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Terius Behind Me Kdrama Live Recap Episodes 13 and 14

So Ji Sub in a security uniform and shades on Terius Behind Me
Okay, if you haven’t heard the news of Dramafever suddenly closing shop, then read this post. I think Terius and 100 Days My Prince were on Dramafever which puts a lot of Kdrama watchers in the lurch. Hopefully Kocowa, Viki, or On Demand Korea picks them up quickly because I assume the license has become available once again. I would assume the shows can probably sell it cheaper because they would get two sales on one license. That’s just me though, who knows what business people will do.

As for Terius, we will keep recapping it! We all have to find out how things turn out right? Aerin should be about to find out who Bon really is. Lots of hilarity is sure to ensue. Lets get into it.

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How we do this: We update the post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, there might be lovely updates at the bottom, so check back in!

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Terius tells Aerin goodbye, but then she turns and calls his name Wang Jung-nam. He stops and turns around. Aerin talks to herself and says thta he turned around, maybe he is really Wang Jung-nam? Suddenly the phone rings. Aerin touches it so Ji-yeon starts talking and asks why Bon isn’t back yet, Aerin went home a long time ago. Why didnt’ you answer?

Aerin asks Bon how he knows her boss, who are you? Bon tells her that there has been a misunderstanding, he did not want to lie to her on purpose. She asks if he did like to her. Bon says that his name is really Kim Bon, he is long time friends with the bag woman. He knew that she needed help so i recommended you to her.

Aerin tells him that she is not so sure she should trust him, can you leave now? She turns and looks at her kids play area. Bon goes outside in the hallway and looks at the door to his place. Aerin stares inside her home, but she is really just deep in thought. Bon ends up walking around outside and walks all the way to the bag shop.

Ji-yeon is busy organizing and asks him why he is so late. She asks why he looks so glum. Bon tells her that Aerin figured out his identity, who told her that? Ji-yeon tells him that he thought seh was too easy. Bon tells her that Aerin knew his previous crime record, that is not easy to figure out. He feels like he made her trust him and betrayed her, that is what makes him feel the worst.

Ji-yeon tells him that this is our job, so don’t worry. You remember what happened in Poland so don’t get involved with Aerin anymore, it can only hurt you. You should wrap it up. He tells her that she can say it easily because it did not happen to you. Ji-yeon leaves in a huff and mutters to himself, did you forget what happened in Poland?

he thinks back to Poland. he followed Candy around. She smiled a lot and was very pretty so I can see why he fell for her. They had a lot of pricate moments together. in one of those moments she told him that he should buy her a mohito in nam San tower. But she was shot not too long afterward.
Bon gets home and remembers that the little girl told him the names of the fish. One is A and the other is B. The boy says that one is X and the other is Y. So they ask Bon to name the fish. he thinks uncle would be a good name. He also got the kids a huge kids mat (that matches his house, lol) so they can run around comfortably in his place. Actually, his place turned into a kids play room, it is filled with lots of toys and books that they an use. Aerin brought most of it over from her place so now Bon’s dark room has a bit more color in it.

He looks at a train and thinks back to Aerin taking it out of the recycling bin. He told her that she is taking too much from the recycling but she just smiled and said that this is almost new. They keep showing us montages of Bon playing witht he kids at his place. The kids love him because they can get away with things they canot get away with at their own place.

Bon sits on the large mat he bought and lays on his back. Ji-yeons words echo, “dont be involved with her anymore.” he closes his eyes and thinks about it.

Meanwhile, Ji-yeon is getting stone drunk at a bar. Do-woo has to come and piggy back her home. Ji-yeon drunk talks while he carries her and asks Do-woo who is prettier, her or Aerin, he says, of course you are prettier. She is so happy to hear it and tells him that his eyes have come back. He grumbles about her choice of words, but she just plays in his hair and asks when it became white. He tells her it is blond. She drunkenly says blond…or white….~. He just mutters that the woman on his back is looking for another man.

Aerin wakes up at 5am and listens in on a door, maybe Bon’s door? Or she is listening through her door to see if he is awake?

VO – He always woke with the clock in rain or snow. But this is the first time the clock stopped working.

Outside, Aerin asked Eun-ha to find another babysitter for her. Eunha wants to know if bon quit? Aerin says it just happened. She walks off, but of course Eunha is extra suspicious.

