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Terius Behind Me Kdrama Live Recap Episodes 11 and 12

So Si Sub all tied up and roughed up in Terius Behind Me
Alright, so it looks like Aerin might have had a sniper on her at the end of the last episode, I didn’t get a good look at it though, could it have just been a reflection? Whatever the case, Bon went balls to the walls to save her, which I love. This life saving event also happened to happen in front of all the ajummas, which I also love. Bring on the awkwardness, I’m ready.

We think we are going to keep Terius in this time slot! Mostly because we have a fun community on this show which makes it all the more fun to recap. On to the show!

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Bon wakes up early one morning and goes to his window. He sees a stranger walking with a guitar/cello on their back. He is curious

In other apartment, Aerin gets her kids ready for school. It is an amazingly easy day as the kids listen to everything she says and get ready practically on their own. The kids want to ring ajusshi’s bell, but Aerin says not too because ajusshi is sleeping. The kids yell for him to feed the fish instead and then head to the elevator.

Bon was awake, but smiles at the extra time he is alotted and checks his computer. High priest is on the computer but it is a female. It is the first time seeing the female high priest. he checks the GPS coordinates and sees that they are at the King Castle apartment! He takes off running!
He runs to the ajummas and sees that the bus has already left with the kids. But Aerin has a little reflection on her body. he looks back and sees that there is also a reflection in a window. He has a quick flashback to the woman that was shot and runs and jumps on Aerin, NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

They both spin and fall to the ground. But nothing was actually wrong. The reflection was a woman checking herself in her mirror.


Bon is so embarrassed, he doesn’t even stand up. Aerin has to kind of get up herself. The ajummas are so amazed, they think Bon looked like a super hero, but they also think that he does strange things all the time.

Bon finally gets up and says he was out for a run and there was a bee! A bee! he tries to shoo away a bee and then takes off running. The ajummas tell Aerin that it is time to meet.

They go to their apartment library to talk. Eunha thinks that Bon really likes her, why else would he do this? They keep talking about how Bon is strange and does weird things. Aerin does not think that it is like that, but she does want to find out more about him. What is his identity?

TITLE: BON IDENTITY (lol, like Bourne Identity)
Bon gets back to his place. He is still amazingly embarrassed, but he does wonder why the GPS coordinates was King Castle.

Tarot Card: (Lamb but with a woman high priestess), Sometimes it is hard to notice important things so focus more on your subconscious and instinct. You have to see what you really want in your heart.

Aerin goes to work and puts up all the new bags. DoWoo is a bit tired of doing it and just mutters that they sold them all and now have to put them all up. He sarcastically thanks Aerin. Aerin tells them that it is good for everyone. They sell allthe bags and the owner is happy so I can work here longer.

Ji-yeon thanks her in a thankless way and asks how her babysitter is. Aerin says he is great and he likes her kids. Ji-yeon says that guys usually don’t like kids. But Aerin wants to know how she knows that her babysitter is a guy? Do-woo explains that he saw him walking one day. that tall emotionless guy.

Aerin is all like, okay, I will keep cleaning. She starts to clean the window that leads to the secret passage and accidentally turns it. Do-woo and Ji-yeon’s eyes get really big as they run over there. Do-woo is able to keep Aerin from turning the image any farther and sets it straight. he also tries to direct her away from that image, don’t touch that image.

Aerin then talks about a black bag that Je-yeon did not want to sell. DW tells her that someone stole that bag. That is why they have a lot of security cameras. Aerin thinks that she wants to find the robber.

Cut to Bon with a shaman. The shaman looks like he is about to say something important, but then a fly goes into his eye so he has to swat it. But he gets back on task and asks if he is mocking him. Bon says that he has three peoples fortunes to find out, he puts the fortunes on the table. But Bon does not want his fortune done.

The man tells him, I SEE BLOOD. But Bon is all like, don’t tell me. The shaman yells at him, I KNOW WHO YOU ARE….I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER. Bun just keeps walking out.

Back with the Ajumma’s, the three main ajummas talk abotu how Bon was kind of strange. But Aerin said that he was a good shaman. They need to get some information. Fighting!

