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Terius Behind Me Kdrama Live Recap Episodes 9 and 10

So Ji Sub in a car and a black suit in Terius Behind Me
This show is hanging on by a thread. It is pretty ridiculous and on top of that, it also does not make sense. But I can use fluff and comedic nonsense so I’m sticking with it. Plus, I do like So Ji Sub.

I don’t actually understand what happened at the end of the last episode. But I guess that someone somehow found out that Aerin is close to Terius or that she got all that info that is important to their case? It is a mystery.

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Terius gets his gun and goes to his bright blue sports car. he hops in and takes off up the street in search for Aerin.

Meanwhile, Aerin is all tied up in a wharehouse. Her mouth is taped shut as she struggles to get out. She wonders if she is going to die like this, what about my kids! But then a man in a suit walks up to her. We don’t see who this person is.

Terius keeps driving. We also see a flashback of him adding a heart sticker to Ji-Yeon’s purse.

In the warehouse, the man in front of Aerin is the CEO. He tells her that she should know the reason why she is hear, then he pulls up a chair. He asks her if she knows a kids story with a blue mustache? There is a woman that went into the forbidden room and was killed. How do I know that?

Flashback to Milan, The CEO was chilling in his expensive hotel room when he gets an alarm that someone was in his secret room.

In the present, Aerin realizes that she is busted. She apologizes and says that she just wanted to know what the price of the bag she ruined was. But he tells her that he was not going to get the money for that bag. A man in the background has a wooned plank that he keeps banging on the ground. She wonders if they are going to hit her with it? that would hurt a lot! I will tell you everything.

The CEO asks her why she took a picture of the bad. Aerin says she took the picture of the juiced purse to show a neighborhood eunnie to get the details of the bag just inc ase you are bluffing about the price. But the bad is an unknown company so I wanted to go into the room to take photos of the bag and ask my eunnie.

Yong-tae asks who the eunnie is. She says it is her kids friends mom. The picture is on the usb, I am not lying!

They dump the bag to look for it. Aerin tells him that she has the original in her bag. She erases a lot of photos on her phone because she only has enough space for her kids pictures. Is that bag really this important?

He asks why she went to that funeral. Aerin tells her that he lied to her about one thing.

Terius shows up to the wharehouse to a group of thugs outside. He starts beating them all up easily. They all go twisting and turning and flying everywhere from all his punches.
Aerin tells him that she said she had a husband so he would not hit on her. She went to the funeral home because she has a document to get. YT thinks that she knows why her husband died now. But then they hear a loud noise outside. the other thug/driver goes outside to check on it. He gets taken out by Terius as well.

Inside, Yong-tae waits for the driver, but he is not coming. YT feels that something is not right, so he releases Aerin and tells her that they have to leave, you go out first. he pushes her in front of him but Aerin is all like, nooooooo, I shouldn’t get hurrrrrrrt, I have kiiiiiiidddddds. But he pushes her out in front.

She goes outside and is forced to look around. Terius is right there with a gun to her head, but then he sees her and realizes that he should hide. So he hides from Aerin. The CEO comes out and sees all his guys on the ground, so he runs away to his car. Aerin tells him that he should take her along! But he rolls down his window and tells her that she is fired. Do whatever you want. then he drives off with Aerin muttering about how it is so scary out here!

Terius watches it all with a sigh and then follows Aerin as she tries to walk home. She walks on the side of the road but does not know how to get to the main road. However, she gets a call from Bon just then who asks her where she is. Then he picks her up in his bright blue sports car.

Romantic music plays as Terius/Bon gets out of the car and walks up to Aerin as he is back lit by the headlights. Aerin is so relieved to see him. She falls to the ground and tells him that she was so scared. he tells her that she is so brave and they look at each other for a moment until they get in the car.

She tells him that she is fired. he thinks that is good since she said that the company was strange anyway. Aerin agrees and says that it looked like there were gangsters today, they were about to hit me with a 2×2. But hey, when you called me, why did you tell me to look around? It was almost as if you knew I was about to get hurt.

Well….that is….um….

Do you have super natural abilities?

Yes, I see the future.

Cut to Terius dressed like a shaman in Aerin’s fantasy.

She hops out of her fantasy and tells him that he does not seem like that kind of person at all. Bon tells her to not tell anyone of what happened today, or she will have bad luck in her family. She looks stunned and agrees.

They get back to the building and are greeted by a very curious Eunha. She tells Aerin that the kids are sleeping, they can stay sleeping in her place if they want. But Aerin and Bon end up taking the kids and walking back to their building (this complex is huge).

They walk and talk about Bon’s car and how it was so great. Have you always had it? He says he just bought it. Aerin wonders if he is car poor? that is why he takes care of kids. But then she thinks that she is fired, what will she do? He tells her that she has a lot to worry about, her shoulders should be very heavy.

Yong-tae is mad at his driver becuase they picked a place without a CCTV so they do not know who attacked them all. the driver tells him that he told him to pick a location without CCTV. But he thinks this person was a professional and they do not think it was K. But They also don’t think it was Aerin’s doing.

the ajummas are playing golf inside their complex when Aerin tells them that she was fired. they all crowd around her and asks all that happened. Aerin grummbles about not caring about that company, she will find a new job.

