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Terius Behind Me Kdrama Live Recap Episodes 17 and 18

Digging into some Quiznos in a Kdrama
Alright, we last left our intrepid Shamanising secret agent babysitting hero with a bullet in his arm as he jumped into the Han river and promptly started sinking to the bottom. The entire NIS agent crew is after him y’all, and he still has to save Aerin.

Meanwhile our baddie boss might take a moment to dig into some Quiznos like his life depends on it. Is that other drink for Bon? Or maybe he got an extra one for Aerin’s fool self. Is he an evil boss whose Prada bag heart is about to grow three sizes?

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Terius goes to his secret warehouse and grabs some things to help him get the hour glass. The other NIS agensts are able to get ahold of a CCTV and get a visual on Aerin. She is all tied up and leaning against a pilar. She also looks unconcious.

But she wakes up and starts screaming though her mouth is covered with tape. Her old boss just rolls his eyes and tells her that she is too noisy. He removes the tape and tells her that she will just hurt her throat. She asks him why he is doing this? Where is she?

He exlains that he was nice to her once, but now he is in a lot of trouble. He will let her go just so long as he gets this one thing. So be quiet okay? I have a headache. But when he turns around, Ji-yeon is there with a gun to his head. She tells him to kneel. He asks where the hour glass is? She tells him that they are getting it, just kneel.

But he tries to run away so she roundhouse kicks him and sends him to the ground.

They take him to the car and drive with him somewhere. In the car, he finds out that Bon is getting the hour glass. He starts to think about Bon and wonders, is Bon investigating me? But – why is he a babysitter? The team continues driving on and get trapped in the traffic on the bridge.

Aerin pocks her head out the window and sees that Bon is the one causing this, he is ont he bridge. She hops out, and Ji-yeon hops out as well and runs along with her. Meanwhile, all the NIS agensts are on the bridge. Bon ends up leaping off the bridge, but gets hit in the arm.

Aerin yells and runs to the bridge. All the agents run to find Bon. Kwon yells for them to find an underwater team to get Bon! Aerin and Ji-yeon are at the bridge, they run back and drive to the edge of the river. Aerin is suddenly an amazing driver. In the car, Yong-tae tries to remove his handcuffs with an accessory pin from his jacket.

Aerin dives into the water and swims all the way to Bon. She finds him and saves him under the water. The voice over is “Don’t worry, I will protect you,” then Bon thinks, “I thought it was a joke, but she kept her promise.”

All the agents must have dissapered because Bon makes it back to Aerin’s place. He sleeps one of the kids beds. Another NIS agent (cameo) comes and checks on him as Bon is sleeping. he says Bon will be okay. Aerin asks the doctor if he is the real brother to Ji-yeon? He says he is a real brother who is a handsome doctor and performs surgery well. I also think he might be an NIS agent because Ji-yeon called him and tld him to keep it a secret.

The doctor leaves. They all go to the room and look at Bon sleeping. JY asks how she can save Bon. Aerin says that she promised him that she would protect him. They ask if she is good at swimming? Aerin leans in and tells them that actually, she has Jeju female diver blood. My mother and my grandmother are all female divers. They area lllike, okay.

But then they realize that the kids are playing with the hour glass in their room. The kids run it out to them. Ji-yeon tells them that seh will get them a new gift and then tells Aerin that her mission is taking care of Bon this week.

Meanwhile, Young-sil goes to Young-tae’s office but he is not there. Her number one agent is there with her so they try to figure out what is going on. They think Bon should still be alive, his wound was not that bad. But then they notice a side room and is filled with King’s Bag. Kwon wonders why King’s Bag is here? Yoo Ji-yeon owns Kings bag. The common person that worked at J-International and King’s Bag is – Go Aerin.

back at the apartment, Aerin makes juk for Bon while the kids stare at him. Aerin tells them that she is going to the apartment grocery store so watch ajusshi. They nod and then look at ajusshi, they should be doctor to him!

They start to put bandages all over him. He is seriously covered in Band Aids. Next, Joon-hee gets out her stethoscope and checks to see if Bon is still alive. But then the bell rings so Joon-hee tells Joon-soo to wait and she will check. Kwon Young-sil is at the door. She wants to come in and tells her that she is her mothers friend. Can you let me in?

