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The Crowned Clown: Episode 14 Live Recap

Crowned Clown live recap 14
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Two more episodes left after today y’all! That last episode was so satisfying to watch! I was on pins and needles through the entire thing so I didn’t really get a chance to really enjoy Hasun’s reunion with his family members. I always thought someone would be listening in and figure out that he really wasn’t the real King.

But I have to tell you, when it looked like all hope was lost, Hasun turned the tables on Chisoo and set his butt in that torture chair instead of Lee Kyu’s. THAT WAS SO AMAZING. I loved that so much. And when Chisoo’s son got permanently marked….y’all, just yes…..yes, yes ,yes.

But Hasun is bringing in so many drastic changes to the Kingdom, so Kyu might be having his reservations as well now. I don’t know. I just know I’m ready for this episode to get started.

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Lee Kyu bows to Hasun and then walks away. he is folloed by two palace guards. 

HS – Jo?

Jo – Yes?

HS – Before my father in law comes, I want to do something for my Queen.

Jo – If you have anything, tell me.

Hasun turns to Jo.

Later, we see the Queen walking out to see Hasun. She bows to him. 

HS – You look nice.

SW – Your highness, where are you going?

HS – Why? You can’t trust me?

SW – I trust you.

HS – Let’s go.

He smiles and they take their hands and walk off. They go to the sea and look at the ocean from the rocks.

SW – This is the first time seeing this scenery for me.

HS – That is good, I wanted to comfort your heart at least a little bit.

SW – After I heard my diagnosis from the nurse. I was sad. I thought I lost the way to be with you and protect you. I was sad and lonely. That pain was so big, I forgot about it a little bit. That I have someone that knows my heart more than me.

She holds his hand and they look at each other tenderly.

SW – This view, I will keep it in my heart for a long time. When I go back to the palace, I will take it out whenever I want. 

HS – In the spring, let’s go on a picnic to enjoy the flowers. In the summer, we can be in heavy southern rain. In the fall, it is nice to go to the mountains to collect acorns.

SW – In winter, are we coming here again?

HS – In the coming winter, I will make you a pretty snowman.

SW – You promise me?

HS – Yes.

They smile and continue looking at the view.

Later on, we see them walking back to the city. They stop among a bricked path.

SW – Is this Hawa tree?

HS – Yes, on my way back to the palace, I passed by it, I wanted to show it to you.

They oth look at this huge tree that is tangled with another tree.

SW – How come these two trees with different roots are tangled like this?

HS – I think it was their fate to be together. I heard that there is a legend abotu this tree. When lovers pass under the tree, they will live happily every after. 

He holds out his hand.

HS – Can you live happily every after with me for 100 years (like saying happily every after).

She nods yes and takes his hand. They start to walk under the tree together along this path.

HS – I promise you, I will be a great King so I will not be ashamed in front of you. You promise to me that you won’t cry alone anymore. You will share happy and sad things.

SW – I promise you.

They kiss softly next to the tree.

Cut to Lee Kyu walking determinedly to the house in the country side to get SW’s father. He gets there and sees that he has been stabbed in the chest. His eyes grow wide and he runs in to inspect his friend

Kyu – Old master! Old master!

Then we see his return to the Palace. It is night. He talks to Jo outside and then turns to see SW and Hasun walking up. 

HS – Are you already back? Where is my father in law?

But Kyu is hesitant to say.

Kyu – Your Highness, my Queen, he is….dead.

Everyone is shocked. 

SW – It shouldn’t be. When I saw him last time, he was healthy. It should be a misunderstanding. It is the wrong news.

Kyu – I am sorry your highness.

SW – Did he really die? What is the reason?

Kyu – It seems like he was murdered by someone.

Sowoon takes several deep breaths, but she still can’t catch her breath and collapses. But Hasun grabs her. She yells, Abogi several times as Hasun holds onto her. Everyone around is sad.

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Daeubi tells Jinpyung that she was so angry that Yoo Hojun (So Hyun’s father) was coming back. But she tells Jinpyung that he took care of it, good job. He tells her, if you are this happy then I am also happy. She tells him that she wants to see how shocked the King and Queen will be. Jinpyung tells her that she needs to calm down. In case the King notices, you need to hide what you think.

