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The Crowned Clown: Episode 11 Recap

The Crowned Clown Recap 11

The Queen knows y’all! She is so upright that I have a feeling her life is about to be on the line. She won’t spend any more time with Hasun, but she probably also will keep the secret so as to not do anything against the Kingdom. But no one else knows that, so the palace people might be all like, um…why ain’t the Queen acting right?

Hopefully Sowoon realizes that it was Hasun who saved her fathers life (remember him?). And will realize that he is the one that made her life better in the palace. She would be pretty miserable if Lee Hun was still around. He is also the one that is trying to make Korea a better place for the people of Korea.

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Sowoon asks Hasun her name. She waits for him to respond and then steps closer to him. She asks him again, please say my name. She waits, but he can’t say it. He doens’t know it. So he stays quiet. She backs away from him in quiet alarm and drops his handwriting practice.

His eyes go to it. She keeps looking at him. Then his eyes turn back to her and they look at ech other for a moment.

SW – Who are you? Who are you?

She almost faints but he holds her to keep her from falling.

SW – How dare you!

She straightens herself up and he lets go of her quickly. Then she walks out. A single tear falls from Hasun’s eye as he lets her walk away. He doesn’t turn around.

She storms out of his room and has an emotional attack in the hallway. Jo bows to her and waits for any instructions. She straightens herself up and keeps walking. He looks at her leave, questioningly. Then he goes inside Hasun’s room. Hasun is still standing in the exact spot.

Jo sees the handwriting and asks, in alarm, did she find out?

HS – It was the first time she looked at me like that. I just wanted to make her smile, but I hurt her. I shouldnt’ have approached her at all. I shouldn’t have loved her.

Jo – Your Highness

HS – The way she looked at me was bitter, more bitter than ginger tea. It hurts my heart so much. But, compared to what she will suffer it is nothing. I put hell in her heart.

Jo – It is not only you who is responsible, I will call Lee Kyu.

Jo backs out hesitatingly and leaves. Hasun is left crying and collapses on the floor, filled in emotion. He looks at his handwriting and sobs.

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Sowoon gets back to her room and sits quietly. Aeyoung asks if she is okay, should she call the doctor? Sowoon says that she is okay and would like to be alone, so Aeyoung leaves. Sowoon starts to cry at her table, but covers her mouth to hide it.

Meanwhile, Jo waits for Kyu to show up. He shows up late. Jo tells him right away that the Queen figured everything out about the King, what should we do? Kyu tells him that it will be bright soon, he will see her and tell her.

In the morning, Kyu sits in front of the Queen to tell her.

Kyu – My Queen, I should be polite to you, but I am here to confess my sin so I won’t do a formal greeting. Before I tell you my sin, if you ask me questions, I will answer everything.

SW – Who is the man in the Kings room?

Kyu – He is a clown that looks just like the King, I found him and told the King, we took him in.

SW – Where is the King?

Kyu – You know well, when the prince became the King his health declined. So he was drugged and dependent on the drug all the time. As soon as he had a replacement, he went out of the palace to get healthy again, but it was too late. He saw allusions and hurt himself. We had a big accident to him.

SW – What are you talking about? If my memory is fine, then the King came back once.

Kyu – Yes, that night he came back and died.

She is shocked.

Kyu – Queen, it is all my fault that I could not serve him well. If you want me to kick him out, then I will do it. I will punish him. But if that happens, then people will know that the King is dead. We will spill a lot of blood for the King position.

SW – Secretary of State, even I did not even know that the King died. Don’t try to control me or threaten me with the future of the palace.

Kyu – I am not trying to control you or threaten you. I know whatever I say is an excuse. I will follow what you say. Please do not look at my sin only, look further and deeper and decide.

Kyu leaves, Jo and Hasun wait for his word outside. Hasun runs to his side to find out.

HS – What did the Queen say?

Kyu – I asked for punishment, so she will decide soon.

HS – No, I should see her in person and ask for my sins

Kyu – Calm down, whatever her decision is, I will be responsible for it. You should only think about how you can keep the Kings position.

Meanwhile, Sowoon stares at nothing in particular while in the gardens. Aeyoung tells her that it is cold, she is worried that she will get sick, please go back inside. But Sowoon wants to stay outside a little longer. Just a little longer. Just in case, after having cold air, maybe my heart will freeze also. Aeyoung asks her what she is talking about.

