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The Crowned Clown: Episode 12 Live Recap

The Crowned Clown Episode 12 recap

We have a Queens life to save, a Chinese ambassador to please, a Jurchen war to stop, an impending coup forming, and an arrow in the back for good measure. There is so much happening! But it all fits together so well! Y’all, there are only 4 episodes after this one. Hoping for a happy ending, but preparing myself for a tragic one. (But hoping for a happy one, did I say that?)

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We open on the ledge. Hasun tries to keep Sowoon from jumping. He holds her arm and pleades with her to live for him. Can he live for him? There were many time I thought I would die in the palace. But when I thought I would die, I told myself that I wanted to live. I wanted to live so I can hear your voice. Please live for me. Please.

But then an arrow flies by. hasun sees it and jumps. Then he looks to the side and sees the assassins. He quickly covers the Queen and is shot in the upper left of his back. This causes him to collapse to the ground and pass out. Sowoon catches him. 

She calls, Your Highness” over and over again. Another arrow is released. But Mooyoung has run to the ledge and hits the arrow away. The other guards run to find the assassins.

On the ledge, Sowoon asks Hasun to wake up, but he is out. She holds him closely and starts crying from the situation of it all.

Back in the city, Lee Kyu is about to get his beck sliced by a sword, but the ambassador stops. Chisoo shows up and asks the diplomat to pause what he is doing. They all turn to see Chisoo walk up. Kyu is noticably suprised. Chisoo tells the ambassador to forgive Kyu’s sin. But the ambassador says that Kyu should beg for him, not Chisoo. But Chisoo could beg in his place.

Chisoo says that he can’t, he is not there as a government person. Kyu says that he cannot ruin the dignity of this country and the King only to survive. The ambassador asks if he is not afraid of dying? Kyu explains that his death can maintain the friendship between Joseon and China so he is not afraid of anything. Your Emperor does not want to break this friendship right?

The ambasador puts his sword away and says that tongues are stronger than swords. Joseon has a person like you. Kyu says it is his honor, there are a lot better men than him in Joseon. The ambassador says he is going to the palace tomorrow. he will go there with Chisoo as his escort. 

Kyu – Okay, please do that.

The ambassador leaves. Kyu stands and talks to Chisoo.

Kyu – I wonder why he came one day early agains the common rules? Did you do it?

CS – Well, don’t blame me for the King and your mistake. I just did this for the country.

Kyu – Serving the Chinese politician is your work?

CS – Send someone to the King, if he is not in the palace then he will be in trouble. Hurry.

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Cut to Mooyoung looking intense and guarding a house. Hasun is inside the house laying in all white on his side. He wakes up and tries to sit up. he manages and gets a hold of his surroundings. Then Sowoon comes in. Hasun is surprised to see her. She does not speak, she just sits next to him to do something. 

HS – Are you okay? I am feel nervous becuase you aren’t saying anything. Am I dreaming?

SW – I was afraid to think about losing you. It was scarier than dying. I realized what is more afraid than dying.

HS – Are you still going to kill yourself?

SW – I thought I commited a crime that I did not realize, so the guilty feeling made me want to choose to end my life.

She looks at him with tears

SW – but now, even if the world points a finger at me, or blames me. I will still keep living next to you.

he hugs her with his one good arm and tries not to cry. 

HS – Queen, you saved two lives. if you didn’t stop yourself on the ledge, then I also could have followed you.

SW – Please, just lay down, I am worried that your wound will get worse.

He lays down on his side again and she tucks him in. They look at each other for a moment.

SW – Please take a rest.

HS – I don’t think I can sleep. I am afraid you will disappear.

SW – Don’t worry, I am not going anywhere, I will be next to you.

HS – Promise me

She holds his hand

SW – Yes, I promise you.

he falls to sleep and she continues holding his hands.

In the palace, a guard tells Jo and Kyu that the King was attacked. Jo is so concerned and asks if he is severely injured? The guard says that he was still unconscious when he left. Kyu tells him to go back and protect the King. Jo thinks Kyu should go too, but Kyu says he has to stay until the Chinese Emperor comes.