She says that Yoo Hojoon’s death was already planned by God when the King killed my father and son. 

In the Palace, Kyu tells Hasun that Daebii is behind this. Because when your father in law comes back, you would have more power. Hasun says that he will not stand this. Daebi and the people who worked for her to do this.

Hasun has a flashback about what Jinpyung said in the palace. So he thinks it is Jinpyung. It was he who apposed my father in law to come back the most. It is him, I am sure. Kyu agrees, but they do not have evidence so Hasun should be careful. Then Jo comes in.

HS – How is Daebi?

Jo – Well, Jinpyung has been there for awhile

HS – Jang, where is the arrow head that attacked me and the Queen?

MY – I have it, it is different than the one that attacked you on the hunt. I am looking for where it came from.

HS – Go to Jinpyung’s house and search.

Kyu – Stop, what if we don’t find any evidence after searching his house? We won’t be able to catch him and we will show that we suspect him. Also, you will be blamed for blaming an innocent follower.

HS – I am not afraid of that. If we don’t catch them now then it will just make then stronger.

MY – Okay, I will take your order.

Mooyoung leaves. Kyu looks at Hasun who is fuming.

But then Kyu runs after Mooyoung and asks for him to wait a moment.

Kyu – If you don’t find the evidence, then use your arrow head as the evidence.

MY – You want me to make fake evidence?

Kyu – Yes.

Mooyoung nods and leaves.

Mooyoung goes to Jinpyung’s house and tells them to open the door on the Kings order. He has his guards with him. The guards start searching the house. One of them finds several arrows and shows them to him. But it is different, so he tells him to find more. Then he breaks the arrow head off.

Jinpyung is walking around the palace and hears about the Kings order. they say that he should go with them. But then Jinpyung grabs a sword and holds it to one of the politicians necks and tells everyone to step aside. Then Jinpyung’s people show up and fight for him. He walks away.

he goes to a hiding place and finds out that the Palace found an arrow head at his place. Jinpyung knows that he never put an arrow head at his place, so it is the Kings trap. He tells his guard to gather the military.

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The next day, all the politicians meet. Hasun asks the man that was attacked y Jinpyung if he is okay. then another politician says that they have a rebel in the palace so they need to grant heavy punishment for it. Hasun tells them, if you really care about me then you need to talk about removing Daebi. 

But the man attacked by Jinpyung says he can’t do it. That does not mean that Daebii is a rebel.

Hasun leaves with Kyu and Jo. He says that his father in law was murdered and Jinpyung steppe away but people are still hesitant to remove Daebi. I will just order it.

Kyu says that he shouldn’t. They need to get Jinpung and his confession. Mooyoung comes in and says that they were not able to catch Jinpyung.

Hasun fumes in a corner.

Kyu also fumes in his study.

They are both deep in thought.

The next morning, Hasun leaves his room and is told that they have a letter from the police. Shin Chisoo wants to meet you about Jinpyung.

In the jail, it looks like Chisoo figured something out. Hasun goes to meet him so Chisoo greats him and says that he cannot bow because he is like this. But I heard that you have something going on with Jinpyung. Maybe Lee Kyu asked you to step down Daebi because the father in law died? I won’t listen to it if I were you. That is what jinpyung wants.

HS – You just wanted to tell me that?

CS – Are you having fun playing the King? Yes, so you will feel like the real King, but you are just a puppet because Lee Kyu is the one with the real King play. Isn’t that right?

HS – That is wrong, he is not that Kind of person.

CS – You honest guy, yes, now I understand. you are so naive, that is why Lee Kyu killed the King and picked you. Didn’t you know that? he killed the King.

HS – Nonsense!

CS – Even though he was weak, it is strange that he just died. Lee Kyu is the only one that saw the King die. You look like the King and listen to him well. He will serve you if you are the real King, but if he thinks that you are opposing his will, then he will kill you at any time. He can do more than that. If you are going to die anyway, then you don’t have to work with Lee Kyu only. Why don’t you work with me? I can give you the biggest power that Lee Kyu will never give you.

HS – Shut up! Do you know why you are in jail? Because you thought I am too easy and you also thought Lee Kyu was just like you.

CS – Hey, you low class clown, you are teaching me?

