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The Crowned Clown: Episode 15 Live Recap

The coup is here! The intensity that has been building is finally coming to a head! Yesterday’s episode was crazy intense. I am actually very worried about anyone surviving. Most pressingly, Lee Kyu. He had his happy moment with his love, Woon-sim, had a very respectable and touching moment with Hasun, and gave up his position to help at the border. It was a heroes send off, which makes me think that his days are numbered. Is Chisoo going to be the one to do it??? Say it ain’t so!

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The Seoul gate guard is hit by an arrow as he looks at what is happening outside the gates. Another guard runs down to tell the officer that it looks like they have a war brewing outside! The officer says he will find out what is happening, but then he gets slashed by another officer. That officer tells them to open the gates.

They open the gates and JinPyung comes riding in on his horse looking every bit the King that he wants to be. They come riding in so ganster, y’all. The palace needs to be worried. There have to be hundreds of people carrying torches and several others in the front with horses and battle armor. 

But one of the good guards that got stabbed managed to run all the way to the Palace! He tells Mooyoung that the gate is opened! But he passes out and maybe dies. Mooyoung tells him to wake up and then sees the torches in the distance. He tells them to close the gate! Then he runs in and watches it closed.

All the gates to the palace are closed and boarded shut. They also get their own torches to stand guard on the lookout posts. The drum beat echoes as we wait for Jinpyung and his army to arrive. They get to the gate and stop. Jinpyung tells them that they need to go to the West gate. They all start to head that way.

Inside the library, it is a very nice affair as Hasun reads a Chinese book to Sowoon. They  happily read it together. Sowoon asks him if he knows about this story? He says that he does.

HS – A Chinese King was happy that his general rescued his son, but he was angry because he was about to lose his most loyal servant and threw his son away. That is a famous story right?

SW – Yes, if you are the King, are you going to choose your son or the loyal follower?

Hasun thinks about this.

HS – For me…

But then Jo breaks in and tells him that the COUP IS HERE!

They both stand up in alarm. Sowoon looks at Hasun in shock. Hasun asks Jo what he is talking about? Jo says that Jinpyung brough the coup to their gates.

HS – Jinpyung did it!

They all go to the Kings room. Mooyoung comes in and tells Hasun that he thinks the rebels went to the west side. Hasun asks if they did it to see Daebi? Sowoon says that Daebi is probably the reason for the coup. Lee Kyu is not there, but he sent an urgent letter.

Hasun opens the letter, it is written in hangul (Korean) characters so Hasun can read it easily. Kyu tells him all about the letter that did not make it to the Jurgens, he needs to say he does not know anything about the letter and burn this letter he holds in his hands right now.

Sowoon asks him about it, Hasun says it is nothing and then asks Mooyoung if he has a trust worthy general. Mooyoun tells him about a general on the border who will help them with the coup. Sowoon also talks about a general in the North who is her fathers old friend, he will be on your side.

HS – Okay, I will send you a letter, how long will it take for the soldiers to come? 

Mooyoung says that it will take 4 days at least. Hasun asks if they have enough weapons and people to protect the palace? He says that they do not, but they will do their best.

Jo tells him that all the servants will do their best to help as well.

SW – I will prepare the food.

Hasun looks at them all and nods.

HS – Thank you everyone.

Jo – I hope Lee Kyu comes quickkly.

hasun looks at the letter and walks to a candle to burn it. It is engulfed in flames.

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Jinpyung kills all the guards at Daebi’s house and tells his peole that they need to rescue the scared Daebi. He chuckles.

DB – Did the Kings hunting dogs come to kill me?

She is terrified inside. But then she sees that Jinpyung is the one that is there.

JP – Daebi Queen

DB – Jinpung, why are you so late?

JP – We have your comrade that we rescued outside

DB – Let him in

Chisoo comes inside and bows to Daebi.

CS  – Daebi Queen, I am so happy to see you this healthy and strong.

