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Terius Behind Me Kdrama Live Recap Episodes 7 and 8

So Ji Sub babysitting two cute kids in Terius Behind Me
Y’all, this show…One hilarious thing that happened in yesterday’s episode was that the secret entrance to the King’s Bag spy room was in clear view through the window to everyone on the street. Somebody could be walking by and be all like, ooh, what is that spinning picture and back door all about? Can I try that while they are in the back? If you want spy accuracy with this show then I suggest readjusting your expectations to Home Alone level.

I do enjoy the zaniness of Terius Behind Me and am looking at it more like a Disney TV show where the adults are all in hilarious circumstances even when someone is being chocked to death in the car next door. Our recap of The Smile Has Left Your Eyes comes up after this one! I was wary about that show, but the first episode has really pulled me in.

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(Classical music plays in the background but our image is all messed up in the first 4 minutes.)

Bon and the woman secretly talk on a bus in Poland.

W – This is the last file.
Bon – Good job, today is D-day. Move to the same route as you always walk to. The bakery we always go to. There is an agent there. When they sway the attention of your trailer, use the backdoor and go into our car. You have to move in ten seconds.
W – I am scared.
Bon – DOn’t worry, I will always watch you.
W – When we go to Seoul, you should buy me a Mohito in Namsan Tower.

They both get off the bus and go their seperate ways. The trailer also gets off the bus and folows her. Bon keps a close eye. But then the music changes to dreary. Bon crosses the street to try and keep up. He is close to them, but tries to keep a bit of distance.

Bon – Candy is approaching the side.

NIS Car is watching from satelites in the car. Kwon tells all the agents to confirm their location. All the fiel agents say that they are standing by.

Bon – Candy is walking inside (speaking Polish or German?).

The woman goes inside the bakery. SOmeone tells her to try the bread. SOmeone else goes outside to bother the trail so that she can get away. It works. All the field agents are able to bump into this trail in order to let the woman get away.

The woman runs down an alley. It appears that she made it. Bon is waiting for her next to the car. But there is a sniper in a window. Bon sees the sniper and yells, NOOOO, but she is shot. He holds her in the street as she hangs on to life. In the NIS car, Kwon tells them all that there is trouble in the plan, all the agents need to leave.

The man that is in Bon’s car tells him that they need to leave. But he stays with her so the car man has to drive off. Bon keeps holding onto the woman until she dies. He hangs his head and cries. In the NIS car, Kwon asks Terius what he is doing, retract right now!

But Bon throws away his head phones and sees K. He starts following him. They give chase through Poland, the only two people in all black, lol. But the hase scene is pretty good. It is an on foot chase scene where these two men are showing the stamina of a horse.

Bon finally catches teh man and is able to disarm him. they start to fight just like Boerne style fight sequence with a lot of punches. Bon wins the exchange and pulls his gun out on the man. He wants to know who gave him teh order. But the Terius gets shot. he stands up and asks K who did it! But he gets shot again and falls. It might have been a woman that shot him? Maybe not. K pushes Terius off of him and walks off.
Terius wakes up quickly from this dream like flashback. He is all sweaty and stands up in his apartment to get a drink. He thinks to himself, everyone has secrets.

Back at the company, Aerin has just found out that her children have ruined this $100k bag. She frantically tries to clean it whil eher kids cry.

VO – The secret gets out unexpectedly with an unnexpected reason. That noisy neighbors unnexpected accident revealed the tip of an iceberg secret.

Bon went for a run and came home. In the elevator, he saw Yong-tae. They were both getting off and on. But Bon keeps Young-tae from leaving and asks who he is. Young-tae comes out of the elevator again and asks Bon if he lives in 803? He has business with 804.

Terius asks wha the business is. Terius tells him that he is taking care of the kids. I am he babysitter. Young-tae thinks he must be the fake husband that takes care of the kids. He tells him that he is the CEO of the company, but no one is inside. Bon tells him that someone should be and rings the bell. But no one answers. Bon tells YT to give the phone to him, he will give it to her. But YT does not want to. Bon tells him to leave then since he was in the elevator.

YT ends up giving him the phone and tells him that he is the neighbor, not the husband. So why are you this strict? That is pretty impressive, good bye.

Bon looks at YT leave and then wonders where Aerin is now when it is so late.

He spots her outside carrying both her kids. She is surprised to him and asks if he waited for her. He tells her that he went to recycle and picks up one of the kids to carry inside. he also gives her her cell phone when they get back to the hallway between their apartments.

Aerin is shocked, he came all the way here? Bon thinks it is strange for the CEO to come all the way there to deliver a cell phone. But Aerin is so worried, she thinks about the purse and is very distraught. But she is able to straighten out long enough to take her kid back from Bon and go inside.

