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The Crowned Clown: Episode 16 Live Recap Final

The Crowned Clown Recap 16 Final on Drama Milk

If you are going to go out, then you need to go out like Lee Kyu! He not only protected the King politically, he also got rid of his biggest Royal threat, and all at the same time! But there is still trouble brewing, Daebi is still out there plotting, there is another prince somewhere that might want that throne (with Daebi’s help), and the army is still two days away! Goodness, y’all. I can not wait to watch.

We posted a behind the scenes for the Crowned Clown on our Patreon, and we have another one coming up today! There were also a couple requests for the special episode so we will try and work on that for next week! Probably not the entire special episode, but at least 1 or 2 clips (maybe more time permitting).

The next drama we are picking up He is Psychometric which premieres March 11th!

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Lee Kyu stands in front of everyone. Then he walks and takes a sword and lunges toward JinPyung. A guard slices his back to slow him down, but it does not stop him. He lunges the thrusts the sword threw Jinpyung’s gut.

Hasun yells to stop but it is too late. Mooyoung yells to guard the King. All the other guards slice into Lee Kyu. He stands for a moment and then falls. Hasun yells, Haksun! Which is Lee Kyu’s palace name. 

Shin CHisoo tells everyone to get out of the way to let him pass. Open the way to pass! But then Mooyoung yells to close the gates! Jo yells this as well. Someone else yells to protect the Queen! The place clears out quickly. 

Hasun runs to Lee Kyu’s side, he still calls him Haksun and asks why he did this. Why did you do this? He holds Lee Kyu in his arms. 

Kyu – I am sorry I did not keep the promise…. *carve this moment in your heart, whatever danger comes to you, I won’t leave you, I will protect you*…I have to protect you..

HS – Save your words

Kyu – When I die, put my dead body outside the gates and show people that you punished the sinner. Comfort the peoples heart.

HS – No, I can’t! You are not a sinner to me. You are the loyalist person to me.

Kyu – I am happy to hear that.

He looks at Hasun and holds out his hand painfully to him. Hasun takes it. They hold hands for a moment and then Lee Kyu dies. His body goes limp. Hasun grabs onto him more and yells out in pain.

Jo and Mooyoung look on in shock.

Chisoo is still trying to get out of the gates. Jinpyung is still alive and is being held up by two of their guards. They tell them to open the gates. But they are not opening the gates unless it is the Kings order.

Le Kyu’s body is wrapped quickly and takes to the palace. Hogeol cries over the long white container that houses his body. Hogeol wants to take his body so that the poeple who love him can have a proper burial. But Mooyoung things that is too dangerous.

Hasun asks if Chisoo and Jinpyung’s soldiers are at the other gates against our soldiers? Mooyoung says yes, but why? Hasun says that he wants to send his last, properly.

Daebi reads a letter that says that Hasun will remove the dead body. Can you stop fighting for half a day? If you stop this, then I will put his body on the gate and show everyone that the sinner was punished properly. If that happens then people will know that you did a coup without any good reason. If I kill Shin CHisoo and Jinpyung for causing trouble at the morning meeting, then no one will tell me anything. What is your choice?

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Daebi crumples up the letter and says that there will be no funeral for the sinner. Her guard says that if he doeesn’t get an answer in an hour then he will kill Jinpyung first, please save him. Daebi says that they don’t have to cause trouble with the dead body. Tell him we will.

The gates are opened allowing Jinpyung and Chisoo to leave. This also lets Kyu’s body leave the palace with honor.

VO – Now I clearly know that you are different than him. Ii chose a different choice and did not turst you 100%. Trust, I realize how important trust is, through you. Your highness, I am not going to be afraid anymore. As your loyal servant, I will serve you and trust you. Please forgive all my mistakes I made before.

Everyone gathers to see Kyu off. Hogeol cries over his body. Sowoon cries at the side. And Hasun sheds a tear as well as Kyu is walked to the outside of the gates. They open the gates showing all the soldiers waiting to fight them. But they do nothing during this time as they were asked not to.