DB – Jinpyung, what are you doing!

CS – Dont’ yell at Jinpyung, I came here to see you

DB – How dare you come in front of me, it is true that you went crazy

CS – I have a present for you, tell me after you see it.

Daebi goes outside and sees Lee Kyu all tied up. He is forced to his knees.

DB – Look at yourself now. I thought I would not see you punished by God, but God is helping me get my revenge on (they say Sky instead of God). 

Daebii then tells them that Lee Kyu is the one that poisoned her son. She looks at CHisoo.

DB – You killed my father, but you are helping me get revenge for my son. I will leave you alone.

CS – I killed your father from the Kings order. I will be on the front lines to take the Kingo ut and put you in the palace. Please give me a chance to recover my mistake.

DB – The King was played by Lee Kyu and killed his own brother and stepped down his own mother. Just take the King down!

Lee Kyu starts laughing.

DB – Why are you laughing?

Kyu – Even though you say that I am a bad loyalist that ordered to take the King down, it is only a coup because our King is loved by everyone in the country. You will only be the head of the rebels. You want to get your revenge on me, but you all will just die together. That is why I am laughing. *hahaha*

JP – Daebi Queen, you have a reason for this coup. I have evidence that the King betrayed China and worked with the Jurchens.

DB – What is the evidence?

JP – Show her the secret letter.

Chisoo hesitates.

JP – What are you doing? Show her the letter.

CS – I don’t have it.

JP – What? Where is it then?

CS – Well, I can’t tell you.

Jinpyung grabs him by the collar.

JP – How dare you!

Kyu – Jinpung, you are working with Shin Chisoo who killed your father and brother and want to be the King that way? Are you stupid or naive? You should have told me. I pitied you so I could have at least tried to put you in the Kings chair.

JP – Shut up, I will cut your tongue!

Kyu – You are just an earthworm that wants to be the dragon

JP – I will kill you! Die!

He pulls his sword back. But Daebi tells him to stop!

JP – Daebi Queen, I will kill him and get revenge for your son. 

DB – Don’t you know, he wants to make you angry so that you kill him. But you shouldn’t do that. If you kill him then the King will not surrender.

JP – DOnt’ worry about it if you give me an order than I will break into the palace and get the Kings stamp.

DB – As he said, I can’t go back to the palace as the head of the rebels. We have to have a good reason and we have to get the Kings surrender first.

Kyu is deep in thought.

Jinpyung leaves Daebi’s house and pulls his sword on Chisoo. 

JP – How dare you lie to me! Where is the secret letter!

CS – I will tell you as soon as we go to the palace to get the Kings surrender

JP – How dare you play with me

CS – We only have 4 days.

JP – What are you talking about?

CS – I think the King will have sent a secret letter to the generals on his side. So we will have soldiers in 4 days. We have to be successful in 4 days. There is no time for us to fight like this.

JP – 4 days….you need to give me the Kings stamp.

CS – Of course, I don’t have anywhere to go (he is backed against the wall).

Jinpyung walks away. One of Daebi’s courtladies comes out and tells Chisoo that she wants to see him. he goes inside.

DB – I heard that you put up the poster that de-dignified the King.

CS – That is true, but I did not de-dignify him.

DB – SO courtlady King said the truth, so where is the King?

CS – I dont’ know. If the King is alive then he would not let the clown play like that

DB – He is already dead? Ha, if we put the real and the fake one together then that is enough to take the King down, but I am sad.

CS – DO not worry, I will get the fakes confession.

DB – You don’t have the letter

CS – It is the same as if I have it. Trust me and give me total control

DB – Total control? Just make sure you know what  you want.

CS – Well, the one that should be the new King should be loyal and serve you the best.

DB – So you don’t want Jinpyung to be it? Yes, to control politics behind the King, a young one is better. Okay. When I declare who the next King is, I will ask your opinion first. But, you should give me the fakes head with the Kings stamp. If you give me the Queen’s head, that is better. Can you do that?