Meanwhile, Kwon stars to hear about Terius. Alpha 2 was following him, but he disappeared. Kwon tells them to put an agent in Star Tower just in case he shows up there again. She vows to catch Terius.

Elsewhere, Do-woo walks with his head phones on, but feels that someone is following him. he runs into a building and completely changes his look. he leaves but runs into Bon. Bon smiles at him and tells him that his training is good.

Cut to King’s Bag spy headquarters. Bon and Do-woo look comfortable with each other as they sit and drink coffee. Ji-yeon comes in and is suprised that Bon is there, how did he get there? Bon tells her not to look so surprised.

Soon, they all sit and talk about what is going on with the NIS and the new head of the NIS. Ji-yeon hands over info on K. They will investigate this some more. Do-woo will find out some information about the company. But they all have to stop talking because they have a customer.

Sang-ryeol and Sun-mi are insied the bag shop looking around. Hello? Is anyone here? Is there anything for a man? Do-woo goes out to greet them. But in the back, Bon tells them that they need another person to work for the bag shop. Ji-yeon asks him what he really wants to say.

It looks like Bon made an employee announcement for the Bag store and sent it to Aerin for her to apply.

In the present, Bon explains why Ji-yeon should hire her. Her late husband is the witness to the NIS chiefs death. She does not know anything so don’t mention it. Ji-yeon looks outside and sees Aerin standing there in her interview attire.

Meanwhile, the ajummas talk about how Bon is a fortune teller / shaman. Remember when he did that apartment tour? What if he is looking at all our fung shui? He cared a lot about how we put all our things!

Back in the shop, Ji-yeon interviews Aerin about the job. She is not enthusiastic about it. But then Aerin says that she used to work in J-International. Ji-yeon is all like, Did you just say J-International?!?

YT tells his henchman that they need to give people what they want at the right time.

In the Shop, Ji-yeon asks Aerin a lot of questions about J-enterprise. Aerin wonders why she is so curious about that company, but she also wants to get this job so she tells her everything, including all the photos that she took of their bags. But she does not want to show them the photos until she is hired.

She says she has another interview that she has to go to, so if she is not hired then….she gets up to leave. Ji-yeon tells her that she is hired….yes, you can have insurance…..now let me see the picture. Aerin hands over her phone to Ji-yeon and asks when they will sign the contract.

Meanwhile, Bon is the happy babysitter at home getting shot and pretending to die. the kids love it. Aerin runs in and tells them that she got the job! Lets go out, I’m buying!

They end up going to Quiznos (aka the new subway, it was #1 on Naver search, lol). The family settles in and eats their sandwich and pizza at Quiznos. Aerin mentions that the kids love sandwich and pizza a lot. She says that Bon can go home since she has to go grocery shopping. But he tells her that he has to go shoping too, so lets go together.

(I think they used this moment to put in all their commercials)

They go around the grocery store and grab a lot of food that is zoomed in on by the camera. But the kids are looking at a fish tank which makes me think they are about to get into trouble. The kids want to buy fish but Aerin tells them that they need a fish tank to have fish. We have nowhere to put the fishtank. The kids talk about letting the fish sleep in bed with them. Then the temper tantrums start.

Aerin tells them that they can live there. Bon is all like, what is going on?

Cut to Bon with the fish tank at his house. Little Mermaid music plays in the background as Aerin tells him that he did not need to by this. But Bon says it is okay, he thought about buying fish once before. Aerin thanks him and then starts to inspect his house. Minimal living? No furniture? Do you cook?

The kids love it, they run around and say that the house is so clean, I want to live here! Aerin runs off to chase them. Bon looks at the entire situation as Buddha music starts to play, they all go in slow motion.
Ji-Yeon wonders why Bon did not tell her that Aerin worked for J-Enterprise. She starts to wonder, does he like her?

Back at bon’s place, the kids have gone so Bon is left alone with the fish tank. He sits quietly as he looks at it.

The next morning, Aerin shows up to work very enthusiastic. She is 15 minutes early. Do-woo tells her that she is early, she should come on time. But Aerin tells him that she has a lot to do, I will clean the show room.

An customer comes in that Do-woo greats. But he tells her that they are not open yet and she cannot try any of the bags on. Aerin runs over and starts to help the customer like a dutiful employee.

Meanwhile, Ji-yeon tells her boss that she hired someone, the wife of the witness. Woo-cheol asks if she has evidence of it all? Ji-yeon tells him that she does, but he still wonders why she hired her? Ji-yeon says she just wanted to know more about her…hahaha….can you sign for the money? Is she a trustworthy person? Yes! hahaha.

Yong-tae looks at Aerin’s work on her secretary table. it turns out that she did a lot. She categorized what he ordered and what came in and what he likes for lunch. She did a lot of work. Yong-tae realizes that this woman did not just do nothing.

Cut to Aerin at work. She needs something to do.

