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Terius Behind Me: Episodes 19 and 20 Live Recap

Apartment ajummas (and ajusshi) in a car in Terius Behind Me
Yong-tae got stabbed, y’all. It does not look good for him. But are they really going to kill off a person on the poster this soon? Perhaps Terius can do some secret agent bandaging right quick and in a hurry to just save his life.

Also, it looks like the ajumma’s might be getting into this spy stuff! This is not 100, though. I just saw a few pre-released images (like the above photo) and made my own conclusions.

Character Chart: Terius Behind Me Kdrama Chart

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A man walks down a street. But then a black van pulls up next to him and two men pull him into the van. He does not know who they are. He wakes up tied up in a room with a sack over his head. A man is talking to him. He ells him that he is the biggest conman Jun In-soo. Korea is so fired up to find you. How do you feel? From now on, yu can do only two things. Die or live….die or live?

The man asks, what if I want to live? The gangster talking tells him that Jun In-soo should die. The man grab him again as he says, “I want to live!”

Cut to a plastic surgeons office. Bandages are unwrapped from his face. He looks at the mirror to see his new face and asks the doctor what he did to him. But the doctor just leaves. On the news it says that Jun In-soo died, he ran away to China after a pyramid scheme.

On the desk is a phone and its ringing. He answers it hesitatly. H-h-hello? On the other side, the man asks him if he likes his new face? You will see another gift in the envelope. It is a new life. He opens the file and sees that his name is Jin Yong-tae now. All the documentation he needs is there. Yong-tae asks him what he needs to do from now on.

the man says that he has to do all the errands they ask of him. But remember, you are a dead person on paper.

Bon gets to Yong-tae and tells him that he will save him. Without a doubt.

Kay calls the mysterious man and tells him that he took care of Yong-tae, he is a dead man with that much bleeding. The man says okay and then talks to someone else about another project. They need to go with this as planned.

Meanwhile, Bon waits in the hallway of the hospital for news on Yong-tae. The doctor from earlier comes out complaining about the emergency surgery. They are using him too much behind the scenes! bon thanks him. The doctor tells him that the last room is open, use that one. Are you going to tell me not to tell anyone! You say that all the time! Bon tells him not to tell anyone, even your sister. The doctor just tsks. But he says he will give him a change of clothes because he is so noticable with all that blood. Tsk tsk.

They walk off together.

Yong-tae wakes up wearing a very womanly hospital gown. He can’t sit up from the pain. Bon is laying in the couch next to him and asks him if he is okay now. Yong tae is happy to see him and that he is alive. But Bon tells him that he only saved him because he needs him. Yong-tae asks for different clothes. Bon tells him that this is the OBGYN department so just consider that you had a C-section.

Yong-tae is nonplussed and just thanks his lucky stars that he is alive. He asks his “brother” for a drink. Bon is all like, “brother?” But he still goes out the get the water. Outside, a woman asks how the surgery went? Bon is all like….7 hours? The woman starts talking about how that isn’t bad, my daughter in law had hours of labor and then finally a C-section, did you have a boy or a girl? Bon tells her he had a boy so the woman tells him that his baby should be handsome!

Bon walks back to the room to deliver the water. Then he asked why he called him. Do you want to be fugitives together? Yong-tae says that he just wants protection. Bon explains, if you give me what I want then I will think about it. I want to know who is behind you. I want evidence. Yong-tae tells him he can give it to him, but he wants a new identity as well.

the doctor comes in super bloody. he pops the gloves on his hands (this is so unsanitary, lol). Bon leaves as the doctor starts checking Yong-tae’s wound, but could not care less if he was gentle or not. While waiting in the hallway, someone takes Bon’s picture. He goes to find the person who took it, but he didn’t.

Cut to an ajumma walking around the neighborhood. She feels something strange about a man near 102. She tests the KIS network and asks them if she is the only one that thinks this guy is strange? Several people tet back that they saw him to. What should we do KIS chief?

