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The Crowned Clown: Episode 13 Live Recap

The Crowned Clown Recap 13

The face off begins! I am stunned because I thought they didn’t have enough episodes left to address all the situations they have set up. But now I think they have too many episodes left after Hasun revealed to Chisoo that he is the clown he threw 2 cents at. How are they going to make this work for 4 episodes (including today)?

You should have kept Jo in the room with you Hasun. Though I think Chisoo had already figured everything out and just needed Hasun to know that he knew by catching him in a clearly baffled moment.

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Hasun grips the two coins and throws them on the floor. Chisoo looks at them and then looks back at Hasun who is glaring at him with all his hate.

HS – Yes, I am that dog like two coin guy!

Chisoo starts laughing.

CS – I did not find you, you were hiding in the palace. 

HS – If Dalrae gets hurt at all, I will not let you leave!

CS – You are playing this well, even though I knew, I still thought you were the King. Yes, who knows about you except Lee Kyu? This is the secret you can’t share. Where is the King? When is he going to come back?

Flashback to Hasun asking where the King was. Kyu said he was far away and he did not know if he would come back like thunder or like the slow morning sunrise.

HS – He may come back as thunder! Or as the morning sun, I don’t know.

CS – Okay, if he comes back now, I don’t care. You are fake. If I show that Lee Kyu put you in front of him and messed up politics and the King that let it happen will not be able to keep his position. I should be in a hurry. I will tell you how to save your sister. Give an order that you will torture the sinner yourself. Today, execute Lee Kyu for putting a low class clown as the King and messing up politics and pushed the King down for listening to a bad person.

HS – Before that, I want to see if Dalraw is okay.

CS – Yes, you want to save your sister, but first of all, kneel…..don’t you want to save your sister?

Hasun kneels and looks at the two coins.

CS – When you go to the torture place and call Lee Kyu as a sinner. I will call your sister as a witness.

HS – Okay, I will.

Hasun is pained to say this.

Cut to Aeyoung running in to see Sowoon, she tells her that there was big trouble. The King said that he will torture someone. Is the noble issue really something that should be investigated by the king? They are all preparing now.

In the palace, Mooyoung find Kyu and tells him that Chisoo went to the Kings room and now we have an investigation by the King himself. They are already preparing for torture and the temporary judges are already there.

Kyu hurries to the sight and sees that everything is indeed all set up. Then Chisoo comes in looking like he ownes the place. Kyu is taken aback at the entire situation. Hasun is announced and comes in looking worn. He sits at his throne. Kyu tries to figure out what is going on.

Hasun now has to call the name of the sinner. he says the Secretary of State should step up. They call the witness, Dalrae is brought out. Now Kyu is starting to get what is happening.

HS – Secretary of State, take my order. Shin CHisoo, take that sinner CHisoo out! 

Chisoo is pulled by the guards. But he stops them and says that he is not the sinner! The sinner is the secretary of state and the guy over there playing! Everyone looks around like, what is going on? Did he just say that?

Hasun stands up and walks right in front of Chisoo.

HS – I warned you, if you hurt Dalrae at all then I will not let you leave. I am going to play you know, properly.

CS – How dare you, you low class clown.

Hasun grabs someones sword and holds it to CHisoo’s head.

HS – The worst jerk in the world that even ghosts will spit on.

It is a signal to Dalrae because it is just like a performance.

HS – You son of a B that does not know your roots. How dare you hold me in contempt, the King of the country. DO you really want to die?

CHisoo starts laughing, but it is a nervous laugh. He tells everyone that this is the clown, he just looks like the King. Lee Kyu is hiding the King and has the clown here! We have to find him!

Hasun asks who will trust him? Chisoo says that the girl is the sister of the clown, she can tell the truth. He then asks Dalrae to tell the truth, is this your brother?

DR – My brother is….my brother is….dead. He died already.

CS – She is lying….it is all lies. How dare you! Arent you afraid of God! How can you say this?

DR – It is true, how can I lie in front of the King?

Kyu – Your highness, taking this poor girl as a witness is not good to do.

HS – Jo, take this girl out.

Jo – Yes, your highness.

CS – No! No! Wake up! We can’t just let this girl go!

But Jo has finished walking Dalrae out. Hasun turns to Jinpyung and throws the sword cavalierly over his shoulder.

