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Terius Behind Me Kdrama Live Recap Episodes 15 and 16

So ji Sub in a black suit and looking at an hour glass
Aerin has accidentally discovered the truth and received a hug at the same time. Sounds like a win-win to me. The question is, will the team try to explain things away “Um…we just look at all the bag shops in the world here” or will they own up to it?

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Aerin accidentally unlocks the secret door and nervously walks inside. It is dark, dingy, and gloomy as she shakily holds her flashlight in front of her and tries to listen in on a door at the bottom of the stairs. On the other side of the door she hears Bon say, Aerin is not here!

This makes her open the door, she props it open and goes inside to see a vast layout of computers and spy things all around. Bon quickly goes up to her and hugs her. He nods to the others to start moving things around so Dowoo and Ji-yeon quickly flip their spy board so that Aerin can’t see it.

Cut to the four talking. They ask her if she did all those things? Flashback Aerin sprinkling flourescent powder on the ground so that she can find out what is going on. Ji-yeon stepped in that powder and led a trail to the secret room. DoWoo thinks that is really cool, he is amazed she thought of it. Bon just clears his throat and tells them that he would like a moment alone.

Ji-yeon and Dowoo go back tot he basement so that Bon and Aerin can talk. Aerin is actually kind of happy because this means that Bon is a good person. She tells him that she is easily swayed and her boss said some things about him so~. Bon understands and makes sure that she understands that she should not tell anyone what she saw. Aerin smiles and is in full spy mode as she puts everything together. She figured out why she was hired and why Bon followed her.

But Bon tells her that he might have wanted to protect her kids for spy reasons before, but now he is truthful towards them (likes them). Aerin asks Bon if she can just work at King’s Bag now? She can just do her work. Bon thinks it is too dangerous now that she knows the secret. Aerin asks if that is why she should not say that she saw that dead guy at J-Internatio —. But Bon stands up right away so she will not finish her sentence. He looks around and then leaves.

In the basement, Ji-yeon and Dowoo think that they know what Aerin said and also think that Bon is keeping some things from them. Outside, Bon tells Aerin that they are on the same side, but he did not share all the information with them. Aerin asks why Bon used the fake name to get the house. Bon tells her that he is a fugitive so he needed a disguise, he will tell her about it later. AR apologizes for asking him something uncomfortable, he tells her that he will explain it all to her when there is a chance.

He goes home and happily sits in is original chair amidst all the kids things. Aerin voices over that it is a quiet night for the fugitive tonight. In her house she thinks that it was a long long day. She starts to sleep on the couch.

The kids all run to Ajusshi’s house to say hi, but Aerin tells them no and pulls them back because Ajusshi is tired. The kids tell him to please fead A B and X Y. He opens his door and tells them that he will. They run and give him a big hug then they hop in the elevator and tell him that they will see him at the playground.

Meanwhile, YT goes to Kings Bag and asks to see all the colors that a certain purse is in. DoWoo brings all the colors so YT buys them all. he asks Dowoo what his name is so he will know the next time he comes. Dowoo says that his name is Ra Do. Yong-tae thanks him and heads out. DoWoo asks him if he is going to see Aerin, but YT tells him that he will not see her today. Outside, Dowoo calls someone and asks them to find out everything about Ra Do. Also, call our connection at NIS, my feeling is in that direction.

VO – We are about to have another fugitive.

Elsewhere, Ji-yeon meats with Aerin over drinks and asks her to continue working there. Aerin is very happy to oblige, she actually thought that Bon did not want her to work there anymore. Ji-yeon says that she is in charge of Kings Bag, so it is okay. However, she also asks Aerin to testify against J-International. They will be able to protect her. She continues asking her about J-International and how she is friends with Yong-tae.

Aerin takes a nervous sip of her drink and tells her that she is not that close to him. But Ji-yeon just asks her to do a lot of tiny spy things, would she be able to do that? Aerin stammers that seh has to sell the bag and now she has to testify (I will give you a 20% raise) and I have to run your errands (10 more percent) okay call.