The next day, everyone prepares for the Chinese Emperor in the throne room, but the King is not there. Whispers are all around.

The ambassador comes in with Chisoo. Jinpyung looks so happy. 

Ambasador – Secretary of State, what happened? You said that the King would be here, this is not as promised. The King of Joseon shoul be polite, but the King does not even know of to accept the Emperors letter!

He loosk around

Hasun – you are good at Korean.

Hasun walks into the throne room and everyone shows their respect. Kyu is surprised.

Hasun – When did you learn Joseon language?

Am – This is the least I should do. You knew I was coming so why did you leave the palace? Your rudeness to the Emperors diplomat is the same as being rude to the Emperor, you should know that.

Hasun – You can think that way but….

he turns.

Hasun – Bring it to me!

Several men bring in a Tiger skin and set it on the floor in front of the Ambassador

Hasun – This is tiger leather. I went out to hunt an animal for the Emperor. it was delayed because we hunted a tiger. Please take it to the Emperor.

Am – The tale is?

There is no tale.

HS – Did you see? After catching it I thought it was strange, a tiger with no tale. It is a difficult to find item. Please report that to your Emperor.

Am – Okay.

It looks like things are smoothed over as Hasun looks over the room at his allies and enemies.

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Later on, Hasun, Kyu, and Jo meet with the ambassador and twoof his people over snacks. One of his people is Chisoo. The ambassador mentions that the Emperor is surprised that Chisoo was fired from his position and goes into detail about rules and manners. 

HS – That is all right, I heard he treated you well while I was not here. 

he looks at Chisoo.

HS – I am going to give you another position. With the Emperor and your highness, I will never forget your mercy.

Kyu looks worried.

They all leave.

Kyu pats Hasun on his shoulder and Hasun crumbles in pain from it. Kyu is all like, oh, is that the wound spot? I thought you would be later. Hasun tells him that he spromised him that he would be back. He then sits and says that if Jo didn’t tell him about the politicians saying that he had to give CHisoo another position, then I would be super angry.

Kyu – It is good that you didn’t get angry. It should be Chisoo’s plan that the politician came one day early. I think everything that CHisoo did to come back to politics is that.

HS – he is using the Chinese politician, it is even more difficult to forgive him now.

Kyu – DId you find out who attacked the Queen and Hasun?

MY – Sorry, we followed them but could not catch them.

They wonder who tried to assassinate both King and Queen. It had to be the only person that knew you were not in the palace. The peson that broke into the palace and asked me to give you the Kings stamp and thea army. 

Jo – Are you talking about Daebi?

In Daebi’s room, she yells at Jinpyung about not being able to accommplish an easy target like this. I told you to follow the King and assassinate him. I told you they would go to her fathers place. I told you everything! How can I trust you?

JP – I am the only one to follow your order and keep this country safe.

DB – You are already King if you say it!

Some one announces another prince at the door.

DB – Let him in. You go out.

Jinpyung looks surprised.

The other prince comes in and walks by Jinpyung. Daebi welcomes him. Jinpyung looks highly upset.

Elsewhere, Sowoon burns ensence and pours tea as if having a ritual for the former King. Aeyoung says that she thought Sowwon was going back to the palace. Why are you staying in this scary and haunted temple?

SW – I am going to finish my tea ceremony and then go back to my room. Just stay for 3 days.

AY – Who do you do this for?

SW – Someone you don’t know.

She prays in front of the tea ceremony. Kyu comes out and sees her. Aeyoung tells her that Kyu is there so Sowoon turns around and sees him. Kyu bows. They look at each other for a moment, then they start to talk.

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Kyu – I am happy that you came back (for your mercy to come back).

SW – Don’t say that, I was avoiding my sin, the only reason i came back was to have responsibility for it. The only thing I have now is to protect him. I will do anything to protect him.