Joon-hee is sckeptical but starts to open the door. However, Bon stops her, he is awake. Just then, Aerin comes back from the store and asks Kwon why she is there? Kwon tells her that she has a question, you know Kim Bon right? Aerin says she does not know that name. Kwon tells her that she will get hurt if she is lying.

Aerin asks her why she tried to scout her and is now asking about a stranger, that is strange
Kwon ends up leaving. Bon breathes a sigh of relief on his side of the door. When Aerin comes in, she yells in surprise because Bon looks like a mummy with all the bandages all over his face. But he does not know why she is looking at him like that – until he sees the mirror which makes him jump in surprise as well.

Back at King’s Bag, the team sees that the usb is not in the hour glass anymore. They wonder who could have taken it. But they know that they need to catch Jin Yong-tae again.

Jin Yong-tae is on the streets trying to find somewhere to sleep. But he sees someone finding him at a motel and hurries out. He thinks he needs to go somewhere with a lot of people where he won’t be noticed. He goes to the perfect place – a jim jil bang.

While at the jim jil bang, Yong-tae flashes back to Yong-tae copying the murder onto the usb that they are all looking for. he put that into the hour glass. Bon was holding the hour glass when he jumped over the bridge.

Back at the apartment, Ji-yeon calls Bon to see how he is feeling. She also tells him that the hour glass was empty and Jin Yong-tae ran away, but she will catch him. Bon tells her that the Magician shot him on the bridge. Young-sil and the magician are related somehow. So she should be careful. he also thanks her for rescuing him. But Ji-yeon says that she did not do it – Aerin rescued you.

Bon goes out to the dinner table and thanks Aerin. She might think he is thanking her for dinner so she says it is nothing. But he says that he owes her his life, thank you. She tells him that he does not have to thank her. He also helped her daughter when she was sick and her as well. We just help each other.

The kids give Ajusshi some water and Gim as they smile cutely at him. Aerin tells them both that they grew up a lot and then says that they should all eat. They dig into their meal and we cut away to a bit later when the table is cleaned and they are all drinking yogurt. Bon stands and tells them that he will go back to his place. But Aerin stands as well and says that he cannot leave! Her job is taking care of him this week!

The kids and Aerin say that they will go with him as well! They all pack everything like little soldiers and run to Bon’s place. He has all the toys and everything at his place so they just settle right in. Aerin brought all the cooking equipment too. Bon looks around at the scene and looks happy.
Later on, Bon rests in bed. Arin brings him his medicine and tells him that he can ring a Tamborine if he needs something, this is a rare chance to use me. Bon picks up the childrens tambourine and rings it a moment. Aerin comes rushing back in. he tells her that it was basically an accident and that she works hard. Then he rests on his bed and thinks about when Aerin wa swimming in the river to save his life.

But it makes him sweat with worry (possibly?) so he wakes up suddenly to Aerin dabbing his forehead. He grbs her hand out of instinct, she apologizes and says that it looks like he has a bit of a fever are you all better now? He tells her that he will never forget her favor.

Outside, the woman with the red high heel shoes talks to another man about all their dastardly things going on. the man says that J-Enternational is clean. The woman asks about their operation, is it over? The man says to continue as planned. There will be another person contact her. It is the guy that finished up the candy project? I like the way he handled that task, he was neat and patient.

Meanwhile, agent Kwon is about to bust an artery as she yells about finding everything about this case to her agent. But then agent Shim Woo-cheol busts in and tells Kwon that he told her not to use force! They argue about Bon getting injured. She tells him that Bon will not die only with that. She thinks Yoo Ji-yeon helped Bon with this project. How will you feel if two of your favorite agents are spys?

Later on, Agent Shim calls ji-yeon to ask her if she is keeping secrets for him. Did you help Terius? Ji-yeon tells him that she will tell him everything after she sees him.

At home, Bon wakes up and slowly gets out of bed. He walks to the living room and sees the family all sleeping together on a mat in his living room. He warmly walks over to them and covers them up a bit more with the blanket. Then he looks longingly at them for a moment before he goes to the window.

