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The Crowned Clown: Episode 10 Recap

The Crowned Clown Episode 10 recap

We had a kiss at the end of the last episode that was so adorably sweet. But, Hasun should not be kissing the Queen y’all. I do not think Lee Kyu will look at that favorably. Although, Hasun is the King now, so there is no other way around it. I foresee potential class issues surfacing that might strain Lee Kyu and Hasun’s relationship. Although they do have a lot of other bigger things to worry about.

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We open at the terrace kiss from the last episode. Sowoon looked a bit taken aback by the kiss, but she started to soften into it. There is a voice over from their previous words to each other about loving each other and their hearts bursting to be around each other. It ends with Hasun saying, I love you, in his voice over.

They end their kiss and look deeply into each others eyes. Then he leans in to kiss her again as the snow continues to fall. A lovely song plays during this scene as they keep kissing on the terrace.

Then we cut to the library, they are both sitting next to each other looking apprehensive and awkward. They are both quiet, she is holding the letters he wrote her.

HS – Isn’t it difficult that you reduced your meals?

SW – I am okay, whatever helps you, I will do it all happily

HS – Tell me what you want, I can give you anything

SW – You gave me the most important thing

She looks at her letters.

SW – your heart.

She smiles at him.

HS – Not that, is there anything else?

SW – If you ask me that way, then there is one thing.

HS – What is that?

SW – Actually, something bothers me about what Daebi said. Thats…well…if we have your son then that would help you a lot when you are in trouble. I want to have your baby.

He looks at her, stunned and apprehensive.

Scene change to Jo writing something. He wrote Hasun and drw a veyr nice image of Hasun. But then he opens the one that Hasu drew of him. It is adorable. Kyu walks in looking strong and stern so Jo stands up and says that he thought he went home. Kyu says that he came there to tell the King his order for tomorrow, where is Hasun right now?

Hasun is still with the Queen, they left the library and are holding hands as they walk back to his quarters. But then Kyu walks up the hall so Hasun lets go of the Queens hands immediately. Kyu tells him that he has something to tell him, it is very urgent, life or death urgent. Sowoon tells him that she did not know that he still had work to do, she will leave now.

Jo tells her that he will escort her back to her place. They start to walk away. Kyu grabs Hasun by his cuff and pushes him into the library.

Kyu – When did you get so close to her? When you said you wanted to protect someone close to you and to have power, was that all about the Queen?

HS – Not 100% for her but….yes it is.

Kyu – You crazy guy, you are lying to her because she is looking at not you but someone elses shadow. You can be the real queen, but you are forever fake to the Queen.

HS – Then I should tell her the truth

Kyu – If you tell her the truth, do you think she will accept you? She is not that kind of person, she is more straight and right then anyone else. As soon as you reveal your identity, you and her will both be in hell. If you remember why you came back to the palace, you came back to punish those people that made your sister like that and to correct the world for the better. That is why you want to be the King. We have a lot of work in front of us. While you are distracted, it can endanger the palace and the country. The only way you can choose is to not love her.

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Jo then meets with Kyu outside. He says that he tried to stop them at first, but how can a person stop another person from loving each other? Kyu thinks that it is not too late, you have to stop Hasun if you really care about him. That is the best for Hasun and all of us, okay? Jo says he understands.

In his room, Hasun sits, bummed, and looks at the compass that the Queen gave him.

VO_queen – I want to have your baby

VO_Kyu – While you hesitate, the country and the Queen will be in danger, the only thing you can choose is to stop loving her.

Hasun thinks about all of this as he sits in his Kings room.

In the city, Kabsoo thinks that they need to meet with the monk again. Dalrae thinks it is a bad idea. But they end up running into the monk and Hogeol right away. Dalrae asks where her brother is, she saw him. Woonsim comes out and sees Dalrae, she gives her a hug and asks why she came back to late? She worried about her. Dalrae says it is because of this monk, he captured my brother!

The monk thinks it is a mistake. Dalrae asks where her brother is. Woonsim tells her that they should go inside first. Lee Kyu is walking up right at this moment and sees everyone going back inside the Gisaeng jip. He goes inside and asks if she is Hasun’s sister? WS says yes, she was looking for him after she saw the poster and she finally came to me. We should let them see each other, you know where Hasun is.