Kyu – I heard a similar thing before. The person in the Kings office that came back, you told me that also. To protect the precious thing, he wanted power. I will protect you two and the palace (country) with my life.

In Joseon, Chisoo thanks the ambassador for his mercy. the ambassador tells him that the reason he let him come back to the palace is for the 10000 soldiers for the emperor from him. Do not forget that. CS says he will not forget.

Back with Sowoon, Hasun shows up and sees her standing outside and looking at the night sky. She turns around and sees him. He walks up to her.

SW – you shuld rest more, how did you come here?

HS – I was just laying in the warm bedroom, I was really sorry to you and worried about you.

He covers her with her shall.

SW – Give me your hand.

She does. he puts acorns in them. She remembers when he did it on the bridge back when they were super awkward with each other and she didn’t like him. She smiles.

HS – Do you remember? When you bite this acorn and wish for what you want then the house goblin will show up and grant your wish. Whenever you are bored, just bite then one by one and wish for what you want. Who knows, maybe a goblind lives here.

SW – how long will you use jongdaemal with me?

HS – I’m sorry?

SW – We are back here so you can use it as you always did. It is more comfortable to me and safer for you.

HS – But I dare not (How dare I?)…I will follow my queen. When will you go back to your room?

SW – Three days.

HS – Three days, okay.

She takes a moment and then speaks again.

SW – So-woon, my name is Yoo So-woon.

HS – So-woon…Yoo Sowoon, that is a very pretty name.

SW – tell me your name

HS – Hasun

SW – Hasun, that is a warm name.

She smiles slightly and they stare at each other comfortably.

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Cut to Hasun talking to Kyu in the palace. They talk about how China wants 10,000 soldiers. Kyu says that China and the Jurgens have a conflict right now. China will not win the war with their own soldiers so they want our soldiers.

HS – What if I say no? 

Kyu – They will attack us first before they attack the Jurgens. The Jurgens are already attacking us to threaten us.

HS – It is a losing game anyway for us.

Kyu – We made have a war in the country

HS – They should fight, why do they involve us.

Kyu – Have you done a rope performance?

HS – Of course, I am a clown so I did it

Kyu – I am trying to do this rope performance with you, do you want to try it?

Cut to the throne room. CHisoo walks in with his son. His son takes his place with the politicians. Chisoo gets congratulated for becoming a 1st degree Minister (a high minister) by another politician. Then he stares at Jinpyung who does not look happy.

One of the ministers thinks that CS finally brought his sone back, people will think he is the 1st prime minister again. The other minister says that the King can not go against the Chinese Emperor.

Hasun walks in so CHisoo starts to tell him that China should be given more than 10k soldiers, they should be given 20k or 30k since we are their little brother country. But others think they need to be careful in sending them soldiers. For us, we cannot prepare the proper supplies and meals for the soldiers. You should send him an apology letter.

CS says no, the last time we had a war, China sent us soldiers. they took care of it all. if we hesitate, then it is almost as if we are not serving our father. Please send the soldiers. Everyone on the right asks and bows.

HS – I cannot do it.

CS – How can you not serve China as its son country?

He gets on his knees.

CS – how can we be the son country that does not know the mercy of the father.

HS – if my relationship with the Chinese Emperor is like father and son, then I am the father of our people in Joseon. I know for sure that they will all die. How can I be the father that puts his own sons to death? Even if I am a sinner in front of the Chinese emperor, I cannot be a sinner in front of our citizens.

CS – What you just said is a very cruel thing. It cuts out relationship with China. How can you be responsible for our scholars and politicians.

HS – Are you so sad because you cannot give China our loyalty? I can let you go so you should take all those scholars and nobles and go there!

Everyone looks around.

HS – Why are you not doing anything? I told you, you can go. Are you going or not?

Man – that is nonsense, we are…

HS – Shut up! Whose country do you serve? Your own bloodline is important but you don’t know how precious our citizens lives are, you should be ashamed of yourself!

He storms out.