HS – Do you agree with this guy, Jinpyung?

JP – Of course not.

Minister – How can we be ont he same side as this rebel?

CS – You will regret it! When the real King comes back, not only these two, but all of you will be ~.

Hasun swn=ings the sword and tells him to shut up. He stops it right in front of his face. 

HS – Put him on the chair! 

CS – I am not the sinner, Lee Kyu is the sinner!

HS – Shut his mouth!

They gag Chisoo with a wooden tie. Hasun sits back on his throne

HS – Start the investigation for the rebel, Shin Chisoo.

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Kyu – We have a witness that can reveal all Shin CHisoo’s corruption.

HS – Let that person in.

A woman in white is brought in. it is court lady Kim!

Kyu – As you know, courtlady Kim tried to check whether you have that wound. So I sent her in to Shin Chisoo to find out who was behind it.

Ministers – She tries to check the Kings body…she doubted the Kings body

Kyu – Officer Jang found her alive.

Flashback to Kim in a holding shack. ChiSoo’s butler comes in. But then Mooyoung knocks him out.

Mooyoung stands next to Kim at the interrogation.

HS – Start the interrogation!

Minister – Is it true that Chi-soo used you to harm the King?

Kim – Yes, he asks me to see if the King was real or not. So he asked me to check his wound. Whom killed the Kings painter nd made the post to harm his dignity, was Shin CHi-soo. Shin Chisoo asked me a long time ago to put hallucinogenic candle in the Kings room. He bought all the Royal doctors and maids and made the Queens courtlady, Park, to plant the talisman under Sunhwadangs bedroom, and he made them lie that all that happened.

HS – Sunhwadang was part of it?

Kim – She does not  know about it. Shin CHisoo worried that it would not go well so he ordered to Sunhwadang real poison.

HS – You are really bad! I will discus your sin with our law department. Put her in jail!

She is taken away, but she glares at Chisoo before leaving.

HS – Torture Shin Chisoo until he confesses.

CHisoo is tortured until morning. He has sticks all in his fingernails and blood is everywhere. Everyone is still waiting on a confession. Kyu gives Hasun a look and then walks to the front of CHisoo.

Kyu – Are you ready to confess your sin?

The mouth piece is removed from Chisoo. He spits on the ground in front of Kyu

CS – I did not commit any sin.

HS – He said he did not commit any sin. What do you think?

Minister – We have evidence and witnesses. And his sin is very bad. Especially the poster that made the citizens worry, that is the biggest rebel act ever.

Minister – He is right! You should order to execute him!

All the ministers talking are all Chisoo’s people.

HS – I grant his execution.

Hasun glares with passion at Chisoo as if all his hate is shooting right at him.

Sun breaks and a courtlady watches this and hurries off. Then Sunhwadang runs to the scene to see her uncle. She is worried and asks for some time. He looks up at her in a belabored way.

HD _-Tell me you did not poison me on purpose! Is that I said right?!

CS – Come closer….in one of the guest rooms, there is my precious bonzai tree. take whatever is inside for yourself.

HD – What are you talking about? Bonsai?

CS – If you want to live, then hurry.

A guard says to take Chisoo. HD steps aside. Chisoo looks over his shoulder at her and is then carried away.

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Elsewhere, Kyu tells Mooyoung, good job for bringing Woonsim to him.  Then he leads her to the room where Dalrae is. They have a warm reunion.

Kyu – I will explain everything to you, please take care of Dalrae.

He leaves them alone. Woonsim asks Dalrae why she is there, what happened? Dalrae says that she cannot answer anything now, her brother will be more in danger. She says that she wont ask her anything anymore, just don’t cry.

WS – I have something for you.

She gives her teh acrons that kyu wanted delivered to her.

WS – Hasun collected these for you.

Dalrae opens the bag and sees thea corns inside. She smiles as she picks them up.

DR – Brother…

In another room, Hasun asks Kyu how Dalrae is. Kyu tells him that he asked Woonsim to take care of her, she is okay. Hasun is relieved. But Kyu says that it is his mistake that he left Hasun alone, but how can you reveal your identity right away?

HS – Dalraes life was in danger, I could not wait.

Kyu – Why couldn’t you wait for me?