In the throne room, Hasun has to meet diplomats from China who are coming or already came. He should treat them well since they brought the letter from the Chinese emperor. But Hasun is deep in other thoughts. Kyu addresses him to wake up. Hasun looks at him and then looks back at the room. His mind is definitely not on politics.

The politicians start to argue a bit about things with China. Hasun starts to tear up on the throne as he thinks about Sowoon and spending time with her in the snow. He even starts to cry on the throne. Everyone starts to look at him. He tries to stop himself from crying, but he really can’t. Everyone is all like, what in the world is happening?

Afterward, Hasun leaves and has all his people following him. Moo-young bows in front of him, but he does not notice Mooyoung. Mooyoung then asks Kyu what happened in the office? Kyu tells him that the Queen knows about Mooyoung. Then Kyu asks if they were able to get his sister to a safe place. Mooyoung tells him that they were and not to worry.

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Cut to a huge breakfast in Hogeols place that he prepared for Kabsoo and Dalrae. he made a huge meal to congratulate them for coming to his place safely. Kabsoo and Dalrae are both amazed at the selection of food and start to eat it happily. Kabsoo asks who made this food since it looks like he lives alone.

He says that his mother was the kitchen maid so he learned it from her over her shoulder. But it should taste good.

They both start to eat it. Dalrae takes the first bite, they both look at her to guage her reaction. Hogeol asks, is it okay, is it good? She tells him it is super good. Kabsoo starts to eat as well, but he tells Hogeol that, actually, Hogeol and the sword man work for the government right?

HG – Yes, but why are you asking me that?

KS – It seems like Hasun sent you but you don’t know Hasun. I dont’ know what is going on

DR – Brother

HG – I don’t know the details but Hasun asked to take care of you two well so Hasun should be okay. That hyungnim is an a-hole, but he is a good guy (Mooyoung). 

KS – So you are saying that we should trust you, right?

HG – Yes, don’t worry, dont worry, eat. My soup is getting cold. I learned how to make this from cook Baek.

They start to eat then Hogeol sees Dalrae’s sword that is the Kings knife. It is on her hip. he doesn’t mention it.

Elsewhere, a man tells Chisoo that they searched all around but did not find anything. The clowns also do not perform anymore. Chisoo tells him to keep an eye on everyone around Lee Kyu.

In the palace, Daebi tells Jinpyung that the King is not paying attention to CHinese diplomats, this is their chance. Try to make it a big issue. Jinpyung says that he will gather will all the scholars.

DB – Do you know why the King cried during the day?

JP – I do not know, but I will find out

DB – Okay, you may leave

JO – Rest well

He bows and leaves. Daebi thinks that something is going on here.

The Queen wears all white in her room as she sits at her desk. Aeyoung brings in her clothing to put it on her, but the Queen says no. Aeyoung wonders what happened. Sowoon tells her that she will wear something else and motions to another group of wrapped clothing. It is an outfit that is all thick clothing and looks like it is white. Aeyoung looks at Sowoon.

Then we see Aeyoung running to Hasun to talk to him. She pushes his guard away and bows in front of him. He asks if something is happening to the queen. Aeyoung says that he has to stop her, she is about to leave the palace!

In the Queens room, we see that she is dressed in white and grey and is aboutu to wear something red. Hasun goes right inside her room to confront her, but they both just stare at each other. Aeyoung runs in as well, so she tells her to leave and take everyone with her, no one should stay around. She agrees.

SW – (banmal) What are you doing!

HS – Please forgive me, I had to come

SW – How dare you. Step aside.

HS – DOn’t leave the palace. I wanted to say that. Please just tell me to leave and I can leave

SW – How long? Did you save my fathers life? Was that you? Were you the one bitten by the hunting dog?

Long pause

SW – On the street, was that you?

A tear falls from her eyes.

HS – You can kill me. It was all my fault.

SW – I dont’ care about your sin, I knew how much my husband suffered. I could not help him and I was not next to his death bed, it was all my fault.

HS – What are you saying? Did the King die?

SW – You didn’t know?

He looks at her shocked.