The body makes its way to Woonsim. She cries over him as well and thinks about when he asked her to come to the border with her. She cries and says that he finally asked her to be with him, but why are you like this right now? She cries and the other team talks about their revenge. But they also wonder what Kyu would want at this time.

Meanwhile, Jinpyung is trying to survive. He is being treated in a room and trying to hold on. But blood is oozing from his gut. Daebii comes in to talk to him.

DB – How are you?

JP – I will be fine tormorrow

DB – I’m sorry for you, if you did not attempt to be the King then you would have a good night. I am so sorry for you. 

She leans in.

DB – I will use your 3000 soldiers that you formed. I will use the other prince, don’t worry about the following.

She stands and walks out. The doctor that was waiting on him turns and smiles sinisterly. Oh no, it looks like they are just going to leave him there to die???

Daebi mets with Chisoo and says that she would not have forgiven his mistake if Kyu did not die. But if Jinpyung dies then the soldiers will not be brave anymore. Do you have any solution? Chisoo says that he already used money to boost their bravery. But do you still think that this coup needs a reason? If we pass the date looking for a reason, then this coup will fail. 

CS – The official letter for your removal is not ready yet, so you are still above the King. If you tell me as an elder of the palace to remove the King, then I will do it.

DB – I will let you do it, remove the Clown from the Kings place tonight.


Hasun gets a letter from Mooyoung from the border. he starts to read it. The Jurchens are about to Invade so the General does not know if he can come here or protect the country, he needs my order.

Jo – This is all because Shin Chisoo snuck out your secret letter.

MY – Your safety is the most important thing, so you should order for them to come right now.

Jo – Protectingn you is the most important thing

HS – But if our border collapses, then all the people in the country will die. Saving my position as a King won’t matter anymore.

Soon, Hasun meets to discuss with his close team.

HS – How many peole in the coup?

Guard – More than 3000

Jo – Well, after gathering everyone we have, it is still less than 400. 

MY – even if we try our best, we won’t survive, for more than 2 days.

HS – the people in the coup should know that and attack us.

MY – Your highness, I will find a way to sneak you out of the palace. Please think about the future.

HS – No, the people in the palace are still my people. I am not going anywhere.

Nightfalls, CHisoo walks around the city with armored guards carrying torches. They get to the gates of the palace. The doors open. CHisoo tells them to stop and then turns around and tells them to kill the bad King! They all run inside. No one is around.

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The courtyard is empty, eerily empty. Then Hasun walks to one of the doors and looks at CHisoo. Chisoo tells them it i their enemy and runs after him. But he is cut off from his team and hears all the guards fighting. the doors close.

More soldiers come in and yell, SAVE THE KING!

Chisoo watches all of this from behind the door. His group of guards is about to be all taken out. then he turns and sees Lee Kyu standing in this courtyard with a sword. He walks to him and raises his own sword.

But the gates open. Mooyoung is there killing the last of the coup people with Chisoo. They all look inside.

HS – I am going to ask you for your sin ,which made our borders insecure and dangerous only for your own gain – by executing you.

Mooyoung comes walking in. CHisoo smiles and puts his sword down.

CS – If you let me go then I will bring you Daebi’s head.

HS – Daebi’s head?

CS – Yes, Your Highness, Daebi’s head.

He throws his sword to the ground then walks closer.

CS – Not only Daebi’s head, but all the people in the coup. Please forgive my ~.

But he is stabbed through by Hasun. He falls to his knees.

HS – No mercy. The sin you gave that made Lee Kyu die, only death suffices.

CS – You Clo~.

Hasun pulls the sword out and slices Chisoo across his front, killing him on the spot. Mooyoung watched this and then walked up to Hasun. Another guard tells him that he is sorry they are late. They were fighting all the coup soldiers which delayed us.

In a flashback we see that the other soldiers in another province where able to come. Hasun thought he had a way to defeat the coup then. 