Meanwhile, agent Kwon is looking at the information that one of her agents got for her. he was the one that broke into the office that one night. agent Kwon tells him to keep finding out information about Go Aerin.
Back at King’s Bag, Ji-Yeon tells Aerin that they need to talk about the serial numbers. Does she have any more? Aerin tells her that the serial numbers where all different. Ji-yeon tells her to tell her the numbers. Aerin tells her that she does not remember all the numbers. Ji-yeon asks if she is lying to her? Aerin says she isn’t lying. She saw more numbers, she just didn’t say she remembered tham.

Ji-yeon looks so annoyed. To make matters worse, Aerin starts to tell her all the ways they can advertise their company. Like……with a tote! Tada! people like these kinds of tote bags and it is good for the environment and everything! Ji-yeon really just wants her to sit and not try to hard, but it looks like that is against Aerin’s core principles.

Meanwhile, a woman in red high heels meets with Yong-tae. He looks like he is afraid of her. He takes a bag from her and then goes to King’s Bag. Sun-mi sees him stopping near King’s Bag and wonders why he is in their neighborhood.

At King’s Bag, Ji-yeon sees Yong-tae walking to the building but they dont’ know why he is there. Ji-yeon calls Bon about it so he says he will be there right away.

ong-tae goes inside King’s Bag, ajumma Sunmi goes insid also (lol). She starts to text Eun-ha about it. Sang-ryeol is also in the Katalk message. He wonders what is going on. Aerin is also in the KaTalk, Breaking news! Aerin’s previous boss went to King’s Bag!

Aerin takes off to King’s Bag (she had gone to buy lunch).

Yong-tae goes inside and immediately asks for Go Aerin. Ji-yeon tells him that she just left. She asks him if he likes a bag. Yong-tae starts talking about their bags and were they get them from and all that. He tells her that the name is strange. Why is it King’s bag?

Sun-mi sits quickly sits and starts talking about the name King’s Bag. She says she is Aerin’s neighborhood eunnie, are you here to see her? Yong-tae says no, he is there for a bag. Yong-tae then stands up and says he wants all the bags in the store. He will buy them all.

All the ajummas are all like, WHAAAAAAAT, he is buying all the baaaaaaaaags? Daebak!

Yong-tae then goes and meets with Aerin. He tells her that he bought all of the bags from her store so she will get incentives. She asks why he cares abotu that? He says he kicked her out without paying her so that is the reason, it is not complicated.

All this time, Bon was looking at this happen from the secret room. But now he is in the bag part. Do-woo thinks that they just put all these bags back and now they sold them all again. They all try to wonder why Yong-tae bought all these bags. What is going on?
Cut to Quiznos where the ajummas are eating and talking about what just transpired. They wonder is Yong-tae is super rich and not a gangster after all. Or maybe he likes Aerin. But he is a different level than Sang-ryeol so don’t try to understand him since you save money for bean sprouts.

meanwhile, Bon tells Ji-yeon and Do-woo to find out more about Yong-tae. he leaves.

At the cafe, Yong-tae wants to give Aerin a ride home but she tells him not to call he secretary Go anymore because she aws fired. But YT wants her to get him lunch. She tells him about all the places that are around here, go there and eat them. Also, never ever come see me. But thank you for buying everything.

She leaves but then the trunk pops open. He tells Aerin to go ahead and take one, he bought a lot. Bon comes up at that moment and tells them that they should eat together. Lets do it. Aerin is all like, why in the world would we three eat together?

Cut to the restaurant. They talk to each other about why YT bought all those bags and why he is there in this neighborhood. YT tells Bon that he is there to get Aerin to work at his place again. Aerin tells them that they should eat. But Bon turns the food so that YT does not get the food that he wants. it is a polite battle over the food. But finally Bon cuts YT’s food for him and asks him if he can work there instead of Aerin. Aerin wonders, what about my kids? Bon tells her not to worry.