HS – You are the one who is low class. You are in jail but you are trying to separate us. You poor man.

He walks off.

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In the morning, Moo-young meets with Hasun to tell him something.

At the same time, Kyu meets with Daebi.

DB – I didn’t expect you.

Kyu – With Jinpyung, I have to ask you something

DB – I heard about Jinpyung, he attempted a coup?

Kyu – I know that he visited you often. Any little thing, if there is something in your mind, tell me please

DB – Strange things? I don’t know. Jinpyung just told me what was going on in the world, he did not show anything strange. 

Kyu – Really, that is it?

DB – What did you mean?

Kyu – JP is not brave enough to do things withut anyone backing him up. But he tried to murder the King several times and even Killed the father in law. If he does not have insurance of becoming the next King, then he would not be that brave.

DB – Well, the King killed his father and brother for a coup. Maybe he wants to get his revenge.

Kyu – How do you know him so well?

DB – We understand each other.

Kyu – By the way, the little prince, Kyung-in’s memorial is soon.

This gets to Daebi, he sets her cup down.

DB – I did n ot know you remembered that.

Kyu – Of course I remember that. I still see his last moment. He was eating his dinner, well.

DB – What are you talking about?

Kyu – It was unrefined grains and soft salad. It wasn’t good for the prince at all. But with his little hands, he used his chapsticks well. he didn’t even know it was his last meal on Earth.

Daebi throws her cup and starts to breath hard.

DB – It wasn’t Chisoo. It was you who killed my son!

Kyu – Yes, I did it myself. After he had blood pouring from his mouth, in his last breath, he looked for his mother.

DB – I should have killed you first! Not the King!

Kyu – That is why you asked Jinpyung to kill the King and Queen and father in law!

DB – YES! I order it! I order for him to kill the father in law. He approved for them to kill my son! That is why I order it! What is wrong with that!

Kyu stands up and steps to the side. Hasun comes in.

HS – I enjoyed your confession. Your sin is revealed so I am going to go ahead with removing you.

DB – How dare you! HOW DARE YOU!

She hits her things away and stands. 

DB – You will see. I will promise on my sons tomb that I will Kill you guys and spread your body all over Korea. there will be no trace of you after the magpies eat you and your souls go to Hell and you suffer forever.

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Daebi cries and cries as Hasun and Kyu leave. But Hasun stops right outside her gates.

Kyu – I was worried about you not making it on time.

Hasun turns around to face Kyu. Flashback to Kyu telling Hasun that he will go to Daebi and get her confession. He will send Mooyoung for him to come at the right time, so don’t be late.

Kyu – You heard what I said to Daebi, so you should have questions for me. 

HS – Let’s go to my place.

They walk to Hasun’s room.

HS – If you killed Kyung-in for the King, then who did you Kill for me? The King?

Kyu – Who said that?

HS – Chisoo, he said that. he told me that you killed the King so you will kill me if you have no use of me anymore. Is that true?

Kyu – yes, I killed the King.

HS – When Jang gave me your message that the arrow head he found in the house was fake evidence. You guys did that much but still could not catch Jinpyung.

Kyu – It is not Mooyoung’s fault, I asked him to.

HS – We have to have at least one piece of evidence then we can start Daebi’s removal.

Kyu gives him something. It is a letter.

Kyu – Take this.

HS – What is this?

Kyu – My resignation letter. I will quit. Daebi and Shin CHisoo now know about the King and the little prince. My existence will block your future. I will take care of all my sins.

HS – It is not your fault, it is not your fault, it is my fault. As the King. Stop taking all the blame by yourself. The King’s position, you told me it is eating people and killing people. It is a cruel position. 

Flashback to Hasun and Kyu talking about this same thing. Kyu tells him that the King eats people and draws blood. It is the position of an animals that cuts all human ties. You have to give up everything, including your heart and only live for your country.

HS – You were responsible for all those cruel things. Shin Chisoo thought you were playing the King. But I do not even guess how you did it, but it hurts my heart so much as to how difficult and lonely you were. I cannot even imagine it.

Kyu – You knew everything, aren’t you afraid of me? Do you think you can trust me?

HS – How can I be afraid of you or suspect you? I trust you. With the arrow head, I was impulsive so you wanted to help me, that is why you did it right?

