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Terius Behind Me: Episodes 27 and 28 Live Recap

So Ji Sub in Korean Drama Terius Behind Me
The team is all back together again (I am including Yong-tae in this team group now) and ready to cook up a storm in The Voices house! I am ready for whatever that means. Oh, and Aerin was being followed and had a gun to her head with a silencer on it. Hopefully that all works out because Lord knows Aerin has been terrified enough.

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Aerin walks up the dark street, but Ji-yeon is not there. Then she feels someone walking behind her, so she takes off. She walks at a quick trott at first and then turns it into a jog and a straight up run. But she stops to put in her earpiece which is when the gun gets pointed at her head.

Ji-yeon is still in the car, but she gets out to see where Aerin is and wonders why she is so late. She tries to contact her and tells her to cough if something is wrong.

Aerin tells the man not to kill her, I will do anything. The man clicks the gun and a little flag comes out with Bang on it. It’s Bon. He tells her that this is not her neighborhood, you were scared right? This is how it will be all the time. Do you really have to do it?

She says she knows and she wants to do it. She passed the interview. JY and RaDo are both helping her and you will help me too right? Because you are always watching me. he tells her that if he really wants to do it then he will save her this time. I will trust you.

They both wait for Ji-yeon to drive up. Ji-yeon asks how they both met each other and tells them to hop in. They both get in. Ji-yeon asks what happened and how the interview went. Aerin tells her that she is in, of course. Ji-yeon is impressed at how good Aerin is, but Aerin says it was all KIS. Without their information I would be out. We used EH’s father in law connection. It is safe that way, they should never know.

Bon tells them that they did everything and excluded him? They just smile. Ji-yeon tells them to buckle up, their leaving.
They get home, Bon tells Aerin that he worried about 2 things the most. First, can you can hide your identity until the end. Second, if they know about you, can you get out safely. Aerin tells him not to worry, she is a real ajumma. But Bon tells him that is why he is worried. Let’s start basic training in the morning.


In the morning, we see Aerin huffing and puffing around a track as Bon quickly runs around it. He tells her that he will give her a prize if she finishes. The prize is a snack that Aerin loves (I think it’s one of those energy snacks?). She rips one open happily. Bon tells her that she needs to run if it is dangerous. Don’t wait.

Aerin is all like, how many times are you going to tell me that? I know, I know. You told me 37 times, if you say it one more time. But bon says he will continue saying it. Aerin tells him that she will do a good job. He asks if she is good at acting? Aerin tells him that she can get the Daesang award because she cheated a conman. So stop worrying you worry worry man.

Shim tells Ji-yeon to wrap up the King’s Bag project. She asks for one more month so he says that is fine. But then he asks her about Bon’s Switzerland account, do you know anything about it? She looks stunned and says that she has never heard anything about it. Shim smiles, but he mutters that she is hidning something from her once she leaves. Ji-yeon also wonders how Shim knows about Bon’s Switzerland account.

Flashback to the restaurant meeting where The Voice told Yong-tae that they should go to Swizerland to wrap things up with the account.

Meanwhile, Bon is talking on the phone when the Ahummas ring his bell. They tell hm surprise and then walk in happily as they talk about how they are finally in his house. He tries to ask them what they are doing, but they just give him all their grocery bags to hold and tells him that they are going to have a party! Because all KIS executives are here. It is your welcome party!

SR tells him not to worry and just think of this as his house. Bon is all like, this is my house. They just brush that away and start talking about the house and how it is so minimalistic, how do I use this, Bon what is this….so much talking.

Cut to all the food prepared and a tired looking Bon in the kitchen looking at them all. They tell him to come and sit. Aerin is here now as well too. They all sit around the table to eat up all the food. SM tells him that a lot of things happened in the neighborhood. They start to tell him about the scary terrorist scene and how KIS wrapped it all up. But Bon does not look surprised at all. Aerin whispers and tells him that he should answer with a lot of effort or they will figure things out.