Aerin goes to work and looks at Ji-yeon trepedatiously. Ji-yeon tells her to sit, she says that she heard what happened and did not mean to lie to her so please do not be upset. Aerin asks Bon’s real name. Ji-yeon says it is Wang Jung-nam. Aerin remembers Bon telling her that his real name is Kim Bon. Ji-yeon asks her, now that you know the truth, are you quitting?

Eunha tells the other ajummas that something happened with Aerin and Bon. She asked for a new babysitter. Sang-ryeol or the other ajumma says that he knows the person that lived downstairs. The room was so noisy before but now it is quiet. One of the ladies knows a sister in law that lives there. It was so noisy so she went upstairs and saw the kids leave Bons’ place, and they grocery shop together. This is my theory, maybe Bon and Aerin had a relationship before. That is why they killed the husband!

Eunha tells her to stop watching so many dramas. But Sunmi says, it kind of makes sense! Sang-ryeol is all like, just stop, neighbors can help each other so stop making up all this nonsense.

Elsewhere, Ji-yeon and Woo-cheol meet secretly at a cafe. He thinks that someone touched his reports. They need to be careful. He asks her how work is so she tells him that she found a weapons lobbyist at J-International. She also has information about the bag. They talk about this bag a bit, Ji-yeon says that she will find the late NIS officers bag. Woo-cheol tells her good job.

Meanwhile, Young-sil looks at all the intel that her person has found. All the intel are Instagram photos of the ajummas in the bag store, lol. The #1 person finds out all the names of the main 3 ajummas in the photos. Young-sil picks up a photo of Eunha and thinks she might be the one that can give them the most information.

Cut to all three ajummas running to the bag shop to help out Aerin. Aerin has to run and meet with someone so the ajummas stay to watch the shop. Aerin goes to a cafe and meets with Bon. She tells him that she really wanted to trust him, but based on what her boss told her, she cannot. But she thanks him sincerely and truthfully for all that he has done for them and relieves him of his duties as babysitter. He is solemn but tells her that, if that is what she wants them he will follow it. But he did have a nice time helping her and her kids smile.

Back at the bag shop, Young-sil walks in with her #1 agent. The ajummas great her. YS asks if Eunha is galaxy? She shows her the Instagram photo. Eunha smiles and says that she saw my Stargram (Instagram). She starts to show her around the shop (I think she might show her the bag that she took the photo with?). Meanwhile, the other two ajummas peep the scene and wonder who young-sil is, she looks important!

Bin leaves the cafe and suddenly sees the woman that wears red high heels. he starts to chase her, but then has to stop because Yong-tae is suddenly in the area. YT tries to give him a business card. If you are fired from Aerin then call me because we are merciful to ex-convicts. Bon takes the business card as if he will punch him, but instead tells him that he will definitely call him.

YT almost jumps and tells him that he thought he would hit him….okay….goodbye. YT drives off thinking that Bon is a 6 time exconvict, but he does not seem like that kind of person. He thinks about Aerin telling him that her babbysitters name is Kim Bon and wonders if Kim Bon is really his name.
Back at the bag shop, YS sits and talks to the three ajummas who are also sitting around with her. YS asks about Aerin. EH tells her that she is the reason that this shop runs so well. But then Sunmi says that her husband suddenly died! The other ajummas are all like….shut it! But they are like that without saying anything. They just give her looks to be quiet. However, the cat is out of the bag so they start to talk about how Aerin had to get a babysitter…..the babysitter is handsome…he is my best friend….yep….~.

Serin comes back in at that point so Young-sil turns to leave. But EH blocks the door and asks for her ID. They say that they told her a lot but she does not even show her ID to them? Hand it over. She hands over her ID which says that her name is Kim Tae-hee (lol). She says that it is nice to meet Aerin and shakes her hand.

Meanwhile, Do-woo hacks the security system of J-Enterprise. He and Bon had talked about the file that he should try to get into. It is the file that Aerin found which has an English name and number list on it. So Dowoo is busy trying to do that. however, the secretary has to come back to the room because he forgot something. he sees Dowoo so DW has to take off running. Dowoo is able to escape for the time being and hops into an elevator.

But YT is upset that he got away. He tells his secretary that Dowoo erased the CCTV footage so he does not feel good about what is happening. Should they report something about it? Yong-tae tells him to shut up about it or it will taint his reputation.