He opens the letter and rips it up.

HS – I am not going to grant your resignation, if you really think I am the real King, then protect this country and the people in it with me.

Kyu is taken aback. 

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HS – I was afraid. Whoever becomes the King and enjoys the power then they will change their personality and go crazy. I know it so well. Whoever becomes the King enjoys the power and is taken over with it. I know that well. I was afraid that you would become like that also. If I failed again. Now I know, Hasun, you are different than him. I chose you because yo were different, but I could not trust you 100%. how important trust is, I realize that through you.

Kyu steps back and gives Hasun the deepest respect. he kneels in front of him.

Kyu – Your highness, I will nto be afraid anymore. I will fullfil your duty as a follower and trust you. Please forgive all of my mistakes.

he gives Hasun a very respectable bow all the way to the floor. 

Hasun gives him a respectable bow to the floor at the same time. It is almost like he is accepting being the real King at the same time.

Kyu – Your highness, I will use jongdaemal and manners.

HS – thank you for trusting me.

They look at each other sincerely.

Later on, we see the politicians walking to theh court. Hasun opens the scroll, it is in Mandarin.

Kyu – Your highness, I am asking you to grant to remove Daebi, please grant it.

Man – If you take her down then you will be the worst son in the history of Joseon. It will taint your kingship.

One side all opposes it. The other side tells him that Daebi tried to murder him and used Jinpyung to do it and also tried to have a coup. What if Daebi works with other bad people?

The bad politicians look at Kyu.

Kyu – You should prevent future trouble.

Man – What your mouth! They are mother and son, you cannot just say that.

Kyu – Your highness, Daebi is the head of the coup. She denied the mother and son relationship so you should remove her and make her leave the palace.

Man2 – It is obvious. Daebi’s sin is clear. I am with you. Grant it please.

All of one side grants it.

HS – I grant your request.

Kyu goes back to his office. Another person comes in and says that he heard that Daebi’s removal is granted. he thinks the scholars will be opposed to it. Are you okay? Kyu tells him that Daebi’s sin is obvious and his will is clear so don’t worry and trust the King. The man says okay and then gives Kyu a letter from one of their members in hamgyong (Northern Korea).

Kyu reads the letter after the man leaves. hen he starts to write one of his own.

VO – Thank you for telling me what is happening at the North Border. I will quit my position and go there soon. Until that time, report to General Kang.

Elsewhere, Sowoon holds the outfit that she made for her father. Aeyoung is so sad that she was not able to give it to him. Sowoon asks Aeyoung to ask hr relatives to put these clothes on him when they do the funeral. A court lady comes in and tells her that the King granted the removal of Daebi. Aeoung says that he is getting revenge for your fathers death.

Sowoon wants to see Daebi, they need to stop her from leaving the palace. Aeyoung asks why. Sowoon says, if Daebi is removed then it will be huge trouble for the Kings politics. She gets up and walks determinedly to see Daebi.

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Daebi is in her room looking at bloody clothes. It looks like these are her sons clothes that are folded nicely in a carved wooden box.

DB – My prince, I wanted to get your revenge. But with their evil plans, I am adding even more of a grudge to it. But don’t worry, your mother will never give up.

Her courtlady comes in and tells her that the Queen wants to see her.

DB – Let her in.

Sowoon comes in wearing all white (funeral attire).

SW – Sorry I am not properly greating you because I am having a funeral.

DB – So you heard that I am removed. Are you here to enjoy it?

SW – All the bad things that you did to me and the tea, I won’t mention it. But killing my father, I will not let that pass. So, I wanted to remove you. But for the King, I did not do it.

DB – So now you tell me what you think, that is better. It was painful to hear things you don’t mean.

SW – Before you are forced out, you should go to the temple by yourself. 

DB – What are you talking about? You want me to be a monk?

SW – For the King and the country and to prevent even more trouble. If you pray for your son and father to go to Heaven, then I will pray for you so that all your sins you commited here are removed.

DB – Queen, who is the sinner? How can you be responsible for not being a proper mother of the country.

SW – I will not conceal my sin if you ask for punishment and responsibility. I will do the same.

DB – Why are you so brave?