So Bon starts to answer in an amazing way. Wow! You took care of terrorism! I cannot believe it! The KIS all clap and talk about all the other things that happened including SM’s husband having an affair with another woman. Bon tells her that she went through a lot. But then they ask Bon to tell them the truth, who is real?
Sang-ryeol starts to ask what is real, lets say you have a new born baby rumor but the owner of King’s Bag came to your apartment right? You had a date with her in the morning, right? Bon tells him that the King’s Bag owner is his coworker, she wants to move to a close by place.

Eun-ha wonders if she is from Geyrong mountain as well? (The spiritual mountain). Bon tells her – yes, she is like a fairy, she is so good. The ajumma’s as so impressed, wow! Maybe she is so good to!

Cut to King’s Bag. Ji-yeon says that it someone might be talking about her, her ears tickle. Ra Do tells her that they should go out for some fresh air. They head out. Ra Do got a new hairstyle, his hair is a more normal looking brown, not blond. They talk about fall and how he is a man as well. But it is all casual conversations. Then Ra Do takes something out of Ji-yeons hair and puts a necklace around her neck. Maybe it was a magic trick. She looks a bit taken aback. Perhaps she kind of feels something?

He tells her that she knows his salary, right. So you should know how much this necklace is for me. Then he talks about what she told him in the car when she was sleeping. he asked where she wanted to get away to. She said Iceland. So he pats her on the back and says that he barely had money to buy her necklace so she should buy the plane ticket. He pats her on the shoulder and walks away smiling. Ji-yeon smiles as well as she holds the necklace.

Back with the ajummas. Bon says that he found a new job SR is so pissed that he didn’t tell him, his role model. Where is the new job? Bon says it is an insurance company. SR tells him that Eun-ha is the Queen of Insurance for men. She makes people Kings. Eun-ha smiles and tells Bon to tell her everything. If they push you to sell then I can spread word to all the groups I run. They keep talking about that a little bit and on how to take care of the kids and rotate them between the ajummas. Bon says he can be included as well. It takes a village to rais a kid after all. you can’t just do it by yourself. We should all do it together. They all clap and toast happily. (love their cups by the way).
Later on, AR thanks EH for helping her get the job. Eunha tells Aerin to update her with any new information. Also, did you find out about the USB? AR tells her that it had to do with Joon-soo’s appa. EH wonders what this is about. AR makes up something about gangsters that don’t want a book to be published, they threatened the book company. The guy that was strangled is okay though. EH is so relieved, she thought he was really dead. Those gangsters are so bad! That happened to Joon-soo’s father but they tried to take you kids?

AR says that they didn’t know that her husband died like that so they just cancelled the book deal and stopped threatening them. EH believes all of this. AR tells her not to worry about the video anymore. But then AR says she has an appointment this late, EH wonders if she has to leave? But then they say it is no, it’s not (Like it’s not a date with Bon).

Cut to everyone meeting at King’s Bag. Ji-yeon tells them that they need to get all the important things from the house when he leaves. Ra Do gives Aerin a smart contact lense, it is the same as glasses. Yong-tae says that he should have worn that so his handsome face would not have been covered. Aerin tells her that she cant wear it all the time, that woman is really sharp.

Ra Do also shows her the heart stickers. Bon says to be careful. But YT tells Bon that he knows nothing, Aerin is the best agent out of all of them. Then he winks at Aerin. Bon looks annoyed and asks YT if he has anything in his eye, then he prceeds to blow in his eye aggressively.

Later on, Aerin asks Bon’s code name and says that she should have one as well. He should make it up. He thinks and then says Alice. Because you actually stepping into wonderland. Cut to the next day. Bon says over the speaker that Alice is going in now.

AR walks into the house looking so guilty and trying to look at everything with her contact lenses. She is seriously looking all over the place. She finally gets into the house and is welcomed strictly but the head maid. The head maid brings her to the back and we cut to Aerin wearing the maid clothing. From now on, Aerin can only work in the kitchen she cannot leave, if you leave then you are fired. Ask your sunbaes any questions and start working.