CS is still on his knees and so are the people on his side. They ask how he can go against teir father country! How can you be responsible! Rethink it! 

But Hasun has already left.

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Lee Kyu goes to meet the Chinese diplomat. He is not that welcome (the ambassador asks if he wants him to kill him) but Kyu says that he wants to tell what the King said first and decide. 

Kyu – Joseon does not have professional soldiers like China has. In order to send you soldiers, we have to draft and train them. We do not have enough time and moreover, this year we did not collect enough tax because of the drought and cold. So, the King said we cannot give you the soldiers. if you give us time, then we will draft the best and train them. He said we can also prepare supplies for them. So what is your decision.

Am – How long will it take?

Kyu – Two years

Am – You have one year

Kyu – Okay, I will tel the King.

back in the Palace, Kyu tells Hasun about a secret letter to the Jurgen King.

Kyu – We are not sending military to China. Even if we have a war, we are not going to backstab the Jurgens. if you send this letter then we can prevent the Jurgens attack for now. If you agree with me, then put the stamp on this letter.

HS – Can I really put the stamp?

Kyu – You are the only person that can use the Kings stamp.

Hasun puts the stamp on the letter. It is a moment of realizing how powerful he actually is. He takes it humbly.

Kyu then leaves the palace and gives the secret letter to the Jurgen spy from before, for delivery. The Jurgen man leaves, but I have a feeling someone ws watching him. The man walks to the forest and senses that something sketchy is going on. He pauses and takes out his dagger then scans the forest. But he thinks there is nothing there, so he puts it back in.

Elsewhere, Jinpyung goes to Chisoo’s house to talk.

JP – What if someone sees me coming?

CS – Someone wants to see you in private, that is why I brought you here.

They go inside a room, the ambassador is there.

Am – What is this?

CS – Jinpyung’s gift to you

Am – I heard you are really loyal to China. What Chisoo said is right.

JP – Of course

Am – When Lee Kyu asked for a one year break, I was a little angry about it. But I feel better when I see you two.

JP – Please tells your emperor that we have loyal followers of China.

Am – Do not worry, but I will request 20k soldiers in half a year. 

JP – I can give you anything if I can be the King.

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The next day, Sowoon and Hasun go to meet with Daebi. They want to tell her good morning because the Queen is back. But Daebi is upset and tells Sowoon that she does nto have shame. She left like that and should kill herself. Hasun tells Daebi not to yell at Sowoon, I let her do it.

Daebi says that is the problem, you are too lost to her. That is why the King is tainting the dignity of the Queen. I cannot let this happen anymore. You should kill yourself if you have any dignity left.

SW – I am sorry, but I cannot

DB – What? Are you going to really live with no dignity and ruin our reputation? I never suspected your loyalty to the palace. But now I know that this is all to save your rebel father and keep your position, that is your bad plan.

HS – Please stop. If you torture her like this, I will not let it happen.

DB – Are you going to send me to a hut? I know that you do not think I am your mother and you do not care about serving me. So if you kick me out, we will see who will collapse.

HS – Is it okay for you if I tell everyone that you requested my stamp and military?

DB – Well, that is because you left, so I had to do it.

HS – You want to make an excuse like that, but if everyone knows that I was attacked, who will trust you? DOn’t talk about this to the queen anymore. If you mention it one more time, even thought it is you, I will not tolerate it anymore.

Daebi is quieted. She looks at the Queen.

HS – I take it that you granted the Queens return, so I will leave.

He pulls Sowoon out with him. Daebi halls on the floor and screams.

Later on, Hasun sits on his throne and talksto Hogeol about the rice law. It looks like things are progressing quickly with it. Hogeol thanks him for recognizing how smart he is. There is a lot more that he can show him as well. If you have any more questions then you can ask me.

Jo looks at the King and then looks at Hogeol and says that the King says you can leave now. Hogeol wants to explain more though. But he is escorted out. Kyu smiles happily.