Kyu says that he can’t say where he is, no one will believe him if he tells them and she will be ind anger if she knows. If you trust me then don’t ask question. Someone will remember them, they should not stay here, they should go back to the temple.

Woonsim tells Dalrae this but she says that she is not going back to the temple. WS tries to convince her to go. She tells her that she heard her brother is fine, don’t worry. Kabsoo wonders why he is not coming back? It is not that I don’t trust you, it just drives me crazy. Woonsim tells them to wait in the temple, Hasun will contact you, so trust me and go there.

They head out with the monk but someone sees them. Another person tells Chisoo that the clowns sister is going to a temple. CS had never heard of this temple and asks where it is. The man says that it is a tiny monastery with only one monk. he will find out the details.

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The next day at the palace, Sowoon goes to deliver ginger tea to the King, Aeyoung is carrying it. Jo smiles and steps out of the way so she can go inside.

She presents it to Hasun. But Hasun thinks about what Kyu told him, she thinks he is the King. He will be fake in front of the Queen forever. He drinks the ginger tea (but he can’t drink ginger). He kind of gags and tells her that, actually, he does not like ginger. She asks what he is talking about, you don’t like ginger all of a sudden? Or you just don’t like what I made?

He says that he was tired for awhile so his tastebuds changed. She tells him to take care of himself while working. He looks pretty bummed.

The Queen leaves and asks Jo to please take care of the King so he won’t focus too much on work. She looks back at the Kings chambers, longlingly.

Inside, Jo asks Hasun if he decided to wrap up his love. Hasun says that he really does not know what to do. What Kyu said was right, I should do what he said. But it is the first time in my life to have this kind of feeling. Now I know how to love her. I dont’ know how to not love her. I hope someone tells me.

Hasun tears up as he tells Jo this. But then the secretary of state is announced. Hasun wipes his tears and Kyu comes in.

Kyu – I will tell you what to say at the meeting.

Hasun unravels a letter. Kyu starts to tell him about the rice tax law, they have to measure the land first so he needs to promote Hogeol to a 5th degree person. They also fired a lot of mayors so they need to take a government test to pick scholars. hasun says that he understands that they wills top Chisoo’s money flow with this law. But what about the exam changes?

Kyu says that this exam will be special. They will give normal class people and nobles, and noble/slave born kids a chance.

They go to the meeting but all the scholars hate it. They dont’ want to open this up to normal people or to promote slave sons to high officials. He asks if they are refusing his order. He says that he is not going to take his word back. He asks the financial minister if there is anyone better than Hogeol in their department? The Financial minister says that Hogeol is the best to do what he asked. So Hasun says that he will promote Hogeol, process it!

Later on, Jinpyung fills Chisoo in on what is happening in the palace. He thinks the King is losing his mind. He collects taxes from the Royal family and is now promoting a slave to a high office. Chisoo thinks that Lee Kyu is planning it all. He wants to take my money and people and put his people in power inside the palace. JP asks if they should see what happens. If nobles and scholars appose it, will they still be able to do what they want?

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In the Queens chambers, Sowoon happily looks at her love letters and then drinks tea from the Royal clinic. She talks to Aeyoung about how hard the King is working. Aeyoung thinks that Sowoon should write her answer letter to his love letter. Sowoon wonders if he will like it? Aeyoung thinks that he will like it with her pretty handwritting.

In the library, Hasun looks at the compass that Sowoon gave him and then puts it away in the bag that she embroidered for him and puts it inside a box. Jo is with him. Jo takes the box away. Then Hasun goes back to practicing writing Chinese characters. 

Jo – That person copied this by his hand, so if you try to copy this exactly then it will help you write just like him.

Hasun looks at the notebook and thinks that the Kings writing was so good. Even if I try, I do not think I will be close to it. But I still have to try right?

He starts practicing. Jo looks on and then walks to another part of the room. Hasun’s writing is pretty bad so he will have to practice a lot. He sighs as he compares the two and then closes the notebook.

Later on, he practices sword play in the field. His sword play is not bad at all. Someone asks him where he learned sword fighting? It is officer Mooyoung.

HS – I thought you quit, why did you come back?

MY – I wanted to, but what is going on is not that good

HS – Why are you using Jongdaemal all of a sudden?

MY – There are a lot of poeple watching, so it is safer for me and it is safe for you

Hasun walks a little closer.