His spideysense kicks in as he sees some agents lurking around the apartment complex outside. He turns back to the family in concern.

The kids continue nursing Bon back to health. Joon-hee puts all her dolls around him and tells him that he has to continue laying down. She gives all of his scrapes a shot and asks if he is okay now? Later on, they all tell him bye-bye and them give him Ko-Ko (nose nose kiss). they kids happily do Ko-ko. But then it is a little awkward as Aerin and Bon don’t really know how to say goodbye to each other.

Meanwhile, Yong-tae gets the surprise of his life as he sees Kay (the NIS agent assassin) searching for him in the Jim Jilbang. He is able to make an escape but he doesn’t have a wallet. So he gets come clothing out of a clothes drop off and sneaks away.

Meanwhile, Aerin starts to put things up in her apartment. But she grows concerned when she sees a note.

Note: For now, i am leaving. Please tell Joon-soo and Joon-hee softly. Also, keep my order of not over doing things. PS. My password is 1031. Please feed my fish.

Aerin wonders where he could go, he is not even fully okay yet. he thinks about the Koko kiss he gave to the kids and thinks that must have been his goodbye to them. She goes to the apartment and sees that it is empty of all of Bon’s things, but the kids thinks are all there. His desk and chair are all there as well.

Aerin looks around the house, everything is cleared out except for the furniture. Aerin also sees his cell phone on his bedside table. Cut to Bon at his secret place. he took a few of his most prized possessions, like the kids drawing of him and the tamborine.

Later on, Aerin tells Ji-yeon that Bon left. is he like this all the time? Does he just leave like this? Ji-yeon says that Bon has a painful memory of someone he cared about dying. He might not want that to happen again. In the past, his lover died. She was assassinated while we were on a mission.
At his place, Bon looks at teh photos of Candy. Aerin thinks back to Bon telling her that she lost an important person, it should be painful. Ji-yeon tells Aerin everything about what happened in the other country. Bon thinks that she died because of him. If she did not know about him at all, then he would not have died. He blames himself like that, that is why he left. Because Aerin, Joon-soo, and Joon-hee are important to him. He does not want you to get hurt.

All the while, Bon was relieving events from his past. He goes to sleep alone.

Of course the ajummas are on it with the speculation about Bon leaving. They wonder why he left home. SR tells them that he can’t leave home because he lives alone. Maybe they fought again?

Imagination of them fighting.
(I am not going to be your babysitter anymore. Give me a raise! ….how much raise do you want! ….. $10…..no $5…..you know my situation!)

Sang-ryeol says that he went to their house, he looked at the kids like he was completely gone, he was so tired. But EH says that he likes Joon-soo and Joon-hee. SR reminds them that liking kids and playing with them all day is different. They all agree, lol. SR continues and say that bon has all their things in his house, the fish and toys and everything. No one would like that. But Bon’s personality wouldnt’ say it. EH wonders if that is what is happened. Why didn’t you tell us this?

SR explains that this is the friendship among men. There aren’t that many men around like me that take care of kids for a long time. Sun-mi tells him he is bragging all about himself again…ugh.

Elsewhere, Ji-yeon meets with Agent Shim to talk about Bon. They pretend like they are not sitting together, but they talk to each other. he tells her to let him know if they have contact together. He wonders if the trustworthy informer she had was Bon? She says it was. He asks if Bon had video footage of that guy? We need to protect him well.

JI-yeon agrees, but asks why J-International is attacked. We almost had our results, why now? He tells her all about YS and how Ji-yeon should be careful of her. Ji-yeon thinks that they need to catch Yong-tae first, he is the best evidence.

Yong-tae is at Quiznos hiding. Two girls don’t eat all their meal because they need to lose weight for an audition, so Yong-tae moseys on over to them and tells them that he can clean up for them since they are having a hard time with their audition, then he starts quickly eating it all up.
The ajummas start to talk about sending their kids to America for all the classes in Queens or something like that. It looks like Sun-mi might have the hookup about it. But then SM gets a call from a private detective. She hides it from the other moms and says that she has to leave. Sang-ryeol thinks that something is strange, something is going on. Maybe – an AFFAIR! Do you think so?

