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Terius Behind Me Kdrama Live Recap Episodes 5 and 6

So Ji Sub acting as a nanny at a playground in Terius Behind Me
We are sticking with Terius Behind Me because we love the ajumma team at the apartment complex. Their quick work to find the two children and interrogation of Terius were the best part of the last episode for me. Hopefully they continue being cute and resourceful, I think they will.

Right now I am pretty confused as to why this mama told her children that their father is on an extended business trip. The mother is not telling anyone else outside of her circle of trust about the father either, which is strange. Whatever the reason, I guess it is easier to keep this secret if the kids are in on it (even if they don’t know they are in on it). Poor babies are going to have a hard time when that does come out.

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the ajummas all look at the CCTV and think it is strange. There is a man following Aerin’s husband. Was your husband murdered? It looks like something happened. Can we see another angle? Can we see the face?

the murderer listens in due to that heart sticker that is also in this security teams room.

The ajummas think they need to think about this more. Not get mad about it. But Sang-ryeol notices that Bon is missing. He is in the husbands car erasing a record of where the husband drove. he also took out the memory chip from the dash cam.

#Code Name King’s Back

Back in the security office, the ajummas try to work all of this out. Was there a problem with the fathers autopsy? Aerin tells them that he had an arrythmia. They think that he might have been scared by something and had a heartattack. They all run off to the car to check the CCTV.

That is when we see that someone hacked into the computer in the security room. No one notices. But we learn that the bad guy remotely erased the CCTV.

Meanwhile, the ajummas find out that there is no SD card in the car. Maybe her husband did not put it in? Aerin says that he was not that kind of person. they tell her that she always says that, she needs to widden her view a little bit. Was there anything strange when you cleaned the car?

She thinks for a moment and says there was, she found a cake from somewhere. She says the name. Sang-ryeol knows that place, it is far away and very expensive. Why would he buy that? That is strange, right?

Upstairs, Bon is listening to the CCTV phootage in his apartment.

“What did I see!…..No….I didn’t see anything!”

Bon thinks that he saw something in the parking lot, what did he see? He pulls out the black box phootage from the car and looks at it. He kind of sees the man being strangled in the other car nd figures out that the husband saw someones murder. He also recognizes the man as the same man from those two other occurrences. The real magician followed him because he saw something that he should not see.

the magician (K) goes to the car and look for the memory card but it is not there.
A a cafe, the NIS agents maid is interviewed by agent JiYeon. JiYeon wants to know if she saw anything that was different. It turns out that one bag dissapeared from the NIS agent. He looked at that bag very seriously. But it dissapeared. JiYeon thinks this bag is very important.

But her boss, agent Shin, thinks that agent Jiyeon is forcing the situation to match what she thinks. So you want to follow this ba now? She says yes. He grumbles and complains that she is giving him a headache.

Cut to the bag being placed in CEO Yong-taes secret storage room.

Yong-tae is the person who placed it and goes back into his office, but is startled when he walks right into Aerin. She is there innocently and asks what he would like for lunch today. Yong-tae tells her so she orders it. But then Yongtae calls her back and changes his order several times. She has to repeatedly change the order based on what he might be wanting. In the end, he jut asks for a sushi lunch box. So she has to run and get it.

But she gets another phone call (from A-hole butter). He tells her that he wants ddukbogi, not sushi. She tries to smile and asks if he has a favorite kind. he says he does, in Hongdae. that must be forever away because Aerin cannot help but throw a mini temper tantrum when she gets off the phone.

She manages to bring the ddukbogi to his office and he thanks her for it. She waits as he eats it and asks him if he is pregnant. he starts coughing. She tells him that he was like a pregnant woman today. The driver smiles a bit.

Back at the apartment complex, the ajummas try to figure out what happened with the CCTV, it was erased. Bon is with them and thinks that “they” did it. Elsewhere, Aerin talks to her husbands boss about what he was doing that day. he went to the Metapalace that day. Aerin connects that this is why he had that cake. But the boss says that it was strange, the writer did not meet him. She wonders why he bought the tart if he did not meet with that guy at all.

