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Terius Behind Me: Episodes 31 and 32 Live Recap FINAL

So Ji Sub in Korean Drama Terius Behind Me
Oh no! I hope this teaser is just a teaser and not actually what happens. Because that would be a big spoiler, MBC. It looks like something might have gone horribly wrong in this plan of theres. Or maybe everything went right but Yong-tae was injured anyway?

This show has been a mess from beginning to end, but it was a fun mess to watch and actually look forward to watching. I really enjoyed this romp through Terius world and recapping this show with everyone. Actually, I think this show is the most active drama in the comments which makes it that much more fun to recap. I hope to see everyone on another drama! (Probably Alhambra right? Everyone is looking forward to that one.)

Character Chart: Terius Behind Me Kdrama Chart

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The van transporting SHim is full on sirens blaring up the street. But then someone yells “NOW” and the cars all take a hard right up another street while other cars block the entrance to that street.

The van gets away and other evil NIS officers shoot all the good NIS officers in a shoot out. It does not look like anyone survives because they were basically ambushed.

In the hideaway, Bon has RaDo find the van. They just found out that the van is a run away van now and it is headed for the tunnel. RaDo gets word and tells Bon that everyone died at the shoot out. Things look bleak.

Cut to all the officers driving to the van that has stopped in the tunnel. But no one is inside, they all escaped and there isn’t a lot of CCTV over there. Plus the ones that are there are all broken. In addition, they escaped in a tunnel that cannot be tracked via satellite.

Bon tells RaDo that this is their plan, if they already planned it then they also have a way to sneak out of Korea and are hiding at a safe house.

Meanwhile, a car drives up to a huge mansion. Shim gets out of the car among a lot of men in suits standing guard. One of them says that they have been waiting for him, please come in. And another man tells the other men to increase security.

inside, The Secretary and Shim both sit comfortably amongst a lot of luxury at this secluded mansion. The goal is to sneak out to another country via China.

Back at headquarters, Bon thinks that they need to find tehir safe house before they sneak out of the country. But RaDo thinks that would be an impossibly task. How can they search all the houses in Korea?

Bon calls Yong-tae and asks him to think about an information about a safe house. Yong-tae says he does not remember, but he will call him if he thinks of anything. They hang up and Bon goes to Ra Do to see if he can find all their friends and family members. Bon tells him that there shouldn’t be any noticable connection. RaDo understands, but it is all he can do at the moment.

Kwon comes in with the scientist that made the heart stickers. The scientist is pretty impressed with King’s Bag headquarters, but then they get to work with why he is there. The scientist opens a case and says that he gave Shim a pen for his birthday that has GPS and voice recording. He forgot to tell him the function.

They think he might still have this pen, so they might be able to find him. But the only problem is that he needs to activate the pen. You activate it by clicking it. it looks like he hasn’t activated it yet. They put the GPS monitor up and wait for the pen to be activated.
Meanwhile, Ji-yeon is still unconcious in the hospital. Aerin is taking care of her. She holds her hand and whispers that she needs to wake up normal, please.

Cut to Yong-tae in his safe house. His phone is ringing so he checks it and wonders why The Secretar is calling him. He answers it. The Secretary tells him that it took him some time to clean out his situation but they need to keep going with the Swiss bank account. i will send you a car. he gives him the location. Yong-tae hangs up and then mutters that he does not know that he betrayed him. Then he calls Bon to tell him.

Yong-tae goes to King’s Bag headquarters, but Bon thinks everything is a trap. Kwon wodners what is in the Swiss bank account. Bon tells her that he will explain it later.

Yong-tae – Momogodogo, we don’t have any other way. (it’s from Go Stop, and it is kind of like “All In” in spades but it is more like “Just Go, even though we might not win, the rewards are worth the chance”).

Kwon tells them that he should go and they can support him. But Yong-tae thinks they will run away if they see the agents. So perhaps they should use GPS tracking. RaDo pulls out one of the hearts, he still has it. He tells Yong-tae to keep it.

Yong-tae takes it and asks if there is GPS inside? Ro Do says yes, don’t you believe it? Yong-tae is all like, okay. Well, please findo out where the safe house is. Also, brother, you will save me right?

Bon looks a bit guilty.

Cut to Yong-tae standing at the meeting place at an intersection. Kwon and team are close by. Bon is on foot pretty close to Yong-tae, but he is hidden by the building. Bon looks at all the windows and thinks that this place is very open, it could be an easy place to shoot him with a sniper. Perhaps they want to snipe him?!? It is a trap!