In the present, Mooyoung tells Hasun to ask the people who led the coup to surrender to show them his dignity.

In the courtyard, we see that one guard is still alive. Hasun tells them all to wait a second, we have one thing to take care of.

Cut to Daebi’s house where Jinpyung is still alive somehow. He cannot move though and blood is all around him. He asks for water, give me water….there is water to his right, so he tries to grab it. But it spills all over the floor. 

In Daebi’s room, she wonders why it is so quiet, she tells her courtlady to see what is going on.

then her guard runs in and says WE WON! He tells her that they arrested the King. She asks where Chisoo is. He says that Chisoo died while fighting. I have the letter, look at this. He hands over the letter so Daebi reads it.

Letter – If you say you won’t ask my people for my sin, then I will confess everything and give you my stamp, come to the palace at dawn. Daebi tells them to call the other prince.

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Daebi shows up in the morning and walks all the way to the throne room. 

DB – This is the first time I have seen the King seat by myself. Your father tried so hard to give the Kings chair to my son. My son is dead, but I can answer his wish now. Tell me your sin. DO you accept them all?

HS – I did not commit any sin.

DB – Are you denying the secret letter to the Jurchens?

HS – It was my choice to protect the people and the country. Ii will work with anyone to protect our people. that is my job as King

DB – Well, you saying that you will confess your sin was a trap?

Hasun steps closer.

HS – I called you here to process your last step of removing you.



All the politicians come in, they were just outside. they line up as they always do. Daebi is in the middle of them. The other prince comes in as well. Daebi is reieved to see him, but he walks past her and to the King.

DB – Did you lie to me?

Prince – I did not like to you, I just listened to the Kings order

HS – You listened to my order well, so I will not ask for your sin.

Prince – Thank you for your mercy! *bows to the floor*

DB – I tried to make you the next King, you weak man.

HS – Jo.

Jo comes  up to Hasun with the official paperwork. Hasun opens it.

HS – As the King, I am ordering, because this is the former Kings wife and mother, I tried to do my best as King, but you commited so many crimes *he lists all her crimes, there are so many* , so take her away and execute her quickly!

DB – You are all quiet! He is doing this to me! ARE YOU JUST GOING TO WATCH IT!

they all just watch her.

DB – If my son was still alive, then I would not suffer this. You killed your own brother and became the King, and you are killing your mother!

HS – Take her out.

DB – How dare you! If you try to kill me, then I have to die. But I did not lose to you! If I die, your Kingship will not be safe anymore. People will remember you as the one that killed your own mother. I am not just dying and you are not just living as a person!

HS – I will be responsible for my sin, you should carry your own sin.

A politician takes her by the arms lightly, but she shakes him off to walk out on her own.

Cut to her poisoning. She is in all white and her maid is in all white behind her. The poison is in a bowl in front of her. Daebi drinks the same poison that her son and the King drank, spits up blood, and dies as everyone watches. Hasun and the royal officials are not there.

Hasun sits in his room, the Queen is in front of him. They are both quiet. She gets up and walks to sit right in front of him and holds his hand. they look at each other.

HS – For the first time, I have put blood on my hands, but I do not regret it. To protect this country and the people, I can endure wore than this and do worse than this. I will not be an animal that looks for power and I will not hesitate in front of something that I have to do. 

SW – Now you know the cruelness of the King, so you an move forward. I will be next to you, but you are solely responsible. If you are tired and need to take a break, come to me. I will always be here for you.

He puts his other hand over hers and they sit for a moment like this.

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Hogeol smiles to the King and says that the rice law is all around Korea. Hasun thanks him for working so hard thisi past year. Hogeol asks if he can have a vacation then?

HS – Why don’t you go to Jejuu island as a vacation? The citizens in Jeju island still need the rice law.

Hogeol is all like, um…okay. Hasun says he will find a good ship to take him there. Hogeol tries to be happy about it and says, thank you for your mercy….haha…ha.

