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Terius Behind Me Kdrama Recap Episodes 1 and 2

Korean Drama Terius Behind Me Recap episode 1 and 2 starring So Ji Sub
We had or first live watchalong last night! Did you hang out with us? If so, it was so fun to have you there and hear/read your thoughts on Terius Behind Me. I have mixed feelings about this show myself, but I will save all that for my thoughts at the bottom.

Also, this recap is not as detailed as usual because I was trying to write it pretty quickly, so I summed up a lot of scenes and also had some stream of thought responses based on what was going on during the live watch. The first 200 words are probably all stream of thought. It will be a strange read through. The good news is, Dramafever is on top of things and already has the subs out. They actually already had the subs out by yesterday night.

Jason Bourne music…

Intense dream opening and straight into a topless scene, lol.

Less than 30 seconds to So Jo Sub with his shirt off.

Shot in the back, like Jason Bourne.

Similar music to Jason Bourne and Terius is using that binoculars thing that jason Bourne uses as well.

Okay, now we are moving into two very different days, one with SJS working out and the other with Aerin trying to cancel an argument her kids have.

SJS runs into AR in the hall when a yogurt rolls to his foot and the kids poke umma’s butt so she falls right into his face. Nose bleed and uncomfortable stranger face touching for the win.

This show is so campy.

All the ajummas drop their kids off to the bus, but AR is crazy late. The kids are the worst behaving in the neighborhood. The ajumma’s talk about how these kids are not normal, everything is double. But they all tell heer she did a good job after the bus drives off.

AR talks to One of the mamas about a possible job she might qualify for, but this woman does not know anything about the actual company. Cue AR running to get ready for the job.

She even checks her horoscope, The Magician, which is very good.

SJS also checks his tarot, but it looks like it is more for espionage than fortune telling.

They both leave and catch the elevator at the same time. AR is crazy friendly and knows a lot about SJS like how much he leaves his house and the type of bread he buys. SJS has an internal dialogue about how this woman knows his happenings. She gives him a candy that says “I am watching you” and has a cow on it with is “So” like SJS’s last name.

TITLE: The witness

But trouble is brewing, the head of the NIS looks concerned as he opens a public lock box. He takes a black bag from it and leaves, but someone watches him, YT’s driver. He talks to his driver but then gets off the phone.

AR is at the same office for a new job. The secretary is getting married so the boss told her to quit. She goes inside and does the interview. But he is only hiring unmarried women. But she told hi that the job description said he is hiring only married women with a lot of kids, his secretary messed it up on purpose.

YT tells her to leave, he does not want to hire her. They get into an argument. She tells him she is there to make money and is sorry for taking up her time, but he also took up her important time to, so apologize.

He tells her to sit and reads her resume. Then he asks what her work experience for the last 6 months was. She can’t say so he tells her to not waste her time ad leave. She asks him what this company does, he says he improts bags.

She leaves, angrily, and bumps into the head of the NIS who also goes into YT’s office with the bag. He drops it on YT’s desk.

YT asks him if he does not like the money? It’s a million dollars, he jut needs one signature and all this is yours.

But the NIS guy does not want to smuggle in weapons for YT. It appears that YT is a weapons lobbyist. The NIS guy leaves, YT gives an order to K to start the mission.

Soji sub is also on the case and follows K. But as he follows K, he bumps into AR who is talking to her husband on the phone, something she says reminds him of a North Korean woman. She says, when we go to Seoul you have to buy a mojito from Namsan tower.

SJS is pulled into a flashback and approaches AR. She jumps when she sees him and wonders if he was following her. He says he was not and walks away. But he also turns to watch AR leave and has a longing expression.

Meanwhile, K shows YT a syringe.

The ajummas all talk about AR needing to work. They are judgy but they are also concerned. They think she is so stingy, she only drinks super cheap coffee and is always the first in line for discounts and takes all of EH’s hand downs. EH says she likes her because she is brave and pretty. SM pettily says she is prettier but the other two are all like, okay sure.

AR comes in with her kids at that moment and talks to them about her interview. She says it was all screwed up. But her kids are about to mess with all the cakes on display so the ajummas point to it and yell, STOP! AR runs over there, but it is too late, the kids took the items off of the display so she has to buy the cakes now.

Meanwhile, AR’s husband sees a 1200 dollar bill for the cakes. he thinks his wife bought bread with it so he calls her to yell about it. She tells him a thing happened so dont be angry about it.

The father gets called away to do something with his boss. The husband is too nice to his writers so his boss tells him to make the writers write the books. He needs to have a best seller or his position is in danger.

At home, AR feeds the kids a meal and trys to tell them not to do things like take items that don’t belong to them. The kids smile and say they won’t, but you know they will.

In his place, SJS looks at his wall of information and tries to find out whe the next target is. Whenever the tarot card musician shows up on that website, someone dies.

Meanwhile, at the blue house The head of the NIS is not signing for the next generation fighter jet. It look slike he is very stressed and thinks his secretary might have been bribed.

SJS thinks about everything while munching on some bread.


AR’s husband gets home and sees that the place is in a kid created hurricane mess. Then he steps on a lego. Ouch! He complains to his wife about not cleaning and also spending a whole bunch of money at the bakery. She yells back at him about not doing anything with the kids and only watching TV at home. They argue about who works the hardest (definitely the mother) and how AR tries to get a job but no one will hire her.