HS – I understand, you are attracted to me also….you want to say no, I will try to ignore it. But, my sword fighting does not have roots? What are you talking about? I learned it from the best clown in Joseon.

MY – Your footsteps and form area all bad.

HS – Then why don’t you teach me?

Mooyoung swings his sword a lot impressively and tells HS that it is not easy to learn. They start to spar with their swords, Hasun loses in every exchange.

HS – One more time!

Mooyoung gives him his sword back, Hasun swings it at Mooyoung dangerously. They both look at each other then Hasun runs away and MY chases after him.

In the Gisaeng Jip, Woonsim made a new outfit for Hogeol to congratulate his promotion. Kyu is there as well and happily says that clothes are like wings. Hogeol jokes that the face is what matters. Kyu tells him to be at the palace on time so Hogeol says that he won’t be late on a day like today.

He walks to the palace but is stopped by several scholars. They do not want him to walk past. he is able to run by, but then more scholars come. There are at least 50 scholars trying to keep him out.

Then we hear poeple calling for Your Highness. Mooyoung runs p and tells them that a lot of scholars are stopping Hogeol from coming to the palace. Hasun walks outside and sees Hogeol standing behind all these scholars. They all tell Hasun that there are rules, how can you give low class people a chance to take the exam? Please take back your order and correct the dignity of the palace.

The Queen watches on in concern.

Hasun is given a scroll with so many scholars signatures. He hands it over to Jo. Chisoo comes up and says that he heard about it. Hasun asks if it is so bad to hire talented people? Chisoo says that low class people like Hogeol are not good. It will endanger our empire. We tried to correct everything, don’t ignore us. The young talents are requesting to support the future, don’t ignore them.

HS – So you are saying that low class born can’t do anything important. Did you give them any chance to see if they are good?

CS – It is supporting you and ruling one country, we want to correct it and do correct politics. If you easily give them a chance, then it will endanger out palace.

HS – Right politics? Gods Will? That is all BS! If Gods will is for low class people to not do anything, then I won’t follow it! I will fight against it!

He walks to the ground to get Hogeol. All the scholars bow in front of him which prevents him from walking. They tell him that he will have to step on their backs if he must go.

Hasun looks around and then steps on their backs and walks across to get to Hogeol. This scene is very Robin Hood to me for some reaon. Everyone is so shocked. Hasun holds Hogeols hand and they run back to the palace entrance. This time they run around everyone and into the palace. Everyone is stunned.

Aeyoung is so amazed.

AY – Queen, I misunderstood the King, I never knew the King would do that much for a low class palace slave.

It is a moment.

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Kyu runs into Chisoo right after this moment and they talk outside . Kyu tells CS that he is like a dog roaming around a funeral. You were kicked out of the palace so you should stay home and regret what you did. But you are trying to be against the King? I don’t know how much longer I can ignore your sin.

CS asks if the King knows about that clown, that clown that looks just like the King and was performing in the Gisaeng jip that you stay at, he disappeared. Everyone will have the same question as me. Does the Secretary of State have a rebel mind? 

Kyu – Let me ask you one question, where is courtlady Kim?

CS – Why are you asking about her to me?

Kyu – She is a courtlady and belongs to the King, but you asked her to use her for your plan. If anyone knows that you killed her, that is a rebel act. The King won’t just sit back and watch.

CS – I don’t know about it and it didn’t happen but you say it so detailed

Kyu – Out of your gate is hell (old saying) so if you want to keep your life you should stay in your house.

CS – You should keep your neck well, you have more life to live than me.

Chisoo walks away. Kyu looks like he wants to punch him.

Kyu goes to meet with Hasun in his chambers. Hasun looks a bit hesitant.

HS – I did that thing again that you don’t want me to do.

Kyu – Good job, that is a King, doing things that others cannot do and being responsible for it. Holding the citizens hands and taking the response. That is the King.

HS – What if everyone turns their backs on us?

Kyu – But all the citizens will follow you.

he smiles softly at Hasun and Hasun smiles back.

in the City, there is a post. A man explains that they will have a government exam, regardless of class anyone can apply and take the exam. A noble is all like, anyone can take the exam? Ugh, where is our country going?

The non noble people love it. One of the men says that he did n’t know this day would come before he died. he is one of Kyu’s old confidants. The woman standing with him is as well and tells him that they should buy the paper for the exam.