Later on, Hasun has a meeting with politicians about the medicine book they have. they should make it in Korean and spread it to the people. One of the politicians thinks this is not something the people will know thta he did. But another politicians says that the King just wants to stop the people from eating the wrong plants and getting sick. If you eat certain plants, you will see hell.

That person is another prince. Hasun smiles at him and says that he will make a farming book in Korean as well so please support the citizens. He smiles at this prince.

That night, he goes to his library. Jo is with him. Jo tells him that he does not look good. You did not sleep well last night at all. Why dont’ you go to sleep early?

HS – No, I have more things to do. You can take a nap Jo.

But then we see that Hasun has fallen asleep on his books. 

Sowoon comes in and quietly walks to his side. She sees that he has been working a lot and his writing is also very good now. Kingly. She leans in and touches his forehead, he continues sleeping.

On another day, Hasun walks with the Prince and a guard. they look at innocent people farming. Hasun says that he thinks that a good country will run if I quit right now and anyone can become King. The Prince says that he agrees with him. The King gives orders and is responsible for it, he should not use that power easily and should not be swayed by bad politicians. then people will have a good life. Hasun smiles.

He goes back to his throne for a meeting of the politicians. One of the good ministers tells him that because of his good ruling, their country is thriving now, but I worry that you do not have a son yet. Hasun says he is sorry to make them worry. Another politician says that he is still young, he should take another wife and make a prince, I think the Queen will allow it.

Jo looks at Hasun, a bit worried.

Later we see Hasun looking out over the palace courtyard. When he goes back inside, Sowoon tells him not to worry about her, take another wife. 

HS – You know I don’t want to do it, why say that?

SW – I cannot have babies, you should have a son so your power will be safe.

HS – Don’t worry, I already decided who will follow me. 

SW – Who is that?

HS – Prince Kisung, I dont’ worry about my blood line becoming King, I dont’ care about that. I am in close contact with the Royal family to find a person to follow me. He will lead the country well.

SW – How long did you think this way?

HS – After the coup, I was working so hard because I owe so many lives, but I wasn’t happy.

SW – Is that the only reason you want to give up the King position?

HS – It is not 100% mine. I just borrowed it momentarily. No one should attempt to be the King for their own good. So when it is the heaviest, I will leave lightly. (when he has the most power, he will give it up as if it is nothing). I am the King and a citizen. I want to go back to being a citizen again. Can I do that?

SW – You already did enough work to me. I will follow you also.

HS – Queen…

SW – Can you remove me first? If you give power to the next King, then I cannot leave the palace anymore as a former Queen. So, I will go first and wait for you.

Foreboding music starts to play. (oh no!)

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Later on that night, Hasun looks at official paperwork for him to give his King position to the next King. He adds his stamp to it.

In the morning, he waites with Mooyoung as they wait for Sowwon to come out. Sheh comes out with Aeyoung.

HS – You go first and wait for me, as soon as I wrap everything up, I will follow you.

SW – I will wait at the town outside the wall.

HS – I have somethingn to give to you.

He hands her a tiny knife. It is the knife that she tried to kill herself with. He had to stop her.

HS – Do you remember the promise that you gave me?

SW – yes, never try to kill myself

HS – Yes, that is right. The reason I give it to you is to only use it to protect yuorself (but why!!!! Why would she need tooooooo!, I’m worried y’all)

She smiles and looks at him warmly.

SW – Don’t worry, I will keep the promise.

He smiles as well.

The politicians bow to the new King in the throne room. Hasun is in the library folding up all the things he wants to take with him. Jo is standing beside him. Hasun takes all his keepsakes that Sowoon gave him. 

Jo – Your Highness, can I follow you?

HS – No, 

Jo looks sad.

HS – Actually, I suggested that you be promoted to be the Minister of the Eunuchs (one step down from the Prime Minister, so he will have a lot of power). As you supported me when I came here, please support the new King. But even though you are supporting the new King, you will always be my eunuch.

Jo hands him something.

Jo – take this.

Hasun opens it, it is a lovely drawing of Hasun.