Kyu and Hasun then wonder how the citizens will enjoy this law? Do you want to go out to the people? You can explain this law tot hem and listen to them. It might help. Do you want to try it? hasun asys yes, then he asks about Dalrae and Kabsoo, where are they? I want to see thema  lot, but I should not see them anymore. 

Kyu – You thought about it?

HS – The people that followed me and all the work I have to do and for Dalrae and Kabsoo, I knew I had to cut all the ties I used to have. That way Dalrae is also safe. Please send Dalrae and Kabsoo to a safe place. Then it will be easier for me to cut all the ties.

Kyu – Okay, I will.

Hasun walks to a drawer and then pulls something out to hand to Kyu. Kyu opens it. there are acorns inside.

HS – Can you give this to my sister Dalrae?

Kyu – Okay, I will deliver it for sure.

Elsewhere in the palace, Mooyoung surprises Hogeol by asking for his attention using the world Master or sir. Hogeol completely did not realize that someone would call him sir. Mooyoung tells him that the secretary of state wants to deliver a word, he will pick up the people at your place, please get them ready.

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In the palace, Jo happily gives Hasun a nightime snack of dried persimmon. he tells him it is really good, it is from the best place.

Hasun wonders if it is really that good? He eats a piece, it is indeed very good. Jo looks like he wants to eat it as well. But Kyu tells him to send it to the Queen, he should share a good thing like this with her. Jo is all like….okay…..~. But Hasun knows that he wants some and gives him one of them. Jo is so happy about it and thanks him happily.

In the queens room, Aeyoung presents the dried persimmon to Sowoon as she sits at her desk. She tells her that this snack is from the King. She also gives her a letter. Sowoon opens it happily.

VO – I am going to go to the city and talk to the citizens, would you like to come with me?

She smiles.

Cut to Hogeol’s place. He gives Kabsoo and Dalrae a big breakfast with Goldenway fish and asks them why they are packing a lot when they did not even bring anything with them. Then he realizes that they are packing a lot of his clothing. Hogeol tries to look at his clothing and finds a photo of Hasun that was on the poster.

Hogeol asks him if he likes the King like him? Dalrae is all like, huh? is this really the King? Hogeol is all like, you did not know? The King will come out to the street to see the poeple. All the citizens will see him in person, that will be good. Dalrae thinks deeply about this.

Later on, Hogeol tells them that he will leave but he will be back and will make them a wonderful dinner. he heads out. Dalrae asks Kabsoo so go out but he says that they should not. But Dalrae thinks that they need to check to see if the King and her brother look the same. She wants to check it with her own eyes. She runs off. Kabsoo calls her name for her to come back. 

Meanwhile, Kyu tells Woonsim that Hasun will not be able to meet with Dalrae. She says that Dalrae will be sad, but she can give what Kyu brought to her.

In the palace, Kyu asks Hasun where he should go. Hasun says that he should go somewhere that no one expects that the King will go. Cut to them riding through the city. he goes to the restaurant that he likes and asks for Gukbap. Everyone bows to him. He tries to tell them that they can stand up. then he talks to the people about how their life is. Tell me the truth and I can make plans for you.

Kyu asks them if they are worried that they will say something wrong and get punished, dont’ worry. One of the men says that it is difficult to make a living. He cultivated a lang covered in pebbles, but a noble came and took it from him and said it was theirs. Please give me my land back.

hasun says those guys are so bad! I will do it! Sowoon looks on. Hasun tells them that he will release a law that will collect rice from land owners, do you still want that land? The man says that it is no problem if they pay what they owe. The problem is that they do not have anything and yet taxes are collected from them.

Everyone comes up and talks about their story to him. It is all about nobles treating them badly. hasun stands up and tells them all not to worry, he can listen to them all, jus stand in line.

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YiKyeom walks through the village and wonders why it is so noisy around. Then he sees the King and wonders why the King is there?

At the same time, Dalrae is running around to find the King, but she sees YiKyeom and panics. She hides behind a wall. Kabsoo is walking with her and wonders why she is hiding. But then he notices the men walking past. The bulter of YiKyeom sees her hiding.