The husband kind of softens and tells her that he saw a post for a job about milk delivery. You said you wanted to lose weight, why don’t you take that job? But she is annoyed, why does she want to lose weight? because she wants to wear all the clothes she could wear before having kids because they don’t have enough money to buy new clothes.

She grabs her luggage and leaves. Wow, she already had it packed and everything as if she has been planning this for awhile. She passes SJS on the street as she rolls her luggage away.

But, she dropped her wallet at the elevator. SJS sees it and finds out her name.

But outside, AR is still walking and grummbling about her life. To add insult to injury, it starts pouring and she notices that she does not have her wallet or her cell phone. She is homeless and wet at a bus stop.

She decides to look inside her luggage and realizes that she picked the wrong suitcase. This suitcase is filled with toys. So she really doesn’t have anything.

SJS walks up on her but she thinks he is a crook so she pulls out a fake gun and holds it up to him. They talk for a moment and she gets upset so she fires it. He does a matrix move and falls to the ground, but she just laughs and says it is a fake gun.

He hops up and gives her her wallet then tells her to stop making up things like a novel. She confides that she left home and brought the wrong luggage. He gives her his umbrella and tells her to go back home to change her luggage. he even grabs the toy luggage and carries it ahead.

They say their good byes at their doors. He goes into his place, but looks out his peep hole to see if she will go into hers. All she does is pace so he asks her why she isn’t going inside.

he goes back out to ask her why so she hesitantly says she is and then goes in. She falls asleep happily on the couch but is then woken up by her kids yelling and running around the place. Herhusband left a letter saying that he is sorry about yesterday and left some money for her to buy clothes.

AR playfully tells EH all about what happened last night as they look for clothes to buy. EH wants her to buy expensive things but AR doesn’t want to buy things that are more than $50.

In the garage, the NIS person gets choked by K. But then AR’s husband parks right next to the car. He accidentally hits it as he gets out and sees that the NIS guy is being choked. He quickly hops back in his car and takes off! But K sees him clearly and the husband knows that he saw him.

The husband goes back to his apartment (or some building), but he gets stabbed with the syringe from K. The security guard finds him just as AR calls him. He tells AR to come quickly, your husband passed out!

Cut to the hospital, her husband did not make it.

Lots of Kdrama sadness.

Meanwhile, YT tells K that all the CCTV records are erased and they need to erase all the black boxes as well (not sure if they erased them or not, actually). He also tells YT that he killed the owner of the other car.

Later on, Bon gets news that the Head of the NIS is dead. He is surprised and quickly checks the tarot reading, it is Death.

National Intelligence Service
It turns out that a lot of people actually hated that NIS guy because he was against weapons and fighter jets. But agent Yoo Ji-yeon is suspicious of this death. her boss thinks it is just a heart attack, he was old. But she can ingestigate it if she wants.

She leaves and runs into her deputy chief, it does not look like they have a good relationship.

Next up is uncomfortable #Metoo closeness by agent Do-woo as he shows JY that he put a wire tap on her phone that looked like a heart.

Elsewhere, SJS goes to the funeral and overhears that the NIS guy was the only one that opposed the fighter plane.

AR’s husband also has his funeral now. The ajummas are outside with the kids and talk about the father and how he had heart problems in his family history. But they never expected him to die. They don’t have good insurance.

SJS walks by the funeral and sees AR crying as she greets people.

But then it looks like K is going after the kids too.

At the funeral, the NIS people spot Bon and start to go after him. They call him code name Terius. Compare the face! JY does this and sees that there is a 100% match.

Back at the playground, the kids dissapeared. SR calls AR to tell her that her kids are gone!

Meanwhile SJS runs up the stairs as the NIS agents tell each other not to let Terius get away!

Fade Out

On the one hand, Terius Behind Me is fun. But on the other hand, it is sooooo campy with a mix of serious. I usually like campy things, so that is not an immediate turn off, in fact, campiness can be a big bonus. But in this case it did not seem to work well. I am not sure why. It might be because everyone was getting a feel for the acting environment and had not settled into a comfortable working relationship yet. Or it could be another reason. There is something that feels disjointed so hopefully they can fix that in the next two episodes. We already watched the next two episodes, so that is coming up next!

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  1. Beez
    September 28, 2018 / 7:25 pm

    Yay! So Ji sub is back in dramaland! I like the campiness but I agree it’s not fun yet, but my expectations are still high!

    • V
      September 29, 2018 / 3:11 pm

      It is good to have So Ji Sub back.

  2. thistle
    September 28, 2018 / 7:37 pm

    I was not expecting to like this show but I really did, and I enjoyed the silly humor. Especially like the Nosy Noisy Neighbor Crew; they are the best surprise.

    • V
      September 29, 2018 / 3:12 pm

      I love the Noisy Neighbor Crew!

  3. akosiberat
    September 29, 2018 / 3:28 am

    it’s a fun ride. seeing so ji sub being so great in taking care of kids makes myheart melt. ❤️😘😘😘

  4. Anonymous
    September 29, 2018 / 8:44 am

    The ‘thriller-with-comic-elements’ genre is tough to get right. So far (as of Ep. 04), it’s a flop, in that regard. You need to apply the comic with a very light touch. The director & writer might want to watch the 1963 movie, Charade, to see how it’s done well.

    • V
      September 29, 2018 / 3:13 pm

      Oh, yes, I loved that movie!

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