CS – Thank you for your mercy.

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Chisoo leaves and goes to the city to meet with soldiers. He tells them to arrest Joo Hogeol.

In the palace, Sunhwadang reads the official letter to the Jurchens. She tells her maid that she does not know what to do. She feels like shse should follow uncle, but she also thinks she should show it to the King. What do you think? The maid says that her uncles word is first. Sunhwadang says that the King does not like her, that is true, but her uncle poisoned her. Whom should she trust?

In the palace, Sowoon dresses Hasun in his King’s robes and makes sure that his bow is tied tightly in the back and that his collar is properly popped.

SW – Your highness, Lee Kyu has not shown up. Does that bother you?

HS – He should have come here already, I worry about him.

SW – DOnt’ worry, he is late because he wants to look for a way to fight back.

Jo – King, it is Jo.

Jo comes in. 

HS – Has Lee Kyu come?

Jo – Sorry, it is not him, but Joo Hogeol has come.

HS – How did he? The rebels control the streets.

Hasun goes outside to see Hogeol and asks him how come he made it there. Hogeol looks worried and tells him about Lee Kyu. His brother is a captive of Jinpyung and Shin Chisoo broke out. Chisoo wants me to give this to you.

He gives him Lee Kyu’s ID.

hasun reads the letter that came with it.

Letter – Open the gate. If you open the gate and order us to kill Lee Kyu then we will stop the coup.

Hogeol drops to his knees and cries. Then he bows in front of Hasun to ask him to save Lee Kyu. 

HG – He does not deserve this kind of death. The world he wished for has almost come. Your highness, please save him. 

Jo looks at Hasun and then at Hogeol.

Jo – Stop, we are all the same, we all want to save him.

MY – Your highness, we will have the soldiers in 4 days. You need to be strong up until that point.

HS – Give me time to think.

HG – thank you.

Hasun goes to think at the lookout where he kissed Sowoon for the first time. Guards are all around. Sowoon goes there to meet him.

HS – My Queen

SW – My highness, I heard about the secretary of state, are you okay?

HS – I don’t know. He always gave me the answer, but without him, I do not know what is right. 

SW – Your highness, do you remember what I asked you before?

HS – What is…about the Chinese King and his general?

SW – Yes, I asked you which you would choose, the son or the loyalist. Tell me the answer now.

HS – If I am the CHinese King then I will not give up any of them because I will not let my people and my loyalists die without any reason.

SW – Yes, you are that kind of person. When everyone says there is no answer, you find an answer. When everyone says no, you say yes. You will be like that this time also. I trust you.

He looks at her comfortingly.

HS – Thank you

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He heads back to his office and is stopped by Sunhwadang. She tells him that she has a question to ask him, can he remove everyone around?

She goes to his room and sits to tell him.

HD – Your highness, my uncle commited a big crime and is now with the rebels, I am sorry about that. So, I wonder if Ii have to leave the palace. If you ask me to leave, then I will leave. If you ask me to stay, then I will stay. Tell me what you really want.

HS – Tell me what you want.

HD – I want to stay here.

HS – Then you can stay. It is not your fault and it is okay for you to stay here.

HD – *crying* I was worried that you would make me leave! Now I can tell you this happily. Actually, before my uncle was arrested, he asked me to get a letter. I saw it and your stamp was there. 

HS – Where is it? 

HD – I hid it in my room.

HS – Bring it to me.

HD – Okay. At least once, I wanted to make you happy. I am happy.

She smiles and leaves.

Mooyoung comes in. Hasun gives him a letter with his order. He tells him to go to Shin Chisoo and Jinpyung. He wants to let them into the palace for a meeting with the politicians. Mooyoung asks if he will let them in? Hasun says yes, they will come in, but my condition is that they have to bring Lee Kyu with them. And you need to get the answer.