Afterards, Aerin asks Bon why he wante to eat lunch with them, he was uncomfortable right? bon says he was fine, he enjoyed the dinner. Aerin tells him that she has to go inside. They both turn and see Ji-yeon and DO-Woo watching them while munching on their Quiznos. She runs in.

Later on, Bon hangs out with Sang-ryeol. Sang-ryeol asks him a lot of questions about common things like, do you like bread? Bon answers them all casually as if he is not listening. But then Sang-ryeol asks if he likes Aerin and Bon says yeah. But then he realizes what he said. Flashback to Aerin telling Bon that the Kings Castle information system will try to find everything out about him.

Bon tells Sang-ryeol that they need to go somewhere. they end up going to a little kids store to buy Joon-hee and Joon-soo a lot of gifts. Sang-ryeol comes along with his kid as well. So everyone plays and has fun together. But Sang-ryeol is sure to text Aerin about it. He tells her that they went to a kids cafe.

Aerin smiles at the photo of Bon riding a slide with her kids. Do-woo looks at the photo too and says it is cute, but why does it look like the sitter is having a lot more fun than the kids? Ji-yeon is very into this conversation.

Back at the kids cafe, Bon asks Sang-ryeol if he could erase his photos. SR thinks Bon looks too good to not like pictures. But he erases them. Bon tells him that he looks interested in him so he will tell him that he was born in Daejun and is 38 and once he worked as a shaman from Geyreong mountain (super famous place for shamans) but now I don’t work like that anymore. I earned a lot of money so I dont’ need to work. Can you tell KIS this?

Sang-ryeol clears his throat and says he is not reporting things to KIS…..~. But then Bon tells SR that he wants to know all of KIS’s secrets as well. Lets be friends and share secrets. Sang-ryeol was a bit hesitant but he tells him that they should share secrets as friends.

Bon HOLDS HIS HANDS, and tells him that he is his role (the love song music from Sang-soon plays, lol). Sang-ryeol goes back and reports to Eunha about what happened, but he does not tell her everything.

Meanwhile, Bon is trying not to take a nap at home. But then Joon-soo runs in and says that Joon-hee is not feeling well. Bon finds out that Joon-hee might have an appendix problem or some kind of stomach problem. She is all sweaty and drained of energy.

He rushes her to the hospital and runs into Aerin on the way. They both rush off. the doctor checks her and tells them that they need to take an x-ray. Later on, they find out that Joon-soo just has a lot of – built up poop inside. They can flush her intestines and have her eat better foods.

Bon tells Joon-hee that she is filled with poop, but she is okay. Joon-hee thanks the doctor. Later on, Bon sits on a bench with Aerin. Bon tells Aerin that he is okay, even though she is worried that he might be too tired. She tells him to stop saying he is okay all the time and thanks him for running with Joon-hee to the hospital. he tells her that it is his job, no need to be thankful. He also says that she should be wary of Yong-tae, he might be good to you BUT HE ADBUCTED YOU before.

She is all like, dont worry, I didn’t forget. I also don’t know you. Even though I don’t know you, I know that you are trustworthy.
Elewhere, Yi-yeon is followed by someone. She is able to knock him out, but she sees that this guy has a photo of Aerin.

Cut to agent Kwon finding out that Aerin works for Ji-yeon and their #2 was attacked. Agent Kwon wonders if this is a trap?

At King’s Bag, Ji-yeon explains to Bon all of the info that she gave to the agency about Go Aerin, it was all fake. But that information was still leaked. How did it leak? Only my boss knows it.

At the agency, Agent Shim runs into agent Kwon, they are cordial but it look slike Kwon does not like him. She calls him a sly guy.

At home, Aerin reads her kids a bedtime story. The kids mention that Bon has a scar on his back or something like that. Flashback to Bon getting shot in Poland. Ji-yeon finds him and is able to help save his life as her and her team hurry to the hospital.

VO – As you know, after emergency surgery, I was taken to R3. Our plan with candy failed. Candy died. But what gave me a hard time was that I was accused of betraying the agency.

Bon is all tied up and bloody as agent Kwon interrogates him. She wants to know where the last file is that candy was supposed to give to him. Why did you leave the scene after candy died. Who shot you? Who were you fighting? ….. did you kill her?