Cut to EunHa asking Aerin what she did to this elegant hand bag?!? EunHa knows all about this bag, she even knows that there are other bags even more expensive than this one. Aerin is so worried, it will take her many many years to pay this off. Do you know what label it is? EunHa does not even know this bag though, there is no bag and no tag. Aerin says that she heard it is hand made from Italy.

Eunha asks to look at it one more time. She touches it and looks around, it looks very well made. But it is $100k and you don’t know who made it? She tells Aerin that the mark is on the inside, take a photo of it. Do you know where it was imported from? Aerin says she does, she took a photo of the delivery box. It is from Milan. Eunha says that she has a college friend who has a handbag business over there, but what are you going to tell your boss?

Cut to Aerin showing her boss the ruined purse. She tells him that she is sorry. But he is so upset and bewildered. Aerin says she will pay for it, but YT cannot believe that answer. He mutters that he only has 5 days. Aerin starts talking a lot about paying for it but YT tells her to shut up and leave, he does not want to see her today. then he quickly calls someone to make the same bag with the same ID number. He will pick it up himself.

He throws the other bag on the ground in a rage.
Aerin goes to a realtor. the realtor asks her how fast she needs the money? Aerin tells her as soon as possible. The realtor tells her that she can do a quick sell, but she will lose some money in the deal. Possibly $30k less than market value.

Aerin leaves disheartenned at her life. She cannot believe the she will lose that uch money on a quicksell. She runs right into Bon outside the realtor office so they go talk about her selling her house. they go to a cafe where she tells him how much money she would have selling off her house and paying for the loan. $220k. Then after paying for the bag she will have $120k. But Aerin does not want to move since her kids really like this neighborhood and she likes the home because it is her first home. She should not be greedy when they give her so much salary.

Bon asks her what the name of her comapny is, she tells him J International. It is not a big company. But Bon remembers J International on a list of companies in Star Tower. he asks her if her company is in Star Tower. She asks him, how do you know?

Later on, Bon meets with JY. they go to their undercover place, King’s Bag. JY tells him that this is their undercover place. they go inside this bag shop. Bon lines up the purses nicely so JY tells him that he is the same. She asks him what he wants to talk about. He tells her that the witness died. YT hops up, she thinks this is horrible, how can the witness die. It is all messed up, that is how I was granted this process.

Bon thinks she shouldn’t have told them. She says she didn’t tell them anything about him. Bon ends up giving her a picture of the magician hitman that killed the NIS chief and candy. YT asks him if he is still reseraching that 3 year old case? he says they both need him, so don’t share but don’t tell NIS that I dont trust them. And Research J International.

Bon stands up and looks at a bag. At that time, DoWoo walks across the street and sees Terius in the window. He hides in a bush in shock.

the ajummas are on the case about this bag. They all go through their network and ask everyone if they have ever seen this bag before. they tell Aerin to ask her boss. Aerin mentions there is a secret room in his office, no one is allowed in. The ajummas tells her that she needs to do anything. (so they want her to break into that room to get evidence or something).

Aerin and Sun-mi end up going to the building and see the CEO. Aerin is told to buy a first class ticket to Milan. Sun-mi hides and picks apart the CEO’s face. He had a lot of plastic surgery that was done very well. She wants to ask him where he got it done. But she stays hiding. When he walks by her, she wonders why he would do so much surgery.

Meanwhile, Aerin goes to the office and then looks at the secret room. She goes up to it and tries to figure out what this 10 number password could be. It could be 10000 options. But she was a computer programer before so she has an idea.

She gets out her face powder to find out the finger marks. If she has 4 numbers then the possibility goes to 4 factorial which is a lot easier.

At the King’s Bag hideout, Bon asks YT about Doctor Park. His product is delivered through DW. Bon asks if DW is a trustworthy person. YT thinks that she reads people well. Bon reminds her not to tell anyone, but she tells him that DoWoo is okay, dont worry. She asks him why he is babysitting, he says he needs to make money.

Bon goes to pick up the kids and take them out, but the little boy has to pee something serious. there is no bathroom there so They have to run to the house. they hop in the elevator, but a halmoni holds up the elevator, she is really slow. The boy is abotu to go in his pants.

But they get to the apartment and get in so Bon tells him to GO GO GO. The boy runs to the bathroom, but he is too late, he peed in his pants and it is all over the floor. So Bon has to give him a bath. He scrubs him clean and then dries him off and does his hair. After that he has to clean the clothes so he manually cleans them and hangs them up to dry.