The kids get back home after school with Sang-ryeol and his kid. They ask were Bon is, it seems like this might be the 100th time they asked Sang-ryeol this from the bus stop to their house. he tells them that he does not know where he is, for the 100th time. The kids all run out and play with Sang-ryeols kid, but they make of mess of Sang-ryeol somehow so they have to go to the living room while Sang-ryeol cleans soap from his kid.

however, the twins whisper to each other and take off. Uh oh, they are up to something.

Cut to Bon who is doing his spy thing on the computer. The doorbells rings so he cautiously goes up to it and looks out the peep hole. But he does not see anyone. The kids are too short, lol. They keep knocking and and asks ajusshi if he is inside? Knock knock. Bon opens the door and the kids burst in and give him a huge hug. We were waiting for you! Where were you! Where you sick?

He tells thm that he wasn’t sick and lets them in. They settle in happily and start eating ice cream. Bon tells them not to tell their mama that he gave them ice cream. He also tells them that he might not be able to pick them up anymore. They kids are all like….But WHyyyyyy…..is it because I peed in my pants?…….is is because we are too loud?………can you come pick us up again?

They give him a present which is a drawing of his face. They tells him that they drew it and wrote his name on the bottom. His name is Uncle (actually Uncle, not samchon). Meanwhile, Sang-ryeol thinks his house is too quiet, he starts looking for the twins, but they are not around. His mind immediately goes to someone taking them???? But he tries to shake it away, maybe they are just playing. But he sees a text from Bon saying that the kids are at his place.

Sang-ryeol goes to Bon’s place and tells him that there is a rumor that you and Aerin are together, that rumor must be true. There are no secrets here. Someones sister in law’s place is downstairs. there is a rumor that you two dated before which is why you two killed the husband. I stopped that rumor cold! You should appreaciate me. Bon tells him that he appreciates him but that is super nonsense.

SR asks him why he quit the babysitter job? You were the best. It’s too bad, the twins will go to different peoples houses in the meantime. But then Sang-ryeol starts to talk about how a woman went to the Bag Shop. Her name was Kim Tae-hee. Bon stands up suddenly and thinks that Kim Tae-hee is Kwon Young-sil’s fake identity!
Cut to King’s Bag. Young-sil is in the bag shop once again. Aerin starts to talk to her about the ajummas so YS starts to think that this place might be a regular ajumma bag store. But then we see Do-woo walking up the street, he sees YS through the window and tells Ji-yeon that they have big trouble! She tells him that she will be there right away!

Inside, YS asks Aerin a lot of questions about the store. Aerin asks her why she said she wanted to scout her? YS tells her that she is kind of interested in EH’s post on Stargram. Aerin asks her what the salary would be, do you have insurance? that is very important to me. I might quit this job soon.

YS takes a call (maybe a fake call?) and says that she has to leave. Aerin runs after her and asks her if she can contact her. YS is all like….um…sure. She leaves with her #1 and starts to talk about how they need to find out everything about Go Aerin, including her late husband. Aerin notices Bon watching YS and the other agent walking away so she starts to run after him to figure out what he is doing. But he dissapears.

Bon actually went inside a secret entrance to the hideaway. he calls Dowoo and tells him what is going on. DW tells him that he will close the shop and send Aerin home. But Aerin overheard him and asks him who he is talking to. Dowoo jumps and says that who he talks to isnle important, you can go home now. Aerin nods, but is a bit suspicious.

She goes back outside to were Bon dissapeared. it was around there somewhere. She also checks the mail and sees that the electricity bill was over $200 for that month. She wonders how it can be that high? Now she is really curious. She looks at the building and wonders if there is anything else about this store? Is electricity leaking somewhere?

Later on, Eunha talks to Aerin over a meal and tells her that Young-sil asked so many questions about her. Aerin looks shocked, really?
But the phone number that YS gave her does not work, EH wonders who that woman actually is. It looks like Aerin wonders as well.

Cut to YS finding out more about Aerin. Her #1 gave her a report on Aerin.

back at Aerin’s place, the kids really want to see Bon again and ask they mom if they can. They really miss him. Aerin asks her kids if they think Ajusshi is a good person or a bad person. They tells her, of course he is a good person. Later on, Aerin thinks about this at the kitchen table. She thinks about all the strange things that happened with Bon and how he looked out for her as if something might happen to her. She thinks that, perhaps, he is watching me all the time? She thinks back to him just showing up at that warehouse. Perhaps he is that person that beat all those guys up?

he was surprised to see a gun, but maybe because he deals with guns all the time. Is he a police man? Or a killer (like Leon, lol), or maybe an NIS agent? Cut to Bon in his real NIS agent secret place. He is talking to Ji-yeon and Dowoo about YS and why she was wondering about Aerin’s husbands death. But maybe they don’t need to worry about it, the shop will close soon so Aerin won’t work there anymore anyway.