Cut to the exam. All Kyu’s people sit for the exam. Hasun comes out and Jo tells him that the Queen is coming. Hasun immediately hides, Jo and all his people hide as well. The Queen does not notice him so Hasun stands and watches her walk away with all her people following.

Jo – Your highness, lets leave.

HS – Lets wait a little bit, just a little bit.

He watches her walk away until he can’t see her anymore.

Cut to the results of the exam. Two of Kyu’s men pass the exam. Everyone is so overcome with joy.

In his office, Kyu thinks about telling the real King that he will make his vision happen with his life.

Later on, two people walk in with amazing flower hats on. Kyu tells Hasun that these two men passed the exam and will serve as interns. Hasun walks to the front of them and tells them that they should work hard. All of the scholars and politicians are against you so work hard to make them shameful since they were against hiring you.

The two men bow and thank Hasun for his mercy. It is a nice moment. Hasun tells them that they can stand  up now. Hogeol looks so stupidly happy at this  moment. Mooyoung tells him that he is drooling. Hogeol tells Mooyoung that he is so lucky to see the King everyday. He is a super cool and nice guy right?

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Scene change to the Queen writing a letter to Hasun. She tells him in the letter that she needs to confess one thing. But we don’t know what that one thing is.

She then walks with Aeyoung to the library. Jo watches them from a distance. The Queen goes inside, Hasun is practicing his writing skills and hides it in a book when he hears someone come in. Sowoon walks to him and greets him.

HS – Queen, what is going on at this time in the library?

SW – Just inc ase you are here. Your highness, do you have any worries, you look worried.

HS – Do I look like that, no I am not

SW – I do not know the details, but I feel it. If you have little things you worry about, tell me, if I can help you then I will help you.

She smiles. Hasun looks like he wants to confess everything but then Jo announces himself and comes in. He greets the Queen and then sets something on the table. Then he tells the King that his meeting will start soon, please go to the office.

Hasun thinks about telling the Queen something but hesitantly tells her that he has to leave. She bows to him and he heads out. She turns to leave as well, but the camera scrolls to the practice writing that Hasun did that is now in one of the notebooks. 

Meanwhile, the new recruits have a party at the Gisaeng house. The monk is there as well, but he leaves early. Sowwon tells him to take this food with him, he tells her that Kabsoo and Dalrae will like it. He leaves. The man that works for Chisoo watches him.

The monk goes all the way to the temple and gives Kabsoo the food that he should eat with Dalrae. Kabsoo takes the food and then calls for Dalrae to come out. The man that works for Chisoo sees them both. He goes back and tells CHisoo that he found the temple where the clowns sister lives. Should we take her now? Chisoo says no, he will go there in person and confirm it.

He leaves right away to the temple. The monk asks them what is going on. CHisoo tells his men to look everywhere, nothing should come out. The monk yells, what are you doing in a place that serves Buddha!

The men look all around. Chisoo notices two pairs of shoes and tells his man to open a certain building door. He does, but there is no one inside. Chisoo then looks at another building and goes to open it’s door.

However, we see that Hogeol and Moo-young have successfully hidden Kabsoo and Dalrae in Hogeols place. Hogeol asks Mooyoung why they should stay at his place and not the temple? Mooyoung says that he will place a mouse trap in the temple so to put them here. Hogeol is confused about the mouse in the temple. Mooyoung tells him that Kyu wants a trust worthy person to watch out for Kabsoo and Dalrae, so please watch them.

Hogeol looks so scared. He thinks that Mooyoung shuold stay as well, it looks like they hate me, they might attack me over night, look at how they look at me. Mooyoung breaks free and leaves. Kabsoo and Dalrae glare at him. Hogeol asks if they need anything but they just glare and say that they need nothing.

In the Temple, Kyu is inside the building that CHisoo opened. He asks if he is there to pray for the mercy of Buddha? Chisoo says that he is there to find Dalrae. Kyu is all like, oh, is that the sister of the clown that you are looking for? Well, I did not expect you to look for the clown that looks for the King this much. People will think that you have a rebel mind.

CS says that Kyu might be there for that as well. Kyu says he is there to pray to Buddha, but it looks like my suspicion in the correct one. 

Kyu – The fox sees chicken even in his dreams (old saying). Your heart is so full of rebellion. So since you always thinks of rebellion, you must think that everyone else is the same.

CS – you are the same as me. You can trick everyone else but me.