Bon looks up at her.

VO – At that time, I found the reason to leave that place.

Bon sees that YS has the same clover button as he found on the hitman.

Bon explains to Ji-yeon that he saw the same clover botton on YS. Ji-yeon wonders, does that mean that she is realted to candy’s assassination?

In the flashback, Bon tells YS that she will get hurt, go away. Then he head butts her very hard. She goes flying.

VO – Ajusshi is strong and very fast.

Bon is able to escape and runs away. agent Kwon yells for them all to catch him. CATCH HIM.

But Bon is able to get all the way to his secret house. He gets a lot of money and goes to Poland. he is able to blend into the crowd in Poland.

VO – I wanted to know the root or any clue to that plan.

he keeps walking around and sees the clover on a building. It is a suit business.

VO – And I found a small but important piece to the puzzle.

He sees a Polish man in the shop and recognizes him.

VO – The people surveylancing candy were not from North Korea.

In the present, Ji-yeon asks who killed candy? It wasn’t the right wing of North Korea? bon says it was someone that is only interested in money and worked with them. Do-woo asks if this is the first time that the femal priest was used. Bon tells them that the coordinate was the most important. they do not know why it was King Castle or why YT showed up around there.

We see red high heels walking as they talk about it.

The team thinks that the target could be at King Castle. Do-woo says he will make a huge database on who lives in King’s Castle.

Meanwhile, Aerin’s kids tells her that ajushi is like Banga man. Bangaaaaaaaae Power! She smiles and tells them that it is late, go to bed. They tells her that they will see her tomorrow morning. She gives them both kisses and then smiles at Bon being cmpared to Bongae man. She thinks it suits him well.
Yong-tae’s driver comes in and gives him paperwork about Bon. They think that he is an interesting person.

At the bag shop, Ji-yeon tells Aerin that she should go home so that the babysitter can go home. Aerin tells JY that she has a lot of jang (thinks about others a lot and has a lot of warmness toward others). But then she gets a phone call to meet Yong-tae.

She meets with him at a cafe, (“Hello” plays in the background). Aerin is annoyed to met him at this place. Yong-tae tells her that he has a good 6th sense and someone is stimlating that right now.

Cut to Bon tucking the kids in and turning on their night light that he got for them.

Yong-tae asks Aerin if she is curious about who tht person is? A 46 time ex-convict. Your babysitter. But Aerint ells him that his name is Kim Bon. Yong-tae says that he does not care about someone elses business, but You worked for me so I looked into it. You can thank me later.

Yong-tae gives her the information he found out about Bon. first off, his name is not Kim Bon.

Aerin walks home in stunned silence. But she thinks that Bon should not be like this.

Meanwhile, Bon sits at Aerin’s home and looks at a box on the table. Aerin gets home, still looking stunned. Bon asks her if he has something on his face? Why is she looking at him like that? She tells him that she is sorry that she is late, it must be hard on you, you must be tired. You can go home.

He asks if something happened? She says she has a headache, they can talk tomorrow. Bon hands her a present. It is a congratulations present for getting a job. he opens the box from Rosa.K, it is the black bag that was stolen from the store. Aerin remembers that she was told that this bag was stolen from the shop.

Bon asks her if this is the first time that she got a present before?

Aerin remembers that Do-woo told her that the thief steals bags and cars and everything. She thinks about Bon’s car.

Bon tells her that she can be impressed after he leaves. Good bye.

But then Aerin tells him, Mr. Wang Jang Nam?

Bon turns around. Aerin thinks, he turned around, is he really Wang Jang Nam?

Bon says he name, but then there is a phone call. It is from Yoo Ji-yeon. Aerin answers, Ji-yeon starts talking and tells Bon that Aerin went home, it is time to come here. Aerin starts to think about what Ji-yeon asked her about her babysitter, is he trustworthy?

Aerin asks Bon if he knows her boss? Who are you? What is your Identity?