Cut to Sun-mi yelling and kicking a door as she tells someone to come out. A man opens the door and asks who she is and why she is there? Sun-mi apologizes and starts grumbling about this detective. She calls him, the detective says that he saw her husband going in. She says that there was a man there. The detective sits up and says it shouldn’t be. But Sun-mi just hangs up.

She goes home and greets her husband later. Then she steels his phone and tries to figure out his password.

Meanwhile, Aerin reads her kids a story. They ask her if ajusshi went on a trip too? Will he come back when he finds his gold clover? Aerin talks about how bright her kids are and tells them not to worry about ajusshi, okay? Let’s go to bed. They all sleep, but Aerin gets up and worries out loud about Ajusshi and his medicine.

She goes outside because she gets a delivery of yogurt. But she also has the cow candy that says, “I am watching you.” that is their accidental secret message to each other so Aerin looks around to see if she will see him. But she does not see him around.
She looks at the candy again and smiles. Then she puts in a message on the lunch box that includes his food and medicine. On the note she asked him how his stomach was and told him to make sure he took the other item for his health, okay? Eat all that is inside.

Terius took it all and ate it all up. Then he returns yogurt to her and another candy that says, “I am watching you.”

Cut to the mysterious man giving the driver information on catching Yong-tae.

Outside, police look for the owner of J-International who killed his driver. Yong-tae’s photo is all around the news and everywhere. It is only a matter of time before he is caught.

Ji-yeon and Aerin also see the news about Young-tae. They think that he must still be on the run since the other side did not catch him yet. Aerin leaves King’s bag, but she is followed. It is Yong-tae! he asks her to help him and kneels in front of her. He says that he knows that he was bad to her, he is very apologetic, from the bottom of his heart.

Aerin asks him if he saw the news? YT says that he did not do it! Aerin tells him to go to the bag shop, Ji-yeon can help you. But Yong-tae says that he does not want her, he only wants the babysitter, he is the only one that he will trust. YT gives her a note for Bon. Aerin gives him some money to buy a meal. If something happens, call me.

YT takes the money gratefully and disappears into the night.

Aerin goes home and puts the note into the lunch bag for Bon.

Note: 10 o’clock at the park in front of a public telephone, come alone.

Bon gets the note and heads to the park in his Maserati. Yong-tae waits for him anxiously. He calls Aerin to see if she gave him the note. She said that she did. it is 9:57 now. He tells her to tell him when it is 10 o’clock. Aerin tells him that she knows that he is scared, but he will feel better when Bon is there. YT asks if she is worrying about him? She says yes, she is worrying about him.

But a policeman walks by – its Kay. He stabs Yong-tae in the gut twice and then walks away. Yong-tae falls to the ground, the blood oozes from him. Bon runs up on the scene at that moment. Yong-tae is alive, but just barely. He asks Bon to save him. Bon tells him not to worry, I will definitely save you for myself.

Fade Out

So Aerin magically became confident in driving, jumped into the Han river, and swam like a fish to save Bon without any NIS agents being the wiser. This show….I just can’t. I love it though. Looking forward to tomorrow!

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  1. Rose
    October 24, 2018 / 10:35 am

    Well….i guess when adrenaline kicks in….anything is possible 😂 (i’ve seen a guy once carrying a fridge coz his house is on fire….adranalin can do magic 😂)

    No preview huh? I guess i can live with that since there’s another episode tomorrow. Thanks again V for the recap. 😊

    • V
      October 24, 2018 / 7:44 pm

      No preview 🙁 They must be at live shoot right now.

      • Rose
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        I see. So is it always like that? If theres no preview it means they are doing a live shoot? So does it mean no episode tomorrow (US time)? 😳😳😳

        • V
          October 25, 2018 / 1:08 pm

          That is kind of what I guess, though they might just be trying to amp up interest in the next episode.

  2. Ca
    November 4, 2018 / 12:50 pm

    Dumb question as it’s being recapped here and the commenters like the show. Is it worth watching? I tried to watch the first episode and hated the main female lead. The goofiness/cuteness element was annoying. Does it improve or is that a main element of this show? I’m trying to decide whether to give this another try or not.

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