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That moment when Oh Hae-Young Again hooked me


{This post is somewhat spoilery, so don’t read it if you haven’t watched Oh Hae-Young Again, you’ve been dooly warned.}

There are so many great moments in Oh Hae-Young Again/Another Oh Hae-Young (또! 오해영), but the exact moment I fell in love with this drama and knew I would follow it wherever it led me, was in the jump-hug scene at the end of episode 4. In that scene Park Soo-Kyung (played by Ye Ji-Won) bet Oh Hae-young (played by Jeon Hye-Bin) that she couldn’t jump-hug a man. At first Oh Hae-Young was like “whatever,” she didn’t give two cents about taking So-Kyung up on that bet. But then Park Do-Kyung (played by Eric) drove up at that exact moment and Oh Hae-Young’s mind was changed, she had the perfect target. She threw her bag and started running toward Do-Kyung who had just finished a hard days work and looked like he just wanted to rest. Right at that moment when she made her decision a gorgeous song by Echae En Route started playing.

Do-Kyung grabbed his heavy bags and casually looked up to see Oh Hae-Young running toward him. He was looking at her like, what is she doing? But then he remembered his premonition, he knew this was going to happen because he saw it happen and explained as much to his psychiatrist. While Oh Hae-Young is running toward him, he says in a voice over:

In the premonition that I saw this time,
that woman is running toward me.
After running toward me,
she embraces me.
But I had this thought.
What if I don’t hold on to her right now?
Would I be able to remove her from my life?

Then Oh Hae-Young jumped like a fool high into the air with this bright smile. Do-Kyung was looking at her with trepidation as she ascended into the sky and started falling toward him with her arms extended. At this point, the audience doesn’t know if he will catch her or not. He was griping his bags tightly as if telling himself nope, I’m not going to hold you. Nope, not gonna do it. I was thinking, oh no, Oh Hae Young, oh no. While she was slow motion falling to him, I was real-time feeling second-hand embarrassment for her. I just knew that Oh Hae-Young was about to make a complete fool of herself again. But then, his monologue changed.

But even if I try my best to avoid her,
It seems like I won’t be able to completely remove her from my life
It feels like that woman keeps on unraveling me.
Like she is telling me, “Be happy.”
“Let’s be happy together.”

He drops his bags with a sense of urgency and extends his arms out to catch her. But he doesn’t just catch her; he embraces her tightly as if he didn’t want any harm to come to her. And as we heard their hearts beating, the theme song for the drama starts to play. I mean, this drama had me right then and there.

The song Uneasy Romance by Echae En Route was playing during this scene, which made it all the more touching. The lyrics gave the scene a bitter-sweet and magical feeling that spoke directly to me. I loved this scene and this song so much that I had to find it and listen to it on repeat.

Uneasy Romance Lyrics

Everybody’s going
home to be with their someone
We decide to stay here
to be with each other and kiss

Perhaps I’ve gone crazy
everything you do is so perfect
To me it’s unnatural
because I’ve got a selfish crooked mind

It’s so hard to be free
It’s so quiet no one is looking

When you kiss me kiss me kiss
Please kiss me kiss me kiss

We got in the taxi and
asked the driver to take us
Somewhere we’ve never
been together and we belong

The fall chased the summer
while I tried to avoid the sun
The sun did a damn good
job at convincing me to follow

It’s so hard to be young
It’s so hard to be young
When we kiss, we kiss, we kiss
Please kiss me kiss me kiss

It’s so hard to be young
It’s so hard to be free
It’s so hard to be young
It’s so hard to be
It’s so hard to be young

Everybody’s going
home to be with their someone
And we decide to stay here
to be with each other and kiss

You can watch Oh Hae Young Again/Another Oh Hae Young on Viki and Dramafever. They translate things differently so watching it on each platform feels like watching it for the first time again!

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  1. N30
    April 17, 2018 / 1:10 pm

    Hi V … Saw this post today and m so glad I found it … Can u pls post the music list of this amazing drama … M so obsessed wid it’s music…all OST as well as background score… I would be very grateful if you could show some light on its music …. Thanks dear

    • V
      April 19, 2018 / 5:01 pm

      This drama is definitely worth a revisit! I think I can pull together an OST for it. 🙂

  2. N30
    April 26, 2018 / 2:27 am

    Thanks V …. Will be waiting ….

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