HS – For someone like CHisoo, it is better for me to just do it then to consider a lot. If I thought a lot more, then this matter would not have resolved. What happned to Kabsoo?

Cut to a man bowing in the interrogation courtyard. it is Kabsoo. YiKyeom is there as well.

Minister – tell the King why you attacked YiKyeom?

KS – I had a reason

YJ – How dare you. Don’t lie, you just attacked me!

Minister – Is what he said true?

KS – No! I always thought I would kill him as soon as I see him.

Minister – Do you have a grudge?

KS – A daughter like little girl that I take care of, who doesn’t know anything, and this animal like guy…I am just a low class clown, I couldn’t call the city office, I was suffering, but when I saw him…..I have no regret. I will take whatever you sentence to me.

Kyu – Your highness, hitting 80 times for a low class person to attack an aristocrat follows the Chinese rule.

Hasun – Instaed, just send him to the Navy.

Kabsoo loks at the King and realizes that this is Hasun. He tries not to notice.

HS – What king of sin for this guy that seduced this innocent girl?

Kyu – He should be executed, but for normal citizens. (clowns are lower than normal citizens)

YK – Yes, she is a low class clownn so I am not a sinner

HS – So your sin is not a sin?!

YK – According to Chinese rule, yes.

HS – I checked the Kings records. The King can make a law, the previous Kings made their own laws. So I will order the Kings rule.

YK – You make a punishment that is not in the law? What are you talking about? Are you going to involve me with my fathers sin?

HS – I am not going to punish you with your fathers sin! I am going to punish you with your own sin! You are responsible for what you did!

YK – You cannot do it! There are no laws like this!

HS – I am the King for the citizens who do not have money and power to protect themselves. So what is wrong to make a new law for them! I am going to order punishment of a tatoo for Shin YiKyeom. Write his sin on his face so he will always remember what he did!

Kyu – Your highness!

Hasun – Do it!

YK – Your highness, I am sorry! I am sorry!

Hasun flashbacks to the night his sister was attacked.

The hot iron is brought up to YiKyeom’s face and “Rapist” it is burned into his skin.

Lee Kyu looks so shocked, worried, and confused. He is seriously stunned.

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Later on, Hasun meets with Kabsoo in a private room and reveals that he is Hasun. Kabsoo gives him a huge smile and hug and asks how the King knows that he is doing this? Hasun tells him not to worry, of course I cannot do this without the Kings will. Kabsoo is so thankful and tells Hasun to tell the King that he is really thankful to him. 

So now, Kabsoo will go to Moowan city for the navy. that is the place Dalrae and Hasun grew up. Kabsoo knows that this is the best place for Dalrae and tells Hasun not to worry about her, just think about yourself and don’t make the King angry. Then he hugs Hasun again and asks if this is really a dream.

Hasun leaves and sees Kyu outside. Kyu still looks worried and contemplative.

Kyu – How do you feel?

HS – Only one day passed, I feel like on year – no – more than one year has passed. I feel good as if I released all my burdens. But at the same time, I feel responsibility.

Kyu – If you felt that way, at leas that is good.

HS – What are you talking about?

Kyu – Nothing.

Kyu walks off. But later on at night fall, we see that he is still in a deep thinking mood. He is at the gisaeng house so Woonsim sits with him.

Kyu – I am not your customer, you don’t have to serve me.

WS – What happened in the palace?

Kyu – Every day, something happens.

WS – Is Hasun playing the King well?

Kyu – Did Dalrae tell you?

WS – She worries about her brother so she didn’t say anything. 

Kyu – SO who said that?

WS – I was next to you for many years, how do you think I lived all this time?

Kyu – Sorry

WS – Don’t worry, I am not thinking of sharing everything with you. You are too much for me to do that. Don’t just push me away. In good times or bad times, just staying next to you is all I need.

Kyu – *pleasantly* Poor me a drink.

She poors him a drink and smiles. Kyu still thinks.

Int he jail, YiKyeom sits int eh cell next to his father. Then YiKyeom is taken out of the cell. 

CS – Yikyeom ah, where are you taking him?

Guard – He will go to the North border by order of the King

YiKyeom looks all kinds of out of it. He hits the guards away and then stares at his father. it looks like he is about to throw a temper tantrum, but instead, he gives his father the most respectful deepest bow. he cries as he bows his head on the ground and then the guards stand him back up to leave.