The Head maid heads out, but she takes a small spoon of somekind of sugar or spice from the front as she leaves. The other maids tell Aerin to never ever touch that powdered honey. A previous maid was in the hospital after touching Aunts food (the head maids food). The head maid tells Aerin to make pickled garlic and finish it today. I only ask newbies to take care of ingredients in one month.
Back at King’s Bag, RaDo and Ji-yeon watch Aerin peel garlic all day long. Outside Bon is all like, is this garlic? They are so bored.

Inside, Aerin is stone tired as she keeps peeling garlic. Later on, she tells the team that all she does is peel garlic all day long. She is so picky and wont let her leave the kitchen or she will be fired. But the sunbaes told her that no one can go upstairs accept the owner. It is all closed, only Ahn has access. So she does all the cleaning upstairs. 

Bon thinks there is a good reason why she was hired for a long time. She is trustworthy and meticulous. Ji-yeon wonders what they should do. Then Aerin hits the desk. Oh!

The next day at work, Aerin goes in and looks in a closet at all the cleaning products. Then she puts a tiny camera on one that RaDo gave to her. But Ahn is right behind her and asks her what she is doing. Aerin spins around and apologizes. She says that she is interested in vacuums and wondered what kind of vaccums she used in this big house.

Ahn tells her that she is a cook, not a cleaner, just do your job. She follows her back into the kitchen. Her job is to clean spring onions next and make all the kimchi today. Do your best. On the way out, Ahn takes a spoon of the powdered honey. Another boring day of watching Aerin clean spring onions.

RaDo and Ji-yeon as so bored. But then they found out that the vacuum was moving. They start watching that camera instead. Ahn takes the vacuum up a hall and into a library. They have a nice view of everything. There is a safe in the room. Hubits (?), the best safe from Germany. They think they will need his fingerprint and some other equipment. Perhaps they can ask Dr. Park? Ji-yeon says yes, he listens to everything I say.

Cut to RaDo meeting with Dr. Park in a park. He gives him some things to help out and also mentions the sticker, did anyone steal them? Dr. Park says no. RaDo leaves, but then Kwon come up and asks what they talked about.

After work, Bon meets AR outside the gate and tells her that she did a good job. They found some important things out. Aerin gets a text at that moment asking to eat dinner together. It is Yong-tae. Bon responds with a gif of an angry animal flipping a table. YT thinks AR is colder that he expected. Aerin tells Bon that he likes that emoticon a lot, he also sent it to her.

Flashback of him sending it to her on accident. He tells AR that is is just his style, then tells her that she did a good job today so he will buy dinner. Cut to Bon’s house where Aerin tells him exactly how to cook. He tells her to just sit and wait, she should be tired since she peeled spring onions all day.
She says a couple more things then runs to the table to wait. Bon brings out the delicious looking food and they settle in to eat. AR tells Bon that the most delicious meal in the world is Mom’s meal. The second best is a meal that someone else makes for you. Did you know that? Other peoples meat is the best meat.

Bon smiles and tells her to enjoy her meal. It is the first meat he ever cooked in this house. They mutter about the meat smell but Bon just says to eat, they can remove it soon.

Elsewhere, The Voice talks to the driver about Yong-tae. The driver tells him that nothing suspicious happened, he will tell him later. But then Yong-tae confronts driver Park and tells him that he does not like what he is doing. At home, The Voice opens his safe with his password and fingerprint. Inside is a lot of money and documents.

Today is the last day to wrap up the King’s Bag project. They must be successful. They have to find out the name of whoever The Voice is bribing. The corruption list is there and money. The real names are there. Yong-tae knows all of this. The list he made has fake names but the real names are in the safe and it will connect the fake name to the real name. Bon thinks that is enough to prosecute The Voice.