Cut to the KIS task force walking to this man that is sitting looking mysterious. Another man gets up and starts walking away. Eun-ha sends to ajummas running after him. Then the other three ajummas talk to this man. Eun-ha tells him that she had a report that they have been around here for a few days. He looks at them and then runs away as well, lol. Two ajummas chase after him.
the agents report to Kwon about the Mom cops. Kwon is all like, what cops? The primary school mom’s police system. I checked them out and they really exist. Kwon sighs and thinks that so many thinks stop their work. She tells him to not touch those moms, it could be a mess. She also wonders if WC is blocking them in some way.

The ajummas all go to King’s Bag and tells Aerin all about those suspicious people as they shop for bags. Ji-yeon and RaDo just watch. But then all thea jummas get a KaTalk text. They have a photo of Bon at the hospital in the OBGYN area. He had a baby! Aerin hurries off and tell them that she will leave first.

Eun-ha is all like, okay that makes sense, but why did King’s Bag owner leave? Sun-mi asks if she can go with her, but Aerin just runs off and says that is okay.

Sang-ryeol thinks Bon is pretty amazing, how can he meet another woman and have a baby?

Aerin and Ji-yeon get in the car to drive to Bon quickly. At the hospital, Bon cleans Yong-tae’s back because he is super smelly, no other reason. Yong-tae loves the feeling of a hot massage. JY and Aerin pop in at that moment and witness this awkward situation. Bon is all like, how did you find us? JY tells him that KIS found them, they heard you have a boy.

Cut to Aerin talking outside with Bon. She tells him that her kids ask her 55 times when he is coming back. Bon says he tried to hide, it is kind of embarrassing that you found me like this. Aerin tells him that she knows he has a painful memory, but it is not your fault, you fought for your country and loved as your heart says. You did everything, you just had someone betray you. Don’t blame yourself. If you care about me, you can protect me right? She holds up the cow candy.

Bon tells her, later, lets have a mojito over there. He motions to the Namsan Tower. Aerin is excited to someday.
Yong-tae tells Ji-yeon that he will only talk to Bon. JY tells him that everyone is looking for him. He will not survive unless he cooperates with us. The people behind the King’s Bag project. Yong-tae remembes that King’s Bag is their store name.

Int he store, Sun-mi cries her mascara out as she tells Eun-ha and Sang-ryeol that she thinks he husband is having an affair. But her detective was so bad, they just charged a bunch of money. I am so worried! My skin and my stomach is all messed up! RaDo listens to all of this and tells them that he needs her cell phone. Eun-ha asks if they need some help?

Cut to the husband telling someone that things are all clear, lets talk tomorrow.

Then we cut to Yong-tae’s driver. He is following the Ajummas (Mom cafe/facebook).

In the hospital, Yong-tae starts to explain things to Bon and Ji-yeon. Bon asks what the serial numbers mean? The numbers don’t have any common ground. Yong-tae tells them that he will give them three numbers, they can find out what it means. Bon thinks about this and then puts it all together in his mind. he tells them that it is a subway station number.

Yong-tae tells his “brother” that he is smart. Subway station numbers and the number of the self storage and the password. That is the secret of the serial number. I give them the bag first. They put the bribe money in the self storage. They pick it up if they agree.

Bon asks why they assassinated the NIS chief? YT reveals that he was blocking the next fighter jet deal. JY asks who is behind him. YT tells them that he only hears his voice, he does not know who he is. He just takes the phone call and does whatever he asks me. But I can tell you that J-International is the Korean branch of the international weapons dealer. They do anything, not only weapons. They are very underground and have moles everywhere, including government agencies.

Bon starts to think of the gold clover. Bon says that he seas the tarot card and there is an assassination attempt. YT tells him that it is Kay. Bon thinks deeply about it. YT asks him why he is looking like that. JY asks him about the female high priestess. But YT says he wants to stop right here. He will continue telling them this after they give him the clock.