SW – I have no reason not to be. What are you going to do?

DB – I am not going to do it. Asking the low class clown to keep my seat? Being forced out is better. Now you have improved in politics.

SW – Daebi, think it over.

DB – I have nothing more to say, just leave.

Sowoon leaves. As she walks out, she sways as if she might collapse. Aeyoung holds her and motions for the other servants to stand behind her.

Cut to Daebi leaving the palace. All the scholars bow along the street and tells her that she should not leave. You shouldn’t! You shouldn’t!

Daebi walks into her new house (or maybe her family house?) and the door are closed. She is basically under permanent house arrest there.

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In the palace, Kyu talks to Hasun very respectfully behind closed doors as if he is the real King. Mooyoung and Jo are all like, what is going on?

Kyu – Since removing Daebi is done, I have a request. 

HS – What is that?

Kyu – With China and the Jurchens, the war is encroaching. So I want to quite my position as secretary of state and help the border. If you give me anything then I will do the best.

HS – I still need you. DO you have to do it?

Kyu – I know my position is important, but the more urgent issue is the border. Please grant my request.

Hasun looks like he does not want to do it.

Later on, Kyu starts to pack a bit. Mooyoung talks to him and tells him that he does not understand what is going on. Why did you speak Jongdaemal to Hasun and why are you going to the border?

Kyu – It was my fault not to use jongdaemal to him, using it is not wrong. And with the secretary of state, it is the time to quit, that is nothing to be surprised about. How is the army on the west?

MY – Nothing in particular

Kyu – JinpYung might contact them, so be mindful of that. And from now on, don’t report to me, report to the King directly.

MY – I understand.

Hogeol comes in happily as they are talking. He fills them in on the law of the land. Hogeol says that everyone is distracted with Daebi’s issue, but don’t worry, I will meet the schedule. Kyu tells him that he will trust him with it, then he leaves. Hogeol asks Mooyoung what is going on? he looks like he is about to die. Is he???? No no, that is just a joke. He keeps joking with Mooyoung who does not joke back.

Kyu goes to see Woonsim. She asks him if something good happened today? He says yes, he feels happy seeing an old lover. 

Kyu – I am telling you that I met an old lover but you are not even jealous? 

WS – I hope anyone can share you burden. If it is not me then it should be anyone that can make you feel comfortable. 

Kyu – I am lying, I am a little disappointed. 

WS – So why did you like to me like that?

Kyu – I try not to look back because I lived with regret. So I tried not to do it anymore.

WS – Regretting the old master?

Kyu – That is part of it. But, I have more things that I am regretting. Back then, when you asked me to sleep with you for the first time after you finished your gisaeng training.

WS – Well, you refused my request.

Kyu – Back then, I always regretted that I did not take you and run away. Sometimes I think it is still not too late. What if I take you to go to the border. Can you follow me.

She covers her mouth, teary eyed and nods. He passes out on her lap.

WS – You will never know how long I waited for this moment. Even if it is regret, I am so happy to hear it at least now.

But the mood changes to something serious as we see Jinpyung in the forest with his guards and torches all around. He gets word that Daebi is removed from the palace. His guards say that they are just waiting for his word. Jinpyung says that there is one thing he left in the palace, he needs to get it first.

Cut to CHisoo sitting in the palace. A guard throws a ball of rice at him and tells him that he should eat it. CHisoo hasn’t been eating any of the other rice. But he bites this one and sees a secret letter inside.

Letter – Jail Break

He eats the letter along with the rice.

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Elsewhere, Hasun meets with Sowoon in the library and asks how the funeral was. She says it was good with Hasun’s mercy. he is sad that he could not share her grief. She says that the work in the palace was more pressing, she is actually sad that she could not help him as well.

HS – I knew that the position of the King is always different and I need to be in front of all the hardship. I realize that now.

SW – Are you afraid?

HS – I am

SW – Do you want to go back to the past?

HS – Honestly, sometimes I think about it

SW – If you want to run away, then I will run away with you. If you want to stay, then I will stay with you.

HS – Thank you for telling me that. I will not run away or avoid it. I am going to do my best to be here.

SW – I will always help you.

HS – Then can you help me now?

SW – Tell me anything.

He points to letters to teh side.