SW – Just stop and leave. I made a big mistake that I cannot take back, so I am not qualified as queen anymore. Don’t stop me. I hope I never see you again. So, don’t look for me anymore.

He takes this all in and leaves. He alsk to a balcony, Mooyoung is with him.

HS – Officer Jung

MY – Yes your honor

HS – Go to Lee Kyu and tells him that Queen is about to leave the palace. Ask him to find a way to stop her.

MY – Yes, my King

He runs off right away. Hasun turns back to the Queens place.

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Sowoon walks around the palace in her going out clothing. Everyone is looking at her. Kyu runs up to her to stop her and asks how she can leave the palace. She tells him that he told her to decide, this is her decision.

Kyu – If you leave like this my queen, then you will not be able to save the Queen position anymore, it will endanger your life. Please think it over.

SW – If I stay in the palace, I do not know what I will do. Do you want that to happen?

Kyu – (banmal) So-eun, you shouldn’t do this. When I wanted to make you a queen, your father did not agree with it. because you are too straight, you wont survive the palace. That is why I picked you, because I thought you would not be swayed by anyone and would strongly keep the position as mother of the country. Please, please, don’t leave.

She takes a deep breath, another tear falls, and she starts to walk again. Aeyoung runs after her.

Kyu takes a breath as he thinks of everything.

Hasun is in his room when Jo comes in. He asks if this is about the Queen. Jo says it is not about that, Daebi is looking for you.

Cut to Daebi and Hasun talking.

DB – How dare she behave like this as head of internal affairs. I called you because I should not let this happen

HS – I gave her my permission

DB – How can you give her permission to leave the palace? Even with your permission, the law of internal affairs will not just let this go. So you should step her down and execute her.

HS – I cannot do that

DB – She should kill herself, how dare you be on her side.

HS – Before head of internal affairs, she is mine. I will take care of my person so you should not mention this at all.

Hasun leaves and sees Kyu standing outside. He has a scroll that looks serious. Hasun goes inside his room to read it. Kyu provides his stamp for him. Hasun asks what this is.

Kyu – This is the order for you to close the Queens room.

HS – What? What are you talking about! Daebi also said the same thing.

Kyu – Did you go to Daebi’s room? It is not about her, if we do not do anything, the scholars and politicians will ask you to close her room and execute her. If you at least want to save her life, this is the only way.

He throws it away.

HS – No, I can’t just remove her! I won’t! If this is because she left, I can bring her back

Kyu – Don’t do it.

HS – Secretary of State!

Kyu – I told you, when you are the King you have to put everything down, including your heart.

HS – Then why don’t you be the King since you are so good at it!

Kyu – The King is not something you want to be and become. No one should attempt to take it over. Don’t you know why I put you in this place?

HS _ You want to make me your puppet, that is why you hid that the King died from me.

Kyu grand him by his collar.

Kyu – I decided to make yo the King and protect you. I thought you would be the one to make the country what the people of Joseon want. You would not be swayed by politics, did I make a mistake?

HS – that countly, the Queen should be a part of it.

They start at each other for a moment.

HS – I will bring her back, please let me go.

Kyu – In 3 days, the diplomat from China will come. Until that point, I will hide that you are not here. You need to come back in 3 days. Can you promise that to me?

HS – Yes.

Later on, Kyu meets with Hasun, Jo, and Moo-young. Jo asks if Hasun knows where she went. He says that she should have gone to her father. Kyu says that Mooyoung should go with him, but no one should notice that you are leaving. They all nod. Then Kyu tells them to leave.

Hasun and Moo-young leave.

Kyu tells Jo that, from now on, Hasun went crazy because of the Queen. So do not let anyone come to his room. Jo agrees, but wonders how they can show that he went crazy again. Kyu leans in and says, why don’t we do this….

In the palace grounds, Sunhwadang walks to the Kings room. She asks her people if they think he will like it? The Queen left the palace so I need to look nice to him. She walks to the door but they hear a lot of noises like someine is breaking things. A eunuch outside tells her that he thinks the King went crazy again. Sunhwadang remembers when the Kign went crazy and poured wine into her mouth like a mad man. She decides to run away.

Kyu goes inside the room and we see Jo moving around some furniture as he pretends like the King is going crazy. he yells about hos the King should not do this or do that. Then he asks Kyu how long he has to do this? Kyu tells him to rest if it is difficult. But what can they do if people figure out that he is not there?