Kyu – If I hear things over and over again, then I will get sick of it. Before I tell the King everything that you have done, you should stop here.

They stare at each other, menacingly.

CS – By the way, whose ancestral tablet is this?

Kyu – My best friend’s

CS – Pray well, goodbye.

CHisoo walks out, Kyu glares at him.

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Meanwhile, the Queen sneaks out of her room and goes to the library. She puts her letter into the Kings notebook and smiles. Then she sees the other notebook and sees the other papers sticking out. She remembers him writing something when she came in so she hid her letter and went into talk to him. He hid his things in that notebook.

She looks at that notebook and walks around to see it. She opens it up and sees the book writing. It makes her happy to see it. But then she turns to the page that shoes the practice writing and she is immediately struck by the difference. It is so bad. She wonders what happened.

In his room, he looks at what she wrote on the embroidery. “If we get separated for 1000 years, how can our love change?”

But in the library, the Queen is completely shocked in a very bad way. She leaves looking stunned and walks back. Aeyoung is her normal bubbly self and asks if the queen hid her letter well? But the Queen is unable to respond and just walks back to her room with the practice notes. She looks at his writing from his love letters, it matches the others well. She also thinks that he does not like ginger. 

She thinks about the two different Kings that she knows, the soft King and the harsh King who told her to remove all the joy and happiness from her memory. She told him the next day that it was like he was a different person, that is why she liked him.

She also thinks about Daebi mentioning that the King is so handsome and now they have another’s face that is as handsome, that is strange right?

The Queen thinks about all of this and then leaves her Quarters with a passion. She tells her servants not to follow her. But Aeyoung might follow from a distance, not sure.

The Queen walks with the practice lettering all the way to the Kings place. Aeyoung runs behind.

Meanwhile, Hasun goes back to the library and sits to practice writing. He sees the letter that the Queen wrote for him

Letter – King, I have to confess something to you. Actually, I did not want to be the Queen. I never liked this place. But, all of a sudden you changed. You made me smile. You made me dream….

(he asked her what house she liked, she pointed to a small one and said that she liked it because they will see each other as soon as they turn their heads, and it is at the end of the street so the walk with her husband will be longest)

…I love you and respect you from the bottom of my heart. So, I want to live with you, next to you, and have your baby and hear their laugh, together, for a long long long time.

VO – If you worry about a little thing, please tell me, whatever I can help with, I will help.

He leaves the library and goes to the Queens room. he tells the head maid that he is there to see the Queen. They tell him that she is not there. Aeyoung runs back and tells the King that the Queen went to his bedroom.

he goes back to his bedroom and tells his servants to all leave. then he goes inside.

The Queen is standing there waiting for him, her back is to him.

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HS – Queen, I didn’t know you were here, I went to your room. 

She turns around looking drained.

HS – I saw your love letter.

She faces him

HS – I need to confess one thing to you. I couldnt’ tell you, but, I have to tell you.

SW – Before that, I have a question for you first.

She is gripping his writing

SW – Your highness, do you remember the first day you saw me? You don’t remember it?

HS – Well, you asked me like that. I dont’ remember it.

SW – Yes, that could happen. Sometimes I also forget about a lot of things. One more question. Your highness, what is my name?

Long pause.

She walks closer to him.

SW – Your highness, please tell me my name.

Hasun looks at her, he doesn’t know her name.

She steps back and drops the handwriting. His eyes follow to the paper. She looks at him deeply and questioningly. 

He looks back up at her.

SW – Who are you? Who are you?

The drum beat kick in. 

Fade Out

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This show gives me so many emotional highs that it is unreal. The scene where Hasun stepped over the scholars was so satisfying. Gah! I loved it.

I also love how the Queen is the first person to figure out that something just ain’t right here. But now the big question is, will she tell? It does not look like she will tell, but it does look like she will ignore him which might make everyone in the palace say that she should be executed. My goodness, I wonder if that will happen tomorrow!


Kyu – It is all my fault

HS – It is the first time she has looked at me like that. I shouldn’t have approached her at all.

SW – I don’t care about your sin. I hope I never see you anymore.

CS – Well, it seems like the gods decided to help our Jinpyung

DB – You should take the Queen down and give her poison (execute her)

HS – I told you no!

Kyu – I decided to make you the King. I gave you my oath to protect you. Get the Kings stamp.

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