Mooyoung delivers the note to Chi-soo and Jinpyung. they both read it.

JP – I knew he would be like this. I think he is buying time by talking about it. 

CS – Even so, we have to go there

JP – What? We have guards and loyal soldiers. But we should go in without any soldiers?

CS – The evidence that the King secretly connected with the jurchen King is inside the palace. If we have that letter then that is enough to kill the King. Are you going to give up here?

Mooyoung waits for their answer outside their house gates. Chisoo tells him to tell the King that he will be there with Mooyoung. But the condition is that they will bring their soldiers with them that matches the Royal guards.


HS – If he says that they need to take their soldiers in, then tell them that the condition is that they need to have all the people working in the palace together so that he will take less soldiers in.

SO there are two condition, everyone in the palace will meet so that he will bring the least amount of soldiers in.

Mooyoung tells this to CHisoo and says that he can bring no more than 10 soldiers, what are you going to do?

CS – The morning meeting is in the yard so he should also be there with 10 bodyguards. If he says yes then we will do the same. Tell him that.

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Mooyoung goes back to the palace and meets with Hasun outside.

HS – Did he accept my proposal?

MY – Yes, all that you said happened, how did you know?

HS – They have a reason that they have to come in. The evidence that can destroy me and the secretary of state is in the palace.

MY – Then you should not let them in.

HS – I have the evidence so it will not happen

MY – What is the evidence?

HS – Sunhwadang will bring it to me.

But then someone runs to him and says that he shuold go to Sunhwadangs room.

he runs to the room and sees that she is stabbed and dead on the ground. A maid looks suspicious and looks in at them and then leaves.

HS – Jang, find out who did this and torture the maids first!

Mooyoung gathers all the maids and leaves. Hasun kneels in front of Sunhwadangs body and closes her eyes.

HS – Look everywhere in her bedroom and find the letter, please.

Jo – What letter?

HS – The secret letter with my stamp.

Night falls on the Kingdom. hasun is still standing tensly in his room. But then Jo comes in with Mooyoung.

HS – What happened? 

Jo – We looked everywhere but we did not find the letter.

HS – Did you find the murderer?

MY – I interrogated and tortured everyone around her. It looks like Court lady Cho is the prime suspect.

HS – Get the confession from her and find the letter before the morning meeting. Find it!

In the city, Daebi yells at Chisoo.

DB – I wanted his surrender, not to attend the morning meeting!

CS – I have a plan, trust me please.

DB – I do not want to here it, I want to see the clown myself. Send him a letter to come to me!

Inthe palace, Jo tells Hasun that he shoud not go, they want to kill you. Hasun tells them that he cannot let Lee Kyu die. Mooyoung tells him that he can take him there. But Hasun wants him to protect the palace. MY thinks that protecting the King is the most important thing to him, he will give the palace to a loyal guard. Jo asks if he really has to go? Hasun tells him that he will come back safely.

He walks away, Jo looks at him leaving, with sadness.

Hasun goes to a secret meeting place with Daebi. it is outside under a pergola like building.

DB – You low class clown, show me your respect.

HS – You are a normal class person now because you are out of thepalace. I do not have to show my respect.

DB – I thought the King was the craziest person, but Lee Kyu found someone worse. You, this low class guy tasted the power of the King. 

HS – Is Lee Kyu safe?

DB – Are you worried that your master will die? Do not worry, I will properly punish him for ruining the palace and my family. I won’t kill him before I get my revenge for the King.

HS – If someone hears this, they will think that you care about your step son a lot.

They both take one step to each other.

DB _ I wished that the King died for a long long long time. But even though he is half blooded, he has legitimate blood to follow the King. But Lee Kyu’s sin is that he gave the Kingdom to a clown. How can I let this happen?

HS – So you became the head of the rebels to punish Lee Kyu? Who will believe that? Just say that you want revenge for your son. Even so, your dirty plan to be the King will not be hidden by that.