Bon starts walking to Yong-tae and calls his name. Yong-tae turns around, but we see the snipers view, he is shot.

Yong-tae falls to the gorund, blood is all splattered on his face. Yong-tae mutters, “we failed, brother” Then his arm falls to his side with the heart sticker in it. Yong-tae passes out (dies?).

In a car, The Secretary says, “How dare he trick me”. Then we see a flashback with Yong-tae in the car from the night The Secretaries house was broken into. In the present, Shim tells him not to worry about it, it is all taken care of now. Now they just need to sign their passports(?). The Secretary asks for his passport and a pen. Shim gives him the NIS pen which activates it. The Secretary wrote his phone number and tells Shim to call him later.
Ra Do sees that the pen was activated which means that the GPS is activated. He alerts everyone and they all get in their cars to drive to the location. Kwon is with two of her people and Bon and Ra Do are in another car. They drive all the way to the pier and see the evil guys cars.

Bon ends up ramming one of the cars so Shim and The Secretary get out to see what is going on behind them. That is when the shoot out starts!

Bon is great with his silencer and takes out a few people. He tells Ra Do he can stay if he is not confident, but Ra Do says he can do it. And he actually shoots one of the bad guys who was about to shoot Bon.

Bon continues running after the rest of the guys and yells for them to stop. Shim and The Secretary are alone. But then Shim holds The Secretary Hostage and says that he needs the secretary, right? Bon tells him that his coworkers are only pieces in his game. Shim yells that he only works for the investigation, I only stop because it did not move.

Bon says that he is sad because the organization he lives for is not NIS. He shoots him in the arm which causes him to fall to the ground. The cavalry arrives right then and surrounds The Secretary and Shim. Kwon tells them to arrest them both. They are taken away, Kwon also leaves, but pats Bon on the shoulder before heading out.

Kwon gets to the cars and says that she will accompany him this time. They are going to R5. You know how we deal with people who ran away while moving to the facility. They drive off.

Bon and Aerin visit Yong-tae’s memorial. Aerin tells him to not be chased anymore and have a good rest. Bon stands by her side but then tells her that they should go. He walks off. Aerin looks at Yong-tae one last time and walks off as well.

While walking outside, Aerin asks Bon what is in the Swiss bank account. Bon says it is a secret. But Aering tells him to tell her, she is really curious. Bon tells her, nothing is there, is was the great conman, Jung In-su’s cunning idea in the safe. Bon smiles.

Flashback to Yong-tae telling The Secretary about the Swis account.

Aerin is stunned, so there was never an account from the begining? They both smile and talk about how they have to pick up the kids now. Aerin also has an interview. They happily walk off together.
The ajummas all wait at the car pool. But then all their heads turn as they see Bon walking up in his all black suit and shades. Slow motion handsome attack as Bon walks toward them.

They all mention how Bon is cooler now. When he gets to them, they all want to give him something to drink, but one of the ajummas has a husband so ES calls her out on that.

The bus comes so the kids all run out and great their parents. The twins come out and great Bon happily, then they both run off together after telling everyone good bye.

SM waves and mentions that she needs a sitter. SR starts asking her about her store and how she grew up so much since she does not get money from her father. The three celebrate SM’s store and walks off jolly.

At home, Bon tells the kids to wash their hands first. They yell back, we are already washing! Then they all eat, Bon reminds them to eat slowly. They feed Bon as they eat their meal. Bon asks them wha they would like to do, then we see what they wanted to do. Joon-hee wanted her hair rolled for play time. they are playing salon. Joon-soo wanted to play doctor, so Bon is the doctor checking his tummy and giving him a shot. They both pay with Ko-ko.

Then he reads them both a book on the floor. But Joon-hee says that their bother is better at reading. So Bon asks them if theywould like to do it? Then we cut to TV computer commercial things where the kids play on Samsung TV and laugh.

Later on, they eat icecream. Joon-soo tells Bon that it is a secret that they ate icecream. They promise, Bon tells them to be sure to brush their teeth. Then Joon-hee asks if they can go to his place after eating icecream? He smile and tells them to go.

They both run off to Bon’s place and feed the fish. Bon reminds them that they should not feed them too much and they should take care of his fish. They ask if he is going on an adventure again? He says yes, I will be back soon though so protect your mom.

Cut to Aerin going on her interview. But this place looks a bit suspicious. She walks into the office, but no one is there so she walks in anyway and goes to the main office. There is someone with their back to the door in the desk. Aerin walks up and greets the boss.