Chisoo tries not to cry as well. Then he calls to the guard and gives him the marble cirlce ornament from his hat.

CS – I will give you this, can I ask you a favor?

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Cut to Jinpyung walking outside. SOmeone tells him that Chisoo wants to see him. 

JP – How dare he want to see me…..no….he might try to turn me in.

He goes to see Chisoo in the jail.

CS – I thought you would come.

JP – Why do you want to see me? Are you going to turn me in?

CS – It is all dependent on you.

JP – Dont do anything stupid. Everyon in Joseon knows we are enemies. Who will trust you?

CS – The King may believe me

JP – Are you threatening me?

CS – We live together or die together

JP – What? Live together? Are you still saying those things?

CS – It is not just an empty dream. I have a definite reason that we can take the King down.

Jinpyung kind of reluctantly listens

Elsewhere, Dalrae sits with Hasun in the Kings chambers. He wants her to eat the food in front of him, but she does not want to. She says she can’t eat because she is so scared. She would rather leave. She stands up with her acorns and tells him that they should leave together. But he tells her that he has to stay there. there is something important there.

She asks if there is something more important than her? He says that she is themost important, but you saw all the work I do in the palace. Ii started it so I must see the end. She tells him that he cannot be King his whole life. I cannot live without you. I am so afraid that you will die.

Hasun tells her to go to that city with Kabsoo. I will be there. She cries and says that he is lying, he said that he will be back. He tells her to trust him, don’t you trust me? She says that she does but….~. He hugs her and tells her that he is sorry. She tells him to come quickly. He says he will.

then we cut to Kabsoo and Dalrae being escorted out. But Kabsoo turns around and sees Hasun watching them, so he bows. He also smiles and kind of motions for Hasun to continue with his business. It is a pleasant sight for Kabsoo. 

Dalrae does not turn around though. She keeps walking away. But then she stops and turns around also and waves tot he King.

Hasun tries not to cry as he watches then leaves. He does not wave back, but gives them a very tiny smile and nod. Dalrae keeps waving and waving and waving and is then pulled lightly away by the guards.

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After that, he goes to meet with Sowoon.

HS – thank you for coming today.

SW – Did you say goodbye to your sister nicely?

HS – I am not sure if I made a good choice. Dont’ say that I am cowardly, I know well that I have to endure this kind of pain to be in this position. My sister left smiling for me. But sending them like that, I feel burdensome and scared.

SW – Of course, it is not because you are weak, it is because you are human. That is why you feel this way.

She hugs him.

SW – I know this well, what it feels like to be separated from your family. The one that is sending and the one that is leaving, their heart is shredding. When everything becomes okay on a spring day, go to see your sister in Kabsoo.

She holds his hands.

SW – I want to see them also. I will always remember it and will ask you to go together.

But something is brewing in the jail. Kim is sitting there when a courtlady bribes someone to talk to Kim. Daebi sent food for Kim. Kim does not eat it and steps on it instead.

Kim – Who do you think I am, using this stupid plan. Are youa fraid that I will confess? Wait. I should accept the favor that you did not forget me. It is not a favor, but I want to give Daebi my last gift.

She whispers something to the courtlady. The courtlady whispers this to Daebi.

Court lady – If you like the gift, then Kim wants you to call her.

DB – Do you think I believe this?

Court lady – that is what she told me

Daebi starts to laugh.

DB – How dare that woman give me this big present on her last day.

She keeps laughing.

IN Sowoon’s room, Aeyoung wonders how Chisoo can do this rebel act. You should act fast to give birth to a royal baby to make the Kings power stronger.

SW – Baby?

AY – Yes, the baby that will follow the King. I have a good female doctor friend. Why don’t you get checked by her?

SW – Okay.

AY – I will call her tomorrow! Right away!

Aeyoung leaves happily.

The next day, the friend checks on Sowoon.

SW – How is it?

Doctor – You have a weak pulse that is too fast. You are weak now so you need to support your energy. I will make good medicine for you.

Then she sees the tea.

Doctor – Is this baekhwa tea? May I have a look at it?

She looks at the tea and notices something.

Doctor – I am sorry Queen, can I have the leaves to this tea?

SW – Why?

Doctor – I want to see if you are drinking tea that is good for your body type.