Bin snaps out of his thoughts an tells YT that the usb is not there. They all wonder who took it. Cut to the kids playing at home. Joon-hee has the USB< lol. She took it out while they were playing with it in her rom. She thought is was pretty and happily put it in her purse. Now she is playing with it with a bunch of other kids. 
VO - Koreas fate will change depending on who has it. The kids start scratching the floor with the usb. Wow! Cool! But then the mother comes in and tells them that they can eat ice cream, if they are late then there will be nothing for them. the kids all run out. END PART ONE -------dramamilk.com——-
In the hospital, Yong-tae gives Bon all he knows about the female killer person’s next assignment. he does not know anything about her and he does not have a picture of her. She only uses English and is tall with a pretty face….that’s it.

Aerin gets back at that moment. She has two bags with her. Bon tells her that she brought a lot but she says that she only bought neccessary things. She also made a new phone for him, Ji-yeon will pay for it. JY is all like, what? YT asks, what about my phone? But Aerin just looks at him like, of course I didn’t get you one.

The doctor brother busts in at that moment with food. But it is for Bon, not Yong-tae. he tells YT that he needs to pass gas first. When you pass gas then you can have juk. He leaves. They tell JY that her brother is a funny person. JY tells them that it isn’t so funny after 30 years.

Bon sits to eat. JY tells Bon that he can stay here until next week so he can have miyukguk for his birthday (hospitals only have miyukguk in the OBGYN clinic for Mom’s that just gave birth and they also give miyuk to everyone on birthdays). Aerin thinks that the password to his house is his birthday.
They leave, but Sang-ryeol sees Ji-yeon leaving with Bon. He is super stunned. What? What’s going on, that’s Bon? And the King’s Bag Owner? Why is she all the way over here and he just had a baby this morning? he remembers them from awhile ago at the park. This is too much for him to process. He has to think. Bon had a baby and the King’s Bag owner is his ex? Do they go to 204 together? So there are two families that he sees in the same apartment complex?!? How many women does he have! Ah…my brain is bursting.

Bon and Ji-yeon go to the address that Young-tae gave them, but everyone is gone from that place. It has been completely cleaned. JY tells him that she will go do research about it tomorrow. He can take care of Yong-tae.

Aerin is taking care of Yong-tae at the moment and he is a picky person. He thinks it smells in there. She tells him that he is the one that smells. He asks her to clean his hair with shampoo tissue. Bon walks in as she does and asks if she is looking for lice. Bont ells her that he will do it and starts aggressively cleaning YT’s hair. YT howls in pain as Bon tells Aerin that it is pick up time for Joon-soo and Joon-hee.

Elsewhere, RaDo and Ji-yeon look around a necklace shop. Ji-yeon likes a particular necklace but then goes to another area to look at some of the other jewelry. RaDo likes one of the jewelry pieces so JY buys it. but it is not for RaDo, it is for Bon. RaDo is all like, huh? Poor thing. he leaves, but he goes to another employee and buys the necklace that Ji-yeon liked.
At home, Aerin and the kids talk about a birthday present for Bon. The kids ask if they will have a party, she says no, she will ask Santa Clause to deliver it to them.

Bon and Yong-tae settle in to sleep. YT tells Bon that he got ripped off when he was 20 and went to Seoul. They took all his money that he saved from the orphanage. that is why he because am con man as well. It hurt at first, but after time passed I did not feel bad at all. It sounds like an excuse, but I became a bad guy like that. But why did I live like that?

Bon tells him it is because being bad is easy. YT asks him why he is doing this difficult thing. Bon says it is because he decided to live like this because he has something to protect. So you need to decide how you want to live.

Later on, Sun-mi’s husband gets home. He will take a bath. She greets him but then she takes his cell phone and gives it to Sang-ryeol, she tells him that he has 20 minutes! Can you do it! SangRyeol is in full Mission Impossible mode as he calls Eunha and tells her that he will meet her at the door. They drive to deliver it to Aerin who gives RaDo the cell phone and tells him that he only has 2 mintues. he is installing an EXE file in the phone and they also need to install it in the computer so they can track the husband.