Ji-yeon asks if she can drive? Aerin mutters that she caaaaaaaan. Now Ji-yeon says, call. (“Call” is like saying “I’m on it” and is from Poker).

Aerin goes home and texts Bon right away. He sends her a cut emoticon of a cartoon guy tryin to get something out of his ear. Aerin asks him where he is, at home? At Kings Bag? He is not at either location. She asks where, he asks why? She tells him that well, you were good at driving….~. Driving lesson?

Cut to Bon driving to Aerin’s location on the street. it looks like her car was towed a long time ago. Bon tells her that they can use his car for the driving lesson. Aerin hops in and asks him if he bought another car? he tells her that it is his friend #2, I like cars a lot. Aerin tells him not to worry, I have good driving genes. Both my parents are god drivers.

But she also says that she does not look at the side rearview mirrors, only the top one. Bon’s expression is all like, say what? She also does not know how to turn on the car because it is push start. He tells her that she has to press the break to do it. She turns it on and says, lets go! But the engine only revs and does not move. Bon reminds her that she has to put the car in drive.

They finally start moving slowly up the street. At a light, Bon tells Aerin that she can change her lane on the next traffic light. She says, okay okay okay, you are too particular. But the light already changed so she is making everyone wait. She finally starts driving again…sloooowly. Poor Aerin dos not know how to drive comfortably at all. She does not know how to change lanes and tells Bon that she does not have time to look at the rearview mirror.

Bon looks out his window and tells her to do it now. But Aerin says she can’t focus, I just want to stay in this lane! She is so nervous. Bon reminds her that she said she was good at driving. Aerin looks at him and tells him that he is so bad. He quickly tells her to look to the front, not at me. Then he holds his arm bar above the window. Bon tries to stay relaxed and composed, but his heart is racing beneath his demeanor.

They are on the highway somehow but Aerin does not know how to change lanes, they are on the highway to the DMZ. Bon is all like, no one drives to the DMZ to make a U-turn! He pus on classical music to relax and tells her that she should take the next exit. Thankfully, she is able to do that.
The two end up going to a cafe were Aerin congratulates herself on driving and aprking perfectly. Driving is really in my DNA. They eat ice cream so Aerin tells him that she thought he did not like sweets, he says he does. He also asks why she wanted to learn to drive. Cut to Bon talking sternly to Ji-yeon about Aerin doing spy things for her. Ji-yeon thinks it is fine.

Aerin ends up tapping Bon on the shoulder to tell him that she is okay. She can protect him. Bon smiles to himself and says he is thankful for that.

Young-sil and Woo-cheol shoot at the practice range. YS is much better than WC so he jokes that she could be in the field. He is pleasant toward her but she is stern with him. he tells her that he is so sad that she still has that failed Candy project on her mind. YS tells him that she did not fail it, it will be done when she catches Terius so be ready. (they used banmal to each other so they might have been friends before because Woo-cheol out ranks her).

Back at the bag store, Aerin tells Ji-yeon all that happened around the building. She tells Ji-yeon that she saw a black SUV outside, someone is watching them. JY tells her to call Bon when they are all gone.

Back with the kids, all the ajummas wait to pick up their children. Then Bon walks up to TLC music playing int he background (I think its “Creep”). Bon looks cool as he strolls up in his shades. The ajummas are happy to see him on the job again. Sun-mi runs out later, the ajummas wonder why she is always late recently.

The bus comes with all the littles. Bon picks them both up in his arms and happily walks off. All the ajummas look at him and comments on how they want that kind of baby sitter. Sang-ryeol thinks that Bon is ruining everyone in the complex (because he is so great at babysitting so he makes them look bad).

