a chance to give you a hard time. So I just told you not to go all together. I know, it was my mistake again.

SW – No, I was always thinking about Confusious way of living but did not think about you. Now I realize that I do this by saying it, but you are the one doing it when the time comes.

HS – What are you….what did I….

Sowoon just smiles at him.

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Cut to Chisoo talking to Kim.

CS – It is not about the drugs, he changed his heart. 

Kim – It shouldn’t be

CS – You were too busy with corruption, you did not read how the King thinks

Kim – Well, you told me that I can do it.

CS – Do not forget who you are, if you disappoint me again, you will be fired all together. Don’t forget that the King is originally a very smart smart person.

Kim – Okay, I will make sure.

In his chambers, the Hasun tries to move his arm, it hurts a little bit. Then he thinks about the play with the Queen versus what is really happening in the palace. It is at odds. So he thinks that the rumor he heard about the queen and the real queen are very different.

HS – I did not know what the truth was, I just believed the rumor and made fun of her. How lonely and difficult she must be.

In the Queens chambers, she looks at the acorns that the King gave her. then she goes out to the bridge and looks at the fountain in the middle. She looks aorund to see if anyone is watching, then picks up an acorn from the ground and tries to throw it into the fountain. But it does not go in.

HS – If you throw it that way, then it will not go in.

She turns, startled to see Hasun standing there. 

HS – Shall I do one for you?

SW – No, I just tried it.

he picks up an acorn and throws it at the fountain, it goes in.

SW – I forgot to make my wish!

HS – DOn’t worry, I will throw it again so you can make your wish.

he picks up another one and throws is at the bowl in the middle of the fountain, it goes in again. Then fireflies start to light up the area as if her wish will be granted. They both look at all these fireflies in amazement.

HS – Make a wish!

Sowoon closes her eyes and makes her wish

Hasun looks at her but also looks at all the fireflies floating around. He tries to touch one and smiles. She opens her eyes and looks at him happily looking at all the fireflies.

HS – DO you think that a falling star looks like this? What was your wish, Queen? is it a secret? If it is a secret, I won’t ask you again. I will make a wish also.

he picks up a rock and throws it in the bowl, it goes in so he makes a wish. She looks at him while he is closing his eyes and wishing.

SW – Your highness, what was your wish?

HS – My wish was to see you smile big and brightly.

they both look at each other as the fireflies fly around them.

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This show is staying on its excellence boat and rowing me through the rapids. I love it so much!


Kyu – Are you already comfortable with the palace?

Kyu – Don’t get too relaxed

HS – What is this?

Kyu – Pretend like you don’t know this.

VO – *a request about the Queen*

HS – Shut up!

DB – You do anything to save the Queen

HS – It doesn’t matter if I wear these silk clothes and have all the power! The Head has all the ideas that are worse than an animal!

Kyu – Why do you do this!

HS – Don’t think any human like ideas!

Kyu – Today is the day you die.

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    Thanks for the recaps. I love this drama. I am invested in the outcome and the character development is good.

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