Jo says that he will keep doing it, he starts moving the furniture and yelling about how the King should not do this. Kyu sits and reads all the political letter next to him.

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Later on, Jo takes a break, Kyu is still reading the letters. he gets to one troubling letter that says that the Jurchens are attacking people already. Jo stands up, but the King is not here, what should we do?

Kyu leaves and gos to a house? Or he goes to the gisaeng jip. There is a person working there who looks suspicious. Kyu goes to talk to Woonsim who tells him that the merchant came. Should we tell them to come here? Kyu says no, Chisoo is probably keeping an eye on me. This place is not a good place to have a secret meeting. Sowoon asks what to do. Kyu tells her that he will let her know where to meet, tell the merchant to come to that place.

Kyu goes to that location and the merchant meets him there. The man says that they promised not to attack each other, so why is he doing this? The King thought that Joseon did not keep the promise first. Kyu says that this shoud not be about the Chinese diplomat. Did they decide to have a war against China? Tell your King, if CHina and the Yurchens fight, we won’t backstab the Jurchens. We will be in the middle, not on any other side. Do not attack us.

The man asks how they can trust them. You comfort us but give military might to China. Kyu is confused. The man says that Joseon has a relationship with China as their little brother country, but you don’t even have a brothership with our country. It is stupid to trust this.

Kyu – That is the important thing of the country to do this and make diplomatic relationships. If you instigate like this and try to gain a diplomatic relationship then I can’t tell the King that we should have a diplomatic relationship with the Jurchens. 

Man – It does not matter, Joseon is my mothers country, I was born here. Do you think I want to see this country destroyed.

Kyu – How can you trust me?

Man – I wil trust the Kings word.

Scene change to Chisoo talking with Jinpyung about how the King is not coming out because he is crazy again. It seems as if the gods are helping you. JP thinks so too. He wonders if Chisoo has any good ideas.

CS – If we use this chance, then I can make sure that the King makes a big mistake in front of the diplomat. But we need to check and see if he is really crazy.

JP – DOn’t worry about that. Someone will check it for us.

Cut to Daebi showing up at the Kings room. She lets herself in right away and sees Jo standing there with all the furniture. She asks where the King is and tells him to tell her the truth!

Then we see Kyu coming in looking like a boss. He sees Jo outside the door and asks what the emergency is. Daebi announces that if it is Kyu then let him in. Then she tells Kyu to bring the King stamp to her and the military.

Kyu – What is the reason?

DB – You know the reason. The King and Queen both left the palace so I should be responsible for the politics of the country. Just in case there is big trouble in the country. I am preparing for it. 

Kyu – Sorry, I cannot follow this.

DB – You are ignoring my order?

Kyu – This is for you. When the King comes back and knows that you tried to get the Kings stamp and military, what will he think? Just thinking about it gives me chills. So how can I follow your order?

DB – You don’t know, secretary of state, whenever the King was swayed by the bad politicians around him, how much it hurt my heart. Who can guess a mothers heart. After Chisoo leaves, now another bad person is hiding his information from him. I worry about this so much that I cannot even sleep.

Kyu – I never knew you worried about him so much.

DB – Everyone should think that I hate the King because of my son. But that is what people say to separate me and the King.

Kyu – Sorry Daebi mama, I did not know that you were the most loyal to the country.

DB – Well, what you say is sweet like honey, but I feel like it has a sword inside. Are you suspecting me?

Kyu – I should not suspect your loyalty, but for you I want to give you advice. 

DB – What is that?

Kyu – While the King is not around, you break into his room and order for us to give you the Kings stamp and the military. you should not do this anymore. Even though it is all from your loyalty. This kind of rude behavior, I will not let it pass as a person who serves the King.


Kyu – I am not threatening you, this is my loyal advice to you.

Daebi takes several deep breaths.

Kyu – Is Daebi’s court lady out there? Please take Daebi.

The court lady appears. 

DB – Secretary of State, I will never forget what happened today.

Kyu – That is my honor, Daebi.

She leaves. Kyu starts to think.