AY – But you should not look at this tea, it is tea sent by her doctor.

Doctor – I understand, but I still want to see what is in it.

SW – You may take it.

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In the throne politics room, the politicians talk about CHisoo’s execution date. It is set for the end of the month. They also ask if he decided what to do with Kim? She should be executed, but you can give her 40 hits and send her as a slave to the border.

Hasun agrees.

Kyu – Your highness, I have something to tell you. It is not true that your father in law tried to do a coup.

HS – DO you have evidence or a witness?

Kyu – Yes, but I am sorry, the criminal that turned in your father in law is dead. However, we have the record. So, I want to discuss this here.

JP – Your highness, Lee Kyu’s request is not right.

Jinpyung opposes it. Hasun tells them to discuss it, who is right? Jinpyung or Lee Kyu?

The politicians start to discuss amongst themselves. Kyu looks at Jinpyung, but the voice over says that the King should be on Kyu’s side.

In Sowoon’s room, Aeyoung tells the Queen that there is happy news. The King ordered to talk about her father. Sowoont hinks that she needs to see the Queen right now.

But there is an announcement for the nurse/doctor to come in. The friend comes in and looks alarmed. She tells her that the tea that she was drinking causes infertility. She bows her head after delivering this news.

SW – But, how come our royal doctor sent me that kind of tea?

Friend – I do not know that much, but just in case, I asked if the othe Kings wives are taking it, it is only you. May I ask you how long you have drank it?

AY – At least 3 months.

Friend – I am sorry, but after one month – you cannot get pregnant.

Sowoon almost faints, Aeyoung holds her up. The friend wants to bring the doctor. But Sowoon does not want to bring the doctor because then the King will know. The country is becoming stable now, so don’t tell anyone. They both agree though they don’t like it.

Meanwhile, men in black pilage Chisoon’s place. The bonsai tree has already been overturned.

The men in black go back to Jinpyung and tells him that they looked everywhere, but what he was looking for is already gone. JP thinks back to what Chisoo said. Chisoo says that he has evidence that the King was making a backdoor deal with the Jurchens. I took the Kings secret letter to the Jurchens.

Jinpyung says that the King should not do that, but Chisoo says it might have been Lee Kyu’s idea. JP asks if he thinks the King was swayed by Lee Kyu to make an under the table deal with the Jurchens? Chisoo says that, if he shows the evidence, then every scholar and politician will oppose the King.

JP wonders how Chisoo can do it in jail. Chisoo says that he can do it if he wants to be the King. 

In the present, Jinpyung festers about this secret letter. Is Chisoo lying about this?

Cut to Sunhwadang reading the letter at her desk.

Flashback to the Jurgen getting knocked out and the letter stolen by the butler.

In jail, Chi-soo mutters, you clown, wait for me, I will not go to hell alone.

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The next day in the palace, Hasun goes to meet with Sowoon in the library, but the mood is glum. Aeyoung is not her happy go lucky self when she lets him in and Sowoon is also not in a happy mood. He tries to sneak up on her quietly to tell her good news. They have made a decision to bring back her father. Sowoon is so happy that her fathers problem could be resolved. 

Hasun says that it was actually Lee Kyu. Sowoon tells him to tell Lee Kyu thank you. But she is still sad.

Hasun asks if there are any problems? You still look sad. She says that it might be this good news that makes her look this way. then she changes the subject and says that she picked out some good books that they can read together.

Hasun tells her that he has to discuss something with the Secretary of State, I will be back. He smiles and leaves. then he walks to Aeyoung who is standing with all the other servants with their heads bowed and asks to talk to her for a moment.

HS – Tell me the truth, why does the queen look so sad?

AY – Your highness, kill me!

She falls to her knees to beg.

HS – What happened!

Hasun hurries back inside to the library.

HS – I heard about the flower tea! Did you really plan to not tell me!

Sowoon starts crying unconrollably. He hugs her.

HS – I am sorry. You are the one suffering. I will find out who did this and I will not forgive them.

SW – That is why I didn’t tell you.

HS – What are you talking about? DO you know who did it?

He glares at her and then storms out.

SW – your highness!

He goes all the way to the doctor and tells him to come out right now! The doctor comes out so Hasun grabs him.

HS – Tell me right now! Who asked you to giv ethe queen that 100 flower tea!