The boss rolls her chair around slowly, it’s Kwon.

Kwon – Welcome.

The new place that Sun-mi has is a Auiznos restaurant. So fitting. Bon brings he a gift with the kids but tells her that he will order a little bit later. She tells him to pick whatever, it is on the house! Cut to the kids happily eating a pizza and Bon eating a sandwhich. Aerin shows up as well right after her interview. He asks her how it went and she basically said it went well.

Cut to the kids and Aerin in the bathroom washing up. They are using a new face wash and talking about all the suds and brushing their teeth a lot and all that. The kids say that Bon told them if they brush their teeth a lot then they can get more sweets. Aerin is all like, whaaaaaah?

Cut to Bon looking at the fish in his place.

But then the scene chances to an Ajumma meeting with our main ajummas. Eun-ha tells Aerin that it was good she was fired because that family was completely destroyed with corruption. SR tells her that she is amazing with her intel because that wasn’t even in the news. The head maid went back to Russia.

Bon is all like, Russia? They ask if he knows her? He says no, but Aerin told him when they were making kimchi. SR tells him that he thought he would be busy with his insurance job. Then they talk about how Aerin is not lucky with her jobs at all, every place she works at goes under.

They also tell Aerin that they caught Joon-joon’s abductor guy! Aerin is all like, what? Who? So they show the photo and says that they put him in the police station, but he disappeared. They grumble that they should have caught him safely back then, but they can catch him again.

Bon tells them, NO….he is a dangerous person, dont’ try to catch him, call the cops. They all tell Bon that he is a timid person and start to talk about King’s Bag owner and if she is okay, they should visit her. They also want to catch the guy that did it. Bon tell them that he was caught.

They are all like, wha? You have a lot of information, Bon! We should have picked you as KIS member. They end up giving Bon a gift since he is going to America. It is a photo of of the Ajummas looking fabulous at King’s Bag. They also picked a colorful scarf for him. Bon thanks them. SR is all like, if you are thankful then you should give me Ko-ko.

Bon sighs and then moves in to give him Ko-ko. Slow motion Ko-ko as love music plays when Bon gives him ko-ko. It is so awkward and amazing.
Ji-yeon is all up and looks like her normal self. RaDo pushes her around in her room, though she really wants to go outside. He tells ehr that she is not healthy enough to go outside yet. Though Ji-yeon really wants to inhale fresh air.

Ra Do rolls her over to the window and tells her about the last leaf that is on the wall. It is the one he caught at the park (on her hair). He kept it and put it on the window for her. Ji-yeon is touched and tells him that she thought he was just an engineer, but he is a poet.

Bon and Aerin show up happily then. Bon asks if she is okay to sit like this. Ji-yeon tells him of course. Then RaDo commetns on Bon’s fashion sense (he is wearing the colorful scarf). Bon tells him he he is wearing ajumma style today.

Ji-yeon smiles at Bon and says that she heard he is going to America. Bon nods and tells her that he will see her when he gets back.

Cut to Bon and Aerin outside. He wants her to drive his car back to his hiding place until he comes back. She asks if it is that hard to ask her to come with him to the airport? She hops in and takes off in the blue mazzerati.

AR – Be healthy and don’t get hurt.
Bon – Of course, I am Kim Bon

Kay walks out of the airport with a guitar bag over his shoulder. it looks like he is in full on assassin mode. he goes into a building a quickly shoot one of the guards. Then he gets his sniper things ready to fire. But Bon is in a window nearby with his own sniper gear.

Kay stars to line up his target on a balcony, but he is told that he is exposed! Kay looks around and sees Bon on another rooftop. Bon shoots his sniper rifle and we see the bullet leaving the gun and follow the bullet all the way until it shoots Kay in the head (so not PG). His head splatters all over the wall.

the man in the blue suit gives Bon a tiny nod and walks inside. Bon leaves everything in the room (gun and bullet casing) and takes off in the streets of Poland. He walks through a courtyard which is the same courtyard from the poster!
A man is working in a greenhouse when he gets a package delivery. It is the old driver from Yong-tae. He opens the package and sees a mug. He feels something about that so he closes the box and looks at the address. The writing says, “Handsome man cafe that you cannot find anywhere (or easily).”

Cut to the cafe, we see a person making poured coffee. It is Yong-tae! He slowly pours the coffee and waits. Outside are two women walking by who look at the title.

Women – The title is “Hansome man cafe that cannot be easily found anywhere?” Lets see how handsome he is.