They start to talk about what each person needs to do. They need to cut the cable. Ahn will need wifi so she will call a service man. Bon, lets say you were around and went there right away. AR thinks that Ahn only takes people in that she knows, but what is the weakness? AR says that EH told her thta Ahn is weak for handsome men!

Ji-yeon thinks they can try it, let’s do the handsome man trick. Yong-tae thinks he is tired, he has to go there as well? Everyone looks at him like, huh? Bon speaks up and says that he is going, it is too dangerous for others. YT thinks he will fail. But Bon thinks it is a 51% chance of success (So Ji- Subs favorite number is 51).

Cut to Bon showing up at the mansion to fix the WiFi. Ahn does not want him, she wants the normal guy. Bon tells her okay, they will be there tmorrow, it is just a one day inconvenience. Then he says he should go home.

But he takes off his hat in a sexy way and Creep by TLC starts playing (LOL). He takes off his glasses as well and then looks at her with Bambi eyes. Her knees collapse. He holds her hand to keep her from falling and asks if she is okay, then he says he will leave.


Bon smiles, okay, do you want to get the service? Cut to bon fixing the cable. Ahn watches him the entire time with a great big smile. Bon asks her if she has another TV or computer because he has to reset the system. She says that there is another computer upstairs….

He is all like, oh really? Then he drinks the orange juice he gave her in a seductive way, seductive music plays again. Ahn is dumfounded by the beauty and tells him to follow her. Bon walks off and gives Aerin a signal on the way out.
Flashback to Eun-ha telling Aerin that Ahn cannot think anything when she sees a handsome man. The rumor was true. She tells Ji-yeon and Ra Do that Terius is going upstairs.

Bon goes into the office that has the safe. He starts to set thing up on the computer and Ahn watches the entire thing very closely. He isn’t able to work with her looking this closely. Ji-yeon tells Aerin that she needs to do it now.

A glass breaks in the distance. Ahn excuses herself for a moment. In the kitchen, Aerin broke the honey jar. The maid are all like…OH NOOOOOOOO. Ahn comes in and screams WHO DID THIS!!! An earthquake erupts in the room. But this worked because Bon is able to get everything going the way they want.

At the NIS agency, Kwon tells Shim that King’s Bag is up to something. RaDo picked up a bag for some reason.

Shim goes to King’s Bag, no one is there. He looks around fro a moment and then sees a post-it note with an address. He thinks, jashik, they did not report this to me! But he recognizes it as Bon’s handwriting. He calls Ji-yeon and asks where she is right now. She says she is at King’s Bag. Shim asks – where is Bon.

Inside, Bon gets a call from RaDo, the boss is looking for you. Bon tells them to go back to King’s Bag and figure out what is going on, he will stay there to finish up things.

Meanwhile, Yong-tae rides in a car with The Voice. The Voice gets a call and tells the driver to turn the car back right now. They pop a U-ie. Yong-tae asks what is going on, they are supposed to board. The Voice tells him that they can go to Switzerland later.

YT pulls out his phone and starts texting, the driver sees him.

In the mansion, Bon is able to recreate The Voices fingerprint using help from RaDo and Aerin. He unlocks the safe and opens it up to reveal the case, USB, paperwork, folders, and loads of money. In one of the folders is the code name list. He got it!

But an alarm starts to ring. Ahn is watching Aerin clean the honey up when the alarm goes off downstairs. She runs off. Aerin calls Bon and tells him that there is a weight sensor in the safe! Bon packs everything up and heads out. Ahn gets to him so Bon has to do an evasive maneuver and knock the woman out. He does this as delicately as possible and apologzes for putting her to sleep.

Then he runs off and tries to avoid the security team. he gets outside on the balcony and sees Aerin standing in the yard. But then he sees Kay walking up with a gun. He jumps the balcony and is able to just jump into Bon as Kay fires the bullet at them. He gets shot in the arm.

They roll on the ground. He tells her that he will be okay, you should take this and protect it with whatever it takes. He gives her the important documents and takes off. He rolls out of the bushes and starts fighting Kay. Aerin runs away.