Back at home, Bon is steady babysitting. Hoon-soo asks him to find something for him so Bon looks in the fridge for it. He wants Noo-gaba but there isn’t any so the boy says it is not Noogaba it is Oogaba. Oogaba! The little girl also says that she does not see one of her toys, where is it! Where is it! Bon does not know what to do.

Flashback. He sees Sang-ryeol in the apartment library. They sit at the same table. SR wants his phone number but Bon says he does not think he will ever call him. SR is all like, I think you will ask me for help soon. Bon says it will never ever happen, but SangRyeol says it will happen. He takes Bon’s phone and puts his own number in.

Bon comes out of the flashback with the two kids hanging over him in the kitchen. He grabs his phone and calls SangRyeol as the Kids continue hanging off of him. Sang Ryeol is playing a game at home and sees Bon’s call. He smirks and then tells Bon exactly what to do (after mocking him a little bit for calling). He tells him what Oogaba is and shows a picture. Bon finds it under the couch. Then he also finds the little girls Dwejius (like Terius). Both kids are amazingly happy as Super man music places in the background. Peace is restored.

But it is getting late and Aerin is not home yet.

Aerin is actually out drinking. She thinks back to what her husbands boss told her. her husband was under a lot of pressure, he had to push him a lot. Did he show that he was having a hard time? Aerin thinks about yelling at him and feels bad about that. She thinks that was why he was so sensitive that day. If he was having a hard time then he should have told me. But then she realizes that it is too late!

Back at home, Bon watches kids cartoon to learn all the names of the toys. Aerin runs in at that moment and apologizes for being so late, she had to go somewhere. He tells her not to do those things, just come home right away. She lets him know that she will pay him overtime. But then his stomach growls so she smiles and asks him if he would like a late night snack.

It looks like he wants to go home, but his stomach growls again so he happily agrees.
They sit to eat guksoo (noodles). Bon eats just like he is in the military. Aerin apologizes again since he did not have a chance to eat. She also asks him if he was married before. She tells him that she got married because she wanted to see hr husband everyday. But somedays, seeing her husband everyday made her so angry. She was tired watching the kids all day, but he would just rest at work. But he also had a hard time. He was stressed enough for it to affect his heart, but he never told me. I didn’t know and just thought about my own hard time.

Bon tells her not to blame herself for something another person did not even mention. But she says it hurts her heart so much. Bon tells her that she lost an important person, so of course it should hurt. But then he says the guk soo will get bloated and starts eating again.

K meets with YongTae about how the ajummas are quiet now since the CCTV is erased and blackbox SD is missing. YT is happy about that. K asks why he hired Aerin, are you keeping your enemies close? YT tells him that she is not his enemy. You can leave. Someone calls one of his many cell phones at that moment and tells him that they want to order a new bag that has 10 bills. YT says he understands. (So he is the middle man).

Bon meets the kids and Aerin in the hallway and rides the elevator with them. Aerin is scrambling and does not have her daughters hair ready yet. They all happily go to the front and umma gives her kids “nose” time by rubbing their noses. They she looks at Bon to do it too, but the mood is gone, lol. Aerin runs off happily and Bon holds the kids hands as he walks them to the bus.

After dropping the kids off, Eunha asks Bon to go to her house, but he does not want to. Sangryeol says that he can come so they can get closer. But he says he does not want to be friends with them. They are all like WHY NOT! He tells them that he is busy. But they said that he said he does not have a job. Bon thinks up another excuse and leaves. The ajummas then talk and wonder what do you do if you are not not doing anything (double negative). they keep wondering about him. This drives EunHa crazy because she knows everything about this apartment office. She even knows how many spoons are in the security guards apartment office.

But then SangRyeol says that he has his phone number!!!! And walks away as if he has the Holy Grail. They both walk after him and pull at him to stop.
Meanwhile, Agents JiYeon and DoWoo talk about the case JiYeon is working on. DoWoo tells JiYeon that the new NIS chief will be agent Kwon Young-sil’s friend. JiYeon thinks this is suspicious and leaves. But she does not tell DoWoo where she is going. DoWoo grumbles about this and thinks that JiYeon is not taking him seriously, so he follows her via satelite.