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In Chisoon’s house, Jinpyung gets word to CS that the King was not there. Chisoo is taken aback and says that he will do it. Then he asks if anyone is outside. A bulter comes in so Chisoo tells him that he need to prepare to leave. He will go to Gegyong City where the Chinese diplomat is staying. He needs to prepare. The butler starts to get things ready as Chisoo mutters, he wasn’t there…

Cut to the far far Korean countryside where Sowoon’s father is. She walks there to the house he is staying at. he is being guarded by two soldiers. She runs to him but the guards stop her. He thinks that he is seeing hallucinations now. But she tells him that she is really here. He runs to the gate and asks how she can come here! My real Sowoon! Can we let her stay for a little moment? 

The guards say that they cannot let her stay, they will be in trouble. But then Moo-young shows up behind them and says that she can be let in. It is the Kings order. Do not tell the mayor.

The guards let her in and she has a nice reunion with her father.

Father – How come you came here?

SW – I am here to see you abogi

Father – The king let you come? With officer Jung….he worried about you. His mercy is so great. It is cold, let’s go inside.

They go inside, Aeyoung is still with her. Hasun watches from a distance with several other guards with him. Moo-young goes back and tells Hasun that the Queen is okay. He tells him to wait a few hours and then remove her. But he says that she has not seen her father for a long time, so they can stay together tonight.

Night falls, Sowoon sits outside looking at the sky and tearing up. Her father comes out and tells her it is cold, don’t sit outside. She stands and tells her father that she will come inside. He asks if she was crying and if something happens. She says nothing happened. 

Father – Sowoon, it is very noticeable when you lie. I understand how lonely you are alone in the palace since I am here with my sin. 

SW – Abogi, it is not about that. 

Father – What happened?

SW – I saw you so I teared up. Should I just live here and take care of you?

Father – No, you shouldn’t, I should be thankful that the King sent you here. Don’t worry about me. TOmorrow morning, go back to the palace.

SW – Okay abogi.

He goes back inside, she sits a little longer outside. Hasun watches her from a distance.

Later on, Sowoon thinks about Hasun when they were in the city togehter.

HS – I couldn’t just leave you over there, I thought we should just come somewhere no one is around

SW – Your highness, I am okay. Being together with you is like a dream to me. I am so happy.

HS – If it is really a dream, whatever I do is not a sin, don’t you think so?

Sowoon thinks about this as she sits inside. She also thinks about antoher moment with him.

HS – I will not avoid it anymore. I will not look away anymore. You are my only person. I love you. Even if my heart bursts, even if my heart bursts, I still love you.

She tears up as she thinks about him and their moments together. He still watches the house from outside. Mooyoung walks up to him.

MY – Your highness, it is cold, I will find somewhere to stay. Lets go.

HS – You shuold leave, I will stay here.

Moo-young leaves and Hasun stays and looks after the house.

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The next day Hasun walks to the house early with Moo-young. The sun has not fully come up yet. He tells Moo-young (and all his other guards) that he will walk from there himself. Moo-young wants to protect him, but he says no, he wants to talk to her in person, it is his request. Moo-young agrees, reluctantly.

So Hasun walks to the house where Sowoon has prepared breakfast for her father. She covers it outside and then looks up. Cut to her leaving and walking into the forest alone. Her maid is not with her.

hasun walks to the house and is about to walk inside, but then he hears her father and Aeyoung calling for where the Queen is. Where are you Queen! Queen!

The drum beat kicks in and we see Daebi sitting at her desk.

Cut to CHisoo standing in his study chickling menacingly

Then we see Jinpyung with a sword and several men in front of him. They are ready to kill someone.

Lee Kyu is sitting at his desk thinking.

The drum beat stops as Jo comes into Kyu’s office.

Jo – Is there no contact from Officer Jung? I don’t know why I feel this nervous.

Kyu – Hasun will keep the promise, trust him

Two more scholars go inside and say that they have big trouble. It is the Financial and Cultural minister. They tell Kyu that the diplomat came one day early and asked the King to come and receive a letter from the Chinese emperor. Kyu opens the letter. 

Kyu – One day early?! That is not following our customs (manners). 

Cultural Minister – Yes, but whoever brings the emperors letter is the same as the emperor. You need to call the King, now.

Kyu – The King is not here.

Minister – What! If the kIng does not go, the Emperor will get angry

Kyu – I will go.