SW – Those are the letters from province?

HS – Yes, Jo was helping me with it with his old eyes, can you do it for me?

SW – I can do it (she says this kind of cutely)

They sit and start to read the letters. She tells him that he can try to read it, he can take his time.

HS – The people from the war are getting harmed by people….did I read this okay?

SW – Yes, that is all right. Continue please.

HS – So, please find the solution.

He looks at her and they both smile.

At the gisaeng house, Sowoon tells Kyu that he was attacked. Kyu is alarmed and asks what happened to the letter? The Jurchen man says that he woke up after a few days. Kyu says that letter has the Kings stamp! Who took it from you?

He says that he did not see them, but he heard them say that the First Prime Minister will be happy, before he passed out.

Kyu heads to the jail. Chisoo is still there.

CS – How come you are here?

Kyu – How long are you going to affect the King?

CS – I don’t understand, tell me in easier terms.

Kyu – Where did you sneak out the Kings letter?

CS – Oh, that rebel letter? 

Kyu – That is what is best for the country and the people.

CS – I don’t know what you are talking about. You were born noble and enjoy the most. So why are you with those low class people and live like that? I was born in a not so good family and got all the way here all by myself. If I were you, I would enjoy what I have and make it bigger and leave it to my descendents.

Kyu – So that is why you are corrupt? Is that your big will?

CS – You put the clown as a puppet and are doing corruption as well. I told you, you and me are the same, don’t deny it.

Kyu – I dont’ deny it, but my way is different from your way. I saw two Kings that understand me. One was lost, but this time I will step aside for the new one.

CS – Step aside? Do you think I will believe that?

Kyu – I don’t care if you believe it. Where is that letter?

CS – I will not tell you. Why don’t you just kill me now.

Kyu – Do you really have to do this?

CS – I will die anyway, it will be fun if you kill me. Why hesitate> Because you don’t’ have a sword?

A sword is drawn on Kyu. Several assassin looking men have surrounded him. They break Chisoo out of his chains and help him stand. Then they drag Chisoo out and made him kneel. Chisoo walks out slowly and puts on his robes again. then CHisoo takes one of their swords and walks to Kyu with it. he holds it to his throat.

CS – I was looking for my sword and I have my sword in my hands. I think God is helping me.

Kyu – Your god is a corrupt god.

CS – I don’t care as long as my will is the same as Gods will.

Outside, on the Seoul border gates, one of the gate guards sees something going on. then he is hit by an arrow. The other guards runs to an official and says that there is a war coming. This guard kills another head guard and then tells them to open the gates.

Jinpyung is outside on his horse in his armor. He looks really cool. He comes in on his horse and all his men are on horses behind him. Other poeple are walking behind him, there should be hundreds of people. They all have torches.

In the palace, Jo runs to the library and tells Hasun and Sowoon that a coup is coming! Rebels are coming! 

Hasun and Sowoon both stand in alarm.

Fade Out

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I LOVE THIS SHOW. This episode was so exhilarating! My nerves y’all. Everything is working out in a very believable way. I love it so much. I am always rewarded by watching it with something good that happens. But it is also rewarding to see that the bad guys think of a way to come back, and it is a believable method! It isn’t like, “Oh, they didn’t remove Daebi, that is why the coup can happen.” It is more like, Yes, they removed Daebi and tried to get Jinpyung but those two still managed to find a way back using all the resources they have that were appropriately set up throughout the entire run of the drama. It is beautiful to watch.


DB – With the stamp, bring me that fakes head.

Kyu – What is fake? What is low class? Everything he did was for the country and the people. You cannot say that is low class and fake does not matter.

SW – I am nervous that you have to go out and fight them.

VO – There is no secret letter.

Kyu – If you push the King then he will push back.

Jo – You should not go out like this.

HS – Don’t worry, I will be back safely.

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  1. WPB
    February 25, 2019 / 9:03 pm

    Super nervous after seeing the preview. It looks like Hasun is putting his hand on Sowoon’s eyes. It doesn’t show his or her face but from the other clips one can tell from the clothing and hair pin that’s Sowoon. Does it mean she is dead? OMG!

    • V
      February 26, 2019 / 8:51 am

      OMG, I hope not!

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