JiYeon ended up going to the NIS agents house (the dead one) dressed as a cleaner. She has that bag that disappeared on her mind. Bu then someone comes in. She hides but her location is accidentally found so the two fight. It is a nice fight scene like Jason Bourne but then she realizes that it is Bon. They end up going toa cafe to talk.

She tells him that it is nice to see him again. You have been hiding for 3 years. Why are you wandering around now? Everyone is looking for you after you showed up at the funeral. They start to talk about Kwon Yeong-sil investigating the internal informer. Bon asks if JY thinks he is the one? She says no, that is why he ran away. Are you investigating the NIS chiefs death?

He tells her it is a murder case, he was murdered because he was blocking the fighter jet deal. JY smiles, she is happy that she finally found someone that thinks the same as he does. He tells her that he has a witness. But he cannot give her the details. They have a spy in the NIS so don’t tell anyone that you met me.

Cut to DoWoo’s office at NIS. agent Kwon is there in the office. She asks Do Wool what agent JiYeon is doing. But she knows that DoWool always likes to her. She also knows that JiYeon goes to that office a lot. He tell sher that she came here to learn a language.

he starts to tell her that she is learning C language, but Kwon thinks he was cursing at her (Shi~). So she is about to hit him, but he has to enunciate that she is learning C language, C, C.

Outside somewhere, Bon and JiYeon walk the sidewalk, but he says he has to leave. She wants his number. he tell sher that they can talk to each other in an old fashined way. She reaches in her bag and says okay, leave, but she puts a sticker on his back. he hops in the bus.

JiYeon calls DoWoo right away and asks if he knows where she is right now? Find it. He starts to find it right away.

DoWoo runs to his computer and starts looking up her location. He tells her that she is 60 KM per hour on the street, is she in a taxi? I can rescue you if you are in danger. She just tells him to shut up.

Cut to her at Bon’s location at the apartment complex playground. She is super shocked. Is he married with kids? She overhears the other ajummas talking about Bon, but they don’t know much about him so they are really just speculating. But then mention Aerin so JiYeon wonders who that is.

Meanwhile, Aerin is in the office looking at the secret room. She was told never to go in, but of course she tries to go inside. She even tries a password, but it does not work.

back with the kids, the little girl notices the smily face sticker on Bon’s back and asks him if she can have it. Bon asks to look at it and notices that it has a GPS locator in it. Then he spots JiYeon. But he plays it off and asks the kids if they would like some icecream. Of course they are so happy to have some so they go to the convenience store. While the kids are distracted, he puts the sticker on the icecream machine.

Aerin calls at that time and asks what the kids are doing. He tells her that they are eating icecream. She says they might not eat dinner if they eat too many sweets. She says some other things but Bon says he cannot talk a lot right now, he is busy, then hangs up. He looks at JiYeon again and then tells the kids that they should go out the back door.

JiYeon is outside looking at the store from across the street. She asks DoWoo if she is still inside. When she runs across the street to check, she sees the sticker next to the ice cream machine.

Bon is back at home with the kids. they loved hanging out with him and eating the ice cream. he wipes both their faces. Joon-hee smiles and gives him a sticker. Bon thinks that this sticker has the same fabric as the other. he goes to his apartment and check on the other sticker. It is the same, so he microwaves it. Then he goes to Aerin’s place and interviews the kids at the dinner table about the sticker.

The kids say that they gave it to their friends. So Bon takes them to their friends place which is SangRyeol’s place, lol. SangRyeol asks why he is there (the song is “why are you in my house? To find a flower to find a flower”). They go inside. It looks like Sang Ryeols house is a lot bigger than Aerin’s house.

SR asks Bon what’s up, he thought Bon did not want to talk to them, but it is good that you changed your minds, we have to work together with kids! Bon looked around for the sticker and spots the heart sticker. Then he stands up and asks if he can look around a little bit. He has a nice interior. Sang Ryeol brags that it is basic, I picked it all for my sons health.