Fade Out
The craziness is real with this one, though I am enjoying the zaniness of this show. It was hilarious when Bon had to remind Aerin that her boss abducted her so don’t trust him. And yet, Aerin ended up trusting her boss over Bon in the end. If I got that paperwork from my gangster boss who tried to kill me I would be all like, you made this all up, go away. Wait a sec, let me call the cops first.

JY – Don’t be involved with that woman anymore. You will ruin the project and you will get hurt also.
VO – Hey, I see you Wang Jang Nam, somewhere like this.
AR – My babysitter, Kim Bon and Wang Jang Nam, who is real?
JY – Wang Jang Nam
YT – Are you mad because I know your real name?
Bon – My name is Kim Bon, that is the truth. Trust me.
AR – Starting today, you no longer have to be our kids sitter.

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  1. Melissa
    October 11, 2018 / 10:59 am

    So, she trusts the man who abducted her, jajajajja… this show is crazy weird… thank you so much for your recaps!

    • V
      October 11, 2018 / 11:04 am

      I KNOW!!!! Aerin really needs help from ajummas or just anyone that can give her some common sense.

  2. Jleigh
    October 11, 2018 / 11:12 am

    Thank you for the recap!
    AR’s flaw is that she is too gullible… which in this situation can get her into trouble. But more than that, I think her not knowing the whole situation is going to cause problems and find herself in all kinds of shenanigans.
    Because dramas tend to like their red herring cliffhangers, I am not going to worry too much about the ending here. I am pretty sure that Bon says something to her to diffuse the situation. Also, the previews are very misleading and tend to look so serious, when the actually show is crazy and ridiculous. So all will be good in the end.

  3. Rose
    October 11, 2018 / 11:38 am

    I read the recaps and saw the clips, i must say the ARs personality is someone that can easily get swayed. The episode today is about who really is Bon, the ajummas are starting to wonder who is he. Even though AR trust him, she still has this lingering feeling that she doesnt know anything about him. Maybe after getting those information from his former boss, even though she said she trust Bon, thats the only info she got about Bon. Maybe on her way home shes weighing whats the truth. But the purse then the call from her boss from Kings Bag made hear lean more on suspicions about Bons identity (still laughing about this title….really sound like Bourne Identity 😂)

    JLEIGH is right about the previews most of the time misleading so im not worried about next weeks episode. I can understand more about this episode later when the sub is up. Thanks for the recap V! 😊

    • V
      October 11, 2018 / 2:29 pm

      This title makes me want to check out the other titles to see if they were also a take on a spy movie. 🙂

      • Rose
        October 11, 2018 / 2:38 pm

        V, i think you are into something…..i checked the title for the episode 9-10 THE RECRUIT…..it was a spy movie! starring Al Pacino and Colin Farrel and i remembered that I’ve seen this movie before! Makes me want to check the other titles as well too! Hahaha! 😄

        • V
          October 11, 2018 / 3:06 pm

          OMG, I need to pay more attention to this! Now that you mention it, I do remember that movie!

  4. tbafs
    October 12, 2018 / 1:16 pm

    I ended up watching three episodes after two long days of travelling. The funnies just kept coming. I laughed until I cried at the kidnapping scene with the CEO Villain-Fail. The way Ae-Rin wriggled out of the awkward takedown made me giggle. The love triangle date with The Spy and The CEO was super hilarious. Even Joon Hee’s embarrassed slink under the blanket after the poop revelation was so cute. I really enjoyed everyone, including angry bumbling Agent Kwon. NGL, that headbutt was satisfying. How do any of the actors keep a straight face with all their antics?

    I don’t know what to expect with Bon’s latest identity situation, but pretty please, Show, keep the hilarity coming.

    • Rose
      October 12, 2018 / 2:14 pm

      Its funny when you asked about how the actors keep a straight face with all their antics. I think there are some scenes that you can see that Ji Sub wants to laugh but cant. 😅

  5. Fidelia
    October 12, 2018 / 8:50 pm

    I am curious about the background music that played when Bon was holding Sang Ryeol hand. What song was that? I am pretty sure i’ve heard that song somewhere long time agoooo (it’s an old song right?)

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