Elsewhere, Bon is surrounded by the ajummas. They all want him to tell them about their wifes promotion, and if they will have a second baby, and all those clairvoyant things. They really think he is a shaman, lol. But they make sure that they tell him that they did not tell anyone else. Bon smiles uncomfortably and thanks them. He takes their notes with their wish on it and tells him that he will go home and do it quietly.

Cut to Aerin meeting with Yong-tae all of a sudden. He tells her that he wanted to give her another chance. Dont be too excited about it, just do what I ask you to do. Aerin is all like, you are out of your ever loving mind. I already have a job. Hey Gangster CEO Jin, good job coming all the way over here. I will pay for this. She storms out, but Yong-tae is actually happy.

Aerin goes and meets with the ajummas. They are all meeting together, but we don’t know why yet.

in The Bag shop, the team hears an alarm and look at the screen to see all the ajummas in the bag shop.

In the shop, Aerin tells them that their boss told her not to come early, just on time. Eunha tells her that all the places she works in are not normal. Let’s hurry and do this quickly. She starts taking photos with all the bags.

The agents wonder what is going on, are they taking a pictorial?

In the shop, the ajummas wonder where they should put the photos. Instagram? Mon’s group? They also keep taking photos. We see the Galaxy Note set up as they all take photos together and then show the bags in their profiles. They mention that it is the best bag store ever.

The next day, tons of women show up to King’s Bag.
Aerin helps them all happily, but the agents cannot believe their bad luck. The ajummas show up so Aerin introduces them to her boss. Sang-ryeol thinks Ji-yeon looks familiar, I saw you somewhere.

Outside, Bon thinks to himself that Aerin is something. But then we see him having fun with the kids and his fish. He gets a text letting him know that Aerin sold all the bags at King’s Bag. he smiles. he asks the kids what their mother does best. The kids say all the housework things.

Later on, Bon goes outside the building and thinks. he is about to go back inside when Aerin calls after him. She asks him if he is waiting for her? He denies it and says that he was recycling. She smiles and gives him a present of a wallet. She bought it for him before it sold out. Your salary is inside also, you can pay for your car now, okay?

She also thanks him a lot about taking care of her kids, because of him, she can work outside the home. They go inside.

In Sang-ryeol’s house, he watches the news about the new airplane coming in. But his wife yells for him to turn off the TV.

The agents also talk about the new airplane fighter jet coming in. They think that NIS has sold out. Elsewhere, agent Kwon stews about something. Then Yong-tae gets a call and tells the caller that he understands, don’t worry. He ads the new card.

Later, someone looks in an office and takes a photo of Go Aerin’s resume.

At home, Bon checks for today’s luck on the internet. The card is the high priest. He takes off running because he saw that the location was Kings Castle. He gets to the kids and the ajummas that are outside and sees a reflection on Aerin. He thinks that she is about to get sniped so he yells NOOOOOOOOO and runs to her.

he jumps on her and they go spilling to the ground with all the ajummas looking on.

Fade Out

This show is cray-cray.

VO – How do you like your babysitter, is he trustworthy?
AR – Yes, I trust him.
VO – He shouldn’t be.
Bon – You should be careful with Jin Youngtae, you don’t know anything about him.
AR – I also don’t know about you, Bon.
YT – Well, he kind of bothers me, but.
VO – Jin Young-tae.
Bon – How do they know that place? I will be there right away!
YS – Have someone follow them.
JY – Our information leaked.
YS – Catch him right away.
JY – It is an emergency.

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  1. Rose
    October 10, 2018 / 12:23 pm

    I’ve seen some clips in youtube, and some of the scenes are really funny (for me). I didnt understand what they are saying but just watching it made me laugh which is good and im glad coz its a nice break from the kdrama i watch that has a lot of drama. A little laugh is good for our soul 😊. Having said that, Aerins imagination about Bon being a shaman was really hilarious 😅😂. Thanks for the recap V. 😊

    • V
      October 10, 2018 / 1:36 pm

      That imagination was really funny 🙂

  2. thistle
    October 10, 2018 / 12:29 pm

    Please wind the thread into a rope and hang on! This is an unexpectedly fun show even when it doesn’t make sense. It’s just so different from anything else airing right now that it’s a refreshing change from the many dark dramas.

    • Rose
      October 10, 2018 / 1:04 pm

      My thoughts exactly. Some scenes may not make any sense but at the same time you cant help but laugh. Im not saying this coz im a JiSub fan but….or maybe i am 😅….but admit it, this drama is quite funny. Now i know what JiSub meant when he said the reason why he chose this as a come-back drama for him because its light. Its a mix of action and comedy. Plus those kids are adorable even though sometimes they are brats! 😄

      • V
        October 10, 2018 / 1:38 pm

        Sometimes the not-making-sense parts are the fun of the watch 🙂

    • V
      October 10, 2018 / 1:37 pm

      Oh, we’re sticking with it. I need more playfulness.

  3. E
    October 10, 2018 / 7:55 pm

    thank you for sticking with this.. Sometimes fluff is good…esp with SJS inside! 😉

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