JY busts in at that moment so Aerin and RaDo have to make up an excuse so that Aerin runs away. Aerin runs all the way to the ajummas and they take off. Eunha asks if the private inspector is around there? if this goes well then we can spread the word that he is good. Aerin is all like, you don’t have to.

In the house, SunMi listens in on her husbands bath and sees that he is almost done! Oh no! (the music is great in this scene). Sang-Ryeol runs from the cars to the elevator. SM runs to meet him and then runs to put the phone back in her husbands jacket. Just in time! She is crazy out of breath though.
Outside somewhere nearby, WC talks to JY about Bon. he wants to know if she contacted him. JY says yes, she thinks she can wrap up the Kings Bag project soon. They have YT from J-International. WC is shocked, how did you do that? JY explains the deal. He wants a sure way of changing his identity, then he will work with us. he doubts easily.

WC says he can do it. Then he asks if he is the only person she is telling? he will get the deal, do not worry. But someone watches them in the distance.

Ji-yeon leaves and gets in her car, but she notices that someone is following her.

Elsewhere, the man that died a few episodes ago is getting evaluated by the NIS team to find out what happened. They give the photos to Bon and show it to Yong-tae as well. It looks liek this organization uses humans to unwillingly test things. there is a virus or some type of agent orange chemical that is transmitted by air. What are they up to?

All the ajummas sit around and listen in to the cell phone. But it is in English so they all turn to Eun-ha. Eun-ha says her stomach hurts and runs away. They are all like, hey, our English doctor, where are you going? They listen closely. On the phone, they talk about delivering documents at 2pm. But no one knows what is said so they have to put it all together.

AR – What is course project?

SR – I understand the last part – Bongsu cafe?

AR – 2 pm?

SM – Bongsu at 2pm so that is happening soon, lets go!

They all run to the cafe and see the husband driving off. EUnha runs after him and tells him that he is a NAPOONOMA!!!!!! Then she starts to fight the woman in red shoes who is looking at her strangely. The woman asks her if she is crazy! ARE YOU CRAZY! LETS GO TO THE POLICE STATION!

Run-ha is all like, what are you talking about? (She is speaking in English). Explain it to me!

SM looks at EUn-ha. Eun-ha is all like….”how – are – you?” but she does not know any other English, lol. All the words just swim in her head and water shoots out. But then her daughter comes up who knows English very well and looks like an Angel in the crowd. What are you doing Emos?

The kid becomes the translator in this husband scandal (Lol for days).
SunMi was cursing like a sailor, but she has to put on her mother voice when talking to this child.

SM – Can you ask her if she knows my husband?

Kid – do you know my husband?

W – no I don’t, who is your husband?

Kid – who is your husband?

SM – Lee Chul soon.

W – I know him, so what?

SM – Why!!!!! I am the wife!!!

SM – Can you tell her.

Kid – Why? Because I am his wife!

W – So what?

SM – Did you go to the hotel with my husband – …..can you ask if you met my husband outside of work?

Kid – Did you meet my husband outside of work?

W – Yes I did why?


EH – Why did she meet him?

Kid – Why did you meet him?

W – I am a head hunter and want your husband to transfer to America.

Kid – Did your husband have an offer to move to America? She is a head hunter.

SM – Head hunter?

W – We did the negotiation about the deal and the salary.

SM is all like, what? It is about hsi salary……I am so sorry. She tries to clean up the woman adn calls her beautiful. Then she tells the kid to tell her if this will affect the deal?

Kid – will this affect the deal?

W – perhaps I should think again about the salary.

Kid – she will rethink the salary.


The woman leaves. The ajummas starts to talk about how this is a good thing. Another woman comes out and asks what English school they send their daughter too. (For real because this kids English was great). Eun-ha takes her kid home happily and snottily. At home she tells her mother that she will do everything that she asks today. Her kids asks her to play with her cell phone instead of going to English school.
At home, Sunmi apologizes to her husband about the situation. She got angry and has a past and things, you know. I pulled her hair. Her husband is pretty understanding and says that he does not have to take the deal. What are you doing tomorrow? Don’t go anywhere and stay with Yura, okay?