They both go inside and looks around. Then they ask for his menu. Yong-tae turns around in slow motion. The women gasp. He tells them, in this cafe, we only have one menu that is roasted and dripped by this handsome man. The name of our coffee shop, Handsome Man Cafe, is because my name is Wang Mi-nam (Wang Mi-nam = Super Handsome-man).

One year ago, Bon and Yong-tae talk about how he is fine now and how his life has a lot of variety. Bon gave him his ID card and tells him that he kept his promise. Bon’s name is Wong Jun-nam so he tells Yong-tae that he is Wong Jung-nam’s little brother, Wong Mi-nam. So they are literally brothers on paper.

Bon – How do you like it?
YT – Well, I am handsome, that is true, but you didnt’ pick my name too carefully.
Bon – How will you live your life with this new name?
YT – I’lll just live a normal life.

Cut to the cafe. The woman drink the coffee and talk about how it tastes good. Yong-tae happily looks at them and mutters that this life is kind of boring, but it isn’t that bad of a life to live like this. He sees them taking photos of the coffee and asks them to post it all over their blogs everywhere.
Meanwhile, Aerin runs out of her room to her kids in the living room. They are already ready for school. Aerin tells them that they are all grown up now. Lets go to school!

At the NIS, we see that Kwon is the chief now. She looks at Aerin’s activities at Kings bag and grumbles about hwo she works so hard, needlessly. She told her to only sell two bags a day. But she smiles.

At the door are Yong-tae and RaDo. They all meet after coming back from Iceland and give Kwon a gift for becoming the chief. Kwon wonders, can I take this? RaDo tells her that he guarantees it. She asks why they went on a trip together?

They both look at each other nowingly but don’t answer. Then Ji-yeon asks why they are keeping King’s Bag. Kwon says that they will use it as a branch whenever they have an urgent issue. Aerin is doing a good job, too good of a job actually. They all shake their heads happily.

The ajummas all sit at King’s Bag and talks about their kids. SR actually has another kid and wonders how he will raise this kid along with the other ones. Aerin asks if his wife is all recovered after giving birth? He says yes. SM tells him that Bon is really good at fortune telling. How did he know this? SR is all like, yes, I did not expect my thingy would get loose so easily. But then he pulls out red shoes.

He says these are a gift for his wife! His wife loves red shoes so he bought her some more. Then Kwon comes in.

They all greet Kwon. SM tells her that her style is different now. SR hops up and says that they arent just having fun, they are advertising for King’s Bag. Kwon is all like, I didn’t ask.

They all sit to chat. EH tells her that hse heard she just moved to Kong’s Castle apartment. Kwon is all like, how did you know that? EH tells her that he has her informants. So, since you already moved here, why dont you join our KIS? King Castle Information System. We share information. Our ability is more than you can imagine.

Kwon thanks them for the suggestion and says that she will think about it. But they all have to hop up because the kids will arrive soon. They tell Aerin not to worry about her kids. Kwon tells Aerin that she is lucky to have those friends. But they get to the nitty gritty, they have an urgent mission.

Kwon hands over a letter with the urgent mission inside. Aerin takes it shakily. Cut to her sitting at a cafe somewhere waiting anxiously. Someone drops off a yellow bag next to her so she looks inside and changes her cltohing. Cut to her wearing completely different clothes and looking very stylish.

She goes to a locker and pulls out a card with numbers on it as well as a bag. The card decifers to 8 o’ock at Nam San tower. Aerin goes to the tower and waits outside.

A waiter comes up soon and brings her two mojitos. She looks at him startled and then remembers Bon telling her that she should have a mojito at Nam San tower. She looks around and then sees Bon standing there. Her heart races and the OST plays.

Bon walks up to her and asks, did you miss me?

She smiles and tells him that she missed him a lot. It was so hard, she did not have anyone to ask to watch Jin-soo and Joon-hee. No..thats a joke. How was your work?

Bon – I finished it well. So, we are finally drinking mojito at NamSan Tower.

Bon asks what the briefcase is? Aerin says that Kwon gave her a mission and told her that she has to open it with the person that she will meet there.

They open it, the title of the project is Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Bon take out the black envelope and sees an airplane ticket to America. The card says, “Go to NY as a disguised couple.”

Aerin is pretty shocked. Then seh pulls out the turquise Tiffany box. Inside are two rings. Bon smiles, it doesn’t look like he set this up though. He tells Aerin that they should try it on.

They both try on the rings and stare at them for a moment. Bon mutters, well, I am looking forward to this mission. Aerin tells him, I am so worried.