Bon goes home and happily plays with the kids all evening. He is more into their cartoon show then they are and also tells them not to feed the fish too much. If they eat too much then they might get fat. Later on that night, Aerin leaves work, but someone starts to follow her.

Aerin walks the dark street as someone follows her. But she senses that she is being followed and starts running. He runs after her! She runs into a local convenience store and hides as she calls Bon. But he is actually the guy that was following her so he is standing right behind her. She doesn’t know that at first though.

Bon is happy that she recognized that someone was following her and ran and then went into a bright building with a lot of people and called me, good job. I told you to do those things. Don’t do anything stupid. i will buy this time.

He buys a coffee for the both of them so they sip and look out the window together. Aerin comments that it tastes good because Bon bought it. Bon smiles, but then asks if there was any contact from Yong-tae. She says there was not. Cut to Yong-tae with NIS files on Ra Do-woo and Yoo Ji-yeon. He knows they are a part of NIS. He goes into his secret purse room and thinks.

Meanwhile, Bon talks to JY and DW in their secret room about Yong-tae. He has a different real name and uses another person’s name now. Bon thinks he should approach Ji-yeon and go to J-International to find some information out. Ji-yeon thinks they should use Aerin, she is actually pretty good. Bon is against that. he asks About YS instead. JY thinks YS is just bothering them so the an’t do much. He asks about King Apartment data. Dowoo tells him that he searched all the newly moved female information. 43 families moved after that high priest card was revealed. But that place is huge and has a lot of people. Bon nodes but tells them he has to leave.

He ends up going to meet with Sang-ryeol to get some information about KIS. Sang-ryeol says that Sunmi has been acting weird recently, she always looks at her phone. There is also a battle of one mom versus another mom. They have a lot of competition. Sun Yung’s mom and Minju’s mom. It is serious. Ah, it looks like Eunha and Sunmi. But Sang Ryeol tells Bon that it does not matter because his son is teh best, I am the winner!

Bon holds his hand and tells him that he is his roll model. Romantic music starts to play.

But then Eunha and Sunmi come in. Bon is about to give them the shaman fate reading that they have been waiting for.
Back in the spy basement, Ji-yeon tells Dowoo that Bon hangs out with ajummas too much, he is not that kind of person. But RaDo (DoWoo) tells her that she does not know that, she also said he did not like kids. Ji-yeon is upset and thinks that Bon is so strange to her recently.

Meanwhile, the shaman reading in underway. Bon pretends to be a shaman that has a ghost that came to his body.

Eunha’s reading – take care of your inlaws better! Or New inlaws will take all the money!

Eunha wonders if it will be her sister in law? Sunmi tells her that her husband makes a lot of money, just give the inlaws some, they don’t have much.

Sunmi’s reading – Your second baby…your husband and you….you two should not have any kids….is your husband really Yura’s appa!

Everyone is shocked. Sunmi tells him, OF COURSE! Sang ryeol says that the daughter looks just like the father.

Sang-ryeol’s reading – you will have a second baby!

Now it’s SR’s time to be shocked. He thinks that his wife will take time off to be pregnant and rais the baby…so I will need to get a job again? Teh other ajumma’s ask him if he is that afraid to get a job? SR is all like, yes.

Bon is happy with a job well done. He mutters about how he has not done this for a long time then gives them all a talisman. The ajummas all mutter about it not being true, but they all take the talisman. SR leaves and says he had his thingy tied so maybe…it is another man??? Sunmi mutters that she will put hers under her pillow. Eunha thinks that she should see her father in law tomorrow. She calls a place to order duksae.

Sang-ryeol gets home – and we see that there are red high heels at his door! OMG, is his wife the secret Queen?

Elsewhere, a secret person tells someone to start the process.