Jo – Before, when you tried to make me smile, you drew me. As an answer, I drew something with your name. 

HS – I never thought about my name in CHinese characters…Summer Demigod. You game me a name that is too much for me.

Jo – no, you are already like that. You are like summer. Your sunshine looked after everyone in Korea. You made everything green and vibrant. It was my honor of my life to serve you.

he takes his hand.

Jo – Your highness, I will never forget you.

HS – Me too.

They both tear up and hug warmly.

HS – thank you for everything.

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The next day, Hasun looks at his Kingly robes hanging in his room and then turns to walk out. He walks out of the palace alone. We see him walking though the very white and bright courtyard. he stops in the middle and then steps off from the main path and starts walking out again, happily. 

He walks through a field, but then we see assasins steps approaching him!

Hasun turns around, but it is only Mooyoung. He sighs and they chat. Mooyoung says that he wants to follow him, even though Jo is staying in the palace. Hasun smiles and they start to walk. But then Mooyoung hears real asssassin footsteps!

Several people in asssassin clothes approach and scream, THIS IS REVENGE FOR DAEBI!!

More assasins come, one of them shoots Hasun with an arrow in his back. Hasun is still standing. Mooyoung is still fighting. Another assassin comes up to stab Hasun, but Mooyoung throws his spear and hits that assasin in his gut. He then gets up and starts fightingn another one that is about to stab Hasun.

Another arrow hits Hasun. He falls.

Mooyoung kills all the assasins and falls. He looks at Hasun.

VOice overs

HS – Don’t do that, just tell me your wish

MY – It is not like a wish, I just decided to do one thing.

HS – What is that?

MY – I want to die serving you and protecting you.

Mooyoung looks at Hasun, his eyes slowly close.

Hasun is still awake and breathing, his compass is just right by his hand, it has blood on it. Hasun’s eyes close.

Sowoon waits for Hasun with Aeyoung. She smiles as she continues waiting.


There is a clown performance going on in a town. Dalrae and Kabsoo are part of the troupe.

Kabsoo – A long long long time ago we had a really good King. He was so Handsome, like meeee. Dancing and singing, he could o everything well. But, the best thing he could do was take care of the citizens.

Everyone agrees in the audience.

Kabsoo – He collected taxes for whoever owned land

Cut to Hogeol talking to the Financial minister, he is so tired and says that he finished the rive law at Jeju, but I am sea sick. the Minister tells him good job.

Another woman, who ws part of the resitance, teaches CHinese characters to village kids.

Kabsoo – Low class, high class, what is that? The King made everyone live harmoniously.

Kids play in a village and pass right by Sowoon. Aeyoung tells her, your highness, maybe there are clowns here!

Kabsoo – A lot of our citizens want to see the King again. Of course after winter, spring comes, you have to add compost and then we will have this yourn sprout.

He shows off Dalrae

Kabsoo – All this rich piece in the country is all because of our King.

then a CLown in all red comes up.

CLown – Is someone talking about me!

He starts to dance around with the other clowns. Kabsoo and Dalrae and everyone sing and danec and collect money.

Sowoonn takes off her rings and puts them in the collection.

DR – How come you gave us this precious thing! We just need one coin and a little bit of grain, that is fine. 

She hands the rings back.

SW – Take this, I am so happy to hear that precious person’s story again.

DR – Thank you so much.

Dalrae smiles and turns to walk back to the clowns.

In the gisaeng jip, Woonsim starts to pack up all her things. She also packs away Lee Kyu’s clothing, but she can’t pack it and holds it to think about him longer. She starts crying as she remembers him and colds the clothes closely to her.

Cut to her heading out. Hogeol is there to send her off and asks where she is going. She says for him not to worry, she will just walk around the country and enjoy. Hogeol says that she had a 3 year funeral, so don’t worry, Hyung-nim will understands. Wherever you go, please let me know. She smiles and assures him that she will. Then she leaves.