DB – Whatever you try to pretend to be, you are still low class born. When Lee Kyu disappears, you will collapse. Your sin is only listening to Lee Kyu and doing whatever he asked. If you tell me what Lee Kyu did, then I will forgive you. Surrender and give me the stamp.

HS – What right do you have to ask me for my sin and forgive me? The one who should confess her own sin and ask forgiveness is the person in front of me.

DB – How dare you! I am going to tell everyone that you are the clown pretending to be the King.

HS – Tell them, how will you prove that I am fake? Do you think people will believe a rebel?

DB – If everyone knows that the Queen serves a low class clown and faked everyone, with only that rumor she will become a bad person and will be written in the history like that. DO you think she wil be sane after knowing that?

he steps right in front of her.

HS – Okay, try it. Whenever you draw a tear from the Queen, I will make you draw the same amount of blood from your eyes. If the Queen sighs, I will make you scream with pain.

DB – How dare you. As a clown, how will you be this stubborn? Are you afraid of the gods? Are you really going to soil the sacred royal blood with your dirty blood?

HS – Bull-s, the gods decide who has sacred blood of not. It is not because of your birth, it is your heart and your behavior decides it. You don’t even know that. But you talk about royal blood or whatever with your mouth. Are nt’ you ashamed?

DB – Shut up.

HS – The only thing you can talk about is your blood line, so you can’t be helped.

He glares at her and then leaves. She fumes and looks away sternly.

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Daebi walks back and tells Chisoo and Jinpyung to go to the morning meeting and reveal Lee Kyu’s sin. She asks if they are able to do that? Chisoo tells her that they will be 100% ready, so don’t worry. 

Chisoo then goes to a storage room where Lee Kyu is being held.

CS – I am here to apologize to you. I thought you were hiding behind the King and his father-in-law and that you just work as their brain. But you were actually many steps ahead of me (in a bad way). 

Kyu – What do you want to say to me?

CS – I will ask Daebi to save you. But instead, tell the clown one thing, surrender. He won’t listen to anyone else but you.

Kyu – You are mistaken, he is not someone that cannot decide. Dont you understand after experiencing him?

CS – Are you really going to die for that low class clown?

Kyu – What is low class? What is fake? All he did was for the people of this country. you cannot say that he is low class. Fake is not even applicable. 

CS – Hey, this is what that clown said, that Bull-s. 

Kyu – Yes, like Bull-s, that is true. For someone that can’t see the sky but only sees the feet in front of you, like you and Jinpyung, will never understand it.

CS – you make me sick, I cannot hear you anymore. By the way, that clown asked me to take you to the morning meeting.

Kyu – Is he going to open the morning meeting

CS – he is fearless, does he even know what the morning meeting is?

Kyu – The King is more brave when he is pushed against the wall. He decided to fight against the rebels.

CS – Okay, lets see if the clown wins or if the Royal blood wins. Let’s see.

Chisoo leaves.

An aristocrat comes into the gates of Daebi’s house and is stopped. he tells them that he is there to great Daebi, why are you stopping me? 

Jinpyung walks up to him.

JP – If you dont’ want to die, just go back.

The man leavses.

Cut to Daebi asking him about it.

DB – Why did you stop the prince from greating me?

JP – I just dont’ want to see him.

DB – What?

JP – I know why you are meeting Royal blood. Be careful, the reason I am hear is to kick the King out and become the King.

DB – Of course, you are the only person I choose to be the next King.

JP – I hope you keep your promise.

In the palace, Hasun looks out from a tower and thinks deeply. Sowoon comes up to talk to him.

HS – It is cold, why are you out?

SW – Why are you out King?

HS – How can I lie to you, I can’t sleep thinking about tomorrows meeting. Are you the same?

SW – I want to help you, but actually, I feel nervous thinking about you going in front of them alone, just in case something happens to you.

They hold hands.

HS – Nothing will happen.