The next morning, K starts shreddign a lot of data and formatting the computer. He takes one of the cell phones in Yong-tae’s office and waits. Yong-tae gets to his office and sees that it is being “cleaned.” He slowly turns and sees K there with a gun. K tries to shoot him, but misses. Young-tae is able to run away and hop on an elevator. he runs through the lobby and barges into a taxi to escape. K lets the secret person know that YT escaped. Then he goes back up to the office and starts to take all of the bags. But the bags changed? K throws one of them on the floor in a rage.
Yong-tae goes to the bank but his lock does not work. It will take ten minutes to troubleshoot it. YT goes outside and gets a call from his driver. the driver has a gun to his head and asks where YT is right now? Yong-tae throws away his cell phone and starts to hail a taxi.

Meanwhile, Aerin scopes out the scene outside King’s Bag. Yong-tae sees her so he tells the driver to park over there by her. He hops out of the car as if nothing is amiss and tells her that it is nice to see her again. Aerin is curt with him. But he just says that he wants to have a drink with her. Aerin thinks back to Ji-yeon telling her that she should be good friends with Yong-tae, so she ends up hoping in the car with him.

And of course he gets taken to a wharehouse and tied up. YT calls ji-yeon and tells her that she has to listen to him if she wants to see Aerin again. He tells them that he was nice to that strange ajumma, BUT NOW I WILL DIE. Ji-yeon tells him that they can protect him, but he asks how he can trust them, they have a lot of spies at the NIS.

He tells her to get the hour glass and bring it to him. You have one hour, otherwise Go Aerin will die. ji-yeon tells RaDo that this is an emergency. They call Bon and tells him that Yong-tae was threatened and is crazy now. He will need to get the hour glass from his office. Bon says he will go get it, they need to find out where Jin Yong-tae is. He hops in his electric blue sports car and takes off!

But when he goes into J-International, all the undercover NIS agents spot him and alert Young-sil. They all head out to catch him. But YS gets stopped by WooCheol. WC tells her that she can arrest him, just don’t torture him. She tells him that this is none of his business and hurries on by.

In J-International, Bon goes to Yong-tae’s office. He sees that all the bags in the secret room are from King’s Bag, so all the bags were changed. Then he spots the hour glass. RaDo calls and tells him that he has to get out quickly, NIS agents are all around the building. Bon takes off and is immediately chased by NIS agents. He runs away for a minute, but then is corned in a hallway and has to fight his way out.

he does though and hops back into his electric blue car to complete his getaway. But the NIS agents are in their cars too so they give chase. Everyone is driving after him, Young-sil is the lead following them and tells headquarters to call all the agents. Arrest him at all costs!
They are able to stop and surround him on a bridge. Terius gets out with the hour glass in his hands. Young-sil walks up to him and tells him that it is nice to see him, aren’t you tired of being a fugitive? He tells her that he has something to do now, when the time comes, I will turn myself in.

But then he sees Kay right behind YS. Bon runs to the bridge and jumps like 20 feet into the air. But he is shot in the arm and falls to the ground. He hits the water and starts sinking to the bottom, unconscious.

Fade Out
Y’all, that chase scene was pretty good at the end. However, that leap into the river was kind of outlandish considering he jumped at least 20 feet into the air like Superman avoiding a meteor strike. I also like how we know what Yong-tae did with all those bags he purchased. I thought he did that only for comedic effect, but he had a plan. I’m impressed.

No preview

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  1. Rose
    October 18, 2018 / 10:17 am

    I’ve seen the clips….now i need to understand what the heck they are all saying 😅

    • V
      October 18, 2018 / 10:44 am

      We are here for you, Rose! 🙂

      • Rose
        October 18, 2018 / 11:11 am

        Thank you V for the recap. This really helps me a lot to understand more while watching the clips. I guess im thats excited that i cant wait for the sub 6 or 7 hrs later! 😅

        Im not worry about Bon jumping off that bridge, im sure he’ll be fine 😂….but what i was curious about was that red shoes!

        • V
          October 18, 2018 / 8:45 pm

          I am really curious about the red shoes too! I think the Bon jump was staged for another spy movie shout out. that looked Just like Bourne!