Cut to Ji-yeon learning about the Chorona (chorus?) Virus (OMG). So the project thing is the Chorona project that is this mutated airborne agent that can normally cause a 20% death rate but this one is mutated so this can cause a 90% death rate in only a few minutes.

Ji-yeon relays this to RaDo and Aerin. They say that Chorus is a nearby company. Aerin thinks that this virus sounds familiar. They call Bon, Bon thinks that they are making a weapon. They have to hurry.

Aerin takes the computer to the NIS agents and plays the husbands recording to them. This is where they talked about the Chorus virus. RaDo knows what is going on with SunMi’s appa, but Ji-yeon is completely out of the loop. RaDo starts to follow the cell phone. he finds out that they are at a primary school now.

Flashback to EH telling everyone that the health minister is going to give a speech at the primary school. Our King Castle Kindergarten should go there and have a big party! they all think that their kids will like it. Sang-ryeol says that he will take her kids with his kids.

Aerin tells the NIS agents all about the health Minister event. Cut to the event at the school. Sang-ryeol is there along all the kids. There are a lot of parents and teachers there. The health minister teaches them about how to prevent getting sick.

Ji-yeon thinks that the health minister is the target. The might have a terrorist attack at the school! Aerin hurries out in a panic. Bon also gets worried and hurries to the location. He ran all the way back to the bridge, got his blue car and took off tot he location. (just kidding, he got his blue car back somehow and drives it to the spot).

The high priest is at the location. Her codename is V. She watches all that is going on. The husband is also planting the chemical weapon on the sight. He tells V that everything is all set. She tells him that she is leaving right now. She leaves.

Aerin and Bon rush to the location.

Fade Out.

I was ROOOOOLLING at that fight scene witht he kid that showed up and had to translate what was going on to everyone. IT WAS SO FUNNY. Oh my gosh, that scene made me love this show. I was in like before, but now I am in full on love.

JY – We have information that there will be a chemical attack.
VO – Step out in order
AR – Joon-soo, Joon-hee!
VO – The address is – in front of Go Aerin’s apartment?!?
WC – Do you have evidence?
YS – Arrest her right now!
AR – Let me go! Let me go!
Voice – We should get rid of Terius.
YS – Now we know where Terius is.
YS – I will take care of the rest.

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  1. Rose
    October 25, 2018 / 10:58 am

    He ran all the way back to the bridge, got his blue car and took off tot he location. (just kidding, he got his blue car back somehow and drives it to the spot).<– hahaha!! V….i think this show is making you creeeeyzzzy! I've seen the clip and recap and im already laughing. Cant wait to watch the english sub later 😂

    Thanks again V!

    • V
      October 25, 2018 / 1:07 pm

      🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Rose
    October 25, 2018 / 7:13 pm

    I just watched english sub. You are right about the fight scene with the kid translating everything in english. Its more funny watching it with the sub. That water coming out of the ajummas head was so funny! 😂

    So we know now who was the girl wearing the red shoes.

    • V
      October 25, 2018 / 8:35 pm

      The water shooting out of her head was so hilarious. Her facial expression was really good as well.

      What I want to know if why Sang-ryeol has a connection with the woman in the red shoes. I think I remember those shoes being at his house one day.

      • Rose
        October 25, 2018 / 10:30 pm

        Yup, i remember that too. I thought at first that maybe its his wife or they have a guest that time that wearing the red shoe. Those two theories are out now since SR was there when the fight was happening and i dont think he knows the english speaking lady with a red shoes. Makes me want to think that the director just decided to put the red shoes there just to make us all guessing and make our own theories so they can get an idea on what to shoot next that the viewers might like 😂

        • V
          October 26, 2018 / 10:59 am

          I kind of think the last part, too, lol.

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