Kyu goes to meet with the Chinese ambassadors. They asks why he is there, how dare he. Kyu tells them that he is there to see the dimplomat. But the main guy asks him how dare he is going to meet as the Secretary of State. Kyu says that he has something to give the ambassador. the Chinese man tells his people to take him out.

All the swords are drawn on both sides.

Kyu tells them that they are on Joseon land.

the ambassador walks up and says that they should step back. 

Ambassador – I said that the King should recieve the emperors letter. Who are you?

Kyu – I am Lee Kyu, the secretary of State. The day that we were to great the dimplomat is tomorrow, not today. Tomorrow he will recieve the emperors letter.

The ambassarod starts laughing and pulls out a sword. 

Ambassador – How dare he send the secretary of state and humiliate the diplomat? I will kill you and show the King of Joseon how serious his sin was.

The men force Kyu to the ground and the ambassador pulls his sword back and swings it.

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Meanwhile, Sowoon walks to the edge of a cliff. She removes her red scarf and walks closer to the edge. The scarf is in her hands. She is about to jump. But Hasun pulls her back and the scarf flies away from them both.

SW – How come you are here?

HS – Are you okay? Is anything hurt?

SW – I told you I am not going to see you anymore. How are you following me all the way here and humiliating me.

HS – Were you really going to kill yourself?

SW – It is none of your business

HS – How can it not be! Just punish me. I will take it.

SW – Just stop. The more I talk to you, the bigger sinner I am.

HS – No, it is not your fault, it is all my fault. I will be responsible. DOn’t blame yourself.

SW – How can I not? It is my fault. I asked myself many many times. And again, who do I love. Is it you or that person? I wanted to ignore it, but my heart told me to do it. I can hide it to the world but not myself. This is my only option.

She walks to the cliff again. He holds her arm to keep her from jumping.

HS – Can you live for me? After I went to the palace, I was almost killed many times. All the moments that I thought I would really die this time, I wanted to live. It is okay for me to become the worst criminal ever. If I live one day, I want to live with you, next to you. I want to hear your laugh. Together for a long long time.

She thinks about the letter she wrote to him.

VO – I miss you, I love you, and I respect you. So I want to live with you, next to you, and give birth to your baby and heart your laugh for a long long time.

Hasun – Please live for me. Please.

But then an arrow flies by him, he sees it! He turns and sees several assassins with arrows all pointing toward him.

He quickly covers the Queen to protect her another arrow is leashed. One of them hits him, it hits him in his left upper back near his shoulder. He takes it but does not move. However, it is a lot harder to stand. so he falls to the ground.

SW – My King…

He passes out on her shoulder.

SW – My King!

She tries to wake him.

Another arrow is shot.

Fade Out

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I LOVE THESE CLIFFHANGERS. I only wish they did not give away too much in the teaser. This episode was a bit longing so I can see why it could put some people off who love the fast pace of this show. But the Queen had to have a moment where she was all on the Kings side again, and also, she needed some more screen time! So I appreciate this episode dedicated to her. I assume the next episode should be dedicated to her as well, at least a little bit of it.

But OMG, who thinks the last arrow will hit Hasun! Ii have a feeling it will hit him. If it does not hit him, then maybe Moo-young will deflect it somehow with some Robin Hood style arrow play?

I don’t know, but I do have to find out what happens on that cliffedge!


CS – The clowns sister Dalrae has this thing.

JP – I can give you anything if I become the King

Dipomat – You said, if I come here today the King should be here. that is different than what you promised me.

CS – We may have a way in this country.

HS – For the responsibility I have as the King, I realized the moment will come where I have to cut ties to my relationships.

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  1. WPB
    February 13, 2019 / 12:49 pm

    Is this drama a story of the Clown? Or is it a story of the couple? I think it’s the latter. The Clown is what he is now because of the Queen. So I expect the story will becomes theirs as we move forward.
    There are many great and important threads to support their story as well. At the end of the day, I think some people may feel dissatisfied if those other stories were not be expanded to their full potentials. We shall see.

    • V
      February 13, 2019 / 12:54 pm

      Yes, one side story I can think of is the forgotten rebel group. I am really interested in their back story. I also want the Queens father to return to the palace.

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