SW – Sorry, I should have supported you strongly

HS – It is okay. Those trees become tabgled together and become stronger, you lean on me and I lean on you, that is enough right?

He gives her a hug.

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Lee Kyu is at the gates with Mooyoung and Jinpyung. All the scholars are there as well and the guards are there to protect them. 

Mooyoung comes out to escort them inside. He takes a long look at Lee Kyu who is in all white and in ties. Lee Kyu gives him a reassuring look. Then they all go in. The politicians follow.

Inside, Jo talks to all the eunuchs as they are gathered in a hallway.

Jo – Today, the morning meeting is not a regular meeting. Whatever happens, you should not leave the King.

Eunshs – Yes.

Jo – Also, tell all the others what I told you.

Eunush – DOnt’ worry.

They eunuchs all leave. Jo goes to get Hasun.

Jo walks out with Hasun and Mooyoung coems up to them both.

HS – Did you find theletter? 

MY – I am sorry, but courtlady Jo did not say. Shouldn’t you delay the meeting?

HS – No, there is no other chance but today.

ANother guard comes up.

HS – Are they coming?

Guard – I left after the general started moving his soldiers, he will be here tomorrow.

HS – Okay, good job.

Hasun takes several deep breathes and the drum beat kicks in.

Everyone walks to the meeting seperately. Then Kyu starts talking.

Kyu – I was thinking about your proposal.

JP – What proposal?

CS – I asked him to convince the King to surrender.

Kyu – Can I have a private meeting with the King?

JP – You cannot. If you make a plan then there is no reason for me to come here to the meeting.

Kyu – You can come with me, just let me see the King.

They look at each other.

Cut to Hasun and Jo waiting in his office. The doors open, Kyu comes in with Chisoo and Jinpung.

hasun looks at Kyu with wide eyes. Kyu bows to him. Jo looks on in worry.

CS – How were you your highness (sarcastic)

HS – Your life is so long. You broke out of jail and worked with the rebels now.

JP – Does that mean you are talking about me? That is nonsense, if I wanted to commit a coup, I could have done it with force.

HS – So why do you want to see me?

JP – He wants to tell you something.

Kyu – Your highness, do you remember I told you that there are two ways to survive in the palace?

Flashback – There are two ways to survive in the palace, destroy or completely ignore.

HS – I remember

Kyu – Today, you can use the second way. That is all you have to do.

HS – Is there anything else?

Kyu – The only important thing for you is the country and the people. Anything else should be thrown away at anytime, inlcuding me.

HS- I can’t agree with you. Abandon you? It is like the CHinese story wher ethe King was asked to abandon his most loyal general.

Kyu – Thank you for comparing me to the general from the story. That is a great honor for me.

CS – Well, while I did not see you, you developed an ability to make your loyalist cry, like a clown. (sarcastic)

HS – No, I am a natural.

Kyu – *laughing happily* Yes, you are a natural, I forgot about that. Your highness, I was so blessed to serve you. I have no regrets.

HS – No, you should not say that you ahve no regrets, you have so many days left. 

Kyu – Yes, that is, that is what I wanted to tell you. For this country and people, please be a strong King.

JP – Your highness, I cannot listen to this nonsense, can you start the meeting?

HS – Do it.

Things just got real, Kyu takes it all in.

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They go outside to the morning meeting. Kyu kneels in front of them all. The politicians stand in their spots.

Minister – Your highness, we should bow 4 times to you, but in this situation we could not give you our respect. We will bow to you once.

They all bow and then prepare to start the meeting.

Hasun steams.

HS – Release him.

Minister – Your highness, Lee Kyu came here as a sinner, we should not release him.

HS – Shin Chisoo and Jinpyung are the same rebels to me, we did not decide his sin yet so he is not a criminal yet. Release him!

They release his bindings. Sowoon comes out and sees Kyu kneeling in the middle of the meeting. She looks worried and alarmed.

Kyu – Thank you for your mercy.