Bon sits on the couch again (which scoots SR over just like SR did to him earlier) and asks him a question. He wants to see all the other houses, can he have their other numbers? Cut to Bon going to all the other apartments and finding all the stickers, including the one at the security office. But he does not stop there, he finds them all around the outside of the building and at other ajummas houses while the kids have a play date.

Finally, he meets with EunHa. They sit for tea and she asks if he wants to joining their KIS? King Castle Information System. They share information in their apartment. When that strange man tried to take the kids, we almost caught him. But we are more than that. You will know more if you join us. Bon chuckles a bit. EunHa asks him if he is looking for things to steal at other peoples houses? Why does this feel that this is what you are doing? I have to warn everyone!

She picks up her phone. So Bon says he will join! EunHa smiles and tells him that he can look around her house as well, since he likes looking around. He is all like huh? So she tells him that they already have this information in KIS. Cut to everyone texting Aerin about how her babysitter is strange, did he work in realestate before?
Aerin gets home just as Bon is putting all the stickers back on the sticker pad. Thwo are missing. One was his, but the other one is a mystery. Aerin asks him if she can talk to him for a second. Cut to them talking in the kids room. She asks him, if you want to have a house tour then let me know. Moms dont’ like it when you visit their house without notice. They might smile at you but they will be angry inside. You will be done if you have a bad reputation among ajummas. We share information and get help from others. But you will have to leave the apartment if they don’t like you.

Bon says he knows that but….~. However he could not finish. Aerin says that she did not know he was that social, I thought you aoided people a lot. Bon thinks that she knows about him too much. Aerin tells him that he does not have to know about any other kids/families, though she is appreciative for it.

JeYeon is busy working and tells her boss, Shim, that she has a credible witness who knows that there is something about the death of the NIS chief. She will continue to investigate secretly, btu she needs Ra Do-woo to do it. The chief thinks about it and then tells her that he will grant it from today. The secret code is King’s Bag (maybe a spoof on Kingsmen).

MISSION: To find out the truth of the death of their NIS chief and find the bag.

She goes to the King’s Bag offices, which is her new undercover office. It is set up to look like a posh bag company similar to Chanel. She goes inside and is met by Ra Dowoo. He turns a picture and takes her into their secret investigation room inthe back that is filled with computer tech.

Do Woo tells her that he looked up the phone records. He called a restricted number 11 times. He picked up the phone with that number that day and went out and died. The star tower is the most frequently used location.

Aerin brings in a package from Italy for Yong-tae. She is about to leave, but he tells her that she should see it since she wondered about the types of bags they dealt with. So he unboxes the bag and asks her how she likes it. It is $100k. She is all like, WHAT?!?!

He wonders how she can be so surprised? It looks like it is worth $100k. You need to up your knowledge on bags. Aerin geos home wondering about that bag. How long would it take her to make enough money to buy that bag? She contemplates this on the bus and almost misses her exit. But her bag gets trapped in the door! She has to rip it out which breaks it. Oh nos! This is her only bag.

So she walks with this broken bag as if her day is just the worse. But then she passes King’s Bag. Flashback to when Aeshin was pregnant and in the hospital. She did nto want to get a C-section even though her husband was worried about her. Aeshin just wanted the kids to be healthy. Her husband dotes on her and tells her that his company gives nice bags when mothers give birth now, not flowers. he gives her the money and tells her that she did a good job for giving birth. Aeshin smiles and says that she will work even harder to raise the kids so she can buy everything that she wants.

She went out when she was healthy and bought her brown bag that she owns now. It was an A class fake version of the real thing.

In the present, Aeshin thinks that, if she bought the real one, it would not have broken like that. Inside the shop, Do-woo wonders who that woman is that is looking at their shop. JiYeon has to go tell Aeshin that they are not going to buy her bag. Aerin looks like she is slighted and walks off grummbling about how she wasnt going to sell it.

Meanwhile, Bon has fun on the playground with the twins. Montage of everything they do to tire the kids out, including push ups.