At home, Aerin comes to the conclusion that the person DW called was Bon, maybe they know each other. Maybe there are a team?

Cut back to the secret hideout. Terius tells them that he will get Yong-tae on their side. He knows everything but he has to figure out how to do it. The information from KIS (King Castle Information System, lol) says that he might live a double life, like me. Dowoo tells them that he made a mistake, he tried tosneak into J-International, but he almost got caught.

Ji-yeon asks him if he is crazy? You did this without my persmission. Do-woo tells them that he thought he could just sneak in and get the info. Bon is all like, do you think i couldnt’ just do that myself? This is all about Aerin, she could have died sneaking out that information. if we use that information then Aerin will be the prime suspect. Ji-yeon asks him why he did something she did not ask him to? They are both upset with DW.

DW thinks back to a drunk Ji-yeon who told him that she wants to wrap up King’s Bag, she does not want to see Bon or anything.

Meanwhile, YT looks at his CCTV, he thinks he knows that person on the CCTV based on their body structure. He calls someone and tells them that they can listen to all the deals that they want to deal. The person on the other line asks YT when he became a person that asked something? You just need to do what I tell you to, if you want to survive. YT agrees and then grabs his hour glass. he flips it.

Elsewhere, we see the woman with red high heels. She is in a hospital ata mans room and starts to put gas or something into the room. The man that is in the room starts to move around slightly and then dies. Blood runs from his mouth.

Aerin goes to work. She wonders if they all went home? But the light is on. She opens the shop. An alarm goes off in the secret place so everyone looks at the video and wonders why Aerin is there so late.

She turns off the electricity to the shop so everyone in the basement scrambles around in the dark.

Aerin is happy with her job to save the shop money, but then she sees a red light. She follws it and goes to the picture that Dowoo did not want her to move earlier. She tries to take it off to see if there is a secret compartment behind it, but it is so sticky and wont come off. however, she rotates it and the secret door opens.

Aerin is shocked, what is going on? She goes into the secret room and sees the stairs that go into the basement. But she is veyr nervous, what is going on?

Int eh basement, the team is able to turn the power back on and immediately try to figure out what Aerin is doing now. But Aerin is not there. What?!?

Cut to Aerin opening the door to the secret room. Everyone looks at her as she walks in extra confused. The music is really serious, but the situation is really funny. Aerin asks what this is? What is this? She looks like she might be about to pass out. Bon goes up to her and gives her a hug.

Faded Out
This show has serious music at hilarious situations which adds to the hilarity. I also really love the actor who plays Sang-ryeol. He was great in Secretary Kim and is equally great in this show.

Check the comments here and on this post for ways to watch Terius and other shows, a lot of people are giving out some good info!

Bon – Don’t tell anyone you saw Moon Sang-soo (dead NIS guy). Even Ji-yeon or DW.
AR – I thought the three of you were on the same side.
Bon – We have information that we didn’t share.
JY – Bon hid important information again.
YT – Do a background search right away and call NIS.
Bon – Are you crazy?
JY – Our situation changed. I need Go Aerin also.
Bon – Don’t use someone who is already having a hard time.
VO – Exposed, clean, execute now!
JY – Can you be the witness later as my informer.
Bon – No, it is too dangerous.

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    Hello. For iPad/iPhone users, KOCOWA app has Terius available. Although, many of dramafevers exclusive contents are not present (My Mister, Goblin, etc…).

    Hey, but at least Terius is available!

    • Rose
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      Thats good news! Thanks! 😊

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      Kocowa app is also available for Android phones.

  2. Rose
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    Thanks for the recap! I was watching the clups in youtube and reading the recap at the same time so i’ll have an idea what the characters are saying. I also love that actor that played SangRyeol character. He was so hilarious in Secretary Kim and i think he is the perfect actor to play SangRyeol. Him and Terius chemistry are so funny im hoping more interaction between the two on the rest of the episodes 😊

    Cant wait for the sub. I guess i’ll watch it in deabakdrama later.

    • Rose
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      I wondered that this episode!

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