He bows. Chisoo looks up and sees the maid who also looks up. that is the signal. They have eye contact.

Chisoo walks forward.

CS – Your highness, I will tell you his crime. Bring me the evidence!

The court lady walks up and hands over the letter.

Flashback to them making eye contact when they walked by each other earlier.

CS – This is Lee Kyu’s secret letter. The Korean government and the King do not want to fight with the Jurchens, we are not going to give any soldiers to China. If the Jurchens and China have a war then we will not attack from behind, because Joseon is on no ones side. Jurchen King, please trust us.

The words from the letter hang in the air.

JP – You betrayed China and talked to the Jurchens, Lee Jyu, confess your sin.

Kyu – Nonsense, I don’t have any regrets for what I did. You should be ashamed, not me. How long are you going to serve China that has nothing to do with us? Serving China or having a relationship with Japan, what does it mean? The most important thing is to protect this country and our people.

Sowoon looks on, emotional.

CS – That is so moving, but, your highness, your stamp is on this letter. Did you really not know about this letter?

Everyone looks at Hasun. Hasun hesitates to answer.

CS – If you did not know about it, then Lee Kyu faked your order. If you did know of it, then it is evidence of you talking to the Jurchens. What is the truth!

Lee kyu wants him to deny it.

HS – That is – 

Kyu – Your highness, I used your stamp and faked your order, it is my fault!

HS – Secretary of state. Dont do that.

Kyu – Your highness, remember what I said to protect the future of the country.

Kyu stands and the violin type music kicks in.

Kyu runs to the guard nearest him and tries to kill Jinpyung. But he is sliced by a guard. However, it does not stop him. Mooyoung yells to protect the King! Kyu keeps moving forward and runs the sword right through the gut of Jinpyung.

Several guards run up to Kyu and slice him across the neck. Hasun tries to run to Lee Kyu but is kept away by Mooyoung.

Kyu is bleeding, he looks at Hasun and then falls to the ground.

Hasun – Hak Sun! (Lee Kyu’s given name to represent him in the palace, it is the first time he called him that).

Fade Out

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Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! What a send off for Lee Kyu! That is a warrior way to go out, y’all. My goodness, I’m sad that Kyu had to go out, but I love that he went out that way. He protected the King and killed the coup leader, Jin Pyung. And then they end the episode right there! ARGH!

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    OMG… this is so so sad. I know, sooner or later Haksan will be sacrificing himself for the country he has protected. But still, too sad… 🙁

    • V
      February 27, 2019 / 8:20 am

      It does feel like he will make a big sacrifice for his country. Everything is building so much. But I kind of also feel like things will work out because Lee Kyu sacrificed himself.

  2. Flowerme
    February 27, 2019 / 3:57 am

    Big thanks V for your recap…. so sad for Lee Kyu and super curious how this will end and hope to have a happy ever after for our King and Queen and a reunion with his sister

    • V
      February 27, 2019 / 8:20 am

      I am super curious as well, Flowerme! I cannot wait until the finale!

  3. WPB
    February 27, 2019 / 10:35 am

    This has to be one of the best Korean drama in 2019. I would be super disappointed if they don’t win a lot of awards. Besides the story itself, the casting and acting have been fantastic. The actress who played Sunhwadang had her best scenes, though short, in this episode. I understand and expect many supporting characters will be “expired”, but they all did wonderful jobs for their roles in those limited times in the show.

    By the way, do we know if the final episode is still one hour or if there will be any extra special episodes, like some shows did in the past?
    Thanks, V for the recap.

    • V
      February 27, 2019 / 10:57 am

      I hope they get rewarded as well because this show is really amazing. I am so happy watching it even though it is amazingly stressful. They manage to balance out the gives and the takes so well so I always feel rewarded at least once in every episode.

      I am actually not sure if there will be another special episode to round out the week. We checked the sight and it does not look like anything is posted as of yet.

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