The kids watch on quietly with popsicles. Joon-soo apologizes for peeing on himself but Bon says its no big deal. Joon-hee asks if they can go to his place but he says no. they wonder if it is because they are too dirty? He looks around as if thinking of something to say and then tells them that that is not the only reason.

YT tells Aerin not to go to work while he is in Italy. And don’t try to do anything that might make me mad. She agrees, but has a question. Her house is for sale, she will pay for the bag quickly. But Bon tells her that it is okay. However, he has to think about how to get reimbursed. Right now he has too many things to think about, they can discuss it after he gets back from Italy.

Later on that night, Aerin wonders why he did not want to get the money. Is that not a lot of money for him? Does he want her body parts? She notices the clothes drying and wonders what is going on, did Bon wash these?

Cut to Bon sleeping at home. He is so tired and taking a nap even though it is early evening. he pops up and wonders why he feels like this. Aerin texts him and wonders if Joon-soo peed his pants. Bon thinks he is not suppossed to tell. So he asks how she knows. Aerin says that she saw the clothes (she sends a picture) and says that she guessed. All the moms in the world know this combination of laundry. Good job.

Bon smiles and continues looking at his cell phone for a good emotocon to send her. He gives up, but then sends an angry one where he flips the dinner table. But it is an accident. Aerin thinks he must be angry. She apologizes in a text. Bon wonders why she is apologizing all of a sudden, is she upset because of the emoticon?

In her place, Aerin lays on the couch and wonders about her CEO, she had a lot to discus with him, but made him angry. In his place, Bon plays that same song (Nora Jones song? Not sure). It is a song about sleepless nights.
Bon runs by the river and meets with YT secretly. She tells him there is nothing weird about J Enterprise or YT. Bon asks the price range of the bags. YT tells him it is thousands and sometimes over $100k.

But, Sang-ryeol is riding his bike on th eriver and sees Bon with YT. He wonders who this woman is with him….*chuckle*

Cut to Quisnos (Quiznos?) which is just like subway. All the ajummas eat there as well as Bon. Sang-ryeol immediately asks Bon about that woman, who is she? He is all like, !!!!!!!!. He asks what woman? Sang-ryeol tells him that he saw them meeting in the morning, there is nothing bad about it. *smile*

Eunha says that they can talk about the woman later, they need to talk about this bag. Her friend went to the branch and saw that this company looked very strange and poor, it is all lies. This price of this bag is nonsense also. Your company is a con company. Sunmi says she felt strange when she went there too. Her boss had a lot of plastic surgery, but he had a nice face before so why did he change it. There bust have been a reason.

ALl the ajummas wonder about this, but then Aerin holds her hand up and says, my CEO is lying to me! He is torturing me with this cheap bag! How much did he laugh at me? Her friends asks her why she got a job somewhere like that? Did you search the company? Aerin says that she will do that from today.

They leave, Bon tells Aerin that maybe she should not search around that company. he hopes she does not go into that secret room. But Aerin says she will, she hates him. He is in Italy now so it is a good chance. I wanted to talk to you about it but I thought you were angry. He asks if that is why she left the chat room? She asks if he was upset about that but Bon says not at all.

Aerin tells Bon to have a good relationship with that woman. You look lonely so this is good. She gives him that same “So” candy, but now it says “Fighting” on it instead of “I am watching you”.

Aerin goes to work and immediately tries to open the door. There are only three numbers touched but it is a 4 digit code. So one of the numbers was touched twice. She does the math for a moment and then tries all the codes that she guessed. One of them works! She yells in happiness and then goes inside.

Inside the room are lots of expensive looking bags on display. Under the bags are peoples names with a number next to it or the word “fail”. Aerin starts to take photos of all of them and then searches the internet for the combination of numbers she found in the bags. But she cannot find anything common about them.
YT gets back from Milan and goes directly to a meeting place at a super expensive looking restaurant. Cut to the restaurant where we see the new NIS head step out of a car. Bon and YT are following him.

Bon asks if that is the new guy? She says yes and from her intel, he is weak with money. Perhaps he is already bought. His movement is strange today, he has abnormal meetings.

they keep watching the entrance and see YT get out of a car to go to the restaurant. Bon immediately recognizes him and runs to the steps. He thinks about Aerin telling him that one bag dissapeared, it was a very important bag. Bon tells YT that J International is fake. That is the CEO of that company.

But Bon remembers that AR told him that the CEO is in Italy right now so she wants to search for something. He tells YT that he has to leave and hurries off to J Enterprises.

Aerin is busy looking at the computer when she gets a call from Bon. he tells her to leave right away with him. She tells him that she is busy, why do I need to do this now? He tells her it is becuase he misses her and wanst to leave with her now.