Bon – Don’t worry, Terius is Behind You.

They smile and toast their mojitos as they look out over the city from nam San tower.


I love how the last thing he said was basically the title of the show. They managed to wrap up a lot of loose ends, especially the red shoes, lol. That was so random but kind of makes me think that the writer initially was going to go one way with the story but decided to leave the Ajummas alone in the end.

It was pretty funny that the successful shop that Sun-mi owned is a Quiznos shop. I’m not gonna lie though, I really wanted a taste of that pizza.

I am so surprised at how graphic they went with the shooting scenes! This show feels so Disney network esque, so seeing blood splattering everywhere was pretty jarring. But that also ties in with this dramas strange placement between comedy and spy knockoff and drama. It is just a mess, but a fun mess.

The top Image is by MBC and edited using PicMonkey.

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  1. Rose
    November 15, 2018 / 8:13 am

    Oh no! I really do love the idea of any of the main characters not dying…..so please! I hope YT is just injured in this picture 😱😱😱😱

    About Alhambra…if it turns our the way i expect it to be….count me in! I will be busy making comments about it 😂

    Thanks V for the recap on all the episodes. I enjoyed interacting with you and all the other members here who likes/love/dosent like this drama! See you all in other recaps! 😘

  2. Mio Chan
    November 15, 2018 / 8:25 am

    Oh.. No!! nooooo noooo please… YT shouldn’t die…. I really hope he will be alright by the end… I liked him so much…. He was always sooo good with those intuitions of his…

    And V thank you for all the recaps. I like your descriptive writing style a lot. And of course your comments in between too. 😀 Thanks to you that we all got new friends to interact with.

    I’m really gonna miss this show a lot..

    November 15, 2018 / 8:27 am

    I’m ready for the final recap and THANK YOU V! It was fun commenting with other obsessed kdrama followers.

    Count me in Alhambra, can’t wait and I also have mix feeling about Boyfriend (Encounter). I love PBG but sounds too serious and complicated.

    Let’s hope for the best on this final episodes!

  4. Angie
    November 15, 2018 / 8:55 am

    i streamed this live earlier… they really tried to fill this episode with as many product placements as possible -_-

    • Rose
      November 15, 2018 / 9:12 am

      But still, admit it, he was sooooo dashing in coat and tie….i almost melted 😍😍😍

      It really was a SoJiSub show 😂

  5. V
    November 15, 2018 / 9:01 am

    Getting going now! So excited to see how this finale goes!

  6. Rose
    November 15, 2018 / 9:35 am

    Im sorry…..just need to share this here! THATS THE BEST NOSE TO NOSE EVER!!!!! still laughing until now after seeing it multiple times 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Rose
      November 15, 2018 / 11:03 am

      I just wished they used Careless Whispher again as a background music for this nose to nose. Thats would have been perfect! 😂

  7. Rose
    November 15, 2018 / 10:30 am

    Aawww….thats is so sweet! YT and Bon really became brothers!!! 😍

    • RevSparklyAndroid
      November 15, 2018 / 10:45 am

      Well, RL has meant I’m four episodes behind on this drama, but I’ve kept up with your comments and recaps. I couldn’t help dipping in to see how it ends, and also to say thanks to you, V for your usual witty descriptions. I’m looking forward to marathoning.

      It’s a splendid hodge-podge of a show, as you rightly put it, V and I’m sure I’ll remember ‘Brotherrr’ for a while to come! Lol!

      Re: Alhambra, I’m looking forward to Hyun Bin, so the answer is very likely!

      • Rose
        November 15, 2018 / 10:51 am

        REVSPARKLYANDROID Im sure you’ll goin to love the nose to nose scene here…..EPIC!! i think thats the best part of this episode! 😂😂😂😂😂

        • RevSparklyAndroid
          November 15, 2018 / 12:08 pm

          I’m looking forward to it! Hopefully sometime this weekend.

    November 15, 2018 / 10:37 am

    I’m not sure what I was expecting but they tied up all lose ends and of course Bon and AR is a couple! So happy about the great ending to some what crazy non-sense drama. I will missing seeing BON!!!

    • Rose
      November 15, 2018 / 10:47 am

      Me too…really need to watch some sojisub dramas again (except for Bali….gad! No!!)

      • V
        November 15, 2018 / 11:10 am

        Hopefully he will pick another one again soon.

  9. Rose
    November 15, 2018 / 10:40 am

    They both try on the rings and stare at them for a moment. Bon mutters, well, I am looking forward to this mission. Aerin tells him, I am so worried.