Cut to the twins telling their mother that they did pushups while eating at the dinner table. Aerin laughs and says that Ajusshi is super smart to tire them out. They ask her if they can stop eating, they are super full. AeRin takes all their food and thinks this is the reason why she is so fat now. She starts eating all the leftover food but then thinks that EH is about to call her. But she does not know where her phone is.

her phone is actually at work. It goes off just as Yong-tae walks by. He does not want to answer it, but reluctantly picks it up.

Back at the apartment, Aerin knocks on Bon’s door to see if he can watch her kids, but he does not answer. So Aerin has to take her kids to work. The kids love jumping on the couch as she looks for her phone, but she is able to get them to sit properly and play as she searches. She looks all around for it but cannot find it. Then she has a bout of upset stomach.
In the waiting area, the kids are having the best time ever as they innocently destroy this new place. Aerin has to tell them that she has to go to the bathroom, she will be back in a moment. But they tell her that they are thisty so she has to find something or them before running to the bathroom. After that she tells them not to do anything.

But of course they would love to explore, so they go into the bosses office and see the super pretty $100k bag on the desk as their juice drinks dangle precariously close to it. They accidentally knock the bag ont he floor and then complain about each one hitting the other as their juic drinks sprinkle all over the bag. Red juice is all over this bag $100k bag.

Aerin comes back in to this scene and immediately knows that she is in trouble. NOOOOOOOO!

Back at the apartment building, Bon gets home and passes by Yong-tae who went to Aeshin’s apartment to give her back her cell phone. He keeps walking for a moment, but then he stops the elevator and asks Yong-tae who he is.

Fade Out

Another fun episode. These episodes are getting better as they playfully spoof action movies. How many did you see? We saw Jason Boerne in the fight scene and Kingsman in the King’s Bag secret headquarters scene. I feel like there should be others, for instance, they should definitely have a James Bond scene somewhere.

VO – What is your identity, who gave you the order?
YT – Why should I tell you that?
JY – Jin Young tae, 35 years old.
VO – Shut up, I need time to think.
Bon – He is a trained hitman.
YK – When we go to Seoul, lets have a mohito in namsan Tower, you should but it for me.
VO – Terius!
VO – Tell me, TELL ME.
VO – Bring him here, now. (Come down right now)
VO – It is all screwed up.
Bon – NO!

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  1. Jammmm
    October 3, 2018 / 7:16 am

    Thank you V for sticking with this show. I think and hope that it will payoff!

    • V
      October 3, 2018 / 8:46 am

      I hope so, too! Right now I’m happy that it is light and fluffy.

  2. Rose
    October 3, 2018 / 8:39 am

    Thank you V for sticking to this drama. I already accepted the fact that you might drop this basing on your reactions on the premier plus the fact that there are bunch of dramas right now that you need to recap. So its a surprise for me that you decided to stick with my oppa JiSub 😍

    Thank you!

    • V
      October 3, 2018 / 8:49 am

      So happy to have you around for this ride, Rose. I am watching for the fluffiness and fun secret agent/ajumma shenanigans 🙂

      • Rose
        October 3, 2018 / 10:12 am

        By the way. I just finished watching Beauty Inside, and i must say….its good! I mean if you like dramas with romance and comedy plus fantasy in it, you’ll like this one. I cant stop smiling while watching it. 😊

  3. thistle
    October 3, 2018 / 9:00 am

    The Noisy Nosy Neighbors are just the most fun! At first I wondered if they would be merely annoying but instead they are an absolute treat to watch and I look forward to seeing them on the screen.
    Thanks for recapping. I’m looking forward to today’s episode.

    • V
      October 3, 2018 / 4:35 pm

      They are really a treat! 🙂

  4. tbafs
    October 4, 2018 / 7:33 am

    Okay, so I’m here for this show. Loving the SJS’s deadpan expressions as he finagled his way into the homes only to be outed by the Kings Castle Info System! Hilarious. And his drained composure after the double-whammy toy tantrums–I totally felt for him.

    But…. how was this super-spy trackable for so long, and if dongsaeng cutie hadn’t spotted the sticker, he’d have worn it until when? I know it moved the plot along, but Show lost me a little there.

    • V
      October 4, 2018 / 9:00 am

      The spy tactics/lack of spy tactics is glaring on this show. I am going to use it as plot humor.

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