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That night, Sowoon holds the compass that she gave Hasun. 

Flashback to her recieving word about the King. two guards come to tell her.

SW – Where is the King?

Guards – Your highness, we think he died. Please punish us.

SW – It shouldnt’ be, he told me to see him here, he is coming here.

Guard – Is this the Kings?

He hands over the bloody compass. Sowoon takes it and cries.

SW – Your highness….

She falls to the ground.

Guard – We found officer Jung’s body, but we could not find his body. We are sorry.

SW – No, it shouldn’t be! If you did not find him then he should be alive, he should be back! 

She starts to cry.

In the present, a tear escapes and rolls down her cheek as she looks at the compass. then she starts to cry.

The next morning, she sits outside in the sun. Aeyoung comes out and ays that she slept late, but she will prepare breakfast. Sowoon tells her that it is okay, I want to take a walk anyway.

AY – Don’t go too far away, just one round.

SW – Okay.

Sowoon smiles and then starts her walk and thinks about Hasun.

VO – I love you. As much as my heart will burst. It is okay if my heart bursts. I love you. If I live one day, I want to live it with you. Next to you. Hearing your laugh like that, together, for a long long long time. In the spring, lets enjoy the flowers together. In the summer, we can be under the rain together, In the fall, lets collect acorns in the mountains. In the winter, I will make you a snowman.

VO – You promise this to me?

VO – Yes, of course.

In the present, SOwoon tears up as she looks at two kids talking.

Kid – The goblin that protects the house, please bring Spring quickly. And make the flower panakes and we can play.

Sowoon sees this kid wishing over an acorn. 

SW – Child, who told you that? To pray like that?

Kid – I guy taught me that

SW – Where direction did he go?

Kid – That way.

Sowoon hurries off in that direction. She walks in slow motion as she looks out for him. She sees a man in a blue noble outfit turning a corner so she starts to run after him. He turns another corner and she sees the side of his face, it does not look like him.

So, she stops and more tears fall.

She goes to a field and opens an acorn, alone. She bites into the acorn and looks at the inside of it, then she puts her hands together and prays.

a man walks up behind her in the distance. When she turns around she sees him! It is Hasun!

He looks at her, shocked as well. She starts to walk to him, still shocked. He starts to walk to her.

they get to each other int he middle of this field. 

SW – I had this dream many many times. Ii tried to hold you andn you disappeared all of a sudden. This cruel and sad dream. If this is a dream then I dont’ want to go near you anymore. Just stay there. Just look at me.

HS – It is not a dream. To come to you, I always walked in the dream to see you. Those dreams that I dont’ want to wake up from.

SW – Why are you so late?

HS – I am sorry, after waking up, this much time passed. I wanted to come like the wind, but I was too slow.

She hugs him, he is still there. He hugs her back.

SW – You should have called me, I could have just gone to you.

HS – I am sorry to make you wait so long.

She looks at him.

SW – (If you get lost sometime, or take a detour, I knew you would come to me.)

HS – (I am not going to live, missing you. Nothing can separate us.)

He holds out his hand and she takes it. They walk off together hand in hand, smiling and looking at each other.

Caption – that year that the King suppressed a coup and did good politics/ruling, everyone in the country praised him. When he removed the Queen and gave his position to the next King and died suddenly. There is a rumor that there was a clown that just looked like the King, so maybe the King is still alive. But nothing is proven.

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I was so worried about the ending, especially when that spooky foreboding music started playing. But I do enjoy how it was a happy ending. I just wish they were more concrete with it! Couldn’t they have just ended with Aeyoung nd Sowoon seeing Hasun as the clown during the performance? Maybe the clown could have stopped mid performance and looked at Sowoon. The drum beats could have picked up right then as the emotions started to build and they could have thrown up that black screen at the climax. I WANT THAT ENDING.

I am going to assume that Hasun survived somehow and made it to Kabsoo and Dalrae. They nursed him back to health and traveled around as he got his health up. then they went to the town where Sowoon was and he followed her to the acorn tree.