    Bon – Don’t worry, Terius is Behind You.

    —-ok….so thats why thats the name of the show….cheesy but i’ll take it 😂

    So….they havent seen each other for a year. Im glad the director took that time to separate them. It will look really weird if there is goin to be some sort of romantic relationship between these two when her husband just died. Atleast (i think) a year was long enough. Now its up to the viewers/fans to make our own conclusion on what will happen with this two, w/c i think they will end up together. 😊

  10. bwv232
    November 15, 2018 / 10:49 am

    [“That was so random but kind of makes me think that the writer initially was going to go one way with the story but decided to leave the Ajummas alone in the end.”]

    I think there was lot of that going on in the course of the show’s production, the most egregious example being Yong-Tae’s pivot from handsome charismatic villain to buffoonish good-guy, the former offering much more interesting dramatic possibilities, if you ask me. My guess is that the writer got pulled into different directions by the director or producers, rather than just changing his/her mind while writing the episodes.

    Really appreciate the re-capping, especially since I dropped the show after Ae-rin abduction 1.0, and this was a great way to keep up with the story.

    • V
      November 15, 2018 / 11:11 am

      Surprisingly this show has amazing ratings, so maybe they were listening to DC Inside and whatever their audience wanted? It seems like people really wanted more comedy and less seriousness.

      • V
        November 15, 2018 / 11:12 am

        Also, Aerin abduction 1.0 is so hilarious. She was used as a plot device a lot. 😂

      • Rose
        November 15, 2018 / 11:28 am

        I was surprised too about the rating. No wonder they have a lot of sponsors. Maybe viewes are getting tired of too much seriousness and tragedy in kdramas, so they are looking for some sort of a break once a week 😂

        • V
          November 15, 2018 / 11:30 am

          I definitely am! I want fun fantasy. Have you heard of Dae jang Geum is Watching? that one looks wonderful in a Waikiki sort of way.

          • Rose
            November 15, 2018 / 12:23 pm

            Nope, havent seen it. I should check it out. Thanks! 😊

            • V
              November 15, 2018 / 1:08 pm

              It’s about a family that has super powers all realted to cooking, super smell, super taste, and super cooking hands. But they can’t date anyone because they also have a weakness which is dating. They each have a different thing that keeps them from dating: nose bleeds, can’t kiss, and burning hands to the touch. It looks pretty funny.

              • Rose
                November 15, 2018 / 1:15 pm

                Wait…is Food War another title of this drama? My sister has been recommending me Food Wars in Netflix but i cant find it. Cant find it anywhere, but its in Netflix in the Philippines

              • V
                November 15, 2018 / 3:28 pm

                Hmm, I’m not sure. 🤔

              • Rose
                November 15, 2018 / 1:27 pm

                I found it! I guess its has a different title in Viki 😊

              • V
                November 15, 2018 / 3:29 pm

                Oh good!

  11. Guzki
    November 15, 2018 / 4:06 pm

    I’m so sad it’s over, but I’m still confused about one part.

    The person that saved Bon from the car explosion which he met in the hospital, is he the same person who welcomed the Director at the Safehouse/attempted to escort him out of the country???

    • Rose
      November 15, 2018 / 5:16 pm

      Nope. I think they are two different people.

      • Pearl
        November 15, 2018 / 6:10 pm

        Your not alone Guzki. I was kinda confused about that as well, so I took screenshots and compared them, and they look like they are the same person.

        • Rose
          November 15, 2018 / 6:17 pm

          They were? Did not see that one. Sometime when they dress alike they tend to look the same. I should check that when i watch the sub later. Cant find anymore video of that scene in the hospital where Kwon introduced him to Bon. But if its the same guy, Shim should have known all along that Bon was alive after the van exploded, but i dont think he knows 😯

  12. Angie
    November 16, 2018 / 6:01 am

    I loved the ending, glad that they didn’t force the Bon-Aerin romance but gave a reasonable hint of them being together. Wish we had a season 2 so we could see their adventures as a “married couple!!” will miss this drama so much, it was a real treat. Thanks for the recaps V!! 🙂

    • Rose
      November 16, 2018 / 8:29 am

      Im glad that it turned out that way too. They didnt force the Bon-Aerin romance though you know its headed that way. I read somewhere that some people are disappointed that there should have atleast a kissing scene between these two. I think people sometimes forgot that there is more to kdrama than kissing scenes. 😯😕

  13. Sylvia Gunadi
    November 16, 2018 / 11:27 pm

    Is there any bgm?

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