Aerin wonders what this is about and continues looking at the file. She sees a lot of names and numbers and wonders what these numbers mean.

At the restaurant, YT provides the new NIS chief a gift for his wife. YT says he can wire the money but the chief says he does not want to wire it. YT tells him that he bought the bag, he will send him 10 times more than 100k. (They are basically talking about how to get the bribe money).

In the building, someone bumps into Aerin as she leaves. This jogs her memory about the NIS agent that died when she bumped into him. She calls Bon and tells him that she has to go somewhere. He does not want her to go anywhere without him, but he is still in a taxi.

Aerin ends up going to the funeral house to find out info about the NIS chief. She finds out that he was a high official. She starts googling info about him and ends up thinking this might be money related? Sh calls Bon and tells him that she figured out something big. Her company has an illegal secret. They man she saw was the head of the NIS! The strange thing is that he and my husband died on the same day.

Bon is surprised that she found this out. Aerin also tells him that she has a list of codes and names as well. Bon tells her to look around, is anyone following you? Aerin is a bit alarmed, why are you so serious? Is something wrong?
Kwon talks to Shin about if it is true that JiYeon went on a long vacation? And what about RaDo? Shin tells her that he sent him somewhere, but he can’t tell, it is a secret. Kwon leaves and talks to someone on the phone about what happened. And tells this person, bring it to me right now. She walks away smiling.

Outside somewhere, Aerin gets abducted by a lot of men. She is still on the phone with Bon so he knows that she was abducted and runs off to try and find her.

He runs to a secret wharehouse somewhere that has a secret room with a lot of spy equipment inside. He grabs a gun and loads it.

Meanwhile, Aerin is all tied up in the car.

Fade Out

So they went right to Aerin finding out a bunch of info that Bon couldn’t find out and then somehow people figuring out that Aerin was important and abducting her? I guess they will explain that away in the next episode?

AR – Actually, I lied to you about one thing.
JY – Is that woman Go Aerin? Why do you care about her so much?
Bon – She is a pitiable woman
AR – Why are you doing this to me?
YS – Why haven’t you brought her to me yet?
AR – I am sorry
YS – I am going to catch you.
AR – Please don’t kill me, it is not me! It is not me!

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  1. tbafs
    October 4, 2018 / 8:48 am

    “If you want spy accuracy with this show then I suggest readjusting your expectations to Home Alone level.” Hahaha! Point taken. Dialling down as I type.

    • V
      October 4, 2018 / 9:02 am

      I am dialed all the way to Kindergarden for this one, so hopefully anything even seemingly normal will blow me away.

  2. Cleo
    October 4, 2018 / 10:30 pm

    So Ji Sub is hilarious with the twins but the idiocy of their mother is annoying beyond belief.

  3. bwv232
    October 5, 2018 / 3:51 am

    I think you’ve pretty much identified the chief problems with this drama: excessive campiness and weak conspiracy plot/spycraft. A big disappointment for a drama that seemed so promising. Will still watch for Jo Si Sub and just general curiosity on how the story develops.

    • V
      October 5, 2018 / 8:57 am

      I’m holding out for curiosity reasons as well. SJS is also a good reason 🙂

  4. Jodie
    October 5, 2018 / 3:15 pm

    Thank you so much for your live recap!
    I honestly love Mr Bon and am looking forward to TERIUS next episode but having to go through idk-how-many-minutes of Aerin and her TERRIBLE decision making skills was simply torturous. I mean, is it not common sense to listen to your boss, whom regardless the status of the company, is freakin paying your salary? And your neighbour’s advice which was given countless times? Oh gosh I had a headache having to watch through that and couldn’t empathise at all watching her get taped up. Like yes. You are asking for it. (Though my guesses are that it would be related to crazy chief lady) (Also why is evil boss still so cute)

    • V
      October 5, 2018 / 4:38 pm

      Aerin does make the strangest choices. Why is she so curious about this secret room to begin with? Especially enough to risk her job over now that she is the sole bread winner of her household.

    • Beez
      October 17, 2018 / 10:11 am

      I totally agree! Why can’t I “like” your post?
      The entire time I kept thinking “if people would just follow the rules…” Yes, we’re human with a certain about of natural curiosity (nosiness), but there are times (most times) we have to respect other peoples’ privacy. And this is her boss! And not just a locked drawer, but obviously he’s taken the time and expense for serious locks and nothing good can come of your breaking into it. I still laughed though. 🙂

  5. April 22, 2021 / 4:44 am

    I totally love this kdrama. It’s awesome.

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