Though I have heard other theories that veer toward the bittersweet. (DEBUNKED IN THE COMMENTS! WHOO HOO!) For instance, One person thinks that Sowoon taking a bite of the acorn was a metaphor for killing herself with the knife that Hasun gave back to her. That is why he showed up out of the blue as soon as she prayed for him. So they were both dead and in the after life when they met and walked off together.

That is an interesting theory, but I want to believe that Sowoon would not use the knife to kill herself because Hasun made her promise that she would never try to do that again. So I am going to go with the theory that he was the clown in the troupe and Kabsoo and Dalrae put that performance together in happiness because they were a family again.

The parts that were not show would be Hasun seeing Sowoon, possibly going to the house where Aeyoung was preparing food, and then finding out that she went for a walk. Perhaps Aeyoung sent him to that tree because she walked to it many times before with Sowoon. I am going with that theory, don’t take it away from me!

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  1. Julia
    March 4, 2019 / 11:35 am

    Sigh of relief for a happy ending. Been so invested in the characters anxious of the outcome. Thank you for the recap!! I can watch the episodes with more normal blood pressure.

    • V
      March 4, 2019 / 5:07 pm

      A big sigh for me, too☺️

  2. WPB
    March 4, 2019 / 4:09 pm

    What a series finale! Thanks for recapping the series. I can’t wait to Watch it myself later tonight or tomorrow.

    Most of the period dramas from Korea tend to have more episodes. This one is special as it is focused on the story of the clown, or it was the story of a good king? 😊

    • V
      March 4, 2019 / 5:08 pm

      Love how it turned into the story of what it takes to be a good King and how being noble born had nothing to do with it, being good of heart did. Lovely message.

  3. Chomi
    March 4, 2019 / 5:05 pm

    I am looking for the song that is playing a 4:44 in the last episode (16). Does anyone know it?

    • V
      March 4, 2019 / 5:11 pm

      Hmm, I’m not sure. Though the complete OST has been released. Here is our affiliate link for it: https://amzn.to/2SK1q0S

  4. Jeff
    March 4, 2019 / 7:02 pm

    Thank you for the recap.

    • V
      March 5, 2019 / 6:32 am

      You are welcome, Jeff ☺️

  5. Flowerme
    March 4, 2019 / 8:25 pm

    Thanks very much V. Much appreciated. Rushed off to watch after reading your recap. Satisfying ending. YJG is great actor and well casted in sageuk. Hope to see more of him in dramaland and that he will be paired with Kim Yoo Jung again

    • V
      March 5, 2019 / 6:33 am

      Yes, it is satisfying that they got to live happily outside the palace and that Daebi’s people think that the King is dead, so they don’t need to worry about future assassination attempts.

  6. WPB
    March 4, 2019 / 9:52 pm

    Just finished watching the finale without a break. 😊

    I want to give credits to the actor and actress who played CS and DB. I hate those two so much. 😡 but their acting was the best, especially the lady who played DB.
    There were a few things I would love to see they handled better:
    1. The battle between the army and the rebel was a disappointment. The way it happened behind the door and finished within moment was clearly a budget issue.
    2. I agree that MY would end up die for the HS. But it would be more believable if he brought a few more soldiers with him and fight for a good fight.
    3. I don’t understand why HS waited so long to go see SW. He could have sent her a message, like she said. Was he hiding from the assassins while recovering from the injuries?
    4. I am happy to see his sister again but I would rather have them spend more screen time to explain #3 above.

    A 10 for the series and a 9 for the final episode.

    • V
      March 5, 2019 / 6:35 am

      I think they did run into budget and live shoot problems in the last episode. I was also a bit confused at the final battle and would have liked to see another scene attached to it.