          • Rose
            October 18, 2018 / 9:09 pm

            Yup, i thought the same thing. Same like Bourne, jumping in the water 😅

  2. sam
    October 18, 2018 / 11:01 am

    hi any preview sweetie??

    • V
      October 18, 2018 / 11:07 am

      No preview 🙁

      • Rose
        October 18, 2018 / 11:14 am

        Thats sucks! They really know how to suspense the viewers after Bon jumped off the bridge while he got shot on the arm 😕

  3. sam
    October 18, 2018 / 11:18 am

    thanks so much for your recaps! I’m on standby here during 100 days my prince and terius! More power and energy for your wonderful work!

    • V
      October 18, 2018 / 8:49 pm

      Thank you so much, Sam! it may not seem like it, but comments really do give us extra energy. 🤸🏽‍♂️

  4. Kayen_SAA
    October 18, 2018 / 11:42 pm

    Hi V (and fellow Milkers),

    As always, thank you for the recaps of Terius and 100 Days. Loving your recaps, they help me survived the first few hours in the office while waiting for the chance to watch the downloaded vids (from Viu Philippines) during lunch break. You are keeping my sanity intact, hahaha.

    • V
      October 19, 2018 / 5:26 am

      You made me smile with Milkers 🙂 We are happy to keep you sane at work! 🙂 🙂

  5. Rose
    October 19, 2018 / 5:10 am

    At last! I finally watched the english sub. It seems that eversince drama fever closed, its taking longer for the sub to come out. Anyways, i noticed that we are only in episode 15-16 (it has 32 episodes, right?) and everything was already intense. I know i said that Terius will be fine after jumping off that bridge even though he got shot. But what if (this is just my theory) that for some reason Terius got an amnesia and no one can find him and he doesnt remember anything and confused why he has an hour glass with him? Now everyone will be looking for him (NIS, J International, AeRin, the ajumma and ajussi of KIS 😂). Well i just thought about that theory because we are only halfway through this drama but it feels like we are almost at the end of it because of the sudden intensity. 😄

    • V
      October 19, 2018 / 5:21 am

      Amnesia would fit so nicely in this show! Especially since Bourne Identity had amnesia in it, lol.

      • Rose
        October 19, 2018 / 5:47 am

        You’re right! I totally forgot about the amnesia part of Jason Bourne….hahaha! 😄

    • Haleiwa Baby Girl
      October 20, 2018 / 2:43 pm

      Amnesia seems to be making the rounds again, lol.

      • V
        October 20, 2018 / 10:25 pm


    • Sana
      October 22, 2018 / 12:39 am

      Eng sub from which site

  6. tbafs
    October 20, 2018 / 4:30 pm

    This drama can induce whiplash! One minute I was mildly annoyed at Ae Rin’s busybody habits and practically cooing at Bon/Joon Joon and all the domestic shenanigans at King Castle. The next Show morphs into a real spy situation with car chases, kidnappings, assassins and death threats! Way to go, Writernim. Wednesday seems a long way away, now.

    Thanks for the recaps, V.

    • V
      October 20, 2018 / 10:26 pm

      Right! It turned into a real spy show all of a sudden! 🙂

  7. Lea
    October 31, 2018 / 2:24 am

    I love this drama so much!! It’s everything I look for! Quick question, in the cafe scene right after Bon and Ae Rin finish with her driving lesson, what’s the name of the song playing in the background? I know it’s kinda random but it’s been stuck in my head forever. It’d mean so much if someone could tell me the name. THANKS!!

    • V
      October 31, 2018 / 6:38 am

      Oh, good question, if anyone knows the answer then delight us with a response!

  8. Jay
    May 2, 2020 / 1:13 pm

    I recently re watched the drama. What is the BGM played during the Cafe’ scene with Bon and Ae Rin? I’ve heard it on Her Private Life too.

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