Aerin runs through the house to the back door. Bon keeps fighting Kay. But he is one armed due to getting shot. Kay is able to punch Bin to the ground and picks up his gun again. He points it at Bon.

Aerin runs outside but then she hears the gun ring out.

Fade Out.

(Lol, the gun had a silencer on it but made that loud of a sound)

Okay, something or someone saved Bon, I’m sure of it. I’m bummed that we left the house so quickly, I would have been happy with more shenanigans. Though I did love the “Handsome man” weapon that they unleashed on Ahn Ajumma.

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  1. Rose
    November 8, 2018 / 8:55 am

    Im ready here! Need to make some sense on the clips i’ve seen 😊

    • Mio Chan
      November 8, 2018 / 9:13 am

      Yup !! true… and today’s clips (well.. most of them) seems to be too sweet.. I’m waiting to understand what they are talking though…

      • V
        November 8, 2018 / 9:15 am

        Starting now!

      • Rose
        November 8, 2018 / 9:21 am

        Actually there is one really hilarious clip that i cant stop laughing until now 😂😂😂😂😂

        • Mio Chan
          November 8, 2018 / 9:25 am

          Is it that sticker one?

          • Rose
            November 8, 2018 / 9:34 am

            Nope…Mii Chan, its the creep and careless whispher…..i was dying laughing here 😂😂😂😂😂😂

            • Rose
              November 8, 2018 / 9:35 am

              *Mio Chan

            • Mio Chan
              November 8, 2018 / 9:37 am

              I see… that indeed is hilarious.. 😀

            • Angie
              November 8, 2018 / 10:01 am

              ikr same, careless whisper is what did it for me. LMAO

              i was skyping my family and secretly watching at the same time, couldn’t keep from laughing. had to hide behind my hair haha

              • Rose
                November 8, 2018 / 10:16 am

                I was eating breakfast when i saw that. I literally have to stop eating or i’ll choke laughing 😂

  2. Mio Chan
    November 8, 2018 / 9:26 am

    AAhhhh…… soooo it really was Bon after all?

    Hey!! Rose we assumed it right..

    • Rose
      November 8, 2018 / 9:36 am

      Yes….we got that right Mio Chan 😅

  3. Angie
    November 8, 2018 / 10:06 am

    love the jealous moments of bon this ep…
    do you guys think we’ll get a bon/aerin kiss at the end? it’s a little weird because her husband just died but oh man do they look cute together. they’re already a family together with the twins.

    • Rose
      November 8, 2018 / 10:21 am

      Yup, its kinds weird since her husband just died. It would be more appropriate if for example Bon disappeared for like a year or something then camwle back to see aerin….then thats more like it 😍

      • Anonymous
        November 8, 2018 / 5:51 pm

        yeah i can imagine them walking behind the twins and having their hands brush against each other or smthing like that

  4. Angie
    November 8, 2018 / 10:08 am

    oh btw that spy training scene reminded me so much of oh my venus, with so ji sub as the trainer

    • Rose
      November 8, 2018 / 10:14 am

      Oh yah! It was like oh my venus (still laughing about careless whispher 😂😂😂😂)

    • V
      November 8, 2018 / 2:04 pm

      That was like that!

  5. Rose
    November 8, 2018 / 10:50 am

    I thought so too (about the gum firing loud), its either:
    -someone helped bon
    -bon has a gun he’s hidding and just looking for a right moment to use it to kay
    -the director forgot that kays gun has a silencer 😂

    • Rose
      November 8, 2018 / 11:11 am


    • V
      November 8, 2018 / 11:14 am

      Oh, maybe someone did help him!

    • V
      November 8, 2018 / 11:15 am

      It would be so hilarious if Ahn helped him because he is so handsome 😂

      • Rose
        November 8, 2018 / 11:32 am

        Omg! Thats goin to be the funniest if thats the case 😅

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