  7. Lo
    March 5, 2019 / 1:24 am

    Thanks for the recap @V ! ^^
    Have you noticed? at the end, when HS and SW end up in the field? HS has a bandage on his right hand …
    So, if he was “dead”, not only does he change clothes in the afterlife, but he also hurts himself? (so strange …)
    it would be more likely, that his healing is longer than expected and he stays away for a moment not to put the life of SW in danger (with supporters of DM) no? …
    Just my point …

    • V
      March 5, 2019 / 6:37 am

      Oh, that is good to know!!!! Yay, so I love that this basically confirms that he isn’t dead and that they did meet in the field. Love that, Lo! Thank you for posting it ☺️

      • Lo
        March 5, 2019 / 9:28 am

        You’re welcome! ^^
        The various theories on the dreams and the beyond have somewhat spoiled the pleasure of this beautiful finale, so I had to investigate! lol!
        The first thing is this bandage, then there is the clothes of HS (SW never saw him dressed in “poor”) finally on a possible suicide of SW to find HS, it is just impossible, she promised to HS do not ever do it again, and you know how important a promise is for HS !!
        SW really and deeply loves HS and you know her straight and faithful character, I think she will prefer to wait until she dies of old age or a crime rather than breaking the last promise she has made to the man of her life.
        So for me the theory of the beyond is impossible, and dream, HS himself explains to SW that it’s not , even if they both dream of that moment for two years, this moment Precis is just the reality!
        Finally, why the choice of the field? I think that it is the director, to pay homage to the love of SW and HS, this beautiful poetic payage, the wild nature symbol of freedom where they find themselves finally, as they always wanted, together forever and free to love each other and be happy. <3

        (Sorry for my bad english)

        • V
          March 5, 2019 / 10:07 am

          I love all your thoughts on this!

      • Elijah
        March 8, 2019 / 10:26 pm

        I think the last episode did not do this story justice. Seemed rushed and left a lot unclear. Would like to know how a man shot with two arrows survives? Seems to test the audience’s patience and intelligence. Also they missed a point in the story they could have developed and made more intrigue. They mentioned that the clown was orphaned and adopted byh clowns. What if he really was the identical twin of the king but they were separated at birth for some reason and ghat is why thehh looked so much alike and he was truly an heir to the throne.

        • Anonymous
          August 31, 2021 / 1:47 pm

          You are so right!!! My thoughts exactly. I think they should have season II whereas HS finds out that he is indeed a rightful heir to the throne. A mid wife or someone who was there besides his mother when she gave birth and knew that two babies were born. Identical twins.

          • Anonymous
            August 31, 2021 / 1:52 pm

            I love this tv series a lot. I have watched it over and over again from the beginning. the actors were great!!!! although I wanted to strangle a couple of them as someone previously posted, that’s shows you how well they performed their roles. Great story and also the scene/cover is very powerful. Please do a season II. I just wish Haksan did not die. He was GREAT as the chief secretary

  8. March 5, 2019 / 4:12 pm

    Waoow. what a beautiful series. I really enjoyed all the episodes. thanks 4 the recap @dramamilk

    • V
      March 7, 2019 / 8:37 am

      So happy you enjoyed it, Kareemat!

  9. Nkr1
    August 21, 2021 / 4:15 am

    Cracking open the hazelnut was her wish for final closure. His spirit finally came to visit her. She’s now at peace to go on with her life.

  10. Nkr1
    August 21, 2021 / 4:18 am

    Cracking open the hazelnut was asking for her final closure. His spirit came and she’s now at peace to move forward.

  11. Anonymous
    August 21, 2021 / 6:30 pm

    She killed herself with the knife that he had returned her, and waited for him still. He came to her in answer to her nut prayer and they were reunited, and will spend their afterlife wandering together.

    • Nkr1
      August 22, 2021 / 1:37 am

      Exactly, it was not a happy ending. His body was taken away to cover up the assassin. She waited two years and finally let her rings go, then she wanted “to take a walk”. He even said he was trying to get to her for the longest time.

  12. August 23, 2021 / 2:31 pm

    Binge watched series. It was great! Episode 16 was confusing!! Were they dead? Was this a dream sequence?

    It left too many questions for me!!!!

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