Doctor – I don’t know what you are talking about.

HS – How dare you!

Doctor – I am sorry, I commited a serious crime, just save my life!

HS – Who asked that!

Doctor – Well….Daebi….

he bows his head in shame. Hasun clenches his firsts.

HS – The Queen was that ill, in that serious of a health condition, and yet you said she could have sick leave and then gave her that tea as soon as she came back. Was that all Daebi’s order!

Doctor – Yes, I could not refuse Daebi’s order.

HS – Where is the tea.

the doctor runs in and gets it. Hasun grabs it and leavs.

Mooyoung tells Jo that he will follow the King, can you call Lee Kyu? They both break and do their separate jobs.

Hasun marches into Daebi’s courtyard. She is outside.

DB – King, it is your habit to break in.

He throws the tea box on the ground, it breaks and tea flower leaves go everywhere.

DB _ Ar eyou doing this in front of everyone?

HS – This is the 100 flower tea that you asked the doctor to serve the Queen. There are some things tht cannot be forgiven.

DB – I am telling you, if you have any intelligence, you should not forgive the queen this easily for leaving the palace.

HS – WHy do you hate her so much!

DB – I don’t hate the person, I hate the sin.

HS – Can you at least show me that you regret what you did?

DB – Do you think you can do that? My family, my father, and your brother, can you do that?

HS – So you are not confessingn until the end?

DB – If not, what are you going to do?

HS – Okay, I have no options, I will ~.

But then Kyu runs up.

Kyu – Calm down.

HS – You don’t know what is going on.

Kyu – I heard everything, please calm down a little bit.

HS – You know this and are still telling me that I should calm down?

DB – Okay, he is right, the King is right. So what did you wnt to tell me?

Kyu – Your highness, you shouldn’t

HS – Why are you stopping me!

DB – This is fun to watch. So will the clown play on the street be this interesting?

Everyone looks at each other.

DB – The queen cannot get pregnant, so she needs to be removed.

HS – If I need to remove someone, it will be you first!

She walks away looking very satisfied.

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Later on, Kyu tells Hasun that he should have waited. Daebi was waiting for you to do something like that. this is for the Kings safety. I tried to remove her before, the previous King would have granted it, but the scholars would have attacked the King and the palace. The plan I wanted to protect the King from will end up destroying him.

HS – Why are you telling me that?

Kyu – Because you were the one that stopped me from making that mistake.

HS – Back then, I did nt know what was happening in the palace. You are the one that taught me, the only two ways to survive in the palace is to ignore it or completely kill the opponent.

HS – You need evidence to take her down and the discussion is the most important thing. When the Kings father comes back, I will prepare for it. With him, when he comes back, we will do a former request, so wait.

HS – Can you hurry?

Kyu – I will leave to get your father in law tomorrow morning.

The next day, Kyu heads out to get Sowoon’s father. He has two palace guards with him. But when he gets there he sees that the father in law is already dead. He is stabbed in the chest. Kyu runs to his side and shakes him to wake him up. But it is too late.

Fade Out

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This episode was so SATISFYING. Oh my word, it was the best feeling to see Chisoo and his son get what has been coming to them this entire drama! Of course Chisoo’s situation looks bleak, but he is still scheming in that jail and his schemes look like they might be working.

Also, how can Daebi get away with making the Queen infertile??? That seems like something everyone shold be against Daebi on. But I guess the entire situation with her son pulls into this situation. The King killed her son so she made his wife infertile (and tried to kill him several times, but they haven’t found out about that yet).


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  1. Flowerme
    February 19, 2019 / 6:02 pm

    Thanks veey much for the recap V. Hoping for a happy ending.

    • V
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  2. WPB
    February 19, 2019 / 10:55 pm

    The relationship between the clown and the Queen was finalized in the last episode. After that, I think they will focus on the clown and the Palace, where they end up in the remaining episodes. I think the bad guys will be punished and a good ending is warrant. I didn’t expect the Queen’s dad would be dead but that will bring up the confrontation to the next level. I am not sure if the clown’s sister is safe at the point. In fact, other than the queen and the clown, no one character is safe in the drama.

    Thanks V for the recap.

    • V
      February 20, 2019 / 4:44 am

      That is what makes this show so intriguing and so stressful!

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