Kabsoo asks if that guy is the guy? Dalrae nods. Kabsoo asks the lady who owns the place is they can stay there for a bit. She says yes. So Kabsoo tells Dalrae to stay there, he leaves. he grabs a huge sickle and tries to kill YiKyeom with it. But he fails and is forced to the ground. However, he did slice YiKyeoms arm deeply.

Dalrae is still hiding. The butler comes back and finds her. It looks like he takes her with him because the woman notices that she is missing.

In Chisoo’s house, the butler gives the sword to Chisoo that Dalrae has. He asks how his son is, it seems like his cut is not as bad as it looked.

In the palace, a man tells Hasun that there was an incident against the common law. Please open an investigation court. Kyu asks to tell them what happened, then he can say something. The man says that this morning, YiKyeom was attacked. A clown called Kabsoo attacked him.

Hasun is shocked and worried, he says that he has to see Kabsoo. Kyu says that he should not, this is CHisoo’s trap. hasun thinks that is why you need to go. But Kyu thinks he needs to calm down and trust him and wait. He will find out what happened.

Kyu heads out immediately. The butler watches.

Hogeol goes to the jail and says that Kabsoo and Dalrae should be here. But the guards say that they are not there. Kyu shows up right then. he asks if there is no Dalrae? The guard says that Kabsoo was alone.

Kyu says he will call him later, do your work now. The man leaves. Hogeol says that this man is lying, Dalrae should be there. Dalrae had the knife that is only for Kings. I thought since the low class people had precious knifes, that is why they were arrested.

Kyu thinks about this. he tells Hogeol that this is the sword from the previous King. Hogeol is all like, huh? It is that important! How come she has it! They both hurry off.

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In the palace, Jo tells Hasun that Chisoo wants to tell him something about the clown Kabsoo. But Jo does not feel good about it, perhaps he can refuse the meeting? Hasun says it is about Kabsoo so he should hear it.

Chisoo comes in with a box in his hands.

CS – your highness, I have to tell you something. Can we talk privately?

Hasun nods to Jo who is hesitant to leave.

Hasun and Chisoo are left alone.

HS – I heard what happened, your son was attacked on the street, was he hurt a lot?

CS – The importance to me is that an important aristocrat was harmed. The law between nobles and low class was broken, that is more important to me.

HS – You said you want to say something.

CS – i have something to show you

He sets the box on Hasuns table and asks him to open it.

Hasun opens it and sees the knife.

Chisoo – DO you remembe what this is?

HS – How do you have this?

CS – Actually, the girl with that man that attacked my son had it, Dalrae. That was a gift from the Chinese King to you. I could not beleive the clown had it so I wanted to show it to you. Is this your sword that you always had, can you check it?

Hasun looks at it.

HS – I remember it, I had it when I went out today. Maybe I dropped it.

CS – Your highness, are you sure?

HS – Yes, I am sure.

CS – That knife is from your father to you.

Chisoo starts talking in banmal and stands up.

CS – How dare you. Tell me who you are. Dalrae is under my hand. Tell me the truth, who are you?

Hasun glares at him and then pulls open his drawer. He might have taken something out? Maybe not? But he does stand up and still looks at Chisoo. His fists are clenched. Then he throws two coins on the floor. They are the two coins that Chisoo gave him.

he walks to the front and stares at Chisoo.

HS – Okay, I am that two coin guy!

Chisoo starts laughing. Hasun is not laughing.

Fade Out

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It is going to be so hard to watch the next episode! Dalrae is always getting everyone in trouble. Whenever she is on screen, it means someones plans are about to be all messed up.


HS – I know, to be in this position I need to endure these kinds of things.

Kyu – Why didn’t you tolerate it to the end

HS – You told me there were only two ways to survive here

CS – Kneel, I will tell you how to save your sisters life

HS – You keep resisting?

CS – Arrest Lee Kyu as a sinner, I am going to take your sister